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  • Title: Galapagos Conservancy
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  • Title: About Us | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: .. About Us.. ABOUT US.. Mission History.. Why GC is Different.. GC's Partners.. Giving Library.. Board of Directors.. GC Staff.. Careers Volunteers.. Financials.. Contact Us.. About Galapagos.. ABOUT GALAPAGOS.. History.. People Today.. Biodiversity.. Lonesome George.. The Islands.. GC Resource Library.. Conservation.. CONSERVATION.. Invasive Species.. Endangered Species.. Poaching: Marine and Terrestrial Species.. Tourism and Population Growth.. Local Education.. Governance.. Biosecurity.. Climate Change.. Conservation Challenges.. Ecosystem Restoration.. Knowledge Management.. Sustainable Society.. Marine Conservation.. Project Areas.. Emerging Issues Workshop.. Emerging Issues.. Thermal Imaging of Giant Tortoises.. Digital Eye on Galapagos.. Travel.. TRAVEL.. Annual GC Cruise.. Planning a Trip.. A Green Galapagos Experience.. Galapagos Conservancy 2014 Photo Contest.. Voluntourism.. Give Back to Galapagos.. Gallery.. GALLERY.. Tortoise Cam.. Calendar Winners.. Insects.. Scenery & Tourism.. Aquatic Life.. Birds.. Reptiles.. Plants.. Send a Postcard.. Shop.. SHOP.. Blog.. |.. Home.. >.. Search.. e-Newsletter Sign-Up.. Connect with us:.. facebook.. tweeter.. youtube.. About Us.. 910.. true.. dots.. topright.. 324.. 800.. http://www.. galapagos.. org/wp-content/plugins/thethe-image-slider/style/skins/frame-black.. 5000.. fade.. 60.. bottom.. 0.. Sally Lightfoot Crab by J.. J.. L'Heureux.. Marine Iguana by J.. Lava Cacti by J.. Giant Tortoise by J.. Galapagos Conservancy (GC) is dedicated exclusively to the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands.. This single focus allows us to maximize the impact of the financial  ...   We are fortunate to collaborate with scientists from many U.. S.. universities, international non-governmental organizations, and a multitude of other institutions that are committed to Galapagos conservation.. Related Content.. Connect with Galapagos.. annual cruise.. gift shop.. latest news.. Latest News.. Investigation and monitoring of marine iguana deaths in Tortuga Bay.. 11.. 15.. 13 November 15, 2013 Following the discovery of a dead marine iguana at Tortuga.. More.. Ministry of Environment conducts census of land iguanas in Cartago, Galapagos.. 13 November 15, 2013 The Ministry of Environment recently conducted a census of.. Latest Blog Posts.. Support Marine Iguana Conservation Efforts for #GivingTuesday.. This year, Galapagos Conservancy is proud to be a partner of #GivingTuesday—a.. More.. Creating a Sustainable Galapagos through Local Artisans.. At Galapagos Conservancy, we strive to not only preserve the diverse species.. Avatars by.. Sterling Adventures.. OUR EFFICIENCY.. 77% Grants & Conservation Investments.. 15% Fundraising.. 8% Management.. 2012.. Galapagos Conservancy.. Newsroom.. Library.. Contact us.. Privacy Policy.. Site Map.. Careers and Volunteers.. Galapagos Conservancy is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law in your country.. Get our e-Newsletter.. Sign up for the latest GC news.. Connect with us.. 11150 Fairfax Boulevard, Suite 408.. Fairfax, VA 22030, USA..

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  • Title: Mission & History | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Mission History.. A Galapagos Land Iguana grins ever so slightly for the camera.. Photo by Jeff Ashwell.. GALAPAGOS CONSERVANCY S MISSION.. The mission of Galapagos Conservancy is to advance and support the conservation of the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Galapagos through directed research, informed public policy, and building a sustainable society.. HISTORY.. Galapagos Conservancy (GC).. is the only US organization focused.. exclusively.. on protecting the unique ecosystems and biological integrity of the Galapagos archipelago.. GC was created through the merger of two institutions, the Darwin Scientific Foundation (DSF), founded in 1985, and Charles Darwin Foundation, Inc.. (CDF, Inc.. ), founded in 1992.. Although DSF and CDF, Inc.. were two separate organizations with different Boards of Directors, they shared an Executive Director.. In 2001, the institutions merged and became CDF,  ...   its mandate.. With this change, GC became even more self-directed in its program activities.. For more than 25 years, GC has worked with Galapagos-based, national, and international organizations and individuals to ensure the scientific research needed for policy, decision making, and conservation management, and to support key management institutions working in Galapagos to help ensure that they remain strong and effective.. GC has provided financial and technical support to Galapagos conservation, channeling tens of millions of dollars in private support, and building an endowment, which now stands at $4.. 2MM in net worth.. The organization’s single focus has allowed it to target its communications, funding, and technical resources to projects specific to Galapagos biodiversity conservation and to work with organizations and individuals whose vision and mission are aligned with these goals..

