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  • Title: I-COM Global - I-COM
    Descriptive info: .. Test Page.. Terms of Service.. Interview Linda Abraham.. Third Column Content (for Front Page).. Alan Wurtzel.. SOP Registration.. Arrival Advisory.. Leaderboard Code.. Test Page 2.. Arrival Advisory IDEC.. Twitter tests.. test-logo.. I-COM Programme Board: Sub-Saharan Africa.. I-COM Programme Board: Asia Pacific.. IAB Europe Interact Special Offer.. Middle East North Africa.. Central Eastern Europe.. Programme Board: Ibero-America.. programme-rome.. Test Photo Gallery.. test slider.. IPB-GS Board slider.. IPB-EMR Board slider.. Awards Jury slider.. IPB-BDVC Slider.. GS Patronage Orgs Logos.. GROs logos sider.. I-COM Roman Hospitality Committee.. EMRS Patronage Org.. EMRS Speakers Slider.. Rome Attendee Detalis.. I-COM Summits Rome Speakers.. Traveling to Rome via Milan.. Arrival Advisory Rome.. Big Data Venture Challenge Slider.. New I Com Members.. Summits Feedback 2010.. media partners slider.. Home Page Speakers.. DCA Board Jury.. BDVC Board Jury.. BDVC Innovation Partners.. getting there.. Strategic Partners Logos.. Emerging Market Regions Forum.. search.. Home.. About I-COM.. Overview.. Programme Boards.. China Board.. Emerging Market Regions Board.. Global Board.. Former Members.. Seville Advisory Board.. Patronage Organisations.. Geographic Representative Organizations.. Patronage GS.. Vice Chair Programme.. Global Summit Seville.. Board GS.. Call for Speakers.. Pricing.. Getting There.. Accommodation.. Registration.. Registration Form.. NMOL.. Billing.. Data Creativity Awards.. DCA Overview.. Entry Form.. Intention to Enter.. Big Data Venture Challenge.. Venture Challenge 2014.. Sponsorship.. Sponsor Registration.. Past Events.. I-COM Summits Rome 2012.. Global Summit.. Programme GS.. D-MIB.. Emerging Market Regions Summit.. Programme EMRS.. Board EMR.. Patronage EMRS.. Venture Challenge.. Board BDVC.. Official Selection.. I-COM Awards Jury.. Social Events Rome.. Networking Day Rome.. Accommodations.. Dinner Evening Cologne.. Programme.. Patronage.. Programme Board.. ILS Workshop Philippines.. I-COM @ IMMAP Summit.. I-COM Global Summit Lisbon 2010.. Networking Day.. Bringing your significant other?.. Flight Discounts.. Ibero-American Summit.. Press Release.. Roundtable Portugal.. I-COM Global Summit Berlin 2005.. I-COM Global Summit Barcelona 2008.. I-COM Session @ dmexco.. World Measurement News.. Conference Blog.. Tenders Page..  ...   on.. March 31.. to.. April 3, 2014.. Themed 'Smart Data - The Consumer Matters', we have an exciting list of.. topics.. like Turning Big Data into commercial business decisions, Big Data in Retail / eCommerce, Effects of Programmatic Trading and Multi-Screen Measurement.. Answer our.. Call-for-Speakers.. Early Bird Registration is now open.. Click.. here to request an invitation code.. To be kept in the loop, subscribe to our.. newsletter.. I-COM announces Call-for-Entries for 2nd edition of Big Data Venture Challenge.. Building on its inaugural success in 2012, we are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the I-COM Big Data Venture Challenge, a Global competition, showcasing top startups which have Data Measurement services as their primary business, serving the Digital Marketing Industry.. Submit your entries now.. to potentially win this prestigious award.. The deadline for entering is December 31st, 2013.. I-COM announces 2nd edition of Data Creativity Awards Call-for-Entries.. There is a new type of creativity that is key to unlocking new insights, that when applied, can drive Competitive Advantage for Marketers.. In order to recognize and promote excellence in this area, I-COM is announcing the 2nd edition of the Data Creativity Awards.. I-COM Rome 2012 with stellar turnout.. Digital Data Measurement champions from over 40 countries attended the I-COM Summits Rome.. The.. presentations, pictures and conclusions.. can be found on our.. A complete gallery of pictures are available on.. Flickr.. Read about impressions of the event on trade press from around the world like AdWeek (.. Global Brands.. ,.. Data Bigwigs.. FaceBook Pitch.. Privacy Pushback.. Big Data's Big Image Problem.. ), AdLatina (.. Interview.. MEC Toyota.. Awards.. ),.. CampaignAsia.. ClickZ.. asia.. DailyNet.. , and.. IAB Smartbrief.. Feed from I-COM World Measurement News.. Your browser does not support iframes.. As a result, this content section cannot be displayed.. Copyright 2009 i-com.. org..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Test Page
