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    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Home.. About.. Bibliographies.. Chronological Bibliography of Primary Works.. Continuing Bibliography.. JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER.. Volume Twenty-Seven, Number Two.. Spring 2013.. Volume Twenty-Six, Number Two.. Spring 2012.. Volume Twenty-Five, Number Two.. Spring 2009.. Digitized from print issue.. Volume Twenty-Three, Number Two.. Spring, 2007.. Volume Twenty-Three, Number One.. Fall 2006.. Volume Twenty-Two, Number Two.. Spring 2006.. Volume Twenty-Two, Number One.. Fall 2005.. Volume Twenty-One, Number Two.. Spring 2005.. Volume Twenty, Number Two.. Spring 2003.. Volume Twenty, Number One.. Fall 2003.. Volume Nineteen, Number One.. Fall 2002.. Volume Eighteen, Number One.. Fall 2001.. Volume Seventeen, Number One.. Fall 2000.. Volume Sixteen, Number One.. Fall 1999.. Volume Fifteen, Number One.. Fall 1998.. Volume Fourteen, Number One.. Fall 1997.. Volume Thirteen, Number One.. Fall 1996.. Volume Twelve, Number One.. Fall 1995.. Volume Eleven, Number One.. Fall 1994.. Volume Ten, Number One.. Fall 1993.. Volume Nine, Number One.. Fall 1992.. Volume Eight, Number One.. Fall 1991.. Volume Seven, Number One.. Fall 1990.. Volume Six, Number One.. Fall 1989.. Volume Five, Number One.. Fall 1988.. Volume Four, Number One.. Fall 1987.. Volume Three, Number One.. Fall 1986.. Volume Two, Number One.. Fall 1985.. Volume One, Number One.. Fall 1984.. Biography.. Critical Studies.. Havird, David.. A Clamorous Amassment Beyond-Speech Golden:.. The Complete Poems of James Dickey.. Leising, Gary F.. “Diederik Oostdijk’s Among the Nightmare Fighters: American Poets of World War II”.. Van Ness, Gordon.. The Question of Poetics: James Dickey and the Modernists.. Walker, Susan Brannan.. The River: Mouth, Metaphor, and the Chiastic Deep Ecology of Deliverance.. Links.. Photographs.. Podcasts.. Reminiscences.. Autrey, Ken.. Sketches of James Dickey.. Pair, Joyce Morrow.. James Dickey American Poet: 2 February 1923 ~ 19 January 1997.. Papleacos, Spiros.. You Don t Make Money Writing Poetry.. Smith, Randy.. “Writer, Reader, Student: Into the Maw of the Monster”.. Remembering James Dickey.. Video.. From the Archives.. Accumulative Indexes.. Fall 1984 Spring 2003.. Fall 2003 Spring 2009.. Metaphor in James Dickey s Pine and The Eye-Beaters.. Baughman, Ronald.. James Dickey s Evolving Self and the Void.. Bowers-Hill, Jane.. With Eyes Far More Than Human : Dickey s Misunderstood Monster.. Heylen, Romy.. James Dickey s The Zodiac: A Self-Translation?.. Keesey, Douglas.. The Poetics of James Dickey: The Early Motion.. Mapp, Joy.. James Dickey s The Eye-Beaters : The Savage Spear of Salvation.. Stand waiting, my love, where you are : Women in James Dickey s Early Poetry.. Pair, Joyce M.. “‘A hammer right over the heart’:.. War in Deliverance, Alnilam.. , and.. To the White Sea.. ”.. Interviews.. James Dickey Interview.. Volume 27, Number Two ____ _ Spring 2013.. James Dickey Newsletter.. On-Line continues the historical emphasis on the work of James Dickey that began in Fall 1984 with Volume One, Number One.. We  ...   lose, and so can walk.. Out into the open, in the full.. Pale of the sub-Arctic sun.. Where a single spruce tree is dying.. Higher and higher.. Let him climb it.. With all his meanness and strength.. Lord, we have come to the end.. Of this kind of vision of heaven,.. As the sky breaks open.. Its fans around him and shimmers.. And into its northern gates he rises.. Snarling complete in the joy of a weasel.. With an elk s horned heart in his stomach.. Looking straight into the eternal.. Blue, where he hauls his kind.. I would have it all.. My way: at the top of that tree I place.. The New World s last eagle.. Hunched in mangy feathers giving.. Up on the theory of flight.. Dear God of the wildness of poetry, let them mate.. To the death in the rotten branches,.. Let the tree sway and burst into flame.. And mingle them, crackling with feathers,.. In crownfire.. Let something come.. Of it something gigantic legendary.. Rise beyond reason over hills.. Of ice SCREAMING that it cannot die,.. That it has come back, this time.. On wings, and will spare no earthly thing:.. That it will hover, made purely of northern.. Lights, at dusk and fall.. On men building roads: will perch.. On the moose s horn like a falcon.. Riding into battle into holy war