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  • Title: Hardformat - Reaching for the sublime in music design
    Descriptive info: .. Hardformat.. Reaching for the sublime in music design (album covers, cd art, record design).. Home.. News.. About.. Designers.. Collections.. Formats.. Contact.. Follow:.. -.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Flickr.. Newsfeed (RSS)..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
    Descriptive info: HARDHOUND.. Flying Lotus Cosmogramma.. Author: Colin | Published: 23/6/13.. Previous.. Being The Folkestone Lighthouse EP; loscil City Hospital – Reissue (Wist Records).. Next.. Cassette Store Day.. Artist.. Flying Lotus.. Title.. Cosmogramma.. Label.. Warp Records.. Year.. 2010.. Design.. Artwork: Leigh J.. McCloskey; Codex Tor; design: Brandy Flower.. Music.. Notes.. This is the special edition of Flying Lotus third album.. It s a lovely thing to behold, particularly in my slightly scuffed copy.. The design and imagery perfectly reflect the music and the track titles.. The EP Pattern+Grid World released after Cosmogramma  ...   Comment?.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. To submit your comment and help me with comment spam,.. please do this sum and then click Submit Comment above, thanks:.. What is 11 + 15 ?.. Please leave these two fields as-is:.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.. Notify me of new posts by email.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Being – The Folkestone Lighthouse EP; loscil – City Hospital – Reissue (Wist Records)
    Descriptive info: Author: Colin | Published: 15/6/13.. Big Cosmos Illuminance.. 1-9: Being; 10-15: loscil.. 1-9: The Folkestone Lighthouse EP; 10-15: City Hospital.. Wist Records.. 2012/13.. 1-9: Manfred Naescher; 10-15: Phantom Son, Intl.. Ambient/electronic/field recordings.. There s a small wealth of information secreted within each of these two releases.. The envelopes are referred to by Gary Mentanko, label co-founder with designer Manfred Naescher, as a jackdaw folder.. It s not a term I ve encountered before, but there s a poetry to the term that I like.. Wist Records is a fascinating project for anyone interested in oblique approaches to liminal subjects such as, in these particular cases, lighthouses and long-lost hospitals.. The balance between the  ...   degradation of the environment as well as community.. The rest of.. Wist Records catalogue.. is also well worth investigating.. This is what the label has to say about itself:.. We re an environmentally friendly, independent label dealing in short form, handmade music.. As the monetary predominance of music is lessened, the importance of DIY music has grown more more essential in framing new ways of listening.. Thematically, we chart ecology, topography, rural abandonment and education.. We are devoted to quiet, scraggly, distant sounds, tactile paper grain and good home cookin’.. Please compare such poetic, beautifully researched and delightfully attractive artifacts to your next or most recent mp3 download.. What is 9 + 6 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Big Cosmos – Illuminance
    Descriptive info: Author: Colin | Published: 9/6/13.. Mount Kimbie.. Big Cosmos.. Illuminance.. Blessing Force Records.. 2012.. All artwork and design by Claire Baily.. Songform.. When I opened the parcel and found this laser-cut cabinet and before I slid the top off, I expected to find a CD.. Instead there was a USB bracelet, a booklet and a poster.. I m struck that such a relatively sizable physical object should contain only digital files, in fact I like it.. In the booklet the listener  ...   it to the pub, pass it around the office, or simply share the songs online via your Facebook or Twitter etc.. It s the great contemporary challenge, to be more than a needle in a haystack.. I also like instruction number 4:.. Use the box as you wish; place it on your mantlepiece, use it as a paper weight, store all your secret love letters inside it.. Here s wishing Big Cosmos the best of luck.. What is 3 + 8 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » rotor plus – Map Key Window, Dust, Aileron
