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  • Title: HAIF home
    Descriptive info: .. :.. Home.. Welcome to our Homepage !.. HAIF.. was established in 2003 when the aviation community of the world celebrated the 100th years anniversary of the powered flight.. Our private, non profit organization was founded by industry managers working for various aviation or aerospace companies and desire to promote and develop the.. Hungarian Aviation Industry.. plays a role of a catalyst and facilitator in the industry development process while actively supporting the following project types:.. ·.. Research and development.. Supplier development.. Quality program development.. Training program development.. Productivity improvement.. NPI program.. Offset program.. Greenfield, Joint Venture, Acquisition program.. Airport and Business Park development program.. In our website you will find useful information about the:.. -.. Hungarian Aerospace.. Companies.. -.. Hungarian Aerospace Cluster (HAC).. Hungarian Aeronautical Research Platform (HARP).. Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform.. (HATP).. Data about the.. Hungarian Aerospace Cluster.. can be found on the.. Cluster data.. page, where you can find companies dealing with:.. design and engineering, sport airplane manufacturing, rapid prototyping, software development, tool manufacturing, aircraft and engine part manufacturing and testing.. On the.. R D activity.. page you can find information about the.. HARP.. network, organizations involved in aviation and aerospace research and development activity.. :: The Status of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry.. The Hungarian aeronautics is represented by 130+ companies and employs about 2500 people.. The Hungarian Aerospace Cluster.. has 26 members.. Click here.. to see a summary page about the seven major Greenfield/FDI projects that shaped our reemerging Aerospace Industry after the year 2000.. The recent history of our industry shows 3 distinct periods :.. 1.. Stagnation period - during the 70s-80s.. 2.. Transformation period - during the '90s.. 3.. Reemergence period - from the '00s.. Copyright © 2013 HAIF.. All Rights Reserved Webmaster: Mihaly Hideg.. Powered by : Bluehost kft.. Tel: (26) 575 144.. info@bluehost.. net.. Web: http://www.. bluehost.. :: A Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform Established.. By the initiative of.. a.. Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform.. (.. HATP.. ).. has been established on the 9th of November 2007.. The founders are:.. ,.. Budapest University of Technology and Economics,.. ELTE.. Slot Consulting Ltd.. Bonn Hungary.. Ltd.. SGF Ltd.. ,.. BL Electronics.. and.. KFKI AEKI.. The new organization will represent.. 70+ SMEs.. in design, R/D, testing and manufacturing fields.. will be co-chaired by Mr.. Mihaly Hideg.. (HAIF).. and Mr.. Janos Solymosi (Bonn Hungary Electronics).. Combining resources and harmonizing activities of Hungarian aeronautical  ...   and Rea-Tech Llc exhibited their products and services.. 08 June 2010 :: HAC, HATP.. HAC, HATP.. ITD.. Hungary.. eight Hungarian Aerospace companies visited the.. ILA 2010 Berlin.. Airshow.. Avana Industries Llc.. , BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Llc.. , Borsodi Mûhely Llc.. , Dendrit Llc.. , econEngineering Llc.. , ELTEC Group, Gravitas 2000 Llc.. and Technoplast Llc.. exhibited their products and services at the dedicated.. Hungarian stand.. at the International Supplier Center.. On Tuesday.. Mr.. Mihaly Hideg.. HAIF.. Chairman held a.. presentation.. about the latest development of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry during the ISC Forum and gave an.. interview.. to.. Flight International Magazin.. 06 June 2010 :: HAC.. The Hungarian Aerospace Industry entered into a.. new stage of development.. with the debut of the new Hungarian designed acrobatic aircraft at the.. Red Bull Air Race.. in Canada.. The.. Corvus Racer 540.. aircraft is the only non US type participating in the race piloted by the Hungarian world champion Peter Besenyei.. 10 April 2010 :: HAC.. seven Hungarian aerospace companies visited the.. AERO 2010 Expo.. in Friedrichshafen, Germany the largest Expo in Europe for general aviation aircraft.. Corvus Aircraft Llc, Halley Llc, Idea Aircraft Llc, Avana Industries, Dioferr Llc, Bonn Hungary Electronics Llc, and Naturen Llc.. exhibited 5 aircraft types under development and 3 types under production.. See videoclip.. 06 April 2009 :: HAC.. Eight Hungarian aerospace companies visited the.. Aero Friedrichshafen 2009.. expo in April 2009.. Corvus Aircraft Llc.. , Avana Industries.. , Halley Llc.. , Idea Aircraft Llc.. , BHE Bonn Hungary Llc.. , Dioferr Llc.. , Naturen Llc.. , Produktum Llc.. exhibited all the.. 8 Hungarian aircraft.. under production and development.. This event was a remarkable show for our young industry showing the world for the first time the.. full product range.. of our newest sport aircraft.. Download video.. See HAIF presentation.. |.. About us.. Mission.. Aerospace Cluster.. R D Activity.. Technology Platform|.. Events.. Quality.. @Learning.. Airports.. Links.. Contact.. Downloads|.. Technology Platform.. 100 years.. of powered flight.. in Hungary.. 1910.. Hungary's aerospace industry can look back on rich traditions: several outstanding Hungarian aircraft designers and builders left their mark on the early.. history of aviation.. Libelle - 1910.. János Adorján.. was the designer and builder of the first flyable aeroplane in Hungary.. His two cylinder plane Libelle took off successfully in Budapest on.. the.. 10th of January 1910.. Replica of the Libelle - 2010..

