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  • Title: JakesOnline!
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to Jakesonline.. org.. This site is dedicated to using the tools of the digital age to advance pedagogical practice and student learning.. Please explore the Communication, Collaboration and Collection sections of this site to access 21st Century ideas, tools, and resources.. WHAT'S NEW?.. Educon 2.. 2 Conversation: On the Development of Learning Space.. s; my presentation for Phlly, on the construct of new dimensions of learning that a rethinking of space affords.. Digital Storytelling 2.. 0: What's Next:.. my thoughts on where digital storytelling can go, with a focus on new media, new tools, new messages, and new networks for extending those messages.. Perspectives on 21st Century Education.. :.. a collection of thoughts and ideas from a variety of groups about what it means to be well-educated in the 21st Century.. 10 Strategies for Improving Student Presentations.. : 10 step by step ideas for providing students with a framework for presenting  ...   Philadelphia, CoSN in Washington, DC, and the BluePrint for Educational Excellence-National Institut in Reading, Massachusetts.. BLOGS AND WIKIS.. JakesOnline Wiki.. The Strength of Weak Ties:.. My blog about the power of connecting people to drive thinking forward and in a new direction.. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING:.. Information about my presentation services is.. available here.. JAKESNATION:.. See.. Dave's favorite things.. on Planet Jakes.. Website assistance by Jasen Leathers of.. LeathTech.. JOL logo by Jeff.. Wizards of Draws.. Bucchino, who captured me perfectly except that I have more hair than that.. Save This Page to del.. icio.. us.. Subscribe to this page.. Last Updated: January 7, 2010 6:33 PM.. Select a Design:.. Go to Communication.. Contact Dave, access the Discussion board, Dave's RSS feeds, and the various blogs that Dave publishes.. Archives:.. Go to Collaboration.. Access the JakesWiki and the tools of 21st Century collaboration.. Resources:.. Go to Collections.. Access Dave's collections of Web resources..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Learning Space Workshop
    Descriptive info: JOL.. Learning space workshop.. Conversation Description:.. There are five axioms that form the foundation of the Educon experience.. The axioms focus on the characteristics of school, of the role of technology and what learning can become.. They provide a framework for informing what we can and should do as educators.. When we discuss pedagogy, when we discuss the skills that we wish to see develop in students, when we discuss the role of technology, and when we discuss learning in general, it is of critical importance that we also discuss the role that learning space has in supporting what we do.. Excellent practice, high-quality learning, and successful institutions all require a place for the interactions of teaching and learning.. Yet, the concept of learning space is rarely discussed among educators as a one-size- fits- all classroom is the accepted expectation and reality in today's schools.. As we critically examine educational practice this weekend, it is imperative that we also carefully reconsider the importance of.. where.. learning occurs.. This conversation seeks to do just that.. Conversational Practice:.. In this session, our conversation will be based on developing the perspectives that move participants from a classroom-based model of teaching and learning to one that is rooted in the concept of a learning space.. Our conversations will help participants clarify their expectations for a learning space, and how such a space can support an expanded and relevant educational experience for students.. During this session, I hope the collaborative conversation will challenge you to:.. Critically examine your perceptions and biases about what a classroom is.. Extend your understanding of where learning can take place by encouraging you to reflect on the dimensions of.. time.. ,.. space.. place.. , and.. device.. , and their association with learning, and with the development of a larger environment for learning, here identified as a.. learning space.. Examine how interactions occur between physical and digital learning spaces, and the affordances of such interactions.. Evaluate how adding new dimensions to a learning space can alter the practice of all inhabitants, and in the process, encourage the development of a learning community.. Reflect upon how the spaces we design inform (either unintentionally and intentionally, or both) our learners of the type of learning that is to take place there.. In other words, consider how.. design informs the intent.. Frame how literacy (our overall goal?) is supported by skill development, and how space, both physical and digital, can be created to support that endeavor.. Snapshot.. What kinds of skills should kids be able to exhibit, in the context of 2009? That's a very real question for teachers, and more importantly, schools.. The development of those skills take place in spaces called classrooms.. So, can our current iteration of the typical classroom