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  • Title: IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site:.. Join IACM Now.. Register for Conference.. Social Media.. About IACM.. Mission.. Leadership.. President s Corner.. Awards.. History.. Publications.. NCMR Journal.. Signal Newsletter.. Books by Members.. Conferences.. 2014 Conference.. Past Conferences.. Membership.. Join or Renew.. Why Become a Member.. Connect Locally.. Contact Us.. Contact IACM.. IACM 2014 Conference.. The IACM 2014 conference will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands July 4-7.. 2014 Conference Team.. Etty Jehn, IACM President.. Remi Ayoko, Program Chair.. Wolfgang Stienel and Fieke Harinck, Local Arrangements Co-Chairs.. The call for papers will be released later in 2013.. Papers will not be due until early 2014.. The International Association for Conflict Management was founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research, and experience that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family,  ...   community to:.. Read more.. Negotiations and Conflict Management Research (NCMR) is the official journal of the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) and is published by.. Wiley.. Recent News.. Assistant or Associate Professor Position in Sales in Paris starting September 14.. Posted:.. 10/21/2013.. Assistant or Associate Professor Position in Negotiation in Paris starting September 14.. Most outstanding book in negotiation and conflict resolution.. 10/14/2013.. View all.. Member Spotlight Elections.. David W.. Johnson.. Aurélien Colson.. Brian C.. Gunia.. Taya R.. Cohen.. Jennifer Parlamis.. Jessica Katz Jameson.. Research Practice Spotlight.. Reaping the benefits of task conflict in teams: The critical role of team psychological safety climate.. By:.. Bradley, Bret H.. ; Postlethwaite, Bennett E.. ; Klotz, Anthony C.. ; Hamdani, Maria R.. ; Brown, Kenneth G.. International Association for Conflict Management (IACM).. Copyright 2013.. Info..

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  • Title: Join or Renew IACM Membership | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: You are here.. Join or Renew IACM Membership.. You will be transfered to a secure server at Ross School of Business in the University of Michigan to.. complete the registration form and pay.. your annual IACM membership fee.. Current members can renew their membership and new members are welcome to join!.. The annual membership fee is:.. US$ 50 for faculty/professional/practitioner (with an option to pay for 5-years).. US$ 15 for graduate students.. Join or Renew Today!.. Negotiation as a form of persuasion: Arguments in first offers.. Maaravi, Yossi; Ganzach, Yoav; Pazy, Asya..

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  • Title: Social Media | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Follow us on.. Linkedin.. Like our.. Facebook Page.. Members are invited to join our.. Facebook Group.. to informally chat, upload personal photos from the conference, and connect year round.. Twitter.. @iacm_conflict.. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Termination as a Tactic and Norwegian Mediation in Sri Lanka.. Kristine Höglund, Isak Svensson..

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  • Title: Leadership | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Advisory Board.. Past Presidents.. Past Boards.. IACM Leadership includes current and past volunteers who have built this organization!.. When Does Taking a Break Help in Negotiations? The Influence of Breaks and Social Motivation on Negotiation Processes and Outcomes.. Fieke Harinck, Carsten K.. W.. De Dreu..

