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  • Title: The Hennepin County Attorney - News & Press
    Descriptive info: .. Legal FAQs.. Sign up for Email.. Contact.. Home.. About.. Divisions.. Case Information.. Criminal Prosecution.. Victims Services.. Civil.. Crime Prevention.. Vulnerable Adults.. Students Youth.. News Press.. Community Justice Update.. Hennepin County Attorney.. C-2000 Government Center.. 300 South Sixth Street.. Minneapolis, MN 55487.. General Info:.. 612-348-5550.. citizeninfo@co.. hennepin.. mn.. us.. Follow us on Facebook.. Previous.. Next.. News & Press.. Sad ending to a sad case.. Wednesday, October 09, 2013.. Shacara Foster was sentenced to 93 months in prison, with credit for  ...   More News Press.. Prosecution.. Recent Charges.. Today's Court Calendar.. Jail Roster.. Impact Statements.. Learn about the legal process.. Read the latest Enews.. Prevention.. Crime Prevention Tips.. Court Watch.. be@school program.. Public Safety Resources.. Get email updates.. Get Help.. Child Support.. Report a public nuisance or a problem property.. File a property tax petition.. Get police contact information.. Access public court records.. Information on restitution.. Contact Us.. |.. Privacy Statement.. Terms Of Use.. Hennepin County.. 2011 MN Hennepin County Attorney.. Login..

