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  • Title: KBOR
    Descriptive info: .. Board of Regents Strategic Plan.. Board of Regents.. Agendas and Fiscal Year Meeting Schedule.. Kansas Public Higher Education Training Search Tool.. Transfer Articulation.. View the List of Approved Courses.. Kansas Higher Education Reporting System (KHERS).. Calendar.. |.. Site Map.. Quick Links.. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS.. Performance Agreements.. New Program Approval.. Private/Out-of-State.. Adult Education.. Teacher Education Initiatives.. Qualified Admissions.. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS.. Advocacy.. Links.. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT.. Technical Education Authority.. Perkins Grants.. State Technology Program.. Other Grant Initiatives.. Program Alignment.. Governors CTE Initiative.. CTE Newsletter.. NEWS & MEDIA.. News Releases.. Subscribe to Regents News.. STUDENTS.. Student Financial Aid.. Career & Tech Ed.. Kansas GED Information.. Admissions.. Residency FAQ.. Student Health Insurance.. Private Postsecondary.. Choosing A School.. Concurrent Enrollment.. University Student Complaints.. Transfer & Articulation.. Veteran's & Military Information.. ABOUT US.. The Board of Regents.. Board Office.. Councils & Committees.. Foresight 2020.. History.. Logo.. Rules & Regulations.. By-Laws, Missions, Policies.. DOCUMENTS & DATA.. Data, Research & Planning.. Policies & Procedures.. Forms & Documents.. Strategic Planning.. System Data.. KAN-ED.. FOR FACULTY & STAFF.. Regents Retirement Plans.. COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES.. Public Institutions..  ...   Increases Necessitated by State Funding Cuts.. June 6, 2013.. Board Responds to Fiscal Year 2014 & 2015 Budgets.. May 16, 2013.. Board Elects New Chair and Vice Chair.. March 5, 2013.. GED Documents Now Available Online.. January 17, 2013.. Employment Post Graduation.. January 16, 2013.. Board Responds To The Governor's Fiscal Year 2014 & 2015 Budget.. October 9, 2012.. Governor Helps Launch Marketing Campaign to Raise Awareness of Career Technical Education Opportunities.. September 27, 2012.. Board Releases Fall 2012 Enrollment Figures.. September 26, 2012.. Kansas Public Higher Education System is Vital to Economic Prosperity.. September 25, 2012.. Success on the GED Test is Now Just Clicks Away.. September 20, 2012.. Board Unveils New Online Educational Search Tool.. July 12, 2012.. KU Cancer Center NCI Designation.. May 6, 2011.. Regents Initiate Emporia State University Presidential Search.. Wichita State University (WSU) dance department.. Ceremonial Signing of Postsecondary Career Technical Education Legislation.. 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 520.. Topeka, KS 66612-1368.. tel 785.. 296.. 3421 | fax 785.. 0983.. Email Us.. | KBOR on.. Kansas Board of Regents..

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  • Title: Foresight 2020
    Descriptive info: -.. Foresight 2020 Resources & Documents.. Foresight 2020 News.. Home.. >.. About Us.. > Foresight 2020.. In September 2010, the Kansas Board of Regents approved a 10-year strategic agenda for the state s public higher education system.. Entitled Foresight 2020, the plan sets long-range achievement goals that are measurable, reportable, and ensures the state s higher education system meets Kansans expectations.. Two years of reporting, 2011 and 2012, are available to review progess  ...   reduced the overall number of strategic goals from six to three, but retains many of the original measures and offers refined or additional measurements of the higher education system.. The three strategic goals of Foresight 2020 are:.. Increase Higher Education Attainment Among Kansans.. Improve Alignment of the State's Higher Education System with the Needs of the Economy.. Ensure State University Excellence.. Learn more about the Foresight 2020 plan.. Read the latest Foresight 2020 news..

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  • Title: Calendar
    Descriptive info: News & Media.. > Calendar.. CALENDAR.. Year:.. All Years.. Month:.. All Months.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. Event Type:.. ALL.. Board Academic Affairs Standing Committee.. Council of Business Officers.. Council of Chief Academic Officers.. Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee.. GED.. GED Testing.. Meetings.. Student Insurance  ...   are no events in the time frame you specified.. August 2013.. S.. M.. T.. W.. F.. W1.. 1.. 2.. 3.. W2.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. W3.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. W4.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. W5.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31..

