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  • Title: HADI
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. What We Do!.. Educational Development.. Information Services.. Community Outreach.. Relief Assistance.. Discovery Research.. Internships.. Contribute.. About Us.. Contact Us.. HADI.. Home.. WELCOME!.. Human Assistance Development International is a non-profit organization working for the socio-economic and educational development of people worldwide.. HADI has been working since 1991 in the field of long-term sustainable development around the world.. HADI is incorporated in the State of California as a public benefit, charitable and educational organization.. Core Interests/Activities.. Enhance fluency in important world languages to meet the needs of diverse communities.. Provide education  ...   various world regions.. Conduct inter-cultural tours in the regions of the Silk Road.. Keystone Project.. The Center for the Languages, Arts, Societies of the Silk Road (CLASSRoad) is a bridge-building initiative designed to foster understanding and cultural awareness between Silk Road cultures and Western cultures.. News Information.. Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot.. IslamiCity covered in Voice of America article on religion.. HADI Recognized by Cal State Strategic Language Initiative.. HADI/CLASSRoad Receives New Grant To Continue In STARTALK Program.. Gallery.. Twitter.. No public Twitter messages.. © 1991-2011 - Human Assistance Development International..

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  • Title: What We Do! | HADI
    Descriptive info: What We Do!.. Our mission is to express the humanitarian values of Islam by providing development support and educational opportunities to those in need.. Human Assistance Development International (HADI) facilitates the gathering of human and informational resources in order to promote and support long term development and improvement of  ...   of the underprivileged in technical knowledge, strategic planning, and effective implementation of efforts to improve their circumstances.. Furthermore, when tragedy strikes in various regions of the world, HADI helps provide immediate assistance and relief to those in need.. To achieve these objectives, HADI implements projects in several different arenas:..

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  • Title: Educational Development | HADI
    Descriptive info: Educational Development.. HADI is involved in several educational development initiatives that promote richer understanding of different cultures, societies and languages.. In 2007, HADI launched the Center for the Languages, Arts Societies of the Silk Road, known as CLASSRoad.. The historic Silk Road, dating back to 5,000 B.. C.. , is well known for connecting the numerous far-flung civilizations,cultures and faiths of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.. Through trade, pilgrimage, conquest, diplomacy, and the exchange of knowledge and science, human societies intermingled and transformed each other.. The Silk Road provides a powerful metaphor for HADI s efforts to improve cross-cultural understanding across and between East and West in today s world.. CLASSRoad project of HADI is among the recipients of the highly competitive STARTALK grant which is a multi-million dollar federal funding administered by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland.. Through this grant CLASSRoad has established Arabic teacher training programs in collaboration with California State University at San Bernardino and has developed a comprehensive online training system.. CLASSRoad is a pioneer in developing online Arabic teacher training workshops.. These courses can be purchased by educational institutions and managed by  ...   award-winning IMAX documentary film that chronicles the life and times of Ibn Battuta during his first pilgrimage to Mecca.. In 2008, CLASSRoad hosted A Night of Rumi at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, featuring a screening of Peaceful Warrior, starring Nick Nolte.. For more information about CLASSRoad, go to:.. •.. Center for Languages, Arts Societies of Silk Road (CLASSRoad).. IslamiCity Online Education.. In 2010, HADI began offering courses through IslamiCity Online Education, modeled on the CLASSRoad language course infrastructure.. These courses are intended to provide practical and reliable knowledge on a variety of topics pertaining to Muslim life.. The inaugural course, Before You Say I Do : Preparing for the Marriage of a Lifetime, provides an excellent overview of Islamic teachings and parameters regarding marriage, and the realistic expectations prospective mates should cultivate before making the commitment.. Other courses are in development, such as a course on Management according to Islamic Principles and Ethics, and will be made available to institutions and individuals.. For more information about IslamiCity Online Education, go to:.. IslamiCity eLearning.. HADI also supports various non-profit schools in underserved communities, and distributes free resources to those in need..

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  • Title: Information Services | HADI
    Descriptive info: Information Services.. HADI was among the earliest organizations to establish a presence on the World Wide Web.. In 1995, we embarked on the development of one of the world s most visited portals for information on Islam and Muslims, IslamiCity.. com.. Additionally, through iViews.. com, HADI has been able to direct visitors to aggregated news, information and analysis on cultural-religious, socio-political, financial-economic, and scientific-technical information relevant to Muslims and those seeking to understand Muslim views on many contemporary issues.. • Go to.. IslamiCity.. : The Global Muslim eCommunity.. iViews.. : An International Perspective on News Analysis..

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  • Title: Community Outreach | HADI
    Descriptive info: Community Outreach.. To complement its online efforts, HADI is periodically involved in community outreach programs in Los Angeles and other cities that improve the basic knowledge of average Americans about Islam and enhance cultural-religious awareness about Muslim American communities.. HADI strives to create opportunities for honest dialogue and healthy, civil debate to promote cross-cultural understanding and overcome stereotypes that communities may harbor about one another.. HADI has worked with universities and educational institutions, cultural centers, interfaith groups, law enforcement, and public agencies to engage specific communities and the general public.. In light  ...   community-based family services, such as family counseling and matrimonial services.. Furthermore, through the HADI Outreach Center, HADI operates a telephone helpline to answer inquirers questions about Islam and Muslim life.. The helpline serves as an excellent, personal tool to help correct common misconceptions about Muslims and as a forum for the open exchange of ideas from people of all faiths.. The HADI Outreach Center receives 3000 calls a year on average.. The Outreach Center also oversees the.. ICMarriage.. Services, a matrimonial search website and related offline events such as mixers and training seminars..

