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  • Title: CMDB & IT Documentation
    Descriptive info: .. Open Source IT Documentation and CMDB.. i-doit.. pro.. Regelmäßige Updates und Gewährleistung.. Erweiterte Funktionen.. Vordefinierte Importfilter.. Erweiterter Service.. Home.. About i-doit.. Features.. Screenshots.. Download.. License.. Demo.. smartITSM.. Imprint.. pro-Version:.. Sponsor.. i-doit pro.. Regular updates and warranty.. Extended functions.. Predefined import filter.. Extended service.. Community.. Forum.. i-doit Wiki.. Categories.. Aktuelles.. News.. Meta.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. i-doit pro 1.. 2 with new dashboard.. Published.. 30.. September 2013.. |.. By.. admin.. As part of the.. 1.. 2 release, we are going to publish a completely revised dashboard! It has many new features and can be customized by each user individually.. The release consists of more than 15 widgets, many of which can be configured individually.. There are widgets for many important areas of the CMDB; reports, CMDB Explorer, IT service consistency check, license information, statistics, but i-doit provides further help with other areas: notes, calendar, RSS feeds, and more.. In addition, each i-doit add-on module is able to implement its widgets – the VIVA module makes the first step and provides its own report widget.. For i-doit Administrators: It is possible to assign your own dashboard configuration to other users or to define a dashboard as a standard : so all people who have not yet compiled their own dashboard receives a predefined dashboard.. Of course, the new dashboard is fitted with optional privileges for the authorisation system!.. Posted in.. 1.. with new authorisation system.. 21.. June 2013.. On the 24th June, the 1.. version of.. will be released.. Besides a couple of improvements in performance, stability usability, our customers can expect a fully detailed authorisation system from scratch.. With the new release, you are now able to authorise all object types and even categories.. It will also be possible to assign rights to other modules besides the CMDB.. i-doit open roadmap and strategy / i-doit open Roadmap und Strategie.. 18.. December 2012.. We are going to get back to a clearer and more comprehensible open source strategy.. Amongst others, by making some significant restructuring to the code with the objective of a clear demarcation between basic functions (open) and advanced features (pro).. Read more.. Das i-doit Produkt-Team wünscht allen Anwenderinnen und Anwendern besinnliche Tage und einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr.. Trotz (Jahres-)Endzeitstimmung haben wir uns auch für das nächste Jahr viel vorgenommen.. Unter anderem werden wir wieder zu einer klaren und nachvollziehbaren Strategie für die open-Version von i-doit kommen.. Mehr dazu im angehängtem.. PDF.. Anhang:.. open-Brief_1 0.. open-Brief_1 0 en.. A sweet Christmas surprise for the whole IT community.. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, synetics, the initiator of i-doit, makes a very special gift to the IT community: an online Advent Calendar which counts down not only the days till Christmas but also gives every participant the chance to get a special present.. You will find the calendar.. here.. You just have to answer the IT specific questions behind the window.. There will be a new question each day, and it is up to you how many of them you are going to answer.. For each question you have answered correctly you will increase your chance to win one of the fantastic Christmas presents.. Unfortunately, this year the Advent Calendar is only available in German.. But you can certainly use Google translator to translate the questions into English.. Love Your Admin Survey.. 6.. September 2012.. nevin.. On July 27, we conducted a survey on the everyday work life of system administrators on our site.. www.. love-your-admin.. de.. We are really excited about the feedback we got.. Around 1,500 system administrators and IT professionals took part in our survey and provided us with substantial information on their work, their varied tasks and their way of documenting IT and finding information.. Here are the results:.. Results.. i-doit at CeBIT 2012.. 16.. February 2012.. Our team of experts will be presenting i-doit anew from 6.. -10.. March 2012 at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany.. This year all is revolving around: cultivating your information.. In the heart of the Open Source Park we see the opportunity to refresh existing contacts, exchange the latest news about i-doit and talk about the most current developments in the IT documentation and ITSM field.. Our novelties at the CeBIT 2012.. We are happy to present some of our largest develpments, such as new IP adress management and network documentation.. Other novelties in the enhanced report manager, mass change and list editing functions are also on the agenda.. Read more about the latest news, also within the i-doit Academy.. Arrange your meeting.. Please contact Ms.. Kuhlmann to make your appointment and secure your visitor entrance ticket  ...   