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  • Title: Jail Jon Burge!
    Descriptive info: .. Contact The Committee.. Torture Archive.. Up to Date Court Filings.. Who is Jon Burge?.. Activism.. Articles.. Audio.. News.. The Trial.. Videos.. Jury Convicts Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge of Lying About Torture.. 30th June.. 2010.. written by admin.. From:.. Democracy Now.. Decades after torture allegations were first leveled against former Chicago police commander Jon Burge, a federal jury has found him guilty of lying about torturing prisoners into making confessions.. Burge has long been accused of overseeing the systematic torture of more than 100 African American men.. Two years ago federal prosecutors finally brought charges against Burge—not for torture, but for lying about it.. On Monday afternoon, after a five-week trial, Jon Burge was found guilty on all counts of perjury and obstruction of justice for lying about the abuse.. He could face up to forty-five years in prison.. [includes rush transcript].. View Comments.. ,.. After Sadistic Cops Conviction, Demand For Answers From Daley.. CrabbyGolightly.. By Elizabeth C.. SADISTIC FORMER CHICAGO COP JON BURGE S NO LONGER protected by the word accused.. The retired commander of the city s violent crimes unit was convicted Tuesday of charges related to allegations that he tortured black men in his custody.. It got to the point where it was him versus everyone else, juror Gary Dollinger, 31,.. told the press.. Burge was found guilty of two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury.. The conviction comes two decades after complaints first emerged against Burge but does not answer why the system protected him for so long.. This case is not about Jon Burge,’ said Francine Sanders, who authored a report on Burge’s torture for the police Office of Professional Standards.. It s about a system, a culture, a sickness in human nature that allows things like this to happen.. The city s mayor, Richard M.. Daley, was the Cook County State’s Attorney in the 80s when the abuse occurred.. Mary Mitchell, a prominent columnist for the.. Chicago Sun-Times.. maintains he owes the city “further explanation”.. of how Burge was able to get away with torture.. Hopefully, the Burge conviction will not only be a wake-up call for the police officers who tend to be heavy-handed, but also for citizens who are concerned about policing in their neighborhoods,’’ she wrote.. Flint Taylor, an attorney for several men who accused Burge of torture, already plans to file a civil suit against Burge and Daley on behalf of Ronald Kitchen, a Burge accuser whose murder conviction was overturned, according to the.. New York Times.. Victims of the abuse, which included shocks, burns and games of , were ecstatic after the guilty verdicts were announced.. Russian Roulette.. “These people stole my fucking life, said.. Mark Clements.. , 45, who spent 28 years locked up after being tortured by Burge’s staff into confessing to murder.. I sat in a prison cell, and I prayed for this day.. Tags:.. Francine Sanders.. Gary Dollinger.. Office of Professional Standards.. Richard M.. Daley.. Ronald Kitchen.. Local Media Coverage of Jon Burge.. 29th June.. Jon Burge Guilty Of Torture!.. Burge s Victims React To Guilty Verdict.. Jon Burge returns to court for bond hearing.. Bail.. Bond Hearing.. Jon Burge.. Torture.. Jury reaches verdict in Burge torture trial GUILTY!.. 28th June.. Former Chicago police Cmdr.. Jon Burge, the subject of accusations of torture against suspects for decades, was convicted today on all counts of an indictment charging him with perjury and obstruction of justice.. Burge was convicted of lying in a 2003 civil lawsuit about his use or knowledge of torture of criminal suspects.. Burge, his fingers clasped in front of him, showed no reaction as the verdict was read guilty of two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury.. The verdict marks the culmination of nearly four decades of controversy surrounding Burge, a 33-year department veteran, and the detectives under his command.. The government s case focused on five men who alleged torture and abuse, but dozens of suspects contended they were beaten, shocked, burned, threatened with guns or smothered with plastic bags to force them to falsely confess to some of the city s most shocking murders.. Burge was eventually fired in 1993 for allegedly shocking and burning Andrew Wilson during his 1982 interrogation for the murders of two Chicago police officers a few days earlier.. The allegations particularly those of Madison Hobley, who alleged Burge and his detectives tortured him and then lied in court to obtain his conviction for the murders of his wife, son and five others in a 1985 arson were one of the key reasons then-Gov.. George Ryan gave when he pardoned Hobley and four others and emptied death row.. But Burge was never charged criminally with the tortures themselves.. A four-year investigation by a specially appointed Cook County state s attorney concluded in 2006 that there was evidence that Burge committed torture but that the statute of limitations had expired, making it impossible to charge him.. Local and international civil rights groups savaged the report as a whitewash, saying it was just another example of how prosecutors and police turned a blind eye to Burge s misconduct.. Alleged victims found hope for some measure of justice in 2008 when U.. S.. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald announced the indictment of Burge on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice for submitting written answers to a lawsuit filed against him by Hobley in which he flatly denied that he ever used or knew about the use of torture against suspects.. Over the past month, the government built its case on transcripts of testimony from the now-deceased Wilson as well as four others Anthony Holmes, Melvin Jones, Gregory Banks and Shadeed Mu min who alleged they were abused.. Burge, his fingers clasped in front of him, showed no reaction as the verdict was read guilty of two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury.. Jury.. Verdict.. Emergency Demo the Day of Verdict in Case Against Jon Burge.. 23rd June.. written by jail jon burge.. WHAT:.. DEMONSTRATION on the DAY OF THE VERDICT in United States of America vs.. Jon Burge (regardless of the decision).. WHEN:.. 