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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith
    Descriptive info: .. Waldo Jaquith.. Open your data.. On 22 November 02013 with.. no comments.. This is a piece I wrote about the importance of media outlets sharing the raw data on which their articles are based, as they do with prose (e.. g.. , FOIAed documents) with increasing frequency.. →.. “I put Algernon s body in a cheese box and buried him in the backyard.. I cried.. ”.. On 11 September 02013 with.. 53 comments.. I m a smart guy.. I m not bragging.. It s not like I deserve any credit for being smart.. I didn t do anything to make that happen.. I m also tall, but nobody compliments me on that.. (Good job being tall!).. Intelligence is an immutable characteristic that I have at times capitalized on and at other times let go to waste.. So it goes.. It s not easy to understand what it s like to be smarter or dumber than one is.. I have some friends who are.. much.. smarter than me, and I can t pretend to know what it s like to experience the world as they do.. Like height, intelligence is a privilege, in that we live in a society that places value on both.. And although I don t know what it s like to be of a different intelligence, I do know what it s like to be short; we all started out short.. Although I have brown hair now, I bleached my hair a couple of times as a teenager, so I know what it s like to be blond.. If I really wanted to, I could probably fake my way into at least being.. perceived.. as of a different race, sex, or sexual orientation.. Interestingly, I have come to find out what it s like to be dumb.. I am, at this moment, rather stupid.. On September 1 I returned from a trip to Buenos Aires.. During the 14 hours that I spent waiting around the Atlanta and Charlotte airports that day, I became progressively more sick, until I had a full-blown case of influenza.. (It s flu season in the southern hemisphere, after all.. ) Ten days later, I was still sick.. The fever was gone, and my symptoms were muted, but I still.. felt.. sick.. I didn t want to get out of bed, I didn t care about eating, I just wanted to lie around and watch TV.. So I went to the doctor, starting to doubt my self-diagnosis.. After explaining my symptoms, both physical and mental, he came to a conclusion quickly: I have.. Lyme disease.. (A pending blood test may help to confirm that, but.. they re famously unreliable.. ) I was bitten by a tick this spring—one of many ticks that I find embedded in my skin each spring, summer, and fall—that was bearing Lyme spirochetes, which it injected into me.. The immune-suppressing tick saliva allowed the bacteria to establish an infection there.. That initial infection raised a nickel-sized welt on my back, which I presented to my dermatologist, who assured me it was nothing to worry about.. (In fact, this may well have been a.. borrelial lymphocytoma.. ) Gradually, those spirochetes reproduced, spreading throughout my body, through my bloodstream.. Some of those spirochetes have hijacked my own cells, persuading them to produce nerve toxins that disrupt my brain s neurotransmitters.. In short, Lyme has made me tired, listless, depressed, and stupid.. This is a fascinating experience.. Or, at least, it.. would.. be fascinating, if the symptoms themselves didn t prevent me from caring.. Other than short bouts while ill—when I ve.. actually.. had the flu—I ve never been listless or unmotivated.. Quite the opposite, in fact.. I ve never been depressed.. And I ve never been stupid.. I m pretty much neurotypical.. So I want to explain, briefly, the bits about depression and stupidity, if only to capture the experience for Future Waldo.. Depression isn t at all what I thought it would be like.. I don t.. feel.. depressed, by which I mean that I don t feel sad or despairing or anything like that.. I just feel.. less.. Mostly, I feel like I couldn t be bothered.. Left to my own devices, I probably wouldn t eat much, if anything.. I doubt that I d shower or shave.. I d mostly watch television and nap.. My preferences are largely gone.. (.. Should we have chicken or fish for dinner? I just don t care.. ) I have a very short attention span; like a puppy chasing a butterfly, I m happy to pursue whatever shiny thing presents itself, until a new shiny thing comes along.. With substantial, headache-inducing effort, I can fake being normal-ish, but not for long.. Depression, at least as I m experiencing it, is the absence of emotion, rather than negative emotion.. I don t mind it, not yet, but maybe depression is what keeps me from minding depression.. Stupidity is also different than I d thought.. Part of my stupidity stems from the depression, I think.. My curiosity is muted, my ambition to learn more or consider options more deeply has vanished.. But part of it is just straight-up stupidity.. I can t really think about more than one thing at once.. When a new thought enters my head, the old one simply vanishes.. (Thanks to the depression, though, I don t really mind.. ) I have no critical thinking skills, little ability to string together a cohesive argument, and a poor recall of long-held facts.. I ve been stuck at this point in this paragraph for at least ten minutes, unable to think of the other ways in which I m stupid, or to spend more than five consecutive seconds trying to think of them.. Yes, I m too stupid to explain how I m stupid.. Do me a favor and pause to let the irony of that sink in, because if.. I.. pause, I ll start forget what I m supposed to be thinking about.. The good news is that this isn t permanent.. I started on an aggressive, two-week round of antibiotics yesterday, and I intend to find an infectious disease specialist with experience in Lyme to chart a more aggressive path to wellness.. In theory, once the antibiotics start to kill off those spirochetes, I ll stop feeling sick and stupid.. (Unfortunately, the antibiotics will also kill off many of.. the bacteria that my body needs.. , so I ll be having lots of homemade pickles and sauerkraut, coincidentally ready to eat this week, plus yogurt and kimchi, which will help to repopulate my gut s microbiota.. ) I don t know how long it ll be until I start to feel better.. Again, thanks to the depression, I don t really care, although I know that I m supposed to.. I hope that, in retrospect, this will have been a positive experience.. It s very difficult to understand how somebody else s brain works.. It s hard to sympathize with those who did less well in mental aspects of that great genetic lottery, because usually one can t really know what another person s experience is like.. Learning to understand depression and a different level of intelligence is a rare opportunity, and I m optimistic that this is an chance to become a better person.. McDonnell s Rolex.. On 12 July 02013 with.. 3 comments.. I want to emphasize a small but crucial point about Bob McDonnell s defense in this unfolding scandal.. His defense is that all of the gifts—$15,000 for one daughter s wedding, $10,000 for another daughter s wedding, $70,000 to his business, $50,000 to his wife, etc.. —weren t to.. him,.. but to his family members and his business.. One of the gifts was.. a $6,500 Rolex.. , purchased by Jonnie Williams at the request of first lady Maureen McDonnell.. A men s Rolex, it s engraved 71st Governor of Virginia, and it is worn by the governor.. We re to believe that this 71st Governor of Virginia men s Rolex, worn by the governor, was a gift to the governor s.. wife?.. The very suggestion is ludicrous.. As is so often the case,.. The Simpsons.. did it first.. In.. Life on the Fast Lane.. (season 1, episode 9, 7G11), Homer has completely forgotten to get a birthday present for Marge.. He rushes out to the mall and buys a bowling ball.. He has it drilled and engraved Homer.. When Marge opens it, of course she realizes immediately that Homer intends this for himself.. A few minutes later, she s pondering an affair with a Frenchman who is providing her with bowling lessons.. Marge Simpsons knew better.. The grand jury will, too.. Déjà vu.. On 11 July 02013 with.. 5 comments.. I ve watched the drip-drip-sploosh of revelations about Bob McDonnell s with a sense of recognition.. As the charges become more serious (daughter s wedding yields to Rolex yields to $50,000 to McDonnell s wife yields to $70,000 to McDonnell s business), it s feeling a lot like the financial improprieties that accompanied his 2005 campaign for attorney general.. In 2005, McDonnell got 1/3 of all of his campaign s funding—over $2 million—from the Republican State Leadership Committee, a federal organization that had just been implicated in Jack Abramoff s money-laundering scheme.. McDonnell wouldn t disclose his donors, despite having declared that every donor to his campaign should be public.. I knew full well who the donors were—big tobacco, big oil, casinos, and payday loan companies—as, indeed,.. ultimately proved to be the case.. Never mind the truth,.. McDonnell went on the radio to denounce me.. , accusing me of being part of a grand conspiracy.. McDonnell s actions were universally condemned by editorial boards.. Just a few months later, after I d been proven correct,.. McDonnell had a bill introduced to close the hole he d exploited.. ,.. and the law now reflects that.. So, McDonnell skirted the law, then lied about it, then confessed to it, and finally—having no further use for the loophole—called for the law to be amended.. Bob McDonnell is going through the same steps now as he did eight years ago:.. 1.. Deny the allegations.. 2.. Confess to the allegations.. 3.. Claim that he s within the letter of the law.. 4.. Call for the law to be amended to prevent this sort of thing from happening.. In fact, he s already gone through all of these four steps, but in much less time than eight years ago.. This time, of course, a grand jury has been convened, so shit got real pretty fast, accelerating the McDonnell Denial Cycle.. The.. Washington Post.. editorial board wins the Most Prescient award for their October 27, 2005 editorial about McDonnell:.. If he wins on Nov.. 8, he’ll become Virginia’s foremost law enforcement official.. Yet as things stand, he would enter office tainted, complicit in ignoring the state law that insists the public should know where candidates get their cash.. If he approaches this law with a wink and a nod, why should he be trusted to enforce the others?.. Bob McDonnell, on the other hand, wins the.. Least Self-Aware award.. :.. An agitated McDonnell said the scrutiny has been disappointing.. Thirty-seven years–no one s raised questions about my integrity or my character, he said.. Anybody who s been paying attention should have seen this coming, or at least its strong possibility.. Except for Bob McDonnell.. To be fair, though, he may not be paying attention.. Kluge subpoenaed.. On 22 June 02013 with.. 1 comment.. Patricia Kluge has been subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury investigating Gov.. Bob McDonnell.. Previously.. ).. Bullshittery and bad candidates.. On 14 June 02013 with.. 8 comments.. There s something about an election that turns people into liars.. Once upon a time, there was a relatively small cohort of people who had a public stake in an election.. Those people would insist that their candidate was great—totally perfect, if the truth be told—no matter how lousy that they really thought that the candidate was.. Election day would come and go and, if their guy lost, they d say to their peers, quietly, I never really liked the guy anyway.. And in retrospect, their bullshittery would be described as spin, a polite way to say lying by people who are already known to be liars.. Today, thanks to social media, we have millions of people who have a chosen political candidate, a desire to promote that candidate, and an audience of hundreds or thousands of people to whom they can spread their message.. Unfortunately, bullshittery has accompanied this growth, meaning