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  • Title: Why GC is Different | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Why GC is Different.. Three Galapagos Flamingoes check out the food options in this lagoon.. Photo by Enrique Urena.. believes in the power of collaboration and investments in local capacity.. As a result, GC has avoided increasing its footprint (physical infrastructure, staff, etc.. ) in Galapagos, favoring investments in local and national organizations that, in the long run, will have the authority and responsibility for protecting this extraordinary world treasure.. We are dedicated to our role as facilitator and catalyst, having worked “behind the scenes” for almost two decades with leadership at the Galapagos National Park, the Charles Darwin Research Station, local municipalities in Galapagos, and other NGOs.. By building partnerships and leveraging already existing capacities within Galapagos organizations, we can enhance what already exists to achieve greater success.. Our institutional mission and objectives are completely  ...   these experienced Galapagos scientists to provide context and perspective, as well as lead short-term projects designed to answer key conservation management questions posed by the Galapagos National Park Service.. Other characteristics that set us apart include:.. Galapagos Conservancy focuses exclusively on Galapagos, while other international conservation organizations may have programs fluctuate and change based on institutional priorities.. Galapagos Conservancy staff has extensive experience in Galapagos.. Galapagos Conservancy partners with the key organizations in Galapagos that work in both conservation and development of a sustainable society.. We are part of an international network of Friends of Galapagos organizations (FOGOs) that works cooperatively to combine resources and experiences to address key issues in Galapagos.. Our work is focused and agile, and we are able to target financial support immediately to an issue and provide technical backup where needed..

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  • Title: GC’s Partners | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: NGO Partners.. University Partners.. Government Partners.. FOGO Partners.. Travel Partners.. GC's Partners.. Flightless Cormorants, endemic to Galapagos, show off their unmistakable turquoise blue eyes.. Photo by Theresa Baldwin.. The success of any conservation program requires the development of strong partnerships with a wide range of organizations to create  ...   conservation successes would not be possible without the guidance and support of many partners, including environmentally-conscious travel companies, national and international government organizations, academic institutions and students, and dedicated NGOs.. Click on the partnership area below to learn more about these how Galapagos Conservancy works with these important organizations..

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  • Title: Giving Library | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Giving Library.. The.. is an online archive of video interviews, designed to offer donors the opportunity to locate, study, compare and engage with hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country.. These videos help donors connect with the humans behind a non-profit organization, putting a face and a name to  ...   now featured in The Giving Library, with a host of interviews with President, Johannah Barry.. Click the image below to visit GC s page and listen as Johannah discusses the mission and history of GC, what makes us unique and effective, the challenges we face for the future, and more!..

