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  • Title: I AM A I Unfolding the Flower
    Descriptive info: .. This is a public service web site with relatively important free information.. This information is in two parts, physical and metaphysical.. The physical is orientated with free energy; while, the metaphysical or spiritually orientated is with text books.. The physical information concerns itself with a number of.. devices.. that custom create an electromagnetic envelope -- customizing a photon.. The metaphysical/mystical information is in the form of a mystic science textbook.. I AM A I.. and the self-help/how-to book.. The Truth Tuning Toolkit.. The Toolkit is a set of very basic mental exercise applications distilled from.. I AM A I'.. s lab experiments.. (All text material is available for free in electronic form; book form, requires moneys.. -- see.. ordering information.. ).. "For the spiritual 'freak',.. A free mystic science textbook.. Unfolding.. the.. Flower.. You are not your mind, your heart, or your body; you are God s Creation the Beloved of God.. Because of this, no one needs help to be who they really are.. The concept is non-sequitar.. It is like saying the stars need help to shine.. Where help may be needed is transcending the self imposed limits we have created for ourselves.. This area of the web site can help you transcend some of these self imposed limits.. You will learn tools to help you dissolve the untruth within you that so that the Truth of who you really are can manifest.. Purpose of Web site.. About I AM A I.. Downloads (free).. Ordering printed book info.. Web site Contents.. Gallery.. Truth Tuning Toolkit.. Workshop.. It has been said, "To change the world, you must change yourself.. "  ...   that produces effect, not talking or thinking about them.. has just been released in.. book.. form.. A collection of exercises that can you help tune your mortal -- finite/temporal -- mind to the truths or laws of a Universal -- infinite/eternal -- condition.. You will find The Truth Tuning Toolkit useful if:.. You wish to expand your mortal mind s perception on either the mundane level or the spiritual level or both.. You are looking for a spiritual mechanics how-to book without ponderous philosophies.. You wish to explore what your mind can do.. You think/feel there is something else.. Toolkit downloads.. Or the Science 'geek',.. The electro-magnetic event is looked at.. here.. , along with creating a customized electro-magnetic field envelope -- a photon.. One application uses a dedicated power supply to create a voltage/electric field component while another dedicated power supply creates a current/magnetic field component.. These fields are phased, polarized, and inductively mixed in a closed conductive system such that the induced fields created in that closed conductive system emits a custom electro-magnetic envelope with its own intrinsic properties -- customizing an electromagnetic photon.. The.. electric field transformer.. and.. motor.. uses a conductive mass core as the closed conductive system.. quantum converter.. uses the coil/plate/coil/plate assembly and induces a current on that assembly.. Also here, it is pointed out that there is an.. elephant.. in science's kitchen and it has been there for some time.. The Three Vectors -- the game.. The Enigma of Coulomb's Law.. Electric Field Transformer +.. VPPC or Quantum Converter.. A Virtual Photon Theory.. Just don't peek!!!".. (.. A "days of futures past" department).. Pandora's Box..

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  • Title: Ordering a hard copy of I Am a I.
    Descriptive info: Unfolding the.. Ordering Information.. The mystic science textbook.. is now available at.. AuthorHouse.. Type I.. AM A I.. into the search button.. Just Released.. Available at Authorhouse.. A series of Exercises.. for the Mortal Mind Mechanism.. Softcover.. Hardcover.. For free review copies, contact:.. AuthorHouse Promotional Services Department.. O: 888.. 280.. 7715.. F: 812.. 961.. 3133.. (Please include a street address with your communication).. Home.. About.. Contents.. email.. Free Energy.. Downloads.. Purpose.. Truth Tuning Toolkit..

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  • Title: Purpose of the I Am a I website
    Descriptive info: Purpose of.. , the Toolkit,.. and this website.. As stated in the home page, this web site's basic purpose is to be a public service.. The information in this web site is considered crucial to our survival as beings -- Life -- on this planet and it approaches this from two different levels:.. Physical.. Non-physical -- Metaphysical/Spiritual.. The physical approach contains an introduction to the.. E.. nigma of Coulomb's Law.. This page informs you about the 'holy grail' of the early electrical pioneers (Volta, Ohm, Faraday.. ) and the enigma around it.. Literally, around a.. million tons of force.. is available if you hold a milliampere s worth of current in one place at one time.. Presented is an application that addresses this.. Essentially it is a.. high voltage electric field isolation transformer.. Also with the physical approach is the.. virtual photon power converter.. There is also a.. web page.. integrating the concept of the virtual photon to.. 's model.. Mysticism is like in diving, acrobatics, and martial arts, "where the head goes the body follows".. The metaphysical/spiritual approach uses the mystic science textbook.. This book is a hands on metaphysics textbook for non mystics.. It introduces to you some basic mystical concepts and applications.. Also in the metaphysical approach is the.. These are experiments extracted from.. and converted into a set of generic exercises or applications.. These applications extend your mind beyond its current perceived limits.. Because these exercises are so basic, they can operate independent of and/or in congruent with your personal spiritual philosophy.. I.. AM A I.. is.. a metaphysics manual for the curious or 'would be' mystics.. The broad spectrum approach of.. can.. also be helpful to those who have performed their own investigations and even to those who interests are in the mundane -- everyday.. This is because of the universal nature of the truths presented.. was modeled after a college 'physics for non-science majors' textbook.. The book presents a very basic map; and, reminds you that the map is not the terrain.. It is your personal application of.. '.. s.. and the.. material that will make the difference in your life, not the study of it.. Studying gravity doesn't really help you walk better.. The exercises in.. and t.. he.. are very generic simple applications.. These applications are so basic that their effects can occur independent from and/or in congruent with whatever spiritual philosophy you may have.. Like most 'sciences', to perceive results belief is not required, only a requisite set of conditions.. What is the purpose of.. and the Toolkit?.. There are a number of them.. Some are:.. Purpose # 1.. To expose you to a set of working universal mystical truths.. One of the purposes is to empirically expose you to a set of metaphysical truths/laws and their applications, which will produce an effect within you when applied.. That effect will be in relationship to your intentions -- a specific set of conditions.. Many of these applications are ancient and appear in numerous world religions or mystical practices.. This also includes de-mystifying mysticism.. Some things are a mystery because of where you are 'standing' when you look at them.. Change how you look at something, and mysteries can disappear.. Purpose #  ...   the laws of physics.. Gravity is within you and without you.. Accordingly, so are the truths of motion, harmonics, thermodynamics, etc.. They are all within you and without you.. All the laws that generate physical form are 'within you and without you' right now.. Another example of a synthesis is: just as gravity is invisible -- you can only see its effects, so is God's Love.. Ironically, all mutable.. visible.. physical form is based on a set of immutable.. invisible.. laws.. Or.. there is an.. 'world' -- set of laws -- sustaining our.. 'world'.. This 'invisible behind the visible' idea is a universal metaphysical concept that has been taught for thousands of years.. proposes that God's Absolute Love has an Absolute Logic.. Einstein's vision of the universe did not negate Newton's vision of the universe; Einstein said Newton's Universe is a 'special case' of Einstein's Universe.. proposes.. the logic within the physical sciences finite temporal/spatial references are reflections or special cases within God's Logic.. Purpose # 3.. To give you a set a personal tools to help you affect your self.. Religion is the personal relationship between you and your Creator.. ix.. An additional purpose of this web site is to present a useful set of tools and their applications that can help you cultivate that relationship.. Because God is all encompassing, these tools will work in your life no matter what your current life's focus might be -- spiritual or non-spiritual.. These tools give you a base to start your own personal practice -- exploration.. To give you a set of tools that are applicable to the presented model and your life.. presents the tools without the model.. Because the information in.. is so comprehensive, the tools presented in both books will work for a multitude of endeavors or applications, mundane or spiritual.. These tools will work when correctly applied as long as specific conditions are met.. You do not have to be a mystic, a contemplative, a witch doctor, or even be religious for these tools and their applications to be relevant in your life.. Purpose # 4.. To help you expand your mind beyond its current perceptual limits.. and the Toolkit is to expose you to elements of your mind that you may not know existed -- to open your mind.. To expand your mental horizons.. exposes.. you to your mind's operation, its limits, and that you are not your mortal mind you are the Beloved of God/Goddess/Force.. proposes that your mind is your temporal vehicle in your temporal body just as your temporal body is your vehicle in the temporal physical world, a tool.. Just like your body, your mortal mind can be manipulated, reprogrammed, and its temporal limits used.. Like any tool it has variations of use, levels of use, and can perform a multitude of tasks.. In Summation.. The intent of this web site and these books is to bring that which is in the 'back of your mind' (and which you already know) to the 'front of your mind' for you to apply, to help you remember who you really are.. ,.. Jesus couldn't say God was within you.. That would be a heresy and a stoning offense.. Order.. Truth Tuning.. Toolkit..

