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  • Title: JACK | connecting a world of audio
    Descriptive info: .. Skip navigation.. applications.. developers.. documentation.. download.. email.. faq.. wiki.. bugs.. User login.. Username:.. *.. Password:.. Create new account.. Request new password.. What is JACK?.. Have you ever wanted to take the audio output of one piece of software and send it to another? How about taking the output of that same program and send it to two others, then record the result in the first program? Or maybe you're a programmer who writes real-time audio and music applications and who is looking for a cross-platform API that enables not only device sharing but also inter-application audio routing, and is incredibly easy to.. learn and use.. ? If so, JACK may be what you've been looking for.. JACK is system for handling real-time, low latency audio (and MIDI).. It runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS X and Windows (and can be ported to other POSIX-conformant platforms).. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves.. Its clients can run in their own processes (ie.. as normal applications), or can they can run within the JACK server (ie.. as a "plugin").. JACK also has support for distributing audio processing across a network, both fast reliable LANs as well as slower, less reliable WANs.. JACK was designed from the ground up for professional audio work, and its design focuses on two key areas: synchronous execution of all clients, and low latency operation.. More.. background information.. is available.. Understanding JACK in different ways.. The term "JACK" doesn't really identify anything very precisely.. What "JACK" means depends a little bit on your perspective.. There are several ways of understanding the term, all equally valid:.. The JACK API.. The definition of the data structures, protocols and functions used by programs that use JACK.. An implementation of the API.. Actual software, including a server application, often called "jack", and a library used by clients.. There are already two implementations of the API, known as "jack1" and "jack2" (formerly "jackmp").. Different implementations are (in almost every way) drop-in replacements for each other.. A GUI control application.. The existing implementations do not come with any GUI at all.. To make life easier for most users, GUI control apps exist that allow easy modification of JACK startup parameters, and ways to monitor the state of a running JACK system.. qjackctl.. is the most widely used GUI control application.. A running instance of JACK with a variety of JACK-aware applications.. This  ...   audio via JACK is distorted, audio via ALSA is not.. As of April 2012 there seems to be driver problem that affects the audio interface on the Macbook when it is used in 24 or 32 bit mode.. To avoid the resulting distortion, use the -S flag to the ALSA backend to force it to use 16 bit sample data format.. 8 released.. Submitted by letz on Mon, 2011-12-19 14:45.. 8 is API compatible with latest Jack 0.. This is the first version that contains the new MIDI driver model developed by Devin Anderson in spring of this year.. This includes the Linux FFADO driver, the Mac OSX CoreMIDI driver, the Windows WinMME driver, and a new Linux 'alsarawmidi' slave driver that can run alongside other master drivers (i.. e.. FFADO).. JACK 0.. 3 released.. Submitted by paul on Wed, 2011-09-28 13:01.. 3.. is a bug fix release containing (almost) no new functionality.. It is required if you want to use JACK1 on OS X with any clients that use weak linkage for JACK feature detection (e.. g.. Ardour).. Using JACK on Windows.. Introduction.. As on other platforms, JACK on Windows is a multi-purpose application that connects audio and MIDI using the Windows system drivers.. It connects (OUTPUT) to those audio drivers using the PortAudio project (so Jack can connect using dsound, wmme, WDMKS, ASIO, WASAPI, and WaveRT) depending on what the soundcard's drivers support.. Currently Jack for Windows only supports 32-bit applications, but a new version is currently being tested that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit audio applications.. 2 released.. Submitted by paul on Wed, 2011-06-29 02:07.. 2.. has been released.. This correctly includes changes made to jackd.. py's device reservation handling.. They were done before 0.. 0 was released but not included in that version.. No functional changes to regular JACK functionality are present in this upgrade.. 1 released.. Submitted by paul on Tue, 2011-06-28 13:51.. 1.. This is a release-bug-fix release, because the 0.. 0 release failed to include a required header (it would have failed to build) and also didn't correctly handle the new python directory included in the tarball.. There is no change in JACK's functionality whatsoever.. 0 released.. Submitted by paul on Thu, 2011-06-23 16:08.. 0.. is now available.. and it contains a couple of important bug fixes, a small but nice new piece of functionality, and some unfinished work.. Read more below for the details.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. next ›.. last ».. Copyright 2001-2011 Paul Davis..