    Descriptive info: Navigation.. Login.. Tweets about "to:icomglobal OR #icom14"..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Terms of Service
    Descriptive info: Terms Conditions - Delegates Sponsor Participants.. This contract is between you, the delegate applicant, and us, I-COM Global Private Limited.. , hereafter referred to as 'I-COM'.. By completing the I-COM Delegate Registration Form and clicking the 'Send Information' button, you are agreeing to I-COM's terms conditions, as detailed below.. Delegate Requirements.. As the interaction between delegates is a key part of the I-COM dynamic, we have consciously created a required delegate profile to ensure a quality experience.. Qualified I-COM Delegates are individuals who are champions of data, working for advertisers, agencies, media owners or related consultancies, associations or National JIC organizations ABCs.. Vendors of Research or Data services cannot be delegates, but are welcome to participate as Sponsors.. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse any given registration application, if it either does not meet the above profile or exceeds the reasonable number of delegates for any given country.. Registration Confirmation.. If payment is not received within 30 days of the date of booking, I-COM reserves the right to cancel your registration.. Once payment is received a registration confirmation will be issued by email within seven days.. Event attendance without payment rendered is not possible.. Event Documentation.. You will be provided with comprehensive documentation when you arrive at the conference hotel.. Conference Directory.. Unless you state otherwise at the time of registration, we will display your name and details in our directory of conference delegates.. We reserve the right to make changes in the program.. The up-to-date details of the program are available on i-com.. org.. Payment.. We accept bank transfers as specified in our invoices or payments which include major credit cards.. We do not accept cheques.. Insurance.. We advise you to take out travel insurance to  ...   any loss, including incidental or consequential damages etc.. Cancellation by you.. If you find you are unable to attend after registering, you have 2 options:.. Transfer your booking to a colleague: one replacement delegate per registration is permitted and this must be confirmed in writing to the Conference Office.. register@i-com.. on or before 7 days to event begin.. Cancel your registration: Cancellations must be signed by the delegate and sent by fax to 594-8198 to be valid.. Prior to 30 days before event begin, the fee will be refunded less a 20% administration charge.. On or after that, but before 7 days to the event, the fee will be refunded less a 50 % administration charge.. On or after that, no refund can be made.. Overseas Applications.. Once payment has been made cancellation fees are payable in accordance with our terms and conditions.. If you do not have a travel visa before applying and you are unable to obtain one, cancellation fees will be levied.. If you are resident outside the European Union (EU) you should ensure that you have a valid travel visa and can comply with all immigration requirements before making your registration request.. Force Majeure.. Except for payment obligations, neither party will be liable to the other party for damages arising out of delays or failures to perform under this Agreement, provided that any such delay or failure to perform hereunder is caused by factors beyond the reasonable control of the party so affected.. Entire Agreement.. These Terms and Conditions are the only terms governing the booking, and all other terms are expressly excluded.. Contact Us.. If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us at.. or via our.. office.. [ Back ]..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Interview with Linda Abraham