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  • Title: Downloads
    Descriptive info: Presentations:.. Overview of the Hungarian Aerospace.. Industry-English.. A magyar repülõipar.. bemutatása-Hu.. Brochures:.. Hungarian Aerospace Industry 2012-English.. Hungarian Aeronautics.. Industry R D sector - English.. Articles:.. A magyar repülõgépipar helyzete-Hu.. Databases:.. Hungarian aerospace companies_En.. A magyar forgószárnyú repülõgépek fejlesztése.. -Hu..

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  • Title: Cluster data
    Descriptive info: Members of the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster.. was established in March 2006 by.. and four small aircraft developers:.. Corvus Aircraft Ltd.. Composite One Ltd.. Halley Ltd.. Hungarocopter Ltd.. Later more SME-s joined the Cluster dealing with: design engineering, rapid prototyping, software development, metal and composite part manufacturing and testing:.. Corvus Hungary Ltd.. Composite aircraft and parts.. Avana Industries Ltd.. eCon Engineering Ltd.. FEA with Ansys, CAE services.. CAD-Terv Engineering Ltd.. CAD/Catia Design.. Delta-Tech Engineering Ltd.. Design of special machinery.. C3D Engineering Ltd.. - 3D CAD d.. esign, virtual simulations.. Varinex Ltd.. Rapid prototyping.. Technoplast Ltd.. Dendrit Ltd.. Machining turbine parts.. Produktum Ltd.. Design of maintenance stands.. Borsodi Mûhely Ltd.. Machining, heat treatment.. Macher Ltd.. - Wire harnesses.. Aviatronic Ltd.. Electronics, software development.. Ostorhazi Ltd.. Special coatings.. Allied-Visions Ltd.. Software development.. Elektrometall Paks Ltd.. Wire harness mfg.. Idea Aircraft Ltd.. Composite aircraft development.. Sulzer Hungaerotech Ltd.. ELTEC Hungary.. - Wire harness mfg.. Meshining engineering Ltd.. - CAD/CAE engineering services.. Gravitas 2000 Ltd.. Machining.. CFD engineering Ltd.. CFD services.. ABF Bowdentechnika Ltd.. Mechanical control cables.. ARTIFEX Ltd.. - Training and simulation systems.. BUTE Department  ...   network of aerospace and related industries.. 4.. Development of new Hungarian designed small aerospace vehicles.. 5.. Organize the production of these vehicles regionally.. 6.. Organize and develop complementary capabilities among Hungarian firms to be able to manufacture higher assemblies for large aircraft.. 7.. Achieve synergies and economies of scale using networking in the fields of design, development, training, logistics, quality (AS 9100), IT, marketing and certification.. 8.. Introduction of modern management methods and principles to the SME sector six sigma, lean manufacturing.. 9.. Develop new supplier relationships with other countries.. 10.. Replace expensive foreign suppliers with low cost ones.. Contacts: Jeges St 9.. Budapest 1185 Hungary Tel: 361 2941351 Mobile: +36 30 3748145.. Email:hidegmihaly@gmail.. com.. ,.. aerocluster.. @.. gmail.. All Rights Reserved.. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.. HAC products.. Cluster News.. Videoclip.. Corvus Racer 540 designed by Corvus Aircraft.. Corvus Racer at the New York Red Bull Race.. Our Corvus Racer aircraft debuted in 2010 in Canada, the only European type in the Red Bull Air Race: piloted by Peter Besenyei..

