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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project -
    Descriptive info: .. Overview.. |.. Process.. Options.. FAQs.. Resources.. Meetings.. Contact Us.. Latest News.. Metro 2035 RTP Update.. In December 2009, the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation and the Metro Council approved a draft Regional Transportation Plan that includes all elements of the Alternative 7 recommended by the I-5/99W Project Steering Committee.. To view the 2035 RTP Update website,.. click here.. Last February the I5-99W Connector Project Steering Committee recommended a variety of transportation investments to improve the area's road, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and trail networks and to distribute traffic across a network of three arterials so that no single route would function as a defacto through connector.. The committee's recommendation also included eight conditions that must be met before the southern arterial can go forward.. JPACT and the Metro Council's action in December approved the steering  ...   further public participation and input.. To read descriptions of the projects related to Alternative 7 as approved by JPACT and the Metro Council in December 2009,.. to view the pdf file.. For descriptions of the phasing strategies please.. Next Steps.. Produce final RTP document, project list, and document findings of consistency with federal and state law from Dec.. 2009-March 15, 2010.. Assess the effect of the financially constrained project list (the list of projects that would be eligible for federal funding) on the region's air quality from January and February 2010.. Release a final draft of the RTP and air quality analysis for a 45-day public comment period from March 15 - April 29, 2010.. After considering public comment, consider final approval of RTP.. MPAC (June 9, 2010).. JPACT (June 10, 2010).. Metro Council (June 10, 2010)..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Process
    Descriptive info: Recommendation Process and Committees.. Regional and local transportation plans have recognized the need for a transportation improvement between I-5 and Highway 99W for more than a decade.. With more people and freight going to destinations in Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood and Wilsonville, as well as through these areas to access the highway system, the streets and highways in the area have become congested.. Washington County, Metro and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) are jointly leading the I-5 to 99W Connector Project to address this regional problem.. The complexity of determining what type of transportation facility is needed and where it should be located has changed over time.. Moving forward toward a selected solutions to these challenges will require a thorough and detailed study with rigorous analysis  ...   guidance.. Click here to.. Learn More.. Executive Management Team (EMT).. Senior staff from affected jurisdictions charged with reviewing project findings and communicating findings to the Project Steering Committee.. Stakeholder Working Group (SWG).. Community members, advocacy group representatives and business representatives nominated by their organizations and ratified by the PSC.. They are charged with providing informed, wide-ranging advice and guidance to the Project Steering Committee.. Project Management Team (PMT).. Technical staff from lead agencies (Washington County, Metro and ODOT) and consultant team members charged with day-to-day project oversight and management.. Collaborative Environmental Transportation Agreement on Streamlining (CETAS).. A committee of federal and state environmental and land use regulatory agencies which must evaluate project impacts, coordinate regarding potential impacts and trade-offs among them and concur with project findings..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Options
    Descriptive info: Three Arterial Corridor Alternative (Alternative 7).. In spring of 2008, the project team evaluated a range of six alternatives including a No-Build concept.. Based on that evaluation, public input including from three public hearings held in June 2008 (.. CLICK HERE.. for PI summary Report.. ) and subsequent direction from the project committees, the project team developed a series of enhanced transportation system improvements referred to as the Three Arterial Corridors Alternative, or Alternative 7.. Click on the thumbnail image above to view a Map of Alternative 7.. Click here.. to download a copy of the Alternative 7 (Three Arterial Corridors Alternative) Map.. to view a complete list of Alternative 7's project