    Descriptive info: Interview Exclusive with Linda Abraham, CMO, comScore.. Linda Abraham (LA), CMO, comScore speaks with I-COM World Measurement News Blog author, Andreas Cohen (AC), about comScore's products and future.. AC.. :.. comScore s Media Metrix 360 is a hybrid approach to audience measurement, blending panel and site centric (server side) measurement, correct? There are a number of companies who have been using hybrid approaches in Europe for a number of years.. How is comScore s different?.. LA.. While the idea of blending panel and server measurement is not new, Media Metrix 360 is a panel centric hybrid that is quite different from other approaches in a number of important ways.. First, we ve built a very rigorous process of leveraging our panel to reconcile and validate census data for audience measurement purposes.. The unmatched size of our panel (2MM worldwide) provides quite a robust set of data that allows us to do this in a unique way.. There are methods of counting for web analytics that don t apply in an audience measurement context.. As an example, for page optimization purposes, web analytics processes allow multiple items on a page to be beaconed and counted separately.. If a page has a video, a widget, some flash content, each can be beaconed and counted separately, While this makes sense from a web analytics perspective, this should only be counted as one page for audience measurement purposes and the counting method needs to be uniform across sites.. By leveraging our panel, we can cross reference and verify the page counts, making sure each page is being counted once and only once, and that all pages that are counted are legitimate pages by audience measurement standards.. In addition, there are some very important dynamics between cookies and individual users that need to be taken into account.. Cookie deletion is an obvious factor.. Some hybrid approaches make general or average adjustments to estimate the impact.. Our research has shown that there is a lot of variation on cookie deletion behavior at the individual person level, and that it varies by both the size of the site and the frequency of visitation.. Our methodology accounts for these factors.. In addition, there are a host of issues related to allocating a given session to the correct person using the computer that are uniquely addressed with our method.. Things like multiple cookies per user (from different browsers), multiple users per cookie, and multiple machines per user need to be taken into account.. So yes, there are a lot of hybrid approaches out there, but we believe ours is the first to leverage a panel in this way, and that we are the first to apply the methodology on a global basis.. That s why we refer to it as panel centric hybrid.. What kind of adoption are you getting in the marketplace, and how is your approach affecting measurement? Is it true that going hybrid with comScore means a Web site is guaranteed to have higher audience figures than if it were measured by pure panel-based approaches?.. We re quite pleased by the very strong adoption rate of Media Metrix 360.. To date, we have 60% of the top 50 media sites in both the UK and Canada, and 75% in the US participating, with a long list of additional sites in each country that will be participating in the next 60 to 90 days.. This confirms both that this is an idea that the market strongly supports, and also that we ve made implementation very easy.. Clients can either beacon with us directly, or they can leverage beacons that are already implemented for web analytics, either through Omniture or, for clients in South America, through Certifica, a company which we ve  ...   trade body, is initiating such projects in many countries under its Mobile Media Metrics program.. comScore Media Metrix 360 complements the GSMA Mobile Media Metrics data by providing the increasingly important Wi-Fi traffic from mobile devices, as this is not recorded in the mobile operator network logs.. By using both approaches, comScore is able to report on unique visitors and their full behavior, whether at home, at work or on their mobiles, irrespective of the type of communication network used.. In addition to audience measurement, I understand comScore has a growing ad effectiveness measurement business.. Can you speak about that?.. Measuring the effectiveness of online ad campaigns is one of our fastest growing offerings.. Even in and perhaps especially in a declining ad economy, our clients need to understand what kind of return they re getting on their investments in digital advertising.. While there is a lot of debate around what the right ROI metric should be, our experience suggests two important truisms around which we ve based our entire ad effectiveness solution.. First, there is no one size fits all metric, and second, if there were such a metric, it is definitely not the click.. All campaigns need to understand the extent to which they hit their intended target.. But beyond that, different campaigns can have different objectives.. In some cases, branding, rather than direct response, is the stated objective.. In other cases, driving people to your site, getting people more engaged