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  • Title: New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity
    Descriptive info: .. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to build houses in partnership with sponsors, volunteers, communities, and homeowner families, whereby families are empowered to transform their own lives and to eliminate poverty housing in the New Orleans area while serving as a catalyst to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.. Why we do what we do.. New Orleans is a city with historically low rates of homeownership and high levels of poverty, yet it is a place of resiliency, hope, and cultural vibrancy.. With a spirit of renewal, NOAHH is rising to the challenges presented by a substandard housing stock and is helping many to realize their dream of homeownership.. Tag Your Photos #NOLAHABITAT to Win!.. Tag your photos and videos of NOAHH work sites all this month with #nolahabitat and automatically enter to win a prize! At the end of the month, NOAHH staff will select the best photo posted to Twitter, Vine, Instagram, or Facebook, and the selected winner will be contacted with information on their prize.. It's as easy as that! Find us at habitatnola on Facebook, @HabitatNOLA on Twitter, @noahh on Vine, and noahh_504 on Instagram! And if you're in need of inspiration, here are a few of our.. Read More.. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity Partners With Second Harvest for Cooking Matters for Adults.. For the second Saturday in a row, NOAHH homeowners and AmeriCorps members gathered at NOAHH's model home in the Upper Ninth Ward to learn about healthy cooking from Second Harvest Food Bank.. Though many of he homeowners signed up as  ...   over.. Volunteer Gives 17 Months of Service to NOAHH.. He farms.. He builds.. He serves.. Keith Dix traveled from his home in Virginia to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to volunteer with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, and year after year he kept on coming back.. After calculating the number of volunteer hours, Dix estimated he has served approximately a year and a half with NOAHH.. "New Orleans has been a favorite city of mine for most of my adult life," Dix said.. ".. [W]hen the 'Federal flood' from Katrina hit the city, I knew I wanted.. NOAHH Looks Back on the Eight Years Since Katrina.. As NOAHH celebrates its 30 years of building homes, we also pause to consider the eighth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the resultant flooding (for an overview of the past eight years, see the Times-Picayune's coverage).. While NOAHH s commitment to the city began in 1983, the storms and floods of 2005 brought a rise in support, awareness, and need that galvanized the affiliate.. The primary focus of the affiliate s growth is often in terms of homes built.. Simply put, it s.. 2900 Elysian Fields Ave.. New Orleans, LA 70122.. Phone: (504) 861-2077.. Fax: (504) 866-6004.. News and Media.. Musicians' Village.. Video Gallery.. Contact Us.. Career Opportunities.. Upcoming Events.. About Us.. Partner.. Shop.. Build Up An Appetite.. Sponsor a Home.. Planned Giving.. Ways to Give.. Build Gallery.. Volunteer.. Advocate.. A Brush With Kindness.. AmeriCorps.. Get Involved.. How to Qualify.. Where We Build.. Home Features.. Homeownership FAQ's.. Homeownership-Spanish.. Habitat Open House.. Homeownership.. What's In Store.. Donate Items.. ReStore Volunteering.. Pickup Request.. ReStore News.. ReStore.. Donations..

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  • Title: Tag Your Photos #NOLAHABITAT to Win!
    Descriptive info: 11/8/2013 12:00:00 AM.. It's as easy as that!.. Find us at habitatnola on.. Facebook.. , @HabitatNOLA on.. Twitter.. , @noahh on.. Vine.. , and noahh_504 on.. Instagram.. !.. And if you're in need of inspiration, here are a few of our older volunteer photos that you might like:..

