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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Education.. Building Appreciation for Nature In Children at Risk.. Schools' Environment Programme.. SEP Methodology.. Teacher's Manual.. Teacher Training.. Community Participation.. Competition and Awards Ceremony.. Funding.. Liaison with the Ministry of Education.. SEP Winners.. Beach Clean Up.. Media.. Media Archive.. 2011 Archive.. 2010 Archive.. 2009 Archive.. 2008 Archive.. 2007 Archive.. 2006 Archive.. 2005 Archive.. 2004 Archive.. Events.. Earth Day.. Jamaica's Environmental Action Awards.. Publications.. SEP Teacher Manuals.. SEP Newsletters.. Earth Notes.. Earth Facts.. JET Magazine.. Recycling.. Recycle Depot.. Advocacy & Law.. Caribbean Environmental Law Website.. Environmental Law & Advocacy.. Opinions.. Legal.. Cases.. EIA Review.. Campaigns.. Save Goat Islands.. Cockpit Country.. Falmouth.. Marine Mammals.. Pellew Island.. It Inna Di Law!.. Access to Information.. Auditor General's Report - NEPA.. Conservation.. Jamaica Sea Turtle Project.. Marine Mammal Conservation.. Films.. Jamaica For Sale.. Cockpit Country: Voices.. Did You Know?.. Waste, Riverton and Dump Fires.. Forests and Trees.. Birds.. Water.. Fish.. Environment 'To Do' List.. Wild Jamaican Iguana.. Cell Phone Towers.. Search.. You are here:.. Home.. JET Info Centre.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Sitemap.. JET Journal.. EarthTalk.. JET Media Archive.. Communities.. Our Links.. Cockpit Country.. ECCO Magazine.. Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.. Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide.. Jamaica For Sale.. Jamaican Caves Org.. Jamaican Treasures Villas.. National Environment and Planning Agency.. Treasure Beach.. JET Poll.. Do you compost.. Do you compost?.. Yes.. (.. 0.. ).. No.. Charts.. 1.. Votes left.. jVS.. by.. www.. joomess.. de.. Volunteers at JET's Fort Rocky Beach Cleanup September 2013.. Volunteer carries garbage bags at JET Fort Rocky Beach Cleanup September 2013.. Stephen Newland of Roots Underground with kids at JET Fort Rocky Beach Cleanup September 2013.. Volunteers go through data cards at JET Fort Rocky Beach Cleanup September 2013.. Garbage collected at the end of the day at JET Fort Rocky Beach Cleanup September 2013.. NEW!.. 2366 volunteers at JET's Beach Cleanup Fort Rocky site! Check out  ...   click here:.. http://www.. jamaicaobserver.. com/environment/Six-reasons-against-port-on-Goat-Islands_14960085.. JET butts hub plans: Environment lobby says Goat Islands development would betray pact with government.. One civil-society group yesterday declared it feels "less optimistic" about the prospects of the historic social partnership agreement that is being touted as a critical plank to the country's growth and development.. http://jamaica-gleaner.. com/gleaner/20130823/lead/lead1.. html.. Donate.. Events.. Recycle.. Thank You JET.. Comments.. comment(s).. 9025 hits.. Read More.. 0.. posted by.. Danielle Kitson.. on Monday, 05 March 2012.. Getting To Know JET.. 7945 hits.. Mirah Lim-Todd.. on Monday, 23 January 2012.. Sea Turtle Workshop, Fairy Hill.. 7705 hits.. Tamoy Singh.. on Friday, 23 September 2011.. Login.. To post comments, please login or register.. User Name.. Password.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. Create an account.. No current events.. Latest Articles.. Save Goat Islands Campaign.. Shared by Tamoy Singh | 23 Oct 2013 - 15:42.. Stocks and Securties Limited partners wi.. Shared by Tamoy Singh | 09 Jul 2013 - 15:44.. Caribbean Environmental Law Website.. Shared by Tamoy Singh | 10 Apr 2013 - 15:42.. Jamaica's Environmental Action Awards no.. Shared by Tamoy Singh | 19 Mar 2013 - 11:05.. To celebrate Earth Day 2012, JET announc.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 10 May 2012 - 15:36.. Popular Articles.. JET and Total Jamaica team up for.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 10 Dec 2009 - 16:07.. Endemic Birds the focus of Earth Day.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 10 Dec 2009 - 16:00.. JET hosts 'The Cove', January 26th.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 19 Jan 2010 - 16:46.. Suzanne Stanley.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 29 Mar 2010 - 10:50.. Record numbers at Beach Clean Up.. Shared by Winchester Lyon | 10 Dec 2009 - 16:10.. Website Funded By.. Copyright 2013 Jamaica Environment Trust.. All Rights Reserved.. 11 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.. I..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Education