5:00 pm on the DAY OF THE VERDICT (closing arguments are Thursday, June 24, and the verdict could be any day following).. WHERE:.. Dirksen Federal Building, 219 South Dearborn, Chicago IL.. WHY:.. No police officer has ever been charged for any crime in the police torture cases! Show your opposition to the impunity given to Chicago police officers who torture! Speak out against acts of torture by law enforcement!.. SIGN UP SO WE KNOW WE CAN COUNT ON YOU.. and spread the word!.. Please invite all your friends via Facebook.. ABOUT THE TRIAL:.. The federal trial of Jon Burge, former Chicago police commander who tortured over 100 African American men and women in the 70’s and 80’s, is coming to a close.. Please join the Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT) in demanding justice the day of Burge’s verdict at 5pm.. We will be demonstrating there, regardless of the verdict, to show solidarity with torture survivors and to speak out against acts of torture by law enforcement.. We will be sending updates about when the jury goes out for deliberations and when we should be ready to respond.. ABOUT JON BURGE:.. Burge is being charged with two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury for having lied about his participation in and knowledge of the torture of suspects under his control; he could face up to 45 years in prison if found guilty.. Burge is NOT being tried for torture, as the statue of limitations on his crimes have expired.. Even if Burge is found guilty in his current trial, he will not be held accountable for the acts of torture he committed.. ICAT IS CALLING FOR:.. State and federal legislation to criminalize acts of torture as crimes of torture by law enforcement officials.. New hearings for over 20 Chicago Police torture survivors who were wrongfully convicted and remain incarcerated in the State of Illinois.. Reparations for torture survivors from the City of Chicago, including the cost of treatment and counseling.. Take A Stand against Torture Let my People Go!.. 21st June.. Date: June 21, 2010 Time: 7:45AM.. Location: Federal Plaza/directly across from 219 So.. Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois.. On May 24, 2010, Jail Jon Burge Coalition conducted a protest, rally, and news conference outside City Hall, 121 N.. La Salle Street, and call on Mayor Richard M.. Daley to be responsible for his behavior that cause over 85 percent of the convictions that resulted from beatings and tortured under the Command of Jon Burge at area two and three violent crime units, from 1972 until 1991.. The group of Chicago police torture victims and activists called on Mayor Daley to be responsible and to meet with Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez to suggest through his recommendation that all 22 remaining Burge victims who remain incarcerated as a result of tortured confessions be afforded with a automatic hearing on their claims of Torture since the men have all been found guilty off of the tainted confessions.. This group also highlighted three tortured men confessions.. One was a 13 year old kid.. Tomika Erby a community activist sent a message of disappointment and outrage directly to Mayor Daley, telling him how dare you torture our kids, how dare you Mayor Daley!.. On June 8, 2010, a group of activists under the Jail Jon Burge Coalition served a letter to Mayor Daley and to all Chicago Aldermen, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County States Attorney Alvarez, and the Cook County Public Defender office.. That letter call for Mayor Daley to be responsible and to ask Anita Alvarez to grant the 22 men who remain incarcerated automatic hearings on their claims of torture.. Mayor Daley have ignore that letter, despite the fact that this group attached a July, 2006, New York Times article, where Daley said he shares responsibility for the tortures.. We believe that Daley has a legal obligation to try to correct what he now knows is true, that African American and Latino men were indeed beat and tortured while at area two and three violent crime units.. It is also true that the confessions were obtain as the result of beatings and torture under the command of Jon Burge who is on trial for perjury.. Burge testimony will resume Monday morning and he remains to deny that he coach, entice, directed and participated in the beatings and torture of nearly 200 African American and Latino men.. Mayor Daley has ignored the out cry of the community.. Mayor Daley has hid behind his office walls to avoid being confronted relevant to his duty to meet with Alvarez to recommend to her that all 22 remaining incarcerated men should be afforded hearings on their claims of torture.. Convictions that were obtain as the result of tainted  ...   tries to make a few bucks pounding out beats on a plastic bucket, the name means nothing.. He has never heard of Mr.. Burge, the former Chicago police commander now on trial in Federal District Court, charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying about torturing suspects.. Mr.. Jones is worried about today’s police officers.. “You can’t do nothing positive around here without them messing with you,” he said.. “They harass us every day.. In more than two dozen interviews in the sprawling Area 2 police district that includes Roseland and Chatham — the territory where Mr.. Burge once oversaw a team of detectives, some of whom were accused by suspects of engaging in a regime of torture at area headquarters — Mr.. Burge’s name elicited a mix of responses, from anger to indifference to “Jon who?”.. Seventeen years after Mr.. Burge was fired by the police board, there are lingering suspicions between the area’s residents and the police.. Many residents fear that a legacy of mistrust is undermining efforts to stop the violent crime that still plagues the area.. When it comes to Jon Burge, the generation gap is alive and well.. The older the person is, the fresher the memories are of the man and his command.. “The community has not reacted yet as I think it will as the trial goes on,” said Zakiyyah S.. Muhammad, 64, who sat through several sessions of trial testimony at the Dirksen Federal Building.. “It’s not a hot, hot issue like it was.. I think the media might be trying to protect Burge a little bit, because you don’t hear as much as you should hear.. The case remains a hot issue for Antonio Berry, 39.. “I can’t imagine what those people went through,” Mr.. Berry said.. “It’s unspeakable.. Ms.. Latiker, who runs a youth center from the living room of her house on the edge of Roseland, said she recently talked to a 21-year-old man about Mr.. Burge’s trial.. She tried to explain to him why the decades-long case still mattered, and why the sickly, 62-year-old former police commander should face justice.. But the man — no stranger to the back of a police car — said he did not understand why people like Ms.. Latiker were making such a fuss about Mr.. Burge, even if he did torture suspects more than 30 years ago and then lied about it under oath.. “Wasn’t he just trying to get the thugs off the street?” the man said.. “With all this killing going on, what’s wrong with that?”.. Latiker said she was shocked at the man’s attitude.. “I said to him, ‘You’re a thug.. Would you like the police to abuse you?’ ”.. The man shrugged and fell silent, she said.. “These kids today have seen and experienced so much bad they’re immune to it,” Ms.. Latiker said.. “That’s why they need to see that no one is above the law, not even the police.. Like most of the adults interviewed, Thomas Mitchell, 39, an unemployed construction worker who was waiting for a bus on 87th Street, said he had been following the Burge case for years.. “You can’t just turn a blind eye to stuff like that,” Mr.. Mitchell said.. “It shouldn’t have taken this long to bring him to justice.. The Burge trial, which begins its third week on Monday, is not the justice Mr.. Mitchell and many others had hoped for.. Burge is not being tried for torturing suspects: The statute of limitations ran out years ago without any torture-related criminal charges brought against him.. Instead, he is being tried on charges of lying about the torture in 2003 in a civil lawsuit filed by a former death row inmate.. Burge has denied the accusations of torture.. “I know that all police aren’t bad,” Mr.. “The ones that are crooked put a bad light on the ones who are trying to protect the community.. About 17 miles north of Area 2, in the other America that is downtown Chicago, civil rights advocates, lawyers, teachers, mothers of inmates and at least one elected official have packed Courtroom 1925 since testimony in the Burge trial began.. Sometimes the size of the crowd has forced officials to open another courtroom two floors below where an audio feed of the proceedings is piped in.. Alderman Ed Smith (28th Ward) said recently that Mr.. Burge was responsible for putting a lot of innocent people on death row.. “The Burge case should be significant to everybody in Chicago,” Mr.. Smith said.. “And it should be significant to everybody in the country.. But when asked about the case, Raheem Taylor, 35, who was standing in front of his printing shop in the 11300 block of South Michigan Avenue, replied, “Who’s Jon Burge?”