elements.. Extensive public input, as well as feedback from the.. Stakeholder Working Group (SWG), Executive Management Team (EMT) and Project Steering Committee (PSC).. during the project's alternative refinement stage have all helped shape this concept with the intention of meeting the purpose of the I-5 to 99W Connector Project while also addressing widely expressed concerns about cost-effectiveness, affordability, impacts to I-5, and potential adverse impacts on property and natural resources associated with the build alternatives previously studied.. Alternative 7 Analysis Results Now Available.. At the direction of the PSC (Project Steering Committee), Alternative 7 was analyzed to compare its transportation performance and effects on the natural and built environments with the other build alternatives.. Please.. to view an alternatives comparison matrix summarizing the supplemental analysis findings.. In general, Alternative 7 addresses the project's purpose by providing an extensive network of improvements that serve all surface travel modes with fewer adverse effects on the human and natural environment than the other alternatives.. In addition, a significant advantage of Alternative 7 over the other connection options is the opportunity to phase Alternative 7's cost-effective system improvements over time to adapt to funding availability and rates of development in this part of the Metro region.. Initial Project Alternatives.. The purpose of this project is to address the problem of inadequate transportation facilities in the outer southwest quadrant of the Portland metropolitan area to serve the growing demand for regional and intrastate travel access to the area s federal and state highways (I-5 and 99W), while considering the need for local arterial access to the state highway system.. The I-5 to 99W Connector project is being developed as a two-phase process..  ...   intersections and signal timing within the project area.. Alternative 2 includes the following categories of improvements to the existing transportation system:.. Parking supply management.. Transit pass subsidies.. Enhanced transit service.. Park-and-ride facilities.. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities.. Carpool/vanpool/rideshare programs, and telecommuting/flex-time.. Alternative 3: Enhanced Existing System Alternative (EESA).. This alternative focuses on ways to significantly improve the area s existing roadway system (including the TDM/TSM ideas) without pursuing a new, major connector between I-5 and Highway 99W.. Unlike the TDM/TSM Alternative, the EESA Alternative proposes significant multi-modal capacity and operational improvements to the existing transportation network, largely within the project study area.. The EESA Alternative includes all improvements in the TDM/TSM Alternative.. Alternative 4: Connector Corridor 4D.. [Within the UGB].. - Alternative 4 is a proposed new, limited access highway connection between 99W and I-5 with a midpoint access for an extended 124th Avenue.. Portions 99W, 124th Avenue, and Tualatin-Sherwood Road would also be improved as a part of this alternative.. In addition, a collector/distributor system along I-5 would be included to accommodate a new interstate access.. Click here to view a map of Alternative 4 (4D).. Alternative 5: Connector Corridor 4E.. Alternative 5 is similar to Alternative 4 except the connection to 99W is moved closer to the Sherwood Town Center.. Both Alternatives 4 and 5 are located largely within the existing urban growth boundary (UGB) and would not require an Oregon Land Use Goal 14 Exception.. Click here to view a map of Alternative 5 (4E).. Alternative 6: Connector Corridor 5B.. [Outside, or partially outside the UGB.. ].. - Alternative 6 is also a new limited access highway connection between 99W and I-5 but a significant portion of it extends outside the UGB.. As in alternatives 4 and 5, improvements to Highway 99W, 124th Avenue, and Tualatin-Sherwood Road would be included in this alternative.. In order for any solution to be constructed outside the UGB, it will be necessary to demonstrate that no reasonable solution can be implemented within the UGB.. Solutions in this category will require an exception to state planning rules.. Click here to view a map of Alternative 6.. Using input from the public and technical analysis results, the PSC directed the project to take the best elements from thie Range of Alternatives and combine them into a hybrid alternative for consideration as the preferred solution..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - FAQs
