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  • Title: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and presenting Naqoyqatsi, by director Godfrey Reggio
    Descriptive info: .. Visit the official Miramax Films website for Naqoyqatsi.. IRE.. ,.. All Rights Reserved, 1972-2005 -.. Terms Conditions..

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  • Title: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi
    Descriptive info: life out of balance.. life in transformation.. life as war.. Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi DVD 2 Pack.. Click here to order from Amazon.. com.. All Rights Reserved, 2005 --..

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  • Title: The Institute for Regional Education
    Descriptive info: Not for the answers that might be given, but for the questions that can be raised is this website established.. Indeed, the question is the mother of the answer.. KOYAANISQATSI s task is to raise questions that only its audience might answer.. KOYAANISQATSI is the first part of the QATSI Trilogy.. POWAQQATSI, the second film, was completed in 1988.. NAQOYQATSI, as yet unfunded and in search of an angel/investor, will complete the Trilogy.. As KOYAANISQATSI focuses on the north and POWAQQATSI on the south, NAQOYQATSI will project its gaze on the global world.. With NAQOYQATSI s completion, the QATSI Trilogy will stand as a cinematic utterance to an untellable event the technological transformation of the planet.. Also, found on this site is the film ANIMA MUNDI.. While out-of-sequence of the Trilogy, ANIMA MUNDI has a place in the Trilogy s progression.. All of us who participated in its making bonded in our commitment to realize NAQOYQATSI.. What we learned here could be taken there.. The Trilogy represents a process, a long span of reflection and production.. ANIMA MUNDI s subject and cinematic treatment expanded the QATSI effort.. Created in 1991 with a gift from the Bulgari family of Rome, ANIMA MUNDI was offered as a media voice to the WWF in support of their biological diversity campaign.. As the general focus of the QATSI Trilogy is the technological milieu, it is the purpose of this site to foster a web-dialogue on this little understood, yet ubiquitous subject the nature of technology.. What we know about the subject is vastly promotive, over-the-top positive, coming to us from the producers of global technology.. A glowing wonderland of unlimited opportunity is promised by the good life of the technological order.. Infinite capacity, virtual immortality, super human cognition attributes that have until now been reserved for the divine are indicated for technology.. A new technological pantheon has been established in the horizonless world of the Blue Planet.. But is technology what it appears to be? Have we looked behind the shimmer of its glowing surface? Very little, if anything, reveals its meaning through mere appearances.. Most everything is more complex, full with a universe of hidden dimensions.. Is technology an exception to this common experience? Or, have we accepted its truth as the truth? Is technology a new and comprehensive environment, the host of life, that has replaced the natural order? Is technology the new universal religion?  ...   to raise questions seems contradictory, this is because it is.. To freely embrace this contradiction is the motivation for this site.. Like the oxygen we breathe, technology is the big force, omnipresent and inescapable.. It appears as a force of nature.. Who can question nature or acts of god? Something this prevailing, this present, is normally taken for granted.. Only the heretic could dare to be so blasphemous.. Could it be that our language is no longer capable of describing the world in which we live? Perhaps, the world we see with old eyes and antique ideas is no longer present.. Do we inhabit a technological universe the laws of which are unknown? The world we see is being left behind.. A new untellable world is unfolding.. As the human race accelerates into the twenty-first century, we enter a virtual, digital environment, a world where far and near, past, present and future are simultaneous realities.. The human center of gravity seems to be blasted into the void.. Our bodies are less central to our lives, our physical involvement with an increasing synthetic world grows less.. Have we arrived at an unthinkable post-natural and post-human condition? Does this singular event offer to all that will, the extraordinary opportunity to re-name the world in which we live? Are we, appearing to be human, already the cyborgs of the fiction of science?.. These are the questions that motivated KOYAANISQATSI, the other films of the Trilogy and, hence, the website that we offer for your participation, inquiry and dialogue.. This is our beginning effort to supposit these films into the web, to mainline the QATSI Trilogy.. In closing we offer two reflections that articulate the point of view of this site: one from Elias Canetti, a Nobel Laureate for literature; the other from French philosopher and writer Jacques Ellul.. A tormenting thought: as of a certain point, history was no longer real.. Without noticing it, all mankind suddenly left reality.. - Canetti.. The crisis that we are approaching today is of yet another order.. For it entails the transition, not from one form of society and power to another, but to a new environment.. The present crisis.. is a total crisis triggered by transition to a new and previously unknown environment, the technological environment.. The present change of environment is much more fundamental than anything that the race has experienced for the last five thousand years.. - Ellul..

