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    Archived pages: 237 . Archive date: 2013-09.

  • Title: Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: .. Ben Galbraith s Blog.. Info.. Ben is Vice President of Global Products at Walmart.. com, where he works closely with his long-time friend Dion Almaer.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. Don t Make Second-Class APIs.. When Dion and I joined Palm several years ago during the webOS era, I was very disappointed to learn that we had embraced a second-class public API strategy.. While both Palm and third-party apps shared WebKit and a UI library, the Palm-specific hardware stuff was segregated into two APIs: one for trusted Palm developers and another entirely separate set of APIs for the public.. While this wasn t the root cause of Palm s failure—that s another story—it resulted in a comically impoverished API that, for example, didn t allow developers to vibrate the phone, access the camera directly, or even play audio with any predictable latency (i.. e.. , sounds would play anywhere from 100 ms.. to 2000 ms.. after you made the API call).. This was while developers were shipping amazing, world-changing apps on iOS.. It doesn t take a genius to understand that in our world of scarce resources and intense competition, such a strategy isn t likely to result in a robust developer ecosystem.. It s hard enough to keep up with public demand for opening up some of the private API calls; to have an entirely different set of APIs written from the ground up for the public takes the challenge to a whole new level.. When we tried to get the public APIs fixed, engineering managers were sympathetic, but they were constantly making difficult trade-offs with consumer features.. They didn t feel the pain themselves because they had their own private API—and they had plenty of enhancements they needed to make to that one.. More recently, I was reminded of this lesson by examining a very large company s public APIs for manipulating web-based office documents.. This company is extremely profitable and prides itself on having the best engineers in the world.. They point to their high engineering standards and boast about their ability to solve problems that no other company can touch.. I have been using this API on a personal project through a simple wrapper library and have been getting inconsistent results and unanticipated errors.. I figured my wrapper library was at fault and that the raw APIs would blow me away with their stability and feature-set.. Well, they did blow me away, in a sense.. First, the documentation was atrocious, with one set of docs pointing to another set, which in turn claimed to be deprecated and pointed to a third set, which it turns out covers the APIs for an entirely different set of products.. Bad docs wasn t a big surprise; this isn t the first group of engineers to under-document their project.. Fortunately, since this is the web, I can just examine the wire protocol and figure out the gaps in the docs.. Except, this company s web-based apps use an entirely different API than the API exposed to the public.. To be clear, both are exposed, but it s one thing to examine a reference app to fill in holes in docs, and another to reverse-engineer an API from scratch; I have nowhere near enough time to do the latter (and outwit whatever security mechanisms are designed to prevent me from succeeding).. Please, if you find yourself creating consumer products with a public API, do your third-party developers a favor: expose a subset of your internal API; don t create a new, separate public API.. June 19th.. by.. Ben Galbraith.. in.. Technology.. Tasting The Future Over in Walmart Labs.. Over at the Walmart Labs blog, we.. just announced that we acquired Tasty Labs.. I m very excited to be working closely with.. Nick.. ,.. Paul.. , and.. Joshua.. Great things ahead!.. May 14th.. 0.. Lessons from the Facebook Mobile Website Team.. We talk a lot at Walmart Labs about the large-scale stage we get to play on as the world s largest retailer.. But it s good to humbled and there s nothing like Facebook scale to do that to anyone who thinks they have a big on-line userbase.. Early this month, it was my pleasure to attend a presentation by Al Urim and Jeff Morrison from Facebook s mobile web team at.. Sid Maestre.. s.. Bay Area Mobile.. meeting in which they share their experiences maintaining Facebook s mobile website.. I thought they re be enough interest in the topic to post my notes publicly; hope you find them useful.. The presentation started by re-iterating the numbers Facebook released back in October: they have.. 604M mobile active users.. with a quarter of those.. (126M) being mobile-only.. over the course of a month.. They didn t break out the number of mobile web users but they did re-iterate their previous statement that their mobile website has more users than their Android and iOS apps.. combined.. , which doesn t clear up the recent contradictory.. speculative numbers posted by Benedict Evans.. who claims Facebook mweb is smaller than either Android.. or.. iOS.. Perhaps the answer is that Facebook mweb double-counts users (e.. g.. , iPhone users tapping on Facebook notification email links and getting to mweb) whereas perhaps Ben Evans numbers assume zero sum math.. Regardless, I m confident we can all agree that this is one popular mobile-optimized website.. One Mobile Site.. In mobile, we often talk about the challenges of maintaining native apps and mobile websites in parallel.. Facebook had magnified this challenge further by maintaining two separate mobile websites: one for feature phones and the other for modern smartphones.. One of the presenters, Al Urim, had some visceral pain from this experience: he had to port the ability to like comments to both of these stacks.. To solve this problem, Facebook has unified these two mobile websites into one.. To simplify the challenges of coping with diverse mobile device capabilities, Facebook uses an XML-based abstract component framework to encapsulate the details of presentation layer rendering.. They shared an example of a button, which they suggested would be written as this in their markup:.. m:button /m:button.. (Yep, that appears to be XML namespaces; it s making a comeback!) That markup is then rendered in diverse ways, such as an input on some devices, a button on others, etc.. They claimed that this mark-up language covers 80% of the functionality of the mobile site, with the other 20% being custom HTML/CSS/JS code for