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  • Title: Welcome to Kopiken
    Descriptive info: .. The Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya.. "Protecting Copyright, Promoting Creativity".. >>.. About Kopiken.. Activities.. Are you licensed?.. Copyright.. News.. FAQs.. Photo Album.. Kopiken.. Viking House 3rd Floor, Westlands.. P.. O.. Box 44265-00100 Nairobi.. Kenya.. Telephone/fax:.. (+254) 20 4442844.. Mobile:.. (+254) (0) 724 255892 / (0) 710 449678.. Licensing:.. (+254) (0) 724 567077..  ...   Kenya Non-Fiction Authors Association (KENFAA), Kenya Oral Literature Association (KOLA), Writers Association of Kenya (WAK), Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Kenya Association of Photographers Illustrators and Designers (KAPIDE).. Board of Directors.. Rev C B Peter, Prof Henry Indangasi, Mr Lawrence Njagi, Mr James Mutisya, Mr Chris Oluoch, Dr Vicky Khasandi.. COPYRIGHT Kopiken, 2006-2013..

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  • Title: Kopiken: About
    Descriptive info: About.. Are you.. licensed?.. History.. Background.. Organization.. Scope of.. Activity/.. Purpose/.. Strategies.. Statutes.. Photo.. Album.. Kopiken is the Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya.. Kopiken is a Collecting Society, under the Copyright Act 2001, which licenses the reproduction of copyright-protected materials against payment of fees whenever it is impractical for rightsholders (authors and publishers) to license and collect fees individually.. You are welcome to contact us at:..

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  • Title: Kopiken: Activities
    Descriptive info: Bilateral Agreements.. International Cooperation.. ACTIVITIES.. Licensing Areas.. Kopiken licenses reproduction of published literary, artistic and musical works, as defined by the Kenya Copyright Act 2001.. This is reproduction by way of photocopying and similar means (such as digital reproduction).. Kopiken is currently pursuing licensing agreements with schools, colleges and universities.. Some of the major highlights at Kopiken include:.. Kopiken licensed the first copyshop in Kenya in February 2007.. The fees collected from the licensing of copy shops in the year 2007 were distributed to all member organizations in April 2008.. The Licensing Officers Mr.. Christopher Mwangi and Miss Christine Barasa (in 2007) present  ...   Attorney General in attendance, hence giving the organization a new face.. Read more.. here.. Kopiken cracks the whip by conducting raids and prosecuting copyright infringers.. Kopiken plans to carry out statistical surveys in each of the major sectors where reproduction takes place including in universities and colleges.. The surveys will enable Kopiken establish the volumes of copying going on in each sector, and this information will be used to determine how much should be paid by each sector as reproduction fees.. Data collected during the surveys will also be used as a basis for distribution of the fees to the rights holder associations..

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  • Title: Kopiken: Are you licensed?
    Descriptive info: ARE YOU LICENSED?.. Kopiken licenses reprographic reproduction (photocopying and similar means) and digital reproduction of published copyright protected works.. This includes the reproduction of books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, illustrations, art work, sheet music etc.. Any institution, organization or photocopy bureau/copyshop is obligated by the relevant copyright laws to take up a copyright works reproduction license with Kopiken - the Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya.. This is because not doing so means that the reproduction is unauthorized by the copyright owners (authors and publishers) and is therefore illegal and an offence under the Kenya Copyright Act 2001.. The Act lays out penalties for such illegal reproduction, and these include hefty fines, jail terms, damages, injunctions  ...   Office Printer/Scanner/Copier.. KSh.. 1,500 only.. 1 to 2 Normal Size Copiers.. 3,500 only.. 3 to 5 Normal Size Copiers.. 5,000 only.. 6 to 10 Normal Size Copiers.. 7,000 only.. More than 10 Normal Size Copiers.. 10,000 only.. ii).. The new licensing system: Quarter System:.. Licenses issued in February, March & April shall expire on.. 31st March.. the following year.. Licenses issued in May, June & July shall expire on.. 30th June.. Licenses issued in August, September & October shall expire on.. 30th September.. Licenses issued in November, December & January shall expire on.. 31st December.. that year, i.. e.. , licenses for November 2010, December 2010 and January 2011 all expire on 31st December 2011..

