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  • Title: Bruce Hallman's homepage
    Descriptive info: .. A history of the Northwest Coast.. First person accounts from the European/Indian contact period on the NW Coast.. Includes journals from the fur traders, indian prophets, and ethnographers.. Awarded the.. Alive!.. excellence in education award, Sept.. 1996.. Chosen as an Infoseek Select site, August 1996.. Awarded.. by Netguide Magazine Online, January 1997.. @Pacifica.. My essay on the City of Pacifica.. Including an online resource guide, selected history, photo tour, editorial on the politics, and pointers to other Pacifica related pages.. Aquariums!.. A collection of planted tank tips, with instructions for a yeast CO2 injection.. Aquarium filtration.. Activated carbon.. Genuine.. Kwakiutl Indian recipes.. from NW Coast  ...   Grantts'.. NW Coast Indian poetry.. section.. Try out my recipe for.. hot carrots & jalapeno peppers.. Personal family photos.. but some oral history and vintage stuff.. This page is maintained by Craig and is meant for family but anyone is welcome.. You are among approximately 400,000 total visitors to hallman.. org web pages since November 1995.. The origin of my username.. deadfish.. A picture of.. me.. I created these websites with the hope of being helpful to others, and I welcome all visitors.. If you found them to be helpful, and you can afford it, I gratefully accept donations to defray my costs.. Since February 1st, 1995..

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  • Title: A history of the NW Coast
    Descriptive info: A.. H.. ISTORY.. O.. F.. T.. HE.. N.. ORTHWEST.. C.. OAST.. Photo:.. Edward Curtis.. , circa 1918, Kwakuitl Bear dance, from the movie In the Land of the Headhunters.. July 18, 1774.. The.. Juan Perez'.. visit to Queen Charlotte Islands and later to Nootka Sound.. July 14, 1775.. Bodega.. y Quadra expedition.. , slaughtered in the surf at the hands of the Quinault.. March 30, 1778.. ,.. The James Cook expedition.. receives a warm welcome at Nootka sound.. First hand accounts of this fateful day, from the journals of Captain  ...   the upper hand.. March 20, 1799.. , William Sturges spends.. a night in a Haida village.. May 5th, 1799.. , The capture and the.. execution of a Tsimshian Chief.. The amazing first hand account, of the capture of the Tsimshian Chief Scotseye, and his turnover to the rival Kaigani chief, followed by his dramatic public execution.. 1828.. , From F.. P.. Wrangle's report, its finally safe to.. travel among the Tlingit.. The 1830's.. , a struggle to establish a.. fur trading fort.. [To the next page].. To.. Bruce Hallman's home page..

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  • Title: @Pacifica
    Descriptive info: City of Pacifica, California.. Jump to the.. BIG list.. of Pacifica based home pages!.. Want to write your own Web page about Pacifica? Ask me, I'm happy to help.. I am collecting together a list of.. the best.. places, things, and people in Pacifica.. [Want to know who I recommend as an auto mechanic?.. ].. Let me know.. what.. your.. favorite thing about Pacifica is so I can add it to my list.. The Tunnel Website.. For the latest you want to know about the Tunnel funding.. Tunnel Website.. Pacifica's Contra-Connection.. In August 1996, the San Jose Mercury News featured.. a series of articles.. about White House sanctioned Crack cocaine traffic, with profits routed to the Contra rebels in Nicaraqua.. Allegedly, this was masterminded by.. ex-Pacifica resident Norwin Meneses.. The man the Nicaraguans call the King of Drugs.. -- Norwin Meneses --.. is a millionaire businessman, an ex-Freedom Fighter and,  ...   Pacifica.. Mercury News photo by Jason M.. Grow 11K JPEG.. Shamrock Ranch, 1953.. Jim Evans.. grew up on Shamrock Ranch in the 50's and 60's.. Read his.. recollections.. from that time.. And.. don't miss his.. photo album.. Pacifica's Natural World.. June Langhoff and Annie Kook's excellent exploration of Pacifica's abundent natural resources.. This is currently Pacifica's best web page,.. a must see!.. Pacificans Care.. Dan Goldstein.. has put together the excellent website.. Pacificans Care.. which provides support and reinforcement for key Pacifica people-serving agencies: Pacifica Youth Service Bureau and the City of Pacifica human services agencies: Senior Services, Child Care Services and Resource Center.. The Chamber of Commerce's Sustainable Development Committee.. had it's first organizational meeting on May 14.. Read Mike Vaseys.. thoughts about sustainable developement.. If you're interested, contact.. Mike Vasey.. [Click for @Pacifica page 2].. To Bruce Hallman's.. home page.. Please send me email! My email address is:..