that we have more bullshitters than ever.. But now they have a credulous audience, people who are not aware that what they re saying is bullshit.. (I m using here.. my very specific definition of bullshit.. : a false assertion that both the speaker and listener know to be false.. ) I do not include in this group people who are paid to promote a candidate or a party, provided that they have the good sense to leave their friends and family out of their bullshitting.. E.. W.. Jackson, the Republican Party s train wreck of a lieutenant governor candidate, is Exhibit A.. No rational person could look at his candidacy and think.. this is a good idea.. This is not a debatable point.. Anybody rational who.. debate that point now would concede privately that they re bullshitting, and is liable to do so publicly come November.. We have a word for people who say things that are blatantly untrue:.. liars.. And this is how these folks are perceived by most folks in their audiences when they make foolish claims about candidates, and.. especially.. when they recant post-election.. If you think a candidate sucks,.. say so.. , or say nothing at all.. To do otherwise is to support the continuation of a broken political system and to broadcast to your friends and family this message:.. I am a liar.. Randy Duke Cunningham has been released from prison.. On 4 June 02013 with.. Comments Off.. I enjoyed the hell out of covering his misdeeds in 2005.. I hope he can provide the world with more fodder for hilarious tales of corruption in the years ahead.. Given his lack of contrition (he regrets pleading guilty!), I think that s likely.. Ethics training in the governor s office.. On 31 May 02013 with.. 2 comments.. The ethics records that the attorney general s office refuses to give me.. didn t present an obstacle for Gov.. Bob McDonnell s office.. Here are the records of when the employees of that office—including Gov.. McDonnell—have received their.. legally-mandated ethics training.. Gov.. McDonnell s Office Ethics Training Records (PDF).. McDonnell s Office Ethics Training Records (Text).. (Because employees have come and gone during the prescribed period, some have received training in other branches of government.. Others received training as a part of their continuing education requirement by the state bar.. I FOIAed these records in response to.. the ethics questions surrounding the governor and  ...   a quick site to list all of them.. , but I outgrew it pretty quickly.. So now I m launching a new site:.. the Open Virginia data repository.. It s an implementation of.. the excellent CKAN data repository software.. (which will soon drive.. Data.. gov.. ).. The idea is to provide a single, searchable, extensible website where.. every known state dataset.. can be listed, making them easy to find and interact with.. It s built on the industry s best software, in part because I m hopeful that, eventually, I can persuade Virginia to simply take the site from me, to establish a long-overdue data.. virginia.. There are a few new datasets that accompany this launch:.. The Dangerous Dog Registry as JSON.. , meaning that programmers can take these records and do something interesting with them.. (Imagine an iPhone app that tells you when you re close to a registered dangerous dog.. ) Previously I provided this only as HTML.. VDOT 511 Geodata.. This is the GeoJSON that powers.. Virginia 511.. , exposed here for the first time.. Road work, traffic cameras, accidents—all kinds of great data, updated constantly, with each GeoJSON feed listed here.. Public comments on proposed regulations.. Over 28,000 comments have been posted by members of the public about regulations to the.. Virginia Regulatory Town Hall.. site over the past decade.. Now they re all available in a single file (formatted as JSON), for programmers to do interesting things with.. There s so much more to come—good datasets already available, and datasets that need to be scraped from government sites and normalized—but this is a good start.. I m optimistic that providing an open, accessible home for this data will encourage others to join in and help create a comprehensive collection of data about the Virginia government and its services.. I am one dog old.. On 28 March 02013 with.. 10 comments.. Our sweet old beagle passed away today.. It seems like it was just yesterday that.. we took her in.. Back then—in late 2006—she was just another foster.. My wife and I decided that, rather than fostering lively animals and finding homes for them, we d pick out the most pathetic dog we could find at the SPCA, as our very own Pygmalion tale.. This elderly, frightened old girl was the clear winner, so we took her with us, determined to find her a forever home.. There didn t turn out to be much of a market for elderly, gassy beagles, and.. come March, we made things official.. Her life before 2006 was obviously pretty rough, and I m proud that we could provide her with a great retirement home and a proper family.. I hope all of her memories of her prior life were gradually replaced with a fuzzy impression of joy, safety, and freedom from want.. She certainly provided us with many happy memories of our own.. $500 speech transcription bounty claimed.. On 23 March 02013 with.. It took just 27 hours for.. the $500 speech transcription bounty.. to be claimed.. Aaron Williamson.. produced.. youtube-transcription.. , a Python-based pair of scripts that upload video to YouTube and download the resulting machine-generated transcripts of speech.. It took me longer to find the time to test it out than it did for Aaron to write it.. But I finally did test it, and it works quite well.. There are lots of changes and features that I d like to see, and the beauty of open source software is that those changes don t need to be Aaron s problem—I (and anybody else) can make whatever changes that I see fit.. This will be pressed into service on.. ASAP.. Thanks to.. Matt Cutts.. for the idea, and to.. the 95 people who backed this project on Kickstarter.. , since they re the ones who funded this effort.. $500 bounty for a speech transcription program.. On 21 March 02013 with.. 11 comments.. The world needs an API to automatically generate transcript captions for videos.. I am offering a $500 bounty for a program that does this via YouTube s built-in machine transcription functionality.. It should work in approximately this manner:.. Accepts a manifest that lists one or more video URLs and other metadata fields.. The manifest may be in any common, reasonable format (e.. , JSON, CSV, XML).. Retrieves the video from the URL and stores it on the filesystem.. Uploads the video to YouTube, appending the other metadata fields to the request.. Deletes the video from the filesystem.. Downloads the resulting caption file, storing it with a unique name that can be connected back to a unique field contained within the manifest (e.. , a unique ID metadata field).. Rules.. Must be written in a common, non-compiled language (e.. , Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby) that requires no special setup or server configuration that will run on any standard, out-of-the-box Linux distribution.. Must run at the command line.. (It s fine to provide additional interfaces.. May have additional features and options.. May use existing open source components (of course).. This is not a clean-room implementation.. May be divided into multiple programs (e.. , one to parse the manifest and retrieve the specified videos, one to submit the video to YouTube, and one to poll YouTube for the completed transcripts), or combined as one.. Must be licensed under the GPL, MIT, or Apache licenses.. Other licenses may be considered.. If multiple parties develop the program collaboratively, it s up to them to determine how to divide the bounty.. If they cannot come to agreement within seven days, the bounty will be donated to the 501(c)3 of my choosing.. The first person to provide functioning code that meets the specifications will receive the bounty.. Anybody who delivers incomplete code, or who delivers complete code after somebody else has already done so, will receive a firm handshake and the thanks of a grateful nation.. If nobody delivers a completed product within 30 days then I may, within my discretion, award some or all of the bounty to whomever has gotten closest to completion.. Participants are encouraged to develop in the open, on.. GitHub.. , and to comment here with a link to their repository, so that others may observe their work, and perhaps join in.. This bounty is funded entirely by.. the 95 folks who backed this Kickstarter project.. , though I suppose especially by those people who kept backing the project even after the goal was met.. I deserve zero credit for it.. Why fresh-squeezed orange juice turns bitter.. On 17 February 02013 with.. Several times recently I have squeezed a large number of oranges, enjoyed some of the delicious fresh-squeezed juice, and then been disappointed by the rest the next day.. It tastes bitter, and becomes worse rapidly.. This turns out to be the result of naturally occurring limonoate A-ring lactone (aka LARL, a tasteless substance) breaking down into limonin, which is very bitter tasting.. The amount of LARL varies between oranges and throughout the growing season.. If there s any way to arrest the conversion of LARL to limonin in the home-squeezing process, I don t know about it.. Everything you want to know about gun violence in the United States.. On 4 February 02013 with.. My friend Jonathan Stray put together an entirely fact-based FAQ on American gun violence for The Atlantic.. Everybody can learn something from this.. That fresh squeezed orange juice is anything but.. On 1 February 02013 with.. 6 comments.. I m more interested in orange juice than is probably healthy for somebody who doesn t work in the industry and, as such, I m excited to see Bloomberg Businessweek shining a spotlight on the horseshit that is fresh squeezed, not from concentrate, and all-natural.. These are all lies.. It was squeezed months ago.. It was concentrated to a point a hair s breadth from the legal definition of concentrated.. It s not natural, it s created in a lab in a process more complicated than Coca-Cola.. If you drank the stuff as its stored in giant vats, you d spit it out—it s flavorless at best, disgusting at worst.. It s only through adding a cocktail of lab-created flavorings that it takes like something that came out of an orange.. Because those lab-created flavorings are based on molecules that are found somewhere—anywhere—in nature, they can be labelled natural flavors, instead of artificial flavors.. Senator Henry Marsh s big day.. On 21 January 02013 with.. 35 comments.. Today was a big day for Senator Henry Marsh.. The legislator of twenty years took a rare day off during the Virginia Senate s 46-day session, to attend President Barack Obama s second-term inauguration in Washington D.. C.. For the 79-year-old black civil rights lawyer, attending a black president s inauguration on Martin Luther King Jr s birthday is perhaps the most auspicious of occasions.. Certainly nobody would object to him missing just one day.. Looking at today s legislative calendar, he would have seen that his absence wouldn t be problematic, with nothing contentious on the agenda.. (With the Senate split 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans, and with a Republican lieutenant governor acting as tie-breaker, that s no small point.. Marsh grew up under Jim Crow.. He had a ten-mile round-trip walk to his one-room schoolhouse—an awfully long trip for a seven-year-old—while white kids took a bus to a modern school.. Marsh didn t let racism hold him back.. He didn t just graduate from primary school, but went onto college.. When he was a senior at Virginia Union University, the Byrd Machine was organizing massive resistance —shutting down public schools rather than comply with.. Brown v.. Board of Education.. —and Marsh got involved, testifying