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  • Title: Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: .. VIDEOS.. BLOG.. Like.. Follow.. SHARE.. Donate.. PRESS ABUSES.. PRESS MYTHS.. THE LEVESON INQUIRY.. THE ROYAL CHARTER FOR PRESS SELF-REGULATION.. Senior Labour backbencher says charter means Britain can be proud of its press once again.. Posted.. October 25, 2013.. by.. Hacked Off.. &.. filed under.. News.. In a piece for his local paper, the Stoke Sentinel, the Labour MP and a member of the Commons Culture Committee, Paul Farrelly has set out why he believes the Privy Council signing the Royal Charter next week will mean the creation of an accountable watchdog for the newspaper industry.. The MP addresses directly the.. Read more.. Why the big newspaper groups hate the Royal Charter.. by Brian Cathcart The Telegraph and Mail papers and the Murdoch press are unrelenting in their opposition to the Leveson reforms, as embodied in the Royal Charter on the press.. Although concession after concession has been made in the effort to accommodate them it makes no difference: they just say no.. Yet the Charter does.. Press bosses expose themselves as desperate and deaf.. October 24, 2013.. Responding to the announcement that the owners of the Telegraph and the Mail along with the Murdoch newspapers are pressing ahead with the establishment of a non-Leveson compliant regulator whilst attempting to judicially review the government s decision to reject their royal charter, Professor Brian Cathcart, Executive Director of Hacked Off said: The people  ...   have been duped into taking this initiative by the big British press companies.. The letter shows that they are.. Tags:.. press regulation.. Queen.. Royal Charter.. Doyen of Fleet Street editors condemns misreporting of Leveson.. October 23, 2013.. The respected former Fleet Street editor, Sir Harry Evans has told the BBC he is disturbed by the degree of misrepresentation of the recommendations of Lord Justice Leveson in the British Press.. Speaking ahead of a ceremony tonight at which he is to receive the Media Society s lifetime achievement award, Sir Harry told the Today.. leveson.. Sir Harry Evans.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. >>.. Last.. Sign the Petition.. Leveson has announced his recommendations.. The victims of press abuses want them implemented.. Let the Government know that you support the victims.. Sign the petition now.. signatures so far.. We need social media to rival column inches.. Share us with your friends, because the newspapers won't!.. Share this on Facebook.. Share this on Twitter.. Share this on Google+.. Sign up to the Newsletter.. We don't have thousands of newspapers landing on doorsteps each day, but we still need to tell you the news.. Sign up to our newsletter.. Make a Donation.. Tabloids make combined profits of millions.. We rely on donations.. Please help.. Donate Now.. Home.. About.. Contact.. The Leveson Inquiry.. Everybody s Hacked Off.. Partners Further Reading.. The Royal Charter.. 2013 Hacked Off..

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  • Title: VIDEOS | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NEW PRESS BARONS ROYAL CHARTER.. DAVID CAMERON ON THE VICTIM TEST.. ALAN PARTRIDGE ON HACKED OFF.. THE LEVESON INQUIRY FORGETFUL EDITORS.. ALAN PARTRIDGE ON FREE SPEECH.. RICH PEPPIATT.. S LEVESON MASH-UP.. LEVESON S SPEECH IN FULL (via.. telegraphTV.. ).. 15.. Responses to VIDEOS.. Rhiannon Lawton.. December 7th, 2012.. hilarious!!! thats what they ve been doing with every word hugh has said so far! thats what they, mash things upside down, and now you ve done it to them! all 4 videos, brilliant editing, hilarious and informative and transparent and clever.. and they actually said all those things! oh its just too funny.. i ve written to kerry mcarthy, my mp for bristol and shared and liked etc.. i m a media student who hates the press and mainstream use of media and am working for a positive use of social media and video for social change and i love your website! Do you have any bristol offices with whom i could intern or volunteer? perhaps