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  • Title: Hennepin County Attorney > FAQ
    Descriptive info: Legal Process Overviews.. Learn about the Criminal Justice Process.. for adults in Hennepin County.. View the.. Criminal Process Diagram.. Read.. Understanding the Juvenile Justice Process.. FAQ About the Criminal Justice Process.. FAQs.. What does the Hennepin County Attorney Do?.. How do I report a crime?.. How do I start an investigation?.. There was a crime in my neighborhood, why is it not listed on the Hennepin County Attorney s website?.. Why are the Juvenile Court Cases not listed on your website?.. Why is the office not prosecuting the person who committed a crime?.. Why are some defendants not in jail after they have been arrested and charged?.. What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?.. Why is the sentence shorter than the punishment listed in the statute?.. Where can I find booking photos?.. Can you provide me with legal advice?.. I am a Victim.. How do I drop the charges?.. How do I get a copy of a police report?.. How do I report consumer fraud?.. The Hennepin County Attorney s Office Has Five Primary Functions:.. Prosecute felony-level offenses committed by adults in Hennepin County.. Learn more about the Criminal Prosecution divisions.. Prosecute all offenses committed by juveniles in Hennepin County.. Learn more about the Juvenile division.. Provide advocacy, support, and referrals for victims of crime as their cases move through the criminal justice process.. Learn more about Victims Services.. Represent the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, County Administration, and county departments in legal matters.. Learn more about the Civil division.. Represent Hennepin County in civil commitment hearings for residents with mental illness, chemical dependency, and developmental disabilities.. Learn more about Adult Services.. Call 9-1-1.. If you wish to report a crime that is a non-emergency, contact the.. city police department.. of the location of the crime at the non-emergency phone number.. The police will conduct an initial investigation of the matter.. If the officers believe that a felony-level offense or juvenile offense has occurred, the police department will forward their investigation to the County Attorney s Office for possible prosecution.. If a misdemeanor has occurred, the police department will forward their investigation to the city attorney s office.. How do I request that a crime be investigated?.. The primary investigative agency for a crime is the local police department.. Crimes should be reported to the police department in the area where the crime occurred.. For example, crimes committed in Minneapolis should be reported to the Minneapolis Police Department.. If there is no city police department in your area of Hennepin County, the crime should be reported to the.. Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.. Once the police department completes the initial investigation, the police department will make a determination whether to forward the report to the appropriate prosecuting agency.. The reviewing prosecutor decides what charge(s), if any, will be issued.. Once a crime has been reported, the local police department will conduct an investigation and file a report to the correct prosecuting agency.. Hennepin County Attorney s Office only prosecutes adult felonies and all juvenile crimes.. The City Attorney from the city in which the crime took place is responsible for prosecuting petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, and gross misdemeanors committed by adults.. There may be several reasons why the particular crime is not listed on our website.. The crime may not be a felony charge, in which case it would prosecuted by the city attorney for city in which the crime occurred.. The local police department may have determined that there was an insufficient basis to open an investigation in the case.. The investigation may still be on-going with the local law enforcement, meaning our office has yet to review the case.. There may have been insufficient evidence to prosecute the case against a particular individual.. In a criminal case, to obtain a conviction there must be evidence  ...   by adults.. Felonies and juvenile offenses are handled by county attorneys.. Below are typical offenses and sentences for each category.. Petty misdemeanor.. offenses include most traffic violations and are punishable by fine up to $300.. Petty misdemeanors are not considered crimes because imprisonment is not an allowable punishment.. Misdemeanors.. are punishable by up to 90 days in jail or up to a fine of $1,000.. Typical misdemeanor offenses include, but are not limited to the following: simple assault domestic or non-domestic, driver s license or insurance violations, driving under the influence of alcohol, or theft or damage to property where the value of the stolen or damaged property is less than $500.. Some misdemeanor offenses, including domestic assaults and driving under the influence, can be enhanced to higher level crimes with subsequent violations.. Gross misdemeanors.. are punishable by one year in jail and/or up to a $3,000 fine.. Typical gross misdemeanors include, but are not limited to the following: second DWI in ten years, second assault in ten years against the same victim, and property theft worth between $500 and $1,000.. Felonies.. are punishable by over one year of imprisonment or a maximum fine specified in the law.. Felony offenses include, but are not limited to the following: homicide, robbery, burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon, criminal sexual conduct, possession and sale of controlled substances, motor vehicle theft, theft or damage to property where the value stolen or damaged is over $1000.. The legislature provides for a maximum sentence for each crime.. However, Minnesota has Sentencing Guidelines that determine what the presumptive sentence should be in each case.. The presumptive sentence is determined using a.. grid.. that is based on the severity of the current offense as well as the offender s past criminal history.. Usually, the presumptive sentence under the Sentencing Guidelines is notably shorter than the maximum sentence set by the legislature.. The court only has the ability to depart - give a shorter or longer sentence - from the Sentencing Guidelines if there are identifiable, substantial and compelling reasons particular to the case.. For more information on sentencing, please consult the.. Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission.. The Hennepin County Attorney s Office does not provide access to booking photos.. Please contact the.. arresting agency.. for information on how to obtain such records.. No, the Hennepin County Attorney s Office is prevented by law from answering legal questions or offering legal advice to private citizens.. If you feel like you need a private attorney one resource is the Hennepin County Bar Association lawyer referral line at (612) 752-6666.. In addition, if your personal income falls near or below the poverty level,.. Minnesota Legal Aid.. offers low-cost legal advice and representation.. In Hennepin County, the Legal Aid intake numbers are 612-334-5970 or 612-332-4668 (TDD/TTY).. You can also consult the.. Minnesota Judicial Branch Self Help Center.. and.. LawHelpMN.. websites for legal information and resources.. I am a victim of a crime.. Many people incorrectly believe a victim has the power to press charges or drop the charges.. All crimes are considered offenses against the State, not solely against the victim.. The Hennepin County Attorney's Office prosecutes criminal complaints on behalf of the State of Minnesota.. Only the attorney prosecuting the case can decide to file or dismiss charges, though the victim s opinion is important in that decision.. Many factors are taken into account when deciding whether to honor a victim s request not to proceed with prosecuting, including: the nature and extent of the defendant s criminal history, the severity of the alleged crime, whether the defendant has other pending charges in the criminal justice system, and future danger to the community.. Contact the police agency that created the report to obtain a copy.. You can contact the Minnesota Attorney General, Lori Swanson at 651-296-3353 or through the.. website..