against the policy before the General Assembly.. In doing so, he met famed civil rights attorney Oliver Hill; at Hill s encouragement, he got a degree in law from Howard University, and later went into private practice with Hill, focusing on civil rights law.. Marsh and his practice were responsible for huge advances in civil rights over the decades, eliminating separate but equal, busing, and racial discrimination in hiring.. Along the way he became the first black mayor of Richmond, and was elected to his Senate seat in 1991.. Today he chairs the Martin Luther King Jr.. Memorial Commission and created the Martin Luther King Jr.. Living History and Public Policy Center.. So it bears repeating:.. today was a very big day for Henry Marsh.. He must have taken a great deal of satisfaction in seeing his life s work culminate in the first black president s reelection, being sworn in on Martin Luther King Jr s birthday.. It was a very, very good reason to miss a day s session.. Today was also a big day for Senate Republicans.. They knew that Henry Marsh would be at the inauguration today, and that the 20–20 split in the Senate would become a 20–19 split while Marsh was 100 miles north, among the throngs on the National Mall.. So today was the day that they decided—without hearings, advertisements, notifications, or warnings—to take a chunk out of Marsh s district, along with a handful of others, to ghettoize black voters in a majority-minority district and.. put 45% of voting-age citizens into new districts.. I sat in the Senate gallery, along with no more than perhaps a half-dozen other people, slack-jawed with confusion (.. tweeting all the while.. ) as Republican Sen.. John Watkins filibustered through the allotted 15 minutes to discuss what was advertised as the third reading of a pretty boring bill, making technical adjustments to district boundaries.. Unbeknownst to anybody but the 20 Senate Republicans, the bill had been replaced with a radical redistricting, combining two senators into a single district (eliminating the district of 2009 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds), reshuffling district boundaries throughout the state to absorb those changes (to Republicans apparent favor in a half-dozen districts), and creating a black district.. Senate Democrats tried repeatedly to get a word in, but they were blocked procedurally.. A series of votes were held (votes about voting, votes about reconsidering voting about voting, and so on), all failing 20–19, during which a few people got to make remarks.. One Democratic senator moved to simply put the vote off until tomorrow, so that there d be time to read this brand-new bill.. That vote failed 20–19.. Another Democratic senator pointed out that this was simply.. unconstitutional.. ( [t]he General Assembly shall reapportion the Commonwealth into electoral districts in accordance with this section in the year 2011 and every ten years thereafter ).. One Republican senator insisted that this was simply a racially sensitive improvement, since it was establishing a majority-minority district.. Another Republican said that there was no need to hold hearings on this new redistricting, because they held hearings a few years ago, last time they redistricted.. Yet it remained unclear throughout what, exactly, this bill did, though Democrats were frantically trying to figure that out as they stalled with round after round of procedural vote, a peeved Lt.. Bill Bolling presiding over the whole affair.. Finally there was nothing else to be done—the vote was held, and the bill passed, 20–19.. Lt.. Gov Bolling says he would have voted against the bill.. , if it had been a tie.. Which is surely why the bill was introduced today.. Senate Republicans MLK Day gift to Senator Marsh and to Virginia is to use the re-inauguration of the United States first black president as cover to pass a bill that will make it harder for black candidates to get elected.. Now the bill goes to the House of Delegates, who will no doubt pass it, and then to Gov.. Bob McDonnell,.. who said he was as surprised by this bill as everybody else.. We re about to learn if McDonnell has really become the centrist he s presenting himself as, or if he s.. the same old right-wing extremist.. I fear we already know the answer.. Muller concludes that humans are behind climate change.. On 14 January 02013 with.. Physicist Richard A.. Muller was in the news last year after his Koch-funded study of global climate change concluded that it s real, surely to the Koch brothers dismay.. Now he s penned an on-ed for the New York Times in which he says that his ongoing research has led him to the same conclusion as 99.. 9% of other experts in the field—that essentially all of this increase results from the human emission of greenhouse gases.. Muller s research shows that the UN and the IPCC actually understate the problem.. He researched the climate change causes claimed by non-scientist skeptics (urban heating biases, cherry-picking data, faking data, solar activity, and global population), and found that none of them explained climate change.. What did explain it perfectly was atmospheric carbon dioxide.. Before.. About.. Waldo Jaquith (JAKE-with) is an open government technologist who lives near Char lottes ville, VA, USA.. more ».. Recently.. November 2013.. September 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. Et Cetera.. Waldo Jaquith.. Powered by.. WordPress.. using the.. DePo Skinny Theme..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - “I put Algernon’s body in a cheese box and buried him in the backyard. I cried.”
    Descriptive info: On 11 September 02013 with 53 comments.. 53 Comments.. [ ] I have come to find out what it s like to be dumb.. Source:.. http://waldo.. jaquith.. org/blog/2013/09/stupid/.. 0 [ ].. Posted by.. I have come to find out what it s like to be dumb.. Rocketboom.. on 12 September 2013 @ 12am.. Yes, everytime I hear depression described by someone who has it, that is how they describe it.. Absence of feeling/motivation rather than negative feeling.. And that is how I d describe it mself too.. Posted by Chris on 12 September 2013 @ 1am.. You may not know exactly what it is like to be short if you were never short relative to your peers.. Along those same lines, if you do know what it is like to be short then you should also know what it is like to be stupid.. I once skimmed through a book that my 3 year old niece was trying to read.. As she struggled to sound out each word I exclaimed Ha! This book is easy!.. Warren.. on 12 September 2013 @ 1am.. because usually one can’t really know what another person’s experience is like.. You might read any number of books, but you can not understand some one else unless you are in their shoes or experience their thought process.. I believe that stupidity is nothing but absence of rational thinking, which is actually blissful !! I was not lucky enough to be bitten by a bug, instead had to carry out an experiment in order to understand the concept of YOLO , as it is generally perceived.. And it was an eye opener, helping me connect with other people better more than ever.. and I’m also optimistic that this is an chance to become a better person :).. If you interested in reading more about it , you may at.. http://nocialmonk.. blogspot.. in/2013/09/living-without-fear-of-consequences.. html.. Nocial Monk.. I think this portion from the movie Good Will Hunting is saying the same thing.. It s really hard to understand someone else just by intellectual exercises.. Great post.. Best wishes for an early recovery.. http://www.. youtube.. com/watch?v=qM-gZintWDc.. Posted by sree on 12 September 2013 @ 2am.. Not all depression feels alike.. I have felt the kind of depression you are describing where you mainly feel apathetic about most everything.. I have also felt the kind of depression that feels like a soul-crushing black of hole of intense sadness for months or years after losing loved ones and my faith.. Posted by Mac on 12 September 2013 @ 2am.. Your article is great, but I d like to point out that your stupidity/dumbness may have started earlier: you diagnosed yourself.. Posted by Aditya KD on 12 September 2013 @ 3am.. A very moving article.. I have been through Lyme disease myself when I was younger, with very different symptoms that got me in the hospital for two weeks.. Just wanted to wish you a quick recovery.. @Nocial Monk : you are not lucky to be bitten by a [tick] it can be a very harsh time if you get Lyme s.. Posted by Kolo on 12 September 2013 @ 4am.. Kolo,.. I apologise for my statement lucky to be bitten by a [tick].. I honestly have no idea about Lyme disease.. My intention was not to hurt some one or dis-regard the seriousness of Lyme disease.. If I could edit that comment, I would do so right now.. In future I will be more careful and considerate.. Regards.. Posted by Nocial Monk on 12 September 2013 @ 4am.. Nocial Monk,.. Don t worry, no offense taken.. Lyme is actually a pretty bad thing, even the early symptoms are quite frightening.. The thing is, it starts up as just a spot on the skin, that you may not even notice if it s hidden, e.. behind an ear.. So it s easy to let the first days/first week pass by and get to the second stage of the sickness :.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Lyme_disease#Early_disseminated_infection.. What Waldo experiences is only one of the many possible neurological affections, in my case I don t remember any effect on my intellect, but I got the palsy thing.. Anyways, once identified, the antibiotics are efficient.. Also, if you notice the ticks and remove them (with a tick twister ! other methods are bad), just mark the spot with a pen to remember where it was.. If a few hours later you get a red patch, the tick was carrying Lyme.. Then it s antibiotics for a few days and the sickness doesn t develop.. Posted by Kolo on 12 September 2013 @ 5am.. Two weeks on antibiotics is not enough,.. ilads.. org/.. Get an expert on lyme you already show neuroborreliosis so that would be at least a 21 days / a month of treatment.. Posted by meh on 12 September 2013 @ 5am.. A compelling read, Waldo, and one I ll share with a poor co-worker struggling with Lyme.. When I struggled with depression I remember describing it as, if my bed were against a wall I still couldn t decide which side to use.. I m particularly concerned that your dermatologist failed to alert to the possibility at all.. I hope you intend to follow up with her and not for nothing maybe you could message me her name, since I live in your town and also use the dermatology services here!.. Posted by Diane on 12 September 2013 @ 5am.. Seems like a Great experience for you!.. Also it seems to me, that you can experience the same with drugs.. Booze make you stupid, other stuff can shift your mind.. And also it s easier to get than a Lime :).. Anyways, get well!.. Posted by Jony on 12 September 2013 @ 6am.. Thank you for your article.. This makes me consider the way I ve been feeling lately, and that perhaps what I m feeling/experiencing is not normal.. Posted by Brett on 12 September 2013 @ 6am.. It s fantastic that you found the energy to write it, especially since it appeared on HackerNews.. Flowers for Algernon is an excellent book.. Same experience here: Depression and loss of intelligence come together.. From a major uni in my country, I went to very average jobs.. My depression lasted 4 years and I felt deprived from my emotional abilities: Things I used to be good at, like reading people or exposing facts in a constructed manner, were all impossible.. In successive jobs, I saw that look on the HR people saying That guy is a nutcase, we need him out.. Forward 5 years, I m excelling again.. I hope the same happens to you.. Posted by Papg on 12 September 2013 @ 7am.. Don t say genetic, when you experience it without genetical changes, but microbial changes.. Don t encourage people to stay stupid by giving them hope that the genetic lottery shit is real.. The hypothesis