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  • Title: Board of Directors | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Sea Lions lounging on a white sand beach.. Photo by Carl Foreman.. Galapagos Conservancy is led by a volunteer Board of Directors who bring a wide variety of talent, expertise, and enthusiasm to GC.. You can learn more about each Board Member by clicking on his/her name below.. Richard Wood.. Elizabeth Nassikas.. Jon Stufflebeem.. Wendy Rayner.. Erich Fischer.. Sallie Glomb.. James Reynolds.. Dan Sherman.. OFFICERS.. President: Mr.. Dick Wood joined the Board of Galapagos Conservancy in 2008.. Dick received his undergraduate degree from Yale and an MBA from the Wharton School.. He has more than twenty years of experience in the financial world as analyst, portfolio manager, and chief investment officer for Standish, Ayer Wood Inc.. before retiring as President.. He is Chairman and President of Rockywold Deep Creek camp in Squam Lake, New Hampshire.. Dick lives in Dover, Massachusetts.. Vice-Chair: Ms.. Elizabeth Nassikas has been a member of the Galapagos Conservancy Board since 2001.. She received a BA in history from Reed College and an MBA from Babson College.. She has worked in the various fields of Education, Banking Operations, Exhibit Design, and Architecture, and she has lived internationally in Europe and South America.. Ms.. Nassikas lives in Newton, Massachusetts.. Treasurer: Mr.. Jon Stufflebeem has been a member of the Galapagos Conservancy Board since 2009.. He received a BA from Stanford University and has worked in the health insurance and health care finance fields.. Jon is also a Tree Farmer, owning a 119-acre Certified Tree Farm in southeastern New Hampshire.. He is a member of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and the New Hampshire Timber Owners Association.. Mr.. Stufflebeem resides in Watchung, New Jersey.. MEMBERS.. Wendy Rayner joined the Galapagos Conservancy Board in 2010.. She received her undergraduate degree from Columbia College and completed the Harvard Senior Executive Program.. As the State of New Jersey s first Chief Information Officer, Wendy led the process to align the business of the state government and information technology, transforming citizens access to government.. Previously with the  ...   research sectors; her research has focused on molecular and biochemical mechanisms of viral infection and replication, carcinogen metabolism, lipid metabolism, and pharmacological toxicology.. Currently a scientific director with Projects In Knowledge, she holds a PhD in molecular cell biology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in Bronx, NY.. Jim Reynolds joined the Galapagos Conservancy Board in 2012.. He was raised in Hamilton, NY and holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree from Dartmouth College.. His research focuses on the Andean uplift in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia and aspects of Caribbean Plate geology.. He taught at Norwich University and Western Carolina University before moving to Brevard College in 1999, where he teaches all of the Geology courses and a section of Introductory Environmental Science.. A field-oriented scientist and educator, Jim is a strong proponent for providing outdoor educational experiences for young people.. He takes his students on numerous local field trips, and has led or co-led 14 international field trips for students and faculty since arriving at Brevard College.. Jim received two Fulbright Scholarships to teach at Argentine universities in 1989 and 2007.. In 2007 he was inducted into the Geological Society of America fellowship, and was voted Outstanding Faculty Member in 2009 by Brevard College’s student body.. Prior to joining the Galapagos Conservancy board, Jim was a Sierra Club North Carolina Executive Committee Member from 2009 – 2013.. Dan joined the GC Board in 2011.. Dan and his wife, Dr.. Kathryn Donaldson, live in Lafayette, CA with their children.. Dan went to Galapagos in 2002 and described the experience he had with his family as “transformational.. ” He recently cut back his work schedule so that he could be more involved with Galapagos Conservancy and to raise his young children.. Galapagos Conservancy is his first board experience.. Dan is most interested in Knowledge Management, scientific research, citizen science, and using high-resolution photography for environmental monitoring.. Dan holds a PhD in biology and has worked in the biotechnology field in the Bay Area.. He is experienced in database development..

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  • Title: GC Staff | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: GC Staff.. Marine Iguanas huddle together to keep warm.. Photo by Adrian Osuna Fong.. Key Galapagos Conservancy Staff Members:.. President:.. Johannah E.. Barry.. Barry is founder and President of Galapagos Conservancy.. Her background includes more than thirty years of institutional advancement and organizational development.. She has held senior fundraising positions with the World Conservation Union (US), The Wilderness Society, Resources for the Future and served as consultant to the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation, Henry A.. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture, and the Audubon Naturalist Society.. Barry holds a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia.. Galapagos Development Officer:.. Roslyn Cameron.. Ros Cameron is deeply committed to a sustainable future for her chosen home.. Ros is a long term Galapagos resident and worked as an educator for many years before taking a more prominent role in conservation.. Ros joins GC after more than 16 years leading the Charles Darwin Foundation’s (CDF) fundraising and public relations programs.. She is a specialist in institutional promotion, having created and implemented strategic public relations programs and established integrated relationships with many sectors of the Galapagos community as well as strong partnerships with local and international organizations.. For many years Ros was known as the face and voice of Galapagos conservation, representing the CDF locally, throughout Ecuador, and internationally and often as the first point of contact for visitors, media, and donors.. Ros has an integrated relationship with multiple sectors of the Galapagos community and considerable experience in successful fundraising with a special focus on support from individuals and corporate donations.. Science Advisor and Liaison:.. Linda Cayot.. Linda Cayot has worked for Galapagos conservation for more than 30 years.. She first went to Galapagos in 1981 to study giant tortoises for her PhD from Syracuse University and has stayed involved with the Islands ever since.. Linda served as herpetologist of the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) from 1988 to 1998, during which time she supervised both the giant tortoise and land iguana breeding and rearing programs, worked extensively with Lonesome George, the only remaining member of the tortoise subspecies.. Chelonoidis abingdoni.. from Pinta Island, and supervised Ecuadorian students studying the endemic reptiles of Galapagos, among many other things.. In her final year with the CDRS, Linda coordinated the start of the successful Project Isabela, aimed at ridding Isabela and other islands of feral goats.. She has worked as Galapagos Conservancy s Science Advisor since 2008.. Linda continues to collaborate with the Galapagos National Park Service  ...   individuals who care about the Galapagos Islands contribute to their conservation.. Director of Strategic Partnerships:.. Richard Knab.. Richard Knab has focused his attention on education, conservation and sustainable development in Latin America since serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras (1987-1990), where he worked with small farmers on soil conservation, irrigation and cooperative-related projects.. Following Masters studies at the University of Pennsylvania, he began a 10-year stint with Zamorano University in Honduras, holding various positions related to project development, fundraising, institutional communications, and strategic planning.. Richard has worked with Galapagos Conservancy since 2004 and coordinates our Sustainable Society program and fundraises for all of our programs.. He is particularly passionate about opportunities in Galapagos to strengthen formal and non-formal education, civil society, and citizen engagement in conservation.. He is pleased to be able to work closely with several Zamorano graduates that he met as students, in particular Carlos Zapata (founder and president of FUNDAR Galapagos) and Orazio Bellettini (founder and president of Grupo Faro).. Chief Financial Officer:.. Ross Robinson.. Director of Membership and Marketing:.. Lori Ulrich.. Lori Ulrich is the Director of Membership and Marketing at Galapagos Conservancy and has worked at GC since 2006.. Prior to GC, Lori spent 6 years working in the fast-paced and ever-changing New York book publishing industry in various communication, editorial, and creative roles.. She earned a BA in Biological Sciences from Cornell University, and loves that her job allows her to combine her passions for science and conservation with her artistic skills and creativity.. Like many people who visit Galapagos, Lori was transformed by her visit in 2007.. Swimming with dozens of sea turtles and penguins, witnessing a blue-footed booby lay an egg, and roaming the highlands with giant tortoises rank among a few of her favorite experiences from the islands.. Digital Marketing Manager.. Kimber Wukitsch.. Kimber Wukitsch joined the Galapagos Conservancy in 2013 to help grow the organization’s online presence and increase user engagement.. She is passionate about creating user-friendly websites and online campaigns, and managed a large federal health website prior to joining the Galapagos Conservancy.. Kimber holds a master’s in public health from Boston University where she focused on digital communication, and has applied her skills to a variety of online environmental health campaigns.. Along with her enthusiasm for all things digital, she is an avid supporter of conservation efforts and is eager to increase support for the Galapagos Conservancy via the digital sphere.. Last updated: November 2013..