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  • Title: Research
    Descriptive info: Copyright © 2007 HAIF.. Hungarian Aeronautical Research Platform.. HARP has been established in September 2006 by five founders:.. Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation.. www.. haif.. org.. Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE).. Department of Aircraft and Ships.. http://rht.. bme.. hu.. KFKI Vibration Laboratory.. rmki.. kfki.. Bonn Hungary Ltd.. bhe-mw.. eu.. slotconsulting.. Main objectives of the Research Platform:.. To provide organizational framework for Aeronautical research in Hungary.. To help the best research organizations to diversify into aerospace.. To support the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster in product development.. To launch complex research projects with integrating members capabilities.. To participate in FP7 and other EU research programmes.. To establish new R D relationships with EU countries.. Organizations in the HARP network:.. BUTE Dept.. of Control Engineering and Information Technology.. BUTE Department of Fluid Mechanics.. BUTE Department of Mechatronics, Optics  ...   :: FP7 Info Day Nov 30 2009.. An FP7 Information day on Transportation (including Aeronautics) was organized by.. NKTH.. on the 30th of November in Budapest.. was represented by Mr.. Mihaly Hideg, Mr.. Roland Gurály and Mr.. Janos Solymosi.. Presentations can be downloaded from NKTH website.. Presentations.. :: 01 December 2006 - HARP.. An.. FP7 Aeronautical Research.. Workshop.. was held in Budapest on 27th-28th of November.. Foreign and Hungarian organiza-tions held more than 30 presentations during the two-day event.. Representatives of.. Airbus, Thales, Alenia Aeronautica and Safran.. gave detailed overview of the.. Green Sky.. Joint.. Technology Initiative (JTI).. project to the participants.. The aim of the JTI project is to develop a brand new, green, ultra high-tech family of aircraft and engines under the leadership of the major European aircraft and engine manufacturers.. Download the Agenda..