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  • Title: What is I Am a I about.
    Descriptive info: Conceptual Overview.. There is only One God, One Love, One Mind, One Source, Eternal with infinities within infinities Infinitely.. The reader of.. is introduced to some of the basic characteristics of a Source, Divine, The Force, or Whatever.. Within this introduction is the concept of an Absolute Love has an Absolutely Logical Mind, which becomes a lead-in to our mortal minds and hearts are one thing.. This Divine Source extended itself Created and we are God s Creation.. This is our relationship with the Divine.. The One Love, One Mind, One Source, Eternal with mathematical infinities within infinities infinitely is the Source of our being and True Identity.. Physical form -- the finite and temporal -- is an element of God s Creation.. The concepts of finite and infinite as well as the concepts of temporal and Eternal are mutually exclusive.. If something is not finite, it is infinite.. If something is not infinite, it is finite.. If something is not Eternal, it is temporal subject to time.. If something is not temporal subject to time, it is Eternal.. Just as a mathematical infinity can hold an infinite number of mathematical finites within it (as well as and mathematically infinite amount of mathematical infinities), an Eternal can hold a mathematically infinite amount of temporals within it.. Physical form is a special case of a metaphysical condition.. This can be expressed through the Logical Mind reference as physical form is the effect of the zero area of a Spiritual Mandelbrot equation; it is the area above the dark spot of a Spiritual Fractal.. Though all physical temporal/spatial form changes, these changes are governed by a set of truths/laws that don t change.. These laws are everywhere at once.. Both gravity, as well as, all the other laws/truths of empirical science and God is within and without you at this moment.. Because these laws/truths are the Eternal base of temporal form, that means they have been around for a very long time.. Hence,.. presents common recurring themes in mystical and spiritual thought systems.. Just as God s Creation manifests along a set of Eternal Laws/Truths, an Infinite Eternal Love/Mind can present infinite finite/temporal variations on a theme of this limitless manifestation concept.. Accordingly, the Creation (that is our true identity) can manifest physically finitely -- in infinite variations.. There is only One Mind.. synthesizes a multitude of apparent contradictions between the spiritual and the mundane, between science and religion.. Our mortal minds/hearts act as interface from our true identity infinite and Eternal -- to our physical finite temporal form Our physical bodies serve as vehicles of the infinite One Mind/Love in limited finite/temporal physical form.. Our mortal mind/heart is the One Love/Mind s limited vehicle in our body; just as, our bodies are our mortal mind/heart s vehicle in physical form.. Love will not fight Love.. (Actually, because Love is One, the concept is non-sequitar.. ) Nor will Love go where it is feared.. The fear is encompassed and becomes insulated from Love by Love.. This means that any fear of Love automatically insulates itself from Love.. Physical form is the corner of Heaven Us where an Absolute Love allows itself to be forgotten Spiritual Dreamtime.. This concept addresses the pain in the world.. Within.. is a logical cohesive and comprehensive explanation of the Human Condition.. Any mortal mind s perception (religion, philosophy, thought construct/matrix, etc.. ), group or singular, of the Infinite and Eternal is like a facet (a two dimensional plane) on a jewel (a three dimensional object); it may help reveal the beauty of the jewel God, and yet, will be missing a dimension.. Yet, it is possible to coordinate the spirit, the mortal mind/heart, and the body as the One unit, such that Love is extended into the body.. It is up to us to manifest the Heaven the Eternal Moment of Creation -- that is truly us into physical form.. It is up to us to become a coordinated being, to coordinate our mortal body, mortal mind, and eternal spirit within our physical environment along the relevant applicable truths/laws we find ourselves in.. This puts the stress on actions in the being, and not philosophy the words.. has a multitude of exercises and labs that can help set up conditions within you that leads to direct experience of this.. (Also available in.. God, like gravity, is demonstrable when a specific set on conditions are met.. These conditions must occur within you.. A gestalt that is made up of spiritual coordinated beings can be more effective than a singular spiritual coordinated being.. The Book.. is a mystical how to book.. This book will not only explain, it will teach you how to meditate; how to cultivate ESP; how to use music; how to perceive truth; and how to do numerous other things.. This is a metaphysics science book.. The lab for this science book is the you behind the eyes and between the ears your mind.. The exercises in both books --.. -- are presented as experiments with you observing your change of being after most experiments.. This book presents a simple paradigm that synthesizes the current science paradigm and uses science s reasoning mathematical reasoning to help illustrate ancient metaphysical concepts.. provides a universal model to you.. uses the science class format -- along with math reasoning -- to introduce to you metaphysical science principles.. This book does this through unifying or using inclusive ideas, definitions, or specific new terms.. One example of this is in the definition of truth used in this work: "laws by which something works".. This definition applies to gravity as well as magic.. Basic physics is relevant in our daily lives.. For instance, we use the recognized laws of motion, thermodynamics, gravity, etc.. , just to walk, talk, and to keep warm; and, we do it unconsciously.. Likewise, the basic metaphysical laws and mechanics in.. are applicable daily.. This is a textbook.. It can be used on an individual level as a personal self-help book.. And it can be used by an instructor as a course textbook.. The assignments are there to illustrate types of personal applications.. Experimentation is encouraged.. The curious and the initiate will benefit from this book.. 's.. paradigm and applications expose you to some basic fundamental metaphysical principles that are behind all things, including your mind.. The value of these books manifests with the application of their contents.. Because the exercises in.. work off of the basic mechanics of your being, the exercises are generic enough to enhance and be adaptable to most working religious and mystical philosophies.. (For exercises only see the.. Toolkit.. Since Truth is Eternally constant, there is nothing new in.. Even using mathematical reasoning metaphysically is not new.. The idea is older  ...   ------->.. devotional.. combination of above.. There is an exercise introducing Lexio Divinio.. There are exercises introducing Zen and empty mind exercises.. Chapter 7.. Concerning ESP and Psychic Phenomenon.. Once a person has been doing still mind exercises for a period of time, psychic phenomena (.. ESP.. ) becomes a side effect.. This is the realm of.. This chapter simplifies things by defining all psychic phenomena as communication within One Mind.. We perceive these psychic forms as telepathy - either Mind/mind or mind/mind.. This chapter gives brief definitions of some of the major manifestations of.. ESP.. and the routes taken through the human mind/matrix model presented in Chapter 4 -- its mechanics.. Chapter 7 shows how.. uses the time/space ignor-ance mechanics (introduced in.. Relating information given in.. Chapters 4.. 