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  • Title: Aquariums!
    Descriptive info: Created 03MAR95, Last updated, 01FEB96.. My collection of hypertext links to.. aquaria related resources.. available on the internet.. Activated Carbon.. Often misunderstood, activated carbon is perhaps the most cost effective means towards effective aquaria filtration.. I have collected below the opinions of two experts on the use of activated carbon in aquaria.. Everything you wanted to know about.. activated carbon.. !.. I recently asked Leo Morin, chemist for Seachem, a series of questions about activated carbon and he gave some very helpful and interesting answers.. For even more, an article about the use of.. Activated Carbon in the Marine Tank.. Jim Layton, chemist for Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, wrote this article for the excellent magazine.. Marine Fish Monthly.. While it is written specifically with the marine aquarium in mind, it includes an in depth discussion of activated carbon which is relevant for freshwater aquaria too.. It is reprinted here with the author's permission.. A draft of my pending.. Ultraviolet Sterilizer.. ammendment to the *.. aquaria filtration FAQ.. Aquarium plants!.. Click the image for a 74K photo of my 10 gallon planted tank.. During the spring of  ...   plants.. , and a recipe for yeast CO2 injection.. Click the image for an 11K photo of my yeast CO2 bottle.. Check out David Milun's.. Cory Search engine.. of online aquaria resources.. Water for cichlids from.. Lake Tanganyika.. is bottled and sold by Noah's Spring Water.. Jim Kelly.. has posted a fantastic summary of his.. Great Aquarium Plants on a Student Budget.. to the rec.. aquaria newsgroup, including results from his experiments with aquatic soils, his yeast CO2 recipe and other practical advice towards a cheap sucessful planted aquarium.. Dave Huebert's article on.. Water Plant physiology.. George Booth.. has posted his ".. personal FAQ.. " to the rec.. aquaria newsgroup.. It includes his summary of keeping successful aquarium plants, and a detailed account of how he assembled his carbon dioxide system.. Also, George and Karla Booth have posted the results of their experiment with.. CO2 loss.. in an aquarium.. Other World Wide Web planted aquaria sites.. Jump to.. Erik Olson's Web page.. of planted aquaria.. Mark Rosenstein keeps an extensive.. FAQ on planted aquaria.. which is also worth checking out.. To Bruce Hallman's home page..

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  • Title: Kwakuitl Recipes
    Descriptive info: Kwakuitl Recipes.. K.. WAKUITL.. R.. ECIPIES.. Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914.. You will probably want to try this recipe for boiled.. halibut heads & backbone.. With etiquette tips included for chewing the bones and spitting them on the floor!.. Full instructions of how to.. cook a whale.. In case you wanted to know; how to cook.. salmon guts.. Another recipe: How to.. catch & cook sea slugs.. (Including the correct thing to say as you bonk them on the head.. ).. And the ever popular: How to cook.. fresh salmon.. back..

