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  • Title: Sponsoring Proposal
    Descriptive info: .. Journals:.. Probability Surveys.. Statistics Surveys.. Stochastic Systems.. Author support.. VTEX homepage.. Publishing Open Access Electronic Journals.. Sponsoring Proposal.. Organizations wishing to launch and sponsor an Open Access Electronic Journal are invited to consider the following administration and pricing scheme.. 1.. General.. VTEX Typesetting Services (VTEX) and Mattson Publishing Services (MPS) will offer a service to facilitate publication of Journals sponsored by suitable professional organizations.. Journals will be published by the union of their sponsoring organizations.. The role of a publisher might also be delegated to VTEX/MPS upon agreement.. VTEX and MPS will maintain the whole process, including LaTeX template for authors and author support.. The OJS (Open Journal System) or other open source journal management system will be used for article submissions, maintaining the Peer Review process, publishing and hosting.. The published articles can be posted to article repositories, such us arXiv, Euclid, etc.. , upon request.. The published journal articles (PDF files) will contain active links, including external links to the bibliography sources, which will be handled via the Link Server.. For reference, see the.. site, maintained by VTEX.. The DOI numbers will be assigned by VTEX.. All journal content will be freely readable on the web, and libraries may freely print out articles and bind into volumes if they wish.. "Print on demand" issues could be arranged upon request.. For the formal copyright arrangements we suggest to follow the Creative Commons Attribution License: for discussion see.. http://bibserver.. berkeley.. edu/proposals/atlas_proposal/proposal.. html.. Sponsoring organizations are expected to commit an annually renewable agreement with VTEX/MPS.. 2.. Administration, article submission and editorial procedures.. Each sponsoring organization willing to fund publishing of an Electronic Journal is invited to appoint (endorse) one or more (no limit).. Associate Editors.. Associate Editors will be responsible for reviewing and accepting or declining papers.. An Associate Editor may be endorsed by more than one supporting organization.. Each published article will indicate the name of the Associate Editor who handled it, and the names of organizations endorsing that Associate Editor.. Each sponsoring organization nominates one of its Associate Editors as organization representative.. These representatives of the supporting organizations will constitute the.. Management Committee.. of the Journal, which will appoint a.. Coordinating Editor.. The Coordinating Editor will manage relations with sponsoring organizations, along with other responsibilities, as delegated by the Management Committee, such us checking that Associate Editors are not slow in handling papers, writing a formal annual report on the journal to sponsoring organizations, etc.. The Associate Editors will choose Reviewers, as in any peer-reviewed journal.. The.. Reviewers.. will be included into the joint list of  ...   the provided template for authors, and containing the required features, also for articles requested to post to arXiv, Euclid, or similar repositories.. 2.. 1 Checking if a submitted article meets all requirements and could be composed automatically; adding the external links to MathSciNet - $15.. 40 per article;.. If an article does not meet the requirements, then - instead of the $15.. 40 per article - the per page fee is applied (see item 4.. 3 below).. 2 Posting an article to arXiv - $43.. 00 per article.. This fee is subject to apply twice: For submission, which is being posted to arXiv at once when submitted to the OJS, and for replacement with the published version (if an article is accepted).. 3 Posting an article with its bibliography in XML to Euclid according to the euclid_issue.. dtd - $21.. 4 Alerting authors about their published articles and posting to arXiv, also providing the metadata of an article together with the corresponding links - $5.. 