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  • Title: Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site.. Welcome.. Why Kliptown Needs KYP.. KYP Programs.. KYP Leaders.. Donate.. Get Involved.. Contact Us.. KYP News.. Thank You.. Donate to KYP!.. When donating, please select.. "Kliptown Youth Program".. from the drop-down menu.. Welcome to the Kliptown Youth Program.. P o s i t i v e i n i t i a t i v e s b r i n g s u c c e s s.. KYP’s mission is to.. eradicate the poverty of mind, body, and soul.. and to fight against the disadvantages imposed on the children of Kliptown, by providing.. educational support.. and.. after school activities.. It seeks to develop young and dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute.. effectively for the betterment of their.. community.. Our.. tutoring, athletic, and arts programs.. provide a life to the children of Kliptown not defined by survival, but by the ability to be active community members, to have.. dreams.. , and most of all to have.. hope.. about the.. future.. _____________________________________________________________.. KYP and its 400 members have many friends around  ...   the Caesars Foundation, funded by the the world renowned Caesars Entertainment resorts and casinos, has contributed $30,000 towards scholarships for our members who are hoping to pursue higher education.. This grant will make a big difference to our Grade 12 students as they strive to continue their studies at colleges and universities.. The Caesars Foundation seeks to help organizations in their employees' local communities.. Our partnership with them will further the goals of both our organizations.. We are very grateful that our dream, to be able to send our matriculants to tertiary institutions without the heavy financial burdens that derail many from completing their education, is now within our grasp.. We sincerely thank the Caesars Foundation for their generous support of our tertiary education program.. Read more.. Kliptown Youth Program - Thulani Madondo, Director.. www.. kliptownyouthprogram.. org.. za.. - email:.. kliptownyouthprogram@gmail.. com.. +27 (0)11 528 8670 - PO Box 127, Kliptown, 1812, South Africa.. NPO# 059-907 - PBO # 930034122.. contact website administrator.. Sign in.. |.. Report Abuse.. Print Page.. Remove Access.. Powered By.. Google Sites..

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  • Title: Why Kliptown Needs KYP - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Founded in early 2007 by a small group of inspired and passionate young people from Kliptown, dedicated to making a difference in their community, the Kliptown Youth Program provides educational support and afterschool activities for the disadvantaged children of this township.. This is the founders’ 'Statement of Need,' an explanation of the challenges the people of Kliptown face, and KYP's vision of how to help them overcome those challenges:.. 'As South Africa has grown into a modern country, there are still some places that are.. unfortunately.. neglected by the government; Kliptown, the oldest township of its.. ki.. nd in Soweto, established in 1903, is one of those places.. Ironically, Kliptown is of immense historical and cultural importance in the history of So.. uth Africa, as it was the place where the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955.. Despite its role in history.. , Kliptown with a population of forty-four thousand, is a community without even the most basic needs such as schools, health clinics, electricity and proper sanitation.. Due to the absence of these basic necessities, the children of Kliptown face immense challenges..  ...   to harness their potential and grow into dynamic and skilled individuals who can give back to society.. We at KYP recognize that at the heart of these problems lies the lack of access to.. proper schooling.. While English is taught in most schools as a second language, it is not always taught in a way where the students are adequately equipped to succeed in their 'matrics' (exams taken at the end of high school in English).. KYP believes that if we identify and nurture talent amongst us, and inculcate the culture of education,.. we can create positive opportunities for ourselves.. In doing so, we are creating a solution to poverty;.. one by which we can stand up and show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with.. On a continent often wrought with victimhood and a handout mentality, KYP teaches its children that they deserve that which they create.. Together.. we can empower the youth, foster the cycle of.. giving back, and help lift Kliptown out of poverty.. '.. Learn more about KYP's.. , or watch our.. Introduction to KYP Presentation..