Best Practice Forum 2/ Hall 2.. Time: 10:30-10:50 am.. Topic: IT Management.. We look forward to a personal exchange on the topics: IT documentation and configuration management.. Our synetics booth is located in Hall 2 / booth 501.. New release version number 0.. 9.. 9-7.. 26.. September 2011.. The new release version number 0.. 9-7 is now available.. A significant revision of the current version is a completely revised im- and export function.. Additionally, all available browsers in i-doit (eg, location, object or connection browser) have been remodeled.. New features include:.. Import and export functions:.. Missing categories completion of import and export functions.. Routine improvement and optimization.. Now complex objects can be duplicated accurately and the multi-template system is also fully usable with this version.. Object browser:.. With the newly developed object browsers, significant improvements in stability, performance and scalability have been achieved.. In addition, new functions cater to creating new objects directly from the browser or allowing multiple selections.. Changes in release 0.. Revision of print views.. Rounding off im- and export, duplication, and template system.. Improvement of the CSV import.. Export and import of customized categories.. Improved reference handling when importing / templating / duplicating.. Improved CMDB browser.. New object browser to link CMDB objects.. New connection browser to connection devices (network, storage,.. ).. New object type SIM card.. New category SIM card.. New object type crypto card.. New category crypto card.. New category TSI-service.. Connecting mobile cards with mobile phones.. Abolition of the menu item Modules , replaced by Extras.. Relocation of the module configuration in Administration.. Improvement in the logbook change history.. Bug fixes release 0.. A special thanks goes to Mr.. Martin Knab at.. EITCO.. , who has given extensive support with the beta-testing of the latest version.. He has played a major role in the release.. Locations are again displayed correctly in the list view.. Some display errors in IE have been fixed.. Nagios errors in the contact display have been fixed (occurred after the Nagios installation).. Incorrect values no longer slip into the dialogue list of network/type.. With the licenses the selected lists and group overview are again correctly displayed and counted.. Location relationships have been corrected and applied correctly.. The URL to the log after the update is correct ( / and were reversed and the name was wrong).. Devices that occupy both sides of the rack will now appear correctly in the rack view.. When creating multiple ports letters starting from have been intercepted.. Query editor: Categories for conditions are now sorted alphabetically.. Adaption of the screen resolution to 1024 768 has been applied.. Special characters when creating objects no longer cause problems.. Specific categories are now evaluated via the query editor.. Nagios:.. Timeperiods entries can be created and saved.. Host escalation / service escalation contacts are displayed correctly again.. Potential security vulnerabilities (SQL injections) were closed.. Export:.. Objects with apostrophe or inch symbol can be selected again.. You can find the latest version in the subscription portal at.. https://login.. i-doit.. com/.. i-doit at it-sa 2011.. Visit us at the it-sa (IT Security Expo, 11/10-13/13/2011) in Nuremberg Germany.. Whilst enjoying a vitamin-packed refreshment available at our nutzBAR, discover what is important not only in terms of IT security but also: How to cultivate information.. We are available for personal consultations and presentations.. Make an appointment now and get your complementary guest ticket.. In order to schedule your appointment, preferably stating your particular concerns, please contact:.. We would also like to draw your attention to our little competition:.. We are looking for the most original, most colourful and exciting.. brief account of the daily IT routine on the theme of cultivating information.. Whether it is the intelligent Excel spreadsheet that updates inventory data when opened, the annual f(r)ight during the search and allocation of maintenance contracts or the life-saving CD with the configuration data for a crashed system.. Take part in the contest by sending your story to.. nutzbar@i-doit.. com.. In addition to a free i-doit pro subscription for a year, you can also win a reference book and a useful tool.. The closing date for entries is 11/10/2011 at 12 noon.. Appealing presentation?.. Additionally, if you want to know how also to work with professional open source ITSM, you should come and join our presentation at the it-sa: in the Blue Forum, on 12.. 10.. 2011 at 11:45, under the title:.. Smart ITSM – Integrated ITSM with Open Source.. We look forward to talking to you about your IT documentation! Join us at the it-sa 2011:.. Hall 12 / Booth 390.. Older posts.. Copyright © 2013.. All Rights Reserved.. Powered by.. Wordpress..