25 per article.. 5 Conversion of the list of bibliography to bibtex format (in case the bibtex format is not kept in authors' files) - $28.. 70 per article.. 6 Linking all references back to the IMS linkserver (to be maintained by VTEX) - $13.. 20.. This is available only if 4.. 5 is ordered.. Items 4.. 2 to 4.. 6 are optional.. 3.. The per page fee.. applicable to articles which need human intervention.. 3.. 1 When an article cannot be processed automatically: adjustments are needed in order to compose an article, or if authors do not use the suggested LaTeX template, or cross-references needed to be inserted or any other adjustments (e.. g.. , correcting graphics or layout) are necessary - the fee is $4.. 30 per page of an article.. 2 If minor technical unification is ordered - $1.. 25 per page in addition to the above $4.. 30.. 3 Inserting final corrections requested by authors/editors - $1.. 25 per page of an article.. The low per-paper cost assumes authors are diligent in preparing papers with the designated style files so they can be processed automatically.. Extra charges indicated in 4.. 3 are for human intervention.. Organizations should advise Associate Editors on whether the organization will or will not pay such extra charges; if not, Associate Editors must inform authors that the proper format is mandatory.. Contacts.. Ina Talandiene.. ,.. VTEX, Akademijos 4, LT-08412 Vilnius, Lithuania.. e-mail:.. ejournals@vtex.. lt.. Phone: 370-5-272-9615.. Fax: 370-5-272-9501.. Geri Mattson.. MPS, 2002 Holly Neck Road Baltimore, MD 21221, USA.. mattsonpublishingservices@comcast.. net.. Phone: 410-391-2564.. Fax: 410-391-2542..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys
    Descriptive info: Home.. |.. Current.. Past volumes.. About.. Login.. Notify.. Contact.. Search.. PS Home.. Vol.. 10 (2013).. open journal systems.. Probability Surveys publishes survey articles in theoretical and applied probability.. The style of articles may range from reviews of recent research to graduate textbook exposition.. Articles may be broad or narrow in scope..  ...   audience, together with clear exposition.. Probability Surveys is sponsored by the.. Institute of Mathematical Statistics.. and by the.. Bernoulli Society.. articles.. Planar percolation with a glimpse of Schramm–Loewner evolution.. Abstract.. PDF.. Vincent Beffara and Hugo Duminil-Copin.. Pages: 1-50.. On spectral methods for variance based sensitivity analysis.. Alen Alexanderian.. Pages: 51-68.. ISSN: 1549-5787..

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  • Title: Stochastic Systems
    Descriptive info: Articles.. SSY Home.. 3 (2013).. Focusing on the interface of applied probability and operations research, Stochastic Systems is the flagship journal of the INFORMS Applied Probability Society and is published through a cooperative agreement between INFORMS and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.. This open-access journal seeks to publish high-quality papers that substantively contribute to the modeling, analysis, and control of stochastic systems.. The contribution may lie in the formulation of new mathematical models, in the development of new mathematical methods, or in the innovative application of existing methods.. A partial list of applications domains that are germane to this journal include: service operations; logistics, transportation, and communications networks (including the Internet); computer systems; finance and risk management; manufacturing operations and supply chains; and revenue management.. Stochastic Systems is sponsored by.. INFORMS Applied Probability Society.. Issue 1, Volume 3.. Some new results on information percolation.. Alain Bélanger and Gaston Giroux.. Pages: 1-10.. Stability of a stochastic model for  ...   