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  • Title: The Gaia-Movement
    Descriptive info: .. Solar lanterns in Northern Mozambique.. See the photos and read about the project to reach 18,000 people in northern Mozambique with solar lanterns.. Solar lanterns around One World University.. See the photos and read about the first part of this project to assist people in the Changalane area of Southern Mozambique with solar energy.. Voluntários para Gaia nas Caraíbas.. Conheça este programa de 10 anos na Richmond Vale Academy na São Vicente das Caraíbas.. Training farmers for Green Action.. Read about the benefits to many farmers in the area around the Center for Rural Development at Itoculo, Northern Mozambique in this project funded by Toyota.. fdlrpoaxjy.. '>Big impact from the water & sanitation projects in Mozambique and Zambia.. Learn about the large improvements in the form of access to drinking water, improved hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and income from gardening in the TAZAMO project, funded by the Dutch Government through Connect International.. 40 Green World Actions.. Download or read the manuals describing how to set up low-cost or no-cost systems to improve environment and livelihoods.. Annual Report 2009.. Open or download our Annual Report.. Poster on GAIA Activities.. Open or download the poster on GAIA Activities.. Presentation on global water issues.. "Water - soon a rare commodity" made for the Development Instructor Conference in Denmark, where international volunteers preparing themselves to work at projects in Africa and India discussed the issues.. Irrigação de pequena escala.. Leia sobre as experiências sobre irrigação com bombas de corda na Escola de Artes e Ofícios, EAO Nhamatanda.. Stop Hunger.. A pamphlet on the food situation in the world today and local defensive actions that can be taken.. Information about Global Warming - Também em Português.. Read the pamphlet with information about Global Warming and Climate Change, as well as descriptions of what can happen in various parts of the world during this century.. 24 Actions to Fight Global Warming.. 24 suggestions for concrete and simple actions that can be taken as an individual or in groups.. The last of the four pamphlets in this series - find all under "Fight Global Warming".. Manual sobre Jatropha.. Sobre o cultivo, processamento e uso de jatropha na pequena escala.. The jatropha handbook is also available in English.. Trees for Life - Achievements until now.. Photo report from this project working with women in the Province of Soyo, Angola.. 40 Acções do Movimento GAIA.. Download the second and updated Portuguese version of 40 manuals for use in rural areas of Africa.. Youtube films from the Eco-Service Centre.. Watch three small films about rope pumps, eco-sanitation and household biogas systems.. Experiences from Engine Tests.. Results so far from the testing of dual fuel systems in stationary engines - running mainly on pure plant oil.. GAIA Exhibition.. See the photos and texts of the permanent GAIA exhibition under Tvindkraft - the largest  ...   in Northern Mozambique funded by FACT Foundation.. Final Report from the Eco-Service Centre.. See the photos and read about the many activities of the Eco-Service Center, run by Humana People to People India in Tamil Nadu.. External Evaluation of Biofuel Project.. Read the evaluation by Annie Sugrue of the project "Jatropha for Local Development in Mozambique".. Evaluation of the water project "Pumps for Life".. Read or download the external evaluation of the "Pumps for Life" project in Northern Province, Zambia.. Presentation on Carbon Reducing Activities.. Calculations on the carbon benefits of various activities that can be carried out in rural areas of Third World Countries.. Adaptando à Mudança Climática.. A pamphlet in the GAIA Info series on the possibilities of adapting to a changing climate.. Também em Português.. The Regreening of Niger.. How farmers in Niger were mobilised to allow the native trees to grow up in the field - changing a huge part of the country's agricultural land.. Restoring Water Tables in India.. it is possible to reverse the falling water tables - with determination and long-term planning.. Sustainable farming of cotton in South Asia.. It is possible grow cotton profitably with much fewer or no poisons.. Solar Lamps to Mozambique.. Efficient and affordable solar lanterns from the company D-Light are now being sold in Mozambique.. Recycling of Textile Fibres.. A project started in cooperation with Green World Recycling Ltd.. , Humana People to People in Austria and the Technical University of Vienna to find viable ways to recycle the fibres from waste second hand clothes.. Information about Global Warming in Russian.. A presentation, a folder and a poster used to inform Russians about Global Warming and the environmental benefits of buying second hand clothes.. Video from the Green Pump Project, Zimbabwe.. Watch how the project funded by the McKnight Foundation helped 200 Zimbabwean women with water and productive gardens.. Folheto 26p.. A árvore moringa, com folhas nutritivas, e sementes para óleo e purificação de água.. The good results from Green Action in Ghaziabad.. Read about the achievements and see photos from the Green Action Project in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.. Solar Lanterns in India.. Read the final report from the solar lantern project - a part of the larger "Lighting up a Billion Lives", and see the photos from the project.. Small videos describing the Harit Sankalp systems.. Watch parts of a film made for Humana People to People India's Green Action project in Dausa, Rajasthan.. Video from Green Post Tsunami Action.. Video film made at the end of this project promoting sustainable activities in tsunami affected communities of Tamil Nadu, India.. Implemented by Humana People to People India and Ekoventure.. Brasil deve prestar contas sobre o clima.. Entrevista de BBC Brasil com o cientista James Lovelock.. Folheto 20p.. Tephrosia - Usa-la como biopesticida e adubo verde.. Photo Gallery.. Contact info.. Login..

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  • Title: Solar lanterns in Northern Mozambique
    Descriptive info: Gaia Projects 2012 -.. Solar lanterns Changalane.. Biogas Bilibiza.. Solar Lanterns Cabo Delgado.. Seeds of Life, India.. Open or download the report (PDF file, 730 kB.. Open or right-click and Save as.. ).. Print friendly.. 1.. Upload a new picture.. X.. Picture Text:.. Picture:.. Auto resize:.. Edit picture text..