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  • Title: New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity Partners With Second Harvest for Cooking Matters for Adults
    Descriptive info: 11/5/2013 12:00:00 AM.. And we get hours for doing it.. It just works out so well.. ".. Joining NOAHH's many programs focusing on a wider approach to the mission of eliminating poverty housing in New Orleans, the cooking class is offered free to partner families and AmeriCorps members.. It is called Cooking Matters for Adults, and it is a six week course that is held on Saturdays this fall.. This program challenges families to take health into their own hands, empowering them to learn and grow with others in their community, said Kate McDonald, Nutrition Education Coordinator with Second Harvest.. We believe that the missions of Habitat for Humanity and Cooking Matters are directly aligned in their multi-faceted approach to providing services in New Orleans.. At their second class, homeowners learned to make spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs, the nutritional value of fiber, and more.. Already, those taking the class have discovered just how great the food can be.. When asked about what he had enjoyed so far, homeowner Jameson Warren said, "We made a salad with fruit last week, and I didn't think it would taste very good.. But it turned out to be really good.. We finished the bowl.. The course will teach NOAHH partner families  ...   New Orleans Habitat Urban Garden (HUG) Initiative.. As part of NOAHH s commitment to fighting poverty housing in the New Orleans area, the New Orleans HUG Initiative is designed to improve neighborhoods by fighting blight, providing healthy food to locals, and beautifying otherwise empty lots.. Hunger is a major issue, especially among lower-income families, said Jim Pate, executive director of NOAHH.. And part of the spectrum of issues that is exacerbated by poverty housing.. Through our HUG Initiative and opportunities like the Cooking Matters program, we hope to alleviate the issue as part of our mission to help more people break the cycle of poverty.. The Cooking Matters program has served 11,000 families since its inception in 1993.. About 85% of students in the program graduate.. Cooking Matters is a program of Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana in partnership with Share Our Strength, the leading national organization working to end childhood hunger in America.. NOAHH has 38 community garden lots across the city in partnership with 10 local organizations.. These lots help supply fresh vegetables and fruit to their neighborhoods, serve to beautify otherwise empty lots, save NOAHH on maintenance fees, and contribute to the on-going community improvement NOAHH supports.. See more here:..

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  • Title: New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity Begins Alternative Spring Break Registration
    Descriptive info: 9/27/2013 12:00:00 AM.. Over the past eight years, NOAHH has hosted over 15,000 student volunteers during alternative spring break trips for over 600,000 volunteer hours from college and high school students, making it one of the top five alternative spring break destinations.. Interested schools or groups will be able to sign up through on NOAHH s website.. here.. Participants will build homes alongside NOAHH partner families and staff and help with neighborhood cleanup projects enjoying the cultural and entertainment offerings of New Orleans in their spare time.. The work done in those few months is incredible, said Jim Pate, executive director of NOAHH.. Between the absolutely perfect weather and the influx of volunteers, the conditions are just right for getting out there and making a difference.. This past year, over 1,100 students from 40 different schools joined NOAHH between late February and early May.. While they primarily worked on homes, each Friday in the month of March, NOAHH coordinated volunteers in neighborhood cleanup efforts through the Attack the Block program, which focused on four neighborhoods.. A similar program is planned for 2014.. According to Linda Wharton of the London Central School of Jazz in Ontario, every year, her students lives are changed by their experience volunteering, changing their world view by taking them out of their normal routines.. Wharton has been a sponsor of three volunteer trips to New Orleans, and each time, she says, the high level of passion, resource, and enthusiasm remains constant.. Sarah Shin, the program coordinator for the Office of Experience Learning at  ...   make the annual trip, and each year sees newcomers who make a lasting impression on the city with the work they do and the city often makes a lasting impression on them.. According to Becca Rich of George Washington University, who made her second volunteer trip in 2012, her first trip changed her.. She became dedicated not just to helping others through volunteer work, but to helping others have the same experiences she did.. She became a group leader for her second trip, hoping to witness the same personal progress in those she brought with her.. Students from 19 states and Canada volunteered in 2013, but most of the support comes from local New Orleans universities and high schools.. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, college students of Atlanta, Ga.. , have the highest volunteer rate with 34.. 7%.. New Orleans does not rank in the top 20 cities, meaning its volunteer rate is below 15.. 9%, well below the national average of 26.. 6%.. Despite this, over a third of spring break volunteers come from Xavier University, Tulane University, Loyola University of New Orleans, Mt.. Carmel Academy, and other local schools.. Spring is the busiest time of the year for NOAHH s volunteer schedule.. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21.. 9% of all Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 volunteered in 2010, lower than any other age range, but every year, the period of greatest activity for NOAHH in terms of numbers of volunteers is always alternative spring break..