support the development of literacy skills? What is your current perspective of those classrooms, and how can you extend and expand that perspective into a vision of a learning space, with its own unique characteristics and affordances? How can the characteristics of such a space,.. a learning space.. , contribute to the attainment of those skills? What does it look like, and what are your next steps?.. Let's Get Started.. Why are you here?.. Available Resources.. Conversation 1:.. Literacy, and the skills students need to develop to be well-educated in the 21st Century.. Form follows function.. It seems obvious but is often forgotten: Teaching and learning should shape the building, not vice versa.. |.. The Third Teacher.. Do you see the Internet not as a technology but rather as a context in which to read, write, and communicate? |.. Leu et.. al.. 2009.. Being literate in a real-world sense means being able to read and write using the media forms of the day, whatever they may be.. Jason Ohler 2009.. The ability for multimodal  ...   everybody else.. The interaction between the two.. Formal learning.. Informal Learning.. Asynchronous opportunities for learning.. Synchronous learning.. The flow of conversation, ideas, and expertise in.. The flow of conversation, ideas, and expertise out.. The development of skills in traditional and digital contexts.. PowerPoint of Learning Space Model.. Etherpad Discussion.. Etherpad Discussion.. Conversation 6:.. What are your next steps?.. A Collection of Perspectives on 21st Century Learning.. | David Jakes.. The factors of organizational readiness.. Beyond the Web 2.. 0 Hype: Focusing on What Really Matters.. My literacy resources at del.. My learning spaces at del.. Resources: Learning Spaces.. Educating the Net Generation.. | see Chapter 12 on Learning Spaces.. Learning Spaces.. See all 43 Chapters.. | Educause.. Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A Guide to 21st Century Space Design.. | JISC.. Leading the Transition from Classroom to Learning Space.. | NLII White Paper.. Schools Designed for Learning.. | American Architectural Foundation.. Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration, and Socialization.. |Hajduk and Gee.. The Great Learning Street Debate.. | Nair.. Spaces, Places and Future Learning.. | A collection of papers and presentations from FutureLab.. Flexible Space Built Pedagogy: Emerging IT Embodiments.. | Monahan.. Opening Up Learning: From Spaces to Environments.. Learning Spaces: More Than Meets the Eye.. | Brown and Lippincott.. Learning Environments: Where Space Technology and Culture Converge.. | Wargar and Dobbin.. -Images on Flickr.. Infocommons.. - Images on Flickr.. One Teachers Story: T.. H.. E.. Learning Lab.. | John Howell.. Literacy Resources.. Comments on Greenhow, Robelia, and Hughes: Expanding the New Literacies Conversation.. | Leu, O Byrne, Zawilinski, McVerry and Everett-Cacopardo.. 21st Century Skills Compilation.. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century.. | Henry Jenkins et.. al Begin on page 19.. The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age.. | MacArthur Foundation Begin on page 26.. Clive Thompson on the New Literacy.. (student writing).. Expanding on the Concept of Literacy.. | Elizabeth Daly.. New Students, New Media, New Literacies.. | Jason Ohler.. New Media Literacies.. Orchestrating the Media Collage.. Questions to consider when considering building learning spaces:.. How would you characterize learning spaces in schools today?.. Do the characteristics of successful physical spaces inform how successful digital spaces are constructed? Are traits transferable?.. What does systemic mean to you?.. What are the key components of a multidimensional learning space?.. What is the relationship/importance of the interactions between formal and informal learning spaces?.. How does the design of the learning space influence the perception of the type of teaching and learning about to take place?.. How can/will you promote informal learning within the context of a virtual learning space?.. How do we rethink the dimensions of learning? Can, and should, learning be independent of time, space, and place, in K-12 education?.. Who are the critical stakeholders that need to be involved in developing a multidimensional learning space?.. What is required for an organization to be ready for the development of a multidimensional learning space?.. Do you believe that social networking is a skill that schools should help students learn and understand? Are there other forms of networking that might be more appropriate? (academic networking, professional networking).. In a digital learning space, what new roles are required? What roles emerge?.. What policies do you have in place to scaffold and support the learning that takes place in these new spaces?.. How will you assess what takes place in the learning space?.. What solution will you build?.. Should students be able to contribute content to the knowledge commons?.. Given those core skills, what attributes run horizontally across all core skills? (for example, adaptability or intellectually curiosity).. How can a learning space support direct instruction, individual learning and collaborative learning?.. Last Updated: January 7, 2010 6:27 PM.. Contact Dave, access the Discussion board, Dave's RSS feeds, and the JakeSpeak blog..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Digital Storytelling 2.0 What's Next
