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  • Title: Jamesburg Earth Station Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Register.. |.. Login.. Home.. Talk To Us.. Galleries.. 32m Antenna In Japan.. Bryan's Pictures.. Gerald's Pictures.. Marc's Pictures Gallery 1.. Marc's Pictures Gallery 2.. Marc's Pictures Gallery 3.. Thor's Pictures Gallery 1.. Thor's Pictures Gallery 2.. Elevation Stow Pin - Stuck!!.. Elevation Stow Pin - FREE AT LAST !.. First Moonbounce QSO's.. Jim's Pictures, Sounds and Movies.. Jamesburg Siblings.. Comsat History Web Site.. Movie Presentations.. EME Contest 11/2007.. Press & Events.. Direct Links to Galleries.. 32m Antenna in Japan.. Elevation Stow Pin - STUCK!.. First Moonbounce QSOs.. Jamesburg's Siblings.. Comsat History Website - Jamesburg.. EME Contest Nov, 2007.. Monterey Current Weather.. Your browser does not support inline frames..  ...   in time to carry the Moon landing live to the world.. COMSAT owned and operated this high-capacity earth station, and provided all forms of overseas communications via satellite between the U.. S.. and points all around the Pacific Rim.. This antenna, taller than a 10-story building, is located in the Upper Carmel Valley.. This facility was closed in 2002, and sold to a private investor.. The new owner is cooperating with a group of Ham Radio operators to find a new use for the antenna, which may include Radio Astronomy, educational or Deep Space applications.. Information.. Copyright 2007-2008, john castorina wb6azp.. Marta Systems DNN.. Terms Of Use.. Privacy Statement..

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  • Title: Jamesburg Earth Station Home Page
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  • Title: jamesburgdish.org > Home > Talk To Us
    Descriptive info: :.. Contact Us.. WebSite Administration.. John Castorina, WB6AZP.. boatanchor@martasystems.. com..

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  • Title: jamesburgdish.org > Galleries
    Descriptive info: Thanks to everyone who has contributed content to the galleries.. we'll continue to post new galleries as new images are submitted.. You can submit pictures and other content to.. Galleries - Updated 2/20/2007.. Japan's 32-Meter Antenna at Ibaraki getting ready for Moonbounce.. Bryan's Pictures from November 2006.. Gerald's Pictures from November 2006.. Marc's Pictures Gallery 1 from November 2006 and earlier.. Marc's Pictures  ...   January and February 2007.. Thor's Pictures Gallery 1 from November 2006 and earlier.. Thor's Pictures Gallery 2 from November 2006 and earlier.. The Stuck Elevation Stow Pin - Thanks, Marc.. Elevation Stow Pin - FREE AT LAST! (Thanks, Marc).. First Moonbounce QSO s.. Jim's First QSO Pictures, Movies and Audio.. Jamesburg's Siblings Gallery.. Comsat History Website - Jamesburg Folder.. EME Contest Pictures November 2007..

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  • Title: 32m Antenna In Japan
    Descriptive info: Message from JH1KRC, Mike Watanabe.. Announcement:.. Project BIG-DISH 2007.. 8N1EME.. A Special EME Operation from QM 06, Japan.. JH1KRC, Mike Watanabe.. KDDI, one of the Japanese telecommunication services companies, has assigned to make experimental cooperation with the Project BIG-DISH, composed of some forty Japanese moon bouncers, and JARL.. We will use the antenna IBA-4, which is the 4th antenna of Ibaraki Satellite Communications Center, KDDI Corporation, for the experimental moon bounce operation on 144, 432, 1296 and possibly 5760 MHz bands.. IBA-4 is a 32-metre Cassegrain dish made by Mitshubishi Electric Corporation in 1980's, and is located in the grid QM06.. The IBA-4 is fully rotable and the elevation is possible up to 90 degrees for automatic moon tracking.. The largest.. problem we have is that we cannot remove the subreflector, 2.. 9-m in diameter, about 9 metres in front of the main reflector.. Therefore we have to use this subreflector in some way for the EME operation.. Our EME operation  ...   JT65 specially on 144 and possiby on 432 also.. Fundamentally, we think that random QSOs are most important, although, some scheduled QSOs may be considered for any special reason.. Antennas in use will be vertilac pol.. on 144 and 432 MHz, the usual EME circular pol.. on 1296, and 5760 MHz.. The operation is planned during late February and early March at least, in 2007.. QSL via JH6RTO.. Further details will be announced from time to time in our web site.. Be prepared, and don't miss this historic moon bounce operation from the special place!!.. http://8n1eme.. jp/.. +--------------------------------------------------------------------+.. |* see you! Project BIG-DISH ************* JA-EME eme.. dokidoki.. ne.. jp |.. |SDR-JAPAN groups.. yahoo.. co.. jp/group/sdr-japan.. ja5fnx@dokidoki.. jp.. |.. |bun.. jp/xoops/ Tel:+81-894-24-4457 Fax:+81-894-24-4456 |.. |Bunshiro Tamura / Bun *** 4 Matsukaya Yawatahama Ehime 7960010 JAPAN|.. |PGP Finger Print = 37 82 A3 94 12 14 2C 6D 54 24 B7 02 A6 FE 0B 77|.. IBA-4, the 32-meter Antenna in Ibaraki, Japan..