i ll get in touch through the proper channels ! Rhiannon x x x.. Reply.. Aidan Turner.. Satire could win this war.. I think that you have a wealth of talent represented by Steve Coogan.. and Hugh Grant.. Surely there must be others? What about a You Tube Comedy Series a la.. Valentina Lisitsa (the Concert Pianist) or maybe Channel 4 would be interested? The Free.. Speech Network takes on Hacked Off with Alan Partridge taking on Steve Coogan and.. Hugh Grant taking on a machiavellian Prime Minister played by Hugh (Dave Berliceron).. ruanaruana.. February 15th, 2013.. Like the mash-up!.. Graeme Booth.. March 15th, 2013.. your site will not acknowledge my e-mail address I cannot sign this petition!.. CR.. March 16th, 2013.. The mash-up is excellent.. Essential viewing!.. Ken Marston.. March 17th, 2013.. Prime Minister, keep your promises!!!.. kusum Parashar.. March 21st, 2013.. I believe in peoples freedom of speech and also freedom of choices in their private lives they want to live.. Therefore in simple language the press should be free as well but should be regulated when it comes to record people s personal conversations and then publish them in their news papers in order to make their profits.. It is morally wrong and has severe damaging affect in victims lives.. Therefore It should be stopped.. Graham Pheby.. May 16th, 2013.. Hacked Off well done this country owes your energy, courage and perseverance a debt of gratitude.. An ethical,law abiding press serving the public interest of all sections of our community with responsibility is  ...   parts of various journalists from various newspapers e.. g.. NOTW, The Sun, The Daily Mail, the Guardian etc.. Dishonesty is not restricted to one political party remember the expenses scandal.. ? On this matter, I m not sure who I m more disgusted at the journalists who behaved atrociously or David Cameron for telling bare faced lies about implementing the findings of the enquiry.. Mr K.. Hipwell.. May 17th, 2013.. Good investigative journalism is essential for a free press.. The unsavoury excesses must be curbed.. Cameron.. The Lieminister of Britain !.. Did you really think that the Lieminister was going to spend millions on and inquiry, only to implement its findings, inquiries of this kind are purely to put a bit of time between the scandal and the outcome so we sheep , the public, feel that justice has been done.. But it never is!.. John O'Sullivan.. May 18th, 2013.. It is said that power corrupts, and the media have appeared to be all powerful.. The media have been trusted (or not challenged) and have shown their true colours.. The moral code in the Murdock empire that allowed presumably benefitted from hacking the phone of Milly Dowler was clearly widespread, their efforts to attack undermine legitimate efforts to exercise some restraint on their activities show that nothing has changed.. Ordinary people s lives have been severely damaged by the excesses of the media, the media s answer is to collude with David Cameron to prevent any meaningful change.. When will Hacked Off put up election candidates as I would like the opportunity to vote for you !.. Allan Knight.. Cameron is accommodating the press and the Murdochs to ensure they will support him at the next election.. Unfortunately, after all that has happened, there are still people who believe everything the papers say.. I haven t bought a newspaper for seven years.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (required).. (will not be published).. Website.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. THE FACTS:.. A BREAKDOWN OF LEVESON S RECOMMENDATIONS.. HACKED OFF: WHAT DID WE DO? AND DID WE WIN?.. POLL RESULTS: PUBLIC WANT LEVESON IMPLEMENTED NOW MORE THAN EVER.. NO MORE LAST CHANCES: INQUIRIES THAT WERE IGNORED.. 10 THINGS THE PRESS DON T WANT YOU TO KNOW.. HUGH GRANT S 10 MYTHS ABOUT PRESS ABUSE.. DEBUNKING THE PRESS MYTHS SURROUNDING LEVESON.. IF LEVESON IMPLICATED ANY INDUSTRY OTHER THAN THE PRESS.. THE SIX MUST-HAVE ELEMENTS OF ANY NEW PRESS REGULATOR.. HACKED OFF LAUNCHES PETITION SUPPORTING VICTIMS OF PRESS ABUSE.. SEARCH HACKED OFF.. Search for:..