    Descriptive info: Collections.. 0:.. What's next.. In 2009 and beyond, being a learner means being connected, and that means understanding how to develop connections face to face, as well as through online networks.. It is these connections form the basis of a personalized learning network that literally can make learning a 24/7 endeavor that involves co-learners and co-teachers from around the globe.. Central to this ability to learn online, to participate online, is the ability to craft messages that have the potential to impact others.. Schools need to prepare students for a lifetime of storytelling through a variety of media, so that students can have a voice, and a voice that is heard.. One such opportunity for voice lies within the creation of small films, based in personal narrative, called digital stories.. Simply stated, this about voice.. It's about having something to say, and sitting with a computer, to tell the story, and use the affordances of the machine to develop the story within a rich media context, and then distribute that-here is what I have to say, here is what I think, here is my contribution.. That's the power, that's the potential.. At the same time, it's important to not get caught up in what Joe Lambert of the.. Center for Digital Storytelling.. calls Digital Spectacle.. True digital storytelling is grounded in the development of personal stories through narrative, and focuses on developing.. fundamental skills.. such as:.. Writing.. Accessing, evaluating and synthesizing media.. Project management.. Technical and computer use.. Understanding how to use intellectual property in an ethical and socially acceptable manner.. Presentation.. 0.. View more.. presentations.. from.. David Jakes.. Critical Reading and Contribution:.. Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling.. The Digital Storytelling Cookbook.. | from the Center for Digital Storytelling.. Digital Storytelling: A Methodology for Individual and Community Transformation.. | requires registration at the site.. Towards a Framework for Visual Literacy Learning.. | Jakes.. Digital Storytelling: Supporting Digital Literacy in Grades 4-12.. | Tom Banaszewskis Master's Thesis.. Open Discussion on Web2.. 0 Storytelling.. | Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine.. Web 2.. 0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre'.. How the world mediascape is changing:.. 1.. It's now highly participatory:.. See.. John Edward's YouTube.. site where he asks Americans to post a movie to YouTube about America, and the direction the country  ...   students take advantage of what others have created, and how can they contribute their own media to become collaborators?.. Film on the Fly.. | KOCE-TV.. Flickr Storm.. Introductory Video.. Video 2.. Video 3.. Flickr Storm print tutorial.. FlickrCC.. | download, resize, crop, add text, along with attribution information.. Compfight.. ccMixter.. ccMixter example.. JamStudio.. New Tools: how can the new online tools be used to literally create an online design studio, capable of distributing content in multiple formats for multiple types of devices?.. In my opinion, these tools are in their early stages of usefulness and appropriateness.. It will be interesting to see what these tools become as they ultimately become more sophisticated.. Will tools emerge that enable serious digital story creation, within the context of the fundamental processes and expectations for learning that we have for digital storytelling?.. 50 Ways to Tell a Story.. | Alan Levine.. JayCut.. StoryMapping.. Place-based learning.. | Dennis Grice.. Dandelife.. | Lifecasting.. We Tell Stories.. Storymapping Resources.. New Messages: how will you help students find the personal story in the content you teach? How will you use this process to have students create truly meaningful messages, that enable students to tell a global audience, Here is what I think?.. How will you help students write themselves into existence?.. How will you help student perform their writing?.. Digital Diplomacy Project | True America.. Woodson.. | Ben Grey.. 4 Generations: The Water Buffalo Movie.. | Philip Greenspun.. Case Studies.. from the Center for Digital Storytelling.. Pangea Day.. New Networks: how can networks be leveraged for distribution of student voice?.. Film on the Fly Ning.. International Day for Sharing Life Stories.. OurStories.. Stories for Change.. | from the Center for Digital Storytelling.. Digital Storytelling in Second Life.. Ed.. Voicethread.. | Voicethread Portal for Education.. YouTube.. YouTube Statistics.. TeacherTube.. SchoolTube.. Digital storytelling done right.. An example of a digital story done right (non-literal use of visual images, utilizes Creative Commons Attribution imagery from Flickr accessed via Flickr Storm, length is appropriate, original music from a classmate, is personal, and based in her Hispanic heritage, and comments on an worthy topic, and is distributed world-wide on YouTube with moderated commenting).. Resources.. Storytelling resources.. | Jakesonline.. Flickr resources.. Photostory resources.. | tutorial and screencasts.. Sample Stories.. | Jon Orech.. Last Updated: December 18, 2009 8:38 PM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Perspectives on 21st Century Education