against.. Screaming railroad crews: will pull.. Whole traplines like fibers from the snow.. In the long-jawed night of fur trappers.. But, small, filthy, unwinged,.. You will soon be crouching.. Alone, with maybe some dim racial notion.. Of being the last, but none of how much.. Your unnoticed going will mean:.. How much the timid poem needs.. The mindless explosion of your rage,.. The glutton s internal fire the elk s.. Heart in the belly, sprouting wings,.. The pact of the blind swallowing.. Thing, with himself, to eat.. The world, and not to be driven off it.. Until it is gone, even if it takes.. Forever.. I take you as you are.. And make of you what I will,.. Skunk-bear, carcajou, bloodthirsty.. Non-survivor.. Lord, let me die but not die.. Out.. James Dickey, “For the Last Wolverine” from.. The Whole Motion: Collected Poems 1945-1992.. Copyright © 1992 by James Dickey.. (Permission of Christopher Dickey.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.. Notify me of new posts by email.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: Chronological Bibliography of Primary Works |
    Descriptive info: Poetry.. Into the Stone and Other Poems.. Poets of Today VII.. New York: Scribner’s, 1960.. Drowning with Others.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1962.. Helmets.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1964.. Two Poems of the Air.. Portland, OR: Centicore P, 1964.. Buckdancer’s Choice.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1965.. Poems 1957-1967.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1967.. The Eye-Beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead and Mercy.. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1970.. Exchanges.. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Bruccoli Clark, 1971.. The Zodiac.. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1976.. The Owl King.. New York: Red Angel P, 1977.. Veteran Birth.. Charlotte, NC: Palaemon P, 1978.. Head-Deep in Strange Sounds.. Charlotte , NC: Palaemon P, 1979.. The Strength of Fields.. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1979.. Falling, May Day Sermon, and Other Poems.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1981.. Scion.. Deerfield, MA: Deerfield P, Gallery P, 1980.. The Early Motion.. Värmland.. Charlotte, NC: Palaemon P, 1982.. Puella.. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1982.. False Youth: Four Seasons.. Dallas: Passworks Publishing, 1983.. The Central Motion.. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1983.. Intervisions.. Penland, NC: VisualAlterations, 1983.. The Eagle’s Mile.. Hanover and London: Wesleyan UP and UP of New England, 1990.. Hanover and London: Wesleyan UP and UP of New England, 1992.. Novels.. Deliverance.. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970.. Alnilam.. Garden  ...   Shape-Shifter.. San Diego, New York, and London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986.. Prose.. A Private Brinkmanship.. Clairemont: Pitzer College, 1965.. Jericho: The South Beheld.. Birmingham: Oxmoor House, 1974.. God’s Images: The Bible: A New Vision.. Birmingham: Oxmoor House, 1977.. The Enemy from Eden.. Northridge, CA: Lord John P, 1978.. In Pursuit of the Grey Soul.. Columbia, SC and Bloomfield Hills, MI: Bruccoli Clark, 1978.. The Starry Place between the Antlers.. Bloomfield Hills, MI and Columbia, SC: Bruccoli Clark: 1981.. Wayfarer: A Voice from the Southern Mountains.. Birmingham: Oxmoor House, 1988.. Southern Light.. Birmingham: Oxmoor House, 1991.. Broadsides.. A Birth.. Pittsburgh: International Paper Forum, 1973.. The Shark at the Window.. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon P, 1977.. Knock.. Washington: Shakespeare Library, 1977.. Mexican Valley.. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon P, 1978.. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon P, 1979.. The Ax-God: Sea-Pursuit.. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon P, 1980.. In the Child’s Night.. Winston-Salem, NC: Palaemon P, 1981.. Columbia, SC and Bloomfield Hills, MI: Bruccoli Clark, 1981.. For a Time and Place.. Columbia, SC: Bruccoli Clark, 1983.. Excerpt from “The Strength of Fields.. Columbia, SC: South Carolina Educational Television, 1984.. Excerpt from Bronwen, the Traw, and the Shape-Shifter.. McNeese State University Poster.. Lake Charles, LA: McNeese State U, 1986.. Summons.. Columbia, SC: Bruccoli Clark Layman, 1988..