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  • Title: SHARE | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: As you know, we don t have the megaphone of the mainstream media.. Editors and proprietors of newspapers have set themselves against change, and they can push their message on their pages.. We try to.. debunk the myths.. they print, but we don t reach as many people as the papers can as they land on doorsteps each day.. That s why we need your help.. If you think that people need to know the real facts about Leveson and press reform, not just what the press present as fact when it suits them, then you need to share this page, and share every blog post that you find interesting and informative.. Ordinary people are those who have been let down the most by the British press, but we can also be the ones who help achieve the reform that will mean the same abuses can t happen again.. Like us on Facebook.. and.. follow us on Twitter.. so that you can pass on news and updates to your friends quickly and easily, and make sure that you do pass them on.. 35.. Responses to SHARE.. Riaz AHmed.. November 25th, 2012.. I have met Lord Hunt on a meeting or Racism in the British Press against Muslims.. Lord Hunt admitted there is a culture in this press with racism against Muslims like there was a culture of racism towards Blacks in the 1980s and 1990s.. I hope that you will put forward the findings of the CPS that over the past few years 54% of all race hate crimes are against Muslims.. The girl attacked in Plaistow early last week is a Muslim, but the press on this ocassion prefered not to mention this.. Any negative press then the person is a Muslim anything that is positive or shows the horrific truths in the country they choose to omit this fact.. I am more than willing to come and talk to you on this.. Kind regards.. Riaz Ahmed.. Colchester.. Jacob EcclestoneNo.. November 28th, 2012.. I worked on The Times for 19 years; I was Deputy General Secretary of the NUJ for 17 years.. I was a member of the Press Council for three years in the 1970s and saw what a sham it was.. I am writing to congratulate you all and Hugh Grant as front man for a brilliant programme on why we need honest regulation of the British press.. I have campaigned against self regulation for more than 30 years mostly within the NUJ but you (and Lord Leveson) have done something truly remarkable.. You have managed to explain to ordinary people why self-regulation is a deceit, a falsehood, a figleaf to cover the sheer nastiness of big sections of the British press.. I have no idea what Lord Leveson will recommend.. But of this I am certain: you have brought together the victims of press freedom and shown that those who use the phrase so glibly the Michael Goves, the Paul Dacres, the Boris Johnsons and the Lord Hunts of our society know nothing and care nothing about truth and freedom of information.. Thank you all for helping to change a rotten and corrupt system.. Jacob Ecclestone.. Peter C Morgan.. January 8th, 2013.. Leveson – Let the polluter pay.. Politicians repeatedly tell us that there is adequate protection against press intrusion under existing legislation.. The problem for many victims is that they do not have access to adequate financial resource to be able to take on the press via our courts.. Due legal process is very expensive and available only to the wealthy.. I would like to see the principle of, “let the polluter pay” be brought to bear against the Press.. Let them bear the cost of cleaning up the mess they have created by the application of an annual financial levy paid to a new independent Press Authority (P.. A.. ) who would allocate funds to aggrieved individuals, families or bodies who have been subject to unwarranted gross press intrusion.. The more demand on the P.. for funds the higher the annual levy would become with an inbuilt bias in the levy demand toward those papers who transgressed most frequently.. This would have the restraining effect of a No Claims Bonus.. John Truscott.. I would like to know detail about Independent Regulation, exactly how it would work, how many people from what walks of life on the regulatory committee, how freedom from conflict of interest could be guaranteed etc.. Can you kindly refer me to any sources of information?The fact that the opposition is so concerned to identify independence with state control suggests it might be effective.. Derek McMenemy.. November 30th, 2012.. Perhaps it would be interesting for your organisation to make a push in Scotland.. Press regulation is a devolved issue.. The current political climate indicates that the SNP may lean toward legislation.. In Alex Salmonds words, If Westminster fails, we should lead the way.. Rick McCallum.. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and passion during the last 18 months I know yesterday was only a partial victory the real work begins now but what you achieved in raising awareness is truly awesome you should all be extremly proud, and as for all of us, we are indebted and beyond grateful for everything you have done.. Let s fight !!!!.. Máire Messenger Davies.. Love this video.. I will use it in teaching.. Keep up the good work.. john Eldred.. Implement Leveson, the families and people tormented by the press deserve your support.. david hill.. Be VERY careful how things are ordered, particularly with the Hunt-Black proposals,,,,,.. Terri O'Brien.. Implement in full.. reg palmer.. When the guardians of our freedoms become the enemy of our freedom its cowardice not to act..  ...   has focused the publics attention on the joke that is our democracy at this current time in history.. I would also mention my complete admiration for Hugh on The Andrew Marr show, how you remained composed when I was screaming shame on you at the politician trying to support Camerons rediculous proposal I don t know! I salute you sir.. Bill Cort.. freedom of the press has not existed since rich people with political aspiration bought and owned the means of communication.. Murdoch is not the only press/media baron attempting to exert his perverted megalomanic desires.. ALL owned media has its agendas, accountable media, funded by the public, such as the BBC contains the ability to be called to account, by those who pay for it controlling its funding.. And as St Charlotte of Church points out Social media is, and should stay free speech.. Alex Davis.. All previous attempts at self-regulation have failed because the press ignores the rules when they want.. Enough is enough.. Cameron, are the proposals bonkers ? Of course not, but you still say no.. Proper