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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Home
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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Home
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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Mission
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. The mission of I-ThETA is to facilitate, assist and encourage the implementation, up-dating and accessibility of high quality, continued education and training for professionals working in the substance misuse, and for staff in generic services who are frequently confronted with substance misuse problems (mainly social, medical, educational and justice services).. The overall aim is to improve the availability and quality of evidence-based preventive, therapeutic and harm-reduction interventions, and to  ...   education and training.. An additional aim is to promote thereby the competence, professional status and recognition of staff in the substance misuse field.. In order to reach these goals, I-ThETA intends to build a platform for information exchange on good practice and innovations, and also for critical reflection and up-coming needs for continued education and training and its impact on practice.. Approved by I-ThETA inaugural meeting in Edinburgh, 3 September 2006..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Organisation
    Descriptive info: 5190.. 3400.. Board.. I-ThETA is an informal, non registered network, without a formal structure.. It has no funds to manage, has no financial liabilities, is not accountable to any authority.. The costs for the internet platform are covered by sponsors.. For the next two years the sponsor is the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health..  ...   is responsible for the administrative work and website.. Maurizio Coletti - Chairperson.. coletti@i-theta.. org.. ITACA Europe.. President.. www.. itacaeurope.. Joy Barlow.. barlow@i-theta.. STRADA.. Scottish Training on Drugs Alcohol.. MBE, Head of Organisation.. projectstrada.. Ambros Uchtenhagen.. uchtenhagen@i-theta.. ISGF.. Research Institute of Public Health and Addiction,.. Switzerland.. Emeritus Professor.. isgf.. unizh.. ch.. Diletta Dottori - Chairperson Assistant.. info@i-theta..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: History
    Descriptive info: The International Think Tank on continued Education and Training on Addiction I-ThETA is an initiative of the Swiss.. Expert Committee on Continuing Training in the Dependence Field.. This Expert Committee is set up and funded by the Federal Office of Public Health; it is the main national source for knowledge transfer to improve substance abuse interventions.. Fourteen people from ten different countries have gathered in Zurich 1 September 2005 to hold a workshop in which the following options have been discussed:.. create a network continuing training in the addiction field.. organize a symposium later on.. publish the.. country reports.. written.. so far 22 and 23 January 2006 a group met in Rome, in order to continue the further workings.. The main outcome: It was decided.. to postpone the  ...   enlarged publication on the country reports and additional papers by 2006.. to reconvene 3 September, just before the next ICAA congress in Edinburgh, where the mission statement, the activities, the commitment of members and the structure will be decided.. to have an infrastructure for the time being offered by the Swiss secretariat of the Commission of continuing education.. The inaugural meeting of I-ThETA has taken place in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Sunday, September 3rd 2006: The I-ThETA has considered the following aspects relating to continuing education:.. its role in the improvement of services, providing greater efficacy and efficiency,.. its function in the improvement of the status of professionals working in the field,.. the exchange of information on helpful strategies in the provision of continuing education and examples of best practice..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Activity