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  • Title: Index of /indian/poems
    Descriptive info: Index of /indian/poems.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. 19-Apr-2003 14:11 -.. borders.. html.. 14-May-1996 12:35 4k.. canoe.. 22-Apr-1996 13:08 4k.. cook.. 26-Jun-1996 15:25 4k.. dagger.. glaciers.. 23-Apr-1996 08:38 3k.. photo.. jpg.. 19-Apr-1996 15:03 18k.. Apache/1.. 3.. 41 Server at www.. hallman.. org Port 80..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Hot carrot and pickled jalapeno peppers.. We love those canned pickled jalapeno peppers that you buy in the Mexican grocery stores here in California.. Actually, we like best the hot carrots that they add to the cans for garnish.. They put in about ten peppers for each slice of carrot.. I devised this recipe because we were tired of buying a whole can of peppers just to get a few slices of hot pickled carrot!.. This recipe is sized so that it will fit in a 1 1/2 pint Tupperware container.. 2 Large Carrots.. 5 Medium Jalapeno Peppers.. About 1/4 of a medium onion.. Get a small pot of water boiling on the stove.. Scrub two large carrots, and wash five medium fresh jalapeno peppers.. I try to choose nice firm green  ...   timer for another five minutes.. While this cooks, mix together.. 4 ounces of water.. 7 ounces of white distilled vinager.. 1 ounce of red Balsamaic vinager.. 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil.. 1 Tablespoon of salt.. 2 Tablespoons of sugar.. 1/2 teaspoon of dried oregano.. 2 dried bay leaves.. a tiny piece of crushed garlic.. a very small pinch of monosodium glutamate.. Quickly drain the cooked carrots & peppers [they should still be a bit crisp] and add to the water/vinager/spice mixture.. Cool and refrigerate at least 24 hours before eating.. I don't know how long this will keep as I always eat it up within a few days!.. Please let me know what you think of this recipe.. By sending me email:.. My collection of.. other pickled pepper recipies.. collected on the net..

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  • Title: Hallman Family Photos
    Descriptive info: Family Photos are back!.. We have information from both the Hallman and the Kurth sides of the family:.. Hallman:.. Most of this information is about the Hallman family that lived in Scandia, near Poulsbo in Kitsap County, Washington.. EVA GRANT MORGAN.. and.. ELIS AUGUST HALLMAN.. were married in the home of Grandma Morgan at 7750 Sunnyside Avenue, Seattle, Washington on December 29, 1906.. They had known each other since they were very young as both families lived on homesteads in the Scandia area.. Children:.. Elis Ralph Hallman, born December 12, 1907.. Roda Irene Hallman, born January 2, 1909.. Calla Mabel Hallman, born January 20, 1910.. Goldie Bernice Hallman, born November 2, 1911.. William John Hallman, born June 28, 1915.. Doris Elloise Hallman, born July 23, 1919.. David Westley Hallman, born  ...   Birds of Scandia, WA.. Kurth:.. Most of this information is about the Stewart and Kurth side of our family from Gardena North Dacota, some of whom retired in Kitsap Country, Washington.. William and Henrietta Kurth.. children:.. Adelia.. Lydia.. Walter.. Lorenz.. Wesley.. Arther.. Alfred.. -- our grandfather.. George and Bertha Stewart:.. Mona.. Maxine.. Lois.. -- our grandmother (married Alfred).. I've been going through some of Mom's/Jean's old albums and I will put some of the highlights on this page.. Kurths, Stewarts and Fairfields of Garden, ND 1909 to c1937.. These are some real gems.. Mom has managed to label most of the people.. I have many other photos that are of interest only to the immediate family but I can send you the link if you are interested.. Email me at:..

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  • Title: Origin of bruce
    Descriptive info: Origin of Bruce Hallman's usename "bruce".. CompuServe issues usernames that are ten digit numbers.. I can't even remember my CompuServe username! Usernames.. should.. be easy to rememeber.. The real reason I chose "deadfish":.. At the time I was chosing a username, I had recently spoken with my Uncle Peter.. I have fond memories, circa 1970, of disecting live sharks, know as "dogfish" where I grew up, on the beach as anatomy lessons with Uncle Peter who is a physician.. Deadfish sounds like dogfish.. Who needs a logical reason to chose a username anyway?.. Other oblique reasons:.. Ever since I was a kid, for the past thirty years, I have kept all sorts of freshwater tropical fish aquariums, AND, I have had more than my share of.. deadfish ;-).. Or, I spent the majority of my childhood living on a bay, near  ...   set this on fire, and the light from the bonfire would attract dogfish.. They then would club to death the dogfish for fun, as precocious boys are known to do.. [not politically correct and not much better than discecting them live.. ].. "deadfish" also is an oblique reference to the Dr.. Seuss rhyme.. "old fish, new fish, red fish, blue fish.. ".. It also is a play on words with "dead" from "deadhead" [as in Grateful Dead fan] and "Phish", which is a rock band which has many of the same fans as the Grateful Dead, and plays music which is sometimes similar.. Not to mention that I like the idea of a large number of potentially associated words, such as.. bigfish, badfish, dogfish, catfish, sailfish, sunfish, gladfish, sadfish, oldfish, newfish, redfish, bluefish,.. etc.. Send comments and suggestions to:.. deadfishATnetcom.. com..