regulation,underpinned by statute is absolutely necessary.. Tony Crooks.. Other European countries have fair, reasonable and effective media regulation.. There is No Reason for the UK to not do the same.. Reg Barritt.. It comes to mind that PM Cameron given how close he has been to the press, for example Ms Brookes, really should declare an interest as is the norm in such matters and step aside and not involve himself in the process of implementing Lord Leveson s recommendations.. Lou and Ian Pugh.. The press have repeatedly failed after 6 previous enquiries to adhere to reasonable guidelines indeed their actions have become more damaging.. The freedom which many of the tabloids seek is that to make money from the lives of others without being challenged and without staying within the law.. I believe in a free press, but given the progressive loss of confidence in the media, feel I must a press complaint board with statutory underpinning.. Philip Rose.. December 4th, 2012.. The current laws if applied are good enough I no sympathy for Hugh Grant etc.. Press regulation by Statute is the first stage toward complete state control things are bad enough already with the BBC, Murdoch and the NWO agenda.. Regulation by Statute will protect fraudsters, paedophiles, expenses thieves and others who exploit us.. I say less regulation everyone is game McAlpine did alright after all (a trial would have been interesting!).. Gareth Jones.. December 5th, 2012.. Been in the press for over 25years, honest, hard working ethical , journalists have nothing to worry over Leveson.. The gutter press will be destined to the history books.. Dave White.. December 13th, 2012.. The media lobby and establishment have neatly harnessed the term ‘Free Speech’ for their own cause.. But who can really believe that a Press which is largely owned and monitored by rich Press Barons and moguls who have made their money from business has ever been ‘free’? The press has not only ruined the lives of many families individuals, often in the most desperate of circumstances, but has lowered and stifled intellectual debate in our society for many years, using their own power to limit discussion and marginalise those with different perspectives that might question/threaten their own privilege or business models.. Who else can hope regulate our press but (at arm’s length) our ultimately, our elected bodies.. Substitute the word democratic for ‘state’ legislation and you have a different perspective.. Parliament may be far from perfect but it is democracy and ultimately accountable, unlike Murdoch and his ilk.. I am signing because I want more free speech, and all my life have despised the tactics of the tabloids in driving so many innocent people to despair with lies and insinuations simply for their own profits.. Implement Leveson in it’s entirety! And thanks well done to Hugh Grant and the rest for giving voice to this in the face of media attempts, once again, to manipulate the debate in their favour.. Tom Moore.. I was an early supporter of the hacked off campaign.. I admire what it has achieved and how it has shone a light on many wrongs.. However I now think the campaign is over stepping its original mandate.. While regulation seems like the answer, it will cause problems.. There are laws in place today that cover all the offences.. They should be applied consistently.. New laws just add complexity and red tape and will ultimately cost the wronged more.. As I said an admirable campaign, but it may be a good junction to test whether all the supporters of Hacked Off support the entire direction.. Lets be democratic?.. Rachie Ross.. October 10th, 2013.. I just want to congratulate Hugh for his time on radio 4 yesterday morning.. I woke up to his passionate exchange and I thought he came across as robust, highly intelligent (which he is!) and very focused.. The interview gave Sarah M a run for her money so to speak.. Just one thing; next time don t give a slight laugh as she thanks you at the end; it implied slight regret/embarrassment (ie I may have been too passionate/bet she think I went on and on etc) even if there were no such feelings on your part, a laugh/titter gives away slight emotional incongruence at that moment.. You have every reason to delighted with how you came across and as a passionate supported of Hacked Off s values I wanted you to own the exchange as forceful for a very good reason! It s a small point I raise but as a Therapeutic Coach I know how powerful a slight inflection can be in your voice.. Keep up the good work and keep speaking up..

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  • Title: Donate | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Hacked Off is an effective, successful and influential campaign thanks to people like you, and together we have brought the country closer to the free and accountable press we deserve.. But the hard work is far from over.. The Royal Charter has not yet been passed, and the newspaper industry will stop at nothing to protect their private interests and preserve the status quo.. Hacked Off needs to keep campaigning to represent ordinary people against the press barons, but we rely on donations from supporters to level the playing field against a powerful and wealthy press lobby which will stop at nothing to preserve its power.. Please make a donation to enable us to finish the job and end press abuse.. Thank you for your support.. We are just a handful of staff in a small Westminster office, but we represent scores of victims and the vast majority of public opinion who want to see free speech preserved and a press which is accountable..  ...   to:.. Westminster City Hall.. 64 Victoria Street.. London.. SW1E 6QP.. Thank you for supporting Hacked Off.. Responses to Donate.. Laurence Ghafur.. November 21st, 2012.. Read Mr Cathcart s excellent book yesterday.. Keep up the massively important work and take courage from the 77% of public support.. Following you all the way.. Best regards.. LCG.. Mike.. How much has Hugh Grant donated?.. Geoffrey Smith.. The reactions of most of the printed media to Leveson have been predictably hostile as usual to anything that challenges the power of the proprietors to determine national policy making.. We must not allow this to continue unchallenged.. The Leveson proposals will be trashed unless we make a stand.. I don t understand how Mr Entwistle had to resign for not knowing what was going on yet Mr Murdoch, who despite signing cheques for millions to pay off his victims, used not knowing what was going on as a defence and he has been allowed to stay.. He should be in jail..

