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  • Title: The IAA Foundation: Home
    Descriptive info: Search Site.. Contact Us.. Home.. About Us.. Trustees.. Committees.. Staff.. Links.. What We Support.. IAITC.. Scholarship Program.. Foundation Grant.. Scholarships.. FAQS.. IAA Foundation Scholarships.. ISA Crop Science Scholarship Program.. Prairie Farms Dairy Scholarship.. Scholarship Recipients.. Events.. Event Information.. Golf Outing.. Bike Ride.. Annual Meeting.. 5K Grow and Go.. Become a Sponsor.. Volunteer.. News Information.. In the News.. Resources.. Publications.. Agriculture's Stories.. Promotions.. Make a Gift.. Donate Now!.. Cyclist Donation.. What to Give.. Why Give.. Planned Giving.. IAA Foundation Scholarships.. Scholarships support farming families & college students with an interest in agriculture, agribusiness, or related study.. "/>.. IAITC Bike Ride.. Riders raise funds & stop at schools along the route, bringing the important message of agriculture to children.. "/>.. IAITC Golf Outing.. Golfers support Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom during this annual outing.. IAA Foundation Mission.. The IAA Foundation’s mission is To fund  ...   Distributions 2011.. 2011 5K Grow and Go.. What is my link to Agriculture?.. Program Testimonials.. Investing in the Future of Agriculture.. Partners making a difference.. Get Your Ag Plate.. The Specialty License Plate that supports Agriculture Education.. Support IAITC with the IFB Visa Card.. The Illinois Farm Bureau VISA card gives you a great interest rate and provides a way for you to support the IAA Foundation at the same time.. The Farm Family Cookbook.. Farming Families Share their Favorite Recipes.. IFB® Member Gate Sign.. Order your Gate Sign NOW!.. View More.. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.. IAITC Grow and Go.. Saturday, May 11, 2013.. Thursday, June 13, 2013.. Sept.. 2-4, 2013.. THE IAA FOUNDATION.. 1701 Towanda Ave P.. O.. Box 2901 Bloomington, IL 61702-2901 Phone: (309)557-2230.. Fax:.. (309)557-2441.. Email:.. charms-garman@ilfb.. org..

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    Descriptive info: Search the IAA Foundation website with Google!..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: PFD Scholarship.. 2010 Scholarship Recipients.. Home ».. About Us.. ».. Contact Us.. IAA Foundation.. 1701 Towanda Avenue.. Bloomington, IL 61701.. Phone: (309)557-2230.. Fax: (309)557-2441.. Email:..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: About Us
    Descriptive info: IAA Foundation History.. IAA Foundation History.. Illinois Farm Bureau® leaders established the IAA Foundation in 1987 to provide scholarships for agriculture and agribusiness students, help fund research, support projects to develop farm leaders, and support other charitable causes.. Five Illinois Farm Bureau® directors serve as the Board of Trustees along with Philip Nelson, President of the IFB, who is Chairman of the Foundation board.. A new chapter in the Foundation s history opened in 1997 with a focus on  ...   responsibility to raise funds for IAITC efforts throughout.. Illinois.. The funds raised increase the number of students reached in grades K-8 and train classroom teachers to help integrate agriculture s story into their curriculum.. Mission Statement.. To fund education, research, and charitable activities that benefit.. farm families and agriculture.. Contributors to the IAA Foundation are independent, farm-focused people and businesses with an interest in advancing Illinois agriculture…people like you who care about the future of agriculture, agribusiness, and related industries..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Trustees
    Descriptive info: Trustees.. Board of Trustees.. The IAA Foundation Board of Trustees governs the Foundation.. As farmers and Illinois Farm Bureau directors, each trustee understands the need for being able to meet future challenges, and the vital role the Foundation can play in serving.. farmers.. BOARD OF TRUSTEES.. Philip Nelson, Chairman.. Richard Guebert, Jr.. , Vice-Chairman.. Chad Schutz, Secretary.. Terry Pope, Treasurer.. David Serven.. Troy Uphoff..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Committees