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  • Title: Applications using JACK | JACK
    Descriptive info: Home.. Applications using JACK.. If you know of any other applications that use Jack that are not listed here please send an email to jackaudio "at" goodmusic "dot" ca > and we'll include it! If you are the author of an application, please include a brief description and under which heading you'd like your app listed.. Thanks!.. Audio File Editors.. Audacity.. is a cross-platform multitrack audio editor.. Please read.. this post.. for instructions on how to get Jackaudio and Audacity working together.. gi_editor.. is a software editor for the.. Juno Gi.. , based on Roland's midi specification.. Gnusound.. is a multitrack sound editor for GNOME 1 and 2.. Marlin.. is a sample editor.. mhWaveEdit.. a graphical audio editor.. ReZound.. Version 0.. 7.. 0 or above.. sauditor.. a simple sample auditor.. snd.. a sound editor.. snd-ls.. is a distribution of Bill Schottstaedt's sound editor SND.. Its target are people that don't know scheme very well, and don't want to spend too much time configuring Snd.. Swami.. is an advanced instrument editor for MIDI music composition and a software synthesizer frontend.. Control Applications.. Aj-snapshot.. is a small program that can be used to make snapshots of the connections made between JACK and/or ALSA clients.. It is also capable of running in the background, restoring connections while clients and ports appear.. ALSA Patch Bay.. gjacktransport.. is a standalone application that provides access to the JACK transport mechanism via a dynamic graphical slider.. njconnect.. is a curses Jack connection manager, based on naconnect by.. Nedko Arnaudov.. patchage.. pyjack.. is a Python module which provides an interface to Jack.. QJackConnect.. is the most popular graphical control application.. DJ Software.. DJPlay.. a dual player designed for the live DJ.. Mixxx.. a digital DJ system, for wave, ogg and mp3 files.. xwax.. is open-source vinyl emulation software for Linux.. Effects Processors.. arcangel.. is a Jack effect and LADSPA plugin for arctan distortion.. Bristol Synthesizer Emulator.. application.. The latest version uses Jack.. BruteFIR.. a software convolution engine.. CP-GFX.. Guitar effects processor.. creox.. a realtime sound processor.. DSSI.. is an API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for software synthesis plugins with user interfaces.. Ecamegapedal.. a real-time effect processor.. 4.. freqtweak.. a frequency domain FX box.. This is one of the coolest FX boxes you may ever use.. Guitarix.. is a simple Linux amplifier with one input and two outputs.. jackEQ.. a tool for routing and manipulating audio from/to multiple input/output sources.. JACK Rack.. a LADSPA effects rack for jack.. jackspa.. is a small utility which will host a LADSPA plugin, providing JACK ports for its audio inputs and outputs.. JAMin.. the state-of-the-art realtime mastering processor.. linuxDSP.. provides 'plugin' audio processing software for linux.. Louderbox.. an 8 band audio processor.. ng-jackspa.. is a set of simple user interfaces that host a LADSPA plugin, providing JACK ports for its audio inputs and outputs, and dynamic setting of its control inputs.. Additionally, the plugin controls can be exported to or controlled by control voltages on standard JACK audio ports.. Rakarrack.. is a guitar effects processor that is easy to use, but it contains features that make it unique in this field of applications.. RedFX.. is an effects processor mainly for guitars.. Soundtank.. is a program that hosts musical instruments for you to play.. tapiir.. is an audio effects processor inspired by the classical magnetic tape delay systems.. Graphics Applications.. Blender.. is the free open source 3D content creation suite.. Currently, Blender 2.. 50a1 and above use Jack.. fluxus.. is a graphical live coding environment for Scheme.. Builds for Linux or OSX, and released under the GPL licence.. Le Biniou.. is a program which creates images from sound, in an intelligent way.. Sonify.. iterates pixel-by-pixel through an image, encoding each pixel's hue and luminance values as a waveform of a particular frequency and amplitude.. VisualJackM.. lets you connect.. ProjectM.. to Jack.. Live Loopers.. Freewheeling.. a live looping instrument.. Giada.. is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for djs and live performers.. Loopcenter.. is an easy-to-use live looper with functionality similar to the Boss LoopStation pedal.. You can record and overdub at user-set tempos and meters.. SooperLooper.. a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more.. Media Players.. AlsaPlayer.. a "new type of pcm player".. Can play mp3s, oggs, cds, among other audio file formats.. Thanks go to Andy Lo-A-Foe for releasing the first application with support for Jack!.. Aqualung.. It plays audio files from your filesystem and has the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.. Audacious.. is a fork of beep-media-player 0.. 