is that intellect can be altered by genetic defects and only by that.. Everything else would only held true, if there were huge genetic differences between intelligent and stupid people, but you know that there isn t a big difference generally.. Say it with me: Every human being without genetic defects can be as smart as Einstein, when learning like Feynman and training like an Athlete.. Or do you want to be a Evolution hypocrite?.. Posted by CyberSectomy on 12 September 2013 @ 7am.. You re smart, I believe you, because of your intriguingly analytic writing style.. Probably 140 hopefully more soon.. Enable a SPAM Filter here.. I remember feeling just like that after I came down with viral meningitis (which -I ve learned- is the good variety to catch, contrary to the bacterial meningitis).. Things that required even the smallest of mental effort -making a peanut butter sandwich, getting dressed, even creating a proper sentence- all seemed like insurmountable tasks.. I never felt like I was stupid at the time, but looking back I was pretty stupid :) I guess it s because the body needs all available resources to fight off the disease, leaving nothing for your brain to run on.. Lyme can have some pretty nasty side effects if untreated, so it s a good thing you spotted it in time.. Good luck with your recovery.. Posted by Rommert on 12 September 2013 @ 7am.. responded on HN but will write here too.. Had the same stuff last month.. it pases with doxy.. Your summary exactly applies for me.. Don t believe the post lyme stuff you read.. ITS ALL BS.. I went to one of the nations best infectious disease guys (parents are well known docs and got me the appointment).. When I had lyme he laughed.. It and the other tick diseases are highly sensitive to doxy.. Anyway get well soon.. If you need any advice hit me up.. Kaya.. on 12 September 2013 @ 8am.. This is the smartest post I ve ever read about being stupid! I appreciate your lucid description of a difficult situation.. Wishing you a very speedy recovery!.. Posted by Mark on 12 September 2013 @ 9am.. Great article you re going through something terrible, but shared it in a compelling, even humourous manner.. Thanks for writing this I ll be thinking about you and hoping you start feeling better.. Posted by Greg on 12 September 2013 @ 10am.. dear author and commenting populace,.. you know nothing of depression.. it is considerably more broad than your watered down, temporary experience.. you are essentially making light of a horrible situation that many people ACTUALLY SUFFER through constantly.. pskept.. on 12 September 2013 @ 10am.. The mental Lyme Disease symptoms you are feeling are coming from brain swelling.. Ask your doctors for a SPECT scan to prove it.. Forget about the depression etc, your brain is swelling.. If you can get them  ...   September 2013 @ 12pm.. Hey Waldo, it s weird to find out about your post via ycombinator instead of on the dads list.. Anyway, two things.. (1) there s progress in a vaccine for Lyme disease:.. medicalnewstoday.. com/articles/260471.. php.. (2) there s a probiotic supplement called Align that complements the bacteria in yogurt.. You can pick it up at Costco.. Yogurt doesn t contain all types of the good bacteria normally found in the gut, unfortunately.. costco.. com/Align%C2%AE-Probiotic-Supplement%2c-63-Capsules.. product.. 11630542.. Posted by Duane Johnson on 12 September 2013 @ 12pm.. I m recovering from Lyme s and Waldo you have captured EXACTLY what it feels like.. Please let us know when you find that infectious disease specialist.. I d like to contact him/her myself because after my own antibiotics course I m still not 100%.. Wishing you well.. Jenee Libby.. on 12 September 2013 @ 1pm.. and I m willing to travel if need be.. Haven t located one here in Charlottesville yet.. your assertion that depressed = stupid is dangerously fallacious.. If I d said that depression is the same as stupidity, that.. be fallacious.. It sure is a good thing that I didn t!.. on 12 September 2013 @ 3pm.. Fave line: This is a fascinating experience.. Or, at least, it would be fascinating, if the symptoms themselves didn’t prevent me from caring.. So sorry that this has happened to you!.. Posted by Whitney Athayde on 12 September 2013 @ 4pm.. Thank you a million times for posting.. I was diagnosed almost one month ago with Lyme and just finished a first round of doxycycline.. Already realizing that I will need additional time on antibiotics as four days off of them has proven that my brain is still slow.. It is no fun to not feel up to par.. As a part time writer, it s KILLING me.. I m impressed my your lucidity nonetheless.. Kristina.. on 12 September 2013 @ 5pm.. I *think* you are suffering more from apathy than depression.. Apathy is I don t care about anything.. Depression is I have no hope for the future and no reason to exist because I am nothing.. It didn t sound like you have no hope for the future, so that s why it sounds like apathy.. I ve had both of these in my past.. They are different.. Depression is more serious because there are some core beliefs that need to be rebuilt after they have been crushed or destroyed.. Anyway, interesting post.. I guess you answered the question is a dumb person smart enough to know they are dumb?.. Posted by RussG on 12 September 2013 @ 6pm.. I totally feel you.. I had a kid a year ago and I m still at less than 80% my previous cognitive ability due to lack of sleep, and lack of restful periods.. Someday I talk pretty again.. Posted by joe user on 12 September 2013 @ 6pm.. https://scontent-b-iad.. xx.. fbcdn.. net/hphotos-prn2/1236386_506316666123506_968198660_n.. jpg.. Posted by Whitney Athayde on 12 September 2013 @ 6pm.. @Kristina, you may want to give yourself additional time off the anti-biotics before going back on.. I ve been off almost 3 weeks and am just now starting to feel more cognizant The anti-biotics are almost as bad as the disease itself.. on 12 September 2013 @ 7pm.. This was one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read.. I ve been bitten plenty of times by deer ticks and had the welts but never anything more than that.. Good luck on a complete recovery.. Posted by robert on 12 September 2013 @ 10pm.. Kefir has ten times the bacterial content of yogurt and has been shown to be capable of recolonising the gut.. Plus it is way easier to make than yogurt, though you do have to feed it daily.. I have grains to share if you are interested.. Posted by Malena on 12 September 2013 @ 11pm.. @Jenee i am wont to agree with you.. the antibiotics certainly elicited a series of unfortunate side effects.. that being said, i know that there is some sketchiness whereby the CDC suggests you only take antibiotics for a couple of weeks- and somehow this is related to helping insurance companies lower costs related to Lyme.. the truth is that this spirochetes probably don t go away from one two week dose of doxy.. granted i began treatment one month after the bite, which bodes well for recovery, and that those who go untreated will naturally have a harder time fighting it off, but i do think it will take another flooding of the antis into my system to really fight it off.. on 12 September 2013 @ 11pm.. Yup.. That is exactly how I have been feeling for the past few months.. We only really notice depression when it starts to go away; when we begin to notice things that had previously been ignored: Our perception of colours, textures, sights and smells all start to have a perceptual depth and quality that is absent in the throes of depression: Not only do they start to provoke an emotional response, but they attract and maintain a depth of attentional focus that was absent before.. Indeed, it seems to me that depression might be more accurately classified as a derangement of our attentional mechanisms than an emotional disorder.. Ability to concentrate disappears, ability to do any sort of in-depth analysis goes away, ability to read anything other than the shortest of articles dissipates.. Fortunately, the hyperkinetic attention-deficit twitteresque world of the internet is tailor-made for individuals with depression and an inability to concentrate.. wtpayne.. on 13 September 2013 @ 6am.. Waldo,.. Not one year has gone by since I moved to Sugar Hollow a dozen years ago that I haven t had to remove at least one tick; the average is more like 4-5 over the course of a season.. Despite bug spray, etc.. , it comes with the territory with hiking outdoor work.. So I ve always felt that I m living on borrowed time as far as Lyme goes.. You re someone whom many of us trust to think critically and know the difference between anecdote and evidence, so I hope you ll continue to post what you experience and learn as the situation moves you, and good luck navigating the universe of contradictory information out there about Lyme disease.. Posted by David Sewell on 13 September 2013 @ 1pm.. I got mononucleosis when I was 16, and it was like this, times 10.. (not to mention a non-stop feeling of general unpleasantness not pain, not nausea, just blahhhh.. ) I d try to read a book, nope, way over my head.. Same with magazines.. To my great horror, I even tried midday television and found that soap operas were too difficult to understand! I really think my IQ dropped to the mid-50s.. And it s viral so there s no fix other than to wait it out.. As someone who normally read 2-3 books a week this was a special kind of hell.. Posted by tbiggs on 13 September 2013 @ 4pm.. tbiggs that s EXACTLY how it felt/feels to me.. Like mono but worse.. Thinking I might have to write about my own experience.. When I can and when I care again LOL!.. on 13 September 2013 @ 4pm.. I can sympathize and empathize with you.. I have lupus.. People have a hard time understanding that that meant so me because they still see me going 100 miles per hour and working on 3 different things at the same time.. But, those are the people who did not know me before lupus.. Those with prior knowledge know that it is normal for me to go to go at 200 miles per hour and juggle 6 things at one time.. It is hard for others to understand the sense of loss that I feel or the frustration of not being able to do as much as I once could.. I simply don t think as quickly as I use to and I do not have the same level of energy to handle the thoughts that I do have.. It is frustrating and depressing.. Posted by CarolL on 15 September 2013 @ 10pm.. The best description of depression I ve ever read.. And it s a comic strip.. http://hyperboleandahalf.. com/2013/05/depression-part-two.. Please note, read this if you are curious about what depressed people feel like.. But it may be triggering for those fighting depression.. Posted by Sean Graves on 16 September 2013 @ 8pm.. I contracted Lyme Disease about three years ago and it was a wretched experience, but it gets better.. In my case I remained fairly lucid but I experienced muscle/joint pain and fatigue like I have never known before or since.. The doctors were pretty concerned and I learned through that experience is to never be upset about time spent in the doctor s waiting room.. You don t want to be the person who the doctor sees immediately when you come in.. You want to be the person waiting.. Email me if you want or need to.. Posted by Duane Gran on 18 September 2013 @ 10am.. Well, your writing skills still exceed those of any respondent to this post, so I m holding out hope for a full recovery! Get well soon.. Posted by Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh on 18 September 2013 @ 9pm.. [ ] I Put Algernon s Body in a Cheese Box and Buried Him in the Backyard.. I Cried.. The title of this post comes from the novel Flowers for Algernon.. I don t have any personal experience with Lyme Disease, but the author s description of how it s affecting him cognitively is chilling.. [ ].. Suggestion Saturday: September 21, 2013 | On The Other Hand.. on 21 September 2013 @ 7am.. March 2013..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - McDonnell’s Rolex.