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  • Title: KYP Programs - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: School Fee Support.. Education is essential for success in life.. And yet, the vast majority of families in Kliptown have great difficulty affording the costs of school fees, uniforms, books,and supplies for their children, which amount to approximately R1,000 ($150) per year.. One of the core principles of KYP is that every child who wants to be a member of KYP must commit to attend school; so for KYP members schooling is both an opportunity and an obligation.. Since its inception, KYP has been able to cover the costs of school for all students who would not otherwise be able to afford them thanks to the generous support of individuals, foundations, and companies.. Please contact Thulani Madondo at.. thu_im@hotmail.. for more information or to support a child's education.. Tutoring Program.. The tutoring program runs Monday-Thursday afternoons and helps primary and secondary school students get the help they need to thrive in school.. Particular focus is given to high school students to help them prepare for their important matriculation exams, which they take at the end of their senior year.. While only 1 in 3 residents of Kliptown students can expect to pass their matric when the time comes, thanks to the tutoring program, almost every single KYP member has passed their matric exams at the end of grade 12.. The secondary school tutoring program (grades 8-12) is expertly run by a team of dedicated, professional teachers who spend two afternoons a week at KYP.. The KYP leadership team take on the role of helping the younger primary students with their homework after school on the other two week days.. One dream at KYP is to be able to expand the classroom space available so that each student could attend tutoring four days a week.. Please contact Monwabisi Baleni at.. monwakyp@yahoo.. to learn more about or help support the tutoring program.. Tertiary Education Program.. Because of the success of the tutoring program, many KYP members are well prepared for university and eager to attend it.. The tertiary education program provides funds to successful students who wouldn't be able to attend without financial support.. Students have enrolled in programs focused on a number of different disciplines including Information Technology, Banking, Electrical Engineering and Marketing.. Many of the courses of study are 1-2 years in length while other students participate in 3-4 year degree programs.. While the cost of tertiary education is much more than primary and secondary school, KYP has been able to support students in two ways: by assisting them with bursary (financial aid) applications, and by connecting them to individuals, foundations, and companies who have offered in to make university possible with generous financial support.. for more information or to support a tertiary student's education.. Employment Networking, Learnerships, and Jobs.. As they graduate from university, college, or high school, KYP members seek to enter the job market.. The leadership at KYP works very hard to connect members with learnerships (internships) and jobs.. Companies such as Edcon stores and Telkom SA have been helpful in offering opportunities and advice to members.. Additionally KYP members benefit greatly from individuals who come to the center and speak about what skills, education,  ...   day.. This is especially true, given the rapid rise in food prices, which hits disadvantaged communities particularly hard.. KYP is working to alleviate the problem by providing all members with two nutritious meal a day at the center.. With some of KYP's leaders taking charge of the preparation, the children are able to eat breakfast or to get a bag lunch to take to school, and when the children arrive at KYP after school they are able to “fuel up” before digging into their tutoring and other KYP activities.. With this vital program, all members are able to focus much better on their studies while at school and at KYP.. Please contact Thulani Madondo at.. com.. for more information on the food program or if you would like to help support nutritious meals for the members at KYP.. Performing Arts Culture.. Members have the opportunity to express themselves through various types of cultural dances and drumming.. I.. n addition to their frequent local performances,.. the renowned Gumboots dance group has traveled to China to perform and has participated in festivals throughout South Africa.. Female members of KYP participate in traditional dance and have performed locally in weddings and festivals.. For anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing them in action, it is clear that the KYP dancers are exceptionally talented and enthusiastic!.. A cinematography class called “Eat My Dust” is also offered, through which students can film documentaries and movies in the community and show their work at KYP’s monthly screenings.. contact.. Nelly Mini at nellymkyp@yahoo.. if you are interested in learning more about or helping with the performing arts program.. Sports.. Members are encouraged to be active and participate on soccer and netball teams.. High-level coaches are trained to mentor kids beyond just the technical aspects of the sport, teaching life skills such as determination and teamwork.. These teams compete in township leagues and have won numerous tournaments.. con.. tact KYP sports director Tshepo Tabohane at tshepokyp@gmail.. for more information on or to support the sports program.. Roots and Shoots.. KYP's Roots and Shoots environmental program, inspired by Jane Goodall, strives to help members learn more about their environment and the role they play in keeping it clean.. The program includes learning about vegetable gardening, both at local schools and at KYP, the importance of hygiene and hand washing before and after meals,.. and improving Kliptown's environment, including turning a trash area into a car wash, which benefits the youth of our community.. Contact Tshepo Tabohane at.. tshepokyp@gmail.. for more information on KYP's Roots and Shoots program.. Salaries, Stipends, and Professional Development.. The incredible people who make every day possible at KYP have dedicated themselves to helping their community.. In order to make it possible for them to continue their amazing work supporting Kliptown's students, KYP supports the leadership team with salaries or stipends.. In addition, leadership training and development is a part of being a member of the committee, and all seek to build their skills no matter what program or facet of KYP's work they oversee.. for more information about these programs or for how you can help support the amazing staff of KYP..

