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  • Title: i-maestro - home
    Descriptive info: .. Guests.. Partners.. Events.. Home.. Video.. Overview.. Project Info.. Slides.. Downloads.. Tools.. for Teachers.. for Students.. Contacts.. Workshops.. Links.. Registration.. Recommended.. readings.. I-MAESTRO DE4.. 5.. 1 Accessibility aspects in Music Tuition.. I-MAESTRO - Project overview.. European music educational institutions need to increase their efficiency while reducing costs, in order to be more attractive and effective and to provide wider access.. [more.. ].. PROJECT TOOLS..  ...   environment.. SMR &.. MPEG.. since 28 Jan.. 2008, SMR is officially an ISO International Standard.. ISO/IEC 14496-23:2008.. Information technology -- Coding of audio-visual objects -- Part 23: Symbolic Music Representation.. DEDICATED TO STUDENTS & TEACHERS.. pages to find information on how I-MAESTRO solution.. will help students & teachers:.. IM for STUDENTS.. IM for TEACHERS.. Visit our.. workshop.. section for:.. Slides,.. Contents, Photos.. Other Additional resources..

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  • Title: i-maestro - home
    Descriptive info: Login:.. Password:..

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  • Title: i-maestro - home
    Descriptive info: Registered Subscriber's Email:.. If you are not a registered user, please visit the.. Registration Page.. for a quick account to login with your email.. Thanks.. If you are already registered just login here:..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Events
    Descriptive info: I-MAESTRO Recommended Events.. 17-19 Nov 2008.. AXMEDIS 2008.. Florence, Italy.. AXMEDIS 2008 International Conference.. (http://www.. axmedis.. org/axmedis2008/).. AXMEDIS 2008: 4th International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution.. 4 Jun 2008.. i-Maestro 4th Workshop.. Genova, Italy.. i-Maestro 4th Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Music Education.. co-located with the NIME 2008 International Conference (http://nime2008.. casapaganini.. org/).. Related Events.. 16-21 Aug 2009.. ICMC 2009.. Montreal, Canada.. International Computer Music Conference.. ICMC 2009.. 14-18 Jul 2009.. ICALT 2009.. Riga, Latvia.. 9th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.. ICALT 2009.. 22-26 Jun 2009.. ED-MEDIA 2009.. Honolulu, Hawaii.. World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications.. ED-MEDIA 2009.. 22-24 Jun 2009.. 20th EAEEIE Annual Conference.. Valencia Spain.. The 20th EAEEIE (European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering Council) Annual Conference.. EAEEIE09.. 17-23 Jun 2009.. IADIS 2009.. Algarve, Portugal.. IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2009.. IADIS 2009.. 11-14 Jun 2009.. London, UK.. London International Music Show.. 2009.. 22-24 Apr 2009.. IMCL2009.. Amman, Jordan.. 4th International Conference on Interactive Mobile and Computer Aided Learning.. IMCL2009.. Past Events.. 22-24 Sep 2008.. SIGDOC 2008.. Lisboa, Portugal.. The 26th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.. 16-19 Sep 2008.. EC-TEL 2008.. Maastricht, The Netherlands.. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.. EC-TEL 2008.. 4-6 Sep 2008.. DMS'2008.. Boston, USA.. The 14th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems.. DMS'2008.. 24-29 Aug 2008.. ICMC 08.. Belfast, Northern Ireland.. ICMC 08.. 22-25 Jul 2008.. IADIS 2008.. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2008.. elearning-conf.. 1-5 Jul 2008.. ICALT 2008.. Santander, Cantabria, Spain.. 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.. ICALT 2008.. 12-15 Jun 2008.. londoninternationalmusicshow.. 28-30 Nov 2007.. AXMEDIS 2007.. Barcelona, Spain.. 3rd International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution.. org/axmedis2007).. 17-20 Sep 2007.. EC-TEL 2007.. Greece.. Second European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.. ectel07.. “Creating new learning experiences on a global scale”.. 27 Aug-1 Sep 2007.. ICMC 2007.. Copenhagen, Denmark.. International Computer Music Conference ‘07.. icmc2007.. net/).. “Immersed Music”.. 