5.. introduces to you -- the reader -- a number of exercises that can help cultivate psychic informational flow through your mortal mind.. One set of exercises focus on the cultivation clairvoyance.. Another set focuses on the cultivation of telepathy.. Chapter 8.. Concerning Metaphysical Tools and Music Use.. is an extension to.. It touches on tool usage and expands on empty mind exercises.. The chapter presents a partial list of metaphysical tools.. The tool list includes the.. I Ching.. Tarot.. and touches on their basics.. This chapter also discusses the most useful and powerful metaphysical tool we have, music.. The chapter goes over the use of music, modalities, and its mechanics.. To help facilitate a change of consciousness,.. Chapter 8.. gives labs or applications.. Chapter 8 exercises involve:.. how empty mind exercises (of.. ) are easier, if done in short bursts of blankness.. focusing to music can work like the eye exercise of.. 'pumping' a specific set of truths through the mind with musical lyrics.. Chapter 9.. Concerning Magic.. All the information of the previous chapters is pulled together in the ninth chapter,.. This chapter defines the five kinds of magic (Black, White, Gray, Silver, and Gold), plus introduces the four rules concerning the learning and use of magic:.. To Know, To Dare, To Will,.. and.. To Keep Silent.. discusses the Eternal to temporal mechanics (.. Chapters 2 - 4.. ) of magic.. It relates the human matrix (.. Chapters 4.. ) to Truth Matrix mechanics (.. Chapters 2, 3,.. 7.. The chapter presents easily understandable patterns and parallels (it parallels the magical operation to an architect building a house), and relates the magical operation back to the formula of effectiveness (.. This chapter is the springboard to the last chapter.. The one exercise in this chapter concerns itself with demonstrating to you how energy moves through your body.. Chapter 10.. Concerning World Religions and Miracles.. In.. , the concept of Gold magic is extended into miracles.. The Axial Age introduced in.. and the basic concepts involved are tied together with concepts from.. World religions (Covenant and Non-Covenant) and spiritual quests -- shamanic journeys -- are touched on.. The chapter gives a short synopsis of world religions, their major concepts, and what they have in common.. finishes by taking the introduction and the first chapter of.. A Course in Miracles.. (C).. (The.. Principal of Miracles) and cross-references the.. ACIM.. material to the material in.. previous chapters.. About the Author.. When the author was very young, he would take toys apart to see what made them work.. As he got older, he turned that inquisitiveness to how his mind worked.. Between the ages of 9-18 he learned or started playing with a multitude of things such as: he could not trust his mind; the relationships of wants desires in everything we do (and changing his desires); he learned the permanence of mathematics and science; there were glitches in our mankind s -- perception of reality; he learned blank mind exercises; he learned truth perception in everyday objects; he learned to use music to aid blank mind exercises; and, he started to experiment with entering deep relaxation trance states.. The ages of 18-20 found Steven as a merchant seaman and he sailed the pacific orient for a while before the selective service caught up with him.. When a seaman, he learned about chanting and would do this on the deck of the ships he sailed and he also played more with trance states.. He entered the army at the age of twenty.. The author turned the army experience into a serious metaphysical study and mental practice; mostly as a rebellion to the army ( They got my body, but they don t have my soul.. ) He began studying and doing exercises regularly in the.. I Ching.. , thaumaturgical magic, music aided exercises, and learned raja yoga.. Steven devised and performed numerous empirical experiments in the mystical/.. /magic vein at this time and did many while he was doing his military chores.. It was while in the army he was initiated into an intense period of internal schooling of thirteen months, which had distinct initiations through the school.. The schooling continued after his release from the army.. The graduation from this school required his death.. The age of twenty-three found Steven as an adept.. Thinking it could not be that simple, he then studied the core concepts of world religions.. The author found he could pick up books like.. Tao te Ching.. Upanishads.. , or.. Bhagavad Gita.. and the majority of the time knew exactly what the books were expressing.. He has been in service to communities dedicated to growth, education, service, or of a spiritual nature most of the time since then.. Fixing things is his version of chopping wood and carrying water.. The spectrum of these communities range from years working at Esalen Institute to years working for a Catholic monastery -- New Camaldoli Hermitage.. Consequently, he has been exposed to a multitude of philosophies and thought systems.. It was while he was at the hermitage that he started to put the concepts he learned into a book --.. Steven has taught workshops in Mysticism and the Moody Blues, Magick: Preparation of the Operator, and was a.. Course in Miracles.. group discussion leader for a number of years.. In addition, he has regularly taught an extracurricular quarter class titled an Introduction to the Mystic Arts (or Science) at Heartwood Institute.. He taught this class using a previous edition of his book (.. Iamai.. : A Journey into the Unseen) as the textbook.. Sometimes Steve likes to play 'mad scientist' with inventions like the.. electric field transformer.. 1).. Portions from A Course in Miracle(C.. copyright 1975, 1992, 1999 reprinted by permission of the Foundation for A Course in Miracle - 1275 Tennanah Lake Road Roscoe, NY 12776-5905.. The ideas represented herein are the personal interpretation of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holder of A Course in Miracle(c..

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  • Title: I Am a I Downloads and Reading Room
    Descriptive info: Having taught this course at.. Heartwood Institute.. as an extracurricular class for a number of years, I saw problems in the way.. IamaI.. textbook presented the information.. The presented class was entitled.. An Introduction to the Mystical Arts.. (or.. Mystical Science.. Each chapter was presented in a 2 hour block and the information had to be condensed and reduced for human consumption.. This brand new rewrite uses what I found worked in these classes.. The information is still the same as that available in print.. However, subject presentation, continuity, sequencing of materials, and removal of dialogue have contributed to a total new rewrite along with the new title --.. , Unfolding the Flower.. The rewrite (as it stands now) is at the bottom of the.. page.. It is not yet available as a hard copy -- in  ...   not have Adobe Acrobat, it can be obtained free at:.. Adobe Acrobat Reader.. (To save: click on title desired.. When Adobe loads the file, then click "save as".. Entire book rewrite as I AM A I.. (25.. 4m).. Introduction, Warning, Contents, Prologue, and Chapter 1, Overview.. (1.. 62m).. Chapter 2, Postulates and Theorems.. (524kb).. Chapter 3, The Correction and the Mirror.. (2.. 18m).. Chapter 4, Realities and the Human Matrix.. (9.. Chapter 5, Formula of Effectiveness and Motivational Analysis.. 84m).. Chapter 6, Exercises and Disciplines.. (436kb).. Chapter 7, Concerning Psychic Phenomenon.. (494kb).. Chapter 8, Concerning Metaphysical Tools and Music Use.. (694kb).. Chapter 9, Concerning Magic.. 68m).. Chapter 10, Concerning World Religions and Miracles and Epilogue.. 22m).. Index.. (7.. 63m).. as just been released in paperback.. For individual application downloads and the free pdf.. version go to the..

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  • Title: Website Contents
    Descriptive info: Metaphysics Pages.. Purpose of Website.. About the book.. Ordering Information of Hard Copy.. Reading Room.. a free pdf version of I AM A I (either complete or by individual chapter).. email.. The Truth Tuning Toolkit (exercises).. Pandoras Box.. Physics Pages.. Electric Field Transformer.. Virtual Photon Power Converter.. Virtual Photon and..