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  • Title: KYP Leaders - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Thulani Madondo: Executive Director.. email:.. T.. hu.. l.. a.. n.. i.. gra.. d.. u.. t.. ed.. f.. r.. o.. m.. seco.. nd.. ary.. s.. c.. h.. ol.. in 2.. 0.. 01 and soon after.. participated in the City Year Program as.. ser.. v.. e le.. ad.. er.. in.. th.. e.. om.. un.. y of.. Ye.. vill.. e, South Africa.. He.. eceived.. is.. omm.. y.. evel.. p.. ment.. pr.. ac.. Wi.. U.. iversi.. y.. and the.. n his.. ce.. in.. co.. ev.. lo.. Univ.. rsi.. f.. J.. nn.. bu.. rg.. is.. of.. ers.. K.. Y.. P and oversees the entire organization.. He is responsible for.. ng.. w.. vari.. ou.. k.. ers,.. ud.. g.. or.. s,.. N.. G.. O.. gover.. t.. b.. ies,.. vol.. rs, and more.. H.. arge.. al.. raisi.. e orga.. z.. s r.. lar.. ed.. rs.. gh.. Kli.. Thando Bezana, Deputy Director, High School Dean.. email:.. tbezana@yahoo.. One of the co-founders of KYP,.. Thando serves KYP as the Deputy Director, assisting in fundraising, administration, and management of the organization, and is currently focusing on the educational program.. After graduating from high school, he was fortunate to participate in a learnership to qualify as a heritage practitioner.. Thando has also received training through KYP, including community development and project management.. He represents KYP to local and international visitors, including the French speaking community.. Thando is also one of the main gumboots dancers as well as a gumboots teacher.. Sipho Dladla: Program Director, Primary School Dean.. em.. ail:.. sipho_ktp@yahoo.. Si.. ho.. as.. of.. P.. ensures that all program.. j.. ives.. goals.. are.. ieve.. He communicates with program managers to complete each program’s a.. mi.. ra.. ive.. ies.. He is very competent in IT technical support an is one of the One Laptop Per Child experts.. He also acts.. main.. rm.. rs and teachers.. the.. s.. Meet Sipho.. Christina Scott: Financial Manager.. christinakyp58@yahoo.. Chris.. serv.. si.. pt.. on.. ial.. age.. S.. attended numerous training sessions.. and.. a.. er.. rse.. t Ipel.. ge.. C.. nt.. e in Financial Management.. ain.. fu.. ly a.. ed yearly.. s and recording KYP’s finances professionally and efficiently.. Meet Christina.. Patricia (Nelly) Mini: Primary School Coordinator, Head Librarian and Perfoming Arts Manager.. email.. :.. Nelly heads the our library, manages the arts department of KYP and also serves as a grade 2 tutor and a dance teacher.. After completing the 12th grade in the year 2004, she went to study basics in business management.. She loves teaching children how to read because she believes reading gives children more knowledge.. She was one of the founders of KYP in the year 2007 and is proud to be able to help the children of her community in dancing and discovering their talents in arts.. Meet Nelly.. Tshepo Tabohane: Assistant Sports Manager.. ttabohane_kyp@yahoo.. Tshepo attended the tutoring program in 2007 and after completing Grade 12, he became very committed to KYP as a Grade 7 tutor, he use to play for KYP's open  ...   KYP's open soccer team and the coach of the under 15 soccer team.. He is a grade 6 tutor and gumboot dancer.. Meet Siphesihle.. Monwabisi Baleni: Academic Tutoring Program Manager, High School Coordinator.. M.. isi.. ut.. ogram.. tu.. 2.. 7.. Aft.. g s.. econdary school in 2007, he became part of the KYP.. as a.. sever.. l.. rai.. g sessions.. d is.. ow.. lly.. le.. or ma.. agi.. g.. e.. aily.. iv.. s of.. gram.. He also coordinates the tertiary education students and has directed two Pen Pal programs.. He is also a Gumboots dancer.. Meet Monwabisi.. Basetsana Lokwane: Assistant Financial Manager.. basetsana@yahoo.. Basetsana was a KYP student and graduated secondary school in 2007.. She completed a computer course in 2008 at Ipelegeng Community Center.. She serves KYP as Performing Arts Program Manager, Dancer, Financial Assistant, as well as a tutor for the 4th Graders.. Meet Basetsana.. Siphiwe Mhlaba: Enviromental Manager.. siphiwemhlabakyp@yahoo.. Siphiwe completed Grade 12 in 1999.. He is also helping to plan and implement the environmental sustainability program.. Siphiwe is also a sports fanatic , he has always been interested in sports, he was trained in progressing children through sports, and loves helping young people develop themselves.. He coaches the Under 15 and Under 13 soccer teams.. Meet Siphiwe.. Collen Tshazi: Technology Manager and IT Specialist.. Collen completed Grade 12 in 2009 and was one of the students in KYP’s tutoring program for Grades 11 and 12.. He studied Systems Engineering in IT at PC Training and Business College.. Collen serves as the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ program manager, general IT specialist for KYP, and teacher for the community computer classes.. Meet Collen.. Tsakani Ngobeni: Food Program Cordinator.. tsakani.. ngobeni8@gmail.. Tsa.. en.. olved.. its i.. ion.. od.. is