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  • Title: Press Abuses | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Press Abuses.. Ordinary members of the public were victims of many abuses at the hands of the press.. These include, but are not limited to:.. LIES LIBEL.. HACKING.. INTRUSION.. INTIMIDATION.. Click.. here.. to read more victims stories.. Responses to Press Abuses.. Linda.. April 29th, 2013.. Would you please give me some advise, I was a victim of press abuse, back in  ...   be the best way forward with this? Thank you.. Hi Linda.. I m sorry to hear that you were a victim of press abuse.. Please send an email to.. rosa@hackinginquiry.. org.. and she ll let you know if there s any advice we can give you.. Thanks,.. Jess.. Simon Cox.. October 4th, 2013.. Really good work.. Please do not give up..

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  • Title: Debunking | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Posts Categorized:.. Debunking.. The Daily Mail and weasel words.. August 2nd, 2013.. by Brian Cathcart The Daily Mail, in a rage about solicitors allegedly employing rogue private investigators, has denounced a ‘wall of silence‘ among big law firms while at the same time accusing them of using ‘nothing but weasel words’.. The paper says it contacted 33 law firms to ask whether they had employed private investigators.. Leveson: another smear exposed.. July 29th, 2013.. by Brian Cathcart and Evan Harris When newspapers complain about ‘the other hacking scandal’ that is supposedly being neglected by the police, they frequently accuse Lord Justice Leveson of turning a blind eye to the evidence, or even of ‘suppressing’ it.. (You will find examples of this in the Independent, the Sunday Times (£), the Telegraph, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, the.. Papers scale the heights of hypocrisy.. July 28th, 2013.. by Brian Cathcart Over the past week several national newspapers have inflated a great balloon of speculation about a supposedly suppressed ‘hacking’ scandal and then worked themselves into a frenzy of  ...   Leveson Report.. Its editorial (£) on the subject, however, reveals that this support is founded on a long list of misunderstandings and errors.. Below is our analysis, with.. Hacked Off and the midnight pizza deal: another silly myth.. by Brian Cathcart This morning s FT Editorial (£) repeats a myth we hear all the time: that the cross-party royal charter was assembled over pizza in the early hours of the morning.. A deal was thrown together so the story goes late at night in Ed Miliband’s office with Hacked Off in the room and the press totally excluded.. Spinning in the Last Chance Saloon – Why the “Son of PCC” regulator fails all the tests – Part 1.. July 10th, 2013.. By Evan Harris On 8 July, sections of the press industry announced in a press release their plans to set up a self-regulator that is designed NOT to meet the standards required by the Leveson Report or by the Royal Charter agreed by all parties in Parliament.. This press release itself is evidence of the..

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  • Title: The Leveson Inquiry | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Lord Justice Leveson announced his recommendations for a new, independent regulator following his 16 month investigation into the culture, practice and ethics of the press on Thursday 29th November 2012.. Read the.. official Executive Summary of the Report.. Read.. Leveson s Report in full.. Read facts and figures from the Inquiry.. Read the archive of Hacked Off s.. blogs on the proceedings.. Browse.. evidence, submissions and other documents from the inquiry.. , some of which are no longer available on the Inquiry s website.. To find out more, please visit.. the  ...   petition if it also pushed the government to not just legislate to control the media s excesses but to extend such legislation to reining-in the media s grossly offensive, but longstanding, policy of making payments to convicted mass murderers, rapists and child abusers/killers, for their stories.. Mrs Hains.. It is disgusting how the government think it is Ok for the pres to intrude on peoples private lives and hound people even if they are innocent.. They just dont have any morrals and need bringing into line.. More control would be good..