    Descriptive info: Committees.. Several committees help the IAA Foundation meet fundraising goals each year.. These committees play a vital role in implementing fundraising programs and raising funds.. IAITC EXECUTIVE COALITION.. Show / Hide.. The Coalition's members include key executives or leaders of high profile agriculture organizations, agribusiness, food companies, education, and the IAA Foundation.. Its focus is to identify sources of funding for the growing IAITC program.. Chair - N.. Duane Noland, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives.. Bill Davisson, GROWMARK.. Greg Webb, Archer Daniels Midland Co.. Roger Bushue, Aventine Renewable Energy.. Steve Sproull, Cargill.. Tom Jennings, Illinois Department of Agriculture.. Gerald Thompson, Illinois Farm Bureau/IAA Foundation.. Mindy Whittle, Monsanto.. Max Armstrong, WGN Radio Farm Progress.. Ed Mullins, Prairie Farms Dairy.. John Sullivan, State Senator.. Lyle Roberts, Illinois Soybean Association.. Mike Massie, Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE).. IAITC PROGRAM COUNCIL.. The Council is comprised of staff from organizations that commit to the concept of pooling existing programs, funds, and resources as well as shared future vision of a unified Illinois AITC program of work.. This working group reviews and prioritizes recommendations to the IAA Foundation for short and long term IAITC programs of work.. Jay Runner, Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education.. Cimeron Frost, Illinois Beef Association.. Connie Niemann, Macoupin County Ag Education.. Karen Fraase, Illinois Department of Agriculture.. Amy Roady, Illinois Soybean Association..  ...   com.. Geneva Aberle, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Sue Chinowth, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Alan Dodds, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Bob Dyer, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Bill Hahm, COUNTRY Financial.. John Kastigar, COUNTRY Financial (retired).. Brian Nelsen, COUNTRY Financial.. Tamara Nelsen, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Brian Raddenbach, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Mike Swartz, McLean County Farm Bureau.. Andrea Tanner, COUNTRY Financial.. Heather Thompson, GROWMARK.. Sean Wells, IAA Credit Union.. Gordon Whitmar, Illinois Farm Bureau.. Susan Moore, Director of the IAA Foundation.. Carol Harms-Garman, Administrative Assistant of the IAA Foundation.. Kevin Daugherty, IAITC Director.. Jackie Jones, IAITC Supervisor, Education Programs.. Laura Miller, IAITC Education Specialist.. Kelly Murphy, IAITC Education Specialist.. To learn more about the 5K Grow & Go,.. click here.. All proceeds from this fundraiser benefit Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC).. FUNDRAISING COMMISSION.. The Fundraising Commission assists with fund raising on behalf of the Foundation.. Glenn Meyer.. Alan Dale.. John White, Jr.. , Chair.. John Beatty.. William Kelch.. Joseph Sanek.. Diane Truckenbrod.. Steve Wentworth.. BOARD OF TRUSTEES EMERITUS.. The Board of Trustees-Emeritus is an elite group of dedicated and experienced Illinois agricultural leaders who lend their support to the Foundation’s success.. Kenneth P.. Baer.. F.. Wayne Baughman.. Vernal Brown.. Virginia Darr.. Kenneth Gorden.. Gordon Jameson.. Robert Koeller.. William Mathena.. Allan McCabe.. Don Peasley.. Enid Schlipf.. Howard A.. Schoenholz, Sr.. Katherine A.. Webb.. James D.. Schielein.. Randal K.. Schleich..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Staff
    Descriptive info: Staff.. Foundation Staff.. Susan Moore, Director.. smoore@ilfb.. Carol Harms-Garman, Administrative Assistant..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. Illinois Farm Bureau.. Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: What We Support
    Descriptive info: The IAA Foundation funds efforts in support of agriculture and education, with a specific focus on funding Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom, and administering a robust college scholarship program.. From time to time, the Foundation also takes on additional cause efforts to support agriculture and farm families.. Examples include flood relief drives and fundraising to help produce “The Farm” exhibit at the.. Museum.. of.. Science.. and Industry in.. Chicago.. General donations to the IAA Foundation will help support ongoing and future efforts to support.. farm families and agriculture education efforts.. Please feel free to contact the IAA Foundation to discuss specific  ...   – The Foundation is home to.. 14.. endowed funds totaling over $800,000.. COUNTRY Trust Bank administers these funds on behalf of the IAA Foundation.. Donor Advised Funds—The Foundation is pleased to administer the 1st Farm Credit Donor Advised Fund.. This Fund, established in December 2010 with an initial one million dollar gift from 1st Farm Credit Services, will support charitable efforts to further agricultural education, research and leadership well into the future.. Organizations must be contacted initially by the IAA Foundation in order to be eligible for funding consideration.. The IAA Foundation is also named as beneficiary of the Harris-Thomas Trust..

