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  • Title: Welcome to the HacDC Wiki - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to the HacDC Wiki.. From HacDC Wiki.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. MainTopics.. HacDC Info.. HacDC Systems.. HacDC Wiki.. Contents.. 1.. Cool Stuff Going On Right Now.. 2.. Top Links.. 3.. Category:Projects.. 4.. Records.. 5.. Events.. 6.. Past Cool Stuff That Will Happen Again.. 7.. Category:Community.. 8.. Category:Policy.. Welcome to HacDC.. We are a hacker space located in Washington, DC.. HacDC members improve the world by creatively rethinking technology.. We break, build, and occasionally abuse technology in the pursuit of greater knowledge about how it works and repurposing it to build new things.. Our shop is located in the.. Columbia Heights.. neighborhood of DC.. If you're new here, you should start by looking at our public web site at.. hacdc.. org.. Our Wiki is mostly for internal organization, but you're welcome to look through to get a sense of what we work on (and consider joining yourself!).. We invite you to subscribe to our.. Blabber.. public discussion mailing list.. Cool Stuff Going On Right Now.. The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles.. Byzantium.. 3D Printing.. - Prusa Mendel iteration 2 up and running in the space.. Microcontroller Mondays.. (BYO project to work on, get help on, or show off.. or just come to check us out!.. usually  ...   including layout and events and classes we hold.. Configuration.. Event Planning.. Wishlist.. What I Stole.. Inventory.. Procurement.. Suppliers.. Whiteboard.. Events.. This calendar pulls events from our official.. Meetup.. calendar.. A.. iCal feed.. is also available, for enjoying our events from your favorite calendaring software.. Past Cool Stuff That Will Happen Again.. Intro to Visuals for Programmers.. Electron Tube Class.. Max/MSP Workshop.. Quantified Self.. LightningTalks.. Intro to Programming.. AVR Microcontroller Class 2011.. Great Global Hackerspace Challenge.. Linux Class.. Bike Maintenance Class.. HacDC Spaceblimp 5.. Robotics Class 2011.. Pages on people in our community :.. Member User Pages.. Friends of HacDC.. Heroes and people who inspire us.. Our Policy Manual is divided into the following subcategories:.. Articles of Incorporation.. Bylaws.. Meeting Rules.. Privacy Policy.. Resource Use Policy.. Resource Disposal Policy.. Communications Policy.. Licensing Policy.. Retrieved from ".. http://wiki.. hacdc.. org/index.. php/Welcome_to_the_HacDC_Wiki.. ".. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. History.. Personal tools.. Log in / create account.. Navigation.. Welcome!.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Help.. Categories.. [.. +.. ].. Equipment.. Obsolete.. People.. Projects.. Useful Info.. Search.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 8 March 2013, at 16:55.. This page has been accessed 246,602 times.. Content is available under.. Attribution-Noncommercial 3.. 0 Unported.. Privacy policy.. About HacDC Wiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: Category:MainTopics - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:MainTopics.. Top-level topics in the HacDC Wiki outline.. Subcategories.. This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total.. C.. (4).. E.. (1).. H.. (9).. O.. P.. P cont.. U.. (2).. php/Category:MainTopics.. Category.. This page was last modified on 6 April 2012, at 04:02.. This page has been accessed 1,054 times..

