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  • Title: Knight Community News Network: Helping citizens and journalists amplify community news
    Descriptive info: .. This website is an initiative of J-Lab.. Register | Sign-in.. ABOUT.. RESOURCES.. LEARNING MODULES.. RESEARCH.. DIRECTORY.. CONTACT.. News Chops.. Beefing up the Journalism in Local Public Broadcasting.. Local public broadcasters are find new ways to engage in more local news - especially more investigative journalism - than ever before.. Read the report.. Networked Journalism: What Works.. Lessons from Nine Collaborative Journalism Pilot Projects.. Three years ago, J-Lab funded nine pilot projects that invited eight newspapers and one public radio station to partner with news start-ups in their communities.. Results are in! View them here.. Engaging Audiences: Measuring Interactions, Engagement and Conversions.. The rise of social media tools in recent years has empowered online news startups, but most say they cannot lasso data to track whether they are turning users into supporters who will help their sites survive.. Philadelphia Enterprise Reporting Awards.. Journalism partnerships that received small awards to do 14 in-depth reporting projects produced more than 300 stories, blogs, podcasts, videos, databases and maps.. They offer a replicable roadmap for jumpstarting public affairs reporting and media collaboration.. View the.. press release.. and the.. report.. on the first year.. Rules of the Road: Navigating the New Ethics of Local Journalism.. With journalism entrepreneurs launching local news startups at a rapid pace, the local news landscape is evolving - and so are the rules of the road guiding ethical decisions.. ALL MODULES.. ABOUT KCNN.. The Knight Community News Network helps people learn journalism skills and track new trends to publish community news sites.. Its sister site,.. J-Learning.. org.. , offers tips and tools for  ...   DC Startup Forum.. CEO of Webbmedia Group.. Amy Webb.. spoke at American University on April 18 for the DC Startup Forum, sponsored by J-Lab, WAMU, and American University.. Get.. great insights.. from past discussions in this exciting speaker series for media entrepreneurs.. 2013 NMWE grantees announced.. $56,000 in startup funding awarded to four women-led news projects.. j-lab on pbs mediashift.. Read this article on J-Lab s Networked Journalism report, with answers to collaborative journalism.. journalism in 2013.. Jan Schaffer says j-schools will breed entrepreneurs in prediction for Nieman Lab.. See the Video: The Rise of University News Startups.. A J-Lab panel discussion on university news sites from the AEJMC convention: 08/11/12.. Trending: University News Sites.. Jan s blog: journalism schools around the country are starting to give their students new news opportunities.. Entrepreneuring 4.. 0.. J-Lab put on this workshop for news startups at ONA 2012 on 09/20.. (.. scroll down for previous updates.. ).. On Our Radar.. Hyperlocal Ad Servers.. StreetFight.. Hollow - An Interactive Documentary.. This women-led media project has been.. praised.. as "next level" storytelling.. This Knight-funded report looks at nine projects in journalism collaboration.. Called.. "an excellent, must read study.. The Knight Community News Network is an initiative of.. J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism.. TM.. is an incubator for innovative, participatory news experiments and is a center of.. American University's School of Communication.. in Washington, D.. KCNN is funded by the.. John S.. and James L.. Knight Foundation.. This work is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.. 0 License.. Site design, programming and content by.. Hop Studios..

