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  • Title: Welcome to Interreligious Insight
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About IRI.. Current Issue.. Past Issues.. Events.. Subscribe.. Staff.. Electronic Subscribers.. Login.. |.. Electronic Subscribers.. Login Here.. Interreligious Insight.. 980 Verda Lane, Lake Forest, IL, 60045 USA.. 125 Salusbury Rd.. , London, NW6 6RG.. Send questions to:.. information@interreligiousinsight.. org.. Phone (editorial and advertising enquiries).. USA 1-847-234-8047 UK 44-(0) 116-299-7624.. Email.. Alan Race.. -.. Seshagiri Rao.. Jim Kenney..

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  • Title: About Interreligious Insight
    Descriptive info: What's In a Name?.. Download PDF Version.. Welcome to.. Interreligious Insight: a Journal of Dialogue and Engagement!.. It represents a new publishing endeavour at a time of profound transition in global relationships.. As a shared venture between three interfaith groups, it aims to transcend narrow interests by providing a platform for reflecting with passion on many of the critical issues facing our world.. The name has been chosen with great care in order to mirror an emerging task.. Given that they have traditionally acted as overarching worldviews, the religions have long been accustomed to thinking of themselves as self-sufficient, each tradition happily supplying its own separate vision of sacred truth.. That era has now passed.. It is the space between convictions that commands more and more of our attention.. Maintained separately, the religions generate particular insights and wisdom, some having been shaped by long histories of cherished memory and some springing from more recent history.. Yet in a world where the religions jostle together, often clash and sometimes cooperate, we are learning that the space between convictions is also a space with its own challenging insight.. Put differently: in sight of one another we seek new ways of pursuing interreligious wisdom; and one might hope that the dawn of interreligious harmony is now in sight.. There are significant theoretical and practical aspects to this new historical moment, as indicated by the journal s title.. We are for.. Dialogue.. and.. Engagement.. Take.. first.. There may be as many definitions of dialogue as there are practitioners of the art, but at root there is the assumption that no one religion possesses the fullness of religious truth.. Our convictions are precisely that, our convictions, fallible intimations of a mysterious transcendent reservoir of being and value.. Dialogue implies that we have as much to receive as to give in the dynamic of our conversations with one another.. We neither water down nor inflate what we offer in dialogue.. Most of all, we cultivate self-criticism as the foundation of all criticism and the beginning of respect.. The space between is a space of letting-go of outmoded prejudices, of rejoicing in differences and of discovering our interdependence before the sacredness that resides  ...   aims to embody a new mood.. The argument for mutuality and interaction between varying religious voices has been largely won.. Dialogue and Engagement.. have begun, but we are still in the foothills of the ascent.. It is our hope that this journal will both assist in the exploration of the mountain slopes and communicate something of the wonders that will be glimpsed.. Its pages will provide opportunities for hearing varying voices voices crossing spiritualities, spanning generations and embracing practitioners from many different contexts around the world.. We are all invited to share this moment of global transition.. Alan Race, Seshagiri Rao, Jim Kenney.. is published by:.. World Congress of Faiths.. Common Ground.. Interreligious Engagement Project.. (For information about the publishing organizations, consult their web sites:.. http://www.. worldfaiths.. org,.. cg.. ,.. iep21.. ).. The journal will be published four times a year with 80 pages of refreshing, stimulating, controversial, and groundbreaking inquiry and analysis, interviews, art work, reviews, sacred sites, and much more.. The journal is the successor to the respected journal World Faiths Encounter, which has been published by the World Congress of Faiths for many, many years.. The intended audience is a mixture of academic, interested individuals and practitioners of dialogue and engagement at organizational and local levels.. We believe that this new journal will serve an increasing need for a quality production that reflects both the challenging dialogue between the religions at philosophical and theological levels and the practical engagement between religious people working and reflecting together for a more just, peaceful.. and sustainable world.. The journal will combine several interests: learned articles, spirituality, reflection on practical projects, significant news and developments from international interreligious organizations, extended reflections on significant books, book reviews, film and website reviews.. In order to cover this range of material the journal will adopt a mixture of presentational and reader-friendly styles.. Articles and letters should be sent, by e-mail only, to the Editor-in-Chief (.. alan.. race@ntlworld.. com.. Articles should not normally exceed 3,500 words.. A PDF version of our style sheet can be downloaded by clicking this.. link.. To open the stylesheet you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free download from Adobe's web site at this..