    Descriptive info: Provisional Activity Plan.. The main activity of I-ThETA is to create an internet platform which serves the aims described in the mission statement.. This will include a website (public) and a mailgroup (access to members only).. I-ThETA has already started to collect valuable information from 11 countries regarding their organisation of continued education and training.. These country reports plus additional information, updates and new reports will be found on the website.. I-ThETA will encourage updates of existing reports and reports from other countries, as well as the availability of other relevant information on education organisations, institutions and programmes in the substance misuse field, on transfer research and on good practice  ...   policy makers and invite their participation in the network.. I-ThETA may organise specialised symposia for an international exchange of experience in substance abuse education and training and its organisation.. I-ThETA will request the inclusion of education and training topics into the programme of international conferences for specialists and for staff in generic services.. I-ThETA members will have yearly meetings for discussing and adopting future activities.. I-ThETA will establish links to organisations with related agendas.. I-ThETA will make available information on concepts and instruments for evaluating the impact of education and training on practice.. I-ThETA will provide exchange on information and links on the use and evaluation of education and training methodology..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Members
    Descriptive info: 4524.. The following countries and institutions participate in the I-ThETA network.. Addresses and contacts you will given by the office.. Country.. Institution.. Website.. A.. Medical University Vienna.. sucht-addiction.. info.. AU.. National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction.. nceta.. flinders.. edu.. au.. CA.. University de Sherbrooke Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé.. usherbrooke.. ca/medecine.. CH.. Contact Netz.. contactnetz..  ...   Institute for Public Health and Addiction ISGF.. Swiss Federal Office of Public Health SFOPH.. bag.. admin.. D.. Catholic University of Applied Sciences NorthRhine-Westphalia (KFHNW).. kfhnw.. de.. FI.. A-Clinic Foundation.. a-klinikka.. fi.. FR.. Fédération Française d'Addictologie.. addictologie.. I.. ITACA Europe and Italy.. NL.. Netherlands Association for Mental Health Addiction Care (GGZ Nederland).. ggznederland.. nl.. UK.. Home Office Drug Strategy.. gsi.. gov.. uk..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Events
    Descriptive info: Advise Event.. You d like to announce an event?.. Then.. contact us.. Event Agenda.. Annual General Meeting 2010.. The I-Theta Annual General Assembly will be held in Milano, in conjuction with.. ISAM Annual Conference.. Monday 4.. th.. of October 2010.. 12.. 30 am 3.. 30pm.. University of Milan - Bicocca.. Piazza dell Ateneo Nuovo, 1 - Milan.. Building U6 - floor -1 - Aula Martini.. For further information, please contact:.. Maurizio Coletti..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Documents
    Descriptive info: 5161.. Country Reports.. Australia.. (pdf, 44 K).. Austria.. (pdf, 132 K).. Finland.. (pdf, 35 K).. France.. (pdf, 67 K).. Germany.. (pdf, 66 K).. Greece.. (pdf, 110 K).. Italy.. (pdf 128 K).. Netherlands.. (pdf, 52 K).. Scotland.. (pdf, 33 K).. (pdf, 149 K).. USA.. (pdf, 36 K).. Questionnaire for authors of the country-specific dossiers.. (pdf, 16 K).. Summary Country Reports - A.. Uchtenhagen.. Report on training initiatives for policy makers and managers.. (pdf, 50 K) ISAM Conference 2010/Ambros Uchtenhagen, Milano, 4 October 2010.. What do we know about needs and opportunities for training in harm reduction strategies and approaches?.. (pdf, 17 K).. IHRA conference 2008 / Ambros  ...   may 2008.. Lessons from partnership Italy-Balkan countries.. (pdf, 19 K).. IHRA conference 2008 / Maurizio Coletti, Barcelona, 12 may 2008.. How to build an international network for education and training in harm reduction strategies and approaches; plans for preparing an evidence-based curriculum.. IHRA conference 2008 / Joy Barlow, Barcelona, 12 may 2008.. New Developments in Substance Use Treatment in The Netherlands -.. The Dutch Experience.. (ppt, 178 K).. Wim Buisman, Bern, 27 September 2006.. Tertiary Training on Alcohol and other Drugs in Australia: A Review.. (pdf, 162 K).. September 2003.. Carol Kennedy / Ann Roche.. Flinders University.. Speech ICAA Sept.. 06 Joy Barlow.. (pdf, 140 K)..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Links
    Descriptive info: Member Organisations.. International Organisations.. WHO - Management of substance Abuse.. ICAA - International Council on Alcohol and Addictions.. International.. Harm.. Reduction.. Association.. European Organisations.. European Gateway on alcohol, drugs and addictions - ELISAD.. European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction - EMCDDA.. Federal Office of Public Health FOPH.. FOPH Expert Committee on Continuing Training in the Dependence Field.. Infoset (coordination platform - german/french)..

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  • Title: I-ThETA.org: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. *Email:.. Comments/Questions:..

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