1.. Data Jockey.. is a digital disc jockey tool which leverages audio meta-data (both computed and manually added by the user) in order to allow for new approaches in content selection and juxtaposition.. kluppe.. a gtk-based loop player for files and live-input.. MadJack.. is an MPEG Audio Deck with an.. OSC.. based control interface.. MOC.. Music On Console is a console audio player for LINUX/UNIX designed to be powerful and easy to use.. MPlayer.. a movie player.. Qmmp.. is a Qt-based media player with a similar UI as XMMS or Winamp.. Tttrigger.. is a program for playing sound effects in connection with a theater or other show.. veejay.. a visual 'music' instrument.. VLC.. is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg,.. ) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.. xmms-jack.. an XMMS audio output plugin for jack.. Metering and Analysis.. Baudline.. is a time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain.. BRP-PACU.. is a dual channel FFT based acoustic analysis tool to help engineers configure professional sound systems by using the transfer function.. Jaaa.. an audio signal generator and spectrum analyser.. JACK demolition.. a very simple jack client that connects to every input port and squirts undesirable numbers (denomals, HUGE, NaN, Inf etc.. ) to it.. Jack Meter.. is a basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter).. japa.. is a 'perceptual' or 'psychoacoustic' audio spectrum analyser.. Loudspeaker Frequency Allocator.. is a 4-way, stereo DSP loudspeaker crossover that works with ASIO compatible multichannel sound cards on a Windows XP computer.. Jack4win.. instructions can be found here.. meterbridge.. a nice VU-style meter to watch signal levels on arbitrary JACK ports.. Sonic Visualiser.. is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.. Tap Reverb Editor.. an interactive tool for room acoustics simulation.. Mixers.. jack_mixer.. is  ...   synthesizer driven by your incoming network traffic.. Horgand.. an organ synthesizer.. Hydrogen.. a pattern based drum machine.. ingen.. is a modular audio processing system for GNU/Linux audio systems using the Jack audio server and LV2, LADSPA or DSSI plugins.. Jack Keyboard.. is a virtual MIDI keyboard - a program that allows you to send JACK MIDI events (play ;-) using your PC keyboard.. Jacker.. is a MIDI tracker for Jack.. jMax.. a visual programming environment for building interactive real-time musical and multimedia applications.. Version 4.. 1 or above.. LegaSynth.. an old chip/synthesizer emulator.. LDrum.. a drum machine.. LinuxSampler.. a software audio sampler.. Midi Player Pro.. is the software you need to be able to play any kind of music in seconds with your fingertips.. It uses.. libumidi20.. , which also uses Jack.. Mx44.. is a polyphonic multichannel midi realtime software synthesizer.. Octavian.. a realtime software synthesizer.. Pd.. a real-time music and multimedia environment.. Pianoteq.. is a high-class virtual piano software offering superb dynamics, natural resonances and unique physical parameters.. This is a.. commercial.. product.. Phasex.. is an experimental software synthesizer.. QMidiArp.. is a MIDI-Arpeggiator.. QMIDICurves.. lets you change the velocity response of any MIDI device (like a MIDI keyboard for instance).. reMID.. uses the reSID emulation library to provide a virtual SID based synthesizer, controllable in real-time via MIDI.. SID was the sound chip used in the Commodore 64 computer.. rtsynth.. a reliable, if plain, multi-oscillator synthesizer.. Sampson.. is a small, lightweight, no-frills software sampler focusing on drums and percussion.. Seq24.. a loop based MIDI sequencer.. Simsam.. a simple MIDI sample playback program.. Slag.. is a pattern-based audio sequencer that can currently be used as a simple drum box.. Solfege.. s free music education software.. Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills.. Solfege - Smarten your ears!.. a midi controlled host for softsynths made out of LADSPA plugins.. Soundtracker.. a music tracker similar to FastTracker and ProTracker.. 6.. 