.. A few moments later, with a little prodding, Mr.. Taylor recognized the name.. “I haven’t been following the case,” he said.. “The big story around here has been the serial killer, the Roseland rapist.. A 24-year-old man was arrested May 27 and charged with killing three women in Roseland and dumping their bodies in abandoned buildings.. Taylor pointed across the street to a boarded-up Harold’s Chicken restaurant, its sign still promising Finger Lickin’ Fried Chicken.. “They found one of the murdered women in that building over there,” he said.. Taylor was joined by a man who would give his name only as Gerald.. As they talked, a police officer pulled up and said, “You guys are going to have to find something else to do.. When the officer drove off, Mr.. Taylor said: “That happens all the time, telling us to move along.. I’m a grown man, standing in front of my own business.. Down the street at Legends barber shop, Macoi Long, a 30-year-old barber, said Mr.. Burge “is dead, right?”.. “No,” a friend said, laughing.. “He’s in court.. “Oh, yeah, now I remember,” Mr.. Long said.. “He’s on trial downtown.. Now he has to stand tall for what he done like the rest of us.. Long said he had been hearing about the alleged torture crimes of Mr.. Burge and his men for years, “whipping people, torturing people, sending guys to death row for something they didn’t do.. “Didn’t that happen a long time ago?” asked a teenager waiting for a haircut.. “True, but he still deserves some tick,” Mr.. Long said, using a slang expression for jail time.. A few miles north, Iris Gilbert, 55, was leaving a beauty college in the Gresham neighborhood with curlers in her hair.. “We need our police now because it’s so violent,” she said.. But, Ms.. Gilbert added, “you can’t trust them because of people like Burge.. “When you can’t trust the police,” she said, “you take the law into your own hands.. In the African-American community, they look at the police as another gang.. That sentiment was shared by a group of teenagers and young adults who work for Ms.. Latiker at her youth center, Kids Off the Block.. As the young people talked about police harassment and never meeting “a good cop,” Ms.. Latiker held up her hand.. “Now wait a minute,” she said.. “We don’t want to group all the police in the same boat.. We don’t want to do to them what they do to you all.. We don’t want to stereotype them.. “You’re right,” one of the teenagers said.. “We’re better than that.. TAKE A STAND AGAINST TORTURE RALLY REPORT.. 25th May.. On May 24, as many as 100 people turned out to our rally, “Take a Stand Against Torture,” which took place on the first day of the trial of Jon Burge, the notorious police torturer, who is in court on obstruction of Justice charges.. Our rally was picked up by all local news stations in Chicago.. Mark Clements, who is a Burge torture victim, led the rally and was interviewed by countless news outlets (and still is).. Stanley Howard spoke to the rally via cell phone from his prison cell.. Stanley and Ronnie Kitchen have since spoken out about their torture on the National Public Radio station here.. We held our handmade signs, we read the names of all those still incarcerated who were tortured by Burge, and we had their pictures posted on placards.. Our demands for new hearings and trials for all torture victims, stop paying cops who torture, and jail cops who torture was heard loud and clear.. If Mayor Daley was in his office that day, I’m sure he heard us, with our chanting and drumming, “POLICE TORTURE IS A CRIME, JON BURGE SHOULD BE DOING TIME.. ” And Mark’s favorite, “I say JAIL, you say BURGE, JAIL BURGE!”.. The struggle continues!!.. Anabel Perez.. CBS 2.. Trial Begins for Ex-Chicago Police Lt.. Accused of Torturing More than 100 African American Men.. 24th May.. Segment on the trial from Democracy Now! featuring Flint Taylor and Darrell Cannon.. A former police commander accused of overseeing the torture of more than 100 African American men goes on trial today in Chicago.. Former Lieutenant Jon Burge is accused of lying when he denied in a civil lawsuit that he and other detectives had tortured anyone.. He faces a maximum of forty-five years in prison if convicted of all charges.. The accusations of torture date back forty years, but Burge has avoided prosecution until now.. For nearly two decades, beginning in 1971, Burge was at the epicenter of what has been described as the systematic torture of dozens of black men to coerce confessions.. In total, more than 100 people in Chicago say they were subjected to abuse, including having guns forced into their mouths, suffocation with bags placed over their heads, and electric shocks inflicted to their genitals.. We speak to attorney Flint Taylor and torture victim Darrell Cannon.. Read the rush transcript.. Darrell Cannon.. Democracy Now!.. Flint Taylor.. RECENT POSTS.. 30th June 2010.. 29th June 2010.. 28th June 2010.. 23rd June 2010.. November 2013.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. Jun.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. Topics.. Aaron Gibson.. Amadou Diallo.. Andrew Wilson.. Anthony Abbate.. Antonio Nicholas.. Betty Howard.. Chicago.. Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.. Chicago Tribune.. Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine.. Copwatch Communique.. CPD.. Detective John McCann.. Edward Egan.. Grand Jury.. Jackie Wilson.. John Byrne.. Jon Bougie.. Karolina Obrycka.. Kevin Moore.. Lyn Kotecki.. Marvin Reeves.. Melvin Jones.. Michael Tillman.. Midnight Crew.. National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.. Northwestern University’s Innocence Project.. Patrick Fitzgerald.. Police.. Richard Beuke.. Robert Boyle.. Ronald Kitchens.. Ronnie Kitchen.. Spencer Thayer.. Stanley Wrice.. This Is Hell.. Virgil Jones.. Archives.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. January 2010.. Partners.. ARCHIVE.. Log in.. CC CY-NC-SA 2013 - Jail Jon Burge!, finding solutions to the upcoming Burge trials, figuring out a way to most effectively bring pressure on the trial..

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  • Title: Jail Jon Burge! » Contact The Committee
    Descriptive info: Please contact us regarding any media, organizational or other related reasons.. Jail Jon Burge Committee.. 1325 S Wabash Ave.. Suite 105.. Chicago, Illinois 60605.. 312-772-2COP.. contact@jailjonburge.. org..