at your site, or getting them to proactively search for your product is the goal.. In other cases, transactions are important.. Did people complete more credit card applications, request more insurance quotes or configure more cars.. Yet in others, the only thing that matters is whether or not people bought more product and, if so, did those sales take place online or offline.. Any or all of these questions can be important for a given campaign.. Our suite of products in this area, called Ad Effx, has 5 components, each offering a set of KPI s that relate to one or more objectives in these areas.. We believe offering a comprehensive set of metrics allowing the client to determine which are their money metrics for a given campaign is the best approach.. As cross-media measurement becomes more mainstream, we plan to continue to expand and refine the breadth and depth of these metrics.. comScore seems to be expanding its geographic focus.. Is this the case and, if so w.. here do you see comScore heading?.. Do you plan to grow organically or through partnerships and acquisitions?.. : Today, we re already more international than most people realize.. We have offices in the UK, Canada, France, Singapore, and Japan.. There is no question that during the first 10 years of comScore s existence, we ve largely been developing our products in North America and the larger Western European markets.. But we re deliberately shifting our focus to the rest of the world.. With the acquisition of Certifica, we now have a significant presence in Latin America, including offices in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Columbia.. We re also expanding our presence in Asia.. What s exciting for us is that we already have a global panel, and our products lend themselves to being scaled globally, while also enabling local customization.. At the moment, we re publishing audience measurement data for 41 individual countries.. International expansion is a major growth area for us it s a question of which markets we go after first.. We re looking at all kinds of models to accomplish this organic expansion, partnerships, reseller agreements, and acquisitions.. From a global perspective, we feel we re just getting started.. This interview was also published on the I-COM Blog,..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Third Column Content (for Front Page)
    Descriptive info: Featured Speaker:.. Jeffrey Graham, Global Head of Research, Twitter.. , USA will speak on Business impact of Social Media.. Jeffrey will show how Twitter activity (paid, owned earned engagement and exposure) drives in store purchases.. His colleague,.. Jake Steadman.. , Head of Research for Twitter  ...   The impact of Social TV on Measurement, Media Planning, Advertising and Digital Marketing.. I-COM's Board has released some fantastic topics.. Interested presenters should answer our.. Follow I-COM on Twitter.. Follow I-COM news on.. Twitter @icomglobal.. or the live comments from any sessions using Hash Tag #icom14..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Alan Wurtzel
    Descriptive info: Alan Wurtzel.. President, Research and Media Development,.. NBC Universal, USA.. Alan Wurtzel is the President, Research and Media Development, NBC Universal.. In this position, Mr.. Wurtzel has responsibility for the planning, development and analysis of all audience, program, and marketing research for the NBC Television Network, the news and information cable networks MSNBC and CNBC, the entertainment cable networks USA, SciFi, Bravo and Oxygen, and the Telemundo Spanish language network.. Mr.. Wurtzel is also responsible for all research in support of NBC Universal s digital initiatives.. In February, 2001 Mr.. Wurtzel was given additional  ...   the NBC Television Network.. Prior to joining NBC, Mr.. Wurtzel spent 21 years at ABC in a variety of managerial positions.. Those included senior vice president for news magazine and long form programming at ABC News, and senior vice president research for ABC Television.. Before joining ABC, Mr.. Wurtzel taught at the University of Georgia and at Queens College, City University of New York.. Wurtzel holds a Ph.. D in mass communications from New York University.. He and his wife, Susan, and their two daughters, Joanna and Caroline, reside in New York.. Back to programme..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - I-COM SOP Registration
