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  • Title: kantenwerk
    Descriptive info: .. |.. home.. about.. software.. publications.. screenshots + screencasts.. download.. contact.. cv.. Software.. Shift.. Kante.. Knoten.. VocDoc.. Archives.. October 2011.. May 2011.. September 2010.. May 2010.. December 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. June 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. September 2008.. April 2008.. August 2007.. July 2007.. May 2007.. birmingham.. conference.. data.. eswc.. fis2010.. fridge.. geocoding.. internet of things.. linked data.. lod cloud.. mobile web.. nhs.. opendata.. oreilly.. poetry.. screen scraper.. semweb.. swimming pools.. ted.. timbl.. travel.. ubiquitous computing.. usage.. user agents.. vocamp.. www2009.. Blogroll.. Confused Development.. Meta.. Log in.. Valid.. XHTML.. WordPress.. www.. flick.. r.. com.. This is a Flickr badge showing public photos and videos from.. Dunkoman.. Make your own badge.. here.. Birmingham Swimming Pools on ScraperWiki.. Posted by Knud on October 30th, 2011.. After my first few weeks in Birmingham, I m still looking for a decent public swimming pool.. There is a.. webpage from Birmingham City Council which lists all the local pools.. , but it s a little hard to figure out where each of them is, when you don t know your way around.. So yesterday I sat down and wrote a little.. scraper.. to collect this data, and then plot it on a GoogleMap.. The city council page only has the street addresses, so in order to locate each pool on the map, the scraper uses.. Google s geocoding API.. to derive latitude and longitude.. The map below is a special version of the view, made to fit in a small iFrame.. The larger view is.. ,.. |.. No Comments.. hello Talis!.. Posted by Knud on October 16th, 2011.. After saying goodbye to DERI in my.. previous post.. , now it s time to say a few words about my new job: two weeks ago on the 3rd of October I joined the.. consulting team.. at Talis.. As a company, Talis has pretty amazing track record of being a market leader in Semantic Web and linked data technology (e.. g, through their.. linked data platform.. , their.. Aspire.. e-learning system and recently through.. Kasabi.. ).. Beyond these products, the consulting team helps clients (see the.. case studies.. for a list of previous projects) to learn about the possibilities of the technology, and eventually design and develop individual linked data solutions.. I m pretty excited about this move after years in academia, I will finally be able to apply my know-how to real-world problems and use cases of actual, paying customers! And as I said in my previous post: now it is the perfect time to do this, as semantic technologies are more and more moving into the mainstream.. For the coming six months I ll be based in Birmingham (coincidentally the.. home of metal!.. ), but will eventually move to Berlin and work from there.. Germany is still a little behind in the whole open data movement, but things are happening there as well.. See you soon!.. Bye Bye DERI.. Posted by Knud on October 9th, 2011.. It feels strange, but last Friday, after a good 7 1/2 years (that s 2829 days!), I finally had my last day at.. DERI.. , the Digital Enterprise Resarch Institute at the.. National University of Ireland in Galway.. Coming from a background as a linguist and knowing very little about the Semantic Web, I started as a fresh PhD student in January 2004, when DERI was still only a handful of researchers.. Very few people had ever heard about this Semantic Web (let alone linked data that label was only.. coined a few years later.. ), and those who did mostly considered it to be a rather far-fetched, purely academic exercise.. I experienced the somewhat crazy early years at DERI (read about it in the.. paper.. ), saw the institute grow, change management, change location and eventually turn into the largest (currently 137.. members.. ) and probably most successful SW research institute world-wide.. I m pretty sure that for many if not most SW or linked data-related projects and activities you will come across today, there will be someone involved who either did or does work at DERI.. Or someone who will work at DERI in the future during the almost 8 years I have spent there, many outstanding personalities I met in the community eventually joined our little institute.. I experienced DERI as a fantastic place to  ...   