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  • Title: JAHTARI
    Descriptive info: .. ____.. IMPORTANT:.. Before entering this site you should FIRST install.. the nice.. C64-font.. , which you will absolutely need to display all the.. information written there.. Simply rightclick.. THIS.. and save the.. CBM-6480.. TTF Truetype-file into your Fonts directory.. Sorry for the inconvenience but you (hopefully!) won't regret it!.. Get the.. FLASH PLAYER.. and.. FIREFOX.. Delete the INTERNET EXPLORER - then.. E.. NTER JAHTARI!..

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  • Title: JAHTARI News
    Descriptive info: Jahtari Player.. ABOUT.. /.. CONTACT.. BOOKING.. DATES.. Paul St.. Hilaire -.. Nah Ina It EP.. 27.. 9.. 13.. We're back from the summer break with a pile of new goodness:.. First off is an ultra-deep EP with legendary Berlin-based mic chanter.. Hilaire, aka.. Tikiman.. , seeing.. Rootah.. back at the controls of.. the epic title track called Nah Ina It plus a B-side full of hits,.. cooked up together with.. disrupt.. The EP comes with a spooky cover by Kiki Hitomi and is a limited.. pressing, so do your ears a favour and bag it quick smart over.. HERE.. !.. Maffi - Heidi Riddim 2 x 7.. The next edition of our highly collectable 7 series sees.. Maffi.. return.. with a big bad thing called Heidi Riddim.. Built from the DNA of.. Sleng Teng, Heidi flips the scripts on this most classic of classics.. by taking it to the black keys, and has been specifically engineered.. to kill tin pan sounds and discombobulate Babylonians.. This 2 x 7 riddim package comes with deadly vocal versions by.. Speng Bond.. , Junior Roy and Scorpio-legend.. Lord Sassafrass.. and is a.. strictly limited pressing, so don t sit on them they re bound.. to be gobbled up rapidly! So best have a  ...   by Melbourne's number one.. sampling warrior.. Monkey Marc.. , who's mashing up Hip Hop and.. Dub inna down under style like no other.. With the analogue filter.. modules in constant overdrive mode, a groove not found on any map.. and a bass too deep to measure, this rugged masterpiece develops a.. complete life of it's own.. All faithfully recorded to cassette and then.. dubbed out to the max by.. - spark up and give it a listen over.. Tapes - Where Is.. The Time EP.. The master of the magnetic scrolls is back at the boombox with his.. second Jahtari EP, once again exploring the more rugged corners of.. the dub universe.. '.. Where Is The Time.. ' switches the tape heads into.. heavy current mode, driving a battery of damaged 8-bit-chips into a.. thermal meltdown.. The EP also contains two special cuts of older Tapes gems: a 12".. extended dub mix of Vernon Maytone's 'Old Pan Sound' that.. originally came out on a now hard to find 7" on Tape's Selah.. Wadadda label.. And an ultra-heavy, extra-crackling cassette mix of.. the ghostly 'Pipe Cleaner' with haunting flutes by Diggory Kenrick.. that recently appeared as limited 7 on Meeuw Muzak.. Serious.. voltage banned on tape.. WHAT ALL HAPPENED LAST YEAR..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: 0 ÀOS/2 ç £¬ NPCLTüh° £ü 6cmap5BóN vcvt æ É £` Lfpgm \Ü¢ 0 dglyfác hdmx-¡¯ ¤4 ÈheadÌ øK ü 6hhea | à 4 $hmtx ¢ú ø hloca 9Ñ\.. Fv/7 ?.. Fv/7 ?.. ¶ ò Ö ¢ ^ ¶ ` ü ¶ ( 4 l ¨ :  r > ! !z !ð " #, $ $ %j %È & &ð ' '´ ( ).. )¶ *, *´ +V +æ , - -.. º /& /À 0, 0¾ 1F 1Ì 26 2à 3n 3Ú 4n 5 5ö 6 7N 7â 8 8¬ 9: 9¶ :b :º ;, ;.. ä ? @J @¦ A A B( B BÒ C C D| E F4 Fö GÀ GÀ H HÀ IÆ Jô Kø LP MJ M¤ Nð O P Q QH R¾ Rô ST Sæ T U: U V$ V Vø WF W¾ Xn Y¤ Zö \4 ]Ä ^ _ `r ar b cl d.. ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` a Ä ¦ Å « Â Ø Æ ä ¾ ° ¶ · ´ µ ² ³ Ù å ¿ ± » ¬ £ ½ è © ¤ ï Ú ò ó Ã Þ ñ ª õ ô ö ¢ É Ç ® b c d Ë e È Ê Ï Ì Í Î é f Ó Ð Ñ ¯ g ð Ö Ô Õ h ë í j i k m l n o q p r s u t v w ê x z y { } | ¸ ¡ ~ ì î º $ $ !"#$%&'()*+,-.. /0123456789:;.. ?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`a bcdefghijkl mnopqrstuvwx yz{|}~ ¡¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª«¬ ®¯°±²³´µ¶·¸¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙ R $ ~ ÿ S a x Æ Ü " & 0 :!"" ÿÿ R ` x Æ Ü & 0  ...   g q e i k w u à À À À À H À À À À À À H À 0 À 0 À À À 0 À À H À À À À À À À À À À À À H À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À 0 À À 0 À À À À À À À À À 0 À À À 0 À 0 À À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À H À 0 À 0 À 0 À À À À 0 À 0 À 0 À À À 0 À À 0 À 0 À À À 0 À 0 À À 0 À À À H À À ú À H À À À 0 À À H À À 0 À À À À À 0 À À À H À À À À H À À À H À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À 0 À 0 À 0 À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À 0 À 0 À 0 À 0 À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À À P ð 0 ` 0 ` ð À P s 0 À 0 À H ` 0 0 H 0 ` À H x N À 0 r 0 k ( Ï Alts @ " À pH P uCBM-64 Ó 1ç3Á ÿÿÿÿ?ÿÿÿCBMR00 Ü..