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  • Title: Open Source CMDB
    Descriptive info: Open Source CMDB.. Technical Documentation:.. Any satisfactory solution for IT documentation will naturally place main emphasis on the compilation and technical documentation of all IT components in use.. The desired level of detail here will be decided by the user, and ranges from a pure compilation of all relevant manufacturer and model information to an exact representation of the basic infrastructure.. This applies equally for all connection data from electricity, storage and data networks or the administration and assignment of software and licenses.. Contract and operating modes:.. Besides technical documentation, i-doit also provides reliable compilation and assignment of contract and operating data for the documented objects, whether this is the maintenance agreement, indicating contacts and expiry date, or emergency response plans for components and systems, or digital manuals or configuration data.. All documents in i-doit are in this regard subject to a version administration, and all amendments and adjustments will therefore always be clear and traceable.. An easy-to-follow notification function and customizable threshold values mean reminders can be sent automatically by mail.. Relations:.. In addition to the direct dependencies arising from connection data or the assignment of software to systems, it is also possible to document manual dependencies arising indirectly from the IT business processes.. Dependencies can also be defined to several objects in different directions.. In this way it can be recognised at a glance which services or functions are no longer available in the case of some breakdown.. These data will also be used by, for example, the module for the Nagios® network monitor.. Workflows:.. The i-doit Workflow module allows creation, assignment and tracing of orders and checklists with a status-based  ...   also be provided with additional information in order to, for example, record the reason for some change.. The Logbook also serves as an archive for different modules, in which the status or events from live operations can be stored.. This functionality allows the Logbook to provide a central modification and status archive for the IT components in use.. Flexibility:.. Many of the settings in i-doit are configurable.. It can, for example, be defined which objects are to be documented at which detail depth, whether and how summary pages for objects are to be displayed or which country-specific settings should apply.. The system moreover also has multilingual capability and can be adjusted to additional languages by means of an installed editor.. The my-doit area allows selective views of objects and provides an overview of the different active Workflows to which the user is currently connected.. System Requirements:.. To receive fully support we encourage you to use one of the operatinf sytems below.. i-doit runs on every system which is up-to-date and where the latest versions of an Apache webserver, a MySQL server and PHP are installed.. Minimum system requirements:.. Apache webser 2.. x.. MySQL 5.. 1 or higher.. PHP 5.. 2 or higher.. Supported operating systems:.. Debian GNU/Linux 5.. 0 Lenny or higher.. Ubuntu 8.. 04 LTS Hardy or higher.. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10.. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 or higher.. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2000 or higher.. Tested web browsers:.. Mozilla Firefox 3.. 6 or higher.. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher.. Google Chrome 9 or higher.. Safari 5 or higher.. These system requirements only fit to the latest release of i-doit..