    Descriptive info: Education.. Jamaica's Environmental Action Awards nomination form 2013.. The Jamaica Environmental Action Award forms can also be downloaded in word format:.. Jamaica's Environmental Action Awards self nomination form 2013.. (Word).. Jamaica's Environmental Action Awards nomination form 2013 (Word).. Schools' Environment Programme.. The Schools Environment Programme (SEP) started in 1997/8, and at its height, was Jamaica's largest environmental education programme.. Implemented by JET and other civil society groups with the support of the Ministry of Education and private sector donors, SEP has been delivered in over 350 Jamaican schools, reaching some 300,000 students and 600 teachers.. Participating schools carry out activities in four main areas: Managing garbage; greening of school grounds; strengthening or establishing an environmental club and environmental research.. SEP also delivers professional development workshops for teachers twice every year.. Achievements in schools are celebrated at an annual awards ceremony every year.. Read more.. Methodology of the Schools’ Environment Programme.. The general format of SEP's methodology includes:.. Providing Teachers’ Manuals to participating schools.. Bringing other environmental non-government organizations (NGOs) into partnership to assist with school supervision.. Assigning JET field staff to supervise NGOs and/or schools.. Organizing a series of teacher workshops on an environmental theme in October and February (often including a field trip).. Judging schools in a regional  ...   the Forestry Department in building the background information.. Teacher Training.. An important aspect of SEP is the training provided to teachers in workshop settings.. Two rounds of workshops are held each year, in October/November and February/March.. The workshops are held around the island, roughly corresponding to Jamaica's fourteen parishes.. The workshops typically introduce new teachers to SEP, explore an environmental issue and demonstrate hands-on activities teachers can do in their classrooms.. When appropriate, teacher workshops include field trips.. Teachers participate in a bird watch during a training workshop on birds.. Community Participation.. Communities all over Jamaica are involved with the implementation of SEP through various school activities, such as fund-raising, open days, tree-planting, clean-ups and field trips.. Schools have strengthened their relationship with parents and community members and PTAs have undertaken SEP activities.. Community environmental problems have been identified and solutions discussed.. Community involvement has also taken place through the use of local resource persons such as farmers, fishermen or carpenters who pass on their skills to students.. Community group planting a tree.. More Articles.. Competition and Awards Ceremony.. Funding.. Liaison with the Ministry of Education.. SEP Winners.. The Schools' Environment Programme Teacher's Manual.. Subcategories.. SEP.. Publications.. Recycling.. BANCAR.. Page 1 of 3.. Start.. Prev.. 2.. 3.. Next.. End..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Building Appreciation for Nature In Children at Risk
    Descriptive info: Building Appreciation for Nature In Children at Risk.. The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and RISE Life Management Services have joined forces to embark on a programme to expose children living in Kingston to experiences in nature.. Funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, ‘Building Appreciation for Nature in Children at Risk’ was launched in October 2010 and is geared toward enhancing awareness of and appreciation for nature in children living in urban environments.. JET delivered environmentally themed workshops to 120 participants in the RISE Kidz Club’s after school programme in three downtown Kingston communities: Parade Gardens, Fletcher’s Land and Allman Town.. Children ranging from 9 – 14 years participated in the workshops were taken on field trips to expose them to Jamaica’s natural environment.. Youth Development Officers (YDO's) who work with the Kidz Club participants on a daily basis were also trained in environmental topics to ensure sustainability of the programme.. Kids from Parade Gardens on a field trip to Holywell (Photographer: Adrian Creary).. RISE Life Management, established in 1990 as Addiction Alert, shifted its focus in 2005 to address the needs of vulnerable populations in Jamaica, particularly at-risk adolescents living in inner city communities.. “This project with JET is a tremendous opportunity for  ...   trip on October 23 to the Hollywell Recreational area in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.. “Hollywell was fun and a cool area, I enjoyed the journey” said nine year old Shadimond Francis, who is one of the programme’s participants, “we walked from Hollywell to Portland!”.. An open day was hosted in May 2011 to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the project.. The event was also used to showcase the artwork and other activities done during the course of the programme for donors, special guests and other stakeholders.. After the successful completion of the first phase of the BANCAR project, it was agreed by both JET and RISE that it would be desirable to replicate the project in more communities in which RISE operates their Kidz Club after school programme: Majesty Gardens, Tower Hill and Drewsland.. Phase II was accordingly launched in October 2011 and 145 children participated in the programme.. In October 2012 a phase III was launched with additional funding from Grace Kennedy Foundation.. Due to the nature of the funding we were only able to conduct workshops and field trips with 40 children in the Parade Gardens community.. JET is currently seeking funding to continue this project..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Schools Environment Programme (SEP)
    Descriptive info: Page 1 of 2..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Schools' Environment Programme