    Descriptive info: Newsletters and Fact Sheets.. The I-5 to 99W Connector Project produces newsletters and fact sheets to keep community members up-to-date about project developments.. Spring 2009 Update.. Spring 2008 Update.. Spring 2007 Update.. Key Questions and Answers.. Summer Update 2006.. Fall Newsletter 2006.. Fall 2005 Update.. Fall Newsletter 2005..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Resources
    Descriptive info: Upcoming Meetings.. Project committees meet regularly.. Learn more about.. meeting dates and locations.. Project Reports.. New reports and information are posted here.. Learn more about the.. Range of Alternatives Report and other technical reports.. Project Timeline.. Project Area Map..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Public involvement opportunities
    Descriptive info: Public involvement opportunities.. Meetings:.. Stakeholder Working Group (SWG).. The Stakeholder Work Group (SWG) had their last meeting in January.. Thank you to all our SWG members for their insight and committment!.. Executive Management Team.. The Executive Management Team (EMT) had their last meeting in February, 2009.. Project Steering Committee (PSC).. The Project Steering Committee (PSC) had their last meeting in February, 2009..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. Thank you for your interest.. The findings of the I-5 to 99W connector project development process have been forwarded to Metro for inclusion in the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan update.. Please refer to the.. Metro website.. for more information or call Pat Emmerson, Metro Public Involvement at 503-797-1551..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Phasing
    Descriptive info: Phasing Strategies.. Short-term phasing strategy (2008-2017).. Begin construction of the Tonquin Trail (RTP Projects #10092 and #10854).. Upgrade existing streets to two lanes with turn lanes, traffic signal timing, bike lanes and sidewalks, including Herman Road, Tualatin-Sherwood Road, 95th Avenue (RTP Projects #10715, #10718, #10852).. Add southbound auxiliary lane from I-205 to I-5/Elligsen Road and northbound auxiliary lane from I-5/Elligsen Road to I-205 interchange.. (RTP Projects #10872 and #11177).. Conduct more detailed project planning and begin construction of a two-lane extension of SW 124th Avenue (RTP Project #10736: 124th Avenue) from Tualatin-Sherwood Road to I-5/North Wilsonville interchange to support its operation as an industrial access route.. The planning work will further consider potential impacts on the existing development and the natural environment.. It will also include more detailed definition of the design and alignment to mitigate impacts and to integrate with land use and transportation plans for the area.. Conduct more detailed planning to meet all of the conditions placed on new Southern Arterial project, including:.. Conduct the I-5 South Corridor Refinement Plan (includes I-5 from Portland to Tualatin, I-5 from Tualatin to the Willamette River, and Highway 99 from I-5 through Tigard and Sherwood) and land use planning for areas recently added to the urban growth boundary and any land designated as urban reserves.. These planning efforts will include opportunities for further public participation and  ...   - 2025 time period to allow time to conduct the I-5 South refinement plan and land use plans for designated urban reserves in the area.. Complete more detailed project planning and begin construction of a two-lane connection from the Tualatin Road/Herman road intersection to I-5 at Lower Boones Ferry Road (RTP Project #10731), consistent with the City of Tualatin's adopted plans.. This route is not intended to serve through traffic, but rather to provide access to the surrounding industrial area and neighborhoods.. The planning work will consider alternative alignments and designs across the Tualatin River and I-5 near the I-5/Lower Boones Ferry Road interchange to mitigate impacts.. Longer-term phasing strategy (2026-2035).. Construct the Southern Arterial, consistent with conditions and future planning.. Other refinements approved by JPACT and the Metro Council to better reflect the steering committee's recommendation.. Remove the minor arterial designation on Tualatin Road between Herman Road and OR 99W.. This designation was made in error, since it is intended to function as a collector.. The current design is the city of Tualatin's long-term plan for this street - two lanes with a center turn lane, planter strip, sidewalks and bike lanes.. Remove right-of-way acquisition for the southern arterial from the federal financially constrained project list, pending compliance with the conditions.. (Only projects in the financially constrained list are eligible to receive federal funding.. )..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Project Steering Committee