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  • Title: President’s Corner | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: President’s Corner.. By Wendi L.. Adair, IACM President.. Signal Volume 28, issue 1.. At the helm of a non-profit volunteer organization: Steering IACM to growth and sustainability.. As IACM President, I have the privilege of doing more than just planning our annual conference.. Over a.. three-year term (as President-elect, President and past- President), I have the opportunity to work with a motivated and creative team of IACM officers to change, improve, and grow our organization.. Many of our past presidents and officers have made a notable impact, gently steering IACM towards the organization we know today.. Some of the courses successfully navigated by your IACM officers since I have been an IACM member include 1) creating our association journal, NCMR, 2) bringing conference submissions and registration on-line, and 3) giving Signal a new format and expanded content.. All these initiatives are the product of the efforts of IACM members who were willing to serve and improve our organization.. And, they are all products of purely volunteer efforts, as IACM is a volunteer organization.. As a volunteer organization, we rely on occasional or regular volunteers for our operations.. As a volunteer organisation, we are characterized by autonomy from the state, self-governance through an unpaid board, and a not-for-profit orientation.. In the following paragraphs, I will introduce you to the volunteer efforts that go on behind  ...   IACM member since 1998, but I only truly realized that IACM is a volunteer organization in 2010 when I became IACM President-elect.. Each year, our President-elect seeks out members willing to run in our annual elections for Board Member-at-Large and President.. Likewise, the current President is often searching for volunteers for many other essential IACM roles, such as NCMR Editor, Signal Editor, Communications Officer, etc.. Until I found myself looking for membervolunteers, I never fully realized or appreciated that our organization only exists due to the volunteer efforts of our members.. When I calculated that over the past 3 years, only 3% of IACM members approached to run for office were willing to do so, I realized that there may be many members who are not aware of all the volunteer opportunities or members who haven t been approached and are not sure how to become involved.. Hence, the following paragraphs include information and opportunities for you as IACM members to get involved and help steer your organization.. Our team of volunteer member-leaders is a fun, dedicated, and sometimes eccentric group of members committed to maintaining the organizational health and viability of IACM.. Joining the team is a great opportunity to network, connect, and give back to your organization.. Cross-Cultural Difference in Reactions to Facework During Service Failures.. Ray Friedman, Mara Olekalns, Sehyung (David) Oh..

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  • Title: IACM Awards | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Lifetime Achievement.. Jeffrey Z.. Rubin Theory-To-Practice.. Outstanding Article or Book Chapter.. Outstanding Book.. Outstanding Dissertation.. Conference Papers.. Scholarship DRRC.. Scholarship AC4.. IACM Awards.. IACM annually recognizes meritorious contributions to the study of social conflict that epitomize the goals and purposes of the association.. Contribution to the Field of Negotiation and Conflict Management.. The.. Lifetime Achievement Award.. (LAA) recognizes important contributions over the span of a career, particularly to those colleagues who have spanned disciplinary boundaries in their scholarship.. Rubin.. award recognizes important contributions to the nexus between theory/research and practice.. Outstanding Publications.. This set of awards recognizes an outstanding published journal article or book chapter, and  ...   years following their date of publication.. Best Conference Papers Scholarships.. IACM annually recognizes best conference papers (applied, empirical, graduate, and theoretical), as well as graduate student scholarships.. Committees for the Rubin and LAA awards consist of the President, Past-President, and President-Elect and the awards alternate years.. Award committees for outstanding publications are chaired by an elected Representative-At-Large and are comprised of at least three Association members.. The conference program chair heads a.. committee.. to select the best conference papers and partners with the DRRC and AC4 to award student scholarships.. The Pursuit of Missing Information in Negotiation.. Maia J Younga, Christopher W.. Baumanb, Ning Chenc, Anthony Bastardid..

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  • Title: Formation of IACM in 1986 | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Formation of IACM in 1986.. Report From M.. Afzalur Rahim.. Signal Volume 01 No 01.. The need for the formation of the Conflict Management Group* was first discussed informally with several faculty members attending the 44th (August 1984) annual meeting of the National Academy of Management at Boston.. Every member I talked to encouraged me to take the initiative to form the Conflict Management Group.. I took the opportunity to announce the formation of the CMG at a symposium Managing Organizational  ...   attended the symposium wanted to join the CMG.. The Conflict Management Group was formed to encourage research, teaching, and training and development on managing social and organizational conflicts.. Research, teaching, and training and development are being encouraged by facilitating the exchange of information among members, by sponsoring symposia/conferences, and by providing a computer based clearinghouse for the publications, research projects, and training and development activities of the members.. *The Conflict Management Group (CMG) became the International Association of Conflict Management (IACM)..