    Descriptive info: perspectives on 21st Century education.. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills.. NETS-T.. NETS-A.. and NETS-S.. from the International Society of Technology in Education.. KnowledgeWorks Foundation s 2020 Forecast on Learning.. School 2.. Apple Classroom of Tomorrow - Today.. The Horizon Report.. MIT New Media Literacies.. Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age.. Discipline Specific Organizations.. Here are the position statements released by some content areas (.. adapted from Ryan Bretag.. ).. National Council of Teachers of English.. 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment Framework.. (08/09).. 21st Century Literacies: A Policy Research Brief.. Definition of 21st Century Literacies.. (2008).. Writing in the 21st Century.. (pdf) (2009).. Writing Between the Lines.. Position Statement on Multimodal Literacies.. (2005).. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.. The Role of Technology in the  ...   Skills.. (from their blog, interesting take).. National Council of Social Studies.. Technology Position Statement.. (2009).. National Association for Sport and Physical Education.. Initial Guide for Online Physical Education.. (2007) (pdf).. Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation.. 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning.. Specific Groups, Papers and Documents that support 21st Century Education.. PEW Internet and American Life Project.. Learning: Peering Backward and Looking Forward in the Digital Era.. Digital Youth Research: Kids Informal Learning with Digital Media.. A Collection of Essays on Participatory Culture.. Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning.. Digital Literacy and Citizenship in the 21st Century.. | CommonSense.. Journals.. Educause.. Educase Quarterly.. (be sure to see the Learning Spaces issue).. International Journal of Learning and Media.. First Monday.. eLearn Magazine.. Last Updated: November 29, 2009 7:47 AM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Communication
    Descriptive info: jol.. 10 Strategies for improving student presentation media.. Introduction:.. In my role as an Instructional Technology Coordinator, I still see large numbers of students and teachers using presentation media in poorly designed ways.. This presentation, and the 10 steps listed on this page, provide a simple framework for improving presentations, and can be taught to high school age students in about 50 minutes.. Moreover, this presentation is more about communicating visually than it is about any kind of presentation software.. THE GOAL:.. this presentation focuses on the content that teachers need to know to be able to teach kids the proper way to communicate visually.. (at least from my perspective).. Slide Deck:.. 10 Strategies for Improving Student Presentation Media.. djakes.. Begin Here:.. Towards a Framework for Visual Literacy Learning.. Then:.. Listen to the presentation.. , featured on the Apple Learning Exchange.. PowerPoint.. del.. us resources.. Visual Literacy.. Brain-based learning.. resources.. 10 Strategies:.. Teach them biology.. Teach them specifically about the brain.. Presentations should be based in an understanding of how people learn, and to do that, students have to understand some simple ideas about the brain.. Set the stage for creating a different type of presentation for explaining the human processing center.. The brain is about 3.. 5 pounds and is composed of around 12 billion cells.. There is some individual variation.. Two critical (at least for presentations) feed the brain.. The eyes and the ears.. The ears are connected to the brain via the auditory nerve.. The eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve.. The optic nerve is constructed of about 1 million nerve fibers; the auditory nerve, about 30,000.. There is a tremendous amount of bandwidth associated with the eye, suggesting that presentations should contain a visual component.. Teach them how to make it visual.. Use images to communicate, not decorate.. (.. source.. , Slide 9 and 10).. You can observe a lot by just watching.. Yogi Berra (.. Text is inefficient.. We read five times as fast as a person can talk.. (source).. So.. the upshot.. avoid text-based slides.. Take advantage of the bandwidth the optic nerve provides and the 3.. 