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    Archived pages: 1 . Archive date: 2013-11.

  • Title: Pro-tests
    Descriptive info: .. - Where you have resulted me? - He has asked the general.. - How? - That was surprised.. - you wished to communicate.. You, so to say, have expressed intention.. Have wished.. He does not wish to conduct me to the Viscount.. Does not want, and all.. What is the matter?.. It has driven away fear which.. has again gushed over it and has told easy: "Well-well.. Thanks.. Where will order?.. "It have there and then forwarded, any ofitserik has instantly jumped out of the armchair, giving.. way, it has sat down and named ofitseriku a call code.. - It I, smart guy, - has told it Kronidu.. - I already here, on a place.. - he spoke slowly, deliberately drawling words, more than.. ever earlier and under no circumstances with Kronidom did not speak.. - all is fine.. All in the uttermost order.. I am happy with.. you, smart guy.. - He has grinned mentally, having imagined, as climb on a forehead of an eye at Kronida listening to this.. nonsense.. - readiness "zero" I order to cancel.. I wait for you here, as well as agreed, but it is possible and before as ALL is.. excellent.. It is possible and before.. How you have understood me? - Has understood you well, - Kronid - too slowly has told.. and too is not similar to itself.. - It is ordered to arrive, as agreed, but it is possible and before as all is  ...   anything and is in the most distant daleke from here.. In.. Peter, for example.. Houses at itself, on Sampsonievsky.. Sits, having put eternally merznushchie, wrapped up in a plaid,.. finitenesses on "kozetku lui", sucks cold pohripyvajushchuju a tube and stupidly looks at the screen with the next.. Schwarzenegger.. And here there is something absolutely another.. At all that.. Me here have simply enticed.. This skulomordaja padla used the.. Viscount as nazhivku.. They knew that I can refuse any invention, from any invitation, from any meeting.. But not from it.. Dexterously.. Who? Who?! Military men? Quite probably.. They do not love me.. The same as also I them.. And even it is more:.. I, eventually, am ready to suffer them and patiently I suffer.. No.. Does not pass.. It is impossible.. If it was the military plot ordering district somehow would provide to me the helicopter - to.. fly here.. The helicopter already would stand gotovenky, with razogretym a cursor.. Too all is difficult in this assumption it turns out.. Failure on a motorway.. A coffin Vakulin.. And that they want from me? To kill? For a long time already would kill.. Directly in a.. court yard, on sju the wall party.. At once.. In a captivity me to take? For what I it have surrendered, captured? And at last, I.. after all it not a horse-radish morzhovyj, I am an OWNER.. What at them - on seven lives it is measured?.. It has straightened.. out itself(himself)..

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