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  • Title: Jail Jon Burge! » Torture Archive
    Descriptive info: The Persistence of Andrew Wilson.. A cop killer who fought to expose torture in the Chicago Police Department has died, but his testimony from beyond the grave could still help bring down its perpetrators.. November 29, 2007.. Is This a Gag?.. The city’s lawyers claim a gag order prevents them from discussing the strange deal they made to settle police torture lawsuits.. There’s no order.. September 28, 2007.. The Meter s Still Running and the Mayor s Still Mum.. Since 2003 the city has paid some $7 million in legal fees to fight five police torture lawsuits it probably can t win.. The latest turn in this saga involves a secret settlement agreement designed to protect Daley.. July 6, 2007.. Twenty Questions.. Lawyers for police torture victims are trying to get Mayor Daley on the stand.. We ve got a few things to ask him too.. May 11, 2007.. Confessions of a Torturer.. An Army Interrogator s Story.. March 1, 2009.. The Good Cop.. Detective Frank Laverty did the right thing and paid for it for years.. January 5, 2007.. Blind Justices?.. The prosecutors who sent police torture victims to prison are now the judges who keep them there.. December 1, 2006.. Doe in the Headlights.. By trying so hard to keep his name out of the police torture report, Lawrence Hyman has made sure it’s a name we ll always associate with police torture.. July 19, 2006.. The Police Torture Scandal: A Who s Who.. With the results of a four-year, multimillion dollar investigation due any day, here’s a guide by staff reporter John Conroy to the key figures in the scandal.. Some of them may look familiar.. June 16, 2006.. What Does John Doe Know?.. The guy blocking  ...   inmates their freedom if they ll drop their claims of torture, some defense attorneys suggest appointing a prosecutor to go over his head.. October 12, 2001.. What Price Freedom?.. Darrell Cannon has accepted a plea bargain that will spare him a lifetime in prison.. But there s a catch: the police officers he s accused of torture won t be forced to testify.. March 2, 2001.. The Magic Can.. It grows.. It shrinks.. It leaps throught locked doors.. If you believe that, you won t mind if the state executes Madison Hobley.. May 26, 2000.. Pure Torture.. Police lieutenant Raymond Patterson didn t believe his son Aaron was a gangbanger.. He was wrong.. Then he didn t believe that police officers had forced Aaron to confess to a double murder.. He may have been wrong about that too.. December 3, 1999.. Poison in the System.. Darrell Cannon and a parade of men claim they were tortured by detectives at Area Two.. Why won t the police department confront its demons?.. June 25, 1999.. Shot in the Dark.. In the confusion surrounding the bloody shoot-out that killed Nick Richard, one thing is perfectly clear—the police department doesn t want to hear about it.. November 6, 1998.. The Shocking Truth.. After insisting for years that Andrew Wilson was never tortured by police, why did the city then begin insisting that he was?.. January 10, 1997.. Town Without Pity.. Police torture: The courts know about it, the media know about it, and chances are you know about it.. So why aren t we doing anything about it?.. January 12, 1996.. House of Screams.. Torture by electroshock: Could it happen in a Chicago police station? Did it happen at Area 2?.. January 26, 1990..

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  • Title: Jail Jon Burge! » Up to Date Court Filings
    Descriptive info: You will find here access to up to date court filings in the federal criminal prosecution of Jon Burge.. Attachments.. USA v.. Burge Federal Indictment.. Burge Protective Order.. Burge Change of Venue.. Burge Memorandum Opinion.. Burge Memorandum in Support.. Burge Change of Venue_2.. Burge Status Report.. Burge Memorandum opinion and Order.. Burge Motion to Vacate Trial.. Burge Order on Motion to Vacate.. Burge Order on Motion for Reconsideration.. Burge Defense Response to Motion for Reconsideration.. Burge Order on Motion to Exclude.. Burge Memorandum Opinio and Order.. Burge Agreed Statement of the Case.. Burge Response to Motion for Reconsideration.. Burge Motion in Limine.. Burge Proposed Jury Instructions.. Burge Burge s Witness List.. Burge Request for witness immunity.. Burge Gov t Witness List.. Burge Motion to Exclude Evidence Denied.. Burge Motion to Change Venue.. Burge Response to Defense s Witnesses.. Burge Motion for Miscellaneous Relief.. Burge Defendant s Response to Consolidated Motion in Limine.. Burge Defendant s Response to Govt s Motion in Limine.. Burge DEFENDANT’S RESPONSE TO GOVERNMENT’S MOTION TO PRECLUDE EXPERT TESTIMONY.. Burge DEFENDANT’S CITATION OF AUTHORITY.. Burge DEFENDANT’S CITATION OF AUTHORITY (Appendix A).. Burge DEFENDANT’S CITATION OF AUTHORITY (Appendix B).. Burge Government s Exhibit List.. Burge  ...   Government s Response to Defendant s Supplement to Motion to Dismiss for Pre-indictment Delay and Intent to Offer Former Testimony of Charle s Grunhard.. Burge GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE TO PRECLUDE TESTIMONY OF AFLONZO PINEX.. Burge Defendant s Notice of Filing Burge on Trial articles.. Burge Burge on Trial articles.. Burge DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE TO PRECLUDE HIS PRIOR TESTIMONY.. Burge DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE TO PRECLUDE HIS PRIOR TESTIMONY (Exhibit 1-3).. Burge DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE TO PRECLUDE HIS PRIOR TESTIMONY (Exhibit 4-8).. Burge DEFENDANT’S NOTICE OF PRIOR CONVICTIONS.. Burge DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE REGARDING PRIOR TESTIMONY OF ANDREW WILSON.. Burge Third Party Motion to Quash Subpoena for Documents.. Burge GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO PRECLUDE HIS PRIOR TESTIMONY.. Burge GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE REGARDING PRIOR TESTIMONY OF ANDREW WILSON.. Burge Writ of Habeas Corpus and Testificandum (Johnson).. Burge Order on Writ of Habeas Corpus and Testicandum (Johnson).. Burge Order on Writ of Habeas Corpus (Harris).. *Documents appear in ascending order.. **Some documents have been declared SEALED and therefore are not accessible.. *** Some documents have not been posted (under CJP s discretion) due to a lack of significant information..

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  • Title: Jail Jon Burge! » Who is Jon Burge?