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  • Title: HATP
    Descriptive info: Corvus Phantom.. UL.. full composite sport aircraft got certification in Germany and Italy in 2008.. It has two versions and can be ordered with three different engine types.. The company's newest one-seater racing aircraft debuted in April 2009 during the Aero Friedrichshafen expo.. The racing aircraft was designed especially by the request of Hungarian world champion: Mr.. Peter Besenyei.. CDMS system.. developed by.. is installed at the board of the.. Rosetta Lander.. which was launched from Kourou, French Guyana in 2004 by the European Space Agency.. It will rendezvous with a comet called Churyumov-Gerasimenko beyond the Mars s orbit, and its Lander will descend onto the surface of the comet in 2014.. CDMS is in charge of controlling the whole Lander operation, including preparations for separation from the orbiter, thermal and power management, as well as separation, descent and touch down.. On-board Flight Data Archiving Box and Analysing System for Small Airplanes (.. DABAS.. ) is a load and fatingue register equipment for Small airplanes.. It weghts only 450 gr, contains embedded 32 bit microprocessor and huge size of non-volatile redundant memories.. The off-line data  ...   pushing propeller.. Cruising speed is set at 180 km/h.. It debuted in April 2009 during Aero Fridrichshafen in Germany.. BHE s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System.. (UAV) is a new reconnaissance system, that can follow a pre-programmed route while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station.. The system can be effectively used by companies to patrol their distant premises or any type of network - could it be electric wires, oil pipe-lines or towers.. Due to the compact size (length: 1,5m / wing span: 3,15m) and intelligent software, government organizations and emergency services also can take advantage of this new product.. All things change.. So does the Hungarian Aerospace Industry.. The last decade brought remarkable changes to our industry, new high-tech products and solutions are emerging every year:.. I.. n order to facilitate and speed up the development of our Aerospace Industry.. Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation (HAIF).. initiated the establishment of the.. on the 9th of November 2007.. 50+ SMEs.. Mihaly Hideg (Aeronautics) and Mr.. Janos Solymosi (Space).. |.. Founders.. Objectives.. Our Partners.. Hungarian Space Office.. Members.. News.. Blog.. Contact..

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  • Title: About_us
    Descriptive info: has been founded in 2003 by six Aviation Industry managers having experience in establishing SME-s, Joint Ventures and a greenfield plant in Hungary for such multinationals as Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa Technik and GE Aircraft Engines.. MBA, MSc.. Aeronautical Eng.. Chairman.. Antal Pekk.. MSc.. Aeronautical Engineering.. Board Member.. Dr.. Jozsef Rohacs.. PhD.. Aeronautical Sciences, MSc.. Janos Racz.. Founder.. Lajos Veres.. Transportation Sciences, MSc.. Andras Vinnai.. Clicking the name You can read the CV of the person selected.. Budapest 1185 Hungary Tel: 361 2941351 Mobile: +36 30 3748145 Email:.. hidegmihaly@gmail.. Copyright © 2005 HAIF..

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  • Title: Mission
    Descriptive info: Our mission is to pursue the con-tinuous growth and development of the Hungarian Aviation Industry.. Vision.. To become the catalyst and fa-cilitator of the in-dustry develop-ment process while helping the best Hungarian com-panies to join the global aviation industry by way of diversification.. Budapest 1185 Hungary Tel: 361 2941351 Mobile: +36 30 3748145 Email:.. The Foundation has been established to support the development of the Hungarian Aviation Industry, to facilitate its growing cooperation with European Aviation Industry, to widen its scope, to make it better spread geographically and to deepen its manufacturing, maintenance, repair activity and other services in accordance with Euro-Atlantic integration goals of Hungary and with the long-term aim of creating more jobs in this business.. In line with regional development policy of Hungary, the Foundation also initiates, promotes and supports green-field investments primarily with  ...   with those for the development of Hungarian Aviation Industry;.. Exploring potential foreign markets for the existing Hungarian companies;.. Analysis and research of opportunities, regulations and possible support procedures facilitating liaison between foreign suppliers, entrepreneurs, investors and domestic entrepreneurs, companies, regional organizations, authorities, offices and bodies;.. Provide consultancy support for investors, coordinate and organize the investment process;.. Identify and provide experts for preparation and implementation of aviation industry development projects;.. Working out training curriculums and manuals for the people involved in aviation industry development projects - mainly in technical, management, logistics and quality assurance fields;.. Working out retraining and continuative training materials and methods primarily for workers with medium level qualification and not having aviation industry experience, organization of such courses to provide manpower resources for the developing aviation industry;.. Carry out scientific research;.. Support Euro-Atlantic integration process..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: Major events in 2003.. has been active since its establishment in organising or taking part of such industry events as conferences, workshops, information days etc.. at home or abroad.. FP6 workshop - Budapest.. In November 2003 together with ITD Hungary and the Ministry of Education.. organized its first workshop in Hungary with a title:.. Opportunities for Hungarian AeroSMEs to participate in EU Framework Programmes.. to view the programme.. CEE Aircraft Maintenance Conference -  ...   held a presentation with a title:.. Comparing the Base Maintenance of Eastern Western-built Aircraft.. Click here.. to view the presentation.. XIVth.. Aeronautical Sciences Days - Budapest.. We completed the year at the XIVth.. Aeronautical Sciences Days in Budapest with a presentation of our chairman titled:.. A Successful Greenfield Investment in Hungary.. GE Engine Component Repair Plant.. Copyright © 2006 HAIF.. Events 2004.. Events 2005.. Events 2006.. Events 2007.. Events 2008.. Events 2009.. Events 2010..