responsible.. yearly.. ood.. ,.. eri.. upp.. es.. x.. menus.. , distributing breakfast, and cooking lunch.. vi.. ed a.. io.. She is also a grade 2 tutor.. Meet Tsakani.. Thulani Mhambi: Assistant Tutoring Program Manager.. tmhambi@yahoo.. Thulani passed Grade 12 in 2006, and after succesfully completing his grade 12, he got good grades for accounting and was asked to teach accounting part-time at his senior school.. He completed a Boilmaker training at Ekurhuleni Artisan School in 2009.. He is now is a Grade 6 tutor and helps KYP's grade 12 students in accounting.. He also serves as the Head coach for the Under 19 soccer team and assistant coach for the Under 15 and Under 17 soccer teams.. Meet Thulani.. elisi.. Wala.. a, Marketing Manager.. nelisiwewalazakyp@yahoo.. Nelly graduated from KYP tutoring program in 2008.. After completing Grade 12 in 2008, she studied Marketing in Business administration at PC Training and Business College for 2years and graduated in July 2012.. As the Marketing Manager, she updates KYP's facebook page and twitter account, writes the newsletter, keep the list of those who have visited KYP up to date and updates organizations website.. She is also a part-time Gumboot dancer, senior dancer and Grade 7 tutor..

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  • Title: Donate - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Why give to KYP?.. From Andisiwe to Zonke,.. there are over 400 fabulous.. reasons to give to KYP!.. Your gift, large or small helps keep KYP going.. You can help a child to attend school, give the gift of tutoring, support one of KYP's program, or even make university education possible for a KYP member.. There are few places in the world where your donation will go farther, and few organizations that will use it better.. You can Donate to KYP right now through.. CAF America's Network for Good.. Just select "Kliptown Youth Program" from the drop-down menu.. See below for other ways to donate funds to keep KYP's programs going.. Want to donate your time or expertise.. ? Visit the.. page to learn how and co.. act.. Thulani Madondo.. to arrange a visit to KYP!.. Why Give?.. Most kids in Kliptown can't afford school.. Every KYP member signs a contract: they must attend school every day and work hard.. In exchange, KYP takes care of the cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies for every student who cannot afford them.. KYP's tutoring program changes lives.. For the past two years, students in the tutoring program had a 100% pass rate for their high school graduation exams.. Compare that with an average of 1 out of 3 students passing in the rest of Kliptown.. KYP members are now attending university.. Before KYP, it was almost impossible for a resident of Kliptown to make it to tertiary education.. In 2011, KYP sent seven students to attend university.. KYP leaders show kids they can do something positive with their lives.. KYP leaders grew up in Kliptown.. Every day they help kids, provide them with a safe environment,  ...   the cost of one child to attend University for 4 years, which includes: R80 000 ($10,000) for tuition, R16 000 ($2,000) for transportation, R24 000 ($3,000) for food, R2 200 ($275) for housing.. Supporters will communicate directly with the student and receive regular updates about the student’s progress.. Donate to a specific program or specific aspect of that program.. Programs include: Academic Tutoring, Food, Performing Arts, and Sports.. Donate any amount "unrestricted" to the organization.. Any monetary donation given to the overall organization will be allocated as needed and greatly appreciated.. Donate Supplies.. Any donations will be distributed fairly among the members and used immediately.. Items needed include: shoes, clothes, school supplies, kitchenware, food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.. Donate your time.. Volunteer as an after-school tutor, host a career guidance workshop for students, or.. professional development workshop for staff.. How To Donate.. Online through.. CAFAmerica.. To donate by credit card in any amount from any country to CAFAmerica's Kliptown Youth Program Fund:.. 1.. Click the "Donate Now" button.. Select "Kliptown Youth Program Fund" from the list of funds on the online donation form.. By Check.. Method #1.. Download the CAFAmerica.. Donation Form.. for Kliptown Youth Program and return your completed form and check to CAFAmerica.. Method #2.. KYP's bank accepts personal checks from outside South Africa.. Please send your check made out to "Kliptown Youth Program to:.. Kliptown Youth Program.. PO Box 127.. Kliptown.. 1811.. South Africa.. By Wire Transfer.. You may donate funds directly to KYP by means of a wire transfer to KYP’s bank account.. ABSA Bank.. Account Holder: Kliptown Youth Program.. Account Number: 4074380400.. Type of Account: Cheque Account.. Branch: Jabulani.. Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ.. Non-profit Organization Number: 059-907.. Public Benefit Organization Number: 930034122..