Ningyuan Chen and Mariana Olvera-Cravioto.. Pages: 147-186.. Optimal paths in large deviations of symmetric reflected Brownian motion in the octant.. Ziyu Liang and John J.. Hasenbein.. Pages: 187-229.. A linear response bandit problem.. Alexander Goldenshluger and Assaf Zeevi.. Pages: 230-261.. Fluid limits for overloaded multiclass FIFO single-server queues with general abandonment.. Otis B.. Jennings and Amber L.. Puha.. Pages: 262-321.. Additional Accepted Papers.. Brownian inventory models with convex holding cost, Part 1: Average-optimal controls.. Jim Dai and Dacheng Yao.. Pages: 1-58.. Brownian inventory models with convex holding cost, Part 2: Discount-optimal controls.. Pages: 1-74.. The supermarket game.. Jiaming Xu and Bruce Hajek.. Pages: 1-37.. Two coupled Lévy queues with independent input.. Jevgenijs Ivanovs and Onno Boxma.. Pages: 1-17.. Learning loosely connected Markov random fields.. Rui Wu, R.. Srikant and Jian Ni.. Pages: 1-43.. Tuning approximate dynamic programming policies for ambulance redeployment via direct search.. Matthew S.. Maxwell, Shane G.. Henderson and Huseyin Topaloglu.. Pages: 1-40.. ISSN: 1946-5238..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Vol. 10 (2013)
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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Past volumes
    Descriptive info: Browse through the older volumes of Probability Surveys.. -------- Past volumes --------.. Volume 10 (2013).. Volume 9 (2012).. Volume 8 (2011).. Volume 7 (2010).. Volume 6 (2009).. Volume 5 (2008).. Volume 4 (2007).. Volume 3 (2006).. Volume 2 (2005).. Volume 1 (2004).. Or search contents for:.. in.. All.. Author(s).. Title.. Index Terms.. Full Text.. Search index of.. PKP System.. research databases.. Go to Advanced Search.. View Author Index..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  About the Journal
    Descriptive info: About the Journal.. Editorial Team.. Focus and Scope.. Online Submissions.. Author Guidelines.. Copyright Notice.. Privacy Statement.. Peer Review Process.. Publication Frequency.. Journal Statistics.. Open Access Policy.. Archiving.. Journal Sponsorship.. Site Map.. About this Publishing System.. Instructions for Associate Editors..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Login
    Descriptive info: Username:.. Password:.. Remember my username and password.. Forgotten your password?.. Want to submit to Probability Surveys?.. Register here.. to log in..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Email Notification
    Descriptive info: Email Notification.. Enroll to receive an email notification of Probability Surveys's Table of Contents with each new issue, as well as to indicate, to editors and sponsors, support for this journal's work.. Only the numbers enrolled for notification will be used in the journal's reports.. The names and email addresses entered in this journal  ...   and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.. First Name:.. Middle Name/Initials:.. Surname:.. Affiliation:.. Email:.. Begin with a letter, and use only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), the underscore (_), and no spaces.. Passwords may contain only letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).. Password Again:.. Please re-enter your password..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Journal Contact
    Descriptive info: Journal Contact.. Mailing Address.. lsc@math.. cornell.. edu.. Principal Contact.. Laurent Saloff-Coste.. Managing Editor.. Cornell University.. Department of Mathematics.. 320A Malott Hall.. Ithaca, NY 14853-4201 USA.. Phone: (607) 255-9928.. Fax: (607) 255-7149.. Technical Support.. ejournals-ps@vtex.. Phone: -.. Submissions..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys:  Search
    Descriptive info: Search contents for:..

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  • Title: Probability Surveys - Vol. 10 (2013)
