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  • Title: Home - GALHA
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. History.. Current committee.. News articles.. About humanism.. The Secular Europe Campaign.. The Unfinished battle for LGBT Rights.. Support us.. Running a local Pride stall.. Join as a member.. Volunteer.. Join the Committee.. Merchandise.. Archive.. Newsletter archive.. Article archive.. Welcome.. For over 30 years Galha LGBT Humanists has promoted humanism as a rational, naturalistic worldview that trusts the scientific method as the most reliable route to truth and encourages a moral and ethical life based on logic, reason and compassion.. It campaigns for equality and diversity, particularly relating to sexual orientation and identity - both in the UK and internationally.. Since 2012 it is proud to be the LGBT section of the British Humanist Association.. It is volunteer-led and funded by supporter donations.. Our vision.. We want lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people to enjoy equal rights to everyone else.. We want people to be able to live  ...   direct to Galha.. You can make a donation, whether or not you are a current member, directly and solely to Galha here:.. http://humanism.. org.. uk/donate-to-galha/.. Get in touch.. If you need to get in touch, please email.. chair@galha.. Maybe you need some materials to support a local Pride, or you've met us at an event and want to suggest a speaker or to work together.. Whatever, please say hello and we'll do our best to help.. Join the Committee.. We always need volunteers and help, particularly on the Committee.. Find out more.. or.. nominate yourself.. Events.. For full details of all upcoming Galha events, with photos, user reviews and more, visit our London meetup page:.. galhameetup.. com.. Next two events.. Newsletter.. GALHA NEWS.. GALHA NEWS September 2013.. pdf.. Adobe Acrobat document [641.. 5 KB].. Newsletter Archive.. Tweets.. Facebook.. Print.. |.. Sitemap.. Recommend this page.. © GALHA.. Login.. Logout.. Edit page..

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  • Title: About - GALHA
    Descriptive info: Home.. About GALHA.. Founded in 1979, GALHA is a democratic, membership organisation based in the UK with members worldwide, promoting Humanism and LGBT equality.. GALHA's activity.. GALHA promotes Humanism and LGBT equality, working to combat prejudice and discrimination against humanists and lesbians and gay men.. In furtherance of these aims it:.. Holds regular open, public meetings in London with speakers and discussions.. Maintains a website that promotes our work worldwide and links to other relevant online resources and organisations.. Carries out other occasional media work including radio, press and TV to promote its aims.. Makes submissions to government committees and responds to government consultative documents that concern our areas of interest.. Supports demonstrations and other groups that advance  ...   help GALHA's strategic direction.. Both events are open to the public - though the weekend incorporates the GALHA AGM where only members are entitled to vote.. Affiliations.. GALHA is an integral part of broader movements promoting Humanism, human rights, equality and diversity.. We are a section of the.. British Humanist Association.. and enjoy close links with the.. National Secular Society.. GALHA is an important part of the European and international Humanist movements, affiliated to the.. European Humanist Federation.. and International Humanist and Ethical Union.. GALHA is part of the global promotion of LGBT rights, affiliated to the International Lesbian and Gay Association and Amnesty International and a strong supporter of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)..

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  • Title: History - GALHA
    Descriptive info: About.. History.. Since 1979, UK-based Galha LGBT Humanists has been promoting an awareness and understanding of the Humanist ethical outlook, bringing LGBT rights issues to the attention of the public, and playing a full part in the campaign for lesbian and gay equality.. It was the prosecution of Gay News by Mary Whitehouse in 1977 which led to the birth of the Gay Humanist Group (GHG).. Whitehouse became the target of vociferous protest, not least from the National Secular Society which had been campaigning for years for the repeal of the blasphemy laws.. She began declaring in public that "everything good and true" that "every decent person believes in" was being undermined by "the humanist gay lobby".. This was enough to set a few gays in the Humanist movement thinking.. Although any formal lobby of this sort was at the time just a figment of Whitehouse's imagination, it seemed like a good idea to set one up.. A launch meeting of GHG was held in August 1979 during the Campaign for Homosexual Equality's annual conference in Brighton - an event which attracted 600 people.. A speaker at the meeting sounded a warning that the small gains which the gay movement had made within the previous ten years could quite easily be  ...   Local Government Act, strenously opposed attempts to get it repealed, and did its utmost to thwart attempts to lower the male gay age of consent to 16.. Before the 1979 CHE conference began, a half-page advertisement appeared in the Brighton Evening Argus.. This was sponsored by 22 local Christian clergymen who stated their strong opposition on biblical grounds to the town hosting the conference.. The founder members of GHG were in the vanguard of protest at this hostility, taking part in a demonstration outside the church of one of the clergy responsible.. And this was to be the first of many such direct actions which the group (later to change its name to the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, then Galha LGBT Humanists) became involved in over the following years.. Galha LGBT Humanists is one of the few national lesbian and gay campaigning groups which is democratically run.. It has acquired many loyal supporters all over the UK and abroad whose moral and financial support has sustained it.. It relies heavily on a core group of volunteers.. It has good reason to be proud of its long and continuing contribution to promoting Humanism and LGBT rights.. Since 2012 it is proud to be the official LGBT section of the British Humanist Association..