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  • Title: Get Involved - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Come Visit KYP!.. In Kliptown, visitors are considered a gift, and the members of KYP love to meet new friends from all over the world.. If you are lucky enough to spend time at KYP, you are sure to receive a warm welcome, and you may well make some friends for life.. If you are planning a visit to South Africa, you MUST include KYP and Kliptown in your itinerary.. Contact us.. to arrange a visit, to attend a dance performance, take a tour of Kliptown, and more.. Write to Us!.. The support that friends of KYP give to the members is very inspirational.. Everyone at KYP, from the oldest committee members to the youngest students, works very hard to try to reach their goals.. All of the members of KYP will tell you that the support they have received from visitors from all over the world has been one of the ingredients critical to their success.. If you are inspired by our work, write to us! Tell us how you learned about KYP and what you think of our work.. Introduce yourself and your community.. Are you interested in beginning a relationship with a pen pal at KYP? There's probably a member who would love to write you back.. Send all written correspondence to "Kliptown Youth Programme / PO Box 800 / Eldorado Park / 1813 / South Africa" and all e-mails to.. Donate Your Time and Share Your Expertise!.. What you know could be very valuable to KYP.. With the donation your time, expertise, and connections, you can make a difference at KYP and the Kliptown community.. People from South Africa and around  ...   or a rake? Can you sort books or clothes? Your time is valuable and there are regular community service days at KYP where members and visitors get together to help make Kliptown a better place.. Contact us at.. to find a time to come make a positive difference in our community and make new friends in the process!.. Help Fund Our Efforts!.. Contributions in any amount make KYP's programs possible.. Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, foundation, or company, there is no way that the committed KYP leaders could do their great work without the necessary funding.. Many individuals and families like to donate the R1,000-R1,400 (~$150-$200 or ~€100-€140) that it takes to support a child's education for a year.. Others have chosen to support tuition and fees for university students or to cover the cost of a tutor for the KYP students for a year, an amount more in the neighborhood of R10,000-R20,000 (~$1,500-$3,000 or ~€1,000-€2,000).. It's VERY easy for individuals and families to give to KYP from anywhere in the world by credit card through.. CAFAmerica's Network for Good.. Simply select "Kliptown Youth Program Fund" from the drop-down menu, and your donation will arrive at KYP quickly and securely.. To learn more, visit KYP's.. page.. Foundations and companies play a critical role in KYP's funding, The KYP tutoring and food programs, buildings, salaries and stipends for the staff, the athletic program, and other critical elements of KYP's mission are funded in whole or in part by major institutional donations.. If your foundation, company, or organization might be interested in supporting a new or existing program, please contact Thulani Madondo (.. )..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Sign up for the KYP Newsletter.. using our Online Form.. Email.. :.. "Like".. on Facebook.. Physical Address:.. 49 Station Road,.. Kliptown, South Africa.. Mailing Address:.. Kliptown Youth Programme, PO Box 127, Kliptown, 1812, South Africa.. ______________________________________.. KYP Director.. Email:.. Phone: 072 47 11 283.. Denis Creighton.. Chairman, KYP Board of Directors.. Email:.. denis@soweto.. co.. Phone: 0.. 82 90 00 105.. Interested in helping KYP connect with friends around the world?.. Please contact.. KYP's Marketing Manager Nelisiwe Walaza, at.. to get started.. Find contact information by.. program.. name..