of three papers for the best paper award! In the end we didn t win (the prize went to the paper by Metaxas and Mustafaraj:.. From Obscurity to Prominence in Minutes: Political Speech and Real-Time Search.. ), but just to get the nomination was pretty awesome.. I really didn t expect this, considering that this paper had been in the pipeline for more that a year now, but never quite made it for any submission deadline, and was therefore delayed time and time again.. This is great encouragement for continuing our work in this area!.. Learning from Linked Open Data Usage.. View more.. presentations.. from.. Knud Möller.. Semantic Web Fridge Poetry.. Posted by Knud on December 3rd, 2009.. Someone in DERI brought back a set of Semantic Web fridge poetry magnets from a workshop! A joyous occasion for all SemWeb nerds, and there are plenty of those in DERI.. Semantic User Agents.. Posted by Knud on October 8th, 2009.. I m still very much interested in the topic of.. analysing usage of linked data sites.. To that end, an interesting question to ask is what kinds of agents access a linked data site.. And here, apart from the usual categorisation into bots, browsers and such, it makes sense to differentiate between.. semantic.. and.. non-semantic.. agents.. Very loosely, we could say that.. Semantic agents are agents which are aware of RDF data and actively request it.. To know whether or not an agent requests RDF, we could look at the header of an individual HTTP request and check if the agent had specified.. Accept: application/rdf+xml.. However, the Apache server log files unfortunately don t tell us anything about the request header.. Luckily though, there is an indirect way of finding out about this.. If our linked data site uses.. best practice content negotiation and 303 redirects.. , we can look at pairs of requests in the log files.. E.. g.. , the.. Semantic Web Dog Food.. site uses a particular URI pattern for resources and their HTML and RDF representations.. :.. http://data.. semanticweb.. org/organization/deri-nui-galway http://data.. org/organization/deri-nui-galway/html http://data.. org/organization/deri-nui-galway/rdf.. If the plain URI is requested, the server will either redirect to the HTML or the RDF representation, based on what was specified by the agent.. Therefore, if we find a request for a plain URI and a request for the corresponding RDF URI, from the same IP address and the same agent, within a short time frame (e.. 5 seconds), then we can infer that the agent had requested.. application/rdf+xml.. and can therefore be classified as a.. semantic agent.. 90.. 21.. 243.. 141 - - [06/Oct/2008:16:07:58 +0100] "GET /organization/vrije-universiteit-amsterdam-the-netherlands HTTP/1.. 1" 303 7592 "-" "rdflib-2.. 4.. 0 (http://rdflib.. net/; eikeon@eikeon.. com)" 90.. 141 - - [06/Oct/2008:16:08:02 +0100] "GET /organization/vrije-universiteit-amsterdam-the-netherlands/rdf HTTP/1.. 1" 200 45358 "-" "rdflib-2.. com)".. The example above shows this: the rdflib.. net agent requested the plain URI.. /organization/vrije-universiteit-amsterdam-the-netherlands.. and was 303 redirected to.. /organization/vrije-universiteit-amsterdam-the-netherlands/rdf.. a few seconds later.. From this we can automatically infer that rdflib.. net is a semantic agent.. A list of 423 semantic agents found in this way for the dog food site from 10/2008-10/2009 is.. Looking at the list, we can find a lot of agents that are clearly semantic , such as the SindiceFetcher or a SIOC browser.. However, most of them are actually not what I would normally consider semantic , such as hordes of Mozilla -branded agents or dodgy looking bots.. More research is awaiting.. Growth of the Web of Linked Data.. Posted by Knud on September 4th, 2009.. Bob DuCharme points out.. nicely how much the Web of Linked Data has grown in the past year by comparing to versions of.. Richard Cyganiak s LOD cloud diagram.. It looks pretty impressive when you compare the two versions side by side!.. The Extended Semantic Web Conference.. Posted by Knud on June 9th, 2009.. Apparently, the European Semantic Web Conference will be renamed to.. Extended Semantic Web Conference.. That is fantastic news, the original name was so boring.. However, renaming to.. extended.. seems a lost opportunity to me: the organisers of all major Semantic Web conferences should come together and adopt far more exciting names.. Some suggestions came up:.. International.. Semantic Web Conference to.. Incredible.. Semantic Web Conference.. Asian.. Amazing.. European.. Extraordinary.. 4 Comments.. Previous Entries.. Next Page.. kantenwerk is proudly powered by.. Theme.. WuCoco.. designed by.. Mike Lococo.. Entries (RSS).. Comments (RSS)..