    Descriptive info: rotor plus Map Key Window, Dust, Aileron.. Author: Colin | Published: 27/5/13.. Maud Lübeck Lobotom.. rotor plus.. 1-9: Map Key Window; 10-13: Dust; 14-16: Aileron.. The Radiophonics Trading Company of New Zealand.. 1-9: 2004; 10-13: 2012; 14-16: 2000.. Design, layout and editing: Mr R.. Shaw.. Electronic, ambient, filmic.. There s a playful sense of mystery to this trilogy, released over a period of more than a decade and united by their format and oblique references.. They re delightfully presented and convey to this little-travelled observer a sense of experiences and narratives unfolded at a remote distance.. Whether the images and scraps of information, handwritten and typed, or the extended liminal compositions take precedence probably depends on each individual s take..  ...   enjoy surrendering yourself to daydreams and riddles, rotor plus is for you.. You can purchase the three releases.. here.. Listen on the r + Bandcamp page.. Comments.. Hi Colin.. Just seeing the packaging of these 3 releases made me go to their website and order all 3!.. 2 have arrived so far not disappointed at all.. Beautiful packaging and the music on the cds is lovely too esp.. Dust.. Can t wait for the third to come.. Thank you for putting me onto rotor +.. Comment by Conrad June 5, 2013 @.. 9:37 pm.. Hello Conrad it s a real pleasure, thanks for telling me.. Comment by.. Colin.. June 9, 2013 @.. 12:19 pm.. What is 4 + 3 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Maud Lübeck – Lobotom
    Descriptive info: Author: Colin | Published: 12/5/13.. Record made of wood.. Maud Lübeck.. Lobotom.. 7ème Ciel.. Graphisme/Illustrations: Damian O Hara.. text.. This is the second time Hard Format has featured 7ème Ciel.. I have a soft spot for music presented in books and Damian O Hara s bold, graphic design and illustrations don t disappoint.. The 30 or so minutes of music are beguiling, but all too brief.. Here s what 7ème Ciel s website has to say about this project:.. charts the  ...   let on an island.. When she enters the house, she falls through the floor and continues her tour in the haunted basement.. She then finds herself in a strange and unusual universe.. It is none other than her own body and she wants to take possession of it.. -.. Birch Book.. This isn t the music on this album, but I couldn t find a sample so will have to suffice.. I liked it anyway.. What is 7 + 4 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Scott Walker – Bish Bosch
    Descriptive info: Scott Walker Bish Bosch.. Author: Colin | Published: 28/4/13.. Bladerunner on red vinyl.. Memory Drawings Music For Another Loss; Directorsound I Hunt Alone (Second Language).. Scott Walker.. Bish Bosch.. 4AD.. Philip Laslett; painted words: Ben Farquharson; photography: Davy Evans.. Extraordinary.. A new Scott Walker album is a rare event, the announcement of which is met in some quarters including this one with great expectation.. Bish Bosch did not disappoint, despite its continuation of sonic and lyrical themes from its predecessor, The Drift, where The Drift was more a quantum leap (dive) from Tilt.. Though it s thrilling, funny, fascinating and unease-making to listen to, this vinyl edition is a little disappointing and I have to attribute that response to the absence of Vaughan Oliver from this album s design.. Let me say that the cover itself is visually striking, the use of the dripped paint to render the song titles and particularly the album title itself is certainly dramatic.. However, after a while it feels a little lacking in subtlety and suggestiveness.. The Drift.. conveyed its darkness perfectly what the hell was that texture, those colours? Survive the the music and one couldn t help but imagine it was blood on the walls of  ...   of the production.. Again, the Drift s vinyl edition was done properly: the lyric booklet was printed at the 12 square size of the record and was all the more visually impressive an object for that fact (a separate, resized version was produced for the CD).. 4AD have reused the CD sized booklet this time and it very much lacks the power that a full-sized version would have conveyed.. Ultimately it means this vinyl edition feels just a little perfunctory.. I may be guilty of nitpicking, it s just that Vaughan Oliver s design represents a very high bar and I m sure it was his involvement that ensured the vinyl edition of The Drift was done properly.. Scott Walker – The Drift.. Scott Walker – Tilt.. Scott Walker – Who Shall Go To The Ball? And What Shall Go To The Ball?.. I agree.. This is disappointingly like every other package for every other record.. The small booklet is sad!.. robin.. April 29, 2013 @.. 3:33 am.. The 12 didn t even come with that much artwork.. Which is shame because clearly so much effort was put into it.. Comment by estevan June 18, 2013 @.. 8:23 pm.. What is 4 + 11 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Darkstar – News From Nowhere