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  • Title: Continuing Bibliography |
    Descriptive info: From its beginning in fall 1984,.. James Dickey Newsletter.. sought to provide a forum for information on the work, bibliography, and biography of James Dickey and, as well, included a limited amount of space for new poems addressing the themes of Dickey’s poems: nature and man’s place in nature.. The digitized bibliography will be updated and continued in this on-line edition of.. The continuing on-line bibliography begins with Volume 26, Number Two, Spring 2012.. The archival issues of.. include the on-going bibliography, previously available only in print.. Some changes to the format are necessary; however, the information remains as published  ...   developed; human error has occurred.. However, content of the past bibliography remains the same.. Volumes One through Nineteen were published during the editorship of Dr.. Joyce Pair, and Volumes Twenty through Twenty-five under the editorship of Dr.. William Thesing.. During its twenty-seven years of publication the.. Newsletter.. has welcomed many young writers and poets whose careers have brought them recognition among their peers.. We hope scholars and critical writers find the availability of the bibliography helpful and motivational.. New critical studies and/or other information for publication herein are welcome.. Send any material and suggestions to the editors.. ______________________________________________________________.. Spring 2007..

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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Seven, Number Two. Spring 2013. |
    Descriptive info: By Kristine Grube.. The following entries recuperate items not previously noted and continue the on-going.. bibliography.. Please direct any comments, notices about new sources, off-prints of articles and other materials, or ideas for the bibliography to Editor Gordon Van Ness.. 2009.. I.. Primary Sources.. II.. Bibliographies and Checklists.. III.. Secondary Sources.. Websites.. Byrne, Edward.. “One Poet’s Notes: James Dickey: ‘Sleeping Out at Easter.. ’”.. One Poet’s Notes.. 4 Apr.. Web.. 29 Mar.. 2013.. Share, Don.. “James Dickey: Falling…in and out of Favor.. ”.. Squandermania and other foibles.. 22 July 2009.. 9 Sept.. 2012.. 2010.. Film or Video Recording.. powbiffbang.. “James Dickey – ‘For the Last Wolverine.. ’” YouTube.. n.. pag.. , 14 May 2010.. Reading.. 25 Apr.. Dickey, James.. “Hart Crane.. ” Ed.. Ward Briggs.. The South Carolina Review.. 45.. 1(2012): 25.. Print.. “Hart Crane and the Peripheral in Poetry.. The South Carolina Review.. 1 (2012): 27–48.. Hinkle, Heather.. “Continuing Bibliography.. 26.. 2 (2012): n.. Articles, Interviews, Chapters of Books.. Berry, David C.. “Harmony with the Dead: James Dickey’s Descent into the Underworld.. Southern Quarterly: A Journal of the Arts in the South.. 12.. 1 (1974): 233-244.. Rpt.. in.. The Past Is Not Dead: Essays from The Southern Quarterly.. Ed.. Douglas H.. Chambers and Kenneth Watson.. Jackson: UP  ...   Something’: The Practice of Merging in James Dickey s.. Inhabiting Contemporary Southern and Appalachian Literature.. Casey Clabough.. Gainesville: UP of Florida, 2012: 25-47.. Hart, Henry.. “Natural Enemies: Reflections on Writing the Biography of James Dickey.. Salmagundi.. 174-175 (Spring/Summer 2012): 97–121.. Turner, Daniel C.. “James Dickey and the Lifework of Fathers.. South Carolina Review.. 1 (2012): 49-56.. “The Question of Poetics: James Dickey and the Modernists.. Walker, Susan B.. “The River: Mouth, Metaphor, and the Chiastic Deep Ecology of.. “The Dance of Deep Ecology in James Dickey’s ‘The Lyric Beasts.. ’”.. James Dickey Review.. XXVIII.. II (Spring/Summer 2012): 25–34.. Mentions.. Cox, Ronny.. Dueling Banjos: The Deliverance of Drew.. Barbara Bowers.. Cleveland: Felsen P, 2012.. Gill, Melissa.. “Album Review:.. Live, Volume.. 3.. by the Avett Brothers (Columbia/American 2009).. ” Rev.. of.. Live, Volume 3.. , by the Avett Brothers.. James Dickey Review.. II (Spring/Summer 2012): 62–64.. Southern Crossings: Poetry, Memory, and the Transcultural South.. Knoxville: U of Tennessee P, 2012.. Sound Recording.. O’Keefe, Robert, and James Dickey.. Toronto: CNIB, 2012.. Audiobook on CD.. Dir.. John Boorman.. Perf.. Jon Voight; Burt Reynolds; Ned Beatty; Ronny Cox.. 1972.. Warner Home Video, 2012.. Blu-ray Video.. “The Moon Ground.. ” (1969).. American Broadcasting Network.. in Giocchino 1515.. “James Dickey: ‘The Moon Ground.. 10 Oct..