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  • Title: JAHTARI Home
    Descriptive info: browse and listen to the WHOLE.. Jahtari label catalogue!.. dig our rocking MAFFI-7.. series!.. HOW TO SEND US DEMOS.. -.. Irie and welcome to JAHTARI Records!.. _______.. In case you are new to JAHTARI some words in general: if you would like to know.. something about our label concept or how to contact us you can always click the.. pacman symbol in the upper left corner.. For deeper explanations check the.. THEORY.. section or the.. REGGAE HISTORY.. in the.. MAGAZINE.. corner.. Otherwise just play around a.. bit - which is the way  ...   Heaps of our.. music.. is out on lovely vinyl meanwhile, but since we're living in the.. 21st century crammed with funny 2.. 0-gimmicks we're dropping a series of so called.. NET-7inches.. ' here since 2004 that are available for free download.. This is.. nothing else but a virtual single that sounds (and even looks!) exactly like our well.. known vinyl-7 -format (including A- and B-Side!) - but exists only here in the.. computer as a lot of funny Ones and Zeros.. Enjoy these and dont't forget to check.. back for.. releases.. !..

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  • Title: JAHTARI
    Descriptive info: THEORY V3.. 0.. _________________________________.. (APR 2012).. the.. Midibox SID.. synthesizer.. the Shruti-1 from.. Mutable instruments.. It's actually been almost 7 (!) years since we've updated our.. old theory section.. A lot of things.. happened since 2005 music- and technology-wise - Dubstep came and went, you can produce.. tracks on your bloody telephone now - while we came a long way too.. So it's time get the concept.. up to speed.. Nothing changed with the way we approach Dub and Reggae - to always try to throw something new.. in there - but when it comes to technology it's time for an update.. Most of all the term Digital Laptop.. Reggae doesn't really apply anymore since a lot of our music isn't been done with a laptop only since.. a while.. It's not even digital in many cases,.. or.. Tapes.. for example are using analogue gear since.. years.. One of the key insights of the recent past is that the computer is a great tool when it comes to recording.. and editing, but as a sole musical instrument there are better options.. No matter how many great virtual.. instruments there are around nowadays, the main drawback remains: you can't really lay your hands.. onto any of them.. When exploring something as complex as a synthesizer just with your mouse you.. are bound to stay on the surface of it.. This actually very  ...   last years a lot of amazing Do-It-Yourself projects came about via.. the net, so anybody who can hold a soldering iron and follow some basic instructions can build their own.. music machines for relatively small money (see.. ).. So now we're forcing ourselves to use the computer as little as possible.. The idea behind this is to get.. out of the laptop comfort zone and learn all about making Dub music with new tools, and to make the.. machines interact in a way a computer can't.. While working with hardware is nothing new at all, it is.. more about re-learning those skills that were absolutely needed until the early 2000s, when a cheap.. computer alone finally could be used as an instrument (not counting the Commodore Amiga tracker days).. Skills that somehow got lost in the last decade while holding a mouse in our hands.. Most likely the result.. of using mostly hardware to make Dub and Reggae won't sound any better , but hopefully it will sound.. a little different and more alive.. One thing is for sure: it's a lot more fun.. In the end it doesn't matter with.. what tools music is being made, all that counts is a good idea.. But having fun while doing it is the crucial.. motivator, and that is where the machines come into play.. --- disrupt, April 2012.. MAIN.. TOP.. REGGAE HISTORY..