specific devices.. They cited taking advantage of CSS3 features and GPU acceleration as common reasons to write this custom code; there was also plenty of grousing about the challenges of supporting lousy Android Gingerbread-era web browsers.. At this point, the presenters emphasized that their number one priority is.. moving fast.. ; they don t tolerate architectures that make it difficult to rapidly iterate on new features.. They also enthusiastically endorsed the productivity boost of this approach; it really does take away a lot of the pain of supporting a very fragmented mobile web landscape.. Optimization Lessons.. The topic next moved to optimization lessons that they ve learned:.. Consolidate resources into the lowest number of files you can.. Put all your images into image file (i.. , sprits), consolidate all JS into one file, etc.. This is pretty standard advice as it minimizes the number of disparate connections required to load images (pipelining notwithstanding) and the cost of establishing a connection on mobile is even higher than desktop.. (Incidentally, when I inspected m.. facebook.. com on my desktop Chrome browser, I saw it actually contains a crap-ton of individual JS files and images.. But, when I changed the User Agent to masquerade as a low-end mobile device, I saw the consolidation they were talking about.. My guess is that they added special features to support modern mobile browsers and whoever did that didn t take the time to optimize the specialized JS and other assets used for those features.. ).. Caching.. Turns out mobile browsers don t have very useful caches.. They indicated their site uses App Cache as a work-around and said they were looking at using Local Storage in the future.. (I didn t see either of these getting used much by their site when inspecting with the browser dev tools, for whatever that s worth.. Manual asset reordering.. They talked about manually tweaking your HTML file so that the UI elements and data that the user cares most about will render first and the rest of the page elements can load in asynchronously.. Use CDNs.. Akamai, et al.. are your friends! This is especially true for Facebook as their one application is used throughout the entire world.. There was a lot of discussion about macro- and micro-latencies (i.. , latency establishing connections to local cell towers versus latency crossing the Pacific).. Put your static resources as close to your users as possible.. Incidentally, my friend and seatmate at the event,.. Will Lowry.. , is a former AT T exec and shared with me that the connection from the cell tower to the backhaul is a big source of latency as it s usually just a T1.. In summary, some useful tips but nothing you haven t already heard if you ve been paying any attention to.. Steve Souders.. throughout the years.. Architecture.. While their mobile site is mostly server-side rendered, they want to increasingly shift to a more client-centric model.. Their current approach uses modern frameworks like Backbone and CommonJS/AMD modules to render the chrome of the mobile website on the client and then they request server-rendered content to display within that chrome.. Moving forward, they want to explore building out sections of the site to be entirely client-rendered; that will happen in pieces.. Older devices fallback to an entirely server-rendered experience; they use WURFL for device detection.. They talked about their desire to move to an architecture that enables seamless conditional rendering of content on either the client or the server; when I asked them for details, they said this was just in conceptual stages.. (At Walmart Labs, we ve been exploring this concept as well; we ve been calling it conditional tier rendering.. ).. Front-end Team Structure.. Their mobile team has structured their development teams into two groups: a core platform team and product developers.. The core team maintains the framework mentioned above and delivers capabilities to the product developers, who in turn create the end-user experiences.. They said they have a very collaborative relationship between the designers and developers; some designers write code, and some developers have a lot of room to implement from high-level design direction.. They also mentioned that they have a dedicated mobile data team that analyzes their massive pile of metrics and help interpret results from A/B tests.. QA.. The team didn t claim any special cure for the QA pain everyone in mobile experiences.. They do a lot of manual testing, but they also have some automation: an internal Node.. js-based framework that runs unit tests and web driver tests.. Their framework-centric development approach helps a great deal too as that core layer is extremely well-tested.. They also mentioned a flip-side to this framework goodness: memory management pain.. It s really easy to run into memory issues with two or more components that each try to load large datasets.. Wrap Up.. There was Q A, but I ve mixed in the answers I captured with the content above.. Incidentally, my friend Will asked when they were going to open up a Facebook Graph Search API, but they didn t have an answer ( If you are interested in that, please let us know and we ll pass the feedback up the chain ).. Kudos to Facebook for sharing some of the details of their web app and stack and for hosting the event.. We ll have to do something similar at Walmart Labs soon.. January 25th.. 11.. Upcoming Future of Mobile Events.. It goes without saying that mobile s been a fascinating space to play in over the past few years.. It s also an understatement to  ...   