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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Six, Number Two. Spring 2012. |
    Descriptive info: By Heather L.. Hinkle.. The following entries recuperate items not previously noted and continue the on-going.. 2003.. Books and Pamphlets.. Compton, Thorne.. Imagination at Full Stretch: An Interview with James Dickey.. 20.. 1 (2003): 31-42.. Smith, Jon.. Hot Bodies and Barbaric Tropics : The U.. S.. South and New World Natures.. Southern Literary Journal.. 36.. 1 (2003): 104-120.. Reviews.. Alfier, Jeffrey C.. Dickey s The Firebombing.. Rev.. of The Firebombing.. The Explicator.. 62.. 1 (2003): 52+.. 2004.. XX (II) 2004: 1-11.. Calhoun, Richard James.. James Dickey Society Passings.. XXI (I) 2004: 54.. Suburban Transcendence in the Chainstore South: Deliverance for the Buckhead Boys.. XX (II) 2004: 27-33.. Graybill, Mark S.. Hypermasculinity and Sport in James Dickey s.. Upon Further Review: Sports in American Literature.. Michael Cocchiarale and Scott D.. Emmert.. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004.. 121-30.. Maxwell, Angie.. The South Beheld: The Influence of James Agee on James Dickey.. 42.. 2 (2004): 135-51.. McClure, Nancye.. Outsider Artists: Walter Anderson and James Dickey.. Interdisciplinary Humanities.. 22.. 2 (2004): 158-172.. Oostdijk, Diederik.. The Football Elegies of James Dickey and Randall Jarrell: Hegemonic Masculinity versus the Semi-Feminine Mind.. 131-42.. Smith, Randall A.. James Dickey Interview: Part One, August 11, 1995.. XX (I) 2004: 1-28.. James Dickey Interview: Part Two, November 7, 1995.. XXI (I) 2004: 29-42.. The Dos Passos Review.. 2.. 1 (2004) 73-83.. Wright, James.. A Poet s Life in Letters.. New England Review.. 25.. 4 (2004): 6-37.. Baker, Aaron.. The Strangeness of James Dickey.. Crux: The Letters of James Dickey; James Dickey: The World as a Lie.. (by Henry Hart).. ; Sorties, Journals and New Essays; Summer of Deliverance.. (by Christopher Dickey).. ; The Whole Motion: The Collected Poems: 1945-1992.. Contemporary Poetry Review.. 1 Feb.. 23 Apr.. Griffith, Benjamin.. The Dramatized Self.. The One Voice of James Dickey: His Letters and Life, 1942-1969,.. ed.. Gordon Van Ness.. Sewanee Review.. 112.. 4 (2004): cxv-cxvii.. 2005.. Anderson, John.. The Triumph of Trying: James Dickey s Mystical Journey through.. XXII (I) 2005: 25-32.. Bennett, Alma.. Introduction.. Dickey s Legacy as a Research Project.. 37.. 2 (2005): 77-78.. Bowen, Scott.. Reading the Verse of Orion.. XX (I) 2005: 1-16.. Brosman, Catharine Savage.. Dickey at Rice.. 2 (2005): 74-75.. Chapman, Wayne K.. A Celebration of James Dickey.. 2 (2005): 17-18.. Dickey Redivivus: Appearances at Clemson, 1966-1986.. 2 (2005): 78-85.. A Poet s Perspective.. 2 (2005): 44.. Advancing the Work: A Celebration of James Dickey at Clemson University.. XXI (II) Spring 2005: 36-39.. Elements of Dickey s Fiction.. 2 (2005): 29-33.. Dickey, Bronwen.. The Truth as Lie : James Dickey and The Spirit Of Poetic Revelation.. 2 (2005): 19-23.. Dickey, Christopher.. The Sharks in the Parlor: Fact, Fiction, and Foreign Policy.. 2 (2005): 5-16.. Dickey, Kevin.. Comments on The Sheep Child and The Bee.. 2 (2005): 45-48.. Eisiminger, Skip.. A Year with James Dickey.. 2 (2005): 24-29.. General Introduction.. Special Issue: James Dickey Revisited.. 2 (2005): 3.. Geckle, George.. Dickey Inside Out.. XXI (II) (2005): 4-9.. Greer, Ben.. Jim Dickey s Last Assignment.. Terminal.. 2 (2005): 104.. Revising Holy Writ: James Dickey at Mid-Week Manna.. XXII (I) Fall 2005: 17-24.. Hill, Jane.. Wreckage Forever.. Ode to a Clay Pot.. Men without War.. Parents Like Pigs.. Dancing in Paradise.. 