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  • Title: Kopiken: Copyright
    Descriptive info: COPYRIGHT.. (Links open in new windows).. Please look up from the.. searchable database.. from the.. Kenya Law Reports/National Council for Law Reporting.. :.. The Copyright Act: "ACT NO.. 12 of 2001 - Copyright Act".. The Industrial Property Act: ACT NO.. 3 of 2001 - Industrial Property  ...   legislation.. Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.. [Accessed by Kenya in 1993].. Treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization.. From UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization):.. Universal Copyright Convention.. [Accessed by Kenya in 1966/revision ratified by Kenya in 1974]..

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  • Title: Kopiken: News
    Descriptive info: >> Photo.. NEWS.. Kopiken launches new license fee for copyshops and a new quarterly licensing system.. > Read more.. [February 2011].. Older news.. For more photos from some of these events, please see our.. Kopiken participated at the Annual General Meeting of IFRRO in Oslo on 22 October 2009.. [See picture.. ].. Kopiken has had a meeting with the PS Ministry of Education.. Kopiken participated at the 12th Nairobi International Book Fair from 22nd September to 27th September 2009.. 2-19 June 2009, Kopiken took part at a training programme in Oslo, Norway, on Management on Copyright and Related Rights in the Global Economy, arranged by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  ...   gets a new General Manager: At the helm of the organization, Ms.. Sharon Musimbi Chahale will be charged with the responsibility of taking Kopiken to the next level.. Kopiken launches a new logo on 29 April 2008 with the Attorney General Hon.. Amos Wako in attendance.. Kopiken has acquired a new face by replacing the old logo and with the new one.. [See more pictures.. Kopiken distributes royalties: In April 2008, Kopiken distributed royalties to its member associations.. Kopiken licenses first copyshop: In February 2007, Kopiken licensed the first copy shop in Kenya and continues to pursue all avenues to ensure that licensing activities raise remunerations for its rights holders..

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  • Title: Kopiken: FAQs
    Descriptive info: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.. Who is Kopiken?.. Kopiken is Kenya's Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO).. A reproduction rights organization is a collecting society which licenses the reproduction of copyright-protected materials against payment of fees whenever it is impractical for rights holders (authors and publishers of publications) to license and collect fees individually.. What is copyright?.. Copyright, which simply means the right to copy, is a collective term for a bundle of economic and moral rights granted by law to creators of original 'works of the mind' in literature, drama, art and music.. What is protected by copyright?.. Literary, musical, artistic and audio-visual works, and sound recordings and broadcasts are eligible for copyright protection.. What are the rights of the copyright holder?.. Copyright is the means by which creators benefit from their intellectual property - the work they have created - and is essential to human creativity.. Through copyright, creators receive financial reward for their efforts and recognition of the importance of their intellectual property to the development of society.. Without protection and financial reward, there would be little incentive for creators to produce new works.. Who is  ...   are considered to be in the public domain.. What is fair use?.. Fair use includes dealing for the purposes of scientific research, private use, criticism or review, or the reporting of current events subject to acknowledgment of the source.. What is copyright infringement?.. Copying of all or part of a work without the permission of the copyright holder or without a license is an infringement of copyright unless there is a statutory exception to such use of the work.. Infringement of copyright is similar to theft of tangible property.. What if all I copy is from foreign authors/publishers?.. As a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations, Kopiken has entered into bilateral agreements that have authorized her to collect fees internationally, hence covers foreign publications as well.. Who needs a license?.. If your institution carries out large scale photocopying of publications or you are an owner of a photocopying bureau, you need to take up a license from Kopiken as what you are doing is illegal.. Guide to copyright and related rights.. [World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (.. Opens in new window).. ]..

