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  • Title: About the IACFS
    Descriptive info: .. About the IACFS.. Our history.. Board of Directors.. Members.. Application procedures.. By-Laws.. IACFS Annual Conference.. Country Developments.. Research Projects by Centres.. Publications.. Global Dialogue.. Questions and Answers.. Contact us.. Test page.. Welcome.. The International Association of Centers for Federal Studies (IACFS) is an interdisciplinary association of Centers and Institutes throughout the world with interests in independent research and publication about political, constitutional, legal, administrative, fiscal, economic, historical and philosophical issues relevant to political systems which have federal features.. The Association seeks to further the study and understanding of federal principles and patterns in all their variety.. Canada Research Chair in Quebec and Canadian Studies -.. Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire  ...   and Institutes.. After you click on the map, ZOOM IN by clicking on the plus sign (+) to get a global view of all the Members.. The Association pursues these goals through:.. Maintenance of an active scholarly network, through which information is exchanged, conferences held, publications are disseminated and data is collected and held;.. Stimulation and sponsorship of research on theories and practice of federalism;.. Involvement in educational, advising and consulting activities to assist the understanding and application of federalism in the contemporary world;.. Encouragement of the formation of additional institutions concerned with the study of federalism; and.. Expansion of federal studies among the academic communities of the members' respective countries..

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  • Title: About the IACFS -> Our history
    Descriptive info: About the IACFS -> Our history.. Origins.. On June 21, 1977, representatives from ten institutions concerned with the study of federalism and drawn from eight countries convened at the Wenkenhof in Basel (Switzerland), and established an association to further the study and understanding of federal principles and patterns.. Daniel J.. ELAZAR was the founding President and provided leadership to the Association in that capacity from 1977 to 1991.. Founding Members.. The original membership of IACFS at the time of its founding in 1977 comprised the following Centers (subsequent name and location changes and closures are indicated in parentheses):.. Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations, Canberra, ACT.. , Australia.. Center for the Study of Federalism,  ...   Études Fédéralistes at Aosta, Italy, to form the Centre International de Formation Européenne [CIFE]);.. Institut Universitaire d Études européennes Geneva, Switzerland;.. Collège Universitaire d Études fédéralistes, Aosta, Italy.. Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada;.. Jerusalem Institute for Federal Studies, Jerusalem, Israel (currently the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs);.. Workshop in Political Theory and Political Analysis, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, U.. Institut für Föderalismusstudien, Innsbruck, Austria (attended founding meeting but did not formally join IACFS at that time).. Of these ten, a nucleus of seven member Centers (Canberra, Bloomington, Philadelphia, Basel, Nice, Kingston, and Jerusalem) provided IACFS in its early years with the continuity it needed until they were joined by new members..

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  • Title: About the IACFS -> Board of Directors
    Descriptive info: About the IACFS -> Board of Directors.. Executive.. President.. Nico Steytler.. Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape (SA).. Vice-President.. Michael Burgess.. Centre for Federal Studies, University of Kent (UK).. Gisela Färber.. German Research Institute for Public Administration (Germany).. Secretary Treasurer.. Robert Williams.. Center for State Constitutional Studies (USA).. Other Members.. Cheryl Saunders.. Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, (AUS).. Former Presidents.. John Kincaid.. Ronald L.. Watts.. Elazar (1977-1991)..

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  • Title: About the IACFS -> Members
    Descriptive info: About the IACFS -> Members.. Argentina.. Australia.. Austria.. Canada.. France.. Germany.. India.. Italy.. Nigeria.. Russia.. South Africa.. Spain.. Switzerland.. United Kingdom.. United States.. List of Centres.. Argentina:.. Institute of Federalism of the National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of Cordoba.. Contact:.. Antonio Maria Hernandez.. (Director).. Australia:.. Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies.. Adrienne Stone.. Other contact:.. Cheryl Saunders AO.. Austria:.. Institut für Föderalismus.. Peter Bussjaeger.. Canada:.. Canada Research Chair in Quebec and Canadian Studies/.. Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la diversité au Québec.. (CRIDAQ).. Alain-G.. Gagnon.. Institute for Public Economics.. Bob Ascah.. Institute of Intergovernmental Relations.. Contacts:.. André Juneau.. Ron Watts.. France:.. Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE).. Hartmut Marhold.. Germany:.. Deutsches Institut für Föderlismusforschung e.. V.. (DIF e.. V.. ).. /.. German Institute for Federal Studies.. Jutta Kramer.. Europäisches Zentrum für Föderalismusforschung (EZFF).. European Centre for Research on Federalism (ECRF..  ...   and Regionalism Bolzano.. Contact:.. Francesco Palermo.. Istituto di Studi sui Sistemi Regionali Federali E sulle Autonomie Massimo Severo Giannini.. Stelio Mangiameli.. Nigeria:.. Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR).. J.. Isawa Elaigwu.. Russia:.. Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.. Siberian International Centre for Regional Studies (SICRS).. Vyacheslav Seliverstov.. (Deputy Director).. South Africa:.. Community Law Centre.. Spain:.. Institut de Ciencies Politiques I Socials (ICPS).. Joan Marcet.. Institut d Estudis Autonomics (IEA).. Mercè Corretja.. Mireia Grau.. Switzerland:.. Institut fur Föderalismus/Institut du Federalisme/Institute of Federalism.. Eva Maria Belser.. United Kingdom:.. Centre for Federal Studies.. United States:.. Center for State Constitutional Studies.. (Associate Director).. Center for the Study of Federalism at the Robert B.. & Helen S.. Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government.. Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.. Gayle Higgins.. Nicole Todd..

