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  • Title: Philizaire's Story - Haven
    Descriptive info: Home.. what we do.. Stories from the Field.. Philizaie's Story.. Print Page.. Disaster Relief and Recovery.. Shelter.. Water and Sanitation (WASH).. Training and Education.. Community Development.. Livelihoods.. Stories from the Field.. Madame Bouilly's Orphanage.. Community School Case Study.. Adult Literacy Programme.. Hygiene and Conflict Training.. Philizaire's Story.. Philizaire, who is 30 years old, lives in a temporary shelter in camp AIE, located in Delmas 33, Port au Prince.. She has been living there since the earthquake of January 2010 with her young son, Watnay who is 11 months old.. Watnay was born in their basic shelter in the camp, despite the fact that there are hospitals and health clinics nearby.. Unfortunately these health services are simply too expensive for most camp residents.. Philizaire and Watnay share their small shelter with Philizaire s sisters: Clairemane (40) and Manise (28).. Their house used to be in this same area, but was destroyed by the earthquake.. They had nowhere else to go.. Living conditions in the camp are tough: there is no privacy or security for the family as their shelter is made out of bits of tarpaulin and tin sheeting.. This is especially difficult for Philizaire and her sisters, because they are a female-headed household.. Philizaire says that if someone wants to enter  ...   communal facilities, which are not always clean or safe.. While the Red Cross used to provide water to the camp, this basic human requirement is no longer provided and Philizaire and her sisters now have to buy the water, using whatever little money they have.. Their shelter is so small that Philizaie and her sisters have to wash their clothes in the narrow walkway outside their house.. Despite the fact that over half a million people are still residing in makeshift camps in Port au Prince, Haiti is no longer a donor funding priority.. Philizaire and her sisters survive by engaging in petty trading.. This consists of buying supplies such as spaghetti, sugar and milk and then selling them on in the camp for a small profit.. However this is not always enough to get by, and other employment opportunities are extremely difficult to find.. For Philizaire, her biggest hope is that she will be able to leave the camp soon.. She wants a better life for her and her son, and she believes that the only way to do this is by getting a new home.. She wants Watnay to go to school, and one day she hopes for him to be an agronomist or a pastor.. Back to top..

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  • Title: Madame Bouilly - Haven
    Descriptive info: Madame Bouilly.. Madame Bouilly looks after 28 orphans in Haiti.. She started the orphanage, one of many in Port-au-Prince, over 13 years ago.. Things were bad in Haiti at that time, they are worse now.. She established the orphanage because she wanted to do something for the children who had nothing and could not support themselves.. A walk around any of the camps in Haiti highlights that there are many children who fall into this category.. The children living in the orphanage range in age from as young as three years old, up to 18 years.. Most are female and there are a number of siblings living together.. The children go to school in a local church.. In 2000, Madame Bouilly had to move all the children as the political tensions in the city had made their location extremely  ...   The building is still uninhabitable and too dangerous to use.. The children, and indeed the people of Haiti, feel safer outdoors.. The children are currently living in transitional shelters built by Haven.. These are simple wooden structures, built to be temporary.. There are only four shelters for all the children and the helpers.. This is obviously insufficient, and it means that children of all ages and gender have to share the same space all the time.. Water is also another concern of Madame Bouilly.. There is one well at the orphanage, but the water quality is not good.. Madame Bouilly fears that it makes the children sick sometimes, but can do nothing about it.. Throughout the camp there is only sporadic electricity.. In the orphanage the children spend most evenings in the dark and have difficulty doing their homework..

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  • Title: Demezier's Story - Haven
    Descriptive info: Demezier's Story.. Demezier Dieulande is a 13 year old girl who lives at the Canaan village constructed by Haven near Morne Blanc, Gonaives.. She has seven people in her family: her mother, her father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.. Haiti s growth and its future will be in the hands of Haiti s children.. No one recognizes this better than the parents living at our communities in Morne Blanc.. They have high hopes for their children and their greatest wish, after their housing needs had been met, was to establish a community-based school for their children to attend on site.. With the support of Haven s community development team, the community came together to start a local school called Institution Mixte Jean Francois Baissau de Morne Blanc.. A school-management committee was formed, a school director was recommended by the Ministry of Education, teachers and assistants were recruited and trained, and the school opened its doors in November, 2011.. Supported by the Ministry of Education and parents through school fees, the school offers classes from kindergarten  ...   journey sometimes took her longer after school because she would be more tired and the traffic would be heavier.. She used to have pains in her legs because of walking for so long each day.. Now, Demezier attends the community-based school: Institution Mixte Jean Francois Baissau de Morne Blanc.. She much prefers the school on site because she now has only 12 students in her class and she gets a lot of personal attention from her teacher.. In contrast, the class at her former school had 111 students! Demezier much prefers the teaching method at Institution Mixte Jean Francois Baissau de Morne Blanc.. Demezier plans to continue studying for as long as she is able.. Her dream is to go to medical school in Port-au-Prince, then become a pediatrician.. Ultimately, she wants to return to her village in Gonaives and provide medical treatment to the children there.. She enjoys math, Creole and French, and her favourite subject is biology.. We hope she continues her studies and becomes a futuer leader in the villages of Morne Blanc!..

