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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Remember me.. Forgot password.. Home.. GACSO.. Purpose Principles.. Member Benefits.. Governance.. Contact.. Initiatives.. Our Initiatives.. Codifying the Career.. Mentor Me.. Group Coaching.. Themed Workshops.. Roundtable Meetings.. Members.. Join.. GACSO Membership.. Join Us.. Follow GACSO.. Partners.. Our Partners.. Careers.. Acre Resources.. Allen York.. CS Partners.. Egon Zehnder Int.. Six Degree People.. Knowledge Sharing.. Ashridge.. Dō Sustainability.. Verdantix.. Discovery.. Relevant Documents.. Events.. News.. The Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers, '.. '.. - empowering the corporate sustainability professional.. Upcoming events.. CSO meets FD - exploring the relationship.. 01 Jan 2017 • ICAEW London.. Challenges of self-employment.. 01 Jan 2017 18:30 • TBA.. Recent News.. New Paper in members area.. 23 Jul 2013 11:51 •.. Charles Layton.. New GACSO Chair, Dr Stuart Poore.. 21 Jun 2013 17:00 •.. Hay-on-Earth 2013: the main sustainability events in Wales.. 13 Apr 2013 12:42 •.. Gwyn Jones.. Research into Environmental Reporting within Organisations.. 25 Mar 2013 12:05 •.. DōShort: Sustainability in the Public Sector.. Purchase with a 15% discount.. :.. here.. Defining the Corporate Sustainability Professional.. This document produced by GACSO's Founding Members is the first publication from our initiative to establish a consensus on the role of the sustainable development professional.. Download.. You can.. follow us.. on.. GACSO explores the big questions about the CS career.. At a recent workshop we engaged with 50 sustainability professionals and got their views on some key topics.. C.. l.. ick the image to hear their views.. Supporting and promoting our members' careers.. Our members enjoy the following benefits:.. an organisation focused on making the sustainability professional role more successful and more effective.. membership of a respected organisation that works to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities and overall career security.. a safe space providing support and mentoring via GACSO's network of experienced peers..  ...   GACSO members together and enables them, together, to act as a credible source of thought leadership in the sustainability debate.. What’s sustainable development?.. The principle of sustainable development can be explained as:.. ‘.. being able to meet our needs today, while ensuring that.. what we leave behind.. for future generations is.. sustainable, for people and the planet.. ’.. The social and environmental challenges that this generates can be brigaded in any number of ways.. One would be to demarcate four categories: carbon, finite resource consumption, poverty and social exclusion, physical and emotional wellbeing.. In one way or another, every GACSO member is facing up to one of these four challenges.. Otherwise why would they join GACSO? The challenge of sustainable development and the need for a robust business response, is the route through which practitioners across the membership add value to their organisations.. Forget abstract, nebulous notions of ‘responsibility’ in business.. Our agenda is oriented around a concrete challenge – global sustainable develop.. ment – and our members are here to devise practical, commercially astute solutions in response.. GACSO’s role is to support them in every stage of their career, ‘codifying’ the best practice and encouraging questioning and learning that will help practitioners be more effective and respected in their profession.. GACSO members are also a distinctive breed of Corporate Sustainability practitioner:.. they recognise the scale and urgency of the challenge of sustainable development; they understand that this requires radical transformation, not incremental change;.. they possess the courage to ask awkward and disruptive questions in their businesses, never forgetting the commercial imperative.. and, crucially, they have the capability to lead their business through change and transition, always innovating, creating efficiency, communicating outputs and delivering value.. Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers.. Powered by.. Wild Apricot.. Membership Software..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Password recovery
    Descriptive info: Reset password.. Reset password.. *.. Your email.. Invalid email format.. Code.. Type the 6 characters you see in the picture..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - GACSO
    Descriptive info: -+-.. Download our introduction:.. GACSO Introduction.. Purpose.. As senior sustainability professionals in the corporate sector, we live and breathe sustainable development but we do not have a professional body to represent our interests or to support our continuing professional development.. That is the role that GACSO aims to fill.. GACSO is different from other networks and organisations because it is about:.. individuals, not corporates.. careers, not the issues.. GACSO helps existing and aspiring sustainability professionals:.. make wiser choices in jobs.. to be more relevant in organisations.. to have more impact.. work with more excellence.. be part of a more respected profession.. Our Principles.. Creating value.. for  ...   our purpose.. Supporting.. creating a community that encourages mutual support and challenge.. Learning.. there are no guaranteed answers or sure-fire solutions to the complex arena we are engaged with so we need to always question and seek deeper understanding if we are to learn from our experience.. what happens in other cultures and business environments around the world can inform and guide our actions.. Sharing.. what we learn and the wisdom we accumulate to the wider sustainability community and those that follow in our wake.. Inclusion.. we do not judge or discriminate; individuals join us because of the resonance and relevance of our purpose with theirs..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Purpose & Principles