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  • Title: Quality
    Descriptive info: Copyright © 2009 HAIF.. Frequently asked questions - FAQ.. Q: Does the Aerospace Industry have an industry specific Quality Management System?.. A:.. Yes, it is called.. AS 9100.. (AS stands for Aerospace) in the US and.. EN.. 9100.. in EU.. Q: Is it mandatory to implement for all suppliers?.. It is not mandatory, but necessary, since large contractors like Airbus or Boeing require it from suppliers.. The vast majority of suppliers already implemented it.. There is a strong trend in the industry of implementation of.. AS/EN 9100 QM.. System.. worldwide.. From 2010 you will have no chance to become an aerospace supplier without this certification.. Q:Has AS/EN 9100 commonality with ISO 9001 QM System?.. It is actually based on ISO 9001 logic and structure but additional aerospace industry-specific requirements were added to make it applicable to aerospace industry needs.. More details.. Q: Are there suppliers in Hungary who already have AS/EN 9100 certification?.. Yes, at least 20 companies implemented  ...   companies like: SGS, TÜV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register can issue.. AS/EN 9100.. certification.. Q: Can I find AS/EN 9100 related training materials on the web?.. Yes, you can find and purchase training materials,.. Quality Manual.. Procedure Package.. templates on this website:.. http://www.. as9100store.. com/.. International Aerospace Quality Group.. is a cooperative organization of the global aerospace industry.. Its processes are established in a set of agreed, documented, operational procedures.. Purpose.. Implement initiatives that make significant improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream by establishing and maintaining dynamic co-operation, based on trust, between international aerospace companies.. Objectives.. Establish commonality of quality.. standards requirements.. - Common aerospace basic quality.. systems.. - Best practices in aerospace industry.. - Performance metrics.. Establish process of continual.. improvement at suppliers to bring the.. initiatives to life.. Establish methods to share results.. - audits.. - inspections.. - supplier performance.. Coordinate initiatives and activities with.. regulatory and government agencies and.. other industry stakeholders interests..

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  • Title: @Learning
    Descriptive info: In this page.. opens a window of learning opportunity for you to use.. NASA,.. AOPA.. AIAA.. and other E-learning facilities.. Enjoy !.. More resources :.. For Kids and Parents:.. AeroKids page.. Principles of Aeronautics.. R R Aero Gas Turbines.. Courses for Sport Pilots:.. AOPA Safety Topics.. For Aeronautical Students:.. Aircraft Design College.. Courses at MIT.. Design Resources.. For Aeronautical Engineers.. Aircraft Design.. Free Online Journals:.. Aerospace America.. Flight International.. Aviation Week.. Books for Designers.. AIAA Bookstore.. Newsletters.. AIAA Horizons.. Boeing Frontiers.. Airbus letters.. Aviation History.. 100 years of flight..

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  • Title: Airports
    Descriptive info: In this page.. directs you to the webpage providing information about Hungarian Airports..

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