    Descriptive info: Project Steering Committee.. Project Steering Committee.. The Project Steering Committee (PSC) meets on an as-needed basis.. Information about upcoming meetings is available on the.. upcoming meetings page.. Meeting summaries are posted here after adoption by the PSC.. February 25, 2009.. January 28, 2009.. October 22, 2008.. August 13, 2008.. June 11, 2008.. May 28, 2008.. March 26, 2008.. February 27, 2008.. October 24, 2007.. September 26, 2007.. August  ...   June 12, 2006.. May 8, 2006.. March 13, 2006.. October 17, 2005.. The I-5 to 99W Connector Project Steering Committee includes the following members:.. Commissioner Tom Brian, Washington County (chair).. Commissioner Charlotte Lehan, Clackamas County.. Councilor Carl Hosticka, Metro.. Jason Tell, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).. Mayor Keith Mays, City of Sherwood.. Mayor Lou Ogden, City of Tualatin.. Commissioner Roy Rogers, Washington County.. Tim Knapp, City of Wilsonville..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Executive Management Team
    Descriptive info: Executive Management Team.. The Executive Managment Team (EMT) meets monthly or more often, if needed.. Meeting summaries are posted on this page after approval by the committee.. Meeting Summary 2-21-09.. Meeting Summary 01-08-09.. Meeting Summary 10-16-08.. Meeting Summary 09-18-08.. Meeting Summary 08-14-08.. Meeting Summary 08-07-08.. Meeting Summary 07-20-08.. Meeting Summary 07-17-08.. Meeting Summary 6-19-08.. Meeting Summary 6-05-08.. Meeting Summary 5-27-08.. Meeting Summary 5-15-2008.. Meeting Summary 3-20-2008.. Meeting Summary 2-14-2008.. Meeting Summary 10-11-2007.. Meeting Summary 9-20-2007.. Meeting Summary 9-06-2007.. Meeting Summary 8-16-2007.. Meeting Summary 8-09-2007.. Meeting Summary 8-02-2007.. Meeting Summary 7-19-2007.. Meeting summary 6-21-2007.. Meeting summary  ...   summary 11-09-06.. Meeting summary 10-26-06.. Meeting summary 9-14-16.. Meeting summary 8-17-06.. Meeting summary 8-10-06.. Meeting summary 6-29-06.. Meeting summary 5-25-06.. Meeting summary 4-27-06.. Meeting summary 3-23-06.. Meeting summary 3-2-06.. Meeting summary 1-26-06.. Meeting summary 12-15-05.. Meeting summary 11-17-05.. Meeting summary 10-27-05.. Meeting summary 9-22-05.. Meeting summary 8-25-05.. Meeting summary 7-28-05.. The following agency and jurisdictional representatives are members of the EMT:.. Mark Brown, Washington County.. Andy Cotugno, Metro.. Fred Eberle, ODOT.. Mike Stone, City of Wilsonville.. Jeff Graham, FHWA.. Mike McKillip, City of Tualatin.. Tom Pessemier, City of Sherwood.. Michael Bowers, City of Wilsonville (alternate)..

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  • Title: I-5 to 99W Connector Project - Stakeholder Working Group
    Descriptive info: Stakeholder Working Group.. The Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) for the I-5 to 99W Connector Project is a group of community members representatives of area business groups, neighborhood groups, jurisdictional citizen involvement committees and other organizations with a stake in the project outcome that meets monthly to review project issues and technical findings.. The SWG generally meets once a month.. Meeting dates and locations are available.. here.. The meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment on each agenda.. SWG agendas and meeting summaries When possible SWG meeting agendas will be available before each meeting.. Meeting summaries will be posted after adoption by the SWG.. January 15, 2009.. Meeting Summary.. October 8, 2008.. September 11, 2008.. August 14,  ...   2006.. October 19, 2006.. Draft Baseline Travel Demand Results presentation.. August 3, 2006.. June 1, 2006.. April 6, 2006.. February 23, 2006.. February 9, 2006.. January 19, 2006.. December 1, 2005.. November 3, 2005.. October 20, 2005.. SWG Membership.. Karen Mohling (Tualatin Valley Fire Rescue).. Dave Volz (Tualatin CCI).. Ray Phelps (Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce).. Steve Moore (Friends of Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge).. Tom Sullivan (Wilsonville CCI).. Marie Dodds (AAA Oregon).. Loretta Pickerell (1000 Friends of Oregon).. Ron Johnson (Washington County Oregon Farm Bureau).. Cheryl Dorman (Tualatin Chamber of Commerce).. Nick Storie (Metro CCI).. Jon Reimann (Westside Economic Alliance).. Mike Feves (Far West CPO).. Jim Haynes (Sherwood Chamber).. Adrian Emery (Sherwood CCI).. Tom Aufenthie (CPO 5).. Jack Laverty (Oregon Trucking Association)..

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