    Descriptive info: On 12 July 02013 with 3 comments.. 3 Comments.. I am so sad that I lack the time and enthusiasm to re-do this video with McDonnell and the Cooch s faces superimposed.. Don.. on 12 July 2013 @ 4pm.. Hey, hey, that s hardly Bob s fault!.. still, you d think a woman living in a mansion paid for by the public dime while pulling down a $50,000 salary to do absolutely  ...   on 12 July 2013 @ 6pm.. The whole thing is shameful to see a man holding up his family to take fire for his impropriety.. Are these the family values he speaks of? I m not sure if I m more insulted by the cowardice or the fact that he is doing it so badly.. An engraved watch? What could be more personal?.. Posted by Duane on 15 July 2013 @ 10am..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - Déjà vu.
    Descriptive info: On 11 July 02013 with 5 comments.. 5 Comments.. Bob McDonnell purchased $3,835,000 worth of real estate since in a two year span between 2005 and 2007.. 4 homes.. His working career includes time in the U.. S.. Army and the remainder as an elected Virginia politician.. How does McDonnell and his erstwhile unemployed wife come up with the money to purchase two beach houses, a home in Richmond, and a million dollar house at Wintergreen?.. The guy is either a reckless spendthrift, or on the take.. Posted by Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh on 11 July 2013 @ 5pm.. I wish someone would investigate how much he is pocketing from the Midtown Tunnel Deal which is now in litigation.. I for one, would not be surprised to see a lot of money flowed from Skanska to him or his family or one of his so called companies.. The man is greedy and dishonest and cloaks it in Christian family values.. Posted by Cathy Revell on 11 July 2013 @ 8pm.. According to.. his official bio.. , he left active duty in 1981, and worked for  ...   at the height of the bubble (thus showing an exceptionally poor business acumen), which didn t require $3.. 8M, but instead the ability to cough up ~$26,000/month (at 6% interest on a 30 year fixed-rate mortgage, on the low end for that period).. Assuming that s true, that d be why he needed the $70,000 from Jonnie Williams for the company that he co-owns with his sister, through which he owns those rental houses—because the gap between rental income and the cost of the mortgage proved too great.. on 11 July 2013 @ 11pm.. I hope at least that he loses this Fall, at most that the FBI arrests him and makes an example of him for the rest of the corrupt jerks in office.. It is time for the Tea party experiment to be over and for progressive rehabilitation to take place.. Posted by Lawrence Tubb on 12 July 2013 @ 10am.. He worked as a lawyer at Huff, Poole Mahoney in Virginia Beach during a big chuck (maybe all) of his General Assembly career.. Posted by Rob B.. on 16 July 2013 @ 8am..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - The RSLC’s filing is public.
    Descriptive info: The RSLC s filing is public.. On 14 February 02006 with 28 comments.. Remember the final days of the Deeds-McDonnell race, in October and November? The two were neck and neck when, suddenly, McDonnell took in millions of dollars.. The money was coming from the Republican State Leadership Committee, a tool of the RNC used to funnel money into state campaigns.. In the last few months the campaign they pumped a truly astounding $2,083,500 into the race ($1.. 5M in October and November), or a.. third.. of all of the money that McDonnell raised for his entire campaign.. That sum constituted 59% of all of their contributions for the entire year.. McDonnell proceeded to win the election.. , after a recount, by 0.. 0166% and he is now, of course, Attorney General McDonnell.. The question all along was, of course,.. who gave McDonnell the money?.. The RSLC is just a funnel for the money.. So what was he hiding?.. The press universally lambasted McDonnell for hiding his donors.. his ties to the Abramoff/DeLay scandal didn t help any.. But McDonnell refused to talk, and so we just had to sit tight and wait for the RSLC s January 31, 2006 IRS filing to be made public.. That IRS filing is now available (PDF).. I have taken that data and converted it into.. a CSV file.. , so that you can play along at home.. This is a list of all contributions that the RSLC has taken in.. Consequently, every RSLC donor can be assumed to have had some or all of their contribution given to McDonnell; everybody is fair game.. It s everything you might expect: McDonnell has taken in huge quantities of money from alcohol, big oil, drugs, gambling, and shady loan companies.. Here are my immediate observations:.. $500,000 from the U.. Chamber of Commerce.. $300,300 from the American Tort Reform Association.. $265,150 from the tobacco industry (Altria/Philip Morris and R.. J.. Reynolds).. $85,000 from Intuit.. $80,000 from Exxon Mobil.. $85,000 from Pepsi.. $75,000 from Eli Lilly.. $50,000 from Georgia-Pacific.. $150,150 Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America.. $100,000 from Harrah s Casino Hotels.. $75,750 from pawn shops and payday loan companies (Moneytree, Select Management/LoanMax, Cash America, Check into Cash, Rentway).. Here are the questions that I would like answered:.. Who gave to the RSLC this year who has not given in past years?.. Who gave to McDonnell both directly and via the RSLC?.. Why did Intuit contribute so much? Does it have anything to do with wanting to keep the Virginia Department of Taxation from providing free tax software to taxpayers?.. Why did Jonathan Perel donate $35,000, and does it have anything to do with.. Perel v.. Brannan.. ?.. Which corporate donors also gave to Deeds, and what was the difference in their giving?.. What business are these companies in? It takes a little research to find out that Diageo ($25,000) is an alcohol company, that Lorillard ($40,000) is a tobacco company,.. Why did the Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians,.. a tribe embroiled in the Abramoff bribery scandal.. , give $25,000?.. Frankly, I could go on for hours asking questions and pointing out interesting things about this filing.. But now it s.. your.. turn what do you see in.. this filing.. ? Can you answer any of the questions that I ve raised here, or raise any of your own?.. 02/18 Update: Due to a spreadsheet error, I had many of the dollar figures above.. doubled.. They re high enough in reality there s no need to go inflating them.. I ve corrected them now.. 28 Comments.. ] Waldo has the full story here and has started going through the list to determine if any bad apples may have been funding McDonnell.. Brian Patton McDonnell s Campaign Contributors.. on 14 February 2006 @ 11pm.. Great work, Waldo! This is why you have always been platinum and will always be platinum in my book.. You ve started the ball rolling on this important subject, now it s time for the rest of the Virginia Democratic blogosphere to run after it as well.. Imagine if we could bring down Taliban Bob? That would be an amazing achievement, not just for us bloggers but also for Democracy and rule of law in general.. Let s do it!.. Lowell.. on 15 February 2006 @ 4am.. ] Waldo Jaquith is busy once again, kicking ass and taking no prisoners (ha), over at his blog.. During the 2005 campaign, it was people like Scott Howell who felt the sting of Waldo s wrath, as in the classic Crafting the Message.. Now, it s our old friend Taliban Bob McDonnell, now Attorney General by just 0.. 0166% of the vote, even after outspending Creigh Deeds by nearly $3 million.. That s right THREE MILLION DOLLARS! Where the heck did all that money come from? According to Waldo: The money was coming from the Republican State Leadership Committee, a tool of the RNC used to funnel money into state campaigns.. In those last days of the campaign they pumped a truly astounding $2,083,500 into the race, or a third of all of the money that McDonnell raised for his entire campaign [.. Raising Kaine Waldo Kicks Ass.. Again.. Watch Out Taliban Bob!.. on 15 February 2006 @ 5am.. Good work Boy Wonder! Now, quickly, to the Google Cave!.. J.. Wilmore.. on 15 February 2006 @ 7am.. Is this really a story? Money and politics is as old as prostitution; we don t like it and often turn a blind eye to it, but it s not going to go away.. Is the fact that tobacco and alcohol interested donated to this RSLC and they then gave a substantial amount to McDonnell any different then the common practice of the DNC (which accepts money from tobacco, alcohol and gambling interests as well) givinglarge sums to candidates as well? If you stand on the proposition that money from alcohol and tobacco interests are dirty , then should the state Democratic Party, Deeds and the DNC return any and all money received from those sources?.. To assume this practice occurs only with Republicans is extremely naive.. My wonder for Waldo was, did he make similar statements of outrage and protest in 1996 or 2000 when the Clinton/Gore team were similarly raising $100K at a Tibetan monk fundraisers (interesting, given monks give a vow of poverty) and White House fundraisers with known Chinese military generals, individuals that were conveniently left off the official White House visitors logs? Hmmmmm.. all of this money was routed back to the Clinton/Gore team, and was both brazen and outright illegal.. Part of what truly annoys me about the Right and the Left is the rank hypocrisy of both sides.. All of this supposed rage at this RLSC, yet I challenge you to find one prominent Democrat that condemned the Clinton/Gore fundraising scandal.. Posted by politicalopinion on 15 February 2006 @ 9am.. Where were.. you.. when the Teapot Dome scandal was going down?.. Point the first: In 1996 I was seventeen years old.. Of course I didn t investigate any fundraising.. For that matter, I can t see what in the world President Clinton has to do with any of this.. Point the second: I have no rage at the RSLC.. I don t even know who you re quoting when you write rage.. This is an altogether factual quote.. Point the third: Every single major paper in this state roundly condemned Mr.. McDonnell (What is the honorific for AG? General McDonnell?) for refusing to disclose these donors.. If you are angry at the mere discussion of who has contributed to McDonnell, you ll need to take that up with the Virginian Pilot, Washington Post, Staunton News Leader, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Daily Progress, and so on.. Don t waste your time ranting at me.. Point the fourth: Don t get all upset about how Democrats take money from these people, too.. Had you read my post, you d see that I asked: Which corporate donors also gave to Deeds, and what was the difference in their giving? I m asking the precise same question that you re asking.. A little less high-and-mighty, a little more rational discussion, please.. on 15 February 2006 @ 10am.. I m sorry, I should not have  ...   