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  • Title: July 2013
    Descriptive info: July 2013.. Items with links can be viewed and downloaded in a printable PDF version.. To use the PDF version you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded absolutely free from http://www.. adobe.. | editorial |.. The Passing Away of a Legend.. a tribute to Dr.. Asghar Ali Engineer.. Zeenat Shaukat Ali.. | in memory |.. Civilizations Clash or Dialogue.. | creative encounters |.. 1893: The Closing and Opening of Frontiers.. A Personal Reflection.. Hal W.. French.. Innate Wisdom in Bahá í and the Bible.. Norman Habel and Tahereh Pourshafie.. Marxism and Christianity in China for a Harmonious Society.. Li Zhixiong.. | practically speaking |.. When Churches become Mosques, Gurdwaras or Temples.. Jeremy Brian Ball |.. | focus on the interreligious movement |.. Sir Francis Younghusband.. exploring his life mission through film.. Willam V.. Garner.. | in review |.. Review.. s.. | poetry |.. A Crush with Words.. Raficq Abdulla.. Blackbird in Bridgewater.. | prayers and meditation |.. Over Cherry Blossoms.. Shuntaro Tanikawa.. A  ...   stories and legends relating to Japanese history.. This site enshrines Lord Wake no Kiyomaro, who, in the year 769, blocked the scheme of Yuge no Dokyo, a Buddhist priest, scheming to usurp the imperial throne.. But Dokyo exiled Lord Kiyomaro to the present-day Kagoshima Prefecture, and on the way ambushed him and wounded him in the leg.. The victim made his way to the present Oita Prefecture, where nearly 300 wild boars protected him from his pursuers and escorted him to Usa Hachiman Shrine, where his injuries were miraculously cured.. To this day the Goó Shrine is visited by pilgrims suffering from leg and foot injuries, in the belief that the visit will relieve their ailments.. The shrine is situated across the street from the Imperial Palace grounds and displays numerous boar images.. It also has a stone block bearing footprints, which are also said to heal injuries.. A Japanese Shinto priest on his daily round of devotions at the Goó Jinja (shrine), Kyoto, Japan; photo by..

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  • Title: Past Issues
    Descriptive info: We will update this page each time a new issue is released.. You will be able to review the Table of Contents and sample features and departments of the Journal online.. December 2012.. July 2012.. December 2011.. July 2011.. December 2010.. July 2010.. January 2010.. October  ...   2008.. April, 2008.. January, 2008.. October, 2007.. July, 2007.. April, 2007.. January, 2007.. October , 2006.. July, 2006.. April, 2006.. January, 2006.. October, 2005.. July, 2005.. April, 2005.. January, 2005.. October, 2004.. July, 2004.. April, 2004.. January, 2004.. October, 2003.. July, 2003.. April, 2003.. January, 2003..

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  • Title: Announcements & Events
    Descriptive info: Announcements and Events of Interest To IRI Readers.. Click on an event for more information:.. Nothing Scheduled Right Now.. Check Back Later.. Back To Top.. Interreligious Insight is published quarterly.. Subscriptions are $35 US or 24 UK / year.. Information about subscribing by mail or online can be found by following.. this link..

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  • Title: Subscribe to IRI
    Descriptive info: Subscriptions.. Subscriptions to Interreligious Insight are available electronically only.. Cancellation Policy.. We regret that it is not possible to provide refunds on cancelled subscriptions.. Electronic Subscription:.. Electronic PDF download.. $20 USD (individuals);.. Create account.. /..

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  • Title: IRI Staff
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  • Title: Subscribe to IRI
    Descriptive info: To login or create your account, please fill in the form below.. * Email address:.. * Password:.. 980 Verda Lane, Lake Forest, IL 60045 USA..