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  • Title: A gallery of I AM A I related illustrations
    Descriptive info: GALLERY.. A collection of.. illustrations and Yantra templates.. With 10 yantra blanks you can customize.. (downloadable images images are in.. pdf format).. *a yantra is a visual meditation aid.. Blank Yantra Downloads (.. Exercise 3.. blanks --.. Pre-drawn Figures.. These are examples of Black and White Filled Yantras given in.. Homework and Lab Assignment 2: Creating Mandalas.. (and are in the beginning and ending of each chapter of.. These are Golden Section Yantra templates downloads.. All the above yantras are derived from the 10 point template.. 4 point.. 8 point.. 5 point.. 10 point.. 6 point.. 12 point.. 7 point.. 14 point.. Chapter Illustrations.. Figure 1-5, The Golden Section or Mean.. Figure 2-1, Three-in-One; One-in-Three.. Figure 3-1, The Correction.. Figure 3-2, Physical.. BTR.. Figure 3-3, Life Manifesting into Physical Form..  ...   Storages.. Figure 4-6 Mental/Emotional Sets.. Figure 4-7, Dampening a Brass Tube.. Figure 4-4, The Mortal Mind Matrix.. a block diagram.. Chart 4-4, Flows within Figure 4-4.. Figure 4-8, Human Matrix, Chakras, and Truth Ringing Levels.. Formula of Effectiveness.. Formula of Effectiveness -- Application.. Formula of Effectiveness -- Ideal.. Figure 5-1, Algebraic Quantities.. Figure 5-2, Formula Construction.. Exercise #5: How Do I See _____?.. Exercise #5: How Do I See _____? (Example).. I Want.. Figure 8-1, Music and Blank Mind.. Overheard at a 'Dead Concert".. Figure 9-1, Three in One, One in Three Parallels.. Figure 9-2, Manifestation Onion.. Figure 9-3, Parallels to the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.. Figure 9-4, Idea Extension Through Reality Matrices.. Figure 9-6 Reality Alignments.. Allegory of the Cave.. "We have met the enemy.. ".. Ezekiel's Vision..

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  • Title: index
    Descriptive info: The.. Exercises for the.. Mortal Mind Mechanism.. Application #1 -- Orientation.. This is an introduction tool and the first element to a set of exercises.. This application defines the work place of this book.. There are no exercises in this first element of the series.. (For a pdf.. version of the complete toolkit click.. Exercise Series Introduction.. A definition for truth used in this book is, laws by which something works.. This toolkit gives you numerous applications demonstrating to you how your mind works; and, how it works along a specific set of truths/laws.. You do not have to know what these laws/truths are.. Just as, you do not have to know what gravity is to walk.. You just have to apply it.. The exercises in this series are abridged exercises or labs extracted from the pages of.. This exercise set is offered for those who are looking for the practical how-to mystically orientated exercises without having to endure ponderous philosophies.. 1.. Be advised though, these exercises do serve as an introduction to some ancient ideas that pervade established 'working' mystical or spiritual schools of thought ponderous philosophies.. The parent book.. presents a comprehensive cohesive thought system using a mathematical and scientific based paradigm.. The lab for the mystic science textbook (and these exercises) is you-behind-the-eyes and between-your-ears, your mind.. The exercises from the Toolkit have connections within.. s holistic paradigm.. Consequently, there are footnotes in this exercise series referring to.. I AM A I.. text.. For those who are interested in such things as God, internal work, the nature of you and the universe, etc.. , it is suggested you read.. text and read these exercises in their entirety.. And, as stated previously, your knowledge of the thought system/construct of.. text is not important to your applications of these exercises.. You do not have to know gravitational physics in order to walk.. Nor do you have to be an engineer to drive a car.. Absolute Spiritual -- and Actual physical -- reality.. 2.. truth/laws work when applied independent of belief.. In addition, these truths/laws can withstand any amount of questioning; questioning gravity has no affect on gravity.. You do not have to believe in Bernoulli s principle to fly a paper airplane.. That is what this series of exercises is about; to get you to apply specific concepts so that you can see that your mind is more than a two-dimensional sheet of paper; when it can be a three-dimensional airplane or a stork.. The exercises in this series of applications involve the basic mechanics of your being, how your mind/heart operates.. Because of this, the exercises are generic enough to enhance and be adaptable to most working religious and mystical philosophies.. Therefore, taking some of the concepts presented in this book, you may develop some useful personal applications of your own from these exercises using your present personal philosophy.. The exercises are only introductions to what you can do; they serve as introductions to some concepts a springboard.. Where the 'lab' applications take you, is up to you.. The intention of writing them here is to just pass some concepts on to you, to open up your mind to what you can do.. The bottom line is you are not your mortal mind.. Your mortal mind is your vehicle in your body just as your body is your vehicle in the physical world.. You are neither.. Just as you learned coordination of your body, it makes perfect sense that you learn coordination of the mind as well.. This exercise series gives you numerous tools to help you with this.. Employing the following exercises, there will be an effect on you.. What that effect might be is contingent on numerous variables.. Some of these variables are:.. your intention behind doing the exercise.. your attachment to what you are doing.. the amount of one-point focus (remembering your intention and constancy of exercise execution).. how much truth and truth is programmed in your mind the time of the operation.. repetition.. The value of many of these exercises becomes apparent when applied over an extended time window and with some repetition.. This is representative of mind  ...   you.. You do this by thinking in parallels.. Application #5 Resetting the Mind.. This is a tool that helps you reset your mind.. Here you use a temporal limit of your finite mortal mind to prevent mentation -- thought.. Application #6A Expanding Perception Through Space.. With this tool you are extending your perception past your immediate spatial environment.. In this application and the next in the series, you are to match your mind a subjective event -- to something around you an objective event -- that is not in your immediate temporal/spatial reference.. Application #6B -- Expanding Perception Through Time.. With this tool you are extending your perception past your immediate temporal environment.. This exercise is similar to the previous one except it involves using imagination visualization -- to extend your mind into time.. Application #7A The Two-sides of the Coin.. This tool exposes you to your mind s perceptual lens makeup.. The relationship to what you see perception -- and what you want desire -- is demonstrated in this application.. The worksheet and a sample worksheet for this exercise are at the end of this series entry.. Application #7B Before, During, and After.. This tool involves preparation of your mental environment for an effective operation and introduces an observation exercise.. You are to preset your intention and to observe your current state of being before and after an operation.. This operation is an integral part of.. Applications 8-10.. 13.. Application #8 Meditation 101.. The core concept to all meditations is introduced with this breathing tool.. This application consists of an exposure to basic meditation using breathing exercises.. Application #9A Going In.. This is an internal meditation tool using a mantra.. This application exposes you to a one-point focus of using a word vehicle to drop inward.. Application #9B Going Out.. This is an external meditation tool using a mantra and an object.. In this exercise, you are exposed to an application that is the opposite of the previous exercise.. The one-point focus in this application is on something outside of you.. Application 3.. yantra or mandala.. Application #9C Inserting the Divine.. This is a devotional meditation tool using a mantra.. With this application, you are exposed to adding the concept of the Divine to an exercise and how this alters the operation.. Application #10A A Non-action Action.. This is a mantra-less silent meditation tool.. This application is an extension of the previous exercises and involves the idea of having your one-point focus on an event being no subjective event no thought.. Application #10B Riding the Divine.. Previous meditation exercises are combined using a name of God in this tool.. Prior applications are combined in other ways for you to experiment with.. Application #10C Variations on a Theme.. This tool presents numerous meditation options and variations.. A number of previous applications are reassembled to introduce other exercise approaches.. Application #11 ESP Cultivation.. This tool introduces.. theory.. Basic theory behind all personal.. events is presented; the mechanics of how.. works within you and how you can work with it.. There are no exercises in this entry of the series.. Application #11A ESP Applications.. This entry is a continuation of.. Application 11.. and contains tools for.. experiments.. This entry provides you with numerous options in order to cultivate a.. form 1 ESP.. event within you.. Application #12 Cultivating Telepathy.. This tool introduces telepathy theory.. In this entry in the series,.. previous.. theory.. is extended into a logical conclusion, telepathy.. There are no exercises in this element of the series.. Application #12A Telepathy Applications.. This tool contains telepathic experiments.. This application continues the previous series entry on telepathic theory,.. entry 12.. Cultivation of the bond and experimental approaches are presented here.. Application #13 Sound of Music.. Music is the most powerful spiritual/metaphysical tool that Man has.. This entry in the series combines previous applications to show how listening to music affects your mind, along with, providing you with numerous application directions.. Application #14 Through You.. This is a tool that allows you to perceive how energy flows.. Using previous applications, this is an introduction to energy flow through your body using your hands.. Road Signs and Series Conclusion..