    Descriptive info: Winner of the Schools’ Environment Programme 2008/2009.. St.. Hugh's Prep.. Copyright Hugh Wright.. The Schools Environment Programme (SEP) initially was a collaboration between two non-government organizations (NGOs), the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) who joined forces to lead an island-wide, coordinated environmental education programme, along with eight other NGOs.. Both JET and JCDT had been conducting environmental education activities separately, but realized there were benefits  ...   has been led by JET since then.. At its peak in 2002/3, SEP reached 345 schools, 280,000 students and 550 teachers.. Funding constraints have led to significant contraction over the years.. In 2011/12, SEP was delivered in 30 schools, funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.. In 2012/13, funding was supplied by the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) and SEP was implemented in 30 schools.. The NRCA has confirmed funding for 2013/2014.. Next..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - SEP Methodology
    Descriptive info: SEP Methodology.. Programme Content.. SEP requires each school to carry out activities in four main areas.. These are:.. Managing Garbage.. Greening of School Grounds.. Starting/Strengthening an Environmental Club.. Environmental Research.. Under the.. Managing Garbage.. section, schools conduct garbage audits, implement litter warden patrols, undertake garbage reduction, reuse and recycling projects, establish compost heaps, and carry out litter-less lunch programmes.. Most SEP schools report marked improvement in waste handling, improved knowledge among students about the hazards of waste and more pleasant school environments.. Plastic recycling bins at Negril All Age (Westmoreland).. Greening.. section, schools establish tree nurseries, do tree planting either on school grounds or in nearby communities, label trees on school grounds, plant organic gardens, test organic garden plots against plots grown using intensive farming methods, make home-made insect sprays, and design nature  ...   evidence of regular meetings, election of officers and projects carried out.. Members of school environment clubs typically make posters on environmental issues, address school assemblies or PTA meetings, conduct advocacy campaigns, work in the garden, conduct clean-ups, adopt nearby basic schools or become litter wardens.. SEP also encourages the use of existing school clubs to undertake environmental activities.. Environment Club kids of Negril All Age.. Schools also do an.. Environmental Research.. project under SEP.. Typically, schools research issues such as energy, deforestation, soil erosion, air and water pollution, climate change, protection of the ozone layer, loss of biological diversity, and endangered species in Jamaica.. Schools often build models to demonstrate their work and often these models are made from waste materials.. Students of Gideon Education Centre (Portland) demonstrate their research on water pollution..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Teacher's Manual
    Descriptive info: Teacher's Manual..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Teacher Training
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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Community Participation
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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Competition and Awards Ceremony
    Descriptive info: SEP is run as an island-wide competition.. Schools are assessed in March or April of each year by supervisors, and if they have completed the basic elements of the programme, they go on to be judged.. Regional and category prizes are awarded, as well as the overall prize of the "Most Environmentally Aware School" at a National Awards Ceremony held each June.. Transportation is provided for all attending schools, typically the regional winners.. Schools  ...   perform at the ceremony.. Mrs.. Francis Tavares, teacher at St.. Hugh's Prep, accepts Diana McCaulay Award from Ms.. McCaulay.. Display of ethanol plant at the SEP Awards Ceremony.. Past Award Ceremonies.. Port Antonio High School Named Most Environmentally Aware School for 2006/07.. Jago Cathedral Prep wins top environmental award.. Westwood High wins top prize in the SEP 2004/2005.. Immaculate Conception High and Westwood High awarded the Earth Trophy for being the Most Environmentally Aware Schools..

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  • Title: Jamaica Environment Trust - Funding
    Descriptive info: Over SEP's life, funding has been received from:.. The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, the Ministry of Education, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Total Jamaica Ltd.. , Jamaica Energy Partners, the ENACT Programme, Canada's Green Fund, The British High Commission, Save the Children UK, WINDALCO Jamaica Ltd.. , Citibank, Texaco, The United Nations  ...   Corporation of Jamaica, Birdlife International, Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds, Shell West Indies Ltd.. , Sesame Street, Industrial Gases Ltd.. , Nestle Jamaica Ltd.. , Toyota Jamaica Ltd.. , Jamaica Producers Group, NCB Foundation, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, the US Embassy, URGE and the Natural Resources Conservation Authority..

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