18-20 Jul 2007.. ICALT 2007.. Niigata, Japan.. The 7th IEEE  ...   Leeds, UK.. org/axmedis2006/).. AXMEDIS 2006: 2nd International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution.. 22-24 Nov 2006.. IST 2006.. Helsinki, Finland.. IST 2006.. (http://europa.. eu.. int/information_society/activities/istevent/index_en.. htm).. IST 2006: Strategies for Leadership.. 6-11 Nov 2006.. ICMC2006.. Tulane University Music Department, USA.. ICMC2006.. icmc2006.. org).. International Computer Music Conference.. 1-4 Oct 2006.. EC-TEL06.. Crete, Greece.. EC-TEL06.. ec-tel06.. First European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.. 19-21 Jul 2006.. ICWL 2006.. Penang, Malaysia.. ICWL 2006.. hkws.. org/events/icwl2006/).. 5th International Conference on Web-based Learning.. 14-16 Jul 2006.. ML2006.. Dublin, Ireland.. ML2006.. iadis.. org/ml2006/).. IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning 2006.. 10-12 Jul 2006.. TEDC 2006.. Iringa, Tanzania.. TEDC 2006.. cs.. joensuu.. fi/tedc2006/index.. IEEE 4th International Workshop on Technology for Education in Developing Countries.. 5-7 Jul 2006.. ICALT 2006.. Kerkrade, The Netherlands.. ICALT 2006.. ask.. iti.. gr/icalt/2006/).. The 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.. 26-30 Jun 2006.. ITS 2006.. Jhongli, Taiwan.. ITS 2006.. its2006.. 8th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems.. 14-17 Jun 2006.. EDEN2006.. Vienna, Austria.. EDEN2006.. eden-online.. org/eden.. EDEN2006: E-COMPETENCES FOR LIFE, EMPLOYMENT AND INNOVATION.. 8 Jun 2006.. i-Maestro Workshop @ NIME06.. IRCAM, Paris, France.. (http://nime06.. ircam.. fr/events.. 5-7 Jun 2006.. NIME2006.. Paris, France.. NIME2006.. fr).. 6th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.. 23-26 May 2006.. WWW2006.. Edinburgh, Scotland.. WWW2006.. (http://www2006.. 9-10 May 2006.. 2nd International Symposium on Gesture Interfaces for Multimedia Systems (GIMS).. leeds.. ac.. uk/icsrim/gims/).. 19-21 Apr 2006.. IMCL 2006.. IMCL 2006.. Interactive Mobile & Computer Aided Learning.. 18 Apr 2006.. WeLearn-2006.. WeLearn-2006.. nabble.. com/WeLearn-2006-p1708643.. html).. Web-Based Learning: Innovation and Challenges.. 11-13 Apr 2006.. WEBIST-2006.. Setúbal, Portugal.. WEBIST-2006.. webist.. org/cfp.. 2nd International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies.. 30-31 Mar 2006.. Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development.. Sofia, Bulgaria.. Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development.. (http://ld06.. uni-sofia.. bg/).. 14 Mar 2006.. Allegro con bit.. Rome, Italy.. interactivemusicnetwork.. org/allegroconbit/2006/).. Allegro con bit: Music for Europe and Europe for Music.. 14-16 Feb 2006.. LEARNTEC 2006.. Karlsruhe, Germany.. LEARNTEC 2006.. learntec.. de/static/learntec06?lang=1).. LEARNTEC 2006 Convention.. 30 Nov-2 Dec 2005.. AXMEDIS 2005 International Conference.. FLORENCE - ITALY.. org/axmedis2005)..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Home
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  • Title: i-maestro - Video
    Descriptive info: I - MAESTRO Video.. Watch it on LUtube.. Watch it on Axmedis XMF.. Download Video.. PDA.. Watch it on PDA via XMF.. Download it for PDA.. Both Require PDA Axmedis Player..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Overview
    Descriptive info: PROJECT OVERVIEW.. english.. dutch.. french.. german.. italian.. spanish.. urdu.. Supported by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme Priority 2.. 4.. 10 Technology Enhanced Learning.. The i-Maestro project is supported by the European Commission under the IST Sixth Framework Programme to develop interactive multimedia environment for technology enhanced music education.. The project aims to explore novel solutions for music training in both theory and performance, building on recent innovations resulting from the development of computer and information technologies, by exploiting new pedagogical paradigms with cooperative and interactive self-learning environments, gestural interfaces, and augmented instruments, with computer-assisted tuition in classrooms to offer technology-enhanced environments for ear- and practical-training, creativity-, analysis-, and theory-training, ensemble playing, composition, etc.. Music performance is not simply playing the right note at the right time.. The i-Maestro project is studying and exploring many aspects of music making in order to produce methods and tools for music education with innovative pedagogical paradigms, taking into account key factors such as expressivity, interactivity, gesture controllability and cooperative-work among participants.. The main technical objectives of the projects include: basic research and development on new solutions and enabling technologies to support  ...   