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  • Title: Contact the Hennepin County Attorney
    Descriptive info: Contact the Hennepin County Attorney.. Email:.. Department.. Phone.. Fax.. Administration/General Information.. 612-348-9712.. Adult Prosecution.. Violent Crimes.. 612-348-5561.. 612-348-2042.. Adult Services.. Mental Health.. 612-348-6740.. 612-348-6430.. Child Protection.. 612-348-3027.. 612-348-9247.. 612-348-6392.. 612-348-3128.. Citizen Information.. Call the hotline or email.. 612-348-2146.. Legal Counsel to County Departments.. 612-348-5518.. 612-348-8299.. Communications.. 612-348-5580.. 612-317-6121.. Community Prosecution.. Drugs Crimes.. Property Crimes.. 612-348-9952.. 612-596-7843.. 612-317-6113.. 612-317-6262.. Data Practices Requests.. Domestic Abuse Service Center.. 612-348-5073.. 612-348-2620 (TDD).. 612-348-5892.. Gang Unit.. 612-348-6080.. 612-596-7785.. Special Litigation.. Appeals.. Complex Crimes.. 612-348-5527.. 612-348-6028.. Juvenile Prosecution.. 612-348-7916.. 612-348-9689.. Truancy.. 612-348-6041.. 612-596-7376.. Victim/Witness Assistance.. 612-348-4003.. 612-348-5875 (TDD).. 612-348-3061.. Restitution.. Defendants.. Victims.. Juvenile.. 612-348-2016.. 612-348-4814.. 612-348-3845..

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  • Title: The Hennepin County Attorney - News & Press
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  • Title: Hennepin County Attorney > About
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. Budget Presentation.. Employment.. Current RFPs.. History.. Welcome to the Office of the Hennepin County Attorney.. It's my fourth term in office but my pledge remains the same; to uphold the values and integrity of this office.. As your county attorney, my goal is to bring justice to the victims of crimes and work to protect the 1.. 1 million citizens of Hennepin County.. There's a lot of work to do and with your help and support, we'll get the job done..  ...   Identity Theft, Livability Crimes and crimes against seniors and vulnerable adults.. Join us in working to protect the safety of our community by reporting crimes and working with law enforcement.. On this website you will find telephone numbers you can call for assistance.. Our office offers information on a host of topics from crime prevention and victim witness assistance to tax information.. I'm very excited to serve the citizens of Hennepin County.. We're here to work for your interests,.. Mike Freeman.. Michael Freeman..

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  • Title: Mike Freeman - Hennepin County Attorney
    Descriptive info: Criminal Division.. Civil Division.. Welcome to the Office of the Hennepin County Attorney.. The Office of the Hennepin County Attorney is made up of several divisions.. Each division is focused on a different area of the legal system to best serve Hennepin County.. Hennepin County Attorney Michael O.. Freeman oversees these divisions.. Prosecution Divisions.. Victim Services.. Civil Divisions.. Civil Law.. Child Protection..

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  • Title: Case Information
    Descriptive info: The Hennepin County Attorney's Office does its best to provide updates to the community focusing on cases that are high profile cases or have generated community interest.. High Profile Cases.. Official statements regarding cases of public interest:.. Recent Outcomes.. Community Prosecution Case Information.. Community Prosecution is based on a closer working relationship between prosecutors and the local neighborhoods and communities where crime is occurring.. Their online maps.. provide additional information on selected felony cases involving drug and property offenses.. Community members can also submit inmpact statements for a specific case or general comments about crime in your community.. Using MNCIS.. If  ...   Court Public Access Remote.. This online database contains records for criminal and civil cases for all of Minnesota, including the Fourth District Court in Hennepin County.. You can search by defendant name, case number, attorney or citation.. If you have questions about court records in Hennepin County, consult the.. Fourth District Criminal Court's FAQs.. Information about the adult restitution process is available online.. 612-348-3845.. for questions about the juvenile restitution process or your specific case in the juvenile system.. If you have specific questions about the dispositions in these cases, contact Ashley Schweitzer in Community Relations at 612-543-1456 or.. ashley.. schweitzer@co..