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  • Title: Adult Literacy Programme - Haven
    Descriptive info: Elve Germaine is 28 years old.. She is a single mother and lives with her children.. She has three daughters: 12 years, 9 years and 7 years old; and one 4 year old son.. Elve works as a Kindergarten Assistant at the community-based school on site, and collects a small salary in exchange for her services.. In September 2011, an adult literacy program was initiated on site through a community initiative and with support from Haven s community development team.. For this program, five mobilizers were recruited and trained from on site these five individuals now receive a small monthly income from the program.. This program is supported by the Ministry of Education, Haven Volunteers and National Irish Bank.. Before the literacy program was launched, Elve was completely  ...   form or need anything that would require her signature because she could not even write her own name.. She was very excited when the literacy program was introduced in Morne Blanc, and she signed up right away.. Now that Elve is learning to read and write, she feels better about herself.. As soon as the classes started, she stopped worrying about illiteracy and now sleeps peacefully at night.. Elve can read just about anything in Creole now, and has learned to write her name.. She is still attending classes so she can learn even more.. She is so happy that she can now read, and is teaching her youngest children the alphabet.. In her own words Elve now feels like a more complete person and a better parent..

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  • Title: Atania's Story - Haven
    Descriptive info: Atania's Story.. Background.. In 2009, Haven launched its first project in Haiti in Bas Dillaire, Ouanaminthe, in the Nord-Est department of Haiti.. This project is a partnership between Haven and the Office of the Mayor of Ouanaminthe and aims at providing basic services to the community of Bas Dillaire, on the outskirts of the city of Ouanaminthe.. Haven constructed a total of 198 new houses and a community centre on site, and worked with the community to develop systems for solar panel energy to each household and constant water supply.. As a part of the community development activities that took place on site, a site management committee was formed and capacity-building support was provided.. The general community also had access to trainings such as hygiene promotion, family planning, conflict resolution, disaster risk reduction and many more!.. Atania s Story.. Atania Joseph, 27-years-old, is a mother of four.. She has three boys (9 years, 5 years, and 2 years) and one girl (9 months).. She is married to a mechanic by trade, but he is currently unemployed.. They have been living on site at the Haven-constructed village for several years.. Atania is an eager learner and actively participated in several of the social development trainings held by Haven s community development team in Ouanaminthe over the past few months.. Wash your hands!.. One of the most important  ...   continues to practice improved hygiene techniques in the years ahead.. Oh, those pesky neighbours!.. When housing sites are developed, people who are strangers to one another are brought together to live in close quarters.. Haitian communities generally spend a lot of time on their front porches talking, gossiping and passing their time together every evening.. As can be expected, issues do come up from time to time and conflict can arise.. Haven s community development officer, Nadine Raphael, spent a great deal of time working on conflict resolution and conflict management training with people living at the Bas Dillaire site.. Atania specifically learned the dangers of gossiping and that it is better to resolve conflict face-to-face, rather than creating trouble.. When asked about any difference in behaviours after the workshops, Atania reported that in her close living area, there is a very positive change in both behaviours and overall relationships.. She herself has learned how to communicate more positively, and this has had the greatest impact on her life.. She feels lighter in her heart and is happier.. She feels that when there is less conflict, people can spend their time focusing on good things like developing their community and taking good care of their children.. With the new tools and skills that she and her neighbours have learned, Atania feels that her life is now better..