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  • Title: KYP News - Kliptown Youth Program
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to posts.. Caesars foundation and KYP partners to put students in Tertiary education.. posted.. Jun 5, 2013, 6:48 AM.. by nelisiwe walaza.. [ updated.. Jun 7, 2013, 6:16 PM.. by Peter Johannsen ].. More about.. the Caesars Foundation.. The Caesars Foundation is a private foundation funded by a percentage of operating income from Caesars entertainment resorts.. The foundation is the entity.. through which Caesars entertainment funds programs and projects of $10,000 or more, as we as not for profit giving requirements imposed by certain operating jurisdictions.. The foundations objective is to strengthen organizations and programs in the communities where our employees and their families live and work.. Vodacom change the world - Stephanie Venter Volunteers for KYP.. May 2, 2013, 7:16 AM.. Jun 7, 2013, 6:09 PM.. A big welcome to one of the Vodacom's change the world volunteers, Stephanie Venter, as she will be volunteering her time for a year to work for our organisation.. It's the 3rd year now that Vodacom has been running this great initiative.. They recently announced its third group of the Vodacom Change the World volunteers who have given up their daily jobs for a year to help make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.. This year they doubled the number of volunteers to 20 after an overwhelming number of applications of up to 1200, indicating very encouraging growth in the programme.. Stephanie Venter, a 28 year old Chartered Accountant from Johannesburg, has chosen to devote her time and energy by volunteering to further the cause and mission of our organisation.. Stephanie has been involved with KYP for four years.. She has always believed in the growth and development of our organisation and community since she started visiting.. Through the Vodacom change the world programme, she will be contributing her time and extensive experience in helping wherever she can.. She believes KYP to be a responsible organisation that is perfectly positioned to transfer knowledge to young students in their career centre as part of our tertiary education program.. Her personal contribution to KYP will involve her experience in assisting the deserving youngsters of Kliptown with access to further education and enter the job market.. She has also been involved with at least ten NPO's collecting food, blankets and clothing and mentoring young ladies in their career choices.. Raising awareness in communities of nearby shelters is also close to her heart.. She was chosen for her passion and commitment to finding sustainable answers to pressing needs.. It is clear to see that this is a lifelong commitment to volunteer herself and her skills to better the lives of those in need.. Stephanie is passionate about KYP and we are.. very happy to welcome her to our organisation.. Updates To Our Tutoring Program.. Mar 26, 2013, 10:18 AM.. by Peter Johannsen.. Jun 7, 2013, 6:10 PM.. ].. Our tutoring program is key to our mission, and we know that education is the key to our members’ success in life.. We are pleased to announce a number of improvements to our program, including more tutoring time for our primary school students, professional training for our primary school tutors, and increasing partnerships with local schools.. After having received so much wonderful attention for our program with the CNN Heroes award, we are so happy to redouble our efforts to live up to all of the praise for our organization.. Our education team has been strategizing and doing a lot of training and outreach to improve the program.. With the extra space in our new classrooms, we are now able to provide every primary school member with tutoring four afternoons a week.. We are also close to reaching our goal of a student-tutor ratio of 10-1, and every one of the primary school tutors is receiving training in English and maths from professionals in the field.. The 11th and 12th graders continue with their tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday in English and maths after the younger students are done with their sessions, and all of the high school students have a place to study and ask for help at KYP even when their tutors are not with them.. We have even been looking into finding tutoring opportunities for our high school students either here at the center or elsewhere in the area on Fridays and Saturdays.. We have updated our tracking of our members as well, using Google spreadsheets to keep track of daily attendance and grades, which is allowing us to more easily identify students who need extra attention or who are excelling.. Important to our students’ success is a strong partnership with their schools.. Our education team has been visiting all of the schools our students attend to discuss their programs, our students, and how we can best support them.. In addition, the education team has been reaching out to schools that are especially strong, particularly schools where English is the primary language, to find ways that we can get KYP members into their programs.. For instance, we have students attending the St.. Peter’s Catholic school for the first time.. We are also working hard to find schools that will teach to the learning styles of our special needs students.. And we continue to work hard to forge relationships with the best teachers we can find who might be interested