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  • Title: Knight Community News Network: Helping citizens and journalists amplify community news
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  • Title: KCNN: About KCNN
    Descriptive info: About KCNN.. About the Network.. Staff.. Contact Us.. Sign up for J-Flash.. KCNN Launch Release.. About KCNN.. The Knight Community News Network is a self-help portal that guides both ordinary citizens and traditional journalists in launching and responsibly operating community news and information sites.. Knight Foundation:.. Why support KCNN?.. Citizens like you can learn to use digital media in ways that enrich community, enhance public discourse, and enliven democracy as we know it.. The Knight Community News Network is designed to show you how.. KCNN is a free online community where you, your neighbor, or anyone with access to the Internet, can learn to collect and present the news that you need to run your government and improve your life and the lives of others.. You will learn not just a technical skill, but core journalism values of fairness, accuracy and context, which can transform the merely technical into the useful, resonant and powerful.. You will emerge a better trained, more honest and fair chronicler of news events.. Legendary journalist John S.. Knight believed that the role of a good newspaper was to  ...   news ventures and to open the doors to citizen participation for traditional news organizations seeking to embrace user-generated content.. Above all it seeks to impart an understanding of the qualities that make for responsible and credible journalism.. The Network will offer numerous learning modules with guidance on how to populate citizen news sites with content, how to use databases and new technology to jumpstart reporting, and how to train citizen journalists.. It will provide a unique database of known citizen media sites, searchable by town and other criteria.. It will also undertake and spotlight current research on citizen media trends.. The Network is an initiative of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, at American University s School of Communication.. J-Lab administers the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism.. It offers micro grants for citizen media start-ups through its New Voices program.. And it offers tutorials on how to use software and hardware to embark on community publishing at.. www.. J-Learning.. The John F.. Knight Foundation fully support The Knight Community News Network and J-Lab s other citizen media activities.. NEXT:.. About The Network..

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  • Title: KCNN: Current Resources
    Descriptive info: Yahoo! Style Guide.. Beginning Reporting.. Digital Journalist Survival Guide: A Glossary of Tech Terms You Should Know.. My High School Journalism.. Citizen Media Law Project.. Knight Digital Media Center.. Rich Gordon s Online Community Cookbook.. Center for Social Media s Guide to Fair Use in Online Video.. Journalism 2.. 0 PDF Downloads.. IJNet s 10 Steps to Citizen Journalism Online.. The New West FAQ for Online Community Journalism Entrepreneurs.. 0: How to Survive and Thrive.. Community News Sites.. Things We Like.. Jump Start Your Reporting.. Journalism Training Sites.. Resources.. Check out some clever ideas.. Find an expert.. Do some database research.. These resources are designed to help you jumpstart your reporting.. "Learn how to write and edit for a global audience through best practices from Yahoo!".. A website for beginning reporters, those studying the craft and their teachers.. A comprehensive glossary of terms associated with Internet journalism.. Terms every digitally enthused journalist should know.. My High School Journalism describes itself as the world's largest host of teen-generated news.. The Citizen Media Law Project is a new pro bono initiative hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.. The Knight Digital Media Center is a partnership between the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism that provides fellowships and multimedia  ...   in the making of online video interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use.. Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment under some circumstances.. Download PDF versions of Journalism 2.. 0: How to Survive and Thrive in various languages here.. The International Center for Journalists and IJNet.. org created this interactive training module as a basic introduction to hyperlocal news sites and blogs.. You will need the Adobe Flash player to view the module.. Jonathan Weber, editor and founder of NewWest.. net, created this FAQ for those interested in creating local online news sites.. Weber covers why he started New West, its revenue models and expected profits, how to get content, what technology is available, who the competitors are and more.. A guide to help professional and amateur news producers understand and implement digital tools to enhance their reporting.. Written by Mark Briggs, assistant managing editor for interactive news at The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington.. Our list of community news sites.. KCNN is constantly exploring citizen media sites for good ideas to share with you.. Check them out.. Suggest things we should look at.. Do you need to find an expert fast, research your U.. S.. Senator s voting record, investigate a local nonprofit? Here are some databases that can provide some shortcuts.. Here are some web sites that offer even more journalism training..