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  • Title: Build It Week, October 2011 - Haven
    Descriptive info: get involved.. Volunteer In Haiti.. 2011.. Volunteer In Haiti.. Volunteer Programme FAQs.. Build It Week May 2012.. A Volunteer's Story - Audio.. Register as a Volunteer.. Hands Up for Haiti, School Programme.. Corporate Volunteer Packages.. Corporate Volunteer Ambassadors.. Build It Week, October 2011.. Building Hope In Haiti, October 2011.. In November 2011, 300 volunteers from Haven travelled to Haiti and built 53 permanent houses in the Santo community on the outskirts of Léogâne which lies 28km south west from Port-au-Prince and considered to be the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake.. Haven Volunteers built 54 new homes in the Santo community.. Léogâne, of which Santos sits on the outskirts,  ...   even before the earthquake.. The most important outcome of a hard week of work for Haven volunteers is the hope for a new life that these Haitian families now have.. A home is much more than bricks and mortar, it is a place you feel secure, that you can call your own.. These new houses have brought a stronger sense of community, an affirmed dedication to Haiti's future, and a reminder that the work there is still just beginning.. Here are some shots from our worksite and the surrounds from Build It Week October 2011.. For more pictures please see our.. October Build It Week photos on Flickr..

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  • Title: The Week that Was - Build It Week, May 2012 - Haven
    Descriptive info: The Week that Was - Build It Week, May 2012.. Dermot Heffernan.. is a veteran volunteer with Haven.. Here he shares his daily updates on our recent Build It Week in Ile a Vache, Haiti.. Friday 4th / Saturday 5th May.. So, here we go again!!.. Arrive in Dublin airport to discover that there are a lot of people travelling that were with me on previous trips, in fact of the six of us in tent 20 from last time, three of us are back for more.. Lots of chat and stories of fundraising and we get more than a passing glance from other people in the airport when we get our life jackets handed to us for the boat trip in Haiti.. An uneventful trip to New York, check in to our Hotel and in to the city, everyone has their own plans.. I met up with Declan (my son) and went for a meal to catch up, himself and the other lads are loving it over there, working long hours but having a ball.. Saturday and another early start.. Nice flight to Port au Prince and the bedlam that is Haiti.. Usual queuing, standing around and waiting in the airport, oh and sweating too, very warm.. On to the bus eventually and drive in to the biggest traffic jam ever!! It took us two hours to get out of the city.. You guys often ask if there has been any improvement in conditions out here and at last there seem to be evidence of small improvements.. The very worst camp, near the airport, has been cleared and the place seems cleaner and the roads cleared of rubble.. We pass the Presidential palace which had been destroyed during the earthquake, it s not going to be fixed and that s for sure.. But the temporary dwellings that had been in the grounds have been cleared.. A very long journey of about 5 hours through some beautiful scenery and we arrive at the jetty for a boat crossing to the island.. It takes us about 30 minutes in an open boat (10 at a time) but its dark at this stage and the only thing we can see is a beautiful sky and lightning from a thunderstorm in the distance.. Finally get to the hotel and something to eat.. Met in Dublin airport on Friday morning at 8 and got to our room on Sunday at 3am.. I had no trouble sleeping!!.. Sunday 5th May.. Woke at 4:45 this morning feeling much better and well rested, breakfast and off to work by boat!! Nice change.. It takes about 30 min to get to the village we are working in and we head to our base in the orphanage.. We are split into teams and I'm on the team sent to prepare the 5 a side football pitch and an area for volleyball.. How hard can it be?.. We arrive at the area and we look at each other, how is it possible?.. The area is full of rocks, there is standing water everywhere and we sink up to our ankles in mud, at times.. We get the rakes and start to work in one corner and make reasonable progress in the first couple of hours, then we get to the worst part and start pulling rocks out, it's backbreaking, dirty work and it's very hot.. The worst part is that we can see the mosquitoes in the water and there are herds of them everywhere.. After lunch we start to bring sand in as a base and I start to work with a bunch of Haitians.. They are very nice and have good fun among themselves b.. ut have little English.. We start to shovel sand into a convoy of wheelbarrows and that passes the time!!.. During the afternoon I ask the two younger guys what age they are and I'm surprised to find out they are 20, they look less.. They have never heard of Ireland, England or Europe and have never even been to Port au Prince.. They would like to go away to work but they don't seem to have any idea where, when I ask they say "anywhere".. Much more relaxed on the island with very little security and I spent a couple of hours on the beach, digging sand about half a mile from the others, just the Haitians and myself.. It was lovely to see the locals going about their daily chores, fishing, washing clothes etc.. The small kids play in the water with very little supervision but they seem safe and very happy.. Most of the adults seem happy to have us here although I had a few people shouting at me on the way to the beach, seems they weren't happy that we were passing their houses.. Swim after work and a few drinks - bed at 10pm and slept like a log!!.. Monday 6th May.. Was a bit sore this morning when I got up, breakfast and off to work, again, by boat.. We had a lot of rain over night but our football pitch was ok and not too wet.. Started taking the rocks out of the second pitch, They're huge and I moved them to the donkey "car park", did I mention that we're building a place to tie them up when they come to town?.. There are no roads or cars on the island so everyone travels by horse or donkey.. There was a market in the village today and there was quite the traffic jam.. Fantastic colour around the place and a fantastic buzz.. Everyone is selling something, clothes fruit vegetables etc and crowds  ...   