aren t credible.. Posted by politicalopinion on 15 February 2006 @ 3pm.. Josh,.. Wanting to get influence is fine.. No organization donates money for any reason other then the belief that either the candidate they are giving it to already agrees with them on a key issue (which is honest) or that the donation will make the candidate vote in favor of their position when he otherwise would not (which is arguably bribery).. But the Choctaws are in Mississippi.. They have no reservations in Virginia.. What could they be expecting from our Attorney General? This is very strange and suggests that there may be a more elaborate quid-pro-quo at work than usual.. Perhaps something involving an agreement with the National GOP that they help finance a VA candidate with the unlimited contributions permitted here in return for a favor at the federal level.. There is *no* evidence of this.. I just offer it as an example of the sort of thing that may fit the facts.. The fact that native Americans were treated like dirt by the U.. government for the last 230 years does not mean that we should ignore bizarre political contributions made by a modern tribe.. Nor am I condemning their donation out of hand I m just saying that we should get to the bottom of it and find out what these non-Virginians are trying to influence in Virginia.. Posted by ATA on 15 February 2006 @ 3pm.. This conversation has become de-coupled from the facts.. The Choctaws gave to the national RSLC in December, AFTER the election.. There is no evidence, no way to prove the tribe gave the money with Virginia in mind.. The Choctaws were one of hundreds of donors who gave to the national 527, which in turn passed some of its money to a Virginia PAC, which in turn transferred money to McDonnell s campaign.. There s no way to draw a bright line from any of the money money that went to the national RSLC and the money McDonnell received.. In other words, there s no way to know from the available evidence if any money was given to the RSLC with the intent of influencing the Virginia race.. Posted by PowWow on 15 February 2006 @ 4pm.. Thanks for that info, PowWow.. I m embarrassed to say I didn t realize that the RSLC wass not a Virginia-based organization until you pointed it out.. I m not sure why one would assume, or even speculate, that the Choctaw Indian donation had.. anything.. to do with McDonnell.. Posted by Jon on 15 February 2006 @ 4pm.. I ll accept politcalopinion s assertion that Pat Robertson has no relationship to the Huff, Poole Mahoney law firm and that it s Bob McDonnell s sister, not his wife, who s employed by Regent.. It seems that I got bad information and passed it on and I apologize for my error.. I m not sure that I agree that my errors offer evidence that blogs are dangerous , though.. To the contrary, the incorrect information was spotted by politicalopinion and promptly corrected in the same forum.. You don t see that kind of timely correction show up in newspapers, magazines, television or radio.. (Although I will grant that they probably do better fact-checking that I did.. My errors of fact notwithstanding, I don t think anybody will argue that there s not a close relationship between Pat Robertson and Bob McDonnell.. With respect to PowWow s observation that there’s no way to know from the available evidence if any money was given to the RSLC with the intent of influencing the Virginia race , that s right.. And that s exactly the problem with this political money laundering and that s exactly why both the donors and recipients chose that method of moving cash in the waning days of a campaign.. And, so, left in the dark, I ll make the reasonable assumption that all parties to these transactions didn t want the voters of Virginia to know who was funding that race.. What have they got to hide?.. Maybe the Virginia Attorney General ought to begin a thorough investigation of these shenanigans oh, wait.. Posted by Harry Landers on 15 February 2006 @ 5pm.. **Robertson s.. donations.. up to $56,000.. **For 2005.. RSLC (Va PAC).. gave to:.. Bolling ($31,184).. Dominion Leadership Trust PAC ($393,000).. Kilgore for Governor ($375,000).. McDonnell for Attorney General ($2,083,500).. **Looks like.. all donations to the Va PAC.. came from the National RSLC.. **.. Large Expenses for 2005.. from RSLC (Va PAC) are to:.. Dominion Leadership Trust PAC ($50,000).. Virginians for Jerry Kilgore ($25,000).. Bolling for Lieutenant Governor Committee ($25,000).. RDB Group Incorporated ($30,500).. McDonnell for Virginia ($75,000).. (There are some 2004 monies to Kilgore).. I have no clue if this helps Looks to me like PowWow is right.. The money came from the larger National RSLC.. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how to find who received donations from RSLC in other states?.. Posted by Lucy Jones on 15 February 2006 @ 7pm.. Actually, I think the exchange between Harry Landers and politicalopinion in comments here demonstrates perfectly how blogs are quite the opposite of dangerous.. My inference is that politicalopinion means that blogs are dangerous as information sources compared to, perhaps, more mainstream media like newspapers or television.. I have no idea whether Harry s original post about Robertson/McDonnell are correct; however, similar incorrect information is presented as fact on television broadcasts and in newspapers on a fairly regular basis.. If anyone made this claim on TV, an audience member wouldn t immediately be able to speak up and make an on air challenge to those facts, nor would the presenter make an immediate correction.. (Aside from Dan Rather s mea culpa, when have you seen a TV journalist make an on-air correction?) When corrections are made in newspapers, they re usually tucked away in small print, appearing days after the original story.. Here, anyone reading this exchange gets the claim, the challenge, and the concession, all on the same page.. And the immediacy of the reader s fact-checking tools (thanks, Google) means any interested reader can go from passivity to curiosity to research to find the facts themselves and maybe even post what they find.. (Of course, I m not moved to do such research myself!).. Anyway, great work planting these seeds, Waldo! I look forward to seeing where Virginia bloggers take this story.. Maura in VA.. on 15 February 2006 @ 10pm.. And the RSLC gave to McDonnell after the election, too.. Candidates will run up a great deal of debt in the few days before an election if they receive an assurance from a donor that they ll get a check after the election.. Looks like all donations to the Va PAC came from the National RSLC.. Yup, the VA RSLC exists only to permit the RSLC to contribute to state races.. They re obliged to create a state PAC for that purpose.. (Though, if memory serves, they only did so once the SBE reminded them of that fact.. on 15 February 2006 @ 11pm.. Campaign contributions, nationally, aren t the quite thing the Republicans are trolling for these days.. They re setting up a political machine, or already have set one up.. Lobbying groups hire Republicans (usually former Congressmen, Congressional staffers, or relatives of Congressmen) for fat salaries, gubmint doles out one or another kind of support, and the new hires plough the legal maximum back into the GOP coffers, which funds PACs and state campaigns nationally.. Why are the Choctaws spending here? Why did Westar Energy (a Kansas concern) kick money into Texas legislative races? Because Tom Delay wanted them to, so that Texas would redistrict in a decidedly GOP-friendly way, so that he d have much more power in the US House.. It s pay to play.. The Choctaw leadership gives money to McDonnell because someone higher up in the GOP thinks it s strategically important in some easily-imagineable fashion.. What do they get? The Department of the Interior s ear, and incidentally state influence against letting a Virginia tribe set up a competing franchise here.. Posted by Brian C.. B.. on 17 February 2006 @ 9am.. And no hitting.. Smiling like a mug shot..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - McDonnell dodges charges.