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  • Title: NCMR Journal | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Aims Scope.. Editorial Board.. View Contact NCMR.. Trust and Treason: Social Network Structure as a Source of Flexibility in Peace Negotiations.. Jannie Lilja..

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  • Title: Signal Newsletter | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Year.. Any.. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. 1995.. 1994.. 1993.. 1992.. 1991.. 1990.. 1989.. 1988.. 1987.. 1986.. Signal Volume 28 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 28 Issue 03.. Signal Volume 28 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 27 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 27 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 26 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 26 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 25 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 25 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 24 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 24 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 23 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 23 Issue 01.. Signal Volume  ...   20 Issue 02.. Signal Volume 20 Issue 01.. Signal Volume 19 No.. 02.. 01.. Signal Volume 18 No.. Signal Volume 17 No.. Signal Volume 16 No.. Signal Volume 15 No.. Signal Volume 14 No.. Signal Volume 13 No.. Signal Volume 12 No.. 01b.. Signal Volume 11 No.. Signal Volume 10 No.. Signal Volume 09 No.. Signal Volume 08 No.. Signal Volume 07 No.. Signal Volume 06 No.. Signal Volume 05 No.. Signal Volume 04 No.. Signal Volume 03 No.. Signal Volume 02 No.. Signal Volume 01 No.. The Role of Justice in Historical Negotiations.. Lynn Wagner, Daniel Druckman..