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  • Title: Current committee - GALHA
    Descriptive info: Current Committee.. Chair.. Adam Knowles.. "I am pleased to be elected Chair of Galha LGBT Humanists since January 2010.. I first became a member following the discovery that my worldview matched ‘humanism' thanks to the New Humanist.. I take a keen interest in philosophy, current affairs, different cultures and human rights.. I want to fight the remaining bastions of homophobia in the UK and the more explicit problems in Europe and elsewhere.. I work as a Project Manager in online marketing and live in London.. I look forward to a healthy, vibrant future for Galha LGBT Humanists and I am particularly interested in increasing the membership base and widening its diversity.. ".. Email me at.. Finance Officer.. Mike Rickwood.. "In a career spanning over 40 years in Government service, more than half was devoted to negotiating international trade and transport agreements in the European Union and at the UN.. He also spent time in project management and was subsequently Head of  ...   played cello in the Middlesex Youth Orchestra), politics, walking and cycling (in the 1990s he and Roy climbed all the major passes in the French Alps).. Mike joined GALHA in 2006.. Mike lives with his partner, Roy Heaps, in Isleworth, West London, where he was born in 1943.. Newsletter editor.. Richard Unwin.. Derek Lennard.. "The main reason I joined was to make sure that we resumed the monthly public meetings at Conway Hall.. This has been achieved and I look forward to the prospect of arranging a series of such meetings and events.. The work of the organisation eems to me to be of paramount importance as the main obstacle to LGBT rights is religious bigotry and fundamentalism.. This is true not only in the UK but more particularly around the world and this is why my work as co-ordinator of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) is of direct relevance to my work on the committee.. ".. James Heather.. Mary Porter..

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  • Title: News & articles - GALHA
    Descriptive info: GALHA TO JOIN FORCES WITH THE BRITISH HUMANIST ASSOCIATION.. BHA Trustee David Pollock with GALHA Chair Adam Knowles.. The current committee after a landmark decision On Saturday 14th April 2012 a Special General Meeting took place at Conway Hall to decide the future of.. GALHA.. Members gathered to vote on the proposal that GALHA becomes a section of the British Humanist Association.. As GALHA Chair Adam Knowles outlined in his introductory speech:.. "We returned to the existential question: what is GALHA for? We decided it's to promote Humanism and LGBT rights in the UK and abroad, and to ensure it can sustainably do so in future, rather than to protect itself as an entity.. The goal we set ourselves was to establish the firmest foundation for the future, the future of the LGBT Humanist movement in the UK.. The Committee and I think we're better off with the BHA and hope you do too.. "The overwhelming response was ʻYesʼ, with 24 votes in favour of the proposal, 1 against, and 3 abstentions.. While there was no postal vote, members who were unable to make it to the meeting were encouraged to  ...   Adam Knowles later commented: "The move into the BHA is something of an end of an era for GALHA, but also the start of a new one about which I am tremendously excited.. I'd like to thank Mike Rickwood and Malcolm Barnes particularly for all the work they put into this, but also the rest of the Committee and those members whom wrote in or gave their views.. I'm delighted that so many GALHA members old and new attended to vote - and look forward to building on our past but in a form suited to future success.. GALHA secretary Mike Rickwood said: "The officers will be meeting the BHA shortly to agree how to handle the transition.. We will let you know the outcome in due course.. We will also shortly begin work to develop a vision of the new direction GALHA should now be moving in to take advantage of its new situation – the new things it might do and how it might do them - which we'd like to discuss and seek your endorsement for at the Manchester weekend, which will be held on the 12-14 October..