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  • Title: Qatsi Trilogy live performances 2005
    Descriptive info: 2005 Events.. JAN 2-JAN 10, SUNDAY-MONDAY.. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.. 8:00pm.. PGE: QATSI TRILOGY LIVE.. Presented by: Sydney Opera House.. Thurs, Jan 6: NAQOYQATSI (World Premiere).. Fri, Jan 7: KOYAANISQATSI.. Sat, Jan 8: KOYAANISQATSI.. Sun, Jan 9: POWAQQATSI.. JANUARY 14-16, FRIDAY-SUNDAY.. HONG KONG.. PGE: LA BELLE ET LA BETE.. Presented by: Hong Kong Cultural Centre.. Venue: Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre.. Jan 13, Thurs Load-In.. Jan 14, Friday LA BELLE ET LA BETE Jan 15, Saturday LA BELLE ET LA BETE.. Jan 16, Sunday LA BELLE ET LA BETE.. MAY 18-30, WEDNESDAY-TUESDAY.. JAPAN.. TIME TBD.. Presented by: Conversation Company Ltd.. MAY 22: KOYAANISQATSI, Aichi World Expo.. MAY 23: NAQOYQATSI, Aichi World  ...   NY.. Presented by: Lincoln Center.. Venue: Rose Theater.. Thurs: KOYAANISQATSI.. JUNE 3, FRIDAY.. 6:45PM.. QATSI TALK w/ PG and Godfrey Reggio.. NEW YORK, NY 8:00pm.. Friday: NAQOYQATSI.. JUNE 4, SATURDAY.. 8:00PM.. Sat: POWAQQATSI.. JULY 1-3, FRIDAY-SUNDAY.. POZNAN, POLAND.. Presented by: Malta International Theatre Festival.. Venue: TBD.. JULY 1: KOYAANISQATSI.. JULY 2: NAQOYQATSI.. JULY 3: POWAQQATSI.. November 30- December 2, WEDS-FRIDAY.. CARDIFF, WALES.. Wales Millennium Centre.. Venue: Wales Millennium Centre.. NOV 30: KOYAANISQATSI.. DEC 1: NAQOYQATSI.. DEC 2: POWAQQATSI.. Dracula, Palacio de Bellas Artes Sat, February 9, 8 pm, La Belle et la B te, Palacio de Bellas Artes Sun, February 10, 8 pm, Koyaanisqatsi, Palacio de Bellas Artes..

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  • Title: Koyaanisqatsi-how you can help
    Descriptive info: Use the options below to support IRE in its efforts.. Help Online.. Fill out the form below to start supporting IRE.. By Mail.. Click here.. for a faxable or mailable form.. IRE offers several options for giving.. Please list the amount you'd like to give.. We will contact you to discuss your gifting plan.. Any amount, small or large, will help our institute and its projects enormously.. (* denotes required entries).. * Contribution Amount: $.. 00.. * Full Name:.. * Street Address:.. * City:.. State/Province:.. -- SELECT --.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Alberta.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. British Columbia.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. District of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Guam.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Manitoba.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Brunswick.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. Newfoundland.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Nova Scotia.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Ontario.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Prince Edward Island.. Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of.. Quebec and Labradour.. Rhode Island.. Saskatchewan.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virgin Islands.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Yukon.. * Country:.. United States of America.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean Territories.. British  ...   Korea, Republic of.. Kuwait.. Kyrgyzstan.. Lao Peoples Democratic Republic.. Latvia.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.. Liechtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Macau.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Malta.. Marshall Islands.. Martinique.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Mayotte.. Mexico.. Micronesia.. Moldova.. Monaco.. Mongolia.. Montserrat.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Namibia.. Nauru.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. Netherlands Antilles.. New Caledonia.. New Zealand.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Niue.. Norfolk Island.. Northern Mariana Islands.. Norway.. Oman.. Pakistan.. Palau.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Reunion.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. Saint Helena.. Saint Kitts and Nevis.. Saint Lucia.. Saint Pierre and Miquelon.. Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.. Samoa.. San Marino.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard and Jan Mayen.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syrian Arab Republic.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City State.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Virgin Islands (British).. Virgin Islands (U.. S.. ).. Wallis And Futuna Islands.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Yugoslavia.. Zaire.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. * Post/Zip Code:.. * Email:.. IRE E-Mail list:.. You'll receive occasional email messages from us, letting you know what's new on the Koyaanisqatsi site.. If you don't want to join the list, deselect the button.. * Phone:..

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  • Title: Information on Koyaanisqatsi, Powwaqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi
    Descriptive info: When will KOYAANISQATSI and Powaqqatsi be released on DVD?.. The release of KOYAANISQATSI and POWAQQATSI on DVD will be Sept.. 17, 2002, by MGM Home Entertainment.. Click Here.. to order the two DVD set from Amazon.. When will NAQOYQATSI be released?.. The release of NAQOYQATSI will be October 18, 2002.. Naqoyqatsi is presented by Miramax Films and Steven Soderbergh, produced by Qatsi Productions, and directed by Godfrey Reggio..