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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Member Benefits
    Descriptive info: Creating value for members.. GACSO helps Sustainable Development Professionals:.. to have more impact and create more value.. We offer our members a range of opportunities to benefit from and to contribute to all these aims.. Participation in GACSO Initiatives.. All members can benefit by participating in any or all of.. Our initiatives.. Currently we offer:.. Group Mentoring.. Career Guidance.. DōShorts.. GACSO Community.. GACSO Members can participate in our Members' Space on this website which comprises a Members' Forum, a Members' Directory and enables members to connect and communicate freely with each other.. This space is only viewable and accessible to Members and Partner representatives.. In addition we hold regular meetings, workshops, events for Members, free of charge.. Career-long relevance.. As GACSO membership is personal, not corporate, it has validity through all the stages of a member's development, in any role, at any organisation, and can be particularly valuable between jobs.. We aim to be always relevant to members as they progress through their professional life, and through each role they take on.. The first 100 days: Insight and Understanding.. how to understand the business.. build advocacy within the business.. creating change.. All members have the chance to engage  ...   not be alone – where to go for best practice/advice.. how to create the environment for war stories.. coaching/mentoring.. development for training.. training ourselves through the membership.. By developing a membership with SD professionals from a wide and diverse range of industries, specialisations, experience and geographies, members will have many opportunities to learn from other members.. Transition, new roles.. If disillusioned or bored – need inspiration.. performance coach.. support network.. career planning and advice.. CV/Profiling; positioning; writing own job description.. Giving Back.. As members' experience and responsibilities grow, many will want to help less experienced members of their team or other colleagues develop.. This could be via formal coaching and mentoring or by less formal sharing of experience, wisdom and insights.. GACSO offers both formal and informal opportunities for members to “give back” to the profession and directly to other members.. Leadership.. GACSO aims to be a leader in the development and professionalisation of the SD role and career.. We require experienced SD professionals to lead and guide our own activities and initiatives.. We can offer Director, Advisor and Leadership opportunities to members who have established themselves as thought leaders, successful practitioners and are highly regarded by their peers..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Governance
    Descriptive info: GACSO is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.. GACSO Board.. GACSO exists for its members and our governance and leadership model is made up of members, supported by consultants with operational, legal and accounting expertise.. GACSO was founded by.. Alan Knight OBE.. GACSO's Board is headed by our Chair, Stuart Poore, and has executive  ...   They are joined by a number of members who have non-executive roles and together these provide the governance and leadership, delegating operational responsibility to the CEO, Company Secretary and Accountant.. Founder: Alan Knight.. Chair: Stuart Poore.. Directors.. Alan Knight.. Stuart Poore.. Mat Roberts.. Colin Braidwoo.. d.. Eileen Donnelly.. Andrew Kluth.. Dano Weisbord.. Company Secretary: Patrick Andrews..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Contact
    Descriptive info: GACSO is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, ".. Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers CIC.. ".. Registered company number: 07099542.. The community we serve is the current and future corporate sustainability professionals.. Our address is:.. Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers, GACSO,.. 100 High Road,.. Byfleet.. KT14 7QT.. Surrey.. UK.. enquiries [@] gacso.. org.. Call: +44 (0) 779 563 2607..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Initiatives
    Descriptive info: GACSO Initiatives.. GACSO is a community of sustainability professionals with a vast range of experience and expertise.. We undertake many initiatives harnessing this resource for the benefit of members and the profession alike.. The community supports and nurtures its members, providing opportunities for mentoring, giving back and contributing to the body of knowledge published on the whole  ...   the initiatives are run by members, for members, while others involve our partners, combining the different resources and talents to create unique initiatives.. Members are encouraged to take active roles as Leaders and/or participants in any or all of these initiatives, and to provide ideas for news ones.. GACSO provides the operational framework and support for these activities..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Our Initiatives