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  • Title: Bryan's Pictures
    Descriptive info: Page:.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Next.. View.. Card.. List.. Standard.. Sort By.. Name.. Title.. Size.. Author.. Created Date.. Desc.. Slideshow.. IMG_3042.. jpg (59 KB).. IMG_3043.. jpg (68 KB).. IMG_3044.. jpg (86 KB).. IMG_3046.. jpg (71 KB).. IMG_3047.. jpg (57 KB).. IMG_3048.. jpg (45 KB).. IMG_3049.. jpg (62 KB).. IMG_3051.. IMG_3052.. jpg (44 KB).. IMG_3053.. jpg (65 KB).. IMG_3054.. jpg (81 KB).. IMG_3055.. jpg (98 KB).. IMG_3056.. jpg (85 KB).. IMG_3058.. jpg (97 KB).. IMG_3059.. jpg (63 KB).. Showing items 1 - 15 of 36..

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  • Title: Gerald's Pictures
    Descriptive info: Gerald's Pictures Gallery.. 100_0891.. JPG (158 KB).. 100_0892.. JPG (221 KB).. 100_0893.. JPG (151 KB).. 100_0894.. JPG (162 KB).. 100_0895.. JPG (103 KB).. 100_0896.. JPG (154 KB).. 100_0897.. JPG (142 KB).. 100_0898.. JPG (144 KB).. 100_0899.. JPG (139 KB).. 100_0900.. JPG (165 KB).. 100_0901.. JPG (120 KB).. 100_0902.. 100_0903.. JPG (112 KB).. 100_0904.. JPG (209 KB).. 100_0905.. JPG (175 KB).. Showing items 1 - 15 of 21..

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  • Title: Marc's Pictures Gallery 1
    Descriptive info: 12.. 13.. P6030002.. jpg (77 KB).. P6030003.. jpg (79 KB).. P6030003_2.. jpg (93 KB).. P6030004.. P6030004_2.. jpg (69 KB).. P6030005.. jpg (137 KB).. P6030005_2.. jpg (94 KB).. P6030006.. P6030006_2.. jpg (78 KB).. P6030007.. jpg (99 KB).. P6030007_2.. P6030008.. P6030008_2.. jpg (89 KB).. P6030009.. P6030009_2.. jpg (52 KB).. Showing items 1 - 15 of 195..

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  • Title: Marc's Pictures Gallery 2
    Descriptive info: 6.. 7.. Mvc02460.. jpg (37 KB).. Mvc02461.. jpg (31 KB).. Mvc02462.. jpg (51 KB).. Mvc02463.. jpg (42 KB).. Mvc02464.. jpg (48 KB).. Mvc02465.. Mvc02466.. Mvc02467.. Mvc02468.. Mvc02469.. Mvc02470.. Mvc02471.. jpg (39 KB).. Mvc02472.. jpg (40 KB).. Mvc02473.. Mvc02474 1.. jpg (34 KB).. Showing items 1 - 15 of 100..

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  • Title: Marc's Pictures Gallery 3
    Descriptive info: 5.. 001.. jpg (458 KB).. 002.. JPG (394 KB).. 003.. JPG (433 KB).. 004.. JPG (388 KB).. 012.. JPG (190 KB).. 014.. JPG (193 KB).. 021.. JPG (173 KB).. 024.. JPG (127 KB).. 037.. JPG (218 KB).. 040.. JPG (192 KB).. 046.. JPG (164 KB).. 057.. jpg (138 KB).. p1060001.. jpg (47 KB).. p1060002.. p1060003.. Showing items 1 - 15 of 81..

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  • Title: Thor's Pictures Gallery 1
    Descriptive info: 10.. 11.. IMG_3847s_rasmussen.. jpg (87 KB).. IMG_3848s_rasmussen.. jpg (72 KB).. IMG_3849s_rasmussen.. IMG_3850s_rasmussen.. IMG_3851s_rasmussen.. IMG_3852s_rasmussen.. jpg (73 KB).. IMG_3853s_rasmussen.. IMG_3854s_rasmussen.. IMG_3855s_rasmussen.. IMG_3856s_rasmussen.. jpg (67 KB).. IMG_3857s_rasmussen.. IMG_3858s_rasmussen.. IMG_3859s_rasmussen.. jpg (50 KB).. IMG_3860s_rasmussen.. IMG_3861s_rasmussen.. jpg (83 KB).. Showing items 1 - 15 of 153..

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