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  • Title: Relief & Assistance | HADI
    Descriptive info: Relief Assistance.. HADI is involved in providing emergency relief to those suffering from natural disasters and other emergencies.. HADI focuses on raising funds for foodstuffs and, relief supplies for the displaced, and to assist in children’s medical care and support.. Key Projects that HADI has supported:.. Orphan Children s Fund.. India School Fund.. West Africa Food Fund.. HADI also operates an online Qurbani program, enabling donors to support the distribution of meat from cows and goats in needy Muslim communities worldwide.. The service enables Muslims to discharge their obligatory and voluntary charity in a convenient and effective manner..

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  • Title: Internships | HADI
    Descriptive info: Internships.. Are you interested in working for the community and gaining experience in the non-profit sector? Human Assistance Development International offers temporary year-round internship opportunities in California.. HADI interns gain hands-on education, experience and skills in community, and outreach projects.. You won t just be filing, you ll get to use your creativity and initiative to enhance or even create effective projects that help fulfill our mission.. We are looking for team players who are self-motivated and enjoy working hard.. Are you a motivated, hard-working person who is ready to get started today?.. Year-round Opportunities.. Human Assistance Development International has multiple missions.. Interns have the opportunity to get involved in helping with education and outreach projects and activities.. Join the HADI team as opportunities become available to make your mark on the days important issues, valuable projects, or the community.. We are seeking both students and community members.. Please view the details of  ...   are a student, we will work with your school to receive academic credit or work study pay.. We have flexible hours, including occasional weekend and evening availability.. Please call for more information.. For more information, email the Program Coordinator at.. intern@hadi.. org.. As a non-profit organization rooted in Islamic values, HADI focuses on causes that can have the greatest impact on improving the lives of others and spreading the mainstream message of Islam.. PROGRAM DETAILS.. Interns will get the chance to:.. Build great leadership skills.. Discover more about themselves.. Build effective resumes.. Learn the interviewing skills that can land that dream job.. Network and build connections.. School Credit.. Apply today for these exciting and rewarding internship positions:.. CLASSRoad Summer Teacher Training Workshop.. CLOSED.. Web Design Development.. If students would like to have their internship count for school credit, they will need to provide the appropriate papers for HADI to sign.. COMPLETE THE INTERNSHIP APPLICATION..

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  • Title: About Us | HADI
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Human Assistance Development International, Inc.. (HADI) is a non-profit, public benefit organization, incorporated in the State of California since 1991.. HADI is registered as an educational, charitable and scientific organization.. HADI is based in Culver City, California, and our U.. S.. Tax-Exempt I.. D.. No.. is 95-4348674.. As our name indicates, the aim of HADI is to assist in the development of humankind without any boundaries as to race, creed or color.. HADI is working for the educational, socio-economic and scientific development of people worldwide.. HADI leverages advanced electronic, information and communication technologies to assist in Connecting Humanity..

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  • Title: Contact Us | HADI
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Human Assistance Development International looks forward to hearing from you! We can be reached via phone, fax, email and post!.. Mailing Address.. :.. Human Assistance Development International Inc.. (HADI Inc.. ).. P.. O.. Box 4598.. Culver City, CA 90231.. U.. A.. Telephone.. : 1-310-642-0006.. Fax.. : 1-310-568-9533.. Email.. : Click.. here.. to send an message to HADI..

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  • Title: Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot | HADI
    Descriptive info: Adventures of a Teenage Polyglot.. March 13, 2012 | Author.. administrator.. SOME people pick up a little Hebrew before their bar mitzvahs, or learn Spanish from their mothers, or can speak some Japanese from a semester abroad.. Timothy Doner, 16, is not one of those people.. In the fall of 2009, after studying for his bar  ...   with his tutor, engaging in long dialogues about Israeli politics.. Then he felt drawn to learn Arabic, so after eighth grade he attended a summer program for college students at Brigham Young University.. It took him four days to learn the alphabet, he said, a week to read fluidly.. Read More.. Posted in.. Uncategorized.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: IslamiCity covered in Voice of America article on religion | HADI
    Descriptive info: IslamiCity covered in Voice of America article on religion.. June 9, 2011 | Author.. Larry.. HADI s CEO Mohammed Abdul Aleem was interviewed on June 7, 2011 by the Voice of America News for an.. article.. titled Has the Internet Made Finding Faith Easier, or More Difficult? under the feature heading Finding God Online.. The article highlights the evolution of online technologies that have facilitated virtual religious experiences.. It also points out that more and more people are looking for spiritual answers in the digital world, which  ...   variety of information and viewpoints about Islam to visitors of all backgrounds.. One of the key observations of the.. is that no matter how valuable online tools can be for enriching one s spiritual journey, they cannot replace the innate desire for direct person-to-person contact and sense of real-world community.. As the operator of one of the web s earliest and most visited sites related to Islam, we at HADI were gratified to be part of this thought-provoking feature article.. Click.. here.. to read the full article.. News..

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