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  • Title: Volunteer Gives 17 Months of Service to NOAHH
    Descriptive info: 9/3/2013 12:00:00 AM.. [W]hen the 'Federal flood' from Katrina hit the city, I knew I wanted to do something to help out.. The opportunity came when my wife s church sponsored a mission trip to the city in January, just four months after the storm.. I was invited along, and the eleven of us spent a week in the very unpleasant job of gutting houses.. ".. With his wife's encouragement, Dix returned for a month's stay to build what would become the Musicians' Village.. He and hundreds of other volunteers stayed in a "rather primitive dormitory" in Violet.. Even with questionable living conditions, Dix said he returned home enthusiastic about the experience.. "My wife and I decided that we wanted to make a long term commitment to do what we could to help rebuild New Orleans," Dix said.. Dix co-owns and operates Blue Heron Farms, a 20-acre organic farm in Virginia.. His and his wife s produce feed customers at the farm-to-table restaurant, Basic Necessities.. After spending 25 years at West Virginia University as a faculty member, he now devotes his full time to farming except in 2007 and 2012.. "We put the farm to rest for awhile so that we could rent an apartment for an extended stay.. Now New Orleans has become a second home for us," Dix  ...   Member.. He taught her NCCC team how to build fences, granting them the name "Team Chain Link Fence.. " Dix left a lasting impression on the group, becoming a mentor to Boyd and a couple other teammates.. "He is a great teacher," Boyd said, "and a very patient and kind person.. He knows all of [NOAHH s] construction processes and has great stories to share.. After a long day on the construction site, Boyd said Dix enjoys live music almost every night after volunteering.. "His love for New Orleans was definitely part of the reason I decided to live in New Orleans," Boyd, originally from Vermont, said.. "He gave me a perspective.. that life isn t supposed to be so serious and planned, but instead should be about experiencing as many things as possible and having fun.. Boyd said she believes Dix returns not only because of his love for New Orleans, but also because of his support for Habitat s mission to empower people.. "He is a big believer in building stronger and healthier communities," Boyd said.. "To be part of Habitat s mission and the opportunity this has given me to become immersed in the life of this great city, to meet so many wonderful people while learning new skills have all been, truthfully, a life-altering experience," Dix said..

