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  • Title: semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: .. semantics etc.. About.. Archives.. Work.. Plans.. von.. Up-goer five semantics.. Jan 19.. th.. , 2013.. semantics.. A couple of months ago, Randall Munroe s xkcd web comic explained the design of the Saturn V rocket using only the thousand most common words of English:.. the Up Goer Five explained using only the ten hundred words people use the most often.. Explaining hard things in simple language has now become.. an internet meme.. Just this morning, I found Walton Jones explaining his lab s work on the genetics and neuroscience of olfaction in Drosophila:.. We are interested in how little animals with six legs smell things.. There is.. a tumblr blog.. with many of these summaries.. The.. Up-Goer Five Text Editor.. makes it easy to experiment with writing down your research in the ten hundred most used words.. Here s an attempt at an up-goer five abstract for my upcoming colloquium talk at McGill ( Hedging your ifs and vice versa , joint work with Thony Gillies):.. How does the word if help things we say mean what they mean? It can work together with other words like maybe and probably to make things we say less strong.. But how does it do that?.. Many people have tried to find out how this works, but we will show that they face a big problem when one looks at people talking to each other and pointing to things the other said.. Can we do better?.. There are some obstacles for a linguist.. You often need to mention linguistic expressions that you work on.. I was lucky that.. if.. ,.. maybe.. , and.. probably.. are licit.. On the other hand, sentence is not allowed.. Related.. : George Boolos classic exploit.. Gödel s Second Incompleteness Theorem Explained in Words of One Syllable.. Statement on Aaron Swartz.. Jan 14.. We are deeply saddened by Aaron Swartz s death, and send our condolences to all who knew him.. We are very mindful of his commitment to the open access movement.. It inspires our own commitment to work for a situation where academic knowledge is freely available, so that others are not menaced by the kind of prosecution that he faced.. We encourage everyone to visit.. www.. rememberaaronsw.. com.. , a memorial site created by Aaron s family and friends.. Scott Aaronson.. Sasha Costanza-Chock.. Ellen Finnie Duranceau.. Kai von Fintel.. Richard Holton.. George Stephanopoulos.. Anne Whiston Spirn.. Members of the MIT Open Access Working Group.. [cross-posted from the.. OA Working Group wiki.. and.. Scott Aaronson s blog.. ].. S P acquired by LSA.. Jan 3.. rd.. [Crossposted from.. S P Editors Blog.. We are excited to share good news about the future of.. S P.. We have been working with the LSA on moving.. out of its current incubating stage to the next level with fuller support.. This morning, the LSA Executive Committee unanimously approved an agreement to that effect.. As of today,.. is a full-fledged LSA journal, alongside.. Language.. but independent of it.. The LSA will join MIT and the University of Texas in providing financial support to the journal.. In return,.. is to become a journal owned by the LSA and titled Semantics and Pragmatics with the subtitle A Journal of the Linguistic Society of America.. The day-to-day operations of the journal will not change.. The current editorial team will stay in place.. The policies and procedures, including the open access nature of the journal, will remain as they are.. Big decisions will be made cooperatively by the LSA Executive Committee, the editors, and the.. advisory committee.. Both the LSA and the.. team are excited about this partnership.. Open access is the future of scholarly communication and we intend to work together to make.. the best journal in its field and a model for our discipline and others.. An S P underground classic.. Dec 19.. , 2012.. [Crossposted from the.. :].. Semantics Pragmatics.. today published an underground classic, Craige Roberts famous paper.. Information structure in discourse: Towards an integrated formal theory of pragmatics.. , which had previously been published in a volume of OSU Working Papers in Linguistics, and then circulated in a slighly edited manuscript form, but was never officially published.. With the help of Anders Schoubye, Chris Brown, and Justin Cope, the old manuscript was transformed into LaTeX and formatted for the S P stylesheet.. Craige wrote.. a new afterword.. and prepared.. an annotated bibliography.. , which is linked from the afterword.. We re proud to be able to make this classic paper and the supplementary material available in an official publication.. Reissuing underground classics is a worthwhile undertaking, we believe.. Some famous examples are David Kaplan s Demonstratives published in.. Themes from Kaplan.. Kripke on presupposition.. published in.. Linguistic Inquiry.. , and in a sense also Grice s William James Lectures.. There was also volume 7 of the series Syntax and Semantics entitled Notes from the linguistic underground (edited by Jim McCawley in 1976), featuring famous papers such as Karttunen s Discourse referents and gems like Why you can t do so into the sink by Lakoff Ross.. So, we are continuing a respectable tradition.. Question for our audience: which other underground classics in semantics and pragmatics should S P consider publishing? You can email us at.. , comment on our.. Facebook page.. or our.. Google+ page.. , tweet (cc ing.. @semprag.. ), or leave a comment  ...   