    Descriptive info: McDonnell dodges charges.. On 7 November 02005 with 10 comments.. Last Friday morning,.. I was a guest on Charlottesville s WCHV.. , talking about AG candidate.. Bob McDonnell s mystery $1M in income.. on AM Charlottesville.. I think I can objectively say that I was very fair to McDonnell I m not sure that I could have been much more open, balanced, or nice, having gone out of my way to be considerably less biting than I adopt as my traditional tone on this blog.. This morning, McDonnell was a guest on AM Charlottesville to respond to the charges.. The show s host, Bo Short, had e-mailed a copy of the interview to McDonnell, so that he could prepare.. McDonnell hadn t bothered to listen, though, and he asked the host to summarize what I d said.. Bo said, simply, that his campaign had taken in a great deal of money from the Republican State Leadership Committee, and that was inconsistent with his stated position that all income should be disclosed (which was to say nothing of the law).. McDonnell s response? He attacked me.. He said that there s a grand conspiracy between me, Creigh Deeds, and other bloggers, and that such accusations come just short of libel.. He derided blogging on the whole, finding it to be a useless exercise.. Oh, and other candidates for office have taken money from 527s, so, y know, what.. ev.. And that s it.. That was the whole of the content of his response.. So, what about all that money? He ain t sayin.. What about his extensive, intimate connections to a money-laundering 527 that he personally established? He ain t sayin.. Lame.. I assume that McDonnell s inability to defend himself results from his actions being indefensible.. I d assumed that he may well have a good defense that would explain how all of this has come to be.. Perhaps he d demand that the RSLC disclose his contributors, or else he d give the money back.. Perhaps he d explain that he d made some poor choices in friends and business associates in the past, but he s severed ties with them now, and it was a mistake.. But no.. He s got nothin.. If I wanted to show Bob McDonnell blogging that stops just short of libel, I d damned well show him.. The trouble is that nearly everything I ve written is based on the published accounts of major newspapers the Washington.. Post.. , the Richmond.. Times-Dispatch.. , the Charlottesville.. Daily Progress.. , etc.. which were wholly fact-based accounts.. For the record, neither the Deeds campaign nor anybody affiliated with them has given me a lick of information for anything I ve written as I ve followed this story.. Nothing.. There goes McDonnell s grand conspiracy.. Perhaps this is another instance of when.. the facts don t favor Republicans.. I don t care who wins the election tomorrow.. Whether McDonnell wins or Democrat Creigh Deeds wins, I intend to continue to pursue this story.. I m no investigative reporter, and I don t pretend to be, but I ll remain as interested as ever.. I might have dropped it, but with McDonnell attacking the messenger namely me my interest is newly piqued.. If McDonnell is elected, Virginia bloggers should steel themselves for their  ...   com use childish terms like taliban to describe him.. Duane Gran.. on 7 November 2005 @ 11am.. Thanks, Duane! I really did try to be journalistically evenhanded, and I m glad it was perceived as such.. I should mention that the Hampton Roads.. Daily Press.. gave him the nickname of Taliban Bob, in a January 2003 editorial, after McDonnell said that he couldn t recall if he d ever violated the crimes against nature law.. “Taliban Bob” McDonnell was a right-wing fanatic.. But now it turns out that he’s a tinfoil hat lunatic as well.. the two have a way of going together.. Alice Marshall.. It s so unfair that reality is biased against Republicans!.. Last night, I happened to watch the McCarthy Years DVD from the recently released Edward R.. Murrow collection.. It s striking how familiar it all seemed, and this is a textbook example don t acknowledge the validity of the charges, attack the accuser, and assert false connections and sources that the casual listener/viewer is unlikely to be able to check.. Jim E-H.. on 7 November 2005 @ 12pm.. stops just short of libel.. ha!.. for a lawyer and an atty.. gen.. candidate, Bob shows an absurd (or willfull) ignorance of the law.. he s a public figure.. you re (arguably) a journalist.. between NYTimes v.. Sullivan and Hustler v.. Falwell, you can just about call him anything you want.. and when you have the barest factual basis to believe what you say in good faith, you re untouchable.. not that I think you re worried.. but still.. Posted by donald on 7 November 2005 @ 2pm.. Sorry, donald, but there s no way in hell that a private blogger would get the benefit of the NY Times rule.. A blog is the virtual equivalent of printing up leaflets and handing them out on a street corner hardly the same thing as a recognized newspaper.. Posted by I.. Publius on 7 November 2005 @ 3pm.. Well, I.. Publius, no way in hell is a awfully certain stance to take on an issue that hasn t been tested much in the courts.. Maybe Waldo isn t doing a lot of reporting, but substantially I d say he is as much of a journalist as anyone with a regular op-ed spot in a regional broadsheet (Bryan Mackenzie, e.. The word private in your phrase private blogger does nothing.. Who is a public blogger, if anyone? If the Daily Progress paid Waldo to blog on its website, would he be a public blogger? Would he then get special privileges? Why?.. What s the difference anyway between a blogger with a huge audience (say, Andrew Sullivan) and a writer for the NYTimes? The press got its own clause in the first amendment, I imagine, because it was the main (or only) way to easily spread information (including opinion) among the general populace.. Blogging is now another means to the same end.. either we are in the business of protecting speech, or we re in the business of protecting institutions.. I can t why longevity should be a criterion when deciding which of two speakers gets protection.. anyway, in such a situation, I would take Waldo s case in a heartbeat.. Posted by donald on 8 November 2005 @ 12pm.. Republicans caught counterfeiting Kaine call.. Next Post..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - The press avalanche against Bob McDonnell.
    Descriptive info: The press avalanche against Bob McDonnell.. On 28 October 02005 with 10 comments.. Famously, Republican AG candidate Bob McDonnell once claimed that he couldn t remember if he d ever had oral sex.. In his latest scandal, he can t even be bothered to muster a denial as ridiculous as that one.. When last we left our intrepid candidate, he was in a good bit of trouble.. McDonnell has gotten nearly $1 million in undisclosed campaign contributions.. a violation of campaign finance law and, worse still, it turns out that his former campaign manager isn t just a pedophile, but.. is guilty of engaging in precisely the same sort of money laundering that McDonnell is now using to hide his contributions.. That tied McDonnell to the DeLay/Abramoff money-laundering scandal, and it got so confusing that.. I had to draw a map.. That was eight days ago.. What s happened since?.. Thursday, October 20.. For the AP, Bob Lewis reports on.. the complaint formally filed with the State Board of Elections.. over McDonnell s fundraising:.. Virginia Democrats alleged in a State Board of Elections complaint Friday that two Republican organizations broke state campaign finance laws.. One allegation targets the Republican State Leadership Committee on grounds that it is paying to televise campaign ads for Republican attorney general candidate Robert F.. McDonnell.. State Democratic leaders believe the RSLC is serving as a passthrough, doing the bidding of a wealthy and perhaps well-known individual donor while keeping his identity secret until after the Nov.. 8 election.. Virginia Democratic Chairman C.. Richard Cranwell of Vinton and the party s attorney, Jay B.. Myerson, said in the complaint that the RSLC, based in Washington, is attempting an illegal end run around Virginia election laws.. The complaint asks the SBE to identify the alleged mystery donor, levy civil penalties on violators and order any illegal contributions returned before the election.. Friday, October 21.. an editorial.. , the Washington.. brings the hammer down on McDonnell:.. Democrats suspect, without offering any proof, that the RSLC is concealing huge pass-through donations from Pat Robertson, an ally and political mentor of Mr.. Mr.. McDonnell is a graduate of the law school of Regent University, a Christian institution founded by Mr.. Robertson.. The televangelist makes no secret of his support, having given $36,000 directly to the McDonnell campaign, its second-largest donation from an individual.. But asked if Mr.. Robertson had also given money to the RSLC, his spokesman said he was in the midst of special programming this week and unavailable for comment.. Whether or not the RSLC s donations and disclosures are legal, they are plainly evading the intent of Virginia law, which stresses disclosure of all donors giving more than $100 to campaigns.. If the RSLC continues to hide its contributors, will the McDonnell campaign itself ask for their identities and disclose them? That would be in keeping with the law s spirit and with the goal of an open political process.. The same day,.. Mike Sluss wrote about the money laundering for the Roanoke.. We believe the RSLC has sought to conceal its donors by funneling such funds through an out-of-state organization so that Virginians would not know who was truly behind these advertisements, Democrats charged in a complaint filed by party Chairman Richard Cranwell and the party s lawyer, Jay Myerson.. Virginia election laws generally require disclosure of donors identities on a regular basis.. Democrats allege that the RSLC s Virginia committee is skirting the law by listing the parent organization as its sole contributor.. So-called 527 organizations are required to report their donors only to the Internal Revenue Service.. And.. Bob Gibson weighed in for the Charlottesville.. As a 527 tax-exempt organization, the RSLC will list its contributors of more than $250 since July 1 with the Internal Revenue Service sometime in January, two months after the Nov.. Big gambling interests have contributed to the RSLC.. So have big tobacco companies and the American Tort Reform Association.. So who is paying for McDonnell’s campaign ads?.. Contrary to the clear intent and tradition of Virginia’s campaign laws, the McDonnell campaign will not say other than citing the RSLC, the giant cash washing machine the Republican Party operates on K Street Northwest in Washington.. If [Democratic nominee Creigh] Deeds wanted to craft an attack ad, there are a few things in McDonnell’s record he could target tons of campaign cash with no original donors named among them.. The ad could feature a man wearing a bag over his head passing nearly $1 million to McDonnell.. Sunday, October 23.. Waynesboro.. News-Virginian.. , the valley daily, weighed in with this.. delightful editorial.. , entitled Follow the law, Taliban Bob:.. McDonnell’s campaign says they don’t know who the donors are but suspect they are small donations from individuals mixed with larger corporate aid.. That doesn’t pass the smell test.. If McDonnell doesn’t know who the donors are, then he ought to find out and  ...   The National Journal?.. http://blogometer.. nationaljournal.. com/.. Congrats.. Posted by Jeff Baker on 28 October 2005 @ 9pm.. Looks like a lot of us did.. :) Commonwealth Conservative, One Man s Trash, and Raising Kaine.. Very cool.. on 28 October 2005 @ 9pm.. Mike Shear at the WaPo prefers to report about food instead of doing the serious work of an investigative reporter and attempting to follow the money.. Imagine for a moment, what you and Bob Gibson could accomplish were you to have the access and cachet the WaPo brings.. I do not understand why the major media people appear to be on catatonic auto-pilot while covering this campaign.. Are they secretly angry that they don t get to report on the national media? BUT, WAAAAIIIITTTT were they to seriously report on this campaign, they would usurp page one, above the fold from the folks simply following the news.. he said, she said, they said, nobody said.. If the WaPo news pages actually did some digging, then the editorial page might have more to comment on than simply what they know on their guts.. Ahhh.. I get it now, full circle.. I s pose it all depends on what a newspaper reporter actually hungers for, eh? Eat up, Mike.. Posted by SoccerMom on 29 October 2005 @ 9am.. McDonnell s memory loss about oral sex (or whatever else passes for sodomy under Virginia law) should be disqualifying.. Imagine his wife and former girlfreind s reactions to this.. It s a little awkward to campaign on, but what kind of person can t remember these lovely moments? Is this the kind of person that anyone would want to have in a position of authority.. Of course, his saying that he couldn t remeber whether he had committed sodomy was a dodge, offered in a moment when he was trying to avoid the obvious hypocrisy of his opposition to modernizing Virginia s criminal code.. But there are only two explanations and both should take him right out of the running.. Either his memory for sexual activity is just horrible or he is a deeply hypocritical poseur.. No Virginia of either party should be able to vote for someone like this.. Posted by Maxine on 29 October 2005 @ 9pm.. get? give? woman? man? well, i m not here to be puerile but to thank you for doing god s work, waldo.. unfortunately, according to not larry sabato s interpretation of mason-dixon, mcdonell is administering a good old fashioned whuppin.. http://notlarrysabato.. typepad.. com/doh/2005/10/attorney_genera.. the good news is that only one poll really counts.. Posted by mc on 30 October 2005 @ 8am.. I think we need to get busy folks and give Creigh an assist.. Can you imagine what it will be like with a guy like McDonnell for the next four years? He needs to be stopped.. I don t know what Not Larry Sabato s problem is.. I heard he wanted Creigh s scarf.. NLS If Creigh sends you his scarf will you ask Bob McDonnell to fess up and tell where his money is coming from? And will you ask him why he can t remember whether he has ever had oral sex and with whom or what he can t remember having it? Duh.. can t remember where the money comes from? Can t remember who or what gave you a blow job.. c mon Bob.. what have you not been smoking and not inhaling? Bet you can t remember, right?.. SoccerMom.. on 30 October 2005 @ 11pm.. Waldo why d you stop pushing the headlines? There are several balanced stories this morning that lay out what action the SBE took against the RSLC I wonder if the RSLC was notified or not? If not, me thinkst i smells a rat and it s name be politics.. Probably because the only thing that s happened here is that Dickey and Creigh smell defeat their own.. Panic in the streets!.. Posted by edward money on 1 November 2005 @ 11am.. Stop pushing the headlines? There s been no news until this morning, the bulk of which I spent on the roof.. I m two sentences into a brief blog entry on the topic.. The SBE did precisely what I said they d have to do refer the case to the Richmond commonweath s attorney.. on 1 November 2005 @ 11am.. Too many people are allowing themselves to be misguided by the media!! This crap that is being thrown around about McDonnell is incorrect and a cheap attempt to jeopardize his credibility.. I urge everyone to be very careful what they believe.. Posted by Joelidad on 3 November 2005 @ 9am.. Joelidad, if you have some information that would put this to rest, I d love to hear about it.. on 3 November 2005 @ 9am.. Charlottesville blogger Jen Sorensen describes how she goes about creating her syndicated comic, Slowpoke.. Wanted: C ville apartment..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - Kluge subpoenaed.