improve upon current standards related to music education.. The project aims to explore a unified educational model to maximise efficiency, motivation and interests in the learning processes and to contribute to the (i) deployment and improvement of ISO MPEG-SMR (Symbolic Music Representation) to support music education, (ii) the implementation of music notation/representation into MPEG-4, (iii) production of guidelines on how the music tuition courseware can be implemented in standard tools and models for distance learning.. The outcomes will be validated through a set of tools and methodologies including (i) tools and methods for music courseware production; (ii) interactive and creative tools for instrumental training in different environments such as classrooms and cooperative work, on different devices such as PC and Tablet-PC; and (iii) assessment and pedagogical models for music training.. The project includes demonstration and validation activities, which will be conducted by major European institutions such as l'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome), the Fundación Albéniz (Madrid) and IRCAM (Paris).. The final results of the project will be incorporated in various products and services that will be made available to the public and to educational establishments.. Thank you for your visit..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Project Info
    Descriptive info: PROJECT INFO.. I-MAESTRO is funded by the.. Information Society Technologies (IST).. priority of the.. EU's Sixth Framework Programme.. Project Name.. i-Maestro - Interactive Multimedia Environment for Technology Enhanced Music Education and Creative Collaborative Composition and Performance.. Project Acronym.. I-MAESTRO.. Project Type:.. Specific targeted research project (STREP).. Proposal/Contract no.. :.. 026883.. Strategic Objective:.. Technology-enhanced Learning.. Research Area:.. IST-2004-2.. 10: Technology-enhanced Learning.. EU Funding:.. € 2350000.. Project Start Date:.. 1 October 2005.. Project Duration:.. 36 months.. Number of Partners:.. 9.. Project Co-ordinator:.. University of Leeds, UK, Dr.. Kia Ng..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Slides
    Descriptive info: PROJECT PRESENTATION SLIDES.. For.. dynamic presentation click here.. otherwise click on the images below to enlarge them in a new window.. A.. Power Point version (zipped) is also available for download here..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Downloads
    Descriptive info: You can download the last project dissemination material from our.. document repository.. I-MAESTRO posters.. I-MAESTRO newsletters.. I-MAESTRO reports.. I-MAESTRO fact sheets.. I-MAESTRO press release.. I-MAESTRO Video..

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  • Title: i-maestro - Tools
    Descriptive info: i - Maestro Framework.. This page shows a complete overview of the architecture organized from the following components:.. Authoring Layer.. Exercise Generator.. Exercise authoring tool.. Storage Layer.. School server.. Execution Layer.. 3D Augmented Mirror (AMIR).. Practice Training and Sensor & Gesture Support.. Cooperative Support.. SMR standalone  ...   IMSym and IMED.. TSL Interpreter.. In order to promote integration in the project a clearer overview was necessary and is reported here.. The following figure shows the high level component interaction:.. Click on tool's name to open the tools page.. Additional resources.. Download i-Maestro installer v 1..

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