follows: I wish for you to remove this content, including my personal information, as it reflects negatively on the branding of Cestagi.. I do not intend to take this down nor to revise its cautionary tone unless and until the spammy character of the enterprise is cleaned up.. I fail to see why this individual would not want his personal information to be associated with his own project, unless, of course, the project is not one that he can be proud of.. In the mean time, another MIT affiliate reports receiving an email touting Cestagi, this one from John Merlocke , another name that does not turn up anything via Google search, except a shell Google+ profile.. So, the spamming campaign from made-up people does seem to be continuing.. [I do wonder which fake name generator is being used to make up these names.. ].. One more update (2013-01-29).. : Word now that the spam/phishing campaign definitely continues unabated.. Researchers at the United States Geological Survey have been receiving identical emails touting Cestagi from someone called Stacy Ferando (again a name that yields no Google hits other than a shell Google+ profile).. The template that the campaign currently uses is this:.. Dear $X,.. I noticed you have an outdated curriculum vitae web page.. You should keep it up-to-date while working at $Y.. You may want to take advantage of Cestagi to create and maintain a curriculum vitae following academic regulations and best practices:.. Please let others know about this free platform.. I believe it will be of great benefit to everyone.. Warm regards,.. $FAKE-NAME.. Needless to say, my correspondents do not have outdated CVs.. Seminar on deontics, imperatives, and the like.. Sep 5.. Our fall semantics seminar at MIT will be a kind of super-seminar.. We will discuss current research on expressions of preference and priority, including deontic modals, imperatives, desiderative attitudes, and so on.. The seminar will feature several guest speakers (Ana Arregui, Fabrizio Cariani, Cleo Condoravdi, Thony Gillies, Magda Kaufmann, Dilip Ninan, perhaps more), some of whom will be semi-regular participants as well.. If you re in the Boston area, feel free to visit the seminar: Fridays 11-2 in Room 32-D461.. website for the class.. is openly accessible for people who would like to kibitz from afar.. ICL deadline this week.. Aug 25.. Abstracts for the Semantics Pragmatics session during next summer s.. International Congress of Linguists.. are due this coming week on September 1.. More info about our session:.. here.. URL for submissions (through the ICL website):.. cil19.. org/en/calls-for-papers/call/.. Guidelines for writing abstracts.. Aug 13.. Found via Facebook this morning:.. , drawn up a while ago by Johan Rooryck and Vincent van Heuven after consultation of the Linguist List.. I pretty much agree 100% with these guidelines, but about 200% with this one: Don t put your examples on a separate page, even when the abstract guidelines allow you to do so: abstract reviewers hate having to go back and forth between pages.. (This is a corollary of the same principle that banishes endnotes from academic publishing.. ).. app.. net.. Aug 12.. geek.. There s a nascent new social network,.. , which is trying a new approach.. It is user-supported rather than ad-supported.. Its users pay an annual fee and thus, unlike Facebook and Twitter, access to the users are not sold to the real customers, ad buying companies.. I use social networks for five purposes:.. connecting with family, neighbors, true friends acquaintances.. connecting with colleagues in linguistics philosophy.. connecting and following fellow computer geeks.. current awareness in science, politics, breaking news.. following celebrities in sports entertainment.. For the first purpose, Facebook is indispensable and even though I don t like the platform, I can t imagine abandoning it and giving up the connections I maintain through it.. The academic and geek networking happens a little bit through Facebook, a bit through Google+, and mostly through Twitter.. These purposes I could imagine moving to app.. net, since there s a professional aspect to it and thus the idea makes sense that one might pay a modest fee to have a spam-free well-lit environment for this kind of networking.. The last two purposes are almost exclusively happening on Twitter for me, but could just as well happen through RSS and email subscriptions (and listening to the radio and podcasts).. There s no lock-in here.. So, I can imagine that I d give up on Google+ and Twitter, and have my personal networking happening on Facebook and my professional networking on app.. net (I wish they would come up with a better name, though).. There was a Kickstarter-like start-up campaign to get app.. net some initial funding.. They reached their $500,000 goal this morning, perhaps not completely unconnected to the fact that Stephen Fry announced his support on Twitter.. I joined just now, partially to make sure I would be able to claim fintelkai as my username, not that anyone else would have a legitimate reason to get that name.. Obviously, social networks need critical mass (and Google+ seems to be an example of one that is not quite there yet).. So, the probabilities of success are somewhat low, but it s worth trying, I think.. The way Facebook and increasingly Twitter are treating their users to serve their real customers (and shareholders) is not nice.. Older.. Blog Archives.. Follow Kai:.. Twitter.. /.. Google+.. RSS..