    Descriptive info: On 22 June 02013 with 1 comment.. 1 Comment.. I ve got serious doubts that the federal investigation will lead to a criminal prosecution.. It seems to be revolving around gifts which leads one to suspect they re looking for a quid pro quo.. Those prosecutions are extremely difficult without a smoking gun.. Remember, you have to  ...   action is a direct result of the gift.. that s tough.. I think what s more interesting is the Richmond Commonwealth s Attorney investigation into the disclosure forms.. From everything I ve read, I think there could be a case made against McDonnell pertaining to those statutes.. Posted by George Washington Independent on 23 June 2013 @ 11am..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - Make money from home! (Even if your home is the governor’s mansion.)
    Descriptive info: On 22 May 02013 with 8 comments.. 8 Comments.. So, to add to this complex weave, should we now wonder exactly what Patricia Kluge s interest in this whole venture is/was? Did she just want to be close to power and do a favor for Gov.. McDonnell? Did she have some kind of direct financial stake of her own?.. Posted by Harry Landers on 23 May 2013 @ 7am.. The people were very fortunate to receive Anatabloc which is the whole morale of your story.. The testimonials speak of it.. http://tinyurl.. com/cww2cc5.. http://alturl.. com/33kv6.. CEREBRAL PALSY RUNNER STORY HERE bit.. ly/AblocMarty.. Posted by Mary Schwartz on 23 May 2013 @ 7am.. A great followup blog piece would be to summarize all the health benefits the recipents received from Anatabloc.. Posted by Adam Reynard on 23 May 2013 @ 11am.. This is hilarious—people showing up to pitch this stuff! I ve mentioned various pharmaceuticals on this blog a dozen times, and yet this time, people show up within hours to talk about how swell it is.. It s almost like somebody trained this company in how to look totally sketchy.. on 23 May 2013 @ 12pm.. Well, if it walks like a sketchy duck.. I noticed yesterday that you had a FOIA request rejected by AG Cooch s office because they feel they are exempt from such things.. Hmmmmm.. Me thinks you are pulling one of MANY strands in the fraying sweater that is VA s current leadership.. I would bet that Cooch and the scapegoated chef at the Gov s mansion will factor in before this is through.. So, any moment you should either get a post from Chuck Norris spinning the virtues of Antabloc or IPublius telling us all how stupid we are for looking behind the curtain.. Please keep us posted as you wade thru the ludicrosity ( thanks Don King ) of these oh so honorable elected officials.. Posted by Tim on 23 May 2013 @ 2pm.. With a few minutes googling, I ve discovered that Mary is also known as Joan, and spends a lot of time writing comments about how great antabatine is.. (That turns out to be the chemical is the the basis of Anatabloc.. ) And.. Adam spends a.. lot.. of time writing about antabatine and Anatabloc.. He.. claims.. to have no association with Anatabloc other than being a user, but that does nothing to explain the many dozens of comments that he s posted or how.. he knows.. over a hundred people on Anatabloc.. He s so passionate about this product that he often writes its name as Anatabloc®, without apparent irony.. He s on it, his sister s on it, his niece is on it and—damnedest thing—it s cured all of their many, serious ailments.. Not that he s speaking for Anatabloc®, mind you!  ...   tried to cancel.. , to no effect.. (For a representative sample of the puffery, skim through any of the.. 763 comments.. after a critical blog entry about the stuff.. The one thing that I cannot figure out is the relationship between the folks posting these comments and Star Scientific.. I can t find any evidence that this is actually a pyramid scheme—that folks both pitch the product and pitch the business of selling the product.. All sales appear to go through Star.. Nor have I seen any referral links, which would allow the folks pitching it to make a referral fee.. The only remaining logical conclusion is that they are paid for their time by Star, directly or indirectly, but I have no way of knowing that.. One more mystery about this has been cleared up for me, too: how a cut-rate tobacco company got into the diet supplement business.. Easy: anabatine is derived from tobacco.. Why in the world McDonnell and Cuccinelli would be involved in this bullshittery, I cannot imagine.. Star Scientific is at best half a step above a pyramid scheme.. If you wanted to make a company look really sketchy, this is basically a textbook example of how to do it.. The fact that they re doing this while they re under investigation by the FBI is especially amazing.. I have to assume that they re in dire financial straits, and are left with no choice.. on 23 May 2013 @ 2pm.. I noticed yesterday that you had a FOIA request rejected by AG Cooch’s office because they feel they are exempt from such things.. The crazy thing is that it was a really boring FOIA request.. Having it rejected was the least likely possible outcome.. Weirder still, they delayed the response by five days (as is their legal right) in order to get back to me on the Thursday before the convention with their FOIA doesn t apply to us response.. Reporters called me Friday, and published stories on Sunday the day that the convention results were on the front page.. It s the worst possible way that they could have handled it.. I should really write a blog entry about this.. Dear Waldo,.. I m a big fan.. Thanks for all that you do.. I ve been following the Star story quite closely from the get go.. The link below will take you to an eye-opening expose:.. thestreetsweeper.. org/undersurveillance/CIGX_Leader__Blowing_Smoke_While_Investors_Choke_.. Like you, I ve been inundated with comments from Star-flacks.. It s odd that no journalist will delve comprehensively into Mr.. Williams s fascinating business record.. I ve encouraged several reporters to so.. Eminent journalist David Halberstam used to bemoan the fact that reporters infrequently provide the citizenry with adequate context.. Keep hope alive.. Best wishes,.. Alex Leidholdt.. Posted by Alex Leidholdt on 23 May 2013 @ 10pm..

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  • Title: Waldo Jaquith - Bullshittery and bad candidates.
    Descriptive info: On 14 June 02013 with 8 comments.. We have Dave LaRock in VA s 33rd who just defeated Joe May.. There is a photo of LaRock and his family and supporters on the cover of the Purcellville Gazette.. I was wondering how to explain to the people of the district the same exact thing, that his candidacy is a really, really bad thing.. It isn t debatable, and it s really, really bad journalism to write about his candidacy as if it is normal.. It isn t normal and he isn t normal.. He s a Holocaust revisionist who supports and promotes 180 The Movie.. Maybe that s a good place to start.. Pariahdog.. on 15 June 2013 @ 7am.. The problem with this post is that you assume rationality on the part of a huge chunk of irrational people.. Rational people B.. Irrational people soak up and pickle themselves in B.. I m sorry, but a LOT of E.. Jackson s supporters are not spinning.. They honestly believe that he is the lodestar of political brilliance.. I d dare say at least 1/2 of today s Republicans actually think that he s a great candidate and speaks truth to power.. The theory is that the establishment always nominated liberals or moderates like McCain, Romney, Bolling, McDonnell.. if only we could get a real conservative, we d remake the world.. I would spot you 20 that at least 1/2 of the people ardently supporting Jackson will not say, I didn t like the guy, he was a poor candidate after Election Day.. Rather, when he loses, these people will say, The media destroyed him.. The establishment hated him.. Vote fraud! Conspiracy!.. You re living 15 years ago when being a Republican was about supporting policies that encouraged economic growth, aggressive defense policy, and family values.. Those were the  ...   a myth as if it formed by itself, sui generis.. This is shoddy journalism of the Huffington Post variety, e.. , Ten Myths About Obamacare.. Myth is a weasel word for lie.. A lie has an author, a myth does not.. AND, it s a complete mis-use of the term, which should be reserved for the sacred creation stories of non-literate, oral cultures.. Douglas Day.. on 16 June 2013 @ 1pm.. I think the same way about McAuliffe as you do Jackson.. You think about McAuliffe the same way I think about Jackson.. There s not much difference between the two positions, I know.. The only difference is the alternate is much better in the LG s race than the Governors race.. What do I know, I wanted Cory Stewart for LG.. Posted by perlogik on 17 June 2013 @ 9pm.. I come here to read posts like Geo.. WashingtonIndepent s.. This BS phenomena has reached epic proportion, traded as a commodity in the rightwing-o-sphere, evidenced by the conviction that skewed polls were missing the certain Mitt victory.. Or the power of Benghazi!.. Amway! It is one thing to sell BS, but when you start buying your own BS you are a hapless cult member.. You see yourself as an illuminated insider, everyone else sees a fool.. Posted by Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh on 19 June 2013 @ 11am.. Me, I was kind of hoping for a dialog between you and Shaun Kenney.. http://bearingdrift.. com/2013/06/16/on-bullshittery/.. Shaun s the sort of guy that gets way too much deference from VA folks, considering his record.. Posted by MB on 19 June 2013 @ 10pm.. Is Shaun Kenney what passes for smart in the Virginia Republican Party? Because re-stacking the bullshit and peppering it with some Latin just looks stupid.. Posted by Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh on 24 June 2013 @ 12pm..

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