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  • Title: Decembr 2012
    Descriptive info: The December, 2012 Issue is free for all.. Click one of the links below to download the proper page size.. US Letter.. A-4.. Valuing Change.. Sikh Healing in India.. Charles Burack.. Researching Religious Experience from a Comparative Perspective.. the Alister Hardy global project.. Paul Badham.. Down With Power.. toward a new ethic for the Global Commons.. James Quilligan.. To Build a Civilization of Love.. Pope Benedict XVI on Islam in a Global Age.. Harold Kasimow.. A Response to Harold Kasimow on Benedict.. a bit too benevolent?.. Paul Knitter.. Franz Liszt Via Crucis.. the little work I have been thinking about for a long time.. Alessandra Pompili.. | sacred spaces |.. A Jig-saw of the Sacred.. | voices of youth |.. Hope for the Rising Generation.. Sonya Brown.. Organ Donation an interfaith study.. Mary Braybrooke.. Awakened World 2012.. A special report on a unique interreligious undertaking.. Barbara Fields and Jim Kenney.. Promised Land Revisited.. seven steps to a sustainable transformation to the Common Good.. Kamran Mofid.. Spiritually Mature Collaboration.. Kathy Hearn.. Looking Back on the Awakened World.. 2012 Conference.. Joe Elder.. Reflections on my Experiencesat Awakened World 2012.. Georgene L.. Wilson.. Review Open Exchange a review and response.. Charles Pickstone:.. Thriving in the Crosscurrent.. clarity and hope in a time of cultural sea  ...   Margaret s Church, Lee, in south London, is a wonderful example of high Victorian opulence, with.. marouflage.. *.. paintings of the life of Christ along the walls, evocatively curved vaulted ceilings and splendid decorative wrought iron work.. The spirituality, which shaped it stems from England s Catholic-minded Oxford Movement (1833-45), and which recovered an emphasis on the beauty of God, harmony between human aspiration and divine invitation, and orderliness in liturgy.. When the church was opened in 1841 it was plain in basic design and protestant in character.. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century it was utterly transformed into a sacred space, which takes every visitor s breath away.. At the base of the arch in the wrought iron screen separating the nave from the chancel there is the Latin inscription Majestras domini per viam portae.. The majesty of God by way of this portal.. More is said about the whole context of this church interior as a sacred space in our Sacred Space section.. For more information on this remarkable church interior, including its restoration between 1980 and 2000, see www.. stmargaretslee.. uk.. *.. Marouflage is a French technique which involves mounting a painted canvas on a light wooden frame and backing with a compound of zinc and lead..

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  • Title: July 2012
    Descriptive info: The July, 2012 Issue is free for all.. Contents.. Insight moves on.. Jim Kenney, Alan Race, Seshagiri Rao.. | in memoriam |.. IJohn Hick (1922-2012) a tribute.. Is Mystical Experience Beneficial to Interreligious Relations?.. John Barnett.. Weapons Without Boundaries.. a spiritual-humanist response to terrorism.. Musa Askari.. Edith Stein and Catholic-Jewish Relations.. Edward Jarosz.. Culture and Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Moluccas Indonesia.. Izak Lattu.. | sacred places |.. images and special moments.. Cetta Kenney.. A Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century.. Awakened World 2012 Conference.. engaged spirituality for the 21st century October 13-21.. Religions of the World:.. Teilhard and the second axial turning.. Ewert Cousins.. If I Did Not Know Your  ...   s Piazza Campidoglio.. The word is a cognate of Capitoline and celebrates the capitol status of this Roman landmark.. Home of the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Jupiter.. The Capitoline is the smallest of Rome s seven hills.. It adjoins the Roman Forum, and was a place celebrated in antiquity, in the medieval period, and today, as a center of archaeological interest and touristic fascination.. The Awakened World 2012 conference, which touches so many pages of this issue of Insight, will hold its first Press Conference on the Piazza Campidoglio.. It s hard to imagine a more appropriate venue for a global conversation about the evolution of religion and spirituality..

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  • Title: December 2011
    Descriptive info: Overcoming Greed, Dishonesty and Delusion.. Kamran Mofid.. What is Atonement?.. Paul Knitter.. Another Turn on the Axis.. religious and spiritual evolution in the 21st century.. Religious Diversity and EvangelicalThought Post-1980s.. Robert Boyd.. There is No Enemy; None is the Other.. promoting Sikh-Christian mutuality.. Christian van Gorder.. The Mirror That Is Not Ground.. Thomas Merton s dialogue with Zen.. Michelle Rebidoux.. Hope for Christians and Muslims.. Richard Tetlow.. Doing Inter Faith reflections from the frontline.. Riaz Ravat.. Toward a More Tolerant Society.. can we overcome religious prejudice?.. Peter Storey.. Reviews.. Review Article: An Integral Approach to Religion and the Divine.. Be a Guiding Light.. Baha i Prayer, Persia.. In the Beginning (an excerpt).. Jane Barnes.. Blessed!.. Martha Bartholomew.. The Beauty We Love.. Jalalud din Rumi.. The Four Evangelists.. Sculptor Sophie Dickens powerful work The Four Evangelists: Matthew,  ...   full of eyes in front and.. behind:.. the first living creature like a lion.. the second living creature like an ox,.. the third living creature with a face like a human face.. the fourth living creature like a flying eagle.. The four sculptures are designed to form a protective zone with their wings, like guardians.. These images have endured over the centuries.. They came in time to represent the four books of the Christian gospels: the lion representing Mark, the ox Matthew, the human being Luke, and the eagle being John.. The images have been reproduced in Christian art, on the walls of churches and Cathedrals, on the front cover of books, and as illustrations in countless other ways.. These sculptures are the latest in a long line of succession.. (The photos are by Alan Race.. )..

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  • Archived pages: 182