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  • Title: Uniting the World: g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: .. g6b Peoples Summit.. Home.. Contact us.. Apr.. 19.. Travel makes the mind sharper?.. in.. Uncategorized.. comments (0).. Whenever the conversation of cultures sensitively comes up it is always inevitable that someone will mention how important it is to travel to be able to understand and respect other cultures that are different to your own.. This has sadly made it somewhat of a cliche amount certains group of people, especially as one might expect, among those that have yet to be able to travel much themselves.. This is a real shame and perverts the hopes of those sharing this point of view, really achieving the opposite of what.. More.. Aug.. 13.. Vocational Studies More Valuable than Ever.. I ran into one of my old university professors the other day and posed him a question why are most of the people I studied with working in posts that have nothing to do with their chosen degrees?The answer they chose the wrong degrees.. Well, not wrong in the strictest sense of the word, but according to him it is in fact those choosing skilled, focused and vocational degree courses that are today finding excellent posts in the fastest times and in the most suitable industries.. And where does this leave the rest of us? Sadly, perhaps right where we are right now.. 12.. University Education in the UK an Informed Choice and a Prerequisite for Successful Careers.. University education in the UK is the choice of a large number of students, both British and foreign ones, and the primary reason for their choice of higher education is that they will gain new qualifications which will enable them to consider better job opportunities and career prospects on graduation.. Furthermore, education in colleges and universities enables young people to make new contacts which can develop into lasting friendships or business partnerships.. University education in the UK is a personal choice, unlike secondary education which is mandatory in most countries.. Students are now regarded as responsible, fully fledged adult persons who are aware of the benefits of their choice and have control on the place and time of their study, in order to make the most of it and prepare the grounds for their success as professionals.. Students pursuing their university education in the UK do not need to pay their fees upfront.. They can take out government loans to cover not only their tuition fees, but also their living costs.. Some students are eligible for maintenance grants.. Are University Extra Curricular Activities Necessary.. If you listen and watch the worldwide press these days chances are you will be thinking that college and university clubs only foster stupid behaviours, alcoholism, and date rapes.. With so many instances of these kinds of unruly behaviours it is difficult to ignore the public sentiment.. Yet when you speak with business owners who are looking to hire these university graduates they will tell you that they find many of them socially inept, lacking in initiative with their trainability a challenge.. Oct.. 31.. Anti Capitalists Around the World.. In the current economic climate, pressed by financial developments not dependent on their vote and pressured by the circumstances arising in banks and not the streets, people are getting more and more skeptic about capitalism and its mutation that led to the perverse condition of the financial system today.. Places such as London, New York, Sydney, Frankfurt and Paris became centers of discomfort and places for people to actually express their concerns about the condition of the world market.. 50 Years Later.. Today, the 13th August 2011, is the day we mark a dark anniversary fifty years ago, on this date, the Berlin Wall was completed and the separation of Germany was a fact.. Berlin is today full of people enjoying their unity and safety, but it is also full of people placing flowers of what remains a wreck in the middle of the city.. Because of both people, a day of recalling the events around the Berlin Wall is important and again because of them the value of the world peace is what needs to be constantly remembered.. Berlin wall divided Germans for generations.. Today a separation is still observable Eastern Germany is still marked by the signs of social dominance while the West remains happily developing.. The Economist magazine points out that despite being one country, the communism regime had shaped the Germans from the  ...   to determine the future of smaller and less powerful states that need desperate attention and financial support.. A Confident Law System.. : If not for the current state of.. 7.. The Dawning of a New Age.. There was a great joke that Obama was too busy finding Osama to get his.. paternity tests.. and birth certificate.. It is a difficult time and people are having to take difficult decisions.. Yesterday, the news was released that Al Qaeda acknowledged the killing of Osama bin Laden and then uttered some horrible words to follow it up.. What I think is interesting in the difference in how the United States government decided to not publish certain images that would inflame emotions and how the BBC has published a direct quote from the leaders of Al Qaeda which will serve to utilize the BBC to spread a message of vengeance around the world.. By publishing direct quotations that call for vengeance the BBC knowingly or unwittingly serves as a distribution network for the terrorist message.. Obama on the other hand said that the voice of dissent for the Islamic world is now coming from Tahrir Square and not terrorists.. For more than a decade there was a collusion between fundamentalist imams and repressive regimes to direct the anger of the disenfranchised towards the United States and not towards the autocratic regimes.. Obviously, the west has supported these autocratic and repressive regimes to secure the supply of oil, but that phase of foreign policy came to an end with the historic speech that Obama made in Cairo towards the beginning of his presidency.. The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are far from over, but hopefully they were mean a new age of democracy and freedom in the middle east.. Osama Bin Laden.. : May 1, 2011 mark the calendar as a historic.. Death Penalty Justified?.. Whoever claims that the deprivation of life is a justified approach to dealing with individuals, might have lost a certain sense of humanity.. However, we, as socially responsible individuals and as people capable of realizing the good and bad features of a legal system, are well aware that human rights protection is what we all rely upon in different situations when having an.. immigration dna test.. , when signing an employment contract and even when peaking into the neighbor s house.. Then how can their gross violation be justified in a fact of taking a life away.. True, a justification is that a murder, who took life, deserves to be treated the same way.. But this is a rather emotional approach to the matter.. If you need to punish someone, you do not simply kill him, you do not even have to change him you can simply take away his liberty.. Being locked up is worse than dieing the reason is a psychological because being unable to exercise yourself as an individuals leads to the assumption of a pointless life.. This is the main reason why the imposition of liabilities such as 230 years of prison is more reasonable than the electric chair.. People with more serious crimes than murder, because such exists, need not be treated differently.. A punishment enough is a deprivation of liberty.. However, taking life away is messing up with another type of laws the laws of proclaiming power over the significance of human life.. If a country kills for a killing, this means it would respond to a provocation with a provocation.. Where is the personal peace going then, and what would be the aspirations of such a country as the majority of people fear to commit a crime not because they will harm but because they will die?.. February Sees Record U.. S.. Federal Budget Deficit.. : I was in.. Previous articles.. Search.. Archives.. April 2013.. August 2012.. April 2012.. October 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. Recent Posts.. About Us.. 19 April 2013.. 13 August 2012.. 12 August 2012.. 13 April 2012.. 31 October 2011.. One People, One World, One Love, One Peace.. We believe that everyone in the world should be entitled to the same rights and quality of life.. Here is a place for all people to let their views be heard and develop a community based upon those ideas.. RSS.. Love..