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  • Title: Up-goer five semantics - semantics etc.
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  • Title: Category: semantics - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Category: semantics.. 2013.. Jan.. 19.. 14.. 03.. 2012.. Dec.. 11.. Sep.. 13.. 05.. Aug.. 25.. Google Scholar personalized updates.. 09.. Conditional request.. Jul.. 16.. ICL deadline extended.. ICL Call for Abstracts.. May.. 15.. News from the open access revolution.. Apr.. My academic genealogy.. 01.. Recent talks.. Mar.. 10.. Conditionals handbook article.. Feb.. Citation impact 2008-2010.. 08.. More on Elsevier Boycott.. S P upgrade.. 02.. The cost of knowledge.. 26.. A Professor’s Personal Open Access Policy.. 24.. Russell on implicature.. 17.. Attack from big money publishers.. My open access policy.. Defending a classic semantics for "ought".. New paper by Iatridou and Zeijlstra.. 2011.. S P Year-End Stats.. 29.. The politburo.. 12.. Morris & Noam Recursion.. Danny & Kai.. personal.. Matthewson slides from NELS.. Nov.. Running and speaking.. Sabbatical Diary 2011-07-25.. Google Scholar Citations.. 21.. Might Made Right Published!.. My first post on Language Log.. 06.. Sabbatical Diary 2011-07-05.. S&P Editors' Blog rebooted.. Jun.. Modal Semantics in the News.. Theoretical Workload Limit.. Chinese translation.. 30.. Please decline graduate admissions offers in a timely way!.. 07.. (No) skin in the game.. SALT Proceedings.. Many worlds.. Epistemic Modality volume will appear in 2011.. 18.. 2010.. Bye Bye DIY.. Hello Walled Garden.. Italics in conversation.. Oct.. 20.. Elsevier stumbles upon benefit of electronic publication.. So not my life.. eLanguage Outage.. PSA re LSA Annual Meeting.. Google Scholar Blog.. King's College London.. 28.. On citing well.. 27.. Another article out.. Banner Year for S&P.. Update: Must.. Stay.. Strong!.. 2009.. Color.. George V and the Fat Man.. Hey, wait a minute!.. Draft article on conditionals.. Four generations.. CIA Leaks is in Top Ten in 2008.. LSA class on modality.. Early Seminar Announcement.. Peeve.. 04.. New version of "Must.. Strong!".. Rich Meta-Data in S&P's PDFs.. Time to Decision at S&P.. Kripke on Presupposition published 19 years later.. S&P publishes "Local Contexts" by Schlenker.. The Decline of Civilization Again.. Friends of SEP.. S&P Update.. 23.. Linguistics.. MIT adopts Open Access Policy.. JSTOR adds Foundations of Language.. Mea Culpa.. SICLR violated.. Accommodation, Again.. Where do you get your ideas?.. 2008.. Citation Impact.. 30 Years of "Assertion".. Angelika Kratzer Birthday Workshop.. Existential Import.. My retirement project.. Janneke Huitink's Dissertation.. Singh on Disjunction.. Dilbert on Relativism.. The Semantics of Murder.. Karttunen's Word Play.. Universals Article Has Appeared.. First Article Published in S&P: Barker & Shan on Donkeys.. The State of the Epistemic Trilogy.. Stephenson's L&P paper on epistemic modals and taste predicates.. Groenendijk & Stokhof's Thesis.. i-within-i?.. The Original Ramsey Test.. Whamit!.. 2007.. Podcast Interview about S&P.. CIA Leaks, Appeared.. "Must".. S&P Open for Submissions!.. JSTOR DOIs.. Does Japanese Have a Word for "Water"?.. Stephenson Thesis.. Von Fintel?.. Ch-ch-changes, again.. 'Might' Made Right, At Last.. Universals in Semantics.. Anatomy Article Appeared.. A New Journal Announced.. Tanya Reinhart.. The Biggest Little Word.. *Following Sentence is Grammatical.. Paper Title for Dummies (and My Thesis).. 