2 (2005): 62-71.. Hill, Robert W.. Borges Essaying a Poem on James Dickey Essaying A Poem On The Impending Blindness Of Borges.. J the Pretender.. Sweet Pea.. Of All Possible.. 55-62 (2005).. Kellar, Allison.. James Dickey: An Exploration of Exchanges.. 2 (Spring 2005): 85-92.. Kirschten, Robert.. Teaching the Work of James Dickey.. XXI (II) (Spring 2005): 10-17.. Lane, John.. On the Chattooga.. 2 (2005): 34-38.. Outing Program.. The Fear Program.. First Psalm of the Mad Kayaker.. 2 (2005): 71-73.. Leising, Gary.. Why James Dickey Taught Ern Malley: Imagination and the Imagined Poet.. XXI (II) (Spring 2005): 25-30.. Lighter, J.. E.. Literature, World War II.. Americans at War.. John P.. Resch.. Vol.. 3: 1901-1945.. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005.. 98-99.. Meyers, Susan.. The Voice(s) Of James Dickey.. 38.. 1 (2005): 249-253.. Middleton, David.. The Progress of the Moon.. 2 (2005): 76.. Norton, Ross.. Road Excursion: Photographs.. 2 (2005): 105-06.. Sams, Kathy.. 2 (2005): 4.. Shaw, Denise.. Rape, Murder, and Masculinity in.. XXII (I) Fall 2005: 33-45.. Smith, Randall.. Writer, Reader, Student: Into the Maw of the Monster.. XXI (II) Spring 2005: 18-24.. Standridge, Janice.. Researching Dickey s Falling.. 2 (2005): 92-97.. Stender, Jessica.. Dickey s The Eagle s Mile in the Making.. 2 (2005): 98-104.. Swanson, Marshall.. , the Classic..  ...   s Last Public Discussion of.. XXIV (II) Spring 2008: 36-42.. Like the Explosion of a Star : The Ecstatic Moment, James Dickey, and the Tradition.. XXIV (II) Spring 2008: 29-35.. Garner, Dwight.. The Intersection of Poetry and Politics.. New York Times (1923-Current file).. : C1.. Dec 25 2008.. Reading, Learning, Teaching James Dickey.. New York, NY: Peter Lang, 2009.. , and Theda Wrede, eds.. The Way We Read James Dickey: Critical Approaches for the Twenty-First Century.. Columbia, SC: U of South Carolina P, 2009.. Applewhite, James.. Structures of Transcendence: Dickey s Male Self and the Other.. The Way We Read James Dickey: Critical Approaches for the Twenty-First.. Century.. William B.. Thesing and Theda Wrede.. 66-75.. Butterworth, Keen.. The Religious Impulse and Dickey s The Owl King.. The Way.. We.. Read James Dickey: Critical Approaches for the Twenty-First Century.. 129-138.. Writing One s Immortality: Dickey s Reputation as a Southern Writer.. 25-34.. Conroy, Pat.. Wild to Be Wreckage Forever : Dickey s Influence and Reputation.. 13-24.. FHB.. The Last Time I Saw Donald Armstrong The Bob Dylan/James Dickey Connection.. Dreamtime.. 5 Aug.. 26 Feb 2012.. Goldensohn, Lorrie.. The War Poetry of James Dickey.. 151-161.. Aspects of Invention in James Dickey s Poems.. 1 (2009): 132-142.. The Theme of the Visionary Poet.. 107-119.. Larrissy, Edward.. Gender, Being, and Artifice in James Dickey s.. 228-238.. More in Two Worlds than One : The Imagination and Writing Process of James Dickey.. 51-65.. Lewis, Kevin.. Reeling and Staggering : The Ecstatic Moment in the Poetry of James Dickey.. 120-128.. Levin, Cherry.. Adherence to Propp: James Dickey s.. in Novel and Film.. 76-87.. Liénard-Yeterian, Marie.. James Dickey s.. : When a Southern House Is Flooded by a Haunted River.. Gothic N.. E.. W.. : Exploring the Gothic in Relation to New Critical Perspectives and the Geographical Polarities of North, East, West and South.. Max Duperray and Gilles Menegaldo.. Paris, France: Michel Houdiard, 2009.. 251-262.. MLA International Bibliography.. 23 Feb.. Lightweis-Goff, Jennie.. How Willing to Let Anything Be Done : James Dickey s Feminist Praxis.. 