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  • Title: Contact us : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. Is there something that you would like to say? We welcome guest writers and comments on what we have posted, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!.. Contact Us.. If you would like to get in touch with me please do so by filling out the form below.. Your name (required).. Your email (required).. Type of enquiry.. NA.. Advertising query.. Guest post offer.. General.. Your message.. Enter result of above image.. Peace..

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  • Title: Travel makes the mind sharper? : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Previous article.. Travel makes the mind sharper?.. April 19th, 2013.. Add comments.. This is a real shame and perverts the hopes of those sharing this point of view, really achieving the opposite of what.. they had hoped to.. I suppose now is the right time for me to let you know that I unabashedly support the line of thinking that these people are subscribed to.. I full heartedly believe that travel broadens the mind and improves everyone s ability to be sympathetic to those that are differently inclined to ourselves.. If fact I myself was lucky enough to travel a lot when I was very young and I attribute a lot of my adaptability to those experiences even though I do not remember them much at all due to being so very young at the time.. The real shame is that a sense of superiority comes across when well meaning folks that come along my  ...   are hoping to change the minds of people that have much to gain by stepping outside their cosy little part of the wide world you first need to have some humility.. Don t open the dialogue by imparting your fantastic experiences abroad in an.. auberge de jeunesse Amsterdam.. or about how fantastic the bar culture in Chile is.. Listen to what they are interested and suggest places they can visit with them in mind, don t show off about the places that you loved, suggest places that.. they.. will love.. Everyone deserves a chance to experience different cultures in their lives, and if you are trying to make that happen for people around I give my blessing, keep it up, but remember they don t want to hear how better travel has made you than them, so don t go one about it.. Leave a reply.. Name.. (required).. Email.. (will not be published) (required).. Website..

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  • Title: Uncategorized : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Uncategorized category..

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  • Title: Vocational Studies – More Valuable than Ever : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Next article.. Vocational Studies More Valuable than Ever.. August 13th, 2012.. Comments are closed!.. Freedom..