But all that s mitigated by the.. physical.. setup process.. Now I have this weird ball with cables that prominently protrude from its back-side on top of my entertainment cabinet.. The Q team gleefully bragged about their breakaway from boring boxy shapes, but where am I going to put the thing? Sorry, not in the middle of my living room.. Whether intended or not, thanks to those cables, it s going in my entertainment center, like all other devices of its class.. Except, unlike the others, it doesn t fit well, thanks to the awkward aforementioned shape.. Hmm.. It turns out avoiding streaming from the phone is a great strategy for streaming from the cloud.. So nice to tap the Nexus Q playback button strewn throughout Jelly Bean and have the device quickly start streaming music, YouTube movies, and so forth.. Makes iOS seem positively backwards for streaming from the Internet to the iOS device and then from the device to the Apple TV for the same use cases; surely Apple will put in a fix in a subsequent version that identifies when a command to the Apple TV should be sent instead of a media stream.. But the Q s strategy falls flat on its face since it s the.. only.. strategy employed.. I went to stream music from the Pandora Android app to the Q, but of course, that s not going to work.. Oof.. And Q doesn t have any support for my media: my photos, my videos on the phone, etc.. ? Ugh.. Q plays a standard, circa 2000 WinAmp-esque visualizer when music is playing.. My kids find this so incredibly cool.. I was a little shocked.. I d sort of forgotten about visualizers.. Now, seeing how gleefully they dance and stare at the TV, I wish I had them in the Apple TV.. But streaming video doesn t seem to work all that well on the Q.. I streamed a 45 minute TV show on my Apple TV, using my Samsung receiver s Vudu app, and using the Nexus Q.. Only the Q had any trouble doing it at full HD.. And what trouble it had! Eight loading pauses one of which was really long during the first five minutes of the show.. I switched from the Q to just streaming it on the Nexus 7 tablet; after one such pause, it played back without further interruption.. It was just the Q that struggled.. What a bummer.. The hardware mute switch (i.. , pushing the ball) works great! Love having that.. So much better than fishing for a remote to pause the music on the Apple TV.. And then there was my wife s reaction when I explained to her we couldn t play back any of our iTunes music on the Q: What? Oh, that sucks.. It really does suck to have digital media so stove-piped into all of these different proprietary networks.. Google is so late to the game here; how many of us are going to start mixing our media across Apple and Google? I don t think I will despite Google bribing me with $25 to give them my credit card.. I wonder if that s for bragging rights as much as a bet that I ll spend $25 buying media.. So what to make of the Q? Like so many others, I m left scratching my head.. High-production values have gone into this thing (with the exception of the UI in the Q s Android-based setup app), but it s not competitive with the Apple TV.. and.. it s triple the price.. The software can be upgraded, of course, so it s hard to get too worked up over the software-specific issues but then there s the question of the hardware.. Am I really going to buy a few of these at $300 a pop and distribute them throughout my house? No, I m going to just have one hooked up to my TV.. And if I do that, why include an amp? I m just going to run it through my receiver.. The built-in amp just seems so weird to me.. Is it an attempt to justify the big price? Or does Google really think they re tapping into a big market opportunity?.. And then there s the question of Google TV vs.. the Nexus Q.. Are they expecting us to buy two TV-connected devices? Or use Google TV for your TV and the Q is just for music throughout the house? At $300 without speakers? Back in iOS-land, I balk at the thought of spending $300 for nice AirPlay speakers.. At least with AirPort Express units throughout your house for streaming music everywhere, you get crazy-good Wifi coverage as a bonus and plenty of places to tether USB devices, too.. Good luck with this strategy, Google.. I m just so confused on so many counts.. But one thing is very clear: after initial concerns about where to put the thing, I ve decided that it s fun to have an exotic, alien-esque orb glowing under my TV.. Post updated on 7/1 with a note about Pandora streaming and other minor changes intended to clarify various points.. June 30th.. Life.. 4.. Kaspersky Security Nonsense.. ZDNet.. recently quoted.. security expert.. Eugene Kaspersky.. commenting on a recent.. rare piece of OS X malware.. in the wild:.. “I think [Apple] are ten years behind Microsoft in terms of security,” Kaspersky told CBR.. “For many years I’ve been saying that from a security point of view there is no big difference between Mac and Windows.. It’s always been possible to develop Mac malware, but this one was a bit different.. For example it was asking questions about being installed on the system and, using vulnerabilities, it was able to get to the user mode without any alarms.. ”.. It is true that OS X benefits enormously from obscurity relative to Windows ubiquity by presenting less opportunity to criminals.. But what s driven me to expend the energy to write this blog posting is Kaspersky s apparent ignorance of Apple s protracted efforts to redefine the operating system contract in a dramatic way with security no doubt as one of the foremost motives (and if not, certainly a material by-product).. This game-changer is (as anyone paying attention knows) the introduction of the.. app sandbox in Snow Leopard and Lion via the Mac App Store.. , and identified developers aka.. Gatekeeper.. , coming in Mountain Lion.. If you re in the consumer software business, I m not sure how you d miss these developments, but ignorance of them is even less excusable in the light of the.. success of iOS.. , which has pioneered OS X s.. sandbox architecture.. on the world s most popular smartphone.. It s done a pretty good job, given the complete absence of malware on iOS combined with the world s largest app ecosystem (by at least one order of magnitude).. It is somewhat valid to point out that Gatekeeper hasn t shipped yet and the app sandbox on OS X is opt-in and partial, but these are clearly initial, concrete steps towards migrating OS X from Unix openness to a consumer-grade, iOS-ish platform (that will presumably always let the power users opt back out into the wild west).. So yeah, Apple may not have setup a robust mechanism to respond to vulnerabilities in third-party code they modify and distribute (i.. , Java) as fast as we would like, and they may not have something as high-profile as Microsoft s.. SDL.. to market security-consciousness to the world, but given how squeaky clean the platform has been traditionally, this seems rather forgivable (and solvable).. But it should be noted that while Microsoft has simply reacted tactically to insecurity for nearly a decade, causing untold misery and chaos for their users, Apple is taking steps to change the game.. It seems that s how they roll.. A decade behind? Hardly.. But then, it s not to hard to see how self-interest may have colored genuine perspective in this case.. After all, the expert in question now has the opportunity to create a new market for their wares in a world where Windows dominance