    Descriptive info: Vincent Beffara,.. UMPA - ENS Lyon - CNRS.. Hugo Duminil-Copin,.. Université de Genève.. In recent years, important progress has been made in the field of two-dimensional statistical physics.. One of the most striking achievements is the proof of the Cardy–Smirnov formula.. This theorem, together with the introduction of Schramm–Loewner Evolution and techniques developed over the years in percolation, allow precise descriptions of the critical and near-critical regimes of the model.. This survey aims to describe the different steps leading to the proof that the infinite-cluster density.. θ(p).. for site percolation on the triangular lattice behaves like $(p-p_c)^{5/36+o(1)}$ as $p\searrow p_c=1/2$.. Keywords:.. Site percolation, critical phenomenon, conformal invariance.. Full Text:.. Beffara, Vincent, Duminil-Copin, Hugo, Planar percolation with a glimpse of Schramm–Loewner evolution, Probability Surveys, 10, (2013), 1-50 (electronic).. DOI: 10.. 1214/11-PS186.. References.. [AB99].. A.. i.. z.. e.. n.. m.. a.. M.. and.. B.. u.. r.. c.. h.. d.. ,.. H.. ölder regularity and.. dimension bounds for random curves.. , Duke Math.. J.. 99.. (1999), no.. 3, 419 453.. MR1712629.. [BB07].. g.. N.. s.. k.. p.. Quenched invariance principle.. for simple random walk on percolation clusters.. , Probab.. Theory Related Fields.. 137.. (2007), no.. 1, 83 120.. MR2278453.. [BCL10].. I.. , C.. y.. L.. , and.. K.. On convergence.. to.. SLE.. 6.. I: Conformal invariance for certain models of the.. bond-triangular type.. , J.. Stat.. Phys.. 141.. (2010), no.. 2, 359 390.. MR2726646.. [BCL12].. On.. the rate of convergence for critical crossing probabilities.. , preprint, arXiv:.. 1210.. 1917.. , 2012.. [BDC12].. f.. V.. D.. l.. -C.. o.. The self-dual point of.. the two-dimensional random-cluster model is critical for.. q.. 1, Probab.. 153.. (2012), 511 542.. MR2948685.. [Bef04].. Hausdorff dimensions for.. , Ann.. Probab.. 32.. (2004), no.. 3B, 2606 2629.. MR2078552.. [Bef07].. Cardy s formula on the triangular lattice,.. the easy way.. , Universality and Renormalization (I.. Binder and D.. Kreimer, eds.. ), Fields Institute Communications, vol.. 50, The Fields Institute, 2007, pp.. 39 45.. [Bef08a].. The dimension of the SLE curves.. 36.. (2008), no.. 4, 1421 1452.. MR2435854.. [Bef08b].. Is critical 2D percolation universal?.. In and Out of Equilibrium 2, Progress in Probability, vol.. 60, Birkhäuser, 2008, pp.. 31 58.. MR2477376.. [BH57].. b.. t.. S.. R.. Percolation.. processes I.. Crystals and mazes.. , Math.. Proc.. Cambridge Philos.. Soc.. 53.. (1957), no.. 3, 629 641.. MR0091567.. [BKK.. +.. 92].. , K.. G.. Y.. The influence of variables in product spaces.. , Israel J.. Math.. 77.. (1992), no.. 1 2, 55 64.. MR1194785.. [BN11].. P.. On monochromatic.. arm exponents for 2D critical percolation.. 39.. (2011), 1286 1304.. MR2857240.. [BPZ84a].. v.. , P.. Z.. Infinite conformal cymmetry in.. two-dimensional quantum field theory.. , Nuclear Phys.. B.. 241.. (1984), no.. 2, 333 380.. MR0757857.. [BPZ84b].. Infinite conformal symmetry of critical.. fluctuations in two dimensions.. 34.. 5 6, 763 774.. MR0751712.. [BR06a].. á.. O.. The critical probability for.. random Voronoi percolation in the plane is.. 2, Probab.. 136.. (2006), no.. 3, 417 468.. MR2257131.. [BR06b].. , Cambridge University Press, New York, 2006.. MR2283880.. [BR06c].. A short proof of the.. Harris Kesten theorem.. , Bull.. Lond.. 38.. 3, 470.. MR2239042.. [Car92].. C.. Critical percolation in finite geometries.. A.. 25.. 4, L201 L206.. MR1151081.. [CN06].. F.. w.. Two-dimensional critical.. percolation: The full scaling limit.. , Comm.. 268.. 1, 1 38.. MR2249794.. [CN07].. Critical percolation exploration path and.. :.. A proof of convergence.. 139.. 3 4, 473 519.. MR2322705.. [DCST13].. , S.. T.. Absence of percolation for critical Bernoulli percolation on planar.. slabs.. , in preparation, 2013.. [DNS12].. , N.. Absence of site percolation at criticality in.. {.. 0.. }.. , 2012, arXiv:.. 1211.. 4138.. MR3059543.. [DSB04].. x.. Self-organized percolation power laws with  ...   MR1283177.. [Kes80].. The critical probability of bond percolation on the.. square lattice equals.. 2, Comm.. 74.. (1980), no.. 1, 41 59.. MR0575895.. [Kes82].. Percolation Theory for Mathematicians.. , Progress in Probability and Statistics, vol.. 2, Birkhäuser, Boston, Mass.. , 1982.. MR0692943.. [Kes86].. The incipient infinite cluster in.. two-dimensional.. percolation.. 73.. (1986), no.. 3, 369 394.. MR0859839.. [Kes87].. Scaling relations for 2D percolation.. 