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  • Title: Juan Perez' 1775 vistit to the NW Coast
    Descriptive info: From:.. Captain Cook and the Spanish Explorers on the Coast.. , W.. J.. Langlois, Editor.. SOUND HERITAGE Volume VII, Number1 Province of British Columbia, (c)1978.. Juan Perez sailed from the Port San Blas on the Baja Peninsula on January 25, 1774.. Under orders from Spain to explore the NW Coast and claim territory in advance of the reported expeditions of the Russians into the region.. His vessel, the 82-foot frigate Santiago was satisfactory in high seas navigation, but is was too large and unwieldy for inshore reconnaissance.. This weakness, combined with the necessity for caution among uncharted islands and along fog-shrouded coasts, kept Perez in an anxious state and deterred him from approaching the shores he was to examine.. It was a major mistake not to have dispatched two vessels so that there would have been a chance of survival if one was destroyed.. The Spaniards sighed land on July 18, 1774, around 55 degrees latitude.. In the following days, off the northern Queen Charlotte Islands, Perez received his first opportunities to observe the Indians.. The Haida seized the initiative and paddled out to the Spanish vessel to press for trade, often surrounding the  ...   in the blanket which he noted ".. is most elegant for having been made by a people without culture.. " Despite the typical European attitudes, it was evident to all of the Spaniards that they had encountered a very well-developed civilization.. Although the Indians made every effort to invite Perez ashore, he resisted the prospect of putting into an uncharted harbor that also could be a trap.. Still, without landing to take official possession of the coast for Spain, Perez turned south and entered what was to become Nootka Sound.. This time he made efforts to dispatch a landing party, but the weather turned for the worse.. The officers and crew passed some difficult hours before they could get the ship out of danger and back into open water.. As in the previous experiences, the Indians were less timid than the Spaniards where there were commercial matters at stake.. The paddled out to acquire California abalone shells and likely obtained two silver spoons (possibly by theft) which were found by Captain Cook when he arrived at Nootka Sound four years later.. Perez returned to San Blas without touching land.. NW Coast Indian History page..

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  • Title: Bodega y Quadra's 1775 vistit to the NW Coast
    Descriptive info: Recognizing the difficulties and the weaknesses inherent in a single-ship expedition and, because Perez had failed to fulfill his instructions (to claim the NW Coast for Spain), another expedition was prepared for 1775.. Commander Bruno Hezeta sailed the frigate Santiago, and Juan Francisco la Bodega y Quadra became captain of the schooner Sonora when one of the more senior officers became insane after departure from San Blas on March 16, 1775.. It was not until mid-July that the two vessels reached the latitude of the present Washington coast.. Storms, delays in the California ports, illness, poor sailing capacities of the Sonora, and other incidents slowed progress.. Hetzeta doubted whether the vessels or the scurvy-ridden seamen would be able to continue much further north.. On July 14, 1775 both vessels anchored near today's Point Grenville, Washington, Bodega sent a party ashore to obtain  ...   woods and slaughtered them.. Absolutely horrified, Bodega opened fire with muskets and swivel guns, but found that the schooner was out of range.. He did not have another boat and the Santiago was anchored too fare away to witness the event.. Emboldened by their success, the Indians attacked the schooner, only to be repulsed in their first experience with firearms.. While this disaster was enough to convince Hezeta that the expedition should return to Mexico, Bodega refused to turn back without fulfilling his instructions.. The two vessels parted company and Bodega sailed north into Alaskan waters, reaching approximately 58 degrees latitude.. He discovered Bucareli Sound and conducted some impressive reconnaissance considering the obstacles he had to overcome with scurvy, food shortages, and poor conditions on the little schooner.. Unlike Perez, Bodega made sure that he landed to claim the coast for Spain..

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