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  • Title: Workshop
    Descriptive info: Mystic.. Science.. Events.. Steven is available for workshops and talks.. The workshop's content, purpose, and relevancy follows and is essentially the same material that he taught as an extracurricular class at.. Heartwood.. The difference is that was two hours per week for ten weeks -- twenty hours.. The workshop presented is forty three hours in a one week period; which, allows for a more time in labs -- applications -- and presents a more intense experience.. He is also available for a series presentation.. A syllabus and series poster is in the second half of this web page.. The series is comes from The Truth Tuning Toolkit --.. "The Toolkit".. -- and is a compilation of generic mental exercises derived from the labs of the mystic science textbook.. A poster of an upcoming workshop at Heartwood is at the end of this page.. If interested please contact him through the email.. address.. on this web site or.. Workshop Content.. The content of the workshop is in.. with its lab applications.. In addition, the lab applications can be found as basic mental exercises in.. The Truth Tuning Toolki.. t.. Workshop Purpose.. People involved with popular world religions and philosophies may disagree, however the mystical or contemplative -- monastic -- people of different religions tend to agree.. They all talk about having to do the same thing.. Only their approach, methodologies, or philosophies may differ.. For example, catholic monks take the.. , substitute the phrase "the Way" with the phrase " the Christ" and call it "the book".. The purpose of this workshop is to expose you to ancient reoccurring worldwide spiritual/mystical concepts within a contemporary college physical science format for non-science majors.. The provided paradigm encompasses a wide spectrum of spiritual thought and philosophies.. It contains a synthesis between scientific and spiritual models, and shows you how they relate and are not that different.. The model you will be presented with contains a thumbnail sketch of the history of world religions, the shamanic journey, science, and math.. You will be introduced to a comprehensive paradigm that includes a model of the Universe Divine into physical form (incorporating the prevailing physics model), a model of how your mortal mind works, and you are presented with an interface of the two.. The spectrum of the model presented spans elements relevant to Shamanism to elements of the Covenant (Judaic, Christian, and Islamic thought), from Buddhist concepts to math concepts, and it provides a links between western technical/scientific thought to witchcraft or magic concepts.. The workshop also presents advanced spiritual concepts that clarify demystifies -- thaumaturgical magic and miracles.. Even without the intellectual elements of this workshop you are also exposed to techniques for opening your mind s eye adding dimensions to your mind.. Specifically, you are given a hands-on exposure to visualization techniques; truth perception and recognition; thinking in parallels; using the mind's weaknesses; meditation techniques (including using music as a mental tool); psychic perception, techniques, and its cultivation; and consciously forming personal intention..  ...   MONDAY.. TUESDAY.. WEDNESDAY.. THURSDAY.. FRIDAY.. SATURDAY.. 9:00 am.. Breathing exercises.. Meditation internal focus.. Chanting external focus.. Devotional meditation.. Empty mind meditation.. Meditation freestyle.. to.. Math history, Postulates,.. Realities mind mechanics (pt1).. Formula of effectiveness.. ESP theory and cultivation.. Thaumaturgical magic theory.. History revisited, world.. 12:00.. noon.. Theorems.. Cognition exercise.. See/want assignment.. ESP exercise (pt1).. Energy flow.. religions, miracles, and conclusion.. lunch.. 2:00.. pm.. Generation of physical form.. mind mechanics (pt2).. B.. ESP exercise.. Tools and music.. 5:00 pm.. Truth percept-ion and thinking in parallels (pt1).. Extending the mind through space.. R.. (pt2).. dinner.. 7:00 pm to.. Truth recognition Not doing.. Truth percept-ion and thinking in.. Extending the mind through.. A.. Telepathy.. Music applications.. 9:00 pm.. Introduction and some history.. parallels (pt2).. time.. K.. LABS.. MINDWALK.. Series.. The Mindwalk series is a set of generic mental exercises whose repeated applications will expand your mental awareness on very basic levels.. The applications are so basic that they are readily adaptable to any truth related personal philosophies, spiritual or non-spiritual.. Mindwalk is avallable in a series of 2 hour sessions or as a weekend excursion workshop.. Mindwalk Poster Sample.. MINDWALK Series.. roadmap\content.. Each seperate session will begin with performing a different meditation modality in addition to learning applications that will expand your awareness.. The complete series is derived from the.. 'Toolkit'.. and the content is as follows:.. Figure 4-4, I AM A I, The Mortal Mnd Mechanism.. st.. Series Installment:.. Series introduction, meditation mechanics with modalities, and other operations:.. Meditation mechanics with breathing modalities.. Explained.. Why.. Variations presented.. Other applications -- exercises.. Truth response mechanism.. Resetting the mind.. An exercise in not doing.. 4.. th.. Series Installment:.. Introduction of Divine concepts with meditation modalities and expanding time perception.. Introduction of a devotional focus to meditation modalities.. Divine concepts being used.. Explanation.. Extending perception through time.. Long version.. short version.. nd.. Internal focus meditations and truth perception in everyday objects -- thinking in parallels:.. Internal meditation mechanics with using OM.. Approach.. Variations.. Truth Perception.. Long term exercise.. Using whatever is around you.. Thinking in parallels and expanding perception.. Advantages.. Freestyle meditation modalities exposure, enrgy flows trhough the body, and using the most powerful mystical tool we have, music:.. Freestyle meditation explanation along with variations.. TM.. No thought.. Lexio Divino.. Energy flow perception in the body using the hands.. Music as a internal tool.. Explain.. rd.. External focus meditation modalities, preperation of the operator with an exposure to personal perception\desire sets, and learning to extend perception in space:.. External focus meditation modality taught.. Power chant.. Will use Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo.. Additional applications or exercises.. Setting intention and cultivating a disinterested interest.. Exposure to their individual thought/desire relationship.. Extending perception through space.. As can be seen, people who attend this series will be exposed to some of the core concepts in use by most recognized spiritual\mystical disciplines.. because some of the concepts presented work when applied independent of personal belief and creed, they will have an effect when applied.. Some applications may need repetition for a noticeable effect..