was heartbreaking all they wanted was human contact, to hold your hand or even get a smile, I'm not sure that one can describe it but they crave human contact and it's the one thing that's in short supply.. Good news on the baby front, twins are doing well and are feeding.. Haven (your fundraising) has sponsored them for the next year.. It's nice to know that, along with everything else, your help with the fundraising has saved two lives.. Without your money the orphanage could not have taken them in.. The work in all areas has nearly finished and we have painted all the classrooms in the school replaced the steps with ramps so that the wheelchair users from the orphanage can go to school.. We've built walls to stop flooding during heavy rain, a 5 a side pitch and a volleyball/basketball court and a shelter by the jetty.. Your money has been well spent.. The mayor of the village and the parish priest are very grateful for everything that has been done and hope that we come back to do more.. The headmaster told us today that it costs $65 to send a child to school for the year but many families can't afford it.. I think that each of us on the trip will be putting our hands up to sponsor a child, having seen the fantastic work that they are doing.. I'll send some photos when I get home perhaps some of you will be interested too??.. It's been a very rewarding and emotional trip with a fantastic bunch of people (about 40 of us) and I think I'm coming back in November, please someone let Maeve know.. I'd have to say that working in the community has been the highlight of this trip.. Thursday 9th May.. Can't believe it's our last day and our last boat journey is made more miserable by a torrential downpour (imagine that in an open boat with nowhere to hide) but our boatman hands out a plastic sheet to cover us up,.. We had such a laugh, with the tarpaulin over us it was like being on a secret special operations mission with the SAS.. We were going to drop off some of the girls to swim ashore with knives between their teeth to search for enemies but the rain stopped and our special ops mission was cancelled!!.. Arrive in the village and felt very pleased when we landed, the place looks much improved and the shelter at the pier (jokingly called the bus shelter) for people waiting looks great.. Last minute work includes a fence down one side of the volleyball/Basketball court, so post holes to be dug, fence to be cut and painting to be done.. After lunch there we assemble in the school as the Headmaster, teachers and children wanted to thank us.. I had a quick look around and the place looked great, very basic, but much improved on what was there before.. The kids all come around to the front of the school and line up in their classes, a mass of yellow shirts and ribbons.. The older ones sing us a song and clap and then we all have time to mingle.. Sweets are passed out and some of the guys have stuff to blow bubbles, great fun and the kids have a blast.. The smaller ones don't know whether to be afraid of the bubbles or not and scream, great excitement.. Afterwards I went around to the back of the school where one of the guys was building an area for the kids to wash on the way in to the school.. on the way back through the school he noticed a door open which had been locked all week.. He pushed it open and it was full of rubbish and cement had been mixed on the floor sometime in the past - a total mess.. four of us attacked the room and an hour later we emerged, filthy, from a new classroom - perhaps, the highlight of the week for me.. After the school it was down to the pitch for the handover, speeches and afterwards we had a couple of songs from local singers.. There was a fantastic atmosphere around.. We played with the kids and then there was a football match against the local lads, we lost 5 - 1.. Said goodbye to some of the local men we worked with and back to the boat for the journey back.. A few drinks and an early night for me with a 4am start tomorrow.. Friday 10th / Saturday 11th May.. It's a long way home with boat, bus, flight to NY and then home.. It felt good to land in Dublin Airport but not so good to all the new friends I'd made during.. They're a remarkable bunch of hard working people.. We all got on really well and achieved so much in such a short time.. Much has been achieved in Haiti over the last couple of years but there's still a lot to do, so we'll be back.. Many thanks to all of you for your support for Haiti over the last couple of years and I hope you'll be able to continue that support, I'm going back in November!!!.. Tuesday 14th May.. I just heard the very sad news that one of the twins died.. Everyone from the trip will be devastated; however, it just goes to show how much our help is needed out there.. Many thanks to Ricardo Louis for use of his photos.. If you would like to see more images from this trip please check out.. our Flickr Account here..