    Descriptive info: Darkstar News From Nowhere.. Author: Colin | Published: 20/4/13.. RIP Storm Thorgerson (1944 2013).. Darkstar.. News From Nowhere.. Warp.. 2013.. Design and art direction: Edward Quarmby; photography: Tyrone Lebon.. Psychedeletronic?.. Darkstar are an intriguing, puzzling group whose music has changed from (hyper)dubstep to keening electronica and now to something more hymnal and electronic.. There s something of a  ...   latest incarnation is well served by this design which wraps the vinyl in a large poster.. The digitally treated images of flowers convey a sense of awkward unease that perfectly mirrors Darkstar s music.. If you re unfamiliar with the group s music do check out the videos below, particularly the live performance.. What is 10 + 11 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Bonobo – The North Borders
    Descriptive info: Bonobo The North Borders.. Author: Colin | Published: 29/3/13.. Barnbrook speaks.. Bonobo.. The North Borders.. Ninja Tune.. Artwork by Leif Podhajsky.. Electronic.. Lovely deluxe box set from NinjaTune.. Each of the album s tracks occupies one side of the seven slices of 10 vinyl.. Nice abstract shapes and patterns, colours are echoed across the sleeves, box and three fold-out posters.. It can be  ...   April.. the video linked is by Cyriak, who has many other incredible cheap fractal freak-style videos on his channel.. Comment by vichug March 29, 2013 @.. 3:19 pm.. Wow, that s what I was looking for, what a data!.. present here at this web site, thanks admin of this web.. site.. Bettye.. October 2, 2013 @.. 6:55 pm.. What is 7 + 11 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Celer and Machinefabriek – Mt. Mitake/Maastunnel, Numa/Penarie, Hei/Sou
    Descriptive info: Celer and Machinefabriek Mt.. Mitake/Maastunnel, Numa/Penarie, Hei/Sou.. Author: Colin | Published: 23/3/13.. Autechre Exai.. Celer and Machinefabriek.. Mt.. Not On Label (Machinefabriek Self-released).. Will Long and Rutger Zuydervelt.. Ambient.. Three 7 singles, each of the six sides containing a single ambient composition.. Each sleeve is a delightful collage, delicate, resonant, perfectly judged.. Each disc comes in its own paper inner sleeve and with a  ...   s Will Long is living in Japan he provided the raw materials which Rutger then collaged and added typography so it s as collaborative as the music.. As you can see from the initial images, Will sent them to me beautifully wrapped in pieces of Japanese newspaper.. Lovely, lovely objects.. Chubby Wolf – Ornitheology.. Celer.. Machinefabriek – Apollo.. What is 7 + 12 ?..

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  • Title: Hardformat » Autechre – Exai
    Descriptive info: Author: Colin | Published: 16/3/13.. More Bowie.. Autechre.. Exai.. The Designers Republic.. This is sexy design.. It s wonderful to see the continuing association between The Designers Republic and Warp.. The colour palette is less industrial and more natural brown, green and blue and silver, each with a lovely sheen which makes the blocky, pixel-like design all the more mysterious.. There s also a sense of the pharmaceutical about the typeface and layout.. This vinyl edition is just beautiful.. The music is simply amazing.. I ve been a fan of Autechre since Incunabula and I rate Exai as their most delightful music yet, I m tempted to say it s their masterpiece, but I should go back and listen to Untilted and Confield again.. I ve listened to the whole album seven times so far and feel like I ve just beginning to really appreciate parts of it while knowing there s a lot more to discover.. I m praying I ll get the chance to see them play live this year, I m still  ...   Autechre – EP7.. Music reviews.. Autechre ~ draft 7.. 30.. Autechre ~ Untilted.. Autechre.. (Live, March 2005).. Happy Birthday Colin! :).. kevin foakes.. March 17, 2013 @.. 1:47 am.. Have a lovely day! And thanks for sharing this! Any links to give it a listen? Excerpts or anything?.. Comment by Jakob von Gunten March 17, 2013 @.. 4:12 am.. They played two five hour radio shows the other weekend.. Slight correction: It was two ten hour broadcasts.. Great photos btw!.. Comment by Jasondonervan March 17, 2013 @.. 11:39 am.. Thanks Kevin and Jakob!.. Jakob, did you miss the YouTube embed of one track above?.. Jason, thanks, I ve corrected that now.. 4:47 pm.. Oh, so stupid of me thought it was a Vimeo link, which doesn t run well on my netbook due to crappy internet connection.. I m listening to the track on YT right now.. Thanks again for sharing.. Great artwork and very nice photos here indeed!.. Comment by Jakob von Gunten March 20, 2013 @.. 4:37 am.. What is 13 + 8 ?..

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