is finally on the wane.. UPDATE: Friday, April 27, 8:30 am.. In the comments, Dan dfabulich writes:.. I was right with you up until this point: “Microsoft has simply reacted tactically to insecurity for nearly a decade”.. Vista was a huge step forward for platform security.. ASLR, NX/DEP, Mandatory Integrity Control, and IE Protected Mode were huge at the time.. The problem is that Vista was late, and so buggy that nobody upgraded.. Windows 7 security may be better than OSX Lion, but lots of people are still on Windows XP; their only real upgrade path is to buy a new computer.. I agree with Dan; I shouldn t have written what I did about Microsoft.. Whether Microsoft has reacted appropriately to the massive sea change in internet safety and security that occurred at some point in the 90 s / 2000 s is a separate issue and one I would have been wise to avoid.. But since I did step in it, let me expand on what was going on in my head when I wrote that:.. While Microsoft is great at creating security patches and has introduced various technologies to make new versions of Windows more secure, they haven t been at all effective at incentivizing people to upgrade to these versions of Windows nor at incentivizing software providers to require newer versions of Windows.. It would seem that this latter point putting secure software in users hands is at least as important as introducing the new security features to begin with.. see7 writes:.. Regarding the Microsoft windows XP situation, this is where apple is now too.. OSX 10.. 5 already ignored albeit still used by quite a few people (e.. Some in our company) and I don’t think gatekeeper or whatever “magic” apple builds will be backported to even 10.. 6 or 10.. 7.. Consider that Windows XP was released in 2001; its Apple peer was OS X 10.. 0.. 10.. 5 was released in 2007; that makes it contemporary was Windows Vista.. Take a look at the relative marketshare between the two; Apple has done a fantastic job of migrating their users forward by any measure, certainly relative to Microsoft.. Is this because Apple users are fanatics under the thrall of a charismatic salesman? Maybe, but there s a lot more to the Apple upgrade cycle than that.. Consider all that Apple does in this regard:.. regularly introduce innovative operating system features that incentivize users to upgrade.. block developers from supporting older operating system releases without going out of their way (by regularly updating their developer tools and gradually removing older OS libraries and docs).. dropping support for older hardware in OS releases.. aggressively pricing OS releases, making them extremely affordable relative to Microsoft.. rapidly refreshing the hardware line, which takes older hardware out of the system and brings an OS upgrade along for the ride.. In my view, Microsoft is not as effective or aggressive as Apple in these points (though obviously the last one doesn t apply to them directly at all, though given their leverage and influence with OEMs, they cannot be completely exonerated from the last point).. But is it really fair to hold Microsoft accountable for today s massive Windows XP install base or claim that they aren t viewing the problem strategically?.. That s a different point and not one I had intended to explore with this post.. I ll just leave it where I should have and say that I don t think it s at all accurate to characterize Apple s position as ten years behind Microsoft.. Thanks Dan for calling that out.. April 26th.. 14.. Older entries.. Blog at WordPress.. The Anthem Theme.. RSS.. Ben Galbraith s Blog.. Follow.. Follow Ben Galbraith s Blog.. Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.. Powered by WordPress.. Add your thoughts here.. (optional).. Post to.. Cancel..

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  • Title: Don’t Make Second-Class APIs | Ben Galbraith's Blog
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  • Title: Technology | Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: Posts from the.. Category.. Choose another category?.. Business.. Desktop Matters.. engage08.. Interaction08.. Nimbus.. Palm.. Mozilla.. Bespin.. Usability.. Book Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.. I admire Steve Jobs.. I ve been aware of him for most of my life, having grown up near The Valley and played with computers from my youngest years.. However, I wasn t particularly interested in Jobs until about when most of society became interested in him.. In recent years, I harbored a secret desire to work for him at some point in my career.. Obviously, that will remain an unfulfilled wish.. So I came to this book with quite a bit of existing knowledge of Jobs.. As many have observed, if you ve already read a few books on Apple or Jobs, you will heard much of the material in the book.. That, coupled with the fact that Isaacson seems to have designed the chapters to stand alone and thus repeated himself a large number of times, led to the general feeling that the book was less about learning about Jobs and more about celebrating his life by reviewing what I and any Jobs fan has heard time and time again.. Still, the new insights (and to be fair, there were many) are worth the price of admission.. I also enjoyed the strong editorial voice of Mr.. Isaacson, casting Objective-Voice-of-God judgment throughout the book.. Maybe it s because I studied history in college, but I m comfortable with biographers taking a point of view, especially when they ve cut their teeth so thoroughly as this one has.. The book ends with an essay by Jobs himself, recounting the lessons of his life.. This was a sweet, intimate way to close out the narrative and I think stands as a testament to the respect Isaacson developed for Jobs.. Ultimately, I think we re left at the end of the book with ambiguity.. Yes, Steve built an amazing company, and certainly if a life is judged by the things one creates and nothing else, Steve s legacy is tough to beat.. But his callous regard for others including his own family is heart-breaking.. If this is the cost of building attractive widgets, I would hope most would not pay the price.. And so it is left to all of us to work out whether we can achieve career greatness at a level of Jobs whilst also investing in and achieving greatness in the areas of life that matter most.. I think that s how nearly all of us view Steve Jobs: as a stereotype a template of career success that is so comically exaggerated that it is not for any of us to attempt to emulate, but rather, for all of us to