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  • Title: Books by Members | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Recently Published.. Churchman, D.. (2013).. Why we fight.. University Press of America.. Olekalns, M.. and Adair, W.. L.. Handbook of Research on Negotiation.. Edward Elgar Publishing Inc.. Under Development.. draft below of information pulled from past Signals.. Books by IACM Members Books Announced in past Signal Newsletters.. Abrams, R.. I.. (2000).. The money pitch: Baseball free agency and salary arbitration.. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.. Aklaev, A.. R.. (1999).. Democratization ethnic peace, patterns of ethnopolitical crisis management in a post-soviet setting.. Farnham, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. Alcaide, M.. (1987).. Conflict y Poder en las Organizaciones [Conflict and Power in Organizations].. Madrid: Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social.. Axelrod, R.. (1984).. The Evolution.. of Cooperation.. New York, NY: New York: Basic Books.. Babcock, L.. Laschever, S.. (2003).. Women Don t Ask Negotiation and the Gender Divide.. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago.. Bacharach, S.. B.. Lawler, E.. J.. (1981).. Bargaining, Power, Tactics, and Outcomes.. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.. Baechler, G.. Violence through environmental discrimination: Cause, Rwanda arena, and conflict model.. New York, NY: Springer publishing.. Baker, R.. Oram, E.. Baby wars: The dynamics of family conflict.. Hopewell, NJ: Ecco Press.. Barrett, J.. , O Dowd, J.. (2005).. Interest-based bargaining: A user s guide.. Bloomington IN: Trafford Publishing.. Barsky, A.. E.. Conflict resolution for the helping professions.. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.. Bar-Tal, D.. Teichman, Y.. (2005.. ).. Stereotypes and Prejudice in Conflict: Representations of Arabs in Israeli Jewish Society.. Cambridge, ENG: Cambridge University.. Bazerman, M.. , Neale, M.. (1992).. Negotiating Rationally.. New York, NY: Free Press.. Becker, D.. G.. Protecting the gift: Keeping children and teenagers safe.. New York, NY: Dell Publishing.. Benoliel, M.. Done Deal: Insights from Interviews with the World s Best Negotiators.. Grand Prairie, TX: Platinum Press.. Bercovitch, J.. (2002).. Studies in International Mediation: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Z.. New York, NY: Palgrave/Macmillan.. Beugré, C.. D.. (1998).. Managing fairness in organizations.. London, ENG: Quorum Books.. Bienenfeld, F.. Do-it-yourself conflict resolution for couples: Dynamic new ways for couples to heal their own relationships.. Pompton Plains, NJ: Career Press.. Binder, L.. (ed.. ) (1999).. Ethnic conflict and international politics in the Middle East.. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida.. Bion, W.. (1961).. Experiences in.. Groups.. New York, NY: Basic Books.. Blake, R.. Solving Costly Organizational Conflicts.. San Francisco, CA Jossey-Bass.. R.. , Mouton, J.. S.. (1964).. The Managerial Grid.. Houston, TX: Gulf.. Bloomfield, L.. Leiss, A.. (1969).. Controlling Small Wars: A Strategy for the 1970s.. New York, NY: A.. Knopf.. Bodine, R.. Crawford, D.. K.. Developing emotional intelligence: A guide to behavior management and conflict resolution in schools.. Champaign, IL: Research Press.. Boris, E.. T.. Steuerle, C.. Nonprofits and government: Collaboration and conflict.. Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press.. Boulding, K.. (1962).. Conflict and Defense: A General Theory.. New York, NY: Harper Row.. Brams, S.. Taylor, A.. D.. The win/win solution: Guaranteeing fair shares to everybody.. New York, NY: W W Norton Company Incorporated.. Braverman, M.. Denenberg, R.. V.. The violence-prone workplace: A new approach to dealing with hostile, threatening, and uncivil behavior.. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.. Brett, J.. (2007).. Negotiating Globally.. Burton, J.. Dukes, F.. (Eds).. (1990.. Conflict: Readings in Management and Resolution.. London, ENG: Macmillan.. Bush, R.. A.. , Folger, J.. P.. (1994).. The promise of mediation: Responding.. to conflict through empowerment and recognition.. Carrell, M.. , Heavrin, C.. Labor relations and collective bargaining: Cases, practices and law.. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice-Hall.. Carroll, E.. MacKie, K.. (2000.. International mediation: The art of business diplomacy.. Boston, MA: Kluwer Law International Publishing.. Carter, J.. (1995).. Talking Peace: A vision for the Next Generation.. New York, NY: Dutton Children s Books.. Chase, S.. (1951).. Roads.. to Agreement: Successful Methods in the Science of Human Relations.. New York, NY: Harper.. Chasek, P.. , Wagner L.. M.. (Eds.. ) (2012).. The Roads from Rio: Lessons Learned from Twenty Years of Multilateral Environmental Negotiations.. Abingdon, VA:Resources for the Future.. Christensen, A.. Jacobson, N.. S.. Reconcilable differences.. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.. Christie, K.. Ethnic conflict, tribal politics: A global perspective.. Surrey, BC: Curzon Press.. Why we fight: Theories of Human Aggression and Conflict.. New York, NY: Academic Press.. Cloke, K.. Goldsmith, J.. Resolving conflicts at work: Ten Strategies for everyone on the job.. , Cloke, K.. (2001).. Mediating dangerously: The frontiers of conflict resolution.. Clough, R.. N.. Cooperation or conflict in the Taiwan Strait.. Lanham, Md: Rowman Littlefield.. Coleman, P.. (2011).. The Five Percent: Finding Solutions to Seemingly Impossible Conflicts Public Affairs.. New York, NY: Perseus Books Group.. Connor (1995).. Dirty Negotiating Tactics and Their Solutions.. Cambridgeshire, ENG: Wyvern Crest.. Coser, L.. (1956).. The Functions of Social.. Conflicts.. Cox, M.. (Ed.. ), Brooks-Gunn, J.. (Ed.. Conflict and cohesion in families: Causes and consequences.. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.. Crowe, S.. Since strangling isn t an option: Dealing with difficult people-Common problems and uncommon solutions.. New York, NY: Perigee Trade.. Crowley, T.. Settle it Out of Court: How to Resolve Business and Personal Disputes using Mediation, Arbitration, and Negotiation.. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.. Curran, D.. (1999.. Tired of arguing with your kids: Wisdom from parents who have been there.. Notre Dame, IN: Sorin Books.. Dagget, D.. Beyond the Rangeland conflict: Toward a West That Works.. Riverside, CA: Good Stewards Project.. Dana, D.. Ph.. (1989).. Managing Differences How to Build Better Relationships at Work and Home.. Prairie Village, KS: MTI Publications.. Dawson, R.. Secrets of power negotiating for salespeople: Inside secrets from a master negotiator.. De Dreu, C.. W.. De V.. De V.. De Vries, N.. ries, N.. ries, N.. Group consensus and minority influence: Implications for innovation.. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.. Dean, P.. Negotiation Behavior.. Waltham, MA: Academic Press.. (1993).. Negotiation in Social Conflict.. Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.. Social Conflict: Escalation, Stalemate, and Settlement.. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.. Deutsch, M.. (1973).. The Resolution of Conflict: (Constructive Destructive Processes).. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.. Donohue, W.. Kolt, R.. Managing Interpersonal Conflict.. London, ENG: Sage Press.. Dougherty, J.. Pfaltzgraff, R.. (1990).. Contending Theories of International Relations.. New York,.. NY: Harper Row.. Douglas, A.. Industrial Peacemaking.. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.. Downs, C.. Lee, J.. Over the line: North Korea s negotiating strategy.. Washington, DC: AEI Press.. Druckman, D.. Doing Research: Methods of Inquiry for Conflict Analysis.. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.. Druckrnan, D.. (1977.. Negotiations: Social Psychological Perspectives.. Dubler, N.. Marcus, L.. Mediating bioethical disputes.. New York, NY: United Hospital Fund Publications Program.. Dunaetz, D.. Personality and conflict style: Effects on membership duration in voluntary associations.. Saarbrűcken, Germany: Lambert Academic Press.. (2012).. The early religious history of France: An introduction for church planters and missionaries.. Claremont, CA: Martel Press.. Eaton, A.. Keefe, J.. H.. Employment dispute resolution and worker rights in the changing workplace.. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.. Ellison, R.. (1952).. The invisible Man.. New York, NY: Random House.. Emery, R.. Renegotiating family relationships: Divorce, Child.. Custody, and Mediation.. New, York, NY: Guilford Publications.. Encina, G, (2004).. Helping Others Resolve Differences: Empowering Stakeholders..  ...   Miall, H.. , Ramsbotham, O.. Woodhouse, T.. Contemporary conflict resolution: The prevention, management and transformations of deadly conflict.. Cambridge, UK: Polity.. Monk, G.. Winslade, J.. Narrative mediation: A new approach to conflict resolution.. Morton, D.. The Resolution of Conflict.. Distributive Justice.. New Haven, CT:.. Yale University Press.. Mummendey, A.. (Ed).. Social Psychology of Aggression: From Individual Behavior to Social Interaction.. New York, NY: Springer.. Munduate, L.. Martinez J.. Conflict y Negociacion [Conflict and Negotiation].. Madrid: Eudema.. (1992.. 