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  • Title: IAA Foundation: Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom
    Descriptive info: Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.. Supporting Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.. Message from:.. IAA Foundation Director.. The IAA Foundation is privileged to represent and raise funds on behalf of Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.. We take great care and pride in sharing the stories of success and program impact, but also the personal accounts of how a farm field trip, a classroom visit, or a farmer pen pal opened up a new world of agriculture to a student.. These stories continue on because of a great network of support for Ag Literacy.. The Mission of.. (IAITC) is to teach Illinois children agriculture’s importance and the vital role it plays in their lives and society.. IAITC supports local educational and outreach efforts by providing standards based scientifically sound agriculture information that can be easily integrated by teachers into the existing classroom curriculum.. The IAITC program provides students an opportunity to learn about nutrition, science and agriculture through hands-on classroom experiences under the direction of their teachers or county Agricultural Literacy Coordinators, resulting in students who will grow up with a better understanding and appreciation for our state’s number one industry.. Through the generous support of individuals and businesses who want to provide a future for agriculture, the IAA Foundation is able to supply the financial needs to keep IAITC thriving.. Last year our donors helped us create and print Ag Mags and other new materials, provide mini-grants for teachers to buy supplies and books, and give teachers week-long experiences seeing agriculture first hand, and maintain grants to support county efforts just to name a few.. Because of this successful network of financial and volunteer support, IAITC continues to have a strong impact each year:.. Nearly half a million students in grades pre K-12  ...   from a variety of partnering organizations will help support 65 County Ag Literacy Coalitions.. County Ag Literacy programs in turn raise matching funds at the local level to implement programs.. Ag Mags – A staple of the IAITC program, these 4-color ta.. b.. loid type resources, featuring specific Illinois Agricultural commodities and issues, are linked with the Illinois Learning Standards, Illinois Assessment Framework and feature facts, career interviews and scientific experiments.. Each Ag Mag is made SMART Board compatible, is available online for download, or classroom packs can be requested free of charge.. Agriculture School Calendar - 5,000 classroom receive this calendar each year.. It features daily facts a.. out Illinois Agriculture and follows timely agriculture themes related to that month.. Additional reading educational resources are listed for teachers.. Pre-Service Teacher Resource Guides Grants – Resource guides serve as an aide in reaching pre-service teachers.. Up to 5 $1,000 grants are awarded to university pre-service teacher programs to purchase agriculture related books and supplies.. Summer Ag Institutes - At these multi-day teacher training institutes, educators receive intensive hands on training and field trip experiences in agriculture which help them become more comfortable incorporating agriculture into their daily lessons through use of IAITC materials.. Teacher Grants - Up to 72 $250 grants will be awarded to teachers utilizing unique agriculture information in their classroom.. Book grants also offer new ag-related literature for all students.. Grants are showcased on.. www.. agintheclassroom.. and in local media.. Adopt A Classroom- This popular program matches city of Chicago teachers and their students with farm writers around the state.. Funds are utilized to provide teacher training a.. out agriculture for City of Chicago teachers.. This training is further re-enforced with the regular communication from their pen-pal farm writers..

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