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  • Title: Kopiken: Photo Album
    Descriptive info: PHOTO.. ALBUM.. PHOTO ALBUM.. Please choose by following the links from the menu to the left or below:.. IFRRO AGM 2009, October 2009.. Meeting with the PS Ministry of Education.. WIPO/Norcode Training Programme, June 2009.. Kopiken AGM 2009, April 2009.. Nairobi International Book Fair September 2008.. Launch of new Kopiken logo on 29 April 2008.. Other Events.. - Training workshop.. - Farewell party for outgoing General Manager Mrs.. Lynnette Kariuki.. - Licensing a copy shop..

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  • Title: Kopiken
    Descriptive info: Kopiken 2006-2010.. The material on Kopiken's web pages is copyright protected.. Without any special permission from us, material provided by Kopiken on these pages may freely be electronically stored, printed out, reproduced in any manner or form, and distributed to other interested parties.. This permission is given under the condition that  ...   Kopiken's web-address) and that the name of the creator is cited whenever the material in question contains such information.. Active consent from Kopiken and any individual rightsholders involved is necessary before altering or adapting material on the server.. When establishing links to these pages,.. please let us know.. EDITOR: Sharon Musimbi Chahale..

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  • Title: Kopiken: History
    Descriptive info: HISTORY BACKGROUND.. RROs began in response to the need to license wide-scale photocopy access to printed works.. They derive their authority from contracts with national rightsholders directly or through their associations and/or legislation.. RRO licenses typically grant authorizations to copy a portion of a publication, in limited numbers of copies, for the internal use of institutional users.. The idea of forming Kopiken was spearheaded in the early 1990s by a Kenyan publisher.. Kopiken was registered  ...   for various reasons, the organization became inactive round about 1997/1998, and Kenya Publishers Association (KPA) took over the organization in a caretaker capacity.. KPA started the process of reviving Kopiken again in 2004.. KOPIKEN derives its mandate partly from the Kenya Copyright Act 2001 which provides the mandate for the setting up of collecting societies.. It also draws its manadate from its membership which is made up of rightsholder associations, rather than individual authors and publishers..

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  • Title: Kopiken: Organization
    Descriptive info: ORGANIZATION.. At present, Kopiken has six member associations.. These are:.. Kenya Publishers Association (KPA) -.. www.. kenyapublishers.. org.. Kenya Oral Literature Association (KOLA).. Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).. Kenya Non-Fiction Authors Association (KENFAA).. Writers Association of Kenya (WAK).. Kenya Association of Photographers, Illustrators and Designers (KAPIDE).. Other associations of rightsholders have been invited to become members, and it is expected that they will join Kopiken in the near future.. Directors.. Kopiken is governed by a Board of Directors.. The directors are drawn from Kopiken s member associations.. Each association is represented on the Board by one director.. Kopiken s General Manager is also a member of the Board.. The current Board is made up of the following directors.. Chairman: Rev C  ...   Kagota.. Accounts Officer Aswani Nashon.. Kopiken Agents.. Nairobi Central Region.. Caroline Wairimu Mwaura.. ID No.. 23386064.. Nairobi West Region.. Caroline A.. Ochola.. 21262350.. Nairobi East Region.. Covering Eastlands, Mombasa Road up to Machakos town:.. Judith Nabwire Ojasi.. 22438061.. Nairobi North Region.. Covering Juja and Thika towns:.. Hellen Ochola.. 11100686.. Western Region.. Aggrey W.. Kisaka.. 24930296.. Nyanza Central Region.. Southern Nyanza Region.. Mount Kenya Region.. Lower Mount Kenya Region.. Wycliffe Muthomi.. 25181040.. Coast Region.. Alfreda Ochola.. 25062699.. Laura Naitore.. 20862005.. Southern Rift Region.. Samuel O.. O.. Debe.. 22241924.. Upper Southern Rift Region.. Covering up to Nanyuki and Nyeri towns:.. Timothy Kamau.. 11897945.. Memberships.. Kopiken is a member of IFRRO - The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations, whose headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium.. ifrro..

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