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  • Title: KCNN: Current Modules
    Descriptive info: Outside-the-Box Community Engagement.. Pulitzer Center s Media on the Move.. Making the Most of Metrics.. News Chops: Beefing up the Journalism in Local Public Broadcasting.. Share Your Ideas.. Have an idea for a module you d like KCNN to build? Have a module idea you d like to build? Tell us about it.. Name:.. Email:.. I would like to create this module.. This is a suggestion for someone else.. Learning Modules.. These modules are designed to provide both professional and citizen journalists with step-by-step instruction on skills to help you launch or improve a web site based on user-generated content.. The modules have been created by KCNN s network of professionals.. Engaging readers is why your online news community exists.. You can t use the wisdom of the crowds if the crowd isn t talking.. Without fast and substantive engagement, you might as well publish a newspaper.. So when you build it and they don t come, what do you do, short of waiting?.. This learning module is filled with text and videos that will guide journalists from story idea, through the reporting and distribution process.. This approach treats the issues covered as campaigns, not just stand-alone stories.. That means wide collaborations, embracing new technologies and taking the journalism out to classrooms and universities to engage the next generation.. Whether you re running a small hyperlocal community Web site or a large regional citizen media site, you can use free or inexpensive tools to measure how many people are visiting your site and where they like to go most.. With the right analytics tools, you can also get very specific details in addition to total traffic numbers.. This knowledge will then empower you to improve your site, increase traffic and give accurate information to potential advertisers and sponsors.. Local public broadcasters are find new ways to engage in more local news - especially more investigative journalism than ever before.. In this report, J-Lab examined various efforts through nine case studies.. Three years ago, J-Lab funded nine pilot projects that invited eight newspapers and one public radio station to with at least five indie news start-ups in their communities.. Now the results - and lessons learned - are in.. The nine hub newsrooms grew their networks from 44 partners to 169.. Final score: five wins, two hits, two losses.. The project was funded by the Knight Foundation.. The rise of social media tools in recent years has empowered online news startups to increase content distribution, market their sites and track users.. But most say they cannot lasso data to track whether they are turning users into supporters who will help their sites survive.. Learn how collaborative journalism projects that received grants from J-Lab turned out over 300 stories, blogs, podcasts, videos, databases and maps.. View the press release and the report on the first year.. New Media Makers Toolkit.. This learning module is filled with original reporting that will help you learn about the innovative community news initiatives that are cropping up around the United States - and securing grants from foundations that have not traditionally supported journalism.. In the case studies and accompanying videos, you ll meet citizen journalists and professional journalists who have launched news initiatives that either partner with or supplement their metro news outlets.. A key part of this toolkit is a searchable database, where you can see the kinds of news ventures that foundations have supported since 2005.. Download PDF.. Where a bright ethical line once separated a newsroom from its business operations, one person now often wears multiple hats, as editor, business manager and grants writer.. Site publishers navigate new kinds of critical decisions daily.. This guide examines a number of them.. You can click to any topic in any order.. Or, you can cruise through the Table of Contents.. On every page you ll find a box that says, "Share your story.. " We invite you to weigh in with an ethical problem you faced - and your solution.. Your participation will help inform a work in progress.. Likes Tweets: Leveraging Social Media for News Sites.. If you re like most journalists and media entrepreneurs, you use social media daily, but that doesn t mean you re doing all you could with it to engage with your community, listen and monitor the conversation, or use it to plan  ...   are plenty of good software programs out there to buy, comparable ones can be found all over the Internet for free or next-to-free.. We have compiled a growing list of our favorites for anyone to use.. Comment on the ones you find useful and let us know if you find any more out there.. The Citizen Journalist s Guide to Open Government.. This extensive, multimedia e-learning module helps new media makers understand how to obtain public records and get into public meetings.. The guide features a unique, interactive map that tells citizens how they can locate open-government information on each of the 50 state Web sites.. Produced by Geanne Rosenberg, founding chair of Baruch College s new undergraduate Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions.. Twelve Tips for Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines.. There s good news for even solo citizen journalists who want to improve how their sites are found through search engines like Google: Your own homegrown search engine optimization can get you many of the benefits of a professional retooling.. Search engine optimization, or SEO, just means making your site as easy to find and highly ranked as possible by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.. com.. That way, people using those engines to look for relevant content can find what you have to offer.. That s increasingly important as more and more visitors find their way to sites like yours not by typing in your Web address, but by plugging a few choice words into their favorite