7pre1 or above.. Specimen.. a midi controlled audio sampler.. Spiral Synth Modular.. a cool and expandable modular synthesizer.. SuperCollider.. a realtime sound synthesis server and an interpreted object oriented language.. terminatorX.. a realtime audio synthesizer that allows you to "scratch".. Timidity++.. a software synthesizer.. Jack support currently only in CVS.. Virtual Keyboard.. is a simple fake of a MIDI keyboard on X-windows system.. ZynAddSubFX.. Streamers.. ac3jack.. a tool for creating an AC-3 (Dolby Digital) multichannel stream from its JACK input ports.. Darkice.. Live audio streamer.. edcast-reborn.. is an Icecast/Shoutcast streamer.. Llcon.. is an audio streaming application for musicians to play together in real-time over the internet.. Tuners.. Free Music Instrument Tuner.. a.. free music instrument tuner.. tuneit.. a simple command-line instrument tuner.. qjacktuner.. an instrument tuner for JACK.. Utilities.. bio2jack.. a library that allows for simple porting of blocked io OSS/ALSA audio applications to Jack.. FxEngine.. Framework simplifies the plugin architecture for the data flow processing.. FxJackPack.. contains two plugins for the FxEngine framework which enables the recording and playback of sound through JACK.. GLASHCtl.. is a simple applet for controlling the LASH Audio Session Handler.. jack_convolve.. is a simple command line based, convolution engine for JACK.. jack_snapshot.. is a little tool for storing/restoring jack connection states.. 4 will compile with gcc-4.. 3+.. Jack-smf-utils.. is a set of two utilities - jack-smf-player and jack-smf-recorder.. Lash.. is a session management system for JACK audio and ALSA MIDI applications.. jass.. is a rather simple sampler application for jackd.. jiss.. : Jack Interactive Sequencer Software.. kontroll.. is a small utility to create midi cc messages from mouse position regardless of window focus.. LinABX.. Linabx can be used to get information about audibility and to train your ears in an audio-technical way.. netjack.. Realtime audio transport over a generic IP network.. Oscilloscope.. plugin with two channels, controllable trigger, time resolution, separate amplification and DC offset for both channels.. polarbear.. is a tool for designing filters in the complex domain.. QLoud.. a tool to measure loudspeaker frequency and step responses and distortions.. QOscC.. is a highly flexible and configurable software Oscilloscope.. is a sample auditor that is intended to be simple and quick to use.. Silent Jack.. is a silence/dead air detector.. Simple Sysexxer.. is a small tool to load, send, receive, save and request sysex data.. It can be used to do backups of the memory contents of MIDI devices like synthesizers, MIDI controllers or effects processors.. slat.. allows you to use your mouse to adjust pitch and volume by waving the pointer over the interface.. SoundPatty.. is an efficient and fast sound (i.. record) recognition software.. Synthclone.. is a Qt-based application that can "clone" your MIDI-capable instruments.. It does this by sending out MIDI data that instructs an instrument to emit sounds for a series of notes, velocities, controls, and aftertouch values.. It then saves this data as a sample-based instrument that can be loaded by sampler software.. Video Applications.. KSubtile.. is a KDE program which provides an easy to use interface to edit subtitles in the SRT format.. It supports moving, stretching and individual editing of subtitles in a file.. To help you synchronize with a particular movie we provide GUI con.. LiVES.. is a Video Editing System.. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful.. It is small in size, yet it has many advanced features.. Open Movie Editor.. is designed to be a simple tool, that provides basic movie making capabilities.. It aims to be powerful enough for the amateur movie artist, yet easy to use.. VideoJack.. a tool that reads video and audio signals from its jack inputs.. xjadeo.. is a very simple video player that is synchronized to jack transport.. VOIP.. Asterisk.. is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit.. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions.. for free.. I Hear U.. is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application that creates an audio stream between two computers easily and with the minimal network traffic.. VST.. fst.. is a program by which uses Wine, Jack and Steinberg's VST Audio Plug-Ins SDK to enable the use of many VST audio plugins under Gnu/Linux.. FSTHOST.. is a linux VST host - hybrid using winelib.. Runs as a Jack client for Audio/MIDI, and with GTK GUI.. jost.. is a host for native linux vst plugins (jack / alsa_seq).. Linux Vst Compatibility Page.. Wikipedia References.. Ardour.. Jack Audio Connection Kit..