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  • Title: Hennepin County Attorney > Criminal Prosecution
    Descriptive info: David C.. Brown is the Deputy County Attorney for the Criminal Divisions.. Mr.. Brown has been a prosecutor for over 25 years and has served in the Adult Prosecution Division, Drug Team, Child Protection Division, and most recently as supervisor of the Appeals Section.. He has also done extensive teaching on evidence and trial skills for the National District Attorneys Association and Minnesota County Attorneys Association.. Brown is a 1987 honors graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School.. The Criminal Deputy County Attorney is responsible for the following divisions:.. Drugs, Property Crimes.. Criminal Deputy County Attorney.. David Brown..

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  • Title: Hennepin County Attorney > Victims Services
    Descriptive info: Victim Witness Unit.. The Victim Witness Unit provides services to victims in a humane, safe and respectful environment.. Staff provides advocacy, support and referrals for victims of crime as their cases move through the criminal justice process.. Witness Advocates provide information about victim s rights and restitution.. Specially-trained advocates offer information and support to victims of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide, property crimes and gang cases.. Advocates also share information about the particular case, court dates and sentencing outcomes.. Advocates help provide information on safety plans, relocation and lock replacement, as well as crisis referrals and support.. Many victims of crime are new arrivals to this country.. Spanish speaking victims work with our bilingual advocates and interpreters are regularly used for other languages.. Printed materials in languages other than English are available.. The courtroom is also part of advocacy and includes TTY for deaf/hard  ...   legal assistance and social services they need.. We help victims and families apply for orders for protection.. The Center has staff members who can assist in creating safety plans and where to find temporary housing.. All of these services are available in one safe and convenient location in downtown Minneapolis at the Hennepin County Government Center.. There is also a playroom so children can accompany their parents to the Center.. The Center's operations and staff reflect a unique collaboration among law enforcement agencies and domestic abuse service providers.. In addition, many languages are spoken by staff at the Center, including Bengali, Cambodian, Hindi, Hmong, Somali and Spanish and the staff is ethnically and culturally diverse.. The Center has been able to raise awareness about domestic abuse services and also provides support services related to the abuse of seniors and vulnerable adults.. Managing Attorney.. Lolita Ulloa.. Phone:.. Fax:..

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  • Title: Hennepin County Attorney > Divisions > Civil Division
    Descriptive info: Civil Law.. Property Tax Petitions.. The Deputy County Attorney is responsible for the following divisions:.. Adult Services.. Charlene W.. Hatcher was promoted to Deputy County Attorney for the Civil Divisions in December 2011.. She had previously served as managing attorney for the Adult Services Division and managing attorney of the Human Services Division.. Hatcher joined the Hennepin County Attorney s Office in 1993 and before that worked in private practice and as a special assistant attorney general in Minnesota.. She is a graduate of the William Mitchell College of Law in St.. Paul.. Chief Deputy County Attorney.. Charlene Hatcher..

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  • Title: Crime Prevention
    Descriptive info: Crime Prevention Resources.. Learn about our work to prevent gun violence.. Resources from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.. Dealing with problem or nuisance properties.. Identity theft.. Protect yourself from financial exploitation.. Protecting Vulnerable Adults.. Keep your home safe.. School Safety.. Learn about.. , a collaborative, community-based approach to criminal justice.. Impact statements.. Enews Archive.. - email newsletters include crime prevention tips and news updates from select court cases.. Sign up to receive the email newsletter.. Useful Links.. List of Public Safety and Legal Resources.. Crime Prevention Resources from the Minneapolis Police Department.. Local Police Department Contact Information.. Minnesota Department of Commerce Consumer Protection.. Tips for Reporting Crime.. Before a crime can be  ...   alerts law enforcement to problems, enabling officers to respond.. It is the first step in the criminal justice process and one way citizens can help hold offenders accountable and keep their community safe.. If you witness a crime or any suspicious activity, call 911.. If you or someone else needs assistance from emergency personnel, call 911.. Contact Your Local Police Department.. In a non-emergency situation that does not require an immediate response,.. contact your local police department.. In Minneapolis, you can also.. c.. all 311 or.. submit an online police report.. When in doubt, call 9-1-1.. If you have questions about which number to call, consult.. When and How to Use 911-311(PDF)..

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