search engine.. Learn some easy ways to boost your ranking and get more traffic.. Twitter Tips: Today s Must-Have Tool for Citizen Journalists.. Twitter has finally hit its stride as a leading tool for finding and sharing timely information from all sorts of places and sources.. Its usefulness for breaking news is obvious.. However, Twitter is equally useful for tracking ongoing stories and issues, getting fast answers or feedback, finding sources, building community, collaborating on coverage, and discovering emerging issues or trends.. Learn how to sign up, log on and start posting "tweets" to enhance your hyperlocal coverage.. Top 10 Rules for Limiting Legal Risk.. If you re running a citizen media site or contributing to one, these 10 rules will help you avoid potential legal piftalls.. Get advice in videos from Harvard Berkman Center experts and Media Law Resource Center attorneys.. Module produced by Geanne Rosenberg, associate professor at City University of New York s Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College.. Read the press release from CUNY.. Tools for Citizen Journalists.. This six-chapter training module will help site operators and citizen journalists cope with the challenges of covering communities on small budgets with little or no staff.. Get tips on where to sniff out great ideas and turn them into a compelling story, how to use data to punch up your coverage, how to manage a site when you don t have a staff to help out, who to consider for partnerships that might help move your site along, and how to tap into the knowledge and passion of your readers.. Module developed by Wendell Cochran and Amy Eisman, American University School of Communication.. Twelve Tips for Growing Positive Communities Online.. Your site is up and all is running well until the conversation heats up and a flame war erupts.. Here are a dozen ways to keep the discussion going while maintaining a civil environment and positive direction on your site.. Make Internet TV.. Make Internet TV is an easy to read multimedia manual for publishing internet video.. It has step-by-step instructions for everything from choosing a camera to publishing and promoting videos on the internet.. Principles of Citizen Journalism.. Whether writing a blog or involved in a full-scale hyperlocal news site, you are going to face a higher degree of skepticism than traditional media.. That means fairness, accuracy, transparency and independence are tantamount to success.. See what citizen media veterans say about those topics and other foundations of citizen journalism.. Training Citizen Journalists.. In these seven case studies from around the United States, get a birds-eye view of citizen journalism today.. Using E-mail to Jumpstart your Newsgathering.. Even professional journalists, pressed by 24/7 deadlines, are finding a way to help jump-start their reporting on breaking news stories and find excellent examples to illustrate more ambitious enterprise stories..

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  • Title: KCNN: Current Research
    Descriptive info: Citizen Journalism: Back to the Future?.. Citizen Media: Fad or the Future of News?.. Frontiers of Innovation in Community Engagement.. Hartsville Today: The first year of a small-town citizen-journalism site.. Research into Citizen Media.. Find here emerging qualitative and quantitative research into citizen media ventures.. New Voices: What Works.. This report examines the outcomes of the 46 projects that were launched with New Voices funding from mid-2005 through mid-2010.. Simply put, we examined what worked and what didn t, what made for robust sites or led to disappointment.. We offer tips to help other startups and recommendations for Knight and other foundations based on what J-Lab has learned in mentoring these startups.. In the case studies and accompanying videos, you ll meet citizen journalists who have launched news sites in Boston; Deerfield, N.. H.. ; New Haven, Conn.. ; and Chappaqua, N.. Y.. And you ll learn how professional journalists have launched news initiatives that either partner with or supplement their metro news outlets.. New Entrepreneurs: New Perspectives on News.. J-Lab s New Media Women Entrepreneurs Initiative undertook this study to understand how women are interacting with news, participating in the news, creating the news and consuming the news.. Funded by the McCormick Foundation, the study explored perspectives and behavior with regard to both new and traditional media.. Using focus groups and in-depth interviews among women news consumers and news creators, the  ...   and recommendations.. While the term "citizen journalism" is new, the concept is literally as old as the rocks.. The cave dweller who painted a bison on his cavern wall was unlikely a fulltime chronicler of that eon's events - he was more likely a hunter who wanted to share his adventure.. University of Missouri School of Journalism Professor and MyMissourian.. com founder Clyde Bentley examines the concept of citizen journalism; from the dusty cave-dweller beginnings to Facebook to what the future holds for newsroom journalists.. Commissioned by The Carnegie-Knight Task Force on the Future of Journalism Education.. A Ford Foundation funded study of citizen media sites in the United States.. In-depth interviews were conducted with 31 founders of and contributors to citizen media sites, and hundreds of site contributors were invited to take part in an online survey.. The Center for Citizen Media created this report on how traditional news organizations are encouraging audience involvement.. The report was written by Lisa Williams, founder of H2otown.. info and Placeblogger.. com, with Center for Citizen Media Director Dan Gillmor and journalist Jane Mackay.. Journalism s future may well be in the hands of your readers already, in their cell phones, their iPods, their digital and video cameras.. We have become a world of content creators, and if you don t find a way to engage them in your product, they may well establish their own..