    Descriptive info: Jon Burge (.. archives of John Conroy s stories on Burge.. ) was a Chicago Police Commander when he was fired from the force in the 1993.. He was fired related to allegations of torturing confessions from suspects.. Allegations has surfaced the detail that allegations started shortly after Burge joined the force in the early 1970s and continued throughout his tenure on the Chicago Police Department.. Most allegations stem from Burge s time at both Areas 2 and 3.. An independent prosecutor s investigation found evidence of abuse but they stopped short of calling what Burge did torture.. After the report was issued the independence of the independent prosecutors was significantly, and credibly called into question.. In 2008 Jon Burge was indicted in federal court for perjury and obstruction of justice related to his testimony while be deposed in federal civil suits related to his actions as a Chicago Police Office.. In the press conference announcing the indictment US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald labeled Burge s actions as torture.. Not to be confused with.. John Burge.. Jon Graham Burge.. Born.. (.. 1947-12-20.. ).. December 20, 1947.. (age 65).. Chicago, Illinois.. Residence.. Apollo Beach, Florida.. Education.. Bowen High School.. University of Missouri.. (one semester).. Occupation.. Police Commander (retired).. Employer.. Chicago Police Department.. Known for.. police brutality.. Title.. Detective Commander.. Military career.. Allegiance.. United States of America.. Service/branch.. United States Army.. /.. United States Army Reserve.. Years of service.. 1966–1972.. Rank.. Sergeant.. Unit.. Ninth Military Police Company of the.. Ninth Infantry Division.. Battles/wars.. Vietnam War.. Awards.. Bronze Star.. Purple Heart.. Army Commendation Medal.. (two).. Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.. (born December 20, 1947) is a convicted.. felon.. and former.. detective.. and commander who gained notoriety for.. torturing.. more than 200 criminal suspects between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions.. A decorated.. veteran, Burge served tours in.. South Korea.. and.. Vietnam.. and continued as an.. enlisted.. soldier where he served in the.. military police.. He then returned to the.. South Side of Chicago.. and began his career as a police officer.. Allegations were made about the methods of Burge and those under his command.. Eventually, hundreds of similar reports resulted in a decision by Illinois Governor.. George Ryan.. to declare a moratorium on.. death penalty.. executions in.. Illinois.. in 2000 and to clear the state s.. death row.. in 2003.. The most controversial arrests began in February 1982, in the midst of a series of shootings of Chicago law enforcement officials in Police Area 2, whose detective squad Burge commanded.. Some.. [.. quantify.. ].. of the people who confessed to murder were later granted new trials and a few.. were acquitted or pardoned.. Burge was acquitted of police brutality charges in 1989 after a first trial resulted in a.. hung jury.. He was suspended from the Chicago Police Department in 1991 and fired in 1993 after the Police Department Review Board ruled that he had used torture.. After Burge was fired, there was a groundswell of support to investigate his convictions.. In 2002, a.. special prosecutor.. began investigating the accusations.. The review, which cost $17 million, revealed improprieties that resulted in no action due to the.. statute of limitations.. Several convictions were reversed, remanded, or overturned.. All Illinois death-row inmates received reductions in their sentences.. Four of Burge s victims were pardoned by then-Governor Ryan and subsequently filed a consolidated suit in the.. United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.. against the City of Chicago, various police officers,.. Cook County.. and various.. State s Attorneys.. A $19.. 8 million settlement was reached in December 2007, with the city defendants.. Cases against Cook County and the other current/former county prosecutors continue as of July 2008.. In October 2008,.. had Burge arrested on charges of.. obstruction of justice.. perjury.. in relation to a civil suit regarding the torture allegations against him.. On April 1, 2010, Judge.. Joan Lefkow.. postponed the trial, for the fourth time, to May 24, 2010.. Burge was convicted on all counts on June 28, 2010.. He was sentenced to four-and-one-half years in federal prison on January 21, 2011.. Contents.. Early life.. Police career.. 1.. Turning point.. 2.. Torture methods.. 3.. Discovery.. Abuse-related decisions.. Review.. Arrest.. Notes.. References.. External links.. edit.. Raised in the.. South Deering.. community area.. on the.. Southeast Side.. of Chicago,.. Burge was the second eldest son of Floyd and Ethel Burge.. Floyd was a.. blue collar.. worker of Norwegian descent and Ethel was an aspiring.. fashionista.. of mixed Western European descent.. Burge attended.. where he showed a keen interest in the school s.. Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.. (JROTC).. There he was exposed to.. military drill.. , weapons, leadership and.. military history.. He attended the.. but dropped out after one semester,.. which ended his.. draft deferment.. He returned to Chicago to work as a stock clerk in the supermarket chain.. Jewel.. in 1966.. In June 1966, Burge enlisted in the.. army reserve.. and began six years of service, including two years of.. active duty.. He spent eight weeks at a.. (MP) school in.. Georgia.. He also received some training at.. Fort Benning.. , Georgia, where he learned.. interrogation.. techniques.. He volunteered for a tour of duty in the.. ,.. but instead he became an MP trainer and then served as an MP in.. , gathering five letters of appreciation from superiors.. On June 18, 1968, Burge volunteered for duty in.. a second time,.. and was assigned to the Ninth Military Police Company of the Ninth Infantry Division.. He reported to division headquarters, where he was assigned to provide security as a sergeant at his division base camp, which was named Dong Tam by.. William Westmoreland.. Burge described his military police service as time spent escorting convoys, providing security for.. forward support bases.. , supervising security for the divisional central base camp in Dong Tam, and then serving a tour as a provost marshal investigator.. During his military service, Burge earned a.. , a.. , the.. and two.. Army Commendation Medals.. for.. valor.. , for pulling wounded men to safety while under fire.. Burge claimed no knowledge of or involvement in prisoner interrogation, brutality or torture in Vietnam.. Burge was honorably discharged from the Army on August 25, 1969.. Jon G.. Burge.. Born.. Place of birth.. , US.. Service branch.. United States.. 