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  • Title: Category:HacDC Info - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:HacDC Info.. Organizational Synergy.. About HacDC.. HacDC FAQ.. Mission Statement.. HacDC Culture.. CultureJamming.. Effective Communication.. Heroes.. MIBS Simplified Rules of Coordinated Consensus through Chaos.. NYCResistor.. Reading List.. Similar Groups.. Soulmates.. WWholoW (World Wide Holo-grid Web).. HacDC Docs.. Bylaws Amendment 1: Revise Quorum.. Bylaws Amendment 2: Meeting Frequency.. Bylaws Amendment 3: Revise Quorum Again.. Bylaws Amendments.. Form 1023 Draft.. Proposed Bylaw Changes 2009.. Standing Rules.. Communications Methods.. Sandbox.. Twilio.. WOPR.. What is dislocation of the shoulder? What causes a shoulder dislocation?.. Marketing.. BusinessCards.. Event Survey.. Flyers.. Group photo.. HacDC In The Press.. HacDC's Contributions to The Hackerspaces Book.. Logo.. Membership Fee Competitive Analysis.. Materiel.. Components Store.. Hackersmart.. Integrated Circuits.. Items Borrowed from the HacDC Space.. Linux on Wyse Winterm S10 Thin Clients.. PropertyPolicy.. Resource Disposal.. Shopping List.. Stuff.. Meeting Minutes.. Annual Meeting 2009.. Annual Meeting 2010.. Annual Meeting 2011.. Annual Meeting 2012.. Annual Meeting 2013.. Annual Meeting Agenda 2009.. Board Of Directors Meeting 2012 12 04.. Meeting Agenda 2008 06 17.. Meeting Agenda 2008 06 24.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 01.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 08.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 12.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 15.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 22.. Meeting Agenda 2008 07 29.. Meeting Agenda 2008 08 19.. Meeting Agenda 2008 12 02.. Meeting Agenda 2008 12 09.. Meeting Agenda 2008 12 16.. Meeting Agenda 2009 02 03.. Meeting Agenda 2009 03 03.. Meeting Agenda 2009 03 10.. Meeting Agenda 2009 04 14.. Meeting Agenda 2009 05 12.. Meeting Agenda 2009 07 14.. Meeting Agenda 2009 08 11.. Meeting Agenda 2009 09 15.. Meeting Agenda 2009 11 10.. MoF Report 2008 05 06.. MoF Report 2008 05 16.. MoF Report 2008 06 13.. MoF Report 2008 06 24.. Regular Member  ...   01 12.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 02 09.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 03 09.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 05 11.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 06 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 07 13.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 08 10.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 09 14.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 10 12.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 11 09.. Regular Member Meeting 2010 12 14.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 01 11.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 02 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 03 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 04 12.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 05 10.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 06 14.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 07 12.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 08 09.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 09 13.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 10 11.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 11 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2011 12 13.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 01 10.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 02 15.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 03 13.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 04 10.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 05 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 06 12.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 07 10.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 08 14.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 09 11.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 10 09.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 11 13.. Regular Member Meeting 2012 12 11.. Regular Member Meeting 2013 01 08.. Regular Member Meeting 2013 02 12.. Special Member Meeting 2010 05 25.. Membership.. Membership Admission Process.. Quorum.. Supporting HacDC.. Donation.. This category has the following 9 subcategories, out of 9 total.. A.. (0).. H cont.. M.. M cont.. S.. Pages in category "HacDC Info".. This category contains only the following page.. php/Category:HacDC_Info.. :.. This page was last modified on 8 April 2012, at 06:46.. This page has been accessed 1,167 times..

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  • Title: Category:HacDC Systems - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:HacDC Systems.. Information on HacDC computer systems and infrastructure.. Here is an example of.. link spam.. on our wiki, preserved as an example.. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.. Occupancy Sensor.. Pages in category "HacDC Systems".. The following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total.. T.. W.. W cont.. php/Category:HacDC_Systems.. This page was last modified on 5 April 2012, at 12:57.. This page has been accessed 732 times..

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  • Title: Category:HacDC Wiki - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:HacDC Wiki.. Pages related to the HacDC Wiki.. This category has only the following subcategory.. Templates.. Pages in category "HacDC Wiki".. php/Category:HacDC_Wiki.. This page was last modified on 6 April 2012, at 03:49.. This page has been accessed 549 times..