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  • Title: Solar lanterns around One World University
    Descriptive info: Open or download the report (PDF file, 920 kB.. Map showing the locations of the 6 solar charging stations around One World University in Southern Mozambique..

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  • Title: Voluntários para Gaia nas Caraíbas
    Descriptive info: Português.. Projectos.. Publicações.. Novidades.. Boletins.. GAIA Cursos.. A teoria Gaia.. Aquecimento Global e Mudança Climática.. Aquecimento Global e Mudança Climática estão a acontecer com consequências catastróficas para o futuro da humanidade e o nosso planeta, desencadeadas pela queima de combustíveis fósseis e a resultando libertação de gases de efeito estufa para a atmosfera.. Recursos naturais são exploradas e estendidas até os seus limites, espécies estão desaparecendo num grau jamais vista na história moderna; fome e doenças assaltam.. A Conferência Compatível Climaticamente.. A Conferência visa estudar e pesquisar como da melhor forma proteger São Vicente contra Aquecimento Global e Mudança Climática.. A pesquisa será publicada e ações serão tomadas junto com as pessoas  ...   pesquisa e ações permanentes em S.. Vicente e as Granadinas.. O tema será Aquecimento Global e Mudança Climática e o objetivo é de tornar Richmond Vale Academy e toda a ilha de S.. Vicente Compatível Climaticamente.. Compatibilidade Climática significa energia, comida saudável e seguridade contra desastres.. A primeira conferência começou Março 2012.. Queremos convidar organizações, empresas para formar parcerias e apoiar a Conferência Compatível Climaticamente e vicentinos participando na conferência.. As datas de começo para ativistas que querem se juntar à conferência são 1º de Março e 1º de Setembro.. Visite o website de Richmond Vale Academy:.. www.. richmondvaleacademy.. org.. A Conferência visa proteger São Vicente contra Aquecimento Global e Mudança Climática..

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  • Title: Training farmers for Green Action
    Descriptive info: GAIA Projects - 2004-11.. Community Generated Power.. Biofuels for Development.. Eco-Service Centre.. Solar Energy UP.. Biofuels Guinea-Bissau.. Trees for Life.. Kinshasa - Environment.. TAZAMO.. Green Action Ghaziabad.. Training Farmers for Green Action.. Harit Sankalp.. Farmers Clubs Zimbabwe.. Biofuels Zambia.. Green Pumps, Zimbabwe.. Green Post Tsunami Action.. Zambia Int.. Water.. Village Sch.. Moz.. Fences for Fuel.. Pumps for Trees.. Water for Food Challenge.. Pumps for Pepper.. Cerrado Preserv.. TWP Gwembe.. Water Technology Transfer.. TWP Mazabuka.. Total Water Prg.. Miombo Bilibiza.. Mopane Namibia.. TWP CtoC.. Other GAIA Projects.. Read or download the final report (rightclick save target as..

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  • Title: Big impact from the water & sanitation projects in Mozambique and Zambia
    Descriptive info: Big impact from the water & sanitation projects in Mozambique and Zambia.. See here some examples of the impact of the TAZAMO project in Zambia:.. Household surveys in Zambia show the large impact of the project.. At the start of the TAZAMO project in the Mpika project area, 3% of households had access to safe water within 500 m.. At the end of  ...   Ndola the number of households treating unsafe water nearly doubled to 70%.. Where 40 % of households in Gwembe had vegetable gardens at the start, 90 % had at the end.. Read more in the final reports:.. Read or download the final report from Zambia (rightclick save target as.. Read or download the final report from Mozambique (rightclick save target as.. >.. xolvzhbjb.. npwfnfou,..

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  • Title: 40 Green World Actions
    Descriptive info: The GAIA-Movement.. About us.. Newsletters.. Publications.. Health.. Energy.. Recycling.. Other News.. The Gaia Idea.. Gaia Actions.. Volunteer.. Gaia Courses.. Gaia Clubs.. Download or open the following sections (PDF files between 0.. 5 and 1.. 5 MB.. Rightclick + "save target as.. "):.. Content.. Intro Section 1-2.. Water Section 3-4.. Water Section 5-7.. Water Section  ...   16.. Soil Section 17-18.. Soil Section 19-20.. Soil Section 21.. Soil Section 22.. Soil Section 23-24.. Food Section 25-27.. Food Section 28-29.. Food Section 30.. Food Section 31-33.. Food Section 34.. Food Section 35-37.. Waste Section 38-39.. Waste Section 40-41.. Energy Section 42-43.. Energy Section 44.. Energy Section 45-46.. Treecover Section 47-48.. Treecover Section 49-50..

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  • Title: Annual Report 2009
    Descriptive info: Open or download our Annual Report as PDF file (940 KB - right-click "save as.. ")..

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  • Title: Poster on GAIA Activities
    Descriptive info: Open or download the poster as a small PDF file (792 KB.. Rightclik + "Save target as.. ikdaseze..

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  • Title: Presentation on global water issues
    Descriptive info: Open or download the water presentation - PDF file, 1.. 37 MB (right click + "Save target as..

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  • Title: Irrigação de pequena escala
    Descriptive info: Read or download the report.. PDF file, 1.. 2 MB (rightclick + "save target as".. Read or download the report in low resolution.. PDF file, 504 kb (rightclick + "save target as".. Alunos da EAO bombeando água para as hortas..

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