study and from which to extrapolate small lessons for our own lives, adapted to the contexts of our own situations.. His life seems like a fairy tale of the modern age in classic three-act play format, with achievements of such heights as to defy man to best them with imaginary ones, these accompanied by extreme character traits at home alongside the strongest characterizations of great fiction.. It s as if life decide to write the Great American Novel and succeeded.. For all that, I have enormous affection for Steve as a person.. Rest in peace, thanks for the memories, and thanks for the Macs.. (I bought both the audiobook and the hardcover edition of this book.. I mostly listened to the book, but I did read some portions.. The fact I listened to this may have contributed to my view of the book.. I appreciated the introduction from Isaacson, but the narrator an actor whose name escapes me would not have been my choice.. I also wish they had been able to use Steve s own recorded voice for the last chapter, but perhaps that was not possible.. January 24th.. Thoughts on Palm and Jamie Zawinski.. There s no better  ...   to strike the right balance between locking down our device and making it a free-for-all.. Like all great things, this will be an iterative process and we are eager and open to your participation and input to make it better for everyone.. We are sorry that Jamie feels the way he does, but we ll fix what s broken and are going to deliver a fantastic opportunity to developers as they in turn help create a fantastic experience to users.. We have a lot more to say on this topic, so watch this space.. Dion and I are part of the developer community; we re listening to what y all say and we ll speak up and participate in discussions.. And hey, look for an announcement soon that goes into more details on our developer program.. September 29th.. 96.. Going to Palm with Dion.. Do you remember how much the Web used to suck?.. Not so long ago, we Web developers would have to constantly educate product managers and other business stakeholders about the limitations of HTML; we would often contrast it with so-called rich client technologies.. Over the past few years, we ve all watched with wonder as these boundaries have disappeared and the Ajax revolution brought us a never-ending supply of rich web applications.. And while Ajax started out as web developers leveraging little-used so-called latent browser technologies, browser makers haven t been sitting idle.. Modern browsers are acquiring new abilities at a pace not seen since the early years of the Web most of which are largely unused by today s web applications.. Dion and I started Ajaxian.. com a few years back when we like many others felt that a revolution was about to take place, and we ve been fortunate to be able to chronicle a bit of it as it happened.. We feel like the Web is similarly positioned today, ready for another expansion as developers discover and leverage the next generation of browsers.. We ve been fortunate to do a bit of that expansion ourselves at Mozilla with the.. Bespin project.. What Dion and I started as an experiment to see if we could create a code editor on the Web as responsive as the desktop has turned into a full-fledged project team aiming to revolutionize the way the world writes code.. At the same time the Web has been expanding, we ve all been blown away as desktop computers have somehow shrunk down to pocket size.. Clearly a revolution in hardware is taking place and it doesn t take a prophet to work out that the future of computing lies along this new trajectory.. However, my enthusiasm for this amazing new world is tempered by some unfortunate decisions made by some of the players in this space.. It seems that some view this revolution as a chance to seize power in downright Orwellian ways by constraining what we as developers can say, dictating what kinds of apps we can create, controlling how we distribute our apps, and placing all kinds of limits on what can do to our computing devices.. And so as my good friend and long-time collaborator Dion.. so eloquently explains over at his blog.. , he and I have taken an opportunity to work at Palm at the very intersection of these two exciting technology arcs and we have the opportunity to run Palm s developer program and to do things quite a bit differently than some others in the industry have done.. Dion and I believe in the Web platform an open platform that no single vendor controls and we believe in empowering and enabling developers.. We have been honored to work with so many who feel the same way at Mozilla, we will continue to advocate those values as members of the Mozilla community, and we can t wait to put these ideals into practice in our work at Palm.. September 25th.. 48..

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  • Title: Tasting The Future Over in Walmart Labs | Ben Galbraith's Blog
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  • Title: Lessons from the Facebook Mobile Website Team | Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: 11 Comments.. Post a comment.. Giacomo Balli (@BigBalli).. #.. January 26, 2013.. what was the thing that struck you the most?.. Elizabeth Magno.. January 31, 2013.. Facebook gives a new exciting phase this year.. Adam DesAutels.. February 2, 2013.. Great and informative article, thanks!.. Coral Raupp.. May 3, 2013.. Facebook is an online social networking service, whose name stems from the colloquial name for the book given to students at the start of the academic year by some university administrations in the United States to help students get to know each other.. ^.. With kind regards.. http://beautyfashiondigest.. baber baber hussain.. May 14, 2013.. hello.. good.. hiii.. Carrol Dozar.. July 10, 2013.. A standard  ...   many of the graphics that this main site contains.. Still, depending on the mobile device getting used, the visitor may choose to see your standard site, so give them the possibility if their smartphone can easily accommodate it.. Provide a simple and readily-accessible toggle change so visitors can simply select the version they prefer.. `;-.. Head to our new online site as well.. http://caramoanpackage.. com/index.. php.. Trackbacks Pingbacks.. Lessons from the Facebook Mobile Website Team | Ben Galbraith s | Add My Site Web Development News.. #tmmTops: Thoroughly Modern Marketing News You May Have Missed This Week.. Website Repair.. #tmmTops: Thoroughly Modern Marketing News You May Have Missed This Week : Thoroughly Modern Marketing..