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  • Title: KBOR
    Descriptive info: > Site Map.. SITE MAP.. Academic Affairs.. Government Relations.. Workforce Development.. Students.. Documents & Data.. For Faculty & Staff.. Colleges & Universities..

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  • Title: KBOR
    Descriptive info: QUICK LINKS.. Use the links below to access popular website pages:.. Media Releases.. Regents Agendas Minutes.. Policy Manual.. Technical Support.. Kansas Open Records Act.. (PDF).. Higher Education Quick Facts..

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  • Title: Academic Affairs
    Descriptive info: > Academic Affairs.. Vision:.. The Kansas Board of Regents Academic Affairs Unit will be instrumental in planning and developing an integrated, seamless, synergistic postsecondary educational system.. Mission:.. The Academic Affairs Unit exercises strategic leadership for quality educational development to meet the diverse academic, workforce, and lifelong learning needs of all Kansans.. Private and out-of-state postsecondary institutions offering coursework in Kansas should review the information on this website to determine if a Certificate of Approval is required to operate in Kansas.. Click here.. to review information, learn how to apply, print forms, and contact us for help..

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  • Title: Performance Agreements
    Descriptive info: > Performance Agreements.. PERFORMANCE AGREEMENTS.. Kansas Statute 74-3202d established performance-based funding for technical colleges, community colleges, state universities and Washburn University.. Each institution s receipt of new state funds is contingent upon meeting goals outlined in its Performance Agreement.. Institutions submit a Performance Agreement for Board approval once every three years and performance is evaluated annually.. Performance Agreement Documents.. Performance Agreement Calendar.. (pdf).. Performance Agreement Model.. (pdf).. Performance Agreement Funding Guidelines.. Performance Agreement Application.. University Form.. University Narrative Template.. 2-year Form.. 2-year Narrative Template.. Memorandum of Agreement.. (doc).. Current Agreements.. Performance Agreements 2013.. Performance Agreements 2012-2013.. Performance Agreements 2011-2013.. 1.. What is the Performance Agreement timeline?.. Institutions submit performance agreements to Board staff by August 15.. Staff reviews the agreements, meets with institutions and suggests revisions, as needed.. The Board Academic Affairs Standing Committee (BAASC) reviews performance agreements at meetings held in September and October.. The meetings are typically held on the Wednesday the Board meets.. The full Board acts on performance agreements at its November meeting.. 2.. What is the role of Board staff in reviewing performance agreements?.. Board staff reviews performance agreements for potential issues and communicate these issues to the institution.. The institution makes the final decision about whether to revise the performance agreement.. Staff then makes recommendations regarding the performance agreements to BAASC; BAASC makes final recommendations to the Board.. 3.. My institution has an approved Performance Agreement and  ...   reports at meetings held in April and May.. The full Board acts on performance reports at is June meeting.. Staff will email performance reporting forms to institutions.. Current Reports.. Performance Reports January 1 through December 31, 2012.. Performance Reports January 1 through December 31, 2011.. Performance Reports January 1 through December 31, 2010 (.. pdf).. What is the role of Board staff in reviewing performance reports?.. Staff reviews performance reports for potential issues and communicate these issues to the institution.. The institution makes the final decision about whether to revise the performance report.. Staff makes recommendations regarding the performance reports to BAASC; BAASC makes final recommendations to the Board.. What if I discover incorrect baselines in a performance agreement that has already been approved? Can I include corrected data in my performance report?.. Please consult with staff before correcting data in the performance agreement.. What should I put in the narrative?.. The narrative should supplement the information in the summary table instead of repeating it.. The narrative should contain any information required for a member of the lay public to understand the goal, the indicators, and the significance/stretch of both.. If directional improvement was not demonstrated in an indicator, or if the target was not met, include in the narrative the steps that will be taken to improve future performance.. Read the Performance Agreement and Guidelines for additional suggestions on completing the report..

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  • Title: New Program Approval
    Descriptive info: > New Program Approval.. NEW PROGRAM APPROVAL.. Universities.. Policies and procedures for new program approval are found in Chapter II, Section D, Paragraph 7d of the.. Procedures are found in Appendix G of the.. New program proposals shall include:.. Program narrative that addresses criteria in Appendix G  ...   included with the narrative).. New Program Curriculum Form.. New Program Fiscal Summary Form.. New concentration/minor proposals shall include:.. New Concentration/Minor Form.. Community Colleges Technical Colleges.. Policies/procedures for approval of courses and programs are found in Chapter IV of the.. Approval forms and documents may be found.. here..