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  • Title: Terms & Conditions
    Descriptive info: TERMS AND CONDITIONS GOVERNING.. THE KOYAANISQATSI WEBSITE.. (.. return to previous page.. ).. Institute for Regional Education ( IRE ) maintains this website as a service to its fans.. By using this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms, which IRE may change at any time.. 1.. The KOYAANISQATSI Site Is Proprietary To IRE.. Except for On-line Discussion Content, discussed below, all the text, images, marks, logos and other content of the KOYAANISQATSI site ( Site Content ) is proprietary to IRE.. IRE authorizes you to view, download, and print the Site Content subject to the following conditions: (i) you may only do so for your own personal and non-commercial use; (ii) you may not modify the Site Content; (iii) any displays or print outs of the Site Content must be marked Institute for Regional Education, 2000.. All rights reserved.. ; (iv) you may not remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices that have been placed in the Site Content by IRE.. Except as expressly permitted above, reproduction or redistribution of the Site Content, or any portion of the Site Content, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of IRE.. To request permission you may contact IRE at info@koyaanisqatsi.. org.. 2.. The On-line Discussion Is An Unrestricted Forum And Content Is Not Proprietary.. The On-line Discussion provides an unrestricted forum for the exchange of ideas and information by participants.. IRE does not edit (but reserves the right to do so) or control the information or materials posted to or distributed through the On-line Discussion, will not be in any way responsible or liable for On-line Discussion Content, and claims no proprietary rights of any kind arising from the posting or distribution of information or material in the On-line Discussion.. By posting or distributing information or material  ...   IRE.. 4.. Warranty Disclaimer And Limitation of Liability.. IRE makes no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Site Content, or any portion thereof.. You use the KOYAANISQATSI Site at your own risk and neither IRE nor the parties who provide information and materials for publication within the Site Content will be liable for any damages arising from your use of this Site.. 5.. Applicable Law And Jurisdiction.. The KOYAANISQATSI Website (excluding links) is controlled by IRE and operated for IRE from its offices in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.. While IRE has made no effort to publish the KOYAANISQATSI Site elsewhere, because this Site is published on the World Wide Web it is accessible in all fifty states and other countries.. As each of these places has laws that may differ from those of New Mexico and from each other, and as you and IRE both benefit from establishing a predictable legal environment in which to publish, access and use the Site, by publishing, accessing and/or using this Site you and IRE agree that all matters arising from or relating to the use and operation of this Site will be governed by the laws of The State of New Mexico, without regard to its conflicts of laws principles.. You agree that all claims you may have arising from or relating to the operation or use of this Site will be heard and resolved in the courts of Santa Fe, New Mexico.. You consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts over you, stipulate to the fairness and convenience of proceeding in such courts, and covenant not to assert any object to proceeding in such courts.. If you chose to access this Site from locations other than Santa Fe, you will be responsible for compliance with all local laws of such other location..

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  • Title: Koyaanisqatsi- Life out of Balance
    Descriptive info: KOYAANISQATSI.. , Reggio's debut as a film director and producer, is the first film of the QATSI trilogy.. The title is a Hopi Indian word meaning life out of balance.. Created between 1975 and 1982, the film is an apocalyptic vision of the collision of two different worlds -- urban life and technology versus the environment.. The musical score was composed by Philip Glass.. KOYAANISQATSI attempts to reveal the beauty of the beast! We usually perceive our world, our way of living, as beautiful because there is nothing else to perceive.. If one lives in this world, the globalized world of high technology, all one can see is one layer of commodity piled upon another.. In our world the original is the proliferation of the standardized.. Copies are copies of copies.. There seems to be no ability to see beyond, to see that we have encased ourselves in an artificial environment that has remarkably replaced the original, nature itself.. We  ...   or value.. KOYAANISQATSI is, after all, an animated object, an object in moving time, the meaning of which is up to the viewer.. Art.. has no intrinsic meaning.. This is its power, its mystery, and hence, its attraction.. Art is free.. It stimulates the viewer to insert their own meaning, their own value.. So while I might have this or that intention in creating this film, I realize fully that any meaning or value KOYAANISQATSI might have comes exclusively from the beholder.. The film's role is to provoke, to raise questions that only the audience can answer.. This is the highest value of any work of art, not predetermined meaning, but meaning gleaned from the.. experience of the encounter.. The encounter is my interest, not the meaning.. If meaning is the point, then propaganda and advertising is the form.. So in the sense of art, the meaning of KOYAANISQATSI is whatever you wish to make of it.. This is its power..