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  • Title: NOAHH Looks Back on the Eight Years Since Katrina
    Descriptive info: 8/29/2013 12:00:00 AM.. As NOAHH celebrates its 30 years of building homes, we also pause to consider the eighth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the resultant flooding (for an overview of the past eight years, see.. the Times-Picayune's coverage.. ).. Simply put, it s how we fight substandard housing by creating an alternative.. Before the storm, NOAHH had completed 101 homes no small endeavor even in 22 years.. It began as a small, mostly volunteer organization, building at most three homes a year.. During the early part of the 2000s, the affiliate made some progress and was building around 10 to 15 homes per year.. Just before the storm, Baptist Crossroads committed to build 40 homes with NOAHH, a commitment they kept even after the storm.. (For a complete picture of our impact in New Orleans, see our.. Economic Impact Report.. Click any image to see a full sized version.. ).. Long term volunteer, former board member, and good friend of NOAHH Dennis Kehoe described his work with Habitat before and after the storm.. As with just about everything connected with New Orleans, the history of Habitat in our city is divided into two phases, before Katrina and after Katrina.. At first, [New Orleans] Habitat was a very modest operation we would build one house at a time, with a very small staff.. There was something nice about this.. Since the operation was small, many functions depended on volunteers alone, and we all felt a great sense of community.. But we were also striving to become bigger, and sometimes this was a frustrating process, as we struggled to develop ways to build more houses and have a larger staff that could take on more responsibilities.. Since the storm, NOAHH has completed over 400 homes, with more to come.. For several years, NOAHH was even the top home-builder in the state.. The centerpiece of the rebuilding effort was.. Musicians Village.. Conceived with Harry Connick, Jr.. , and Branford Marsalis, Musicians Village was designed with the intention of helping to preserve the musical heritage of New Orleans.. It served as the focal point of NOAHH s efforts for years, and its completion in 2011 was a major milestone in the affiliate s progress.. But there are other measures of our successes.. Each home built is a family that has been served by NOAHH, but our operations don t stop merely at homes built.. We have multiple ongoing programs that help us bring our mission to a wider community.. The.. program provides external repairs to homeowners in need.. We have engaged in.. Attack the Block.. programs that provide neighborhood cleanup, and we have partnered with local organizations through our.. HUG Initiative.. , which provides unused lots for gardening projects.. Furthermore, NOAHH has rehabilitated a handful of homes over the last eight years when the opportunity arose.. Just after the storm, when infrastructure was not in place to continue home building, NOAHH did not lie idle.. We gathered the volunteers who came to us and went to work gutting  ...   Habitat provided an outlet when there was so much uncertainty about the city's recovery; volunteering with Habitat at least seemed to be doing something positive.. Each year since has seen milestones and major events that have brought more support and attention to the fight against poverty housing in the New Orleans area.. From the.. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project.. in 2008 to the.. fifth anniversary Build-a-Thon.. in 2010 to the.. Super Saturday of Service.. that came with this year s Super Bowl, NOAHH has been fortunate enough to be involved in many special events and the host of many public figures, media personalities, and celebrities who have made our cause their own.. Three presidents (the aforementioned Jimmy Carter, George W.. Bush, and then-Senator Barack Obama) have visited our sites, as well as the foreign dignitaries such as the Crown Prince of Norway or the Patriarch of All Armenians.. It has not all been progress, but every challenge we ve faced, we ve risen to.. We ve weathered two other storms (.. Gustav.. Isaac.. ) with minimal damage to the homes we ve built or were building, and we ve remediated 216 of our homes.. And over the last eight years, we ve established.. lasting partnerships.. with many organizations, both sponsors and volunteers, and made a lasting difference in the New Orleans area and we re not finished yet.. After the peaks of 2007 through 2009, our organization has found stability.. In recent years, our level of activity has been modified somewhat as we move out of post-Katrina recovery, but we still draw many fine people to volunteer, said Kehoe.. Now our program is at a level where I think we were hoping to get it before Katrina.. But the sense one has volunteering remains the same: we are continuing to work away at eliminating poverty housing one family at a time.. Through it all, we ve remained focused on our mission to eliminate substandard housing in the New Orleans area, while expanding our organization s programs to meet those goals.. Our organization rose up to meet the needs of the city in the aftermath of the disasters of 2005, and we have since stabilized at over three times the capacity and output we had before the storm.. In the last year, we have opened a new ReStore and consolidated our office and warehouse into the same space, making our organization more efficient and capable of handling what new challenges lie ahead.. As we celebrate our.. 30th year.. in the New Orleans area, we have taken a new look at our mission, seeking to bridge the gap between rebuilding after the storm and making a lasting difference in our affiliate area, through innovation, dedication, and cooperation with the communities we serve.. While the influx of volunteers and donors is not at its post-Katrina peak, we are more able now than ever to find new ways to fulfill our mission.. We were here fighting poverty housing before, and we will be here until the job is finished..

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  • Title: 2013 Art Program
    Descriptive info: Where Y'at Art Opening.. On Thursday, November 14, 2013, New Orleans Habitat for Humanity's ReStore hosted the 2nd Art Opening featuring works of art from student artists at Louise S.. McGehee School and St.. Martin's Episcopal School.. All artwork was hung gallery-style and sold with proceeds benefiting the student artist and New Orleans Habitat.. Thanks to all our partners who helped to make this Art Opening possible.. Click below to see artwork from the students at McGehee (upper gallery) and St.. Martin's (lower gallery).. Click to enlarge and scroll through all 105 images..