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  • Title: TECS - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: TECS.. 1.. Course Overview.. 2.. Prerequisites.. 3.. Software.. 4.. Lecture.. List of Lectures.. 5.. Methodology.. 6.. Resources.. The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles.. Course Overview.. Copied from course-provided syllabus: The course objective is to integrate key topics from algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, compilers, and software engineering, in one unified framework.. This will be done constructively, by building a general-purpose computer system from the ground up.. In the process, we will explore many ideas and techniques used in the design of modern hardware and software systems, and discuss major trade-offs and future trends.. Throughout this journey, you will gain many cross-section views of the computing field, from the bare bone details of switching circuits to the high level abstraction of object-based software design.. Prerequisites.. A copy of the book is highly recommended.. It can be purchased from.. Amazon.. for less than.. $30.. $20.. Most of the chapters can also be downloaded as PDFs from.. the books website.. A computer to run the examples and assignments.. The course software is written in Java so it will run on Windows, Linux or Mac.. Some programming experience is recommended.. Any programming language can be used for the projects in the book.. Software.. The software necessary for the course is freely available from the books website:.. [1].. Lecture.. We will be using the syllabus provided by the book which follows the chapters in order.. The lecture/discussion will loosely follow the slides provided on  ...   23, 2013.. High Level Language.. 10.. January 30, 2013.. Compiler I.. 11.. February 6, 2013.. Compiler II.. 12.. February 13, 2013.. Operating System More Fun To Go.. Proposed dates.. Methodology.. Copied from course-provided syllabus: This is mostly a hands-on course, which evolves around implementing a series of hardware and software modules.. Each module development task will be accompanied by a design document and an executable solution (illustrating what the module is supposed to do), a detailed implementation document (proposing how to build it), and a test script (specifying how to test it).. The homework assignments will be spread out evenly, so there will be no special “crunch” toward the semester’s end.. Each lecture will start by reviewing the work that was done thus far, and giving instructions on what has to be done next.. The homework assignments can be done in pairs.. Each week/chapter is completely modular and self-contained.. It is not necessary to complete an earlier chapter in order to participate in a later one.. Therefore students are free follow along in whichever order they choose or audit only those weeks that are of interest to them.. Resources.. Course Website.. Short video introduction to the course.. Longer video introduction to the course.. Textbook on Amazon.. Additional learning resources (Ben the Pyrate's brain-dump).. Example solutions for the projects in the book.. Mailing list for the class.. php/TECS.. This page was last modified on 17 January 2013, at 01:01.. This page has been accessed 9,199 times..