50 years of "Syntactic Structures".. Deadlines.. Fresh Start Once Again.. 2006.. Star Trek Science.. Talking to the Future.. Stata in the Comics.. Resource Page Housekeeping.. Anatomy of a Modal Construction.. Draft of Ought Paper.. 22.. In Praise of Ignorance and Confusion.. Must vs.. Ought.. Alphabetical Order, Again.. MIT tops new style college ranking.. Epistemic Modality for Dummies.. What is Presupposition Accommodation, Again?.. CIA Leaks.. The Metric.. Justice Smith's Da Vinci Code.. Humberstone: "The Connectives".. Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky.. eLanguage.. How Ordinary Are Conditionals?.. Cat Food and Buses.. CIA Leaks Slides.. Lisa Green to Join the UMass Amherst Faculty.. IAP Lecture on Medieval Semantics.. 2005.. Epistemic Modals.. Paul Elbourne's Book.. Simons on Embedding Verbs.. On Sale: Descriptions and Beyond.. Kamp Reverse-Sobels "Only" Suspension.. 31.. High Profile Open-Access  ...   Course this Fall.. LingBuzz.. Descriptions and Beyond.. Geek Joke.. Geurts on Conditionals.. Stanley on Epistemic Modals.. Philosophical Weblogs.. Job news: Georgetown.. Two New Philosophy Blogs.. Mancosu, Zach, and Badesa on the History of Modern Logic.. Germanic Blog.. Elsevier permits postprint archiving.. UN on Indigenous Peoples.. SALT Report from Chris Potts.. Advice to New PhDs.. Fara on the Semantics of Habitual Sentences.. Back from SALT.. Anatomy of a Modal.. Stata.. Egan et.. on Epistemic Modals in Context.. More people have been to Berlin than I have.. Philosophy Moves.. Present Indicative Counterfactuals.. If you're Lance Armstrong,.. [Petition] ASL at BU.. Birds Share Language Gene with Humans.. Books, Online and Off.. Jason Stanley to Rutgers.. NASA System Can Understand Silent, "Subvocal Speech".. Book Project(s).. Conditionals in Undergraduate Semantics.. Notes on Anankastic Conditionals.. Philosophy of Language Gossip.. The 2004 Milan Meeting.. [Q] A Puzzle in Dyadic Deontic Logic.. Science and Evolution.. [Q] The Quantificational Force of Fiction Operators.. Talking Parrot?.. Paraconsistent Semantics for Natural Language?.. No head injury is too trivial to ignore.. New Linguistics Weblog: Semantic Compositions.. Leiter's Advice for Academic Job Seekers.. Endangered Language Comic.. My Erdös Number is 8.. 2003.. Emmon Bach on old chestnuts and real languages.. Essential Readings in Semantics.. Webschrift for Hans den Besten.. Nolan on Indicative Conditionals.. WHISC.. Epistemic Question.. Color Cognition and Language.. Language and Thought.. A Puzzle.. Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy.. Monkey Mind Control.. Cowboy Up.. Absolutely not fabulous.. NYT on Ineffability of Physical Theories.. Menand on Style.. New Linguistics Blog: X-Bar.. The Linguistics of the Yeti.. Pollock's On-Line Logic Text.. Language Log.. History of Semantics.. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch.. A Fistful of Euros.. Self-Archiving.. Handedness equals hairstyle.. Donald Davidson.. My Fall Course.. Geurts on Existential Import.. New Words in OED.. A Puzzle about Epistemic Modals.. BBC News Styleguide.. Ken Hale on Language Diversity.. Nunberg on a radical epithet.. Helmut Rahn.. Gesellschaft zur Stärkung der Verben.. Pseudo-Loanwords in German.. Nunberg on Dictionary Illustrations.. Leiter Blog.. [Boston Globe] Shakespeare Analyzed.. Secret of long life.. [NYT] Machine Translation.. Chomsky & Zinn on "The Fellowship of the Ring".. [NYT] New World Ancestors.. Philosophy Show on NPR!.. [NYT] Early Voices: The Leap to Language.. What I am doing this summer.. Weblog Move: Online Papers in Philosophy.. New Weblog: Crooked Timber.. New E-Journal: The Australasian Journal of Logic.. The Leipzig Glossing Rules.. Inca String Theory.. Georg Henrik von Wright.. van Rooy on Politeness.. Job News (updated).. The Phonaesthetics of "Blog".. Language L has no word for X.. Academic Blogs.. Beyond De Dicto — De Re: The Third Reading.. Are languages replaceable?.. Another one: Kai Wehmeier at UC Irvine.. Nobel Prize for Linguistics & Philosophy?.. Kripke to CUNY.. Keynes (1887) on Formal Logic.. von Fintel & Iatridou on "Epistemic Containment".. Kratzer's on Indefinites.. Two Handouts by Krifka.. New Philosophy Weblog.. Egg on Aspectual Coercion.. Since Since.. Postscript from von Stechow.. Parallel Universes and The Plurality of Possible Worlds of David Lewis.. Simons on Presuppositions.. Papafragou on Epistemic Modality.. Charles Leonard Hamblin.. More on NPs Marked for Speaker Ignorance.. A Course in Universal Algebra.. Job News.. Noun Phrases Marked for Speaker Ignorance.. Wow, *new* Punctuation!.. Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.. Carlson's Dissertation available on semanticsarchive.. Lasersohn on the Temperature Paradox.. Egg on Beginning novels and finishing hamburgers.. CUNY Sentence Processing Conference at MIT & Northeastern.. Language Weblogs.. Duck Tape.. New Book by Gauker.. How to alphabetize "von Fintel".. Potts' NELS paper on conventional implicatures.. NPI-Licensing in Conditionals and Linguistic Methodology.. Lascarides & Asher on Imperatives.. Belief, Kai!.. New Book ms.. by Recanati.. New Paper by Barker & Taranto.. The Chronicle re.. Creative Commons.. Montague Grammar in OED.. Inauguration..

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  • Title: Statement on Aaron Swartz - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Up-goer five semantics..

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  • Title: S&P acquired by LSA - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Statement on Aaron Swartz..

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  • Title: An S&P underground classic - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: S P acquired by LSA..

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  • Title: Barcelona conference on conditionals CFP - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: An S P underground classic..

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  • Title: Suspicion re Cestagi - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Barcelona conference on conditionals CFP..

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  • Title: Seminar on deontics, imperatives, and the like - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Suspicion re Cestagi..

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  • Title: ICL deadline this week - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: Seminar on deontics, imperatives, and the like..

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  • Title: Guidelines for writing abstracts - semantics etc.
    Descriptive info: ICL deadline this week..

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