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  • Title: Upcoming Future of Mobile Events | Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: 2 Comments.. zahra.. December 31, 2012.. Dear Mr.. Galbraith.. I am writing from Iran Mobile Congress (IMC 2013).. We would like to invite you to give a video conference keynote speech at our congress.. Iran Mobile Congress (IMC) will present four parallel conferences as following:.. Mobile Content and Applications Conference.. Mobile Payments and Financial Services Conference.. Mobile Value Added Services Conference.. Mobile Public and Government Services Conference.. This is the third year that we are holding these conferences in Iran.. This congress is being held every year and receives a great approval by public and private sectors organizations and people interested/who have expertise in mobile  ...   our conference which is being held on Feb 17th -18th.. We understand that you have a heavy schedule; I hope our early invitation make our request fit in your calendar.. It would be helpful for us in formalizing our agenda for the conference if we could receive your response as early as possible.. We sincerely hope you will be able to join us on our conference.. I am looking forward to hearing from you.. Thank you in advance.. Yours Sincerely,.. Zahra Baghery.. KELLY MISA.. March 15, 2013.. I ll be grateful if you continue this in future.. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing..

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  • Title: The Pixate Project: Bringing CSS to Native Apps | Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: 12 Comments.. teki321teki.. August 27, 2012.. Qt has qss:.. http://doc-snapshot.. qt-project.. org/4.. 8/stylesheet-examples.. html.. Walt.. Flex has this kind CSS system since 2005.. Ben Galbraith.. Walt: I was going to mention that and forgot.. Thanks for the comment.. news feed.. February 7, 2013.. Do you have a spam problem on this site; I also am a blogger, and I was wanting to know your situation; many of us have developed some nice procedures and we are looking to swap techniques with others, why not shoot me an e-mail if interested.. Kurt P Pimentel.. February 20, 2013.. Ben, Just came across this blog post from this past summer from you.. Congrats on your investment in Pixate.. We took a different approach that took both the  ...   and then the active Xcode.. Should take a look.. KP.. whyinvestingold.. weebly.. July 20, 2013.. Hello, Neat post.. There is an issue together with your website in internet explorer, might check this?.. IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a large component of.. people will omit your great writing due to this problem.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS | TechCrunch.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS - FourTech Plus.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS Mr Gee.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS | ImpressiveNews.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS | Crowdfunding News.. Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS..

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  • Title: Google’s Enigmatic Nexus Q | Ben Galbraith's Blog
    Descriptive info: 4 Comments.. Kevin Marks (@kevinmarks).. June 30, 2012.. You can play your iTunes music, as long as you run the Google Music Manager system prefs app on your iTunes Mac for a day or so to sync them up.. Also, AppleTV will pull from iTunes Match, but only via the onscreen UI or Remote app, not from music of videos apps on iOS devices.. July 1, 2012.. Yeah, but that means I need to download all my music from iTunes Match (no longer have a master copy on any Mac due to a hard drive crash and subsequent replacement with an SSD), then be sure I have Google Music running on the appropriate computer to upload songs as I purchase them on various other computers, etc.. Doable, but a PITA.. Then there s the music I own that isn t iTunes Plus (i.. , DRM-free).. According to iTunes, will cost $182 to convert it all.. (Yes, I ve been pure Apple for a while.. ) And not sure it will cover all  ...   same as a Bluetooth headset meaning everyone can connect to it.. Just a few taps on anyone s phone at a party whether Android/iOS or even Blackberry and they can control the stereo.. And it plays anything from iTunes to Pandora.. No more clunky airport expresses or music service lockin to access the stereo.. Maybe its not sheer perfection to a real audiophile, but I ve never been able to perceive a quality problem.. I wish I had something similar for the TV, but I m not going to spend that much money on something that only lets me access one source of content.. Mara Rhodehamel.. May 21, 2013.. iTunes is a media player and media library application developed by Apple Inc.. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X operating system and the iOS-based iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, with editions also released for Microsoft Windows.. ^:.. http://www.. caramoanpackage.. Most recently released blog post provided by our new web portal..