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  • Title: Careers & Volunteers | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Careers Volunteers.. A Swallow-tailed Gull prepares to take flight.. Photo by LaVey Norquist.. Employment Opportunities at Galapagos Conservancy (Virginia, USA) and the Charles Darwin Foundation (Galapagos, Ecuador).. There are currently.. 0 positions.. open at Galapagos Conservancy.. open at the Charles Darwin Foundation.. Volunteer Opportunities.. If you are interested in volunteering in Galapagos, there are a number of organizations offering opportunities to do so.. Please contact  ...   office (mailings, data entry, translations, writing, background research, etc.. ), please email.. member@galapagos.. org.. We will keep your name and contact information on file and will contact you when we are in need of volunteers.. Inquiries and comments may also be made by mailing or calling us at our office:.. 11150 Fairfax Blvd, Suite 408.. Fairfax, VA 22030.. Telephone: 703.. 383.. 0077.. Fax: 703.. 1177..

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  • Title: Financials | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Financials.. A Short-eared Owl.. Photo by Margaret Belska.. endeavors to earn the trust and respect of our donors through thoughtful and worthwhile use of your charitable contributions.. We are audited on an annual basis using.. Generally Accepted Auditing Practices.. as required by the United States Internal Revenue Service.. Below you will find links to download pdf files of our most recent.. Annual Reports.. ,.. Form 990s.. and.. Audited Financial Statements.. If you would prefer a hard-copy version, please contact us at.. Galapagos Conservancy (.. formerly Charles Darwin Foundation,  ...   Form 990s.. 2011.. Galapagos Conservancy Financial Statements.. 2011/2012.. *.. *In 2010, Galapagos Conservancy s Board of Directors approved a change in the organization s fiscal year from January 1 – December 31 to April 1 – March 31.. This change to the calendar-year reporting cycle began on January 1, 2011 resulting in a short, 3-month FY11.. The most recent Audited Financial Statements cover both this 3-month FY11 as well as the full 12-month FY12, ending March 31st, 2012.. The most recent Annual Report covers only the 12-month FY12..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Galapagos Conservancy
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Two Waved Albatross begin the courtship chatter and mating dance.. Photo by Michael Lambie.. Headquarters.. Membership and General Questions:.. For information or questions about membership with Galapagos Conservancy, please email:.. For information about our.. Galapagos Ambassador Society.. , please email:.. ambassadors@galapagos.. For information about the.. Galapagos Legacy Society.. and making a planned gift, please email:.. legacy@galapagos.. For general inquiries and information, please email:.. comments@galapagos.. Address Changes and Removals:.. To inform us of an address change or to request to be removed from our mailing list, please email:.. Site Design By:.. OrangeYouGlad.. Codephonic..

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