1970–1992.. Sworn in as an officer – 1970.. Detective – 1972.. Sergeant – 1977.. Lieutenant – 1981.. Commander.. (Violent crimes).. – 1981.. (Bomb arson).. – 1986.. Detective Commander – 1988.. Burge became a police officer in March 1970 at age 22 on the.. South side of Chicago.. In 20 years of service, he earned 13 commendations and a letter of praise from the.. Department of Justice.. In May 1972, he was promoted to detective and assigned to Area 2 (Pullman Area).. robbery.. He was later promoted to field lieutenant in the Monroe Street District.. From 1981–1986 he served as the.. commander.. of the Area 2.. Violent Crimes.. Unit until he was promoted to the Commander of the Bomb and Arson Unit in 1986.. In 1988, Burge became Area 3 (Brighton Park) detective commander.. Allegations exist that Burge s use of torture began in 1972.. However, the most prominent example occurred in 1982.. On February 9, 1982, there was an incident on the streets in which a suspect took a police officer s weapon, then shot and killed both the officer and his partner.. This incident occurred within Burge s jurisdiction, who was then a lieutenant and commanding officer of Area 2.. The two fatalities brought the total to five officers (including two.. Cook County Sheriff s Officers.. wounded and a rookie Chicago police officer shot and killed on a.. CTA.. bus on February 5.. ) who had been shot in the 60-square-mile (160 km.. ) area of the South Side within about a month.. Initial interrogation procedures allegedly included shooting pets, handcuffing questioning subjects to stationary objects for day-long time periods, and holding guns to the heads of minors.. Jesse Jackson.. Operation PUSH.. spokesmen, the.. Chicago Defender.. and black Chicago Police officers were outraged with techniques that were used.. Renault Robinson.. , president of Chicago s.. Afro American Police League.. characterized the dragnet operation as sloppy police work, a matter of racism.. comparing the police action to that of a southern sheriff leading a posse that turned into a lynch mob.. Jackson complained that the black community was being held under.. martial law.. After all of the police excesses, mere coincidence enabled the capture of the suspects for the most recent two killings.. Tyrone Sims identified Donald Kojak White as the shooter, and Kojak was linked to Andrew and Jackie Wilson by having committed a.. burglary.. with them earlier on the day of the killings.. Andrew Wilson was arrested on the morning of February 14, 1982 for the murder of the two police officers, and by the end of the day he was in.. Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.. with lacerations on various parts of his head, including his face, chest bruises and.. second-degree.. thigh burns.. It was clear that Wilson had received sufficient injuries to be sent to the hospital, with more than a dozen of them caused while in.. police custody.. During a two-week trial in 1983, Andrew Wilson was convicted of the killings and given a death penalty sentence, while his brother, Jackie, was convicted as an accomplice and given a life sentence.. In 1985, Jackie s conviction was overturned by the.. Illinois Appellate Court.. because his right to remain silent had not been properly explained.. Because Andrew was given a death sentence, his case was not reviewable on the same grounds by the Appellate Court and went directly to the.. Illinois Supreme Court.. In April 1987, the Supreme Court overturned Andrew s conviction with a ruling that he had.. confessed.. involuntarily after being beaten by the police.. In October 1987, the appellate court further ruled that Jackie Wilson should have been tried separately from his brother and that evidence against Andrew Wilson regarding other matters for which the police wanted him was incorrectly admitted.. In June 1988, Andrew was re-convicted.. However, with ten women in favor and two men opposed, the jury was unable to agree on his eligibility for the death penalty after five days of deliberation,.. and the following month he was sentenced to life imprisonment.. Seven years after the original arrest, Andrew filed a.. civil suit.. stating that he had been beaten, suffocated with a plastic bag, burned (by.. cigarette.. radiator.. ), treated with.. electric shock.. , and been the victim of the pattern of a cover-up.. Although the suit was against four detectives, a former police superintendent and the City of Chicago, it hinged on the testimonies of plaintiff Wilson and commander Burge, who oversaw all of the alleged activity.. Jury selection.. commenced on February 15, 1989.. The original two-woman, four-man jury included three African-Americans and one Latino.. When Burge took the stand on March 13, 1989, he denied claims he injured Andrew Wilson during questioning and denied any knowledge of any such activity by other officers.. Gradually, charges against other officers were dismissed.. On March 15, 1989, Sergeant Thomas McKenna was cleared of wrongdoing;.. and on March 30, 1989, Detectives John Yucaitis and Patrick O Hara were unanimously cleared by the jury.. However, the jury was at an impasse on the Burge verdict.. U.. District Judge Brian B.. Duff ordered a retrial for Burge, former Police Supt.. Richard Brzeczek and the City of Chicago on two other outstanding charges (conspiracy and whether the City of Chicago s policy toward police brutality contributed to Wilson s injuries).. 31.. Burge was cleared in a second nine-week trial that began on June 9, 1989.. 32.. 33.. Burge was accused of using a.. cattle prod.. Burge and other Chicago Police officers allegedly used methods of torture that left few marks.. They were accused of slamming telephone books on top of suspect’s heads.. There were also three separate electrical devices that Burge and his detectives were accused of using: a.. , a hand cranked device, and a.. violet wand.. They allegedly used a.. Tucker telephone.. , an old-style hand cranked telephone which generated electricity, and attached wires to the suspect’s genitals or face.. According to veteran sergeant D.. J.. Lewis, this is a method of torture common in the Korean War, and usually results in a confession.. Burge has denied ever witnessing such telephone torture procedures.. 34.. The violet wand was said to be regularly placed either on the.. anus.. , into the.. rectum.. or against the victim s exposed.. genitals.. They also used.. stun guns.. and adapted.. hair dryers.. Burge and officers under his command also allegedly engaged in mock executions, in putting plastic bags over heads, cigarette burnings and severe beatings.. At one point he is alleged to have supervised the electrical shocking of a 13 year old boy, Marcus Wiggins.. 35.. 36.. 37.. The verdict that cleared Burge and his colleagues also found that the City of Chicago employed a policy of using excessive force on suspected killers of police officers.. 38.. Initial reports of torture appeared in the pages of the alternative weekly the.. Chicago Reader.. in 1990.. By 1990 there was growing momentum to an effort to seek disciplinary action against Burge.. 39.. 40.. An investigation conducted by Chicago Police Department s Office of Professional Standards concluded that Jon Burge and his detectives engaged in methodical and systematic torture, and The type of abuse described was not limited to the usual beating, but went into such esoteric areas as psychological techniques and planned torture.. 41.. Danny K.. Davis.. turned police brutality and excessive force into a Chicago mayoral race campaign issue for the February 26, 1991 Democratic Primary.. He sought an independent citizens review.. On January 28, 1991,.. Amnesty International.. called for an investigation into police torture in Chicago.. 42.. After Mayor of Chicago.. showed reluctance to follow the Amnesty International directive, Davis raised an issue about a police.. coverup.. Eventually, after pressure by citizens organizations and anti-brutality organizations, an internal investigation resumed.. 