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    Descriptive info: Screenshots.. Posted by Knud on June 12th, 2007.. GUI.. screencast for WWW2007, developers track.. screencast for SemDesk Design at ESWC2007..

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  • Title: kantenwerk » Curriculum Vitae
    Descriptive info: Curriculum Vitae.. Posted by Knud on May 8th, 2008.. You can get my CV..

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    Descriptive info: semanticweb.. deriblog.. web science.. Linked Data for WWW2009 Online.. Posted by Knud on April 16th, 2009.. I don t announce every new addition to the.. Semantic Web Dog Food Server.. , but this is a big one: based on the data available from.. EPrints.. , we managed to get information about papers and authors for the upcoming.. WWW2009.. in Madrid up as linked data on the dog food server.. You can get all the papers, authors and their affiliations, all nicely integrated with the rest of the dog food data from other conferences.. You can start start browsing.. or get a.. dump of the data.. Enjoy!.. VoCamp Galway 2008.. Posted by Knud on December 3rd, 2008.. Last week we organised a second.. VoCamp.. a grass roots, BarCamp-style workshop for creating Semantic Web vocabularies in Galway.. The setup was much like.. the first one in Oxford.. : we as the organisers provided the room and coffee breaks, but otherwise only set a very basic schedule (start-coffee-lunch-coffee-wrapup).. The real action was provided by the delegates, who divided up into groups according to interests and worked away.. On several occasions throughout the two days we all came together again and every group had the chance to report on their progress, discuss problems with all VoCamp delegates, etc.. It was all very relaxed and productive, and with an interesting mix of people.. Apart from a good crowd from DERI, there were people from Talis, Yahoo (Peter Mika was luckily able to make it) and Edinburgh.. Some people even came from as far as Germany and Florida!.. All the different groups and their results can be found.. on this wiki page.. , so I ll just mention a few things here, such as vocabularies for meeting minutes, calls for papers or real estate (not forgetting the very important.. Ear Worm vocabulary.. ), more work on a SW starter pack, discussions and work on Microformat-RDF mappings and RDFa in Drupal.. Luckily Galway was  ...   accessible.. to end users.. There is our own work on a.. SPARQL builder component.. for Konduit, there is the web-based graphical interface.. NITELIGHT.. , and some.. cool SPARQL extensions.. by Benjamin Nowack (again!).. While those were all presented during the poster session, I also talked to some other people in the coffee breaks who told me about their work in this area this clearly seems to be an area where a lot of developments and improvements are going to surface soon!.. OpenCyc this is of course not really a new development, but after having attended the tutorial of using.. OpenCyc for the Semantic Web.. , I m starting to think that their ontology and knowledge base are, at the very least, a very interesting point of reference for linked open data.. Those guys have worked on their ontologies for a long time, and a lot of reasoning technology is already in place.. Therefore, if we hook up our linked data to (Open)Cyc terms, the hope is that we can finally have the inferencing magic that people are dreaming of for the Web.. And finally, to come to the title of this post.. I learned the hard way this year that one cannot put enough effort into.. advertising one s work and also oneself.. I think Richard and I did a pretty good job with the.. conference metadata.. this year, and set up a very nice site with a lot of.. interesting functionality for developers and conference attendees.. Unfortunately, we didn t spend an equal amount of work on making the people at the conference aware of that, with the result that e.. way too few knew that there was an option to discuss papers online and make those discussion become part of the metadata about the paper.. Also, to my surprise, some people even didn t seem to know that I had been acting as metadata co-chair at all.. Note to self: be more proactive next year..

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  • Title: kantenwerk » internet of things
    Descriptive info: A New Way of Linking People to Places.. Posted by admin on November 26th, 2008.. I recently discovered this very cool project here in Galway called.. murmur.. Linking People to Places.. ? Sounds a lot like some Semantic Web or Linked Data thing.. In a way it is, only it s live and doesn t (directly) involve the internet or URI.. Instead, the people behind murmur have put up metal signs in different locations all over Galway.. Each sign has a freefone number on it, which, if called, will get you to a recording of a story about the place  ...   location.. I think this is a nice example of using technology to provide a better experience and understanding of a city.. Conceptually it s located somewhere in the vicinity of topics such as the internet of things, ubiquitous computing only it doesn t involve computing.. :) It reminds me of a story where someone demonstrated the principle of topic maps with strings and other physical artifacts, thereby moving from the digital over to the physical domain.. Murmur has also been set up in other cities, such as Toronto, Edinburgh, Dublin, San José, Montreal, Calgary and São Paolo.. mobile computing.. 1 Comment..

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