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  • Title: Category:Byzantium - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Byzantium.. (Redirected from.. ).. THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED.. Project Goals.. Parts.. Sprints.. Presentations and PR.. Press.. THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED.. The contents of this HacDC Byzantium wiki are considered deprecated, they are preserved for historic purposes only.. For the most up-to-date information on Project Byzantium, please visit the new website:.. http://www.. project-byzantium.. The new wiki is located on Github:.. https://github.. com/Byzantium/Byzantium/wiki.. This project was launched with a sprint on Feb 25-27, 2011.. Sprints will be held the last weekend of every month.. The development wiki page is.. here.. The official mailing list is.. The official Github organization page is.. NOTICE: If you've downloaded Byzantium v0.. 1a, you need to re-download it immediately due to a major bug in the 10 January 2012 release! This is critical!.. Where to download Byzantium.. Project Goals.. The goal of Project Byzantium is to develop a communication system by which users can connect to each other and share information in the absence of convenient access to the Internet.. The use cases for such a system would be:.. The infrastructure for accessing the internet has become damaged or inaccessible.. (Eg, a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.. A central authority has decided to explicitly block or shutdown key infrastructure.. (Eg, Egypt's recent internet blackout.. A zombie apocalypse in which the personnel responsible for maintaining key infrastructure have all been turned.. The project aims to develop and publish the necessary documentation, best practices, and software to construct and support such a system.. Our current approach is to start by investigating and documenting the existing technologies which would support such a system.. In particular, mesh networking protocols, wireless networking technologies, and decentralized (or less-centralized) alternatives to internet addressing/naming systems such as DNS.. In designing the system, we aim to reduce the dependency on exotic hardware or skill sets so that the system  ...   Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions.. Release announcement for v0.. 1a!.. Byzantium Linux was distributed and field tested at the USA Science and Engineering Festival!.. Project Byzantium will be presenting at CarolinaCon and HOPE Number Nine!.. Press.. Fast Company: 28 April 2011.. College v2.. 0: Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets.. 10 Projects to Liberate the Web.. Make Magazine.. Make article linked on /r/darknetplan.. Ciberactivistas crean un Internet alternativo por miedo a la represión.. Google Translation.. Hackerspaces: Hubs for Tech-Minded do-Gooders?.. Interview with DisinfoTV at ContactCon.. Iran: Not Tweeting, Hacking.. ; Byzantium-related stuff near the end of the article, some inaccuracies.. NPR Intern Edition: Hacking to Byzantium.. 3 April 2012:.. Template:Byzantium.. Byzantium 101.. Byzantium Action Log.. Byzantium Distributed DNS.. Byzantium InterMesh.. Byzantium Live Distro.. Byzantium Live Distro CP.. Byzantium Live Distro Captive Portal.. Byzantium Live Distro Chat.. Byzantium Live Distro EPad.. Byzantium Live Distro FileDump.. Byzantium Live Distro Microblog.. Byzantium Live Distro Prerelease.. Byzantium Live Distro Service Announce.. Byzantium Live Distro StreamingMediaSrv.. Byzantium Live Distro Tel.. Byzantium Live Distro WebProxy.. Byzantium Live Distro Wiki.. Byzantium Sprint 1.. Byzantium Sprint 2.. Byzantium Sprint 2 Inventory.. Byzantium Sprint 3.. Byzantium Sprint 4.. Downloading Byzantium.. Downloading Byzantium testlayout.. BATMAN.. BATMAN-Advanced Setup.. Babel.. Babel Setup.. User Feedback on Byzantium 0.. 1a.. Process for manually installing Byzantium.. Processes for building Porteus packages.. MeshNetworkingMeeting 20110210.. Captive::Portal notes.. Hardware compatibility list.. Finding neighboring mesh nodes.. Dependencies.. Fully distributed services.. Packaging NPM.. Ronja.. Notes on Soundmodem.. Mesh Networking.. IPset.. 4 April 2012:.. The Doctor's to-do list.. Mobile devices and IPv6.. AX.. 25.. Networking Strategic Simulation.. WRTKVM.. ByzantiumContact.. Pages in category "Byzantium".. The following 50 pages are in this category, out of 50 total.. B.. B cont.. D.. F.. I.. N.. R.. php/Category:Byzantium.. This page was last modified on 7 March 2013, at 15:14.. This page has been accessed 9,076 times..

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  • Title: Category:3D Printing - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:3D Printing.. There are currently two 3d printers in operation at HacDC, the.. Reprap, aka Norbert.. , and Andy Walker's.. Makerbot Cupcake CNC, aka Slick.. A new Prusa Mendel build is being started.. You can find details at the.. Prusa Mendel Reprap.. page.. This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total.. Makerbot.. PrusaMendel.. RepRap.. php/Category:3D_Printing.. This page was last modified on 4 April 2012, at 15:40.. This page has been accessed 1,227 times..