43.. In 1991, Gregory Banks filed suit against Burge, three colleagues and the City of Chicago for condoning brutality and torture.. The allegation was related to a false 1983 confession to murder obtained by placing a plastic bag over Banks head, putting a gun in his mouth and other acts.. There were eleven other suspects that the officers allegedly abused with brutality such as.. electro-shock.. The suit was brought by the same attorneys who represented Andrew Wilson in the previous 1989 brutality case.. 44.. The suit described 23 incidents against black and Hispanic suspects between 1972–1985.. 45.. A third suit was brought against Burge in 1993.. 46.. 47.. The Banks suit named Sergeant Peter Dignan as one of the officers involved in the abusive handling.. Dignan was promoted later for meritorious service despite the fact that the City of Chicago settled out of court with Banks.. 48.. In November 1991, the Chicago Police Department Office of Professional Standards, an internal review division for.. police misconduct.. , acknowledged an October 25, 1991 request for action against Burge.. This type of request was a common precursor to a police dismissal and gave the City of Chicago s Corporation counsel 30 days to consider the report.. 49.. 50.. Burge was suspended pending separation for 30 days starting on November 8, 1991.. 51.. The Chicago Police Board set a November 25 hearing to formalize the firing of Burge and two detectives based on 30 counts of abuse and brutality against Wilson.. 52.. The hearing related to the internal police investigation finding that Burge and Detective John Yucaitis physically abused Wilson in 1982, while Detective Patrick O Hara did nothing to stop them.. 53.. The suspension became controversial after the 30 day period ended and the officers remained suspended without pay.. They sued for reinstatement,.. 54.. but their reinstatements were denied.. 55.. During the hearing an internal report that had been suppressed for years revealed police review findings that criminal suspects were subjected to systematic brutality at the Area 2 detective headquarters for 12 years and that supervisory commanders had knowledge of the abuses.. 56.. 57..  ...   film, co-produced with.. Peter Kuttner.. , that was entitled.. The End of the Nightstick.. , analyzed the torture charges against Burge.. 140.. United States Attorney.. arrested and prosecuted Burge.. Although Burge had been presumed to be protected by a statute of limitations, the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois,.. , in October 2008 charged Burge with two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury.. 141.. 142.. Burge was arrested on October 21, 2008 at his home in Apollo Beach by FBI agents.. 143.. Under the charges, Burge could have been subject to 40 years in prison for the two obstruction counts and five years on the perjury count.. 144.. The charges were the result of convicted felon Madison Hobley s 2003 civil rights lawsuit alleging police beatings, electric shocks and death threats by Burge and other officers against dozens of criminal suspects.. Burge pleaded not guilty and was released on $250,000 bond.. 145.. Fitzgerald noted that although Burge was being charged with lying and not the torture to which the statute of limitations applied, he believed Burge to be guilty of both.. In the October 21 press conference, Fitzgerald stated that Burge had lied and impeded court proceedings during his 2003 written testimony.. In the.. indictment.. , the prosecution stated that Burge understood that he was a participant in and was aware of such events involving the abuse or torture of people in custody.. The trial had been set for May 11, 2009.. Instead, on April 29, Burge filed a change-of-venue motion and the trial in relation to a lawsuit filed by former Death Row inmate Madison Hobley was set for October 29, 2009.. 146.. 147.. Also in April, Cortez Brown, who had sought a new trial with respect to two 1990 murders and who had already subpoenaed two Chicago police detectives for his May 18, 2009 hearing, won the right to subpoena Burge from a Cook County Judge.. Burge was expected to exercise his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.. 148.. However, the Florida judge refused to grant such a subpoena given the likelihood that Burge would exercise this right.. 149.. On May 6, jury selection began for the trial.. 150.. 80 potential jurors were given a 29-page questionnaire to complete.. Attorneys had until May 24 to review the questionnaires before final jury selection began.. 151.. An additional batch of 90 potential jurors was given a questionnaire on May 17.. 152.. The trial heard its first testimony on May 26.. 153.. Burge testified in his own defense for six hours on June 17 and on subsequent days.. 154.. 155.. Closing arguments were heard on June 24,.. 156.. and jury deliberations began on June 25.. 157.. On June 28, Burge was convicted on all three counts: two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury.. 158.. On January 21, 2011, Burge was sentenced to four and a half years in federal prison by U.. District Judge Joan Lefkow,.. 159.. 160.. who had refused to withdraw from the case.. 161.. The federal probation office had recommended a 15- to 21-month sentence, while prosecutors had requested as much as 30 years.. 162.. Burge is serving his sentence at the.. Federal Correctional Institution Butner Low.. near.. Butner, North Carolina.. , about 45 miles (72 km) northwest of.. Raleigh.. , where he is Bureau of Prisons Register #50504-018.. Burge s projected release date is February 14, 2015.. 163.. 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Human Rights Program.. Center on Wrongful Convictions.. Northwestern University School of Law.. v.. t.. City of Chicago.. Architecture.. Beaches.. Climate.. Colleges and Universities.. Community Areas.. Crime.. Culture.. Demographics.. Economy.. Expressways.. Flag.. Geography.. Government.. History.. Landmarks.. Literature.. Media.. Music.. Neighborhoods.. Parks.. Public Schools.. Skyscrapers.. Sports.. Theatre.. Tourism.. Transportation.. Portal.. Metroplitan area.. •.. Authority control.. WorldCat.. VIAF.. :.. 56155376.. LCCN.. no00038847.. Persondata.. Name.. Alternative names.. Short description.. Military Veteran, Police officer charged with misconduct.. Date of birth.. December 20, 1947.. Date of death.. Place of death..

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    Descriptive info: UPDATE! May 24th, 2010 Take A Stand Against Torture.. 7th April.. Download Flyer PDF.. Jail Jon Burge Now!.. The infamous torturing Chicago Police Commander finally has his day in court!.. Take A Stand Against Torture.. May 24th, 2010* @ Daley Plaza (55 W Randolph St) 8:30-10AM.. *Trial date may change.. Visit.. jailjonburge.. for more info.. Jail Cops Who Torture! Retrials for Their Victims! Cut Their Pensions!.. Jon Burge, a former police commander who is guilty of beating, burning, suffocating and electrocuting suspects under his  ...   200+ Latino and African American men and their children to obtain confessions.. 20 of these victims are still incarcerated, hoping to be re-tried.. Burge has been evading justice since 93 and the City of Chicago has spent over $10 MILLION in taxpayer dollars paying for his defense even after the Police Department Review Board ruled that he was guilty of using torture!.. If you would like to endorse this call for JUSTICE, please contact the Jail Jon Burge Committee by calling 312-772-2COP or or emailing..