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  • Title: Private/Out-of-State
    Descriptive info: Statutes & Regulations.. Applying for Certificate of Approval.. Private/Out-of-State Frequently Asked Questions.. > Private/Out-of-State.. PRIVATE/OUT-OF-STATE.. The Kansas Board of Regents Private Postsecondary Education Department authorizes private and out-of-state institutions to operate in Kansas with a Certificate of Approval that must be renewed annually.. These schools offer instruction for business trade, technical or industrial occupations, or confer degrees.. All schools operating with a physical presence in Kansas or that are actively soliciting* enrollment of prospective students to receive instruction in the state of Kansas must apply for a certificate of approval or an exemption.. A KBOR approved school goes through a comprehensive and rigorous process to ensure it is  ...   students may include (but is not limited to) trying to attract Kansas students (who will remain in Kansas while taking course work) by doing things like placing ads in Kansas papers or running ads on Kansas based TV or Radio stations, mailing Kansas residents written material, sending representatives into Kansas to attempt student recruitment, or engaging in other means of solicitation that specifically contacts or targets Kansas residents in order to encourage them to enroll.. For private and out-of-state institutions.. Anyone wishing to establish or purchase an institution in the State of Kansas must apply for.. This section is intended to answer general questions about KBOR's Private Postsecondary Education..

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  • Title: About Adult Education
    Descriptive info: About Adult Education.. Adult Education Professional Development Resources.. RFPs.. Access Kansas State Literacy Resource Center.. > Adult Education.. ADULT EDUCATION.. Welcome to the Adult Education office of the Kansas Board of Regents.. The Board is committed to assisting Kansans in extending their learning throughout life.. Adult education programs in Kansas serve adults age 16 and over who are in need of basic  ...   below you will find information and links to learn more about adult education programs, as well as upcoming events and news.. View the most current 4-year plan for adult education here in the state of Kansas.. View numerous links to resources regarding adult education.. View the latest available documents.. The Adult Education office also maintains the Kansas State Literacy Resource Center (Kansas SLRC)..

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  • Title: Teacher Education Initiatives
    Descriptive info: > Teacher Education Initiatives.. TEACHER EDUCATION INITIATIVES.. Improving Teacher Quality State Grants.. The No Child Left Behind 2013 (NCLB) Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) state grant for higher education is designed to improve teaching and learning.. As a federal program, it operates under the NCLB Act of 2001.. Authority for the administration of the Improving Teacher Quality State Grant, Title II, Part A, as well as the identification and evaluation of grant proposals, resides with each state.. In Kansas, the Kansas Board of Regents has been authorized to receive and distribute the federal funds appropriated for this program to be utilized by higher education institutions.. Guidance under the program allows for state flexibility in order to fulfill state priorities for increasing teacher content knowledge and all issues affecting teacher quality.. The purpose of the state grant program is to increase student achievement by helping ensure that highly qualified teachers, paraprofessionals and principals have access to sustained  ...   Certifications Form.. Progress Report.. Grant Agreement.. Financial Report.. 50% Rate Certification Form.. Request for Change in Budget.. Program Administrators.. Jean Marie Redeker, PhD Karla Wiscombe, EdD.. 785-296-4936 785-296-1487.. jredeker@ksbor.. org.. kwiscombe@ksbor.. Teacher Education Grant.. In light of the well-documented shortages of teachers in certain disciplines and geographic areas, the 2007 Kansas Legislature enacted H.. B.. 2185, which established the Teacher Education Competitive Grant Program.. The grant program aims to increase the number of teachers in hard-to-fill disciplines and underserved geographic areas.. Program Administrator.. Karla Wiscombe, EdD.. 785-296-1487.. While the above initiative will provide resources to institutions for expanding current programs or creating new ones, a complementary initiative.. the Teacher Service Scholarship Program.. will provide support for students interested in pursuing teaching careers in Kansas.. Although support for these initiatives is subject to future appropriations, the Board expects the program to receive funding over the long-term.. For further information concerning the scholarship, contact Diane Lindeman,.. dlindeman@ksbor..

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