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  • Title: JACK Documentation | JACK
    Descriptive info: JACK Documentation.. Using JACK.. JACK.. FAQ.. Programming with JACK.. The JACK API Reference Manual [.. html.. |.. pdf.. ].. A handy.. tutorial/walk-through.. for programming with JACK, including some simple clients.. The Design of JACK.. Paul Davis' JACK presentation, Linux Audio Conference 2003.. This is probably the most comprehensive overview of JACK's design currently available..  ...   includes dia and eps versions.. [.. small.. large.. tarball.. Porting JACK to OS X.. Jackdmp.. a multiprocessor version of JACK.. Various publications on Jack on OSX as well as Jackdmp are available.. here.. The Wiki.. There is quite a lot of good information on the.. JACK wiki.. , although it is not particularly organized..

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  • Title: Downloading JACK | JACK
    Descriptive info: Downloading JACK.. Linux.. JACK1:.. Binaries.. : please use your distribution's package manager (.. apt-get, yum, synaptic.. etc.. ).. Source (jackaudio.. org).. :.. source tarball.. JACK2:.. Source.. 9.. OS X.. Mixed 64/32 bit, v0.. 89 of JackOSX (compatible with current JACK API to 0.. 120.. 1) for Snow Leopard.. Legacy 32 bit, v0.. 1) for systems older than Snow Leopard.. Source.. 8.. Windows.. Installer for 32 bit Windows(XP.. Installer for Windows 64 bit (Vista, Windows 7).. Mixed 64/32 bit JACK 1.. Solaris/OpenSolaris.. Please note that although we bump the minor version rather frequently in the development repository, releases will not occur for every version number change.. JACK Source Code Repository.. JACK uses Git as its source control system.. Our central git repository is hosted by Github.. We are currently working toward linking the repositories for Jack1 and Jack2 but this work is not complete, so for now the commands  ...   https://github.. to be able to browse current source code and full history with all the usual Github goodies.. Write Access.. Those who have been granted write access and have supplied a public key can clone the repository with the following commands:.. git clone git@github.. com:jackaudio/jack1.. You must then edit the.. git/config.. file within jack1 so that the submodule entries correctly reference the write-access URL.. They should look like this:.. [submodule "example-clients"] url = git://github.. com/jackaudio/example-clients.. git [submodule "jack"] url = git://github.. com/jackaudio/headers.. git [submodule "tools"] url = git://github.. com/jackaudio/tools.. git.. Jack2 Git Repository.. Those without write access can access the repository with this command:.. com/jackaudio/jack2.. Those who have been granted write access and have supplied a public key can get to the repository with the following command:.. com:jackaudio/jack2.. Eventually the same setup for the submodules will be required as for Jack1, but this is not true at this time..

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  • Title: JACK Mailing Lists | JACK
    Descriptive info: JACK Mailing Lists.. jack-devel@jackaudio.. org.. sign up.. Nabble archives.. For discussion of the jack server as well as jack applications.. If you're doing anything with jack, you need to be on this list.. See linux-audio-dev for email prior to 27 Nov 2001..

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  • Title: JACK FAQ | JACK
    Descriptive info: JACK FAQ.. What is the difference between JACK1 and JACK2?.. What audio devices are supported by JACK?.. How do I refer to a soundcard so that the name always works?.. How do I stop JACK from creating pops, clicks and other artifacts?.. What are the best settings to use?.. What are the best settings to use for a USB1 audio device?.. How can I use multiple soundcards with JACK?.. How do I use JACK over a network?.. Do I need a realtime kernel to use realtime scheduling?.. How do I configure my Linux system to allow realtime scheduling?.. How does using  ...   PulseAudio and JACK on the same machine?.. How can I play audio from.. via JACK?.. Flash.. GStreamer applications.. (e.. Totem, Rhythmbox many more).. Phonon applications.. xmms/audacious.. applications using ALSA directly.. How do I connect my ALSA sequencer applications to JACK MIDI?.. How does JACK compare to.. ?.. Does using JACK add latency?.. How do I build and install JACK?.. How do I make an app that uses JACK?.. How do I use JACK on Windows?.. Hardware Specific Questions.. Macbook w/Linux: audio played via JACK output is distorted, but direct ALSA output is fine.. How do I use an M-Audio Fast Track Pro?..

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  • Title: User account | JACK
    Descriptive info: ».. User account.. Log in.. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores.. E-mail address:.. A valid e-mail address.. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address.. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail..