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  • Title: JAHTARI pics / else
    Descriptive info: click right to see some.. funny pics from recent.. JAHTARI-related activities.. - and read some even more.. funny stories along with them!.. MEDIA ECHOS on Jahtari.. listen to JAHTARI sounds.. appearing elsewhere.. great video from a live gig.. with El Fata disrupt in.. Freiburg, Feb 2011.. full coverage of the.. Jahtari odyssey in.. Asia, Feb 2010.. a lotsa funny.. documents from a trip.. with Soom T to Vienna /.. Prague, May 2009.. JAHTARI RIDDIM FORCE.. live in Scotland / Holland.. Tune in.. Jahtari, Mungo's Hifi,.. Clouds.. , Clause Four.. Tapes  ...   UK.. March 2007.. JAHTARI summer tour.. June 2007.. the TV story for the '.. nano.. science magazine.. shot 12.. 09.. 2006.. KID KAMELEON RIPLEY.. in Leipzig.. 17.. - 19.. 06.. Mikey Murka Kris Kemist.. ovah in Germany.. 12.. - 16.. 04.. Bo Marley.. in Leipzig (GER).. Live gig + recording.. session with.. TINITUSSTADL.. FREIES SENDER KOMBINAT.. HAMBURG.. (FM 93.. 0 MHz).. JAHTARI radio special.. with a funny disrupt.. phone interview.. PHLOW.. NET.. Netlabel.. Meeting Cologne 28.. 08.. 05.. Liveset + interview.. Live at the Warszawa.. Electronic Festival.. 22.. 07.. 2005.. TOP..

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  • Title: JAHTARI
    Descriptive info: JAHTARI MUSIC PLAYER.. PLAY.. - click artist name to see info.. - click track title to download.. __.. the.. _.. track.. (hifi version only).. - click release title in the.. browser.. (left) to listen to.. the release.. - click release title in the info.. window (right) to see release.. info.. - ENJOY!.. The highly  ...   (.. phlow.. net.. ) with the aim to.. make listening to netaudio indepen-.. dent from any external software.. The.. player is easily customizable, skin-.. able - and free for use and download!.. Read more on the whole project.. ,.. download it and implement it in your.. site! Then delete the RealPlayer! :).. RUN IT!..

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  • Title: JAHTARI contact
    Descriptive info: For any kind of feedback, criticism, questions and suggestions write to:.. headquarter [at] jahtari.. org.. For.. DEMOS.. , and all things concerning our.. SHOP.. write to:.. rootah [at] jahtari.. For wholesale orders and distribution write to:.. ltd.. candy [at] jahtari.. For live.. bookings.. dressla [at] jahtari.. You can also contact us via MYSPACE:.. www.. myspace.. com/jahtari.. Of course for our future release plans we're always looking for tracks that.. fit the.. JAHTARI profile.. ! So if you have some tracks in store please feel free.. to.. write.. us! But please read.. MORE.. about sending in demos first!..

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  • Title: JAHTARI about
    Descriptive info: ABOUT JAHTARI.. In case you haven't heard of us so far (which is more than likely at the.. moment) just some words of explanation about JAHTARI.. We are a small record label based in Leipzig / Germany and we produce a kind.. of music here which we call - for the lack of a better term - DIGITAL LAPTOP.. REGGAE (DLR).. This means nothing else but that we produce first and above all.. REGGAE music (or DUB) in it's.. classical sense.. , which in itself is nothing new,.. but since we're having a background of mostly electronic music we're doing.. this with the only tool that is obvious to use for that purpose - a COMPUTER,.. and a computer only.. When you are using a computer via a specific interface (the software) for.. making music the sound and feel of it is by definition DIGITAL.. You can always.. hear the math and the algorhythms that  ...   a machine made for calculation of.. numbers and computation of programs.. Or in short: the basic principles behind REGGAE and COMPUTER generated music.. are by definition principles that completely exclude each other.. To our.. surprise experiments with this paradoxon turned out a kind of music that.. functioned and that is even 'NEW', whatever meaning this term can have today.. So, above all we are a REGGAE label.. You won't find any straight bassdrums or.. Dub-Techno here, you'll find.. classic DUB.. done with a computer.. But one could philosophize on this topic with no end so if you would like to.. read more about it check out our.. section or our highly recommended.. , where I will explain the ideas and concepts behind JAHTARI and.. DLR more detailed and with lots of (sound) examples.. impressum.. Jahtari.. August-Bebel-Str.. 36.. 04275 Leipzig.. - GERMONEY -.. email: shop@jahtari.. org.. Inh.. : Jan Gleichmar, Christoph Röpke.. Steuernummer: 231/154/28306.. VAT-ID: DE250590205..

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  • Title: JAHTARI booking
    Descriptive info: Bo Marley live.. live.. Jahtari Riddim Force.. live / DJ.. Volfoniq.. Soom T.. MC / singer.. Solo Banton.. Pupajim.. El Fata.. Dressla.. MC / singer / DJ.. for all.. Soom T.. bookings please write to: nostepbookings at live.. co.. uk.. for all other bookings please contact: dressla at jahtari..

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  • Title: JAHTARI dates
    Descriptive info: see the full epic history of Jahtarian travels.. dig the Offbeat Vibration Festival.. Live recording.. done on funky tape!.. supernice video recording of the.. disrupt.. set at.. Bergen Reggae Reggae Festival..

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