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The coming class war: Power, conflict and the consequences of middle class decline.. Armonk, NY: M.. Sharpe.. Pfeffer, J.. Power in Organizations.. London, ENG: Pitman Publications.. Pilisuk, M.. Potter, P.. , Rapoport, A.. , Winter, J.. (1965).. War hawks and peace doves: Alternate resolutions of experimental.. conflicts.. Pinkley, R.. , Northcraft, G.. Get paid what you re worth: The expert negotiators guide to salary and compensation.. New York, NY: St.. Martin s Griffin.. Popkin, S.. The Rational Peasant.. Powers, W.. Behavior: The.. Control of Perception.. Chicago, IL: Aldine.. Pruitt, D.. , St Rubin, D.. Z.. Rubin, J.. Z.. Social Conflict.. Putnam, L.. Roloff, M.. Communication and Negotiation.. Quandt, W.. Peace process: American diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1967.. Washington DC, Brookings Institution Press.. Rahim, M.. Managing Conflict in Organizations.. New York, NY: Praegar Publishers.. (1982).. The Art and Science of Negotiation.. Reed, C.. Managed care contracting: Successful negotiation strategies.. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association.. Regan, P.. Civil wars and foreign powers: Outside intervention in intrastate conflict.. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.. Ross, M.. Theory and practice in ethnic conflict management: Theorizing success failure.. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.. Brown, B.. (1975).. The Social Psychology of Bargaining and Negotiation.. , Pruitt, D.. , Kim, S.. H.. Social Conflict: Escalation, Stalemate, and Settlement, Revised Edition.. and Brown, B.. The Social Psychology of Bargaining.. Ryan, S.. Ethnic Conflict and International.. Relations.. Brookfield, VT: Dartmouth.. Sarangi, S.. Roberts, C.. Talk, work, and institutional order: Discourse in medical mediation and management settings.. Berlin, Germany: Mouton de Gruyter.. Schelling, T.. (1960).. The Strategy of Conflict.. Arms and Influence.. Schlaim, A.. The iron wall: Israel and the Arab world.. New York, NY: W.. 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Washington, MA: Bureau of National Affairs.. Slaikew, K.. When Push.. Comes to Shove: A practical guide for mediating disputes.. Smith, A.. The Ethnic Origins.. of Nations.. Oxford, NY: Basil Blackwell.. Snyder, J.. From voting to violence: Democratization and nationalist conflict.. Spegel, N.. , Rogers, B.. , Buckley, R.. P.. Negotiation: Theory and Techniques.. Steele, G.. Health communication in the Caribbean and beyond: A reader.. Kingston, Jamaica: The UWI Press.. Stephenson, D.. Arbitration practice in construction contracts.. Atlanta, GA: Thompson Publishing.. Stone, D.. , Patton, B.. , Heen, S.. Difficult Conversations: How to discuss what matters most.. Susskind, L, Cruikshank, J.. Breaking the Impasse: Consensual Approaches to Resolving Public Disputes.. Susskind, L.. , Levy, P.. Thomas-Larmer, J.. Negotiating environmental agreements: How to avoid escalating confrontation, needless costs, and unnecessary litigation.. Tan, J-S.. , Lim, E.. 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Vondren, J.. Families Where Grace is in Place: Getting free from the Burden of Pressuring, Controlling, and Manipulating your Spouse and Children.. Ada, MI: Bethany House.. Wagner, L.. Problem-Solving and Bargaining in International Negotiations.. Leiden, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.. Walton, J.. Bruce, W.. Mediating Environmental Conflicts:.. Theory and Practice.. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.. Walton, R.. McKersie, R.. (1965.. A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations.. An Analysis of a Social Interaction.. System.. New York, NY: ILR Press (School of Industrial and Labor Relations).. Warters, W.. B (1999).. Mediation in the campus community: Designing and managing effective programs.. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Press.. Watzlawick, R, Beavin, J.. , Jackson, D.. Pragmatics.. of Human Communication.. New York, NY: Norton.. Waugh, L.. Sweitzer, L.. Tired of yelling: Teaching our children to resolve conflict.. Ann Arbor, MI: Gallery Books.. Weick, K.. The Social Psychology of Organizing.. Weitzman, E.. Miles, M.. Computer Programs for Qualitative Analysis.. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.. Weller, W.. Conflict in Chiapas: Understanding the modern Mayan world.. OR: Dewitt Books.. Williams, J.. Unbending gender: Why family and work conflict and what to do about it.. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.. Worchel, S.. Simpson, J.. Conflict Between People and Groups.. Chicago, IL: Nelson-Hall.. Zartman, I.. Berman, M.. The Practical Negotiator.. New Haven: Yale University Press.. Preventive negotiation: Avoiding conflict escalation.. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield publishers.. Zartman, W.. Positive Sum: Improving North-South Negotiations.. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.. Zwier, L.. Sudan: North against south (world in conflict).. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications Company..

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  • Title: 2014 Conference | IACM: The International Association for Conflict Management
    Descriptive info: Conference Program.. Registration.. Hotel Reservations.. Travel.. Pre-Conference Tours.. Sightseeing.. Student Scholarship.. Call for Submissions.. Sponsors..

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