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  • Title: Hacked Off welcomes cross-party agreement on Leveson | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Hacked Off welcomes cross-party agreement on Leveson.. March 18th, 2013.. Comment.. Read the cross-party draft Royal Charter on self-regulation of the press here.. Hacked Off welcomes the cross-party agreement on implementing the Leveson recommendations on press self-regulation that was reached last night.. We look forward to seeing Parliament finally have its say on these matters later this afternoon.. The Royal Charter that they have accepted will introduce a new system that will protect the freedom of the press and at the same time protect the public from the kinds of abuses that made the Leveson Inquiry necessary.. All parties are now clearly behind Leveson’s recommendations for an independent self-regulator that will deal fairly with complaints and will ensure that corrections are given due prominence.. It will be able to mount effective investigations and where appropriate impose meaningful sanctions.. It will offer an arbitration service that is free for the public to access, and there will be no press veto on who runs it.. This is what Lord Justice Leveson recommended in November after a long inquiry in which he heard the views of every relevant group.. He did not recommend the use of Royal Charter and we believe Charter is second best, but we believe that this charter can effectively deliver his proposals on self-regulation.. The Charter will be protected by a minimal clause of statute.. This protection is needed because royal charter bodies are normally closely overseen by the Privy Council, a committee of ministers.. In other words, without that clause of statute, politicians would be free to meddle with the new self-regulation system.. We regret that it has taken four months to reach this point, but we are grateful to politicians of all of the leading parties for their efforts in bringing about this agreement.. They have acted despite the scaremongering of powerful newspaper groups which had their say at the inquiry and didn’t like the outcome.. Some papers have grossly misrepresented the Leveson Report and continue to do so.. We look forward now to the formal promulgation of the Royal Charter and the passing of the necessary protective clause of statute.. After that, we hope the press will see the sense in participating fully in a system that will give them a chance to rebuild trust in newspaper journalism.. Responses to Hacked Off welcomes cross-party agreement on Leveson.. Neil riches.. March 18th, 2013.. Well done to all at Hacked Off!!.. Paul.. Well, as of this moment (14.. 00, 18/3/13), it is not at all clear to me that there IS cross-party agreement on Leveson.. Both sides are saying there is an agreement, but they don t seem to agree what that agreement is!.. I m sure the good folks at Hacked Off are well able to fight their corner, but it looks suspiciously like they are going to be badly let down in the end.. The political stakes on this are massive with all sides frantically rowing back from their original positions to keep the press at arms length in future.. This is why Cameron especially is leaving the door slightly ajar, because he is going to need all the support he can get at the next election.. BUT OVER AND ABOVE ALL THIS, it is simply unbelievable that all the options spoken of up to this point are for a voluntary opt-in arrangement.. The Spectator has said all along it won t be doing so, what happens if some, or all, others decide the same.. We shall see what happens tonight, but this has all the makings of a farce.. Pat BIrd.. Very well done the Hacked Off Group.. It pays to keep pushing!.. Robert Anderson.. This was never about an attack on the free press as many anti democratic elements have suggested.. This is about the power of media magnates to destroy anyone they disagree with or take a dislike to and to attack anyone who challenges their unilateral actions and ultimately their political, economic and social agenda which they wish to foist on us the majority.. I still think we have a long way to go before we make the so called free press and getting them to deal in facts rather than propaganda, libel and outright dam lies!.. Matthew Hopper.. Well done to all of the Hacked Off campaign team and of course your many supporters.. It has been a long hard slog to get to this point but your tenacity has eventually paid off.. My opinion has always been that independent regulation would in fact free up the press rather than shackle it.. Good, thorough, ethical journalism will improve the quality of newspapers not diminish them.. Douglas Brown.. Whether the agreed way forward gets implemented is still up for question as the media are likely to fight tooth and nail for weaker oversight (much as they have now with the essentially in-house, Press Complaints Commission), however in the light of their recent activity, with more revelations still coming out about their lack of ethics in news gathering, the tide of public opinion is very much against them.. In my business I deliver media training and work with people ranging from business executives to academics and charity workers I have yet to come across anyone attending my workshops who comes with anything better than a jaundiced view of journalists and what to expect from them.. Indeed many come with downright hostility and suspicion.. Truthful and honest reporting of the facts is rarely at the top of their expectations and it would be a salutary experience I m sure for journalists to attend one of my sessions to see how low their reputation lies with ordinary people.. The problem for most journalists (who do act fairly and ethically) is they fail to understand that the extent to which the excessive behaviour of some of their brethren has tainted the whole profession, and that the only way to regain public confidence is to clearly demonstrate that decency, truth and honesty are at the heart of their trade.. Having a robust regulator is one way to reassure the public that the beast can be domesticated.. The truth is, straightforward honest journalists, even investigative journalists, have nothing to fear from tighter regulation and everything to gain because once again their readers will have faith in what has been written, rather than viewing everything with cynicism.. So hats off to Hacked off not only have they done all those who have ben abused by journalistic excess a huge service, but they may well have done journalism itself a favour too by forcing the first steps towards it regaining public trust and support.. Helena Meco.. From somewhere of Spain, well done the Hacked Off Group!!! Thank you.. louis edmondson.. this is a fudge by Labour and the Lib Dems to APPEAR to be acting for the victims but actually keeping one eye  ...   fight the Royal Charter as I type this isn t the end for them, but could be the beginning of the end, so be sure to maintain your pressure.. Well done!.. Richard Baron.. The Hacked Off campaigners have just sacrificed the essential liberty of all of us, for the sake of a little temporary security.. To make it concrete, the victims of thalidomide (a long time ago) and of toxic waste dumping (more recently) real victims, unlike celebrities and all we taxpayers who were robbed by MPs expenses claims, depended on a tough, annoying, unregulated press.. Stop rejoicing, Hacked Off, and hang your heads in shame.. Tim Bennett.. Hope you re proud of yourselves.. This Charter does nothing to make phone hacking less likely.. What it does do is attempt tocoerce every newspaper and group blog into state regulation.. I wonder if you in hacked off (who bankrolls you by the way?) would submit your own published statements to the same level of scrutiny that you have sought to impose on others.. Britain could once be proud of its free speech.. We still have a proud tradition but you have stained the present.. Steve James.. (who bankrolls you by the way?).. Exactly if you want to talk about transparency you have to eat live sleep and breathe transparency.. This will be a charter for the protection of to some degree the small if you like but will enable the great and the good to get away with murder just as has happened in France.. I hear you have the proprietor of the Evening Standard on board as a donor well done Hacked Off! Fighting free speech!.. Heino Vockrodt.. To all you Hacked Off addicts: this whole thing will go terribly wrong and then well the clue is in the name.. This just in from somebody outside the ivory tower, Nigel Farage:.. We must not create anything that restricts freedom.. In the light of the deal on a Royal Charter for the restriction of the press, Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader has reiterated UKIP’s absolute opposition to any political interference with the operations of a free press.. “For this government, or any bunch of so-called politicians to support the legislative underpinning of a voluntary agreement to oversee the press is a huge mistake, and the first step on a very slippery slope”.. He pointed out that he is himself a victim of the hacking scandal,.. “My own phone was hacked, but that is neither here nor there.. Things go wrong in the press, as they do in every walk of life and business, but we already have legal redress.. Criminal actions are criminal actions, and are already covered by the law.. Those of us in my position already have recourse to the law.. We must not create anything that restricts freedom”.. “The fact that in the proposed regulation all things and all people are covered, is very disturbing, in Schedule 4 it says that it covers any printed document that includes “ containing news-related material” or any “website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine).. That is your blog, your forum, your twitter feed, your Facebook page, in fact almost the whole of contemporary discourse.. The only place left to speak out will be in the pub… and they are closing at 10 a week due to a series of ill thought out government measures”.. “The code is required to deal with “preventing the public from being seriously misled”.. One man’s misleading information is another man’s factual account.. It will be used to suppress proper investigative journalism that informs the public.. ”.. “And then, when this all goes terribly wrong, as it will, it will require at least two-thirds of the members of each House to vote through a motion to amend or dissolve the Charter.. Our Constitution has always set itself against the entrenching of laws, yet here is the Political Class trying to set this thing in stone.. One must ask why a simple majority no longer suffices.. He went on,.. “Control of the media should not now, or ever, be in any way the responsibility of self-interested politicians.. Any Government intervention almost always fails: this will fail.. It is about politicians creating a cozy world of silence where they can live and act in peace and behave without public accountability.. It is a huge mistake and is laughable in the age of the Internet.. It is just completely the wrong thing to do.. This is a Charter for the Suppression of the Press, not for its regulation.. UKIP will fight these proposals as hard as we can, particularly through the leadership of Lord Stevens of Ludgate in the House of Lords”.. Gary Richards.. how can people on here be saying well