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    Descriptive info: Police torturer on trial.. 21st May.. SocialistWorker.. The man responsible for the torture of Mark Clements and some 200 other African American and Latino men in Chicago will go on trial on Monday in a downtown courtroom.. Jon Burge is former police commander who oversaw a squad of detectives who were notorious for using torture techniques to coerce false confessions out of suspects.. One of their victims was a 16-year-old Clements.. The incriminating statement that was tortured out of him was the main evidence used at the trial where he was convicted.. Clements was sentenced to four life sentences plus 30 years.. Clements became an activist while behind bars.. Finally, in the summer of 2009, with protest and pressure building for new trials for Burge torture victims who are still behind bars, Clements was finally freed after serving 28 years for a crime he didn t commit.. Today, he is a member of the Jail Jon Burge coalition, a board member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and an activist with the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.. Clements talked to Jon Bougie and Lyn Kotecki about his experiences and about the rally planned for the first day of Burge s trial.. (more ).. 3 Burge victims tell of torture, don’t expect conviction.. 20th May.. From the Chicago Defender.. by Kathy Chaney.. The beatings began in the early and late 1970s and went on at least until 1991.. But at least three victims, allegedly tortured by the hands of former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge and his men, remember it vividly as if it were yesterday.. Mark Clements, Melvin Jones and Marvin Reeves also remember the sounds of men being tortured in the next room while they were in custody decades ago.. Now, the click of handcuffs on Burge’s wrist would be “sweet music” to their ears, said Clements.. A special prosecutor ruled in 2006 that Burge and several detectives under his leadership tortured more than 100 suspects into confessing to crimes through beatings, electric shock and other heinous methods between 1972 and 1991 while in custody at either Area 2 or Area 3.. Many alleged torture victims were convicted of crimes they allege they weren’t involved in.. Some had their convictions overturned; some were sentenced to death.. After several lawsuits by victims and an investigation by the then-Office of Professional Standards, Burge was eventually fired in 1993 from the Chicago Police Department.. The statute of limitations for the alleged torture had run out, however, the former  ...   knew of or participated in abuse of suspects.. The fact that Burge is facing any kind of criminal charge is seen by some as a long-overdue opportunity for vindication.. Jon Burge standing trial means a lot to the African-American community, and it means a lot to me, that finally some justice will come out of this ordeal of torture, said Mark Clements, 45, an alleged victim of Burge s officers who was released from prison in August after 28 years behind bars.. But Ronald Kitchen, 51, another alleged victim who was freed in July after 21 years in prison, isn t satisfied.. Who wouldn t want to see him put in the same cage he put us in? Kitchen said.. But unless he gets up on the stand and admits what he did, there s no justice in it for me.. Burge is expected to attend Thursday s session in Judge Joan Lefkow s courtroom, where potential jurors will be given a questionnaire.. On May 24, they will return for the completion of jury selection.. Burge s attorney, Richard Beuke, declined to allow his client to be interviewed by the Tribune but said the former detective will vehemently deny all these allegations.. He is looking forward to an opportunity to finally face these people in court with a jury that will hopefully understand the law and the evidence and do their best to give him a fair trial in light of all the negative publicity that plaintiff s lawyers and politicians have feasted upon at his expense, Beuke said.. We want to make sure that this trial is tried in the courtroom.. Read the article on the Chicago Tribune.. Fighting for Burge torture victims.. 27th January.. written by Mark Clements.. SHOCKED AND AMAZED as he was released on January 14, 2010, Chicago police torture victim Michael Tillman walked out of the Cook County court building in Chicago a free man at last.. Michael Tillman walks out of the Cook County Criminal Courthouse a free man.. (Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune).. Tillman is one of almost 200 African American and Latino men who allege that they were beaten and tortured by detectives who worked under former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, who was fired in 1993 for his acts of torture on Andrew and Jackie Wilson in the early 1980s.. In 1993, and again in 2006, it was learned that Burge and a group of detectives that worked under his command indeed had beaten and tortured suspects into making incriminating confessions against their will..

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    Descriptive info: Torture Is As American As Apple Pie.. 17th May.. Saturday, May 15th, This is Hell! broadcasted a live four hour show beginning at 9 AM (US central) on WNUR 89.. 3 FM.. Roughly an hour later Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer (that’s me) debuted his new segment live in their studios.. Click to play audio:.. Rough transcrip:.. Last week something unimaginable happened,finally  ...   court house to select the jury that will be judging him on charges of perjury.. And on the 24th of May at 8:30am he’ll be attending his first day of court.. But I think I’m getting ahead of myself, some of you may not know who Jon Burge is, why he is facing jail time or even why you should care..

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    Descriptive info: New federal grand jury eyes Burge s Midnight Crew.. 1st April.. Torture probe expands to cops under his command.. BY CAROL MARIN AND DON MOSELEY | SUN-TIMES/NBC CHICAGO.. Former Chicago Police Cmdr.. Jon Burge faces trial next month on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice linked to police brutality.. (AP).. A new federal grand jury has been impaneled to expand the investigation of allegations of police torture under former Chicago Police Cmdr.. Jon Burge, the Chicago Sun-Times and NBC5 News have learned.. The grand jury is investigating what was commonly referred to as the Midnight Crew, officers who worked for Burge, according to a source.. This comes as federal prosecutors ready their case against Burge.. The aging detective  ...   time has finally come.. Burge and his detectives have always maintained they mistreated no one.. (AP).. But according to attorney Flint Taylor, Burge was the ringleader of a band of seven or eight officers that operated out of Area 2 in the 1970s and 80s.. They were called the Midnight Crew because of the hours they worked.. Under the cover of darkness and the fact that there were relatively few of them, they could do what other detectives felt they couldn t get away with, and that is torture people, Taylor said.. And you just have case after case under them of baggings, of electric shock, of mock executions in the 80s which was the heyday of the Midnight Crew..

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    Descriptive info: Mark Explains Why We Need To Take A Stand Against Torture!.. 27th April.. May 6 Save the Date.. 11th March..

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