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  • Title: KCNN: Community News Sites
    Descriptive info: Add a Site.. Know a citizen media site that you don't see listed here?.. Get it added.. Directory of Community News Sites.. Keep your eyes on the map; it takes about 10 seconds to fully load! Our ever-expanding database includes more than 1,000 citizen and community news sites, covering each of the 50 United States and other areas of North America (click.. here.. for a full list).. Use the arrows to move north, south, east and west and the plus and minus signs to zoom in or out.. Purple pins mark clusters of sites.. How many? Just mouse over to find out or click on the pin to zoom in and reveal individual citizen and community news sites, marked by Red pins..  ...   the "suggestion" box in the right column.. Click here.. to add your site!.. Search for keywords:.. In this state:.. Any.. AL.. AK.. AS.. AZ.. AR.. CA.. CO.. CT.. DE.. DC.. FL.. GA.. GU.. HI.. ID.. IL.. IN.. IA.. KS.. KY.. LA.. ME.. MD.. MA.. MI.. MN.. MS.. MO.. MT.. NE.. NV.. NH.. NJ.. NM.. NY.. NC.. ND.. MP.. OH.. OK.. OR.. PA.. PR.. RI.. SC.. SD.. TN.. TX.. UT.. VT.. VI.. VA.. WA.. WV.. WI.. WY.. AB.. BC.. MB.. NB.. NF.. NT.. NS.. ON.. PE.. PQ.. SK.. YT.. QC.. Advanced Search.. Zoom map to place:.. GO.. Legend:.. Reset Map.. New:.. Get your very own.. KCNN map widget.. !.. Database created by.. I, Reporter.. Want to.. learn more.. about how we built this database?..

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  • Title: KCNN: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Our address is:.. J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism.. 3201 New Mexico Ave.. NW, Ste.. 330.. Washington, DC 20016.. Phone: (202) 885-8100.. Fax: (202) 885-8110.. E-mail:.. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).. PREV:..

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  • Title: Spotted... Innovations in Community News
    Descriptive info: New Stewardship Model for Journalism Raises $88,000 in Six Months.. Underground Story Bubbles Up in Pittsburgh Newsroom.. New Media Women Entrepreneur Profile: Retha Hill Augments Reality.. Updates: New Voices Sites See Strong Content and Bottom Line Growth.. TucsonCitizen.. com s Server Meltsdown in Wake of Mass Shooting.. Glenn Burkins: Unabashedly Courting African-American News Consumers.. Sites Begin Using Press+ to Ask Readers for Support.. Election Night Winners: New Tools Make Crowdsourcing Stories Easier.. Eulogizing Rye Reflections.. Seattle Times Joins Local Partners to Report on Homeless Families.. Lessons Every News Site Can Learn from TBD s Launch.. Small Coupon Deals Boost Local News Sites and Merchants.. CT Mirror Launches Capital-centric Site with Nearly $2 Million in Support for Three Years.. The Wire Adds a New Dimension to Twin Cities TV Web Site.. Sacramento Press Has the Bee Buzzing.. The merger of VTDigger.. org and the Vermont Journalism Trust has led to $88,000 in support in just five months -- and caused the industry to take note of an emerging stewardship model.. With funding from J-Lab's Networked Journalism initiative, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's editors set about to rethink, alongside others, how the organization could cover Marcellus Shale, a massive topic to their region.. In the weeks after Retha Hill launched the first iteration of her Mobile Black History Project in January 2011, the response was overwhelmingly positive.. Stories  ...   their content without setting up a pay wall.. Their solution is designed to encourage a reader to pay after consuming a set amount of content.. New tools like Storify and Intersect make crowdsourcing stories easier and more relevant.. Sometimes the time is right.. More on the "Anatomy of a Shutdown" for New Hampshire's Rye Reflections.. Kudos again to The Seattle Times for reporting a complex topic using trusted journalists in their hyperlocal partnership.. This time, the paper had seven of its partners write stories around the issues homeless families in their neighborhoods face for a multi-part printed and online series called "Invisible Families" synchronized to run on Monday.. Washington, D.. 's local media scene officially welcomed a new player Aug.. 9.. TBD, as in To Be Determined, is a venture of privately held Allbritton Communications, which also owns the website and newspaper Politico, an ABC affiliate and a 24-hour cable news channel.. How a Minneapolis nonprofit news site is making money in a crowded field.. Capital-centric site quietly launches with nearly $2 million in foundation support for three years.. An interactive news timeline went from being 'just an idea' to a major innovation for a Minneapolis TV station - with the help of a willing advertiser.. Combining paid editorial staff and community contributors, site also has ad network revenue to help support the bottom line..