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    Descriptive info: What Do Set Direction and Walmart Have In Common?.. About one month ago, Walmart s Global Electronic Commerce division (i.. , Walmart.. com) acquired our entire Set Direction team–the start-up that Dion and I created in late 2010.. We re now anxiously engaged in a multi-year effort to energize Walmart s efforts in mobile e-commerce.. If you had told me six months ago this would be Set Direction s outcome, I wouldn t have believed you.. Dion goes into some of the details surrounding the deal.. , including how we came to know the folks over at Walmart and the steps that led us here.. Joining Walmart.. com was a no-brainer once we grasped the size and scope of the opportunity.. In my role as Vice-President of Mobile Engineering and Dion s as Chief Mobile Architect, we ll tackle together the challenge of creating the world s best mobile retail applications for some of the biggest and most exciting markets in the world, such as the US, China, Brazil, and many others.. How are we going to create top-quality products for a variety of mobile platforms across all these markets? How will we be able to evolve the apps fast enough to out-maneuver our formidable competitors when we have a gaggle of platforms and markets to support? Will Node.. js scale to our needs?.. These are some of the interesting problems we ll be solving.. Sound fun? We think so too.. While Walmart is the world s largest company and has an army of people already hard at work on managing its extensive software systems, we ve been given the opportunity to build our own mobile team with a start-up culture within the Global E-commerce group.. Think small teams of incredibly talented people being supported by the resources of the world s largest company.. Want to join us?.. Drop me a line.. June 9th.. 19.. Return to Dark Castle.. I ve a lot of fond memories from my youth that revolve around the Mac: getting invited over to a girl s house in the second grade to play.. Dark Castle.. on an early-model Mac; retrofitting my 3rd grade teacher s.. Lisa.. to be Mac-compatible; getting pulled out of classes later on in elementary school to help the school principal with their Mac; learning how to do desktop publishing on the Macs at the neighborhood.. Laser Layouts.. shop; playing with one at the local software store, etc.. I could never afford one growing up, so it was always this magical machine I could only play with on borrowed time.. And I guess the small piece of me that yearned for a Mac during my elementary school years still lives on in some form I own a few vintage Macs, purchased a few years back.. Dark Castle and its sequel were among my favorite games on those old Macs, so it s been great fun for me to relive a bit of the past and spend a few minutes playing the recently released remake:.. Beats firing up an emulator or obsolete hardware.. Well, it s easier, at least.. June 8th.. 5.. Speech and Sounds.. When my first child starting talking, the way she said baby was comical: it was basically two grunts, a high-pitch followed by a low-pitch, which when concatenated sounded roughly like the word itself.. As time went on, she learned how to speak with greater precision, but the funny bit was that for a while, whenever she would say baby she would revert back to her earliest versions of the word.. So you d hear fair renditions of words and then the two grunts.. Eventually, she worked it out.. Tonight as I spent time with my fourth child, I noticed the same behavior with a different word.. And then it occurred to me.. We don t reproduce the sounds that we hear.. Instead, we learn how to produce sounds and, independently, map the sounds we hear to the sounds we ve learned how to produce.. Hence, most of us have really bad accents when we learn new languages we are mapping a new set of different sounds to the set of existing sounds that we already know how to make.. Mismatches are inevitable.. I doubt this will be a revelation to anyone but me, but it did get me wondering: are there some people who can reproduce the sounds they hear with anything near fidelity? Such people would be amazing at learning new languages, among other things.. Is this a skill I can learn? It seems so much more efficient than having to map what I hear to what I know how to say.. Does anyone know?.. March 18th.. New Conference Room?.. Perhaps it s time for Mozilla to get a new office space with a bigger conference room.. January 28th.. 3.. Short Analysis of Bay Area Peninsula Rental Market.. Recently, I moved my family from Utah to the Bay Area for.. my new job at Mozilla.. It s a homecoming for me; I grew up in the East Bay.. To keep my commute times down, we decided to rent a place on the west side of the San Francisco Bay, called simply the Peninsula.. As with most major metro areas, the best way to find a rental these days is on Craigslist.. In my searching for housing, I thought it would be interesting to analyze the listings on Craigslist to get a feel for the differing rental prices of each of the various Peninsula cities.. Because I ve got quite a few kids, I didn t bother looking at listings with less than three bedrooms.. As I did my analysis, I worked out the average price of rentals with at least 3 bedrooms in all of the  ...   liberated because he expected them to fight to the death; who killed thousands of his own people as they fled Moscow when it seemed clear that the Nazis would occupy the city (he wanted them to stay as a show of support).. Religious extremists have no monopoly on evil.. Media Propaganda.. The Nazi s exploited a basic human flaw with great success: we are heavily influenced by repetition.. In a particularly memorable passage, the author describes how he personally witnessed countless people from educated backgrounds adopting the silly and baseless ideas of the Nazi party only because they were repeated so constantly through every medium.. Even otherwise respectable, credentialed scientists and academics fell victim to the echo chamber.. Are there shared beliefs in our zeitgeist based on shabby science oft-repeated that we no longer question, that even our men-and-women-of-letters champion or fail to challenge? How much original research is in place before the media machine takes over, repeating it a thousand times until many or all believe?.. We must question everything and have an anchor in something more than the fashion of the moment.. Deception in Foreign Relations.. It is tempting to believe President Ahmadinejad of Iran when he asserts publicly that his government is seeking for nuclear technology only to provide power for his people.. Especially when he is courteous and photogenic.. The Nazis bluntly lied shamelessly to any member of the press or foreign statesmen they could find.. The sheer audacity of their deception is impressive.. They lied about invading every country they eventually crushed.. If rhetoric was not enough, they created fake events upon which to base their rhetoric.. Yet their actions betrayed their true intentions; it was only the world s willingness to accept seemingly innocent