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  • Title: Law Enforcement In The United States Jagdschweiz
    Descriptive info: .. Jagdschweiz.. Home.. About.. Privacy Policy.. Training A Police Dog.. Posted on the January 23rd, 2013 under.. Uncategorized.. by.. admin.. Training a police dog is very demanding.. It starts at a young age, right when the dog is a puppy.. Not every dog can become a certified police dog.. Most, in fact, do not pass the various tests.. Before the potential police canine can start working on advanced, police-specific skills, they must first learn about basic.. dog obedience training.. This is where the puppy learns basic commands like sit, stay, down, come, and leave it.. It s very important for a puppy to master these skills before they take on more difficult training exercises.. There is a lot of good information on dog training at.. playwithyourdog.. com.. It can take several months to master all of the basic exercises.. But they are really important.. Once the dog has its basic training down, it can begin more advanced police training.. These include exercises relating to tracking and trailing, as well as helping apprehend criminals.. Tracking and trailing are skills needed to locate people.. This could be locating lost persons in various terrains.. It could also include finding suspects that are on the run or hiding.. If the dog is chasing a suspect, once it locates him the dog will have to take appropriate action.. So in training, the dog is taught to bite and hold on until given a release command from its officer handler.. This is a big part of its training.. The dog has to be able to bite effectively, after chasing down a suspect who might be running away.. But most importantly it has to let go immediately when told.. Otherwise their could be unnecessary injuries caused by the dog, which means liability for the officer and the department.. Police canines are very important and play a critical role in law enforcement today.. Read More.. No Comments.. Getting Hired As A Cop.. Posted on the January 20th, 2013 under.. It requires a exceptionally unusual individual to get hired as a police officer.. It’s tough.. And it’s very challenging.. So during the employment process, departments subject applicants through a number of requirements to make certain those departments employ a person who is likely to do a exceptional job, and keep the agency out of trouble.. What is involved in this process? For in-depth information on.. how to become a cop.. , go to Cop University s website.. It all begins with the application.. And nowadays, agencies sometimes receive hundreds  ...   Applicants are often ranked following the oral board and only the top candidates are invited to continue in the hiring process.. Each part of the candidate s life is looked into in the background check.. Interviews are carried out with supervisors, co-workers, friends, and family members.. Financial reports, such as a credit report, are reviewed in addition to criminal records.. A admission of any prior issue is completely mandatory from the applicant.. Immediate termination will probably be the consequence if there s any dishonesty.. The head of the agency (such as Chief or Sheriff), or another top ranking member of the top brass, will typically meet with the applicant if they make it through all of the previous steps.. This meeting can help determine if the candidate will represent the department well, and if they re the best individual for the job.. At this time, a conditional job offer can be presented.. A psych assessment and pre employment health exam is allowed once the conditional offer is presented.. These are usually the ultimate parts in the process.. If a applicant has made it through all the above, a formal employment offer should be made when a employment vacancy is open.. But of course, it s not over at this time.. Several months of tough work is in store for the applicant at the police academy.. After completing the academy, it is time for the Field Training course where the brand new law enforcement officer works with numerous experienced training officers.. This part is not to be taken lightly as a good percentage of new officers fail this step.. The process is essentially finished once the law enforcement professional completes a trial period of 12 to 18 months, and has successfully concluded the FTO program.. All of the obligations, as well as the benefits, will now be available to the new cop.. Jagdschweiz Law Enforcement In The United States.. Posted on the January 18th, 2013 under.. Our site takes a look at what it s like to be a.. cop.. in the United States.. From career issues to life on the streets, visitors will get first hand knowledge from experienced law enforcement professionals.. If you have any suggestions on what you d like to hear, please.. contact us.. and let us know.. Blue.. Pink.. Green.. Purple.. Red.. Jagdschweiz provides an in-depth look at law enforcement throughout the United States.. You can get update via.. feed.. 2013.. Theme designed by.. Themetation.. developed by.. Crynobone.. Happily powered by.. WordPress.. ,.. Installed by Installatron..

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  • Title: About -- Jagdschweiz Jagdschweiz
    Descriptive info: Our site takes a look at what it s like to be a police officer in the United States.. This is based upon many years of experience ourselves in law enforcement.. If you have any questions that you d like us to answer, please feel free to contact us using the form below.. Name:.. *.. E-Mail Address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. eight = 14.. Powered by Installatron..

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  • Title: Privacy Policy -- Jagdschweiz Jagdschweiz
    Descriptive info: We do not collect any information whatsoever from users visiting this site other than should you choose to include your email address when making a comment.. We do not do any email marketing, or sell, rent, or distribute any information to third parties.. Basically, your privacy is ensured..

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  • Title: Training A Police Dog -- Jagdschweiz Jagdschweiz
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