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  • Title: Features
    Descriptive info: open.. general.. full-text search.. templates.. archive function.. rights system.. multi-client capability.. adjustable depth of detail.. documentation of.. infrastructure-Cis¹.. software und licenses.. system components.. 2.. contracts, handbooks, plans.. complex IT-structure³.. individual object types (CI).. external files.. CMDB.. any relationships between objects.. rectified relationships.. IT-services modeling.. graphic visualization of relationships.. in CMDB-Explorer.. mapping of object life cycles.. interfaces.. xML: im- export.. CSV: import.. LDAP: authentication.. JSON: reading.. OCS-Inventory: import..  ...   from online repository.. individual reports.. SQL-queries.. export in PDF, CSV, HTML.. logging.. automatic change log.. with comments.. central logbook.. alert- and log level.. workflows.. tasks.. check lists.. status tracking.. notification.. IT-Grundschutz.. documentation of information security.. safety analysis.. optional services.. support.. care.. codingents.. footnotes.. 1.. buildings, rooms, racks, cable, power, air conditionning, etc.. server, router, switches, client-pc, telephone, mobile, etc.. 3.. Individual object types defineable.. Existing can be customised..

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  • Title: Screenshots
    Descriptive info: English:.. [Show as slideshow].. German:..

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  • Title: CMDB Download
    Descriptive info: Contact Form Shortcode Error: Invalid form number in shortcode.. CMDB Download.. You reach the i-doit download section directly:.. i-doit files..

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  • Title: License
    Descriptive info: i-doit License:.. http://www.. gnu.. org/licenses/agpl-3.. 0.. html.. 3rd Party code:.. NuSoap (src/classes/libraries/nusoap/nusoap.. php).. License: LGPL.. Link:.. org/licenses/lgpl.. PHPMailer (src/classes/libraries/phpmailer/class.. phpmailer.. 3.. Barcode Script (src/tools/php/barcode.. License: Unknown, free use.. sid6581.. net/cs/php-scripts/barcode/barcode.. phps.. 4.. dTree (src/tools/js/dtree.. js).. License: unknwon, free usage.. destroydrop.. com/javascripts/tree/.. 5.. Prototip (src/tools/js/prototip.. License: Commercial license, use.. http://creativecommons.. org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.. 0/legalcode.. MIT-Lizenz (.. opensource.. org/licenses/mit-license.. php.. ) :.. Diagram-Library.. 7.. jsmin-1.. 8.. Prototype.. 9.. Scriptaculous.. 10.. DatePicker.. 11.. Control.. Modal.. 12.. FPDF.. 13.. Crons.. exe.. kalab.. com/freeware/cron/cron.. htm..

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  • Title: Demo
    Descriptive info: Online access to the latest release also allows write access.. Creative use is entirely desirable.. The access to the following login data:.. Username.. Password.. Permissions.. All.. reader.. Read-only.. editor.. Read and write.. author.. New, read and write.. archivar.. Read and delete.. i-doit OPEN demo system.. i-doit PRO demo system..

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  • Title: smartITSM
    Descriptive info: smartITSM provides fantastic open source tools for system and service administration as a unique solution.. Based on the i-doit documentation and CMDB solution, processes for the monitoring (Nagios®), the helpdesk (Request Tracker) or inventory management (OCS, hInventory) can already today provide a common, consolidated view of a company’s IT.. There are moreover also a whole range of other free tools for the IT and system administration, each of which represents perfection in its specific field and whose sole fault is perhaps to  ...   integrated overview, and this is the content provided by smartITSM: to create from this lot of individual, powerful “lone warriors” an orchestrated ITSM solution that can meet all operational requirements in every way and that enables demand-oriented use.. To allow room for this idea to mature and be realised, a special site is currently being developed, that will compile, process and present all aspects of the subject.. This can be seen under.. smartitsm.. org.. One Response to.. Pingback:.. Itsm cmdb | Purepassionbykym..