    Descriptive info: The community supports and nurtures its members, providing opportunities for mentoring, giving back and contributing to the body of knowledge on the career and personal development of sustainability professionals.. Many initiatives are run by members, for members, while others involve our partners, combining the different resources and talents to  ...   recent open event with CS Partners and Haymarket Publishing GACSO posed the following questions to sustainability professionals:.. Question 1:Do you think sustainability leaders should be on the Board?.. Question 2:What skills are required by sustainability leaders?.. Question 3: How exciting are the challenges facing sustainability professionals in the future?..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Codifying the Career
    Descriptive info: Codifying Corporate Sustainability Careers.. GACSO's primary focus is the 'codification' of the role and career development.. Creating a voice.. Sustainability is increasingly being seen by more and more organisations as the key challenge that can offer the greatest opportunity for creativity and developing new strategy that will lead to long-term, sustained success.. However, we are still in a largely bespoke phase when it comes to understanding organisational needs and defining the roles for sustainability professionals.. There is no consensus yet on the skills, talents and attributes that are needed and so personal development paths and career paths are unclear.. Existing roles vary considerable and are highly volatile with the scope often changing significantly.. Create a voice for sustainability professionals who believe that society‘s future and long-term business success depend on how businesses embrace sustainable development.. Enhance the effectiveness, influence and careers of corporate sustainability professionals by:.. providing members (and the wider profession) with a clear consensus description of the role and its impact on the wider business.. codifying the knowledge and skills required to work at the highest levels  ...   will support our members and the industry at large to make wiser choices in jobs, to be more relevant in organisations, to have more impact, work with more excellence and be part of a more respected profession.. Actions.. Our activities include:.. Sharing knowledge via White Papers and other documents.. Presenting at industry seminars.. Engaging with other professional bodies: HR, Legal, Training, Higher Education Institutes.. Knowledge sharing.. GACSO is committed to researching the many various aspects of the sustainability profession and disseminating our learnings.. We have identified a range of subject that we are addressing.. Our members' work and life experience is the first source we draw upon: collectively it represents hundreds of years of real-life experience of sustainability practitioners and is thus probably unique.. Currently we are working on:.. GACSO's.. "Defining the Corporate Sustainability Professional".. Career Paths.. The CSO Career Landscape.. Members' Stories.. State of the Profession.. In 2011 we published our first document: ".. Further work will incorporate contributions from other professionals including HR, Recruitment, Boards of Directors, that will add new dimensions and perspectives to this definition..

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  • Title: Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers - Mentor Me
    Descriptive info: We all know “stuff”:.. Industry sector insight.. Organisational culture.. Functional management.. Technical / professional expertise.. Our networks.. 2 + 2 = 5.. So how do we harness this knowledge in a way that benefits our fellow GACSO members?.. Every GACSO member commits to giving two hours a month, pro bono, to provide tactical mentoring and insight to another member.. It could be to mentor or to be mentored.. Chatham House Rule applies and it works via completely off the record conversations between two people.. It could cover personal career or a technical, work related topics.. It’s a conversation, not a commitment to get involved or to assume responsibility.. And it should be fun, enlightening and valuable!.. We support three types of mentoring for individuals:.. Career path mentoring.. helping other GACSO members to set and achieve a career  ...   either as a Mentor or Mentee, and download the Mentor Me proramme guides - '.. Mentor Guide.. ', '.. Mentee Guide.. ' - in the Members' Area (.. Members' Mentoring.. ).. Sounding board.. mentor acts as a confidential advisor to the mentee – it can be a two way thing, just having someone to run ideas by.. mentee is able to discuss work or actions that they are not able to get from existing work relationships.. meet up for a coffee once every 1-3 months, or as and when topics come up.. Subject matter expertise.. Collaborating to address specific questions on areas of expertise.. These requests for knowledge, tips, sources etc.. can be sent by members to members via the.. Members Forum.. In addition to these we also operate the.. Group Coaching Programme.. for peer to peer learning..

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  • Archived pages: 211