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  • Title: KCNN: New Media Makers Toolkit
    Descriptive info: Start Here.. Ch.. 1: Funding Fit.. 2: Impact.. 3: Success.. Search Database.. See Videos.. Download PDF version.. Watch videos.. Read press release.. Meet the New Media Makers.. A Toolkit for Innovators in Community Media and Grant Making.. A key part of this toolkit is a.. searchable database.. , where you can see the kinds of news ventures that foundations have supported since 2005.. You can also add your own grant information.. Read the press release about the toolkit.. For a map of public media projects,..  ...   Fund.. Tips for Funding Community News Projects.. CASE STUDIES.. Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.. NewHavenIndependent.. CHAPTER 2: News with Civic Impact.. VoiceofSanDiego.. NewCastleNOW.. CHAPTER 3: Measuring Success.. CASE STUDY.. PlanPhilly.. Acknowledgments.. You can also.. download the toolkit text as a PDF (1.. 2 MB).. We invite you to comment throughout the module.. Look for the comment box in the right column.. Continue to OVERVIEW.. Module Home.. Funding Fit.. Impact.. Success.. Database.. Videos.. Use this database to:.. Find Funders.. Find News Sites.. Add Your Project..

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  • Title: KCNN: CTLatinoNews.com
    Descriptive info: Cartoon by Mark Anderson.. 1.. Check your facts.. 2.. Avoid virtual vendettas.. 3.. Obey the law.. 4.. Weigh promises.. 5.. Reveal secrets selectively.. 6.. Consider what you copy.. 7.. Learn recording limits.. 8.. Don't abuse anonymity.. Shun conflicts of interest.. 10.. Seek legal advice.. Disclaimer and Contact.. This module is based on laws in the United States.. Please note that even within the United States, laws from jurisdiction to jurisdiction vary considerably and laws and their interpretation are subject to change.. Information is offered for educational purposes.. Do not rely on this module or any of its related content or communications as a substitute for the advice of a qualified attorney.. No attorney-client relationship is intended or created by communications pertaining to this site or its related content, interactive features, blogs or e-mail.. Please e-mail.. , with any comments, updates or corrections.. Facebook and Legal Risk.. Book Reviews and Legal Risk.. The Children s Online Privacy Protection Act and the Children s Internet Protection Act.. Video Links and Copyright Concerns.. Proposed Federal Shield Law s Potential Impact on Citizen Journalists.. How Privacy Laws Pertain to Information Available on the Internet.. Guide To Takedown Notices And The DMCA s Safe Harbor.. Key.. To return to the home page from anywhere in the module, click on "Top Ten Rules For Limiting Legal Risk" on the top left corner of the page.. To jump to any particular rule from any module page, go to the navigation box on the left side of the page and click on the rule of your choice.. Legal Risk Blog.. We re adding to the educational content of the Legal Risk site by presenting questions to and seeking answers from national media law experts.. Participants include.. Levine Sullivan Koch Schulz LLP.. , Eric P.. Robinson of the.. Media Law Resource Center.. , George Freeman of the.. New York Times.. , and the.. at Harvard s Berkman Center.. Geanne Rosenberg.. , of.. CUNY Journalism.. and.. Baruch College.. , will formulate some of the questions.. Other questions come directly from citizen journalists, bloggers and social network users.. Read what we have on this page.. (We are no longer accepting questions for this blog.. ).. Disclaimer: This module is based on laws in the United States.. Question:.. If I am considering using information from someone s Facebook profile in my next article or blog post, are there any legal landmines that I need to avoid?.. Response By.. Levine Sullivan Koch Schulz.. :.. (Posted on June 19, 2009).. There may be, depending upon the circumstances.. Relying on a Facebook profile as a source of information may create a number of legal risks, typically - although not exclusively - concerning the profile owner s privacy and intellectual property rights.. To illustrate these types of risks, imagine this: There is a blogger who writes about everything there is to know about the State University football team.. She loves being the first to know - and post - the inside scoop.. Her newest idea is to Facebook friend some of the guys on the team to see if she can find anything in their profiles to include in her blog.. First, she looks up the starting quarterback and, because his privacy settings are not turned on at all, she is able to see his relationship status ( It s complicated ), a recent status update ( Watch out, got me some new juice! ), and a series of photos he said he took on a recent trip.. Read more.. Posted in.. Blogging.. by Geanne Rosenberg on.. 06/19/09.. at 02:00 PM.. What are the legal issues involved with book reviews? Can a reviewer be sued? What are the defenses?.. Response By Geanne Rosenberg:.. (Posted on May 25, 2009).. The primary areas of legal risk for book reviewers are in libel and, to a much lesser extent, copyright law.. See, Rule 1 and the related  ...   