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  • Title: Imprint
    Descriptive info: synetics Gesellschaft für Systemintegration mbH.. Humboldtstrasse 101.. 40237 Düsseldorf.. executive directors:.. Markus Wolff.. Joachim Winkler.. Entry in the Register:.. Register court: Düsseldorf.. Registration number: 33104.. Sales tax identification number according § 27 a VAT Act:DE177782536.. Responsible for content according to § 55 paragraph 2 RStV:.. Joachim Winkler c/o synetics GmbH.. Terms and conditions :.. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH BELOW ( TERMS ) GOVERN YOUR USE OF THIS SITE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB ( SITE ) OF SYNETICS AND THE SERVICES AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE ( SERVICES ) AND ARE LEGALLY BINDING ON YOU.. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THIS SITE AND/OR THE SERVICES OR ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE.. YOUR USE OF THIS SITE AND/OR THE SERVICES ON THIS SITE SHALL BE DEEMED TO BE YOUR AGREEMENT TO ABIDE BY EACH OF THE TERMS SET FORTH BELOW.. YOU AGREE THAT SYNETICS MAY MAKE CHANGES TO THESE TERMS AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU OF SUCH REVISIONS BY POSTING AN UPDATED VERSION OF THESE TERMS ON THE SITE.. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REGULARLY REVIEWING THESE TERMS.. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THE SITE AND/OR THE SERVICES SHALL CONSTITUTE YOUR CONSENT TO SUCH CHANGES IN THE TERMS.. IN ADDITION, SYNETICS MAY MAKE CHANGES TO THE SERVICES AT ANY TIME.. Except for the Synetics Software or the software offered by developers on the Site, if any ( Third Party Software ), the download of which is governed by the license agreement associated with such Third Party Software, and except for the Third Party Content (defined below) which are provided by third parties, all information, documents and Services provided on this Site, including trademarks, logos, graphics and images (collectively, the Materials ) are provided to you by Synetics.. Except as expressly stated herein, you acknowledge that you have no right, title or interest in or to the Materials on any legal basis.. Synetics grants you the limited right to display the Materials only on your personal computer, and to copy and download the Materials displayed on this Site, provided that: (1) both the Synetics copyright notice (set forth below) and this permission notice appear in the Materials so displayed, copied or downloaded, (2) such display, copy or download is solely for your personal and/or internal business purposes.. You acknowledge and agree that you have no right to modify, edit, alter or enhance any of the Materials in any manner.. This limited license terminates automatically, without notice to you, if you breach any of these Terms and Synetics may remove your postings from this Site and/or the Services with or without cause.. Upon any termination of this limited license, you agree to immediately destroy any electronic or printed Materials and cease using the Site and/or the Services.. You are prohibited from taking any action to circumvent or attempt to circumvent the security and access control provisions of the Site and the Services.. Such prohibited conduct includes, without limitation, any efforts to (a) log in to an account with a password not assigned to you, (b) access personally identifiable information not intended for you, (c) test the security measures on the Site and/or attempt to identify system vulnerabilities, (d) impersonate any other user of the Site and/or the Services or forge any of the header information in any posting or tamper with the TCP/IP packet header, (d) modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt or allow others to attempt to discover the underlying computer code for the Site and/or the Services, or (f) overwhelm or disable the Site or the Services or interfere with the access and use of the Site and/or the Services by any other user.. If Synetics becomes aware of any of the foregoing activities, Synetics may investigate and may respond, and when appropriate, Synetics may work with law enforcement authorities in such investigations and for the purpose of prosecuting offenders.. Your continued use of the Site and the Services is expressly conditioned on your compliance with the preceding prohibitions and with the obligations and restrictions.. 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In addition to the foregoing, if you are a developer that makes Third Party Software available to users via the Site, you acknowledge that Synetics expressly prohibits and you agree not to:.. post Third Party Software or Third Party Content in inappropriate categories or areas on the Site;.. post or otherwise make available to users via the Site any: (i) Third Party Software or Third Party Content that does not materially benefit users of Synetics products or services; or (ii) Third Party Software or Third Party Content that is competitive with, or which otherwise benefits competitors of, Synetics products and services;.. use the Site if you are not able to form legally-binding  ...   Synetics Software and you acknowledge and agree that Synetics may use such suggestion or submission in any manner, including, without limitation, to develop features for the Site.. 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You shall bring all disputes, actions, claims, or causes of action related to these terms or in connection with this Site only in the courts located in Duesseldorf, Germany.. If any provision of these terms is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, then such provision(s) shall be construed, as nearly as possible, to reflect the intentions of the parties, with all other provisions remaining in full force and effect.. The failure of Synetics to enforce any right or provision in these terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to by Synetics in writing.. No joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between you and Synetics.. These terms comprise the entire agreement between you and Synetics and supersede all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions or agreements, if any, between the parties regarding the subject matter contained herein.. Except for Synetics s rights to modify these Terms as described above, these terms may be amended or supplemented only by a writing that is signed by duly authorized representatives of both parties.. Our terms and conditions can be downloaded here:.. AGB synetics (PDF).. Joachim winkler | Jgmindlesss..