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  • Title: A Volunteer's Story - Audio - Haven
    Descriptive info: To date Haven has brought over 1,200 volunteers to Haiti to help build homes.. One of those volunteers was Gail Conway, the News Editor from Beat 102 - 103 in Cork.. During her week volunteering on site, Gail met with many volunteers and local people to record the story of a week of her life.. By clicking on the linkes below you can listen to her stories.. Programme One : Haiti a volunteers story.. Programme one is the first in a series of features on Haiti.. In November 2011 Beat News editor Gail swapped her journalism cap for a hard hat and volunteered to work on a building site in Haiti with Haven.. During Build it week she spoke to Haven s founder, volunteers from the South East and Haitian beneficiaries and workers.. This  ...   volunteers story.. You ll hear Gail talking to volunteers from the south east and their impressions of the poverty stricken country.. Programme Three : Haiti a volunteers story.. In this episode you ll hear about what kind of work Gail and volunteers from the south east did during the week.. Programme Four : Haiti a volunteers story.. Programme four is the penultimate episode in.. Haiti a Volunteers Story.. In this episode she looks at how the south east volunteers coped with meeting local orphans and what the future holds for the children of Haiti.. Programme Five : Haiti a volunteers story.. This is the concluding feature in the documentary series.. In this final part Beat News editor Gail talks to the volunteers about their lasting memories of the week as they hand over the houses..

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  • Title: Haiti Week 2012 - Haven
    Descriptive info: Events.. Past Events.. Haiti Week 2012.. Past Events.. Haiti Week 2013.. FACES of Cork.. Dock Dip July 2013.. Annual Cork Lunch September 2013.. Cross Country Cycle Challenge October 2013.. January 19th- 26th.. The week was a huge success from the launch in October 2011 with President Clinton (.. video.. ) to the press conference on the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti to the events which took place during the week.. Thank you to everyone involved.. The highlights:.. Hugs for Haiti.. (facebook photos)- A Nationwide Bucket Collection Day- Thank you to our volunteers.. Reverse Pass the Parcel.. (Video) - Thank you Cyclone and all participants.. The  ...   biggest night of the week had Haitian.. President Michel Martelly singing.. getting the party started.. Haiti Fest.. - supported by well known bands in Ireland.. This was an incredible night.. Thank you to all involved!.. All events are listed on.. www.. HaitiWeek.. org.. Thank you to our five Haitian ambassadors who came all the way to Ireland and made the first ever Haiti Week so special:.. Stephane Achille.. Ralph Cassagnol.. Nayeli Fanfan.. Jimmy Moise.. Ricardo Saint- Cyr.. And here they are at the final event on the final night of Haiti Week 2012 on stage with Claire and I.. Thank you for your dedication to Haiti Week..

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  • Title: Haiti Week 2013 - Haven
    Descriptive info: HUGS FOR HAITI.. Date: 19.. 01.. 13.. Location: Nationwide.. Details: Over 100 Haven Volunteers took to the streets of Ireland in a Nationwide Bucket Collection.. View Pictures Here.. HOST FOR HAITI.. Date: Monday 21.. 13- All week.. Location: Your place!.. Details: Read our Haitian.. blog.. and try a new dish].. When you have perfected your Haitian meals host a dinner party for your friends and family while raising funds for Haven.. REVERSE PASS THE PARCEL.. Date:.. Monday 21.. st.. Friday 25.. January.. Location:.. Across Dublin.. Details:.. Cyclone couriers teamed up with Haven to move parcels around Dublin collecting pledges for Haven.. More information.. Watch 98fm Pass the Parcel Here.. PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION.. Location: Irish Aid Centre.. Details: All Haiti Week charities are coming  ...   S HOST FOR HAITI.. Date: Thursday 24.. 5pm-9.. 30pm.. Location: Arnotts.. DETAILS: Clodagh hosted a cooking demonstration of a Haitian meal and serve it in her restaurant to all.. This will included a three course meal and cocktails and canapés on arrival.. OPPORTUNITIES IN HAITI- INVESTMENT FORUM.. Date: Friday 25.. Location: AIB Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.. DETAILS: A morning session with discussion and investment opportunities in Haiti.. THE HAITI BALL.. Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin 4.. DETAILS: The Haiti Week Gala Ball will be a night of entertainment including special guests.. HAITI FEST.. Date: Saturday 26.. Location: The Sugar Club.. DETAILS: A big night out for all supporters of Haiti.. Featuring Ham Sandwich, Mikaben, Ragland and Brian Boyland with special guests The Walls..

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  • Title: My Details - Haven
    Descriptive info: Volunteers.. My Details.. My Profile Page.. Logout.. Please login to use this feature..

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