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  • Title: Homeownership-Spanish
    Descriptive info: Tu también puedes!.. Compra una casa para menos que rentar!.. Para calificar, el aplicante debe cumplir con los siguientes requisitos:.. Debe haber vivido o trabajado en el área de Nueva Orleans por lo menos durante un año.. La voluntad de colaborar con nuestro programa (una buena comunicación, actitud e iniciativa.. Tener necesidad de vivienda (defectos estructurales, sobrepoblación, altos costos de renta.. Capacidad de cumplir con el pago mensual de su casa.. Tener un ingreso dentro de nuestros parámetros (contamos con cupones de alimentos, manutención de niños  ...   hogar.. 30% Mediana Ingresos.. 60% of Mediana Ingresos.. Uno.. $19,200 ($1,600 / mensual).. $26,040 ($2,170 / mensual).. Dos.. $29,760 ($2,480 / mensual).. Tres.. $33,480 ($2,790 / mensual).. Cuatro.. $37,140 ($3,095 / mensual).. Cinco.. $40,140 ($3,345 / mensual).. Seis.. $43,140 ($3,595 / mensual).. Las casas de Habitat se venden por $80,000 lo cual se paga dentro de 20-30 años a 0% de interés.. Cuesta aproximadamènte de $500-600 al mes para comprar una casa por medio de nuestro programa.. !Lláma al 504-861-2077 ext.. 252 ahora para una cita!..

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  • Title: Build Up An Appetite
    Descriptive info: Build Up an Appetite.. Look for our logo at participating restaurants and be sure to check back often as new partnerships are being formed daily.. If you are interested in becoming a Build Up An Appetite restaurant, please email.. Jenna Mitchell.. Juan's Flying Burrito.. , founded in 1997, has partnered with New Orleans Habitat for Humanity and will donate a percentage of all sales to support the affiliate's mission.. With locations in the Lower Garden District and Mid-City, Juan's is a truly unique New Orleans style Mexican joint with creative interpretations of traditional dishes from both the Hispanic and Creole cultures.. Dine at.. Slice Pizzeria.. and mention New Orleans Habitat for a portion of all sales to benefit building safe, decent, affordable shelter in New Orleans.. With two locations on St.. Charles Avenue and Magazine Street, Slice offers true New Orleans Style Pizza along with a full bar, creative salads, delicious pasta, unique appetizers and tasty sandwiches.. Voted Best in New Orleans 2011 by Gambit Weekly Readers' Poll.. Five Happiness.. will donate a percentage of all sales to support New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.. Located at 3605 N.. Carrollton Avenue, Five Happiness has won the Zagat Certificate of Distinction Award and was selected as the Best Chinese Restaurant by New Orleans Magazine and Gambit.. Squeal Bar B-Q.. and support New Orleans Habitat in building homes by making a donation.. Offering unique "New Orleans Style"  ...   fabled dining experience.. Parran's.. Located at 3939 Veterans Avenue in Metairie, Parran's has been serving delicious po-boys since 1975.. They are the home of the original seafood muffuletta!.. La Divina Gelateria.. , Magazine Street, will donate a percentage of all sales to support New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.. La Divina, located at 3005 Magazine Street, serves true gelato, panini and espresso made in the classic Italian tradition.. Sun Ray Grill.. offers a world of great salads, sandwiches, grilled fish, ribs and steaks, plus a full sushi bar with a bounty of fish flown in regularly from Hawaii and Japan.. Dine at one of Sun Ray's.. three locations.. and a portion of your tab will go to support New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.. Many who visit and live in New Orleans know that the city offers some of the best restaurants in the country.. The flavors of the city come alive in the creations of our local chefs truly creating a taste like none other.. Now New Orleans Habitat for Humanity supporters can support us by dining at key partner restaurants that have pledged to support our building efforts.. A percentage of your bill will go to support New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.. We appreciate the support of these area restaurants and encourage our volunteers and local friends to dine at these restaurants.. Just mention New Orleans Habitat to your server to show your support..