5 pound hard-drive that humans have and make the slide deck image-based.. PowerPoint doesn't kill presentations.. bullets do.. Here's what a speaker owes an audience that travels to engage in person: more than they could get by just reading the transcript.. Seth Godin.. Humans have dual processing capability:.. visual.. auditory.. An excellent presentation takes advantage of both and makes connections between them.. Why would you use words on the screen when they do just fine in your mouth?.. Seth Godin (.. Research by Richard Mayer suggests that people learn best with a combination of imagery and text.. This does not mean a slide should be content contained in a bullet list with a piece of clip art stuck in the corner of the slide.. Effective slides contain a high-impact image, usually the size of the entire slide, with a limited, but well chosen amount of text.. The majority of the content associated with the slide is spoken, with the image and the text on the screen in direct support of what the speaker is saying.. Detailed information should not be presented on the screen, but in a printed document.. However, presenters need to consider cognitive load.. Research on instructional design has shown that the presentation medium does not create learning, but the presentation method does affect learning.. (Mayer ____ ).. The.. Cognitive Load of PowerPoint.. A description of.. Cognitive Load Theory.. from Wikipedia.. An interesting of.. Cognitive Load Theory to mathematics education.. | Brian Chipperfield.. Research into Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design at UNSW.. | Dr.. Graham Cooper.. Multimodal Learning: What the Research Says.. | Metiri Group.. Teach them how to find the visuals.. Based on the first two strategies, it is imperative that students understand how to locate imagery that can  ...   particular Creative Commons license.. Click Advanced under the search term to specify a license.. Most users will select Photos you can use commercially Attribution.. Watch.. Wanna Work Together.. which provides an excellent overview of Creative Commons licensing.. Watch it here or go to the Creative Commons site to watch it, as well as a video that describes how to use.. FireFox and Creative Commons together.. More videos about additional topics are.. located on the site.. Darren Draper's.. The Educators Guide to Creative Commons.. 5.. Teach them design.. Several key points to teach kids:.. avoid bullet points (ignore my bullet point list here!).. slides are free, if you have too much content for one, break it into two.. never send Powerpoint to do what a handout is intended to do.. Complex content belongs on paper, not on a screen.. Slide Redesign 1 is.. Overhaul focus:.. Slide Redesign 2 is.. Slide Redesign 3 is.. Seth Godin on the hierarchy of presentations.. Interesting Examples of Design I like:.. Thirst.. How will you be different? |.. The Gen-Y Guide to Web 2.. 0 at Work.. What elements of design work? |.. Imagine Leadership.. Design Resources.. | Alec Couros.. Need some really bad designs? Look no further than.. 6.. Teach them to sell.. Communication is the transfer of emotion.. It seems to me that if you're not wasting your time and mine, you're here to get me to change my mind, to do something different.. And that, my friend is selling.. If you're not trying to persuade, why are you here/ More Godin.. link to resource is.. Have them watch this YouTube video first:.. Story of a Sign.. What a speaker should be able to do.. | Seth Godin.. 7.. Teach them that color and font choice matter.. Sans-Serif vs Serif fonts.. Serif fonts (Times New Roman, etc.. | See Slide 42 in the above Slide Deck) are used in printed works and contain semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols (.. Wikipedia.. The hooks on the letters help the eye travel left to right as one reads.. However, these are not as clear when projected.. Instead, use a Serif font (Arial, Tahoma) that do not contain those elements on the ends of the letters.. These are much easier to read when projected.. This is one of the most simple things students can do to improve their presentations.. Be sure to see.. 52 Fonts.. Color basics.. (Slides 36-54).. The eye sees yellow first.. Fire engines are now painted yellow-the eye sees that first.. Also, think Golden Arches of McDonalds, the yellow traffic light, etc.. Colored pencil Wheel-slide 39.. Color means different things in different cultures.. In the US:.. red: danger, alert-use sparingly.. blue: Americans favorite color.. dark blue: trust.. green: renewal.. grey and brown: avoid!.. Blockbuster and Goodyear: (Slide 40).. Blue-we like it, yellow, we see it.. Standard Bank: dark blue-We trust you! (slide 41).. 8.. Teach them to storyboard.. Plan.. Don't send a presentation to do a research report's job.. Do the research paper, and do it deeply.. Use it to prepare a storyboard, and convince me of your position.. visually, and with emotion.. 9.. Teach them presentations secrets.. Hit the B key-screen goes black.. Hit B again and it returns to the slide deck.. Hit the W key-screen goes white.. Hit W again and it returns to the slide deck.. Teach kids to.. use hidden slides.. Explore.. various tips and tricks and shortcuts.. 10.. Teach them to develop their voice.. Use.. SlideShare.. to distribute slide desks.. SlideRocket.. to create and distribute slide desks.. Google Docs.. with appropriate age students to build, collaborate, and distribute slide desks.. Eight ways to extend Presentations.. General Resources.. Duarte AllTop Presentation Portal.. Pecha Kucha Design Tips.. Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha.. Reviews of this presentation.. Kristin Hokanson.. Wes Fryer.. Ewan McIntosh.. Last Updated: November 29, 2009 5:54 PM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-My Presentations