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  • Title: About humanism - GALHA
    Descriptive info: News articles.. About humanism.. Really simple guide to humanism.. The really simple guide to humanism informs interested newcomers about humanism.. It offers simple answers to the most frequently asked questions about humanism and the opportunity to think and learn more:.. The really simple guide to humanism.. Atheism, humanism and secularism.. There is seldom a debate involving atheism, or humanism or secularism, where these terms are not interchanged or confused with wild abandon.. This is usually, though not always by those wishing to attack one or more of them.. As this site is for the promotion of Humanism and its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender context, it is worth distinguishing between them.. Atheism.. Is the absence of belief in a personal god, or gods.. As such it is usually taken to encompass not just the idea that there is definitely no god, but the notion that the existence of a god is highly improbable (broadly the Richard Dawkins position) or not one that is seriously worth entertaining.. Some religions, for example Buddhism, can be seen as atheistic given the absence of a personal god or gods from their creed.. Some philosophies have argued that the notion of God is actually meaningless.. Such a position, while not strictly atheistic carries similar implications in practice.. It is sometimes argued that if the existence of God (or gods) cannot be disproved then atheism is ultimately as much a "faith" based position as, say, Christianity or Islam.. Against this there are many ideas which cannot be disproved, but where disbelief would not be taken as a sign of faith.. (I may need "faith" to believe in fairies, but is my lack of belief in them also an expression of "faith"?).. Some atheists will advance arguments against the existence of god, such as occam's razor, where God is held to add complexity without ultimately explaining anything.. The Problem of Evil is also often seen as an argument against the existence of a perfect and all-powerful god.. In terms of ethics and morality, atheism effectively precludes morality based on religious authority (although some atheists have been known to argue that even as a false idea, religion can still be socially useful).. Some atheists of course also see value in certain religious injunctions (e.. g.. Christ's "Do unto others.. ") but do so on non-religious grounds, often arguing that these predate the religion in question anyway.. However a lack of belief in a god or gods carries no direct implications as to what moral system an atheist positively ascribes to.. Hence there can be no single moral or political order that is synonymous with atheism.. On the contrary, atheists can and have followed wildly diverse moral and ethical systems from Marxism to socialism, utilitarianism, social liberalism, conservatism and right wing authoritarianism and social-Darwinism, with different, and usually mutually incompatible, arguments used to defend each.. Attempts to describe the success or failure of a particular atheistic ethical system as a success or failure of atheism per se are therefore incoherent.. Humanism.. Is a broad belief system founded on the basic notion that moral values and  ...   beings at the expense of other living things or the natural environment.. On the contrary, the same principles of empathy and a duty of care apply.. Humanism has been notably supportive of gay rights, and was so long before these became mainstream, seeing LGBT equality essentially as a question of personal freedom and happiness, which also brings benefits to wider society, with no real downside.. This contrast markedly both with most religious positions (especially traditional Christianity and Islam and Orthodox Judaism), and with many non religious ones - such as the versions of Marxism implemented in the Soviet Union and in China.. Secularism.. Is broadly the belief that all religious beliefs and non religious beliefs should enjoy equal protection under the law - provided that they do not impinge on the rights of others.. In consequence, no religion (and normally no non-religious belief-system) should hold a socially or politically privileged position.. Secularists have for example argued that the head of state should not be linked to a particular religion (as with the British Monarch's position as head of the established church in England), that religious bodies should not have special representation (as with Anglican Bishops in the House of Lords) and that schools run by religious bodies should not be funded by the state.. Many secularists go beyond this in seeing intrinsic value in a "shared space" in society.. This would , for example, militate against the presence special schools for particular religious groups, even if all other religions, and all non religious groups (such as Humanists) also had access to the similarly exclusive facilities.. This interpretation of secularism sees intrinsic social value in encouraging people from different cultures and belief systems to mix together rather than being divided even on a notionally "equal" basis.. Whilst atheists and humanist will almost by definition be secularist, secularism is also widely supported - to varying degrees - by religious believers, especially where a number of religions coexist in a society.. If I am a member of a minority religion, then my interests, and my religion's interests are not normally best served where another religion is privileged.. And even adherents of a dominant religion may wish to avoid social conflict by granting equality to followers of other religions and to non believers.. Further some religions stress the importance of free will, which sits ill with any social pressure applied on that religion's behalf.. Secularism is sometimes accused of seeking to suppress the freedom and interests of religious believers.. On the contrary, followed to the letter, secularism will only impinge on religious freedom where this adversely affects others - as for example where religious beliefs are used to "justify" discrimination against women or gay people.. There will in practice be some genuine conflicts of interest, but the secularist will try to resolve these by applying considerations that do not bias the decision in favour of one side - often the most challenging aspect of secularism.. Likewise there can be no "morality of secularism" as secularism is in essence a means of existing different belief systems to coexist as harmoniously as possible..