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  • Title: Schemers - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Schemers.. HacDC is hosting a biweekly study group dedicated to mastering the fabled computer science text,.. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.. , by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, with Julie Sussman.. This text is now available for free under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.. 0 Unported License.. We began in May, 2012 and plan to continue this session until we finish the book.. Logistics.. Meetup Group.. Mailing List.. Text.. Tools.. Exercise Solutions.. Logistics.. Anyone is welcome to attend, normally the meetings are held in person at the.. HacDC space.. , in the classroom area, although if that is booked, we may meet in the sanctuary.. Meetup Group.. We keep the master calendar on.. the HacDC meetup.. Please RSVP If you plan to attend a session.. Mailing List.. Students are encouraged to join the.. SICP mailing list.. where class discussions take place between study groups.. Text.. SICP comes in both print and electronic editons.. Amazon sells a.. new softcover print  ...   interactive debugger and friendly beginner environment.. Get this software installed to make your life easy:.. IDE.. SICP language module.. for DrRacket.. It's also possible to use these tools:.. MIT Scheme.. , the environment the text recommends.. GNU Guile.. (built into most Linux distributions, try "sudo apt-get guile" or "sudo yum install guile").. Lisping.. , a radical new iPad Scheme and Clojure programming environment.. Exercise Solutions.. Several study group members are posting their solutions online:.. Ben's solutions.. , including some JavaScript and Python solutions.. Bjorn's solutions.. Richard's solutions.. Bill the Lizard.. has exercise solutions and ruminations on SICP that started with this.. 2009 blog entry.. MIT OpenCourseWare SICP class.. with video lectures.. RECURSIVE FUNCTIONS OF SYMBOLIC EXPRESSIONS AND THEIR COMPUTATION BY MACHINE.. The paper that started it all, describing the theory behind LISP.. A Tutorial Introduction to the Lambda Calculus.. by Ra�ul Rojas.. php/Schemers.. This page was last modified on 29 August 2012, at 00:26.. This page has been accessed 1,062 times..

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  • Title: Category:Amateur Radio - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Amateur Radio.. HacDC Amateur Radio Club (W3HAC).. Regular meetings 2nd Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm.. Please check the HacDC.. org Calendar for next meeting agenda.. Join our email list.. email list.. FCC ham radio license exam at HacDC February 9, 2013 - 12:00 pm noon.. Radio Station W3HAC Information.. Ongoing and Proposed Projects.. Meeting Records.. Links:.. Our new 20m (14MHz) rooftop vertical antenna.. Rooftop antenna.. Our space program.. Spaceblimp.. Your friendly local ARRL: info on everything radio -.. license preparation, etc.. local test times.. Technician class Q A's.. Starts on page  ...   and tinkering (setting up HacDC station/repeater) APRS (antenna tracker, spaceblimp microcontroller tracker/digipeater) spaceblimp/nanosat/cubesat (tracking, attitude control system, photography) HF digital modes beacon systems spread spectrum software defined radio microwave/high power wifi direction finding fox hunting emergency operations.. Pages in category "Amateur Radio".. The following 8 pages are in this category, out of 8 total.. Amateur radio station.. Antenna Construction Notes.. HAM HT Baofeng UV-3R.. HARC Projects.. Sound Card Interface.. Template:Amateur Radio.. php/Category:Amateur_Radio.. This page was last modified on 20 January 2013, at 02:15.. This page has been accessed 2,174 times..

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  • Title: Outline - HacDC Wiki
    Descriptive info: Here is the proposed outline for the HacDC Wiki, implemented with Category: tags.. Editing this outline page will get to be a pain so eventually we should use the.. Category Tree.. extension to update it automatically.. Lists of current.. Uncategorized Pages.. and.. Category Names.. Main Topics.. Materiel (the stuff on our shelves).. HacDC Space.. Intro to Electronics.. Category:AVR_Class.. Category:Bike_Maintenance_Class.. Category:FPGA_Class.. Category:Equipment.. Category:Lathe.. Category:Makerbot.. Category:Reprap.. Category:Events.. Category:ShmooCon.. Category:People.. Category:Members.. Category:BOD.. Category:Friends.. Category:Ongoing_Projects.. Category:Spaceblimp.. Category:Previous_Projects.. Category:Proposed_Projects.. Category:Useful_Info.. Category:Hacker_Travel.. Category:Obsolete.. php/Outline.. This page was last modified on 5 April 2012, at 19:28.. This page has been accessed 4,568 times..

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