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  • Title: Powaqqatsi- Sorcerer Life
    Descriptive info: POWAQQATSI's overall focus is on natives of the Third World -- the emerging, land-based cultures of Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East and South America -- and how they express themselves through work and traditions.. What it has to say about these cultures is an eyeful and then some, sculpted to allow for varied interpretations.. Where KOYAANISQATSI dealt with the imbalance between nature and modern society, POWAQQATSI is a celebration of the human-scale endeavor the craftsmanship, spiritual worship, labor and creativity that defines a particular culture.. It's also a celebration of rareness -- the delicate beauty in the eyes of an Indian child, the richness of a tapestry woven in Kathmandu -- and yet an observation of how these societies move to a universal drumbeat.. POWAQQATSI is also about contrasting ways of life, and in part how the lure of mechanization and technology and the growth of mega-cities are having a negative effect  ...   we saw in the smaller villages but they seem numbed; their eyes reflect caution, uncertainty.. And yet POWAQQATSI, says Reggio, is not a film about what should or shouldn't be.. It's an impression, an examination of how life is changing , he explains.. That's all it is.. There is good and there is bad.. What we sought to capture is our unanimity as a global culture.. Most of us tend to forget about this, caught up as we are in our separate trajectories.. It was fascinating to blend these different existences together in one film.. To be certain, POWAQQATSI is a record of diversity and transformation, of cultures dying and prospering, of industry for its own sake and the fruits of individual labor, presented as an integrated human symphony -- and with Philip Glass' score providing the counterpart, performed with native, classical and electronic instruments, its tribal rhythms fused by a single majesterial theme..

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  • Title: Naqoyqatsi- War Life
    Descriptive info: reviews.. Official Miramax Films website for Naqoyqatsi.. Na-qoy-qatsi: (nah koy' kahtsee) N.. From the Hopi Language.. A life of killing each other 2.. War as a way of life.. (Interpreted) Civilized violence.. -end credit definition from the feature film "Naqoyqatsi".. NAQOYQATSI.. - Concert Cinema.. More important than empires, more powerful than world religions, more decisive than great battles, more impactful than cataclysmic earth changes, NAQOYQATSI chronicles the most significant event of the last five thousand years: the transition from the natural milieu, old nature, to the new nature, the technological milieu.. Nature has held earthly unity through the mystery of diversity.. New nature achieves this unity through the awesome power of technological homogenization.. NAQOYQATSI is a reflection on this singular event, where our subject is the medium itself, the wonderland of technology.. The medium is our  ...   its appetite is seemly infinite, it is consuming the finite world of nature.. It is in this sense that technology is NAQOYQATSI, a sanctioned aggression against the force of life itself - war life, a total - war beyond the wars of the battlefield.. NAQOYQATSI takes us on an epical journey into a land that is nowhere, yet everywhere; the land where the image itself is our location, where the real gives way to the virtual.. As the gods of old become dethroned, a new pantheon of light appears in the integrated circuit of the computer.. Its truth, becomes the truth.. Extremes of promise and spectacle, tragedy and startling hope fuse in a digital tidal wave of image and music.. In a poetic nanosecond, NAQOYQATSI give utterance to a new world coming, a new world here..

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  • Title: Anima Mundi- The breath, the life, the spirit, the soul of the world
    Descriptive info: C.. to order the DVD of Anima Mundi.. lick.. Anima Mundi.. is a poetic combination of music and images created from the finest existing footage from the naturalist film field, interwoven with original images and accompanied by a continuous soundtrack composed by Philip Glass based on rhythms and music from the most unspoiled traditional ethnic music.. This work was designed to celebrate the Biological Diversity Campaign of WWF and to create feelings and emotions which, through rich, striking and breathtaking images from Nature may lead its viewers to feel that they are truly a part of the natural world.. The title, 'Anima Mundi', reproposes a concept which, throughout the history of mankind from ancient times, conjures up a harmonic principle controlling the laws of life on earth in all its various forms and relationships.. Natural order and beauty are based on differences and the endless variety of species, elements, beings and systems which together form a marvelous balanced and harmonious Whole.. Plato in his 'Timeus', was the first to provide  ...   themes are firmly based on the idea of anima mundi, which attributes a cosmic breath to the earth.. Nature, joyfully venerated for thousands of years by people all over the globe, supports the suffering of its generation simply because it is animated by a deeply rooted and mysterious vital force which justifies everything as well as the position of all elements in the complex order of nature.. Godfrey Reggio, the director of Anima Mundi, translated this concept into images to interpret WWF's campaign on biological diversity: the concept of anima mundi forms the basis of this film and requires a stylistic type of poetic communication, which is both immediately and deeply felt as it emotionally expresses the myriad of meanings contained in this concept, rather than to simply describe and explain them.. Godfrey Reggio's intention is that of conjuring up a sense of the force of nature by following a path which goes beyond habit, calling forth the deep rooted and archaic sense of man's 'being a part' of nature..

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