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  • Title: About the IACFS -> Application procedures
    Descriptive info: About the IACFS -> Application procedures.. Application Procedures.. IACFS welcomes applications from new member Centres and Institutes.. For information, contact the IACFS President, Professor Nico Steytler:.. nsteytler@uwc.. ac.. za..

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  • Title: About the IACFS -> By-Laws
    Descriptive info: About the IACFS -> By-Laws.. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CENTERS OF FEDERAL STUDIES.. STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES AND BY-LAWS.. (Last Amendments: October 2007).. Download the updated By-Laws..

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  • Title: IACFS Annual Conference
    Descriptive info: Forthcoming Conferences.. Past Conferences.. The principal IACFS event each year is its annual meeting and conference, the format for which is described below.. In addition, the IACFS is involved from time to time, directly or indirectly, in a range of other events with a federalism focus.. Click here for details of.. forthcoming events.. and an archive of.. past events..

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  • Title: Country Developments
    Descriptive info: Country Reports April-August 2012.. Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne.. Canada Research Chair on Canada and Quebec Studies.. Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University.. Centre for Federal Studies, University of Kent..

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  • Title: Research Projects by Centres
    Descriptive info: Current Projects.. Institut d Estudis Autonòmics.. 2009-2011:.. The New Regional Tax Administrations.. The IEA has funded the research on the new regional tax administrations which is carried out by a team of university researchers led by Dr.. Antonia Agulló Agüero, professor of Financing and Taxing Law of the Pompeu Fabra University..

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  • Title: Publications
    Descriptive info: IACFS Conferences.. Members Publications.. Member Centres' Publications..

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  • Title: Global Dialogue
    Descriptive info: The Global Dialogue Project.. more information here.. The Global Dialogue on Federalism program is a joint initiative of the IACFS and the Forum of Federations (.. www.. forumfed.. org.. The program brings together practitioners, scholars, and young professionals of federalism from all parts of the world, to share their experiences and academic research, build a growing network of people with interests in federal ideas, and make available an accessible body of comparative information and knowledge about current and emerging issues in federalism and federal political systems.. Program components include (1) country roundtables, (2) international roundtables, and (3) publication launches.. A tangible and lasting product of the Dialogue is a series of volumes covering selected themes from the perspective of a range of different federal political systems.. Each volume is preceded by a short summary booklet, in English or French, also available from the publisher.. Books Now Available:.. Luis Moreno and César Colino, eds.. ,.. Diversity and  ...   2009, 413 pp.. ISBN 0-7735-3502-0 (Paperback).. Anwar Shah, ed.. The Practice of Fiscal Federalism: Comparative Perspectives.. Montreal Kingston: McGill-Queen s University Press, 2007, 438 pp.. ISBN 978-0-7735-3302-2 (Paperback).. Katy Le Roy and Cheryl Saunders, eds.. Legislative Executive and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries.. Montreal Kingston: McGill-Queen s University Press, 2006, 403 pp.. ISBN 978-0-7735-3163-5 (Paperback).. Akhtar Majeed, Ronald L.. Watts, and Douglas M.. Brown, eds.. , Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries.. Montreal Kingston: McGill-Queen s University Press, 2006, 373 pp.. ISBN 0-7735-3004-5 (Paperback).. John Kincaid and G.. Alan Tarr, eds.. Constitutional Origins, Structure, and Change in Federal Countries.. Montreal Kingston: McGill-Queen s University Press, 2005, 467 pp.. ISBN 0-7735-2916-0 (Paperback).. In preparation.. Johanne Poirier and Cheryl Saunders, eds.. Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Countries.. Wolfgang Renzsch and Klaus Detterbeck, eds.. Political Parties and Civil Society in Federal Democracies.. To order any of these publications, please refer to the order page of.. McGill-Queen's University Press..

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