    Descriptive info: My Presentations.. These are the presentations that I currently offer to schools, conferences, and organizations.. Download a pdf.. of my presentations.. Current Keynote presentations are:.. The Global One Room Schoolhouse: Creating Community in the Digital Age.. Black Coffee: Keeping IT Simple.. On the Development of Digital Learning Spaces.. An Organizational Approach to Web 2.. This presentation explores the factors organizations need to successfully implement connective technologies on a systemic basis.. Audience: Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff, Curriculum Specialists.. This presentation examines the concept of literacy as a guiding principle for the use of connective technologies in schools.. Audience: Administrators, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, IT Director/Coordinators.. Keynote Presentation.. Developing Digital Learning Spaces: From Vision to Reality.. This presentation examines the development of a multidimensional online learning space composed of a course space, a student-content creation space, and a knowledge commons, where all groups involved in student learning in a school can contribute content and learning strategies.. Can be given as a keynote.. Standing Room Only: How to Create Unforgettable Presentations.. This presentation provides 10 strategies for improving visual presentations.. The strategies are based in brain-based learning and the principles of visual literacy.. This presentation is targeted at strategies that teachers can use with students but can be adapted for any specific group.. Audience: Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators.. This presentation explores approaches schools can use to appropriately utilize learning technologies in a explosive technology world..  ...   how teachers can blend a wide variety of online resources and media together to develop highly engaging digital media learning environments.. Ten Keys to Professional Development.. This presentation addresses the key components for building systemic and successful professional development experiences and programs.. Audience: Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff, Curriculum Specialists, District level personnel.. This presentation explores the role of creating local and global learning communities, and how schools can successfully scale and scaffold collaborative community-based learning.. Audience: Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, District level personnel.. Digital Footprint: What School Officials Need to Know.. This presentation presents the concept of developing a digital footprint, what to be concerned about, and how schools can proactively help students build a successful online presence.. A highly appropriate presentation for parents, and this can be given the night before a conference for that group.. Audience: Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff, Teachers, Curriculum Specialists, District level personnel and parents.. Hitting a Moving Target: Best Practice Teaching and Learning.. This presentation explores the intersection of best practice teaching and learning and technology.. Audience: Teachers, Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators, Curriculum Specialists.. This presentation explores the critical importance of media in education, and provides a scaffold for understanding how to promote visual and media literacy while helping students develop the skills they need for learning and living in a media rich world.. Audience: Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators, Teachers, Curriculum Specialists.. Last Updated: November 29, 2009 8:22 AM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Events
    Descriptive info: Events.. View.. David Jakes Presentations.. in a larger map.. Dave's.. Presentation History.. ,.. 1989-2007.. UPCOMING EVENTS 2010.. Akron Ready Steps Summer Symposium.. KEYNOTE SPEAKER.. On the Development of Learning Spaces.. June 25, 2010.. University of Akron.. Akron, OH.. Texas ASCD.. Presentations to be announced.. Jun2 29 and 30, 2010.. Dallas, Texas.. Building Learning Communities.. FEATURED SPEAKER.. (Workshop).. 140 Characters and Beyond: Extending Your Use of Twitter.. Life on the Screen.. Digital Footprints: What Educators Need to Know.. July 11-16, 2009.. Boston, Massachusetts.. Billlings School District.. August 16 and 17, 2010.. Billings, Montana.. TechForum Atlanta.. Re-visioning Learning Spaces.. October 15, 2010.. Atlanta, Georgia.. TechForum Texas.. November 5, 2010.. Austin, Texas.. COMPLETED EVENTS - 2005-08.. IETC-Springfield, IL.. TechForum New York-Rockland County, NY.. DuPage Country Regional Office of Education - Lombard, IL.. TechForum Texas - Austin, TX.. NYSCATE-Albany NY.. METC - St.. Louis, MO.. District 128- Palos Heights, IL.. District U-46 Elgin, IL.. TechForum San Diego, San Diego, CA.. Illinois Technology Conference (IL-TCE), St.. Charles, IL.. MACUL-Grand Rapids, MI.. East Maine District 63 - Des Plaines, IL.. Elgin U46-ITF Training-Elgin, IL.. TechForum Chicago-Itasca, IL.. Elgin U46- Developing a Personal Learning Environment-Elgin, IL.. Capstone Digital Storytelling Academy-Keynote Address-Lubbock, TX.. Region 16 Educational Service Center-Amarillo, TX.. Geneva School District 304, Geneva, IL.. District U-46, Elgin, Illinois-ITF Welcome Back.. District U-46, Elgin, Illinois-Digital Storytelling.. TechForum New York, Palasades, NY.. TechForum Texas, Keynote Address, Austin TX.. ISLMA 2006 Arlington Heights, Illinois.. Central New York Regional Information Center-Syracuse, NY.. Janesville Academy of International Studies, Janesville, WI..  ...   NYSCATE-Rochester NY.. SOITA, Keynote and Featured Speaker, Dayton OH.. EduCon, Panel Discussion, Philadelphia, PA.. METC, St.. Charles, MO.. ILTECE, St.. CUE, Palm Springs, CA.. WEMTA, Milwaukee, WI.. TST BOCES, Ithaca, NY.. Mary Institute St.. Louis Country Day, St.. Elmhurst District 205.. Upstate Technology Conference, Greenville, SC.. NECC, San Antonio, Texas.. Learning 2.. 008, Shanghai, China Featured Speaker.. Google Teachers Academy, Chicago, IL.. TechCon, Naperville, IL.. TechForum New York, Palisades NY.. Regional Summit on Civic Education, Wheaton IL.. VanderCook School of Music, Chicago IL.. NYSCATE 2008, Rochester NY Keynote Address.. CLMS 2008, Monterey, CA, Keynote Address.. The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA.. Educon, Philadelphia, PA.. The College Board Midwestern Region Conference, Chicago, IL.. TCEA, Austin Texas Keynote Address.. TechForum Midwest, Schaumburg, IL.. ONC BOCES, Stamford NY Keynote address.. CoSN CTO Clinic, Sacramento California Keynote Address.. Building Learning Communities, Boston MA, Featured Speaker.. Texarkana ISD, Texarkana, TX Keynote Address.. ASBO, Chicago IL.. TechForum Southwest, Austin, TX Featured Speaker.. CETPA, San Diego CA Keynote Address.. NYSCATE 2009, Rochester NY Keynote Address.. Western RCAC Symposium 2009, London, Ontario Keynote Address.. 2.. Midwest Education Technology Conference, Featured Speaker, St.. Louis, Missouri.. Palm Beach Technology Conference, West Palm Beach, FL, Featured Speaker.. Chicago Public Schools, Chicago IL, Featured Speaker.. BluePrint for Educational Excellence Institute, Reading MA, Keynote Address.. TechForum Chicago, Itasca, IL.. Attica Central Schools, Attica NY Keynote Address May 28, 2010.. TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference, Longview Texas, Keynote Speaker.. FT Bend ISD, SugarLand, Texas Featured Speaker.. Last Updated: June 19, 2010 2:17 PM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Professional Development
    Descriptive info: Communication.. Professional Development.. I offer a variety of technology professional development services for school districts, including keynotes and workshops on a variety of timely technology issues.. I have been giving presentations and workshops since 1995 on various topics and am widely recognized as a engaging and capable presenter on technology.. Presentations can be scaled for a variety of time lengths and audiences.. Presentation fees are available on.. request.. See where I have.. presented.. See where I am.. currently presenting.. See my.. presentation history.. AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATIONS.. 0 Hype: Focusing on What Really Matters |.. presentation resources.. The Global One Room Schoolhouse: Learning in the Digital Age.. 140 Characters: Learning to Connect with Twitter.. Do you want to know what I had for breakfast? How bad traffic is in Chicago rush hour? Of  ...   session will teach you the language of Twitter, and how 140 characters can be leveraged to obtain resources, engage in conversation, and be energized by ideas.. As our personal and professional lives become more and more represented in the digital, how do we create a presence that supports who we are, our learning, our work and our lives? This session explores a methodology that can be used to creatively and consciously promote and project our digital selves.. We'll explore a variety of tools and their affordances, and see how mobile devices can serve as a platform for sharing and distributing our lives.. Leave the session with an understanding of new tools, a plan for scaffolding these tools accordingly, and a developing perspective about the digital you.. Last Updated: March 13, 2010 8:24 AM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Favorites on Planet Jakes
    Descriptive info: Jakesnation.. Dave's favorite stuff on Planet Jakes.. Favorite City:.. Traverse City, Michigan, USA, Austini, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Las Vegas Nevada.. Favorite Street in the World:.. Las Vegas Blvd.. Second Place: Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado.. Third Place: Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.. Favorite Place on Planet Earth:.. Yosemite National Park, California, Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI.. Favorite Goals not yet accomplished:.. First place: I want to stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.. Second Place: I want to drive the Ventura Highway, in the sunshine.. Third place: seeing retirement.. Favorite Car:.. my Black Nissan Maxima.. Favorite Dining Experience:.. La Maison du Cygne, Brussels, Belgium.. The