in helping us in our tutoring programs.. There are many more exciting developments for our education program in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more from us soon!.. KYP Dancers visit San Francisco and the Saint Marks School.. Mar 26, 2013, 10:13 AM.. Mar 26, 2013, 10:16 AM.. After a year of a warm partnership with the Saint Marks School, they were so inspired by the work we do for the youth and community of Kliptown that they invited us to join them in San-Francisco for three weeks.. After a wonderful experience in Boston, we found ourselves in this financial and cultural hub in California.. Our first day was filled with excitement, as all of the students and parents welcomed us enthusiastically as we walked into the school.. So much was going through our minds as we looked into everyone’s faces.. They believed and trusted that we were with them to bring the force of change into their children’s lives.. We knew we had to leave a mark.. Our goal: to create a production show involving every student, from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and to make sure that by the time we headed back home all of the students had something to hold with them that came from KYP.. From that moment on, our schedules were packed with daily activities with the students.. With only nine KYP members are expected to teach all these students, it was a challenge! Each of us taught in up to six classes every day for the three weeks.. At times we would have as many as ninety students in the same class learning gumboots and African dance.. Not only were we teaching dances and pieces for the show, we taught so much about South African culture, weather, currency, history and languages.. We were humbled by this opportunity and experience because none of us ever imagined we would have the honor of teaching international students interested in what we had to tell them.. As the date of the performances neared, we were trying our best to make sure everything was prepared for the show.. We got a lot of support from the students, who were hands on help with all the painting, arts and crafts, and stage preparation.. They pointed out that one reason they were so able to help was that they had learned so much during our visit about teamwork, being a community,  ...   is available.. here.. Gumboots in Boston.. Feb 5, 2013, 9:09 AM.. Feb 14, 2013, 12:19 PM.. Highly intricate r.. hythms and harmonies were heard across the Boston area for two weeks in January, as local schools hosted gumboot dancers from the Kliptown Youth Program.. The team performed all over Eastern Massachusetts, exchanging our South African culture with many different friends, from those who have visited us in Kliptown to those who only just learned where our beautiful country is!.. The visit has been quite an experience, because in all our years working with the Boston community, the KYP dancers have never visited Boston as a group.. Hosted by Noble and Greenough School, we have have performed at schools such as Meadowbrook, Weston, Milton Academy, Dana Hall, Groton, Belmont Hill, Dartmouth, Andover, the Frederick Middle School in Boston, and more.. Not only are we building relationships with all these schools, we are putting smiles and bringing joy to the whole community of Boston.. “It was amazing to have the KYP Gumboots Dancers help us celebrate Martin Luther King Day,” said Peter Johannsen of the Meadowbrook School.. “With our countries’ similar stories of the struggle for equal rights for all people, and with their own great leader, Nelson Mandela, it felt so natural to share the day with them.. And after our assembly, the whole school rocked with a gumboots beat!”.. Gumboots dance, the distinctiv.. ely South African art form, embraces the body of an instrument.. D.. ancers sing songs in indigenous African languages while simultaneously stomping their boots, clapping their hands and slapping their shins.. Infectious as the flu this season, gumboot dancing or ‘IGUMBOOTS’ as it is called in South Africa, engages audiences completely.. Its cadences undulate through their bodies leaving toes tapping, shoulders swaying and hips begging to be released from their polite sitting positions.. Not only have we had the chance to share our South African culture, we are also learning a lot about the American culture as our friends host us in their beautiful homes.. Though all of us are good English speakers in our community, we can’t fall back on our Zulu, Xhosa, or Sotho with our host families.. The food we have eaten, the good resources the schools have, the standard of living of our hosts, and most importantly the excellent quality of the education, keeps most of us thinking: if we had all these, maybe Kliptown would be a better place.. Thank you so much to all of our hosts in Boston.. Next stop, San Francisco!.. Thulani Honored at CNN Heroes All Star Tribute.. Feb 5, 2013, 8:59 AM.. Feb 5, 2013, 9:19 AM.. On Sunday, December 2nd, during a live broadcast to millions around the world, our own Thulani Madondo was celebrated as one of this year’s top ten CNN heroes.. It was a star-studded evening during which Thulani shared the stage with nine other exceptional individuals who have done so much for their own communities.. While we are of course sad that he was not voted hero of the year, we could not be more grateful for the extraordinary support KYP and Thulani have received over the past couple of months because of this great honor.. The entire experience has