239-251.. Madden, Ed.. The Buggering Hillbilly and the Buddy Movie: Male Sexuality in.. T.. he Way We Read James Dickey: Critical Approaches for the Twenty-First Century.. 195-209.. Makala, Jeffrey.. Newly Accessible Research Materials on James Dickey at the University of South Carolina.. XXV (II) Spring 2009: 42-44.. Forging Alliances: James Dickey/.. Thesing and Theda Wrede.. 35-47.. Pitofsky, Alex.. The Education of Lewis Medlock: Narcissism and Survival in.. XXV (II) Spring 2009: 1-16.. Schell, Jennifer.. Ed Gentry s Man Crush : Idolatry, Power, and Love in James Dickey s.. 210-227.. James Dickey and His Reader: The Movement from Drowning to Deliverance.. 88-104.. Mock Primitive: The Artful Ethnography of James Dickey.. 162-176.. James Dickey s Pantheism: Nature and Philosophy in the Last Motion.. Ed.. 139-148.. Vaughan, David K.. Words to Measure a War: Nine American Poets of World War II.. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009.. Wrede, Theda.. Nature and Gender in James Dickey s.. : An Ecofeminist Reading.. 177-192.. Wright, David A.. The Advance Commandos of Some Invading Force :.. and.. Predator.. , an (Un)Likely Comparison.. XXV (II) 2009:17-34.. Review.. James Dickey: Sleeping Out at Easter.. of Sleeping Out at Easter.. One Poet s Notes: Valparaiso Poetry Review.. 12 Apr 2009.. Daniloff, Caleb.. Christopher Dickey on Terrorism, and Moving Beyond a Famous Father.. BU Today.. 30 Sept.. Weiss, Daniel.. Cormac McCarthy, Violence, and the American Tradition.. Wayne State U, 2009.. The Fear-Killing Moves of Her Body : Sexual Positions in the Poems of James Dickey.. XXVII (I) Fall 2010: 36-47.. Dark and Bloody Ground: Southern Literature After the Bomb.. U of Cincinnati, 2010.. 2011.. Dean, Michael P.. James Dickey at South Carolina: A Personal Reminiscence.. Valley Voices: A Literary Review.. 11.. 1 (2011): 9-17.. Ellison.. Archery Lessons with James Dickey.. Smoky Muntain News.. 9 Mar.. 25 Feb.. Structural Elements of the.. Interior Monologues.. XXVIII (I) Fall/Winter 2011.. 29-48.. Mayhew, Alison.. Heaven of Animals? The Transcendental Journey of Muldrow in.. XXVII (II) Spring/Summer 2011: 40-44.. Monacell, Peter.. The Death of Pastoral: Suburbia in James Dickey s The Firebombing.. James Dickey James Dickey Review.. XXVII (II) Spring/Summer 2011: 21-36.. Oostdjik, Diederik.. James Dickey s Hypermasculinity.. Among the Nightmare Fighters: American Poets of World War II.. Columbia: South Carolina Press, 2011: 125-36.. Smith, R.. Transformation in Poetry: On the Threshold of the Possible: A Lecture.. XXVII (II) Spring/Summer 2011: 10-17.. Petersen, Kyle.. Folk Music as a Cultural Signifier in the Contemporary American South.. U of South Carolina, 2011..

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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER Volume Twenty-Five, Number Two. Spring 2009. Digitized from print issue. |
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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Three, Number Two. Spring, 2007 |
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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Three, Number One. Fall 2006. Digitized from print issue. |
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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Two, Number Two. Spring 2006. Digitized from print issue. |
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  • Title: JAMES DICKEY NEWSLETTER. Volume Twenty-Two, Number One. Fall 2005. Digitized from print issue. |
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