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  • Title: Aktuelles | Open Source CMDB
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  • Title: News | Open Source CMDB
    Descriptive info: i-doit open (version 0.. 9-6).. August 2011.. A new version of i-doit is available now.. You can find the download in our.. download area.. The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in our new release:.. Version 0.. 9-6.. Objects CMDB status for depicting an ITIL lifecycle.. Status renamed in condition.. Dependency model abolished, new relation model added.. Main menu: dependencies renamed to relations.. Unidirectional relations (i.. e.. cluster).. New object types:.. Middleware (and SOA applications).. Replication.. Database instance.. New configurable colors for the object types.. Auto suggestion in text fields for object connections.. New category in IT service: IT service type.. Global view of the relations in an IT service for its components.. Grouped logbook in the IT service.. Background color in category icons removed.. Fixed errors:.. While browsing in the logbook.. While assigning partitions to a software RAID.. While duplicating.. While importing software from OCS.. While filtering objects in the object browser.. Category hostaddress does not generate an empty entry anymore (when not filled out).. Better display of the name from linked connectors.. Improved calculation of the frequency of the CPU in object and cluster vitality.. Improved select fields in change history.. Small bugfixes.. Improved stability.. i-doit Anwenderstudie 2011.. July 2011.. Die i-doit Anwenderstudie 2011 findet dieses Jahr im Juli 2011 statt.. Ziele der Online-Befragung sind, konkrete Ansatzpunkte für die technische als auch für die kundenorientierte Weiterentwicklung von i-doit auf Basis von  ...   The objecttypes are now shown as a row in an object group list.. Special character problem (öäü broken) after duplicating fixed.. Virtual machines are now able to get assigned to a cluster.. Fixed HTTP Port problem in Internet Explorer.. Duplicated objects don t get an own sys-id.. Javascript error fixed in shared storage.. Search now works with special characters.. Sorting a search result works now.. The Port - Interface list now also display the interfaces slot number.. Duplicating a template creates a new regular object instead of a template.. Archiving and deleting now works for ports and fc-ports.. Right groups can now only be edited by an admin.. 9-4.. February 2011.. Extended documenation of virtualized environments.. New object type virtual host.. New object type virtual server.. New object type virtual client.. New categories for virtual machines:.. Virtual host.. Virtual devices.. Virtual witch.. Shared virtual switches.. Documentation of clusters and cluster-services.. New object type cluster.. New object tyoe cluster-service.. New category cluster.. New category cluster-service.. New category cluster members.. New category shared storage.. New category cluster vitality.. New category cluster ressources.. Duplication of objects.. New category shares.. Empty categories now look a bit palish.. Mass completion of workflows.. Bugfixes:.. Fixed: Search doesn t work in redbox theme.. Fixed: Search didn t escape special chars.. Several IE-specific issues.. New i-doit Open Version 0.. 9-3.. September 2010.. Theres a new i-doit version available in our download section..

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