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  • Title: Restore
    Descriptive info: Buy a Bargain, Build a Home.. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore supports the affiliate’s building activities by raising funds through the sales of new or slightly used building materials offered to the public at 30-80% off retail prices.. Volunteers help process and merchandise these building materials.. Shopping the ReStore helps support New Orleans Habitat’s building efforts.. Restore.. 2900 Elysian Fields Avenue.. between I-10 and I-610.. Hours.. Tuesday - Saturday.. 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.. To schedule a pick-up, call:.. (504) 943-2240 or.. click here.. Visit the ReStore.. Habitat ReStore sells donated building  ...   ReStore contributes to New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity's mission of eliminating substandard housing in two ways: by providing the greater New Orleans area with an affordable source of home repair and maintenance supplies; and by providing a self-sustaining source of funding for the affiliate.. The ReStore helps Habitat build homes!.. Additionally, the ReStore promotes good stewardship of resources by keeping materials from the landfill.. The ReStore adds an option for shoppers looking for a bargain, searching for specialty items, or who may be unable to purchase maintenance and improvement items at full price..

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  • Title: News and Media
    Descriptive info: News Media.. Welcome to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity newsroom, a comprehensive resource for information about our organization, the importance of our work and our impact on families and our community.. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to increase public awareness about the issue of affordable housing in New Orleans.. For more information, the following links might be helpful:.. Our Fact Sheet.. Habitat for Humanity International.. See our most recent e-newsletters:.. May 2013.. ,.. June 2013.. July 2013.. Specific questions from the media can be directed to.. Aleis Tusa.. at (504) 861-2077 ext.. 239.. NOAHH Dedicates 500th Home.. Surrounded by friends and family, NOAHH staff and representatives of NORA and the city council, Denise Brown still stood out as the most important person on the porch of her new home.. On November 15, NOAHH joined Brown and her family to dedicate her new home, the 500th dedication since our inception in 1983.. Attending the event were Jasmine Haralson of NORA and Julius Feltus, Director of Constituent Services for City Councilperson Latoya Cantrell, in whose district Brown's house is located.. Feltus.. NOAHH Hosts Second Art Show at ReStore.. For the second time this year, NOAHH hosted an art show featuring work by local students.. Partnering with St.. Martin s Episcopal School and Louise S.. McGehee School, NOAHH turned the front of our ReStore into a  ...   family, presenting them with traditional gifts and sharing their joy at this milestone.. Nicks lived.. Wayne Foster's Garden of Lost Treasures.. Wayne Foster created his own backyard oasis.. His materials? He picked up trash.. "If I see something I can use, I'll pick it up," Foster said.. "I'll paint it and set it back here.. " He shuffled by a painted tree stump, plants, and knick-knacks, proudly giving a tour.. "This is my latest find," Foster said, pointing to a boy and girl figurine playing.. It rested between another small statue and a palm tree.. "I sit out here everyday.. I watch the sun go," Foster said while gesturing from.. ABA Helps Build Homes in New Orleans East.. The American Bankers Association (ABA) joined NOAHH on Saturday, October 19, for a slightly damp volunteer experience that helped progress a pair of homes in New Orleans East for a hard-working Habitat partner family.. In honor of Ambassador-at-Large Thomas Laired, ABA made a generous donation to NOAHH in conjunction with their hard work.. ABA's commitment to Habitat began with NOAHH in 2001.. There have been 13 ABA builds during their annual conventions around the country since then.. The homes.. Follow the Progress on Our Rehabs.. Check here often for the progress on our various rehab projects! 1807 Independence 2029 Gov.. Nicholls.. For more news and media information, please visit our.. archive..

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