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  • Title: University Education in the UK – an Informed Choice and a Prerequisite for Successful Careers : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: University Education in the UK an Informed Choice and a Prerequisite for Successful Careers.. August 12th, 2012.. In university education courses, there are subjects based on knowledge gained at school, such as English, mathematics, etc.. There are also number of subjects which are specific for the speciality students are pursuing, such as anatomy, electronics, or.. South Devon pest control.. In university education in the UK, students are expected to do more work on their own, in addition to lectures and seminars, in terms of background reading.. Libraries  ...   offer advice, for example tips on referencing or on how to avoid plagiarism.. Participation in societies and sports is not only a way of keeping fit, but also a manner of forming new friendships.. Students unions websites list available societies and sports teams, so everyone can choose according to their interests.. Open days are typical events for most colleges and universities, held two or three times annually, and then the public have the opportunity to tour educational institutions and get acquainted with the opportunities and conditions they offer..

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  • Title: Are University Extra Curricular Activities Necessary : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Are University Extra Curricular Activities Necessary.. April 13th, 2012.. But some will argue that university social cubs are one good place for students to learn what they need to in order to work and survive in the world.. Yet some of the students who join these clubs are not learning the valuable lessons that they can teach.. It is difficult to say that these social clubs are in and of themselves responsible for what the student learn and do while they are there.. The responsibility lies primarily with the kind of mindset many of these university students go into these clubs with.. Many see these clubs as a way to let their adolescence craziness loose..  ...   is being taught in the classroom.. For this to be the case and be effective the student will have to be able to see the opportunities.. The problem of most employers is that students do not have or show any form of initiative.. So if they work with a pest control company and there is a.. rodent control.. problem that needs to be solved they will have to be told what to do and when.. So students need to enter university with the kind of understanding that allows them to see the bigger picture as opposed to where the next social event is.. They can learn to be leaders by being a part of extracurricular activities..

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  • Title: Anti Capitalists Around the World : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Anti Capitalists Around the World.. October 31st, 2011.. The most serious protests took place in New York, the USA.. There is still unrest and there are still.. large format printing.. materials calling for people to reconsider their values.. The protests were the so called Wall Street Protests and were intended to show the state and the private organizations that it is the people that matter and not only the financial world.. Capitalism, according to many, has led to the expansion of values which should not have been incorporated by the money making machines of the modern day business.. The protests were suppressed by the police, and the media said only  ...   world financial centre London.. People gathered and are still occupying the space in front of St Paul s cathedral in Central London.. Interestingly, thousands of young people support the anti capitalist movement and trends realizing that the financial disturbances during the last years have inevitably influenced their lives, people are looking forward to a more stable and more secure future.. Major protests were also held in other financial capitals in the world.. Additionally, the support for such protesters have been circulating over the web and thousands of people have expressed their sympathy with the protesters in London and NY.. A Pipedream?.. : Not long ago, most people would have chosen the..

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  • Title: 50 Years Later : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: 50 Years Later.. August 13th, 2011..

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  • Title: Rape in South Africa : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Rape in South Africa.. July 5th, 2011.. Now, stories of this nature, as we all know, are nothing new; Africa has long been dogged with the reputation of money ending up in the wrong hands and the people being used as pawns in a global game which all the other countries frequently capitalise on.. But what was new about this story was the scale of it all, which seemed surprising, even by Africa s standards; according to the information the piece conveyed, lesbians are being persecuted by the thousands over there as we speak.. And the police are nowhere in plain sight.. In many cases they are allegedly in on it.. This is the kind of terrible situation that the country is in and it shows no sign of slowing down any  ...   worryingly, this is an opinion which runs through the veins of the country: that homosexuality is wrong in God s eyes, and anything against homosexuals, violent or otherwise, is deemed absolutely OK.. There has, as you might expect, been a huge backlash against this already.. Many comments have been left on the page of the article, and there has been a huge global campaign underway for a while to get the atrocities to stop.. Where it will end is a good question, but one thing is for sure: other nations can t just stand with crossed arms and watch the blood shed.. Everyone from.. Occupational Therapy Jobs.. to police officers will have to start waking up to the fact that the only thing that will get this to stop is direct action..

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  • Title: Financial Stability : : g6b Peoples Summit
    Descriptive info: Financial Stability.. May 30th, 2011..

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