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  • Title: User account | JACK
    Descriptive info: Username or e-mail address:..

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  • Title: What is JACK? | JACK
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  • Title: JACK-AUDIO-CONNECTION-KIT: JACK Audio Connection Kit
    Descriptive info: JACK-AUDIO-CONNECTION-KIT.. 0.. Main Page.. Related Pages.. Modules.. Data Structures.. Files.. JACK Audio Connection Kit.. JACK is a low-latency audio server, written for any operating system that is reasonably POSIX compliant.. It currently exists for Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and Windows.. It can connect several client applications to an audio device, and allow them to share audio with each other.. Clients can run as separate processes like normal applications, or within the JACK server as "plugins".. See also:.. http://jackaudio.. JACK Overview.. Traditionally it has been hard if not impossible to write audio applications that can share data with each other.. In addition, configuring and managing audio interface hardware has often been one of the most complex aspect of writing audio software.. JACK changes all this by providing an API that does several things:.. provides a high level abstraction for programmers that removes the audio interface hardware from the picture and allows them to concentrate on the core functionality of their software.. allows applications to send and receive audio data to/from each other as well as the audio interface.. There is no difference in how an application sends or receives data regardless of whether it comes from/goes to another application or an audio interface.. For programmers with experience of several other audio APIs such as PortAudio, Apple's CoreAudio, Steinberg's VST and ASIO as well as many others, JACK presents a familiar model: your program provides a "callback" function that will be executed at the right time.. Your callback can send and receive data as well as do other signal processing tasks.. You are not responsible for managing audio interfaces or threading, and there is no "format negotiation": all audio data within JACK is represented as 32 bit floating point values.. For those with experiences rooted in the Unix world, JACK presents a somewhat unfamiliar API.. Most Unix APIs are based on the read/write model spawned by the "everything is a file" abstraction that Unix is rightly famous for.. The problem with this design is that it fails to take the realtime nature of audio interfaces into account, or more precisely, it fails to force application developers to pay sufficient attention to this aspect of their task.. In addition, it becomes rather difficult to facilitate inter-application audio routing when different programs are not all running synchronously.. Using JACK within your program is very simple, and typically consists of just:.. calling.. jack_client_open().. to connect to the JACK  ...   main JACK interface.. jack/statistics.. provides interfaces for monitoring the performance of a running JACK server.. jack/intclient.. allows loading and unloading JACK internal clients.. jack/ringbuffer.. defines a simple API for using lock-free ringbuffers.. These are a good way to pass data between threads, when streaming realtime data to slower media, like audio file playback or recording.. jack/transport.. defines a simple transport control mechanism for starting, stopping and repositioning clients.. This is described in the.. JACK Transport Design.. document.. jack/types.. defines the main JACK data types.. jack/thread.. functions standardize thread creation for JACK and its clients.. jack/midiport.. functions to handle reading and writing of MIDI data to a port.. jack/session.. functions that form the JACK session API.. jack/control.. In addition, the tools directory provides numerous examples of simple JACK clients that nevertheless use the API to do something useful.. It includes.. a metronome.. a recording client that can capture any number of channels from any JACK sources and store them as an audio file.. command line clients to control the transport mechanism, change the buffer size and more.. commands to load and unload JACK internal clients.. tools for checking the status of a running JACK system.. and many more.. Porting.. JACK is designed to be portable to any system supporting the relevant POSIX and ANSI C standards.. It currently runs under GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Berkeley Unix on several different processor architectures.. If you want to port JACK to another platform, please read the.. Porting JACK.. License.. Copyright (C) 2001-2011 by Paul Davis, Stephane Letz, Jack O'Quinn, Torben Hohn and others.. JACK is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL and LGPL licenses as published by the Free Software Foundation,.. http://www.. gnu.. The JACK server uses the GPL, as noted in the source file headers.. However, the JACK library is licensed under the LGPL, allowing proprietary programs to link with it and use JACK services.. You should have received a copy of these Licenses along with the program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.. , 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.. See the GNU General Public License for more details.. Generated on Fri Oct 21 2011 for JACK-AUDIO-CONNECTION-KIT by.. 3..

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  • Title: JACK on iOS | JACK
    Descriptive info: A SDK with the client library distributed as a static framework (with a revised LGPL license), and several examples is available.. Get more info on.. crudebyte site..

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