it be helpful or hurtful to bloggers and citizen journalists?.. (Posted on November 5, 2008.. No, efforts to pass a federal shield law are not dead, but they will likely have to wait until next year and the new Administration to move forward.. It is unclear whether it would help or hurt bloggers and citizen journalists.. 11/05/08.. A legal claim that private facts have been wrongfully published generally requires that the facts at issue were not previously public.. Does that mean that if truthful personal information about a private person, such as financial or medical data or an ancient shoplifting arrest is posted in some obscure location on the Internet, perhaps within a database or deep inside a social networking site, that anyone can republish it without worrying about a private facts claim? In other words, once truthful information has been publicly accessible online, is it fair game for re-publication by a blogger or citizen journalist or anyone else?.. (Posted on September 20, 2008).. Overview.. Historically, truthful information that is not kept private has been fair game for republication, even when the information is about a private (i.. e.. , non-famous) person.. Technology has altered the legal landscape somewhat, however.. Both the pervasive nature of the Internet and technological glitches resulting in accidental disclosure of information have led courts to alter this general rule in some circumstances where sensitive personal information, like medical or financial information, is at stake.. As a result, there is no easy, clear answer to the hypothetical question posed above.. A general understanding of the law governing the disclosure of private facts should, however, assist a citizen journalist in assessing the risk presented by republishing a given piece of information found on the Internet.. Most states make the unwarranted publication of intimate details of a person s private life unlawful, although the precise contours of the law governing such claims vary from state to state.. Liability for this kind of invasion of privacy primarily turns on whether the person whose data is disclosed has a reasonable expectation of privacy in that data.. This, in turn, can depend on a variety of factors, including the nature of the information, the context in which it was initially revealed, and the extent of its initial disclosure.. Even where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy in the facts disclosed, however, there can be no liability if the information is of legitimate concern to the public.. 09/20/08.. What is a DMCA takedown notice and what should a blogger or Web site producer do if he/she receives one?.. (Posted on June 26, 2008).. A DMCA takedown notice is formal notification that content posted on a Web site, blog, or other online forum is in violation of copyright law.. Receipt of such a notice by a service provider , such as a Web site operator, blogger, online forum, or other Internet-based host for third-party content, necessitates a prompt response.. Some basic first steps when a DMCA takedown notice arrives:.. Evaluate the takedown notice and related content;.. Depending upon the outcome of that evaluation, remove or temporarily disable access to the content at issue;.. Notify the original poster of the complaint.. By way of background, the.. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.. , known as the DMCA, was added to federal copyright law in 1998.. The DMCA addresses electronic and Internet-related issues.. One portion of the DMCA includes anti-circumvention provisions.. These anti-circumvention rules make it unlawful to avoid copyright protection measures (such as protections against unlawful copying that are built into software, DVDs, CDs and the like).. The rules also prohibit trafficking in devices designed to circumvent such copyright protection measures.. Another portion of the DMCA relates to takedown notices.. This portion creates a safe harbor for online service providers ( OSP s ) against copyright infringement claims relating to third-party posts provided certain requirements are met.. 06/26/08.. Page 1 of 1 pages..

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