109.. (1987), no.. 1, 109 156.. MR0879034.. [KKL88].. , G.. The.. influence of variables on Boolean functions.. , Proceedings of 29th Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science, Computer Science Press, 1988, pp.. 68 80.. [KN09].. The Alexander Orbach.. conjecture holds in high dimensions.. , Invent.. 178.. (2009), no.. 3, 635 654.. MR2551766.. [KS06].. Threshold Phenomena and.. Influence.. , Oxford University Press, 2006.. MR2208732.. [KS12].. Random curves, scaling.. limits and Loewner evolutions.. , preprint, 2012, arXiv:.. 1212.. 6215.. [Lan99].. Complex Analysis.. , vol.. 103, Springer Verlag, 1999.. MR1659317.. [Law05].. Conformally Invariant Processes in the Plane.. Surveys and Monographs, vol.. 114, American Math.. Society, Providence, RI, 2005.. MR2129588.. [LPSA94].. -A.. Conformal invariance in two-dimensional percolation.. Amer.. (N.. S.. ).. 30.. (1994), no.. 1, 1 61.. MR1230963.. [LSW01a].. Values.. of Brownian intersection exponents.. Half-plane exponents.. 187.. (2001), no.. 2, 237 273.. MR1879850.. [LSW01b].. II.. Plane exponents.. 2, 275 308.. MR1879851.. [LSW02].. One-arm.. exponent for critical 2D percolation.. , Electron.. 7.. (2002), 13 pp.. (electronic).. MR1887622.. [LSW04].. Conformal invariance of planar loop-erased random walks and.. uniform spanning trees.. 32.. 1B, 939 995.. MR2044671.. [MNW12].. Rate.. of convergence for Cardy s formula.. 4201.. [MP07].. Quenched invariance.. principles for random walks on percolation clusters.. , Proc.. R Soc.. A: Math.. , Physical and Engineering Science.. 463.. (2007), 2287 2307.. MR2345229.. [Nol08].. Near-critical percolation in two dimensions.. (2008), 1562 1623.. MR2438816.. [Rei00].. Proof of the van den Berg Kesten conjecture.. 9.. (2000), no.. 1, 27 32.. MR1751301.. [RS05].. Basic properties of SLE.. (2).. 161.. (2005), no.. 2, 883 924.. MR2153402.. [Rus78].. A note on percolation.. , Z.. Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Verw.. Gebiete.. 43.. (1978), no.. 1, 39 48.. MR0488383.. [Sch00].. Scaling limits of loop-erased random walks.. and uniform spanning trees.. 118.. (2000), 221 288.. MR1776084.. [Smi01].. Critical percolation in the plane: Conformal.. invariance, Cardy s formula, scaling limits.. , C.. Acad.. Sci.. Paris Sér.. I Math.. 333.. 3, 239 244.. MR1851632.. [Smi06].. Towards Conformal Invariance of 2D Lattice.. Models.. , International Congress of Mathematicians.. II, Eur.. , Zürich, 2006, pp.. 1421 1451.. MR2275653.. [Smi10].. Conformal invariance in random cluster.. models.. Holomorphic fermions in the Ising model.. 172.. 2, 1435 1467.. MR2680496.. [SRG85].. , R.. -F.. The fractal.. nature of a diffusion front and the relation to percolation.. , Journal de Physique Lettres.. 46.. (1985), no.. 4, 149 156.. [SS10].. Quantitative noise sensitivity.. and exceptional times for percolation.. 171.. 2, 619 672.. MR2630053.. [Sun11].. Conformally invariant scaling limits in planar critical.. , Probability Surveys.. 8.. (2011), 155 209.. MR2846901.. [SW78].. probabilities on the square lattice.. Discrete Math.. 3.. (1978), 227 245.. MR0494572.. [SW01].. Critical exponents for.. two-dimensional percolation.. Res.. Lett.. 5 6, 729 744.. MR1879816.. [SW12].. Conformal loop ensembles:.. the Markovian characterization and the loop-soup construction.. 176.. (2012), 1827 1917.. MR2979861.. [vdBK85].. Inequalities with.. applications to percolation and reliability.. , Journal of applied probability (1985), 556 569.. MR0799280.. [Wer04].. Random planar curves and Schramm Loewner.. evolutions.. , Lecture Notes in Math.. 1840.. (2004), 107 195.. MR2079672.. [Wer05].. Conformal restriction and related questions.. 2.. (2005), 145 190.. MR2178043.. [Wer09a].. Lectures on two-dimensional critical percolation.. , Statistical mechanics, IAS/Park City Math.. Ser.. , vol.. 16, Amer.. , 2009, pp.. 297 360.. MR2523462.. [Wer09b].. Percolation et mod.. èle d Ising.. , Cours Spécialisés [Specialized Courses], vol.. 16, Société Mathématique de France, Paris, 2009..

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