    Descriptive info: I-COM SOP (Significant Other Programme) Registration.. In order to register for Networking or pay for participation in one or more I-COM Social Events, kindly fill out and send the form, below.. This form does not yet contain any fields.. In some instances, people have had difficulty using this form with their browser.. If you are uncertain whether your information has been submitted, kindly send us an.. email..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - I-COM Arrival Advisory
    Descriptive info: I-COM Summits Arrival Advisory.. Dear all,.. The I-COM Global Ibero-American Summits on March 10-13th in Lisbon are now nearly sold out and we are waiting to receive you here at the Hotel Palacio with great anticipation.. We have prepared the following Arrival Advisory to help you have the most smooth experience with us.. See you soon.. Andreas Cohen, I-COM Chairman.. Taxi is the best way to transfer from the Airport.. The best way to reach Estoril from Lisbon Airport is by taxi.. Taxi takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on traffic and costs around EUR 35 to 40,-.. If the driver asks for more money than that, please contact the concierge to review before paying.. BYOMD, Free WiFi throughout the venue.. Bring Your Own Mobile Devices.. There will be free WiFi throughout the conference venue, Hotel Palacio, from March 9-12th.. Connect with the I-COM on Twitter.. Follow the comments on any of our sessions live  ...   to the event.. Travelled out? Try out Hotel Palacio's new thermal water spa, free of charge.. Teaming up with Banyan Tree, Hotel Palacio has opened up a spa featuring Estoril's famous natural thermal water right next door to the conference hotel and as a special service to all I-COM attendees it's free of charge (even if you're not staying at the conference hotel).. Gym, Sauna, Hammam and Turkish bath are also available.. So, bring you swim suit.. Bringing your Significant Other?.. Bringing your significant other to the I-COM? We have a special programme to make this easier and more enjoyable.. The I-COM SOP (Significant Other Programme) consists of 2 parts - Networking and Social Event Participation.. Click here.. for more details.. Connect with us on the I-COM Summits event page on LinkedIn.. Find out who is interested, attending and commenting.. Join the 400 people already connected with us on the I-COM Global Ibero-American Summits.. event page..

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  • Title: I-COM Global - Leaderboard Code
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  • Title: I-COM Global - Test Page 2
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  • Title: I-COM Global - Arrival Advisory IDEC
    Descriptive info: I-COM Dinner Evening Cologne - Arrival Advisory.. On behalf of I-COM's.. Associations, we are pleased to send you this Arrival Advisory with some important tips for the I-COM Dinner Evening Cologne.. The tips concern transport, venue, food and social networking.. I'd like to thank our.. and Sponsors for making this event possible.. Looking forward to seeing you soon.. Venue Timing.. The I-COM Dinner Evening Cologne will be held at.. Restaurant VINTAGE.. , Hahnenstrasse 37, 50667 Köln (Tel.. 0221 - 920710) on Wednesday, September 21st @ 19.. 30.. From the dmexco, one can reach the venue by taxi, U-Bahn or car.. I-COM recommends allowing 30-45 minutes to get from dmexco to VINTAGE.. Kindly see the corresponding sections below for further information.. rsvp / Seated Dinner.. The I-COM Dinner Evening Cologne is a seated dinner which is now filled to capacity with a waiting list.. We consider your registration as a firm commitment to  ...   Hotel Radisson Blu.. which is a few minutes walk away.. U-Bahn / Metro.. Another effective method of transport is the U-Bahn (Metro) which has its own station, appropriately named 'Koelnmesse', a few minutes walk from the dmexco.. Take the U-Bahn South to 'Neumarkt' station and then walk a few minutes to VINTAGE.. Car / Parking.. If you're traveling by car, you may need a parking garage.. The closest one is at Lungengasse 35 which is open til midnight and a few minutes walk from VINTAGE.. Vegetarian / Special Meal.. Should you require a vegetarian meal or have any other special dietary requirements, kindly.. us by Monday evening.. Checking-in? Foursquare.. Attention all Foursquare users! An official I-COM Foursquare venue has been established at VINTAGE, titled '.. I-COM Dinner Evening Cologne.. '.. As the weather forecast unfortunately shows the possibility of rain, we suggest that you bring a compact umbrella with you to the event..

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