connected us with so many new friends in South Africa and around the world, and the support and encouragement we have received has been very motivational for all of us.. The evening was an extraordinary event.. Over the last 9 weeks, the 10 heroes inspired over 5 million votes, and 6,000 people joined together at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to celebrate their work.. Thulani was introduced by 50 Cent, and had the chance to share a few words with the audience:.. “Every day at KYP, we feel so grateful to be able to help change the lives of hundreds of children living in Kliptown's shacks.. Having grown up in Kliptown ourselves, we know the daily struggles.. We know the challenges.. For us, we have a saying: 'Pull up your own socks.. ' It is a privilege to teach that to the children, but an even greater gift to see them do it.. Thank you.. ”.. As one of this year’s top ten heroes, Thulani has received a $50,000 grant to help KYP continue the work of helping Kliptown’s children.. In addition, the Annenberg Foundation is providing a customized version of the “Annenberg Alchemy” program, which gives advice to leaders on how to improve their organization’s fundraising, communications, management, and other critical elements of any thriving organization.. We are so grateful to have had Thulani honored in this way.. The entire experience has been a great opportunity for all of us at KYP, as it has given us the chance to connect with so many people and let the world know about our dreams for Kliptown’s children.. We were so inspired by the other CNN heroes, and congratulate Pushpa Basnet of Nepal, this year’s CNN Hero of the year.. We want to thank everyone at CNN for giving us the opportunity to share KYP with the world!.. You can still see CNN’s page about Thulani and KYP at the.. CNN Heroes site.. where there are videos, photos, stories, and how to support our programs.. December 2012.. Mandela's Day Service.. Feb 5, 2013, 8:39 AM.. May 13, 2013, 2:57 AM.. by nelisiwe walaza ].. Mandela’s Day, July 18th, has become a day dedicated to inspiring individuals in South Africa and around the world to take action to help change the world for the better.. On this day when our hero, Nelson Mandela, was born, followers of this great man dedicate 67 minutes of their time to try to make a difference and change someone’s life.. What better place is there than KYP for members, leaders, and friends to dedicate their 67 minutes?.. Edcon, the company that donated our lovely computer lab, and Sunrise, ETV’s well known South African breakfast show, joined together on Mandela’s Day to present KYP with vouchers worth R10,000 to purchase materials for the new office.. Transnet, a company behind many of South Africa’s national transport businesses, including ports, petro net, metrorail, transtel and South African Airways, also came through with a large number of their employees volunteering to cook a great meal for our members, helping to clean up our garden, painting, and presenting gifts to all of our members.. Everyone’s 67 minutes made a huge impact during this great day!.. Imagine if each of us could change one life each day.. We could certainly make a better future for our coming generation.. Let’s take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela’s Day!.. July 2012.. Thulani Named a CNN Hero!.. Feb 5, 2013, 7:48 AM.. Feb 5, 2013, 9:20 AM.. Dear Friends and Supp.. orters of KYP,.. This morning, I woke.. up a CNN Hero.. The CNN team visited Kliptown and put together an inspiring piece on our work at KYP, showcasing the vital work the organization does for Kliptown.. While I am featured as the "hero", the piece is really tribute to the dreams and hard work of all of the leaders, members, and supporters of KYP.. As they used to tell us at City Year, "there is no achievement that is too small.. " Let's celebrate this great honor!.. You can find the video at the.. cnnheroes.. website or see it on CNN, HLN, or CNN International at any of the times below.. You can also see more at the.. CNN Heroes Facebook page.. Thank you again to everyone for all of your support.. We hope you are as proud as we are!.. Warmly,.. Thulani Madondo.. Director, Kliptown Youth Program.. Thulani in Kliptown from his CNN Heroes Slideshow.. 1-10 of 11..

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    Descriptive info: KYP could never do the work it does every day for the children of Kliptown if it was not for the extraordinary generosity of individuals and families from all over the world.. Our deepest gratitude and thanks to everyone of you who has helped us reach our goals and bring our dreams to reality through your generous donations of funds, goods, and your valuable time to help us in our work!.. Our special thanks also goes to the many  ...   who have donated materials to help us with our mission:.. The Bertha Foundation.. AVI Limi.. ted.. Caesars Foundation.. The Glob.. al Fund for Children.. Ripples of Hope.. Comazo.. , Still.. Chasing Rainbows,.. ACSA.. KLA.. Smart Insurance.. CAF America.. Deloitte(SA).. Edcon.. National Lotteries.. Cadbury SA.. KDR Travel and Tours.. Big Six Tour Safaris.. Fairheads Benefit Services.. Racepoint Group.. UTi.. Rand Merchant Bank.. , and.. Studiosus.. Have we made a mistake?.. PLEASE let us know.. so that we can correct it!..

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    Descriptive info: Presentation.. KYP Presentation..

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