explanations for their war preparations and their troop movements and their alliances, etc.. that led to disaster.. Effective foreign policy must simply ignore rhetoric and focus relentlessly on action.. Records of History.. Rise and Fall.. would have been impossible to write had it not been for the voluminous records kept by the Nazis the same records that contributed so well to their executions and imprisonments at the trials at Nuremberg.. Some of the most interesting revelations were made possible by the odd memo here or the random piece of correspondence there.. These threads would have been impossible for history s actors to have seen as they were woven in time; historians had to discern the pattern.. All thanks to meticulously filed and archived documents, preserved for us.. There is something about the Truth that is larger than any of us, or all of us.. We owe it to our successors to clearly present their legacy.. As tempting as it may be to manipulate facts and control the narrative to emulate the totalitarian regimes in their absolute control of the facts we cannot indulge in this desire.. We need to work out how to effectively archive digital information and how to balance the need for Truth with the right to avoid self-incrimination.. I hope we get that figured out before many of us succumb to the temptation to shred a part of our society s story.. Justice.. The man at the head of the machine which caused the deaths of countless millions and further hardships upon most of the entire world never had to face justice.. Hitler died on his own terms, so completely that his remains were never recovered.. He left behind his belief that the Third Reich fell because the German people did not deserve him.. Some others in positions of authority were executed after the war following the various Nuremberg trials, but so many of these oversaw or directly committed mass murders.. To kill one who has killed another is itself hardly justice for the second killing cannot begin to undo the first but it has a certain symmetry that feels to some like justice.. But you cannot kill such criminals more than once.. How do you extract justice from such monsters? Of course, you cannot.. And yet, shortly after sentencing many such to jail terms and executions, the sentences were commuted and the criminals were set free.. Men who killed defenseless prisoners of war.. Men who burned little children.. Terrible people.. Still, the Nazi regime had a gangster element to it via the SS and its derivatives that successfully prevented dissent.. Had these men refused to fulfill their dreadful orders, they would have reason to fear brutal torture of themselves and their families.. Of course, the right thing to do is take a moral stand regardless of the outcome, but then, thanks to the propaganda built on science mentioned above, on what moral ground do you stand? Moral relativists at this point must eat their cake as we realize that, without immutable moral anchors, there can for some be no stand to take.. There is no justice in this world, though we try our best.. December 30th.. GroupWise Source Code and Disabled Comments.. I can t keep up with the spam bombarding this blog; the Akismit plug-in is no longer working effectively.. Until I have time to resolve this issue, comments by non-registered users have been disabled.. I am allowing self-registration for now, but since WordPress is a big target, I m expecting spambots to be able to self-register, and should that be the case, I ll disable self-registration, too.. Once I get a few minutes, I ll put in some other form of anti-spam and open up comments once more.. Also, due to a few folks asking for it, I ve released the.. source code.. to my.. GroupWise Exporter.. thingy.. UPDATE: I ve tentatively re-enabled comments, adding the latest Spam-Karma plug-in to Akismit, and perhaps together they ll take care of the spam issue.. June 14th..

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    Descriptive info: 14 Comments.. Robert Hurst.. April 26, 2012.. Nice article.. I can understand your irritation.. I think a lot of this crap comes from us programers, and our creations, the software/hardware we create, having to deal with the business world.. Programming at its best is a science, where as business at its best is the best spitter in a spitting contest.. dfabulich.. I was right with you up until this point: Microsoft has simply reacted tactically to insecurity for nearly a decade.. Arman Petrosov.. Really?.. Gatekeeper is just another Authenticode invented and widely deployed by MS in 2003.. FileVault is lame copy of old MS Bitlocker.. Xprotect and Filequarantine is weak and can not be competitor to Microsoft Smart Screen deployed years ago.. What about DEP, Full ASLR, SEHOP and BUR technologies used in Windows for year? No match on Apple side?.. If sandbox is perfect silver bullet then Java must be invulnerable.. But it is no the case in reality!.. What about cadence of software updates? Whole problem of Flashback bonnet was created by Apple itself waiting 6 week to release Java update already available for all over platforms.. It is not just technologies Apple just lags behind in process and people.. One thing Apple is good at is bullshiting people about there security.. see7.. April 27, 2012.. When I read the other comments it seems apples pr does again work well.. Anyway, my knowledge in this area is not much but I have a clean windows albeit 7 system.. And regarding the Microsoft  ...   under house.. I always spent my half an hour to read this website s articles or reviews daily along with a cup of coffee.. Full File.. May 10, 2013.. Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with SEO?.. I m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I m not.. seeing very good gains.. If you know of any please.. share.. Thank you!.. american web hosting.. June 22, 2013.. I used to be suggested this web site by means of my cousin.. I m now not sure whether or not this post is written by way of him as no one else recognize such distinctive about my problem.. You are amazing! Thanks!.. Kaspersky coupons.. June 26, 2013.. hi thanks for posting like this topic,,, this is relay help users to select best antivirus for there needs.. kills hair follicles.. July 17, 2013.. Hey there! I ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!.. directory.. webn1.. Com.. August 6, 2013.. If you are going for best contents like me, just go to see this web site all the.. time because it gives feature contents, thanks.. Евгений Касперский зря критикует Apple | Блог о Mac, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, iPod и других Apple-штучках.. Евгений Касперский критикует Apple.. С какой целью?! HELLO-MAC.. NET.. The Future Of Bada | aqeelferdowsi..

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    Descriptive info: Moving On.. Whoa.. It seems to me only a few weeks have passed since I previously posted on my blog back during those first few crazy days at Palm when I jumped onto the moving train; somehow, it also feels like ten years ago.. Being a part of the Palm story has been a whirlwind adventure.