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  • Title: EMF vectors
    Descriptive info: Playing With the Three Right Angle Vectors of an Electro-Magnetic Event.. OVERVIEW.. An exploration of thought around some very basic electro-magnetic theory.. Introduction.. This web page is about playing with numerous ways the three right angle vectors of an electro-magnetic event can be arranged that produce a custom electro-magnetic envelope that has intrinsic characteristics.. There are a lot of.. What if.. s? on this web page.. The author recognizes his ignorance.. As the movie goes, I know two things Jack and sh*t; and Jack left town.. The intention of this web page is to examine the basics of an electromagnetic event and pique other people's curiosity and have them go Hmmm, that's a good question.. Let's find out.. Many of the questions presented here could not be answered by the author s college instructors and may not be answerable without direct experimentation.. There are probably a few people (several thousand, actually) that have answers to some of the questions posed here; the answers to a few of these questions may be obvious to them.. One of my college instructors was responsible for the electronics of a high power AM radio station when he was younger.. He was quite knowledgeable in EM field theory, tuned circuits, high voltage-high frequency, etc.. He also gave us a proper introduction to the history and evolution of electricity and, of course, Tesla.. (Thank you Mr.. Mulky).. Another thing that was learned from electronics and world history concurrently was how mankind would develop a concept and then crystallizes in that concept.. Some examples are Greek pottery, TV, and AC distribution.. With Greek pottery, they developed 5 different pots for a multitude of purposes.. Once these pots were established, no other types of pots were made.. They crystallized in their thinking.. With TV and AC distribution, both were first developed in the US.. The US developed a system that delivers 117 volts at 60 Hz and kept it there.. Europe developed their system later with ~220 volts at 50 Hz which tended to be able to deliver more energy.. A similar thing occurred with TV.. Again, the primary intention of this web page is to awaken people's curiosity.. What happens if we do this? The idea is to get people to re-examine some crystallized thought.. The Playing Field.. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) BASICS.. An electro-magnetic event involves three right angle vectors, a changing electric field, a changing magnetic field, and a change of space at light speed -- c.. These three right angle vectors define 3-dimensional solid matter as we experience it.. A creation of one vector automatically creates the other two; a changing electric field creates a changing magnetic field with a change of space, while a changing magnetic field creates a changing electric field and change of space, and a change of space (close to.. c.. ) creates a changing electric field and a changing magnetic field.. Be advised, our knowledge of EMF is based on its reaction to matter.. All matter that we experience is comprised of an electric field matrix of electrically charged particles.. This electric field matrix manifests in non-organic -- non living -- matter as crystalline in nature as an ordered array.. While, organic living -- matter is comprised of electric field matrices within matrices, within matrices.. One element of a crystallized atomic/molecular matrices have particles or collection of electrically charged -- positive -- particles that are relatively stable in space do not move much, are the atomic nuclei, and act as place holders within a crystallized electric field matrix.. Their relatively constant spatial relationship is an integral part of a crystalline lattice.. While, the negative electrically charged particles electrons -- are in a constant change of relatively large distances of space and move between the place holders.. The electric field matrices developed by these electrically charged particles determine the apparent qualities of the material -- characteristics, some of these qualities are intrinsic to that matrix.. An example is carbon.. A carbon electric field matrix can have the characteristics of soot, activated charcoal, or that of a diamond; the matrix the material is in defines the apparent characteristics of material.. Some of the characteristics of relatively simple crystalline matrix are:.. ).. If the electric field matrix field strengths are so strong that the moving electrons are locked into the matrix and do not respond to an outside electric field and are not allowed to leave their place around their respective nuclei, that material is considered an.. insulator.. If the electric field matrix field strengths are loose enough that they can respond to an outside electric field, yet the electrons not leave the immediate nucleus, and the matrix can transmit the field through electric induction atoms/molecules become electrically polarized, that material is considered a.. dielectric.. If the electric field matrix field strengths are loose enough that electrons are allowed to leave the immediate nucleus vicinity, the material is considered a.. conductor.. If the electric field matrix field strengths are tight under one set of conditions (.. ) and loose under another set of conditions (.. ), that material exhibits.. semi-conductor.. properties.. If the electric field matrix allows for circular movement patterns of the electrons, the material exhibits.. magnetic.. qualities.. As to the qualities of each EMF vector, each vector component is somewhat different.. Here is a comparison list of some of their known qualities.. Electric field.. Stores energy.. Measured in voltage.. Can vary in field strength -- density.. Can be stopped by an atomic/molecular electric field matrix -- can be insulated against.. Physical strength.. the inverse square law is involved.. an infinite energy potential is available.. Polar in quality.. A change of electric field uses two points references.. Referenced from positive to negative.. Opposite poles attract, similar poles repel.. The change of an electric field is considered between these two references, either in distance or in strength.. If either reference changes like in charge strength or distance the field density changes.. Magnetic field.. Stores energy.. Measured in gauss.. Can vary in strength -- density.. Can not be stopped by an atomic/molecular electric field matrix can not be insulated against.. Some amount can be absorbed by the complex organic living -- electric field matrices, kind of like a sponge.. Does not work with the inverse square law.. Much weaker than the electric field.. Referenced from north to a south.. A change of magnetic field uses these two references.. Distance between poles changes field density.. The change of an magnetic field is considered between these two references, either a change of distance -- spatial reference -- or in strength.. If either reference changes like in flux strength or distance the field density changes.. Change of space.. With movement of mass, it stores energy.. Strength.. When generated by either a changing electric or magnetic fields, it can not be stopped.. Is a constant.. The polar qualities are in time and space.. A change of space occurs in a change of time and vice versa.. Both of these time and space values are dependent on frequency and are relatively constant for a given frequency.. Create any two of the EMF vectors and the third vector created is more powerful:.. Create a changing electric and magnetic vector.. and the change of space, with minor exceptions, never changes.. Create a changing magnetic field and a change of space.. If the change of space of is a conductor matrix moving within that magnetic field we have power generation.. If the changing space is the expanding and collapsing of magnetic field and it is the field that is moving through a conductor, this is magnetic induction -- transformers.. Change of electric and a  ...   bridge before Schematic.. thereby maintaining a constant electric field polarity as well as a constant magnetic field polarity.. This introduces more.. s :.. : the electric field and the magnetic field do not change polarity thereby creating a change of space in a continual direction.. One resultant could be a pulsing DC moving away from the antenna as in.. III-A.. With the fields polarized so that the other result would be creating a pulsing DC continually collapsing in on the antenna with field structure similar to a normal conductor.. With schematics.. the exciting energy is coming from a single energy source.. Now,.. the fields are customized further using the mixing capacitors flux capacitors :) -- and dual phased power supplies of the.. as in.. ? Thereby, giving independent control to each field component.. (Schematic.. allows independent control strength or polarity -- of both electric and magnetic vectors and shows only one of a multitude of hookup variations possible.. : Using a schematic similar to.. , the electric field and magnetic field of.. III-A.. are 90.. out of phase, as in.. IV-A.. , with a wave being constantly pushed out in the opposite direction it is polarized to move in.. Because of the out of phase relationship of the electric and magnetic fields, will an envelope be created that is constantly being pushed in the opposite direction of the motion vector.. What kind of polarity and phase transition.. transition points 1.. , if any, do the fields make away from the induction field with the last example?.. A reminder is that electric and magnetic fields store energy.. Expanding fields carry energy in them; and, with normal conductors, the collapsing fields put energy back into the conductor which takes the energy away.. This brings up an interesting question.. : a circular EMF is collapsing on itself and there is nothing there to take the energy away? Say that.. a.. in.. III-B.. IV-B.. is large enough that the collapsing constantly polarized fields are not converging on any device.. This would mean that the energy carrying EMF is collapsing to a theoretical point without any device there taking the energy away.. With the cases of.. , and considering each successive field is carrying energy, and there is nothing there to take the energy away, would there be a theoretical center point.. -- where the energy of successive collapsing waves is stored in stronger and stronger fields such that the energy stored in the fields can approach the summation of all energy expended up to that moment in time?.. Or because the energy has nowhere to go, will the collapsing energy change and manifest a constant polarity EM envelope with the space vector moving outward, creating a one point EMF source creating a.. STANDING WAVES and WAVE SHAPING.. Some of the previous examples are shown where the antenna elements are at the center of an electro-magnetic envelope it is creating.. In addition, some.. questions