done,,this wil never come about the papers wont let it.. theres no way of making them sign up except the idea of shame if they dont and fines ?? this is newspapers that are all ready paying out millions so the threat of having to pay more is pointless.. if this is the best we can get then the whole thing has been a waste of time and at best very little will change but id put money on nothink will change its all smoke and mirrors.. March 20th, 2013.. @Gary Richards: I agree with your sentiment but not your conclusion.. Smoke Mirrors it may be to you and me, but for the news media, this new process will be ridiculously complex.. Any defence will take months all the while they re banned to write what they intended to in the first place.. In the end, it will all but lead to self-censorship for reasons of avoidance of procedural grind.. BTW that s a tried tested strategy of this current lot they are already curtailing freedom of speech easily: they arrested all EDL members of a demonstration without reason (where, as usual, the leftist extremists were the ones setting the cars on fire), then released them on bail 2 hours later, but with bail conditions lasting for the next 6 months until trial.. The trial of course will all but last 5 minutes but in the meantime, they ve managed to surpress freedom of speech AND the right to demonstrate for that duration.. Now the EDL are not my type of intellectual approach, but they re honest normal people so good for them.. They re not brilliant speakers but have a patriotic streak within them, stoicly almost so who are we (or they) to curb their (our) freedom of speech? Even if we don t like it?.. Exactly!.. Watch Rowan Atkinson make exactly that point in this speech in support for the amendment of Section 5:.. http://youtu.. be/gciegyiLYtY.. Sorcha O'Shea.. August 14th, 2013.. I m interested to find out more about the campaign.. Sorcha..

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  • Title: Senior Labour backbencher says charter means Britain can be proud of its press once again | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: October 25th, 2013.. The MP addresses directly the worries expressed by the local press about the costs of the new system, explaining, it’s far better for papers to be onside, because signing up gives protection against the huge bills of libel and privacy lawsuits… And it s that chilling effect , the threat of costly court action, which is the real enemy of good, investigative, public interest journalism, not this Charter, or the Recognition Panel’.. Read the full article here..

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  • Title: Hacked Off | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: Posts By:.. Hacked Off.. Victims send open letter to PM urging action on press regulation.. September 9th, 2013.. Victims of press harassment have sent an open letter to the Prime Minister ahead of his appearance at the Commons Liaison Committee on Tuesday, calling on him to clearly and speedily reject the self-regulation scheme put forward by parts of the press and expedite the sealing of the cross-party royal charter, backed by Parliament and.. What the PM told Parliament about victims of the press: a reminder.. By Hacked Off David Cameron gave clear assurances on numerous occasions that the interests of those who suffered at the hands of unscrupulous and criminal elements in the newspaper industry should be uppermost in the debate over the future of press regulation.. Tomorrow, he is due to be questioned by senior backbench MPs about the.. IPSO: not independent and not effective.. September 8th, 2013.. by Brian Cathcart Entirely predictably, the people who dominate the press industry are ploughing ahead with ‘IPSO , their go-it-alone scheme for self-regulation on their own  ...   Mr Alan Partridge from Norwich.. Now, everyone is entitled to their views and to express them but we believe that the email propagates some injurious myths about our organisation and the case for press reform which.. Comparing David Miranda to phone hackers wilfully misses the point.. August 30th, 2013.. by Brian Cathcart Does it show double standards to condemn David Miranda s detention without criticising the arrest of journalists suspected of illegal phone hacking and bribery? There are news organisations that want us to believe it does.. Here is the Daily Mail: The Guardian continues to be vociferous in its demands for police to pursue tabloid journalists suspected.. The Miranda case and the game of false equivalence.. August 28th, 2013.. By David Hass and Dr Evan Harris Alarm about the detention of David Miranda under anti-terror legislation has been met with accusations of hypocrisy.. It has been claimed that to condemn Miranda’s detention without criticising the arrests of journalists accused of illegal phone hacking and bribery is double standards.. Is it a fair charge? David..

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  • Title: News | Hacked Off
    Descriptive info: News.. by Brian Cathcart Entirely predictably, the people who dominate the press industry are ploughing ahead with ‘IPSO , their go-it-along scheme for self-regulation on their own terms, periodically boasting about the great progress they are making.. Whither media studies?.. August 22nd, 2013.. Guest blog by Tom Rowland Last week’s announcement of the ‘A’ level results provided an opportunity for sections of the press to indulge a pet obsession of bashing media studies as an academic discipline.. “Media studies and general studies have continued their miserable decline, losing 7,000 candidates between them in a single year”, pronounced a columnist..

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