restaurant is housed in a building built when they thought the world was flat.. Enough said.. Second: eating German food in Shanghai, China with Brian Crosy and Adam Levine.. Least Favorite Dining Experience:.. Skyline Chili, Cincinnati, OH.. Cinnamon in chili?.. Who thought that up? You gotta grow up with the stuff (5-way chili).. A Close Second: Dierdorf's and Hart's Steakhouse, St.. Louis-just god-awful prices and worse service.. Favorite Breakfast.. : 13 Coins, Seattle, Washington, Ham Bonz, Traverse City, Michigan, Uncle Bill's, Roselle, Illinois, Mr.. A's, Arlington Heights, Illinois, Cisco's, Austin Texas.. Favorite Steakhouses:.. Gibson's, Chicago, IL, Bobby Van's, Manhattan, New York City, La Queue de Cheval, Montreal, Quebec, Wildfire, Lincolnshire, IL.. Favorite Italian.. : Rigazzi's, The Hill, St.. Louis Missouri, Za Za's, St.. Charles, IL, Tulio, Seattle, Washington, PoPazzo, San Diego, California, Cin Cin, Vancouver, British Columbia.. Favorite Seafood:.. Shaw's Crab House, Chicago, Illinois, McCormick Schmick's, Portland, Oregon, Jack's, Albany, New York, River Lane Inn, Brown Deer, Wisconsin.. Favorite Cajun/Creole:.. Pearl's New Orleans Kitchen, Elk Rapids, Michigan, The Gumbo Shop, New Orleans, Louisiana.. Favorite  ...   Point baseball camp bought on the day I graduated college.. Second Place: a red block of wood from the blocks I played with as a boy at my grandmother's house.. My cousin gave it to me on the day my cousin Bill passed.. Favorite Beer:.. Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewery, Ft.. Collins, Colorado, Buffalo Gold, Colorado.. Favorite Sports Team:.. da Bears.. Least Favorite:.. Chicago Cubs.. Go White Sox.. Favorite Meeting Places :.. Hand's down winner-Ella's, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Second Place: Flying Saucer, Ft.. Worth Texas, Third Place: Spanky's, Savannah, Georgia, 4th: The Dark Horse Tavern, DeWitt, New York.. Favorite Dave Photo taken by Dave.. Haystack Rock.. on the Oregon coast at Arcola State Park.. Favorite Web Site:.. what do you think? Also.. Biopoint.. and.. myprojectpages.. Favorite Buddy and Life-long friend:.. How-way.. Favorite Decision:.. becoming a teacher.. Favorite Moment.. : coming home from an extended stay in the South, seeing and smelling the cornfields of Central Illinois.. Favorite Most Humbling Moment:.. anytime I work with kids.. Favorite Educator.. : anyone who wears their passon on their sleeve, anyone who realizes its about kids and not them, anyone who steps out and takes risks beyond their comfort zone, anyone who hasn't taught 30 years one time, anyone who is more than 5 periods and out, anyone who refuses to use the dreaded worksheet, anyone who refuses to use time as an excuse for.. absolutely everything.. , anyone who will move forward despite the obstacles.. Least Favorite Educator:.. those who think its about them and not the kids, small people who don't work hard and give eductors a bad name, people who are control freaks, you know who you are.. Last Updated: March 30, 2009 2:41 PM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Communication
    Descriptive info: The ability to communicate in the 21st Century mediascape requires a thorough understanding of digital collaboration tools.. The power of these tools resides in the ability to connect individuals of similar interests together while providing the raw material to drive thinking in a new direction.. , and in the process, drive creativity and innovation within a truly social, collaborative  ...   TWITTER.. twitter.. com/djakes.. FACEBOOK.. http://www.. facebook.. com/dsjakes |.. go.. SKYPE.. Skype me at david.. jakes.. BLOG.. The Strength of Weak Ties.. Access it.. POSTEROUS.. posterous.. com |.. WIKI.. editme.. DEL.. ICIO.. US.. see it.. IMAGERY.. See my photos at.. Flickr.. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES.. I'm.. available.. to present at your professional development events.. Last Updated: November 29, 2009 9:12 AM..

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  • Title: JakesOnline!-Collaboration
    Descriptive info: Collaboration.. New tools, new Websites, all delivering new capabilities to communicate and collaborate.. Welcome to the new Web.. nEW TOOLS OF THE 21ST cENTURY.. Read.. Dave's explanation.. of RSS, Blogs, Wikis, and aggregrator software-the new tools of the digital age.. Explanations, examples and links to other resources are provided.. NEW WEBSITES OF THE 21ST CENTURY.. of Flickr, Blogger, Furl, and del.. us, are some of the new Web sites that empower users with tremendous new capabilities.. Read Dave's explanation of these  ...   Session at the Illinois Technology Conference entitled.. The One Room Schoolhouse: Creating Community in the Digital Age.. JAKESWIKI.. hey, I'm just getting started but go ahead and give collaborative editing a try by posting an example of effective technology use or on the potential of Wikis.. BLOGS YOU SHOULD READ.. If you are interested in moving forward, in foward thinking, and moving your thinking in a different direction, these.. individuals.. will get you started.. Last Updated: March 13, 2006 9:17 PM..

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