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  • Title: The Secular Europe Campaign - GALHA
    Descriptive info: March and Rally on 14th September.. The Secular Europe Campaign March and Rally has become an annual event to celebrate all we have achieved in secularism, to demand more, and to have a really good time with like minded people.. We march to be seen, to be heard, to support others that are struggling to achieve their basic human rights, and to show that we are a growing force that will stand up for what we believe in and will challenge what is unbelievable.. We will assemble at 12.. 30pm in Temple Place, next to Temple Tube Station.. The March will start at 1.. 00pm and end in a Rally at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street.. We hope you would like to  ...   if you wish:.. Join the Secular Europe March.. Be seen be heard be Secular.. 14th Sept 2013.. Equal rights for all #SECM2013.. http://tinyurl.. com/SECM2013.. We have created the following tiny URLS for twitter:.. - Event page on the SEC website:.. - Event page on Facebook:.. com/FB-SECM2013.. - Event page on Meetup:.. com/MU-SECM2013.. Speakers include;.. Professor AC Grayling, Stephen Law, Maryam Namazie, Pragna Patel, Nina Sankari - Polish Rationalist Association, Anne Marie Waters - One Law for All, Sue Cox - Survivors Voice, Nahla Mahmoud - Council of Ex Muslims, Bob Churchill - International Humanist Ethical Union, Naomi Phillips Chair of Labour Humanists, Adam Knowles Chair of GALHA - LGBT Humanists, Rory Fenton AHS President, Charlie Klendjian Secretary of the Lawyer's Secular Society..

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  • Title: The Unfinished battle for LGBT Rights - GALHA
    Descriptive info: Peter Tatchell talks to a GALHA meeting - on the Unfinished battle for LGBT human rights.. Published on the 15 Feb 2013..

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  • Title: Support us - GALHA
    Descriptive info: Support us.. The ways to support us are:.. Become a volunteer.. Join as a member..

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  • Title: Running a local Pride stall - GALHA
    Descriptive info: Running a local Pride stall.. We have been running Pride stalls for many, many years to advertise and raise awareness of Galha's work, humanisim and secularism, as well as advertising local humanist groups and activities across mainland UK.. We haven't yet run a stall in Northern Ireland, which would be a particularly wecome prospect for us.. Pride events are our biggest and best opportunity to come face to face with other LGBT people, their families and friends to promote Humanism to a group particularly looking for a non religious idea, lifestyle and rational identiity in the world.. The more local Prides we can run each Pride season the more visible we are.. It would be great if you have the time and energy to work with us to spread the word.. It's rewarding and great fun.. We regularly run Pride stalls or parade in Manchester, London and Birmingham and have run stalls in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Oxford, Brighton, Nottingham, Newcastle, Truro and at Black Pride in London.. Birmingham Pride before the rush!.. This is a brief guide to booking, organising and running a stall;.. To find out if you have a local Pride and when it is, visit:.. http://pinkuk.. com/events/.. How to apply for a stall.. Each Pride differs in terms of types of event and applying for a stall some need booking up to 4 months before the Pride date.. I suggest  ...   the stall and have confirmation, start to recruit people to make a few hours of time to the stall and get the date in their diaries.. Try for a male / female/ transgender mix and diversity.. Humanism isn't only for aging white middle males.. Stall materials;.. About four weeks before the event contact BHA for materials to be sent to you.. Materials we can supply:.. Gaha vinyl banner.. Galha t-shirts x 6.. Galha A4 tri-folded leaflets.. Galha postcards.. Galha stickers.. BHA badges.. BHA leaflets and celebrant leaflets.. Materials you might need to supply:.. Table cloth.. Table decorations.. Something to stop the wind blowing leaflets away.. Local Humanist group materials.. Tape, string, drawing pins, paper clips, sundry items.. Bin bag.. GALHA members and supporters behind the banner.. Running a stall on the day.. Normally, you will be sent 2 passes to get into the event.. Finding the allocated stall is sometimes a challenge, but persevere.. It should only take you about 30 minutes to dress the stall and setup.. If you have an idea of times volunteers can arrive, you can draw up a rota.. When people enquire, there are no scripts or 'right' answers or 'truths'.. Just be yourself, be open honest and have a quality conversation.. Manchester Pride stall run by the new NW LGBT group and Local GMH.. Interested in helping run a stall at your local Pride?.. Please email.. info@galha..

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  • Title: Join as a member - GALHA
    Descriptive info: You join Galha LGBT Humanists by joining the British Humanist Association (BHA) and telling them you want to be signed up to us.. Use the online form at the BHA site below.. During the sign-up process you simply tick a box to become a member of Galha LGBT Humanists.. BHA membership form.. Our vision is that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people have equal rights and that everyone can live their life according to Humanist values if they choose to do so without other worldviews enjoying special privileges.. Joining the work of GALHA is.. Your membership fee supports BHA and GALHA in its work.. Membership is open to all those who support our aims and  ...   fees and other financial donations are used carefully.. to support the cause.. You will add to our number and therefore the.. democratic legitimacy.. of the organisation: we are stronger together.. You become.. part of a growing network.. of people that care deeply about the issues at hand, promoting activism and influencing government.. The organisation is.. strong socially.. , providing opportunities to network and meet other people that care about our aims.. You will receive print copies of the.. regular GALHA newsletter.. to keep you up-to-date on our work.. As a democratic organisation members have the right to.. vote at the General Meetings.. that set GALHA's strategic direction and actions - and seek election to the Committee..

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