relate to the effects the fields have when the envelope created is created with a multiple set of devices; the devices are not at the center of the envelope created.. as with the last question,.. : the elements where outside of the event they were creating at some function of wavelength away from the center of the event, a quarter wavelength for example.. something like cage matrix of antenna elements is shown that is creating the event at the center with a sort of standing wave created within the cage.. : there is a number of antenna arrayed in a circle, wired, and fed such that the center of the induction envelope produced (electric, magnetic, or both) has a constant field polarity --.. Here are more.. s related to this:.. Not changing field polarities, they are in phase, and the change of space is continually towards the center --.. III-Bi.. ii.. Feeding the cage elements such that they are out of phase while collapsing.. IV-B i.. Again, what form does the energy take when it reaches the center?.. Feeding the cage elements such that they are out of phase giving the center moving fields a rotation.. Any of the above with the change of space of the fields created by a phase rotation within the antenna matrix itself.. Thereby, creating something like a rotating single polarity electro-magnetic envelope.. With each half wave produced by the antenna elements reinforcing the fields already produced.. Now lets kick it up a notch.. : the resultant induction EMF is a torus or doughnut shaped? Perhaps, creating EM structures like.. III-C.. IV-C.. Again, with an EM field constantly collapsing on itself, what effect, if any, does.. transition point 2.. have?.. At the same time, another set of.. questions can arise with a reflected wave or induced wave from a nearby outside object is involved.. Specifically, how something like an object or the ground would react to the produced induction field.. Such as:.. Whether the returning wave is a reflected wave or an induced wave.. (An induced wave is where an object responds to an incoming EM field and produces a field of its own; usually this occurs with conductors.. : At some function of wavelength (1/4, 1, or , etc.. ), the emitting EMF has the identical vectors as the reflected EMF.. Conceivably, could repulsion or attraction be induced?.. The above question can be asked with the returning wave form matching the induction field.. This may be more noticeable if one of the fields is torroidal meaning, field poles emergent from the center.. Or it can be asked if the returning wave form is after the induction field has made its.. transition 1.. Or what happens when the.. transition points 1.. are included into the event.. What effect will the ground have on the envelope being radiated? (See directive diagrams in The A.. R.. L.. American Radio Relay League Antenna Book for examples of field nodules being created by an induction field.. If all this is not enough, here are some more.. s:.. What if a self collapsing or rotating electro-magnetic toruses torii uses a function of wave length that is created?.. Incorporate.. transition 2.. and produce something as in http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/File:Inside-out_torus_(animated,_small).. gif.. Or http://en.. org/wiki/File:Clifford-torus.. Combining the reflected standing wave concept with a shaped wave form introduces more.. To understand how wide open this "playing field" may be, this page hasn't addressed the concept of a moving mass storing energy.. The amount of energy stored is directly related to the amount of mass and/or velocity.. the energy contained in collapsing electric and magnetic fields becomes translated into the motion vector.. Specifically, the energy becomes translated into the motion vector of a moving mass.. Would that mean the mass and/or velocity must change?.. Once the concept of how one can play with these field vectors is recognized, along with the variations on the possible shapes that can be produced, there are so many directions that these ideas can lead.. The resultant discoveries can conceivably border on science fiction: power transmission, tractor beams, field propulsion, etc.. In conclusion, the basic message of this web page is:.. Human thought crystallizes.. Is to re-examine the EMF basics involved with an electromagnetic event, to ask questions, and to perhaps initiate some curiosity into these areas.. This web page is looking for people whose curiosity in the field is such that they want to start looking for answers to some of these questions.. Conceivably, some of the answers to these questions may involve lifetimes of study.. The author "doesn't know sh*t.. In order for one to "think outside of the box", the 'box' must be called into question.. PEACE.. Steven.. Exercises.. Quantum Converter..

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  • Title: Electric Field Transformer
    Descriptive info: CONCEPTUAL OVERVIEW -- ELECTRICAL.. The electrical concepts behind both the.. transformer.. converter.. is the same; and, are very basic.. The idea is to take a closed electrically conductive system and suspend it in an electric field such that the electric fields induced in that system electrically polarizes that closed system.. Then, magnetically excite the electrically polarized closed system such that it induces a self contained current.. The idea is that the magnetic field caused by that induced current along with the electric field emitted by the closed system's electrically polarized state produces an electromagnetic field with its own intrinsic properties.. Once this concept is recognized there are a multitude of application directions one can 'run' with it.. transformer (and motor).. uses the core material as the conductive closed system while the.. uses the coil/plate/coil/plate assembly.. A High Voltage Electric Field Isolation Capacitor/transformer.. This webpage is an extension and an application of the.. Enigma of Coulomb's Law.. Arcing completes a circuit -- closes a system -- between two voltage potentials.. When arcing occurs, two oppositely charged static voltage potentials can cancel each other out.. The arcing problems that occur are usually between two electrically isolated voltage potentials pressures necessary to hold a charge and they are part of the same circuit -- completes a closed system.. Anyone or anything that is not part of the closed system can touch an element of that circuit without affect.. An example of this is a sparrow on a high voltage power line.. A sparrow can sit on a high voltage power line because the sparrow is not part of the circuit.. With an eagle or hawk however, it is a different story.. It is common for these birds to get 'zapped' when there wings bridge two high voltage power lines.. They become a part of the closed system.. Some questions raised here are:.. What if charges are induced in to the opposite ends of an electrically neutral conductive mass, a closed system?.. What if the holding charge is not induced from the outside (.. Figure A.. Option 3.. ) but from within an object (.. Figure B.. Option 4.. )? (Thereby, inducing and locking in an electric field condition within a electrically polarized closed system with all dielectric leakage within a conductive system).. What happens if an electrically neutral conductor becomes radically electrically polarized? Would it act like an electric field magnet ?.. How much charge is needed to produce a significant physical application?.. There is a spatial relationship involved between a core charge with its surrounding charge and an outside charge coming into close proximity ot them.. There is a distance where the surrounding charge's closer proximity to an outside charge has a greater influence than the core charge.. (This is what makes solid matter 'solid', the repulsion of electron shells).. There is a device called an electret.. It is made of a non-conductive material and exhibits a permanent electric field; it is permanently electrical polarized.. An electret is like a permanent magnet, but with electric fields instead of magnetic fields.. The device proposed here is simple.. Just as a permanent magnet is to an electret, an electro-magnet is to the device proposed here.. Explanation of Figures.. An example of electric induction (top) and a curved polarized electrically neutral conductor core with a movable conductor target (bottom).. The bottom figure shows how polarization of the curve poles induces a charge in a target.. This figure also shows an optional thin layer of dielectric insulation to discourage possible ionization conduction (.. In addition, this figure illustrates how because the induced charge is in a closed system -- that there is little danger of shock.. Shows how.. can be accomplished by burying a series of high voltage emitters separated by conductive core material.. An emitter is a conductor laminated between two high voltage dielectric insulators.. Consequently, these emitters are di-electrically insulated from the conductive core material.. This figure also shows an optional insulated break in the middle of the electrically neutral conductor (.. ) and an optional complimentary voltage (or resistor, or ?) applied across the break (.. (see.. Please Note.. below).. Again, this figure illustrates that there is little danger of shock.. C.. Shows a 3 dimensional view of.. This figure shows how the emitters original electrical field polarization tends to be in a different direction (.. vertically polarized.. ) than the induced electric field in the curved conductive core (.. toroidally polarized.. What this means is; elements of the induced electric field is cross polarized -- 90 degrees -- from the induction electric field.. D.. An illustration of an.. AC.. transformer using the example of.. Figures B.. with a high voltage Tesla wound coil (a secondary coil) in the center of a conductive curve mass.. A primary coil not only winds around the high voltage secondary coil -- Tesla coil -- in this picture it winds around the conductive core as well.. This would only be done if the conductor is a ferrous material.. In this case, part of the primary coil would not be directly magnetically inductively coupled to the secondary.. The magnetic field generating element of the primary coil has no magnetic effect on the secondary.. Only the primary's few turns around the secondary excites the secondary.. Figure D.. illustrates a quarter.. cycle with the high voltage coil's expanding magnetic field with the direction of the field's induced current flow potential in the curved conductor eddy current potential direction.. This particular flow direction is in opposition to the electrically induced electron migration direction created by the high voltage emitters -- induced charge migration caused by the charging emitters.. The same as.. but showing the high voltage coil's collapsing magnetic field with its accompanying eddy current flow potential.. This figure shows how this particular eddy current flow potential would compliment electron flow of the induced charge accumulation as the optional power supply -- battery -- does in.. (See:.. T.. his May Be Important.. F.. An example of an.. circuit schematic for.. Figures D.. G.. A comparison of the various components current phase relationships involved with.. condition.. H.. An electric motor -- a practical application -- using magnetic and electric fields comprised of four of these transducer -- electric field isolation transformer -- elements.. A three dimensional view of a single electric field isolation transformer/capacitor element.. Reasoning.. A non ionized atom is electrically neutral.. The effects of the positive and negative fields outside of the atom cancel themselves out from the reference of the outside at a distance.. Normally the same thing occurs when an electrical charge is placed inside conductive material.. A water molecule is a stable molecule and is electrically neutral.. the water molecule exhibits highly electrically polarized qualities.. This electrical polarization that water has can affect other atoms and molecules around it.. This electrical polarization is what makes.. distilled.. water the universal solvent and.. water the perfect dielectric insulator.. Distilled.. water can't be used as a dielectric insulator for too long because it is.. the.. universal solvent.. Eventually,.. water will dissolve part of whatever container you put it in and then it stops being.. water; it conducts.. What follows is the author's clumsy attempt to get a conductor to exhibit electrically polarized qualities like a water molecule so that the forces present in Coulomb's Law can be used in a high power application.. Electric field induction is like magnetic field induction.. When you place a north pole of a magnet next to a piece of iron, the field of that magnet induces an opposite field in the iron.. The north pole in that magnet induces a south pole in the iron.. And consequently, they attract each other.. Electric fields also do this to a conductor.. Regarding the top of.. , an electrically neutral conductor is shown placed near a strong electric field.. That electric field will induce its opposite charge in the conductor.. The result would be that from outside appearances that electrically neutral conductor has been electrically polarized just as the iron becomes magnetically polarized.. If you curve the conductor (like a horseshoe magnet), the electrically neutral conductor could exhibit properties like a magnet only with electric fields.. The lower part of.. illustrates this with  ...   pole face arcing.. This may also discourage the initial discharging of the pole.. Flipping the Tesla coil around so that the collapsing magnetic field works against charge migration -- electrons -- between poles as the pole comes to full charge.. This may inhibit total charge accumulation as the pole comes to full charge.. This may discourage electron migration between the pole faces -- may discourage arcing -- as the pole comes to full charge.. This arrangement may also help facilitate the removal of charge -- electron migration -- as the pole begins its discharge.. Option 2.. (shown in a separate schematic below).. To physically locate the Tesla coil somewhere else and in its place put a third coil -- an eddy current drive coil.. This coil would be driven by some kind of phase control device: capacitance, resistive capacitance, solid state, etc.. The purpose of this third coil is to create expanding and contracting magnetic fields that are in a desired phase with the electron migration induced by the high voltage emitters within the core material -- in a complimentary phase with the charging capacitor.. This would mean that this coil could be 90 degrees out of phase with the Tesla coil and would need some kind of phase control.. Unlike.. , this coil's function can go in multiple directions according to the phase control.. The two extremes are:.. The effects of the expanding and collapsing magnetic field to be completely in phase with the electrically induced electron migration caused by the high voltage plates -- totally work with the high voltage capacitor operation.. The effects of the expanding and collapsing magnetic field to be 180 degrees out of phase with the electrically induced electron migration caused by the high voltage plates -- totally work against the high voltage capacitor operation.. And then.. there is any place in between.. Option 2 Drawings.. (alternative plate placement).. Instead of having the high voltage induction plates buried within the conductive core, have the conductive core be.. within.. the plate's electric field (as opposed to.. surrounding.. the plate's field as with previous examples -- Figures.. As in illustration.. ---------------.. >.. (alternative plate placement and shape).. Having the high voltage induction plates buried within the conductive core on one end (as in Figures C and I), and using a relatively reduced surface area -- wire -- high voltage buried induction electrode in the other end.. This is also a re-introduction of the concept of how the shape of a charged body -- pole -- affects surface charge distribution.. Option 5.. (not shown).. Instead of magnetically coupling the electric poles, electrically isolate them and put them on a dedicated low voltage control circuit.. Either way --.. /.. , it would be interesting to see the effect when the charge induction plates start at about.. 100,000.. volts and approach a.. 1,000,000.. volts.. It is recognized that the ideas presented here can be a subject of experimentation in a multitude of directions.. All high voltage insulation considerations should be taken into account.. The entire high voltage electric field isolation transformer/capacitor assembly (except for the pole surfaces) should be embedded in a high voltage non dielectric insulation material.. , four transformer/capacitor elements are shown arrayed like an electric motor.. The motor would act as an induction motor with electric fields being induced on the armature as well as the normal magnetic field of an induction motor.. For this motor to have significant power the eddy currents -- charge migration -- would probably be measured in the milliampere range or just above.. Conceivably, one can attach a static electric generator to the end of the armature and bury emitters in the armature.. As the motor starts and comes up to.. RPM.. , the armature can become.. polarized and give the device more power.. This may be a situation where the magnetic fields bring the device up to its.. RPM.. and the electric fields keep it there.. Interesting Note:.. A magnetic induction motor's.. is due to the frequency of the energizing current.. In addition, when a magnetic induction motor armature slows down it creates a greater current flow in the stator coil.. This increase in the stator coil -- primary current -- would create an increase in the secondary's high voltage output -- storing more charge -- creating more force.. This would compensate the armature slowing with an increased electric field voltage.. There are so many unknowns involved with this device (including my personal ignorance) that construction of experimental prototypes may be essential.. The electric and magnetic fields in the.. device are so interconnected in.. that how the individual components react as a whole unit may be difficult to predict.. Some the areas of ambiguity or subjects of experimentation are:.. Author's ignorance!!!!!.. What emitter voltage would be necessary to induce enough charge that would exert a significant physical force -- present as a pole charge?.. Because the pole external charge would be locked in place by the internal charge, how much insulation of.. ) is really necessary?.. The expanding and contracting magnetic fields of the Tesla coil will affect total capacitance while capacitance electron migration (including dielectric leakage) will magnetically reflect into the Tesla coil affecting inductance --.. During one wavelength these mutual electric and magnetic field interactions may twice cause changes in coil and capacitor impedance and current flows within that wavelength.. What effects may this have?.. What effect will a third coil have --.. What would happen if an assembly -- electric field isolation transformer/capacitor -- is turned into a tuned coil/capacitor circuit, brought into resonance?.. How will the strong induced electric fields affect the molecular matrices of the construction material -- contribute to material deconstruction?.. What are the characteristics of a conductive mass when holding charge?.. How a conductive target (as in.. ) affects pole total and surface charge accumulation and what kind of surface charge develops (on both the target surfaces and the pole surfaces) when a conductor is placed in an electric field?.. And in the case of.. , how a rotating armature holding a stator induced charge will affect capacitance effectiveness and impedance?.. Along with.. what if the armature -- rotor -- itself has intrinsic electrically polar characteristics -- not just core induced fields.. (A static electric generator attached to the armature, such that as it revolves, it charges buried emitter plates in the rotor.. How will this affect the surface charge accumulation of the core poles?.. The precise effect of an optional break in the core as shown.. (2).. and an introduction of some current control device in the place of the battery.. (3).. How would the circuit be affected when excited by a non sinusoidal wave form or by a current driver?.. Are there any 'threshold' conditions with associated with this device?.. What are the insulation and isolation considerations?.. When high voltages are applied, this device.. will.. have some kind of effect as perceived from the outside.. What that effect is may be subject to question without a prototype.. "Knock yourself out.. " I do not have anywhere near the resources (intellectual, physical.. or fiscal) to begin such a project.. Included with this page is a copy of the aborted patent application for this device.. I screwed up on getting the claims right and this is a copy of the last try at the.. transducer.. A device cannot be patented a year after it has been published.. Because of this web site and a patent application is considered 'being published', this device is free and up for grabs.. As it is now, it can't be patented.. There is a potential for a whole new frontier here.. You may notice that this device is very simple.. Because this device is so simple, it is the author's opinion that it if it works (as the author guesses), it should have been invented 80 years ago.. One person capable of this, at that time, would have been Nikoli Tesla.. ) If there is a current flow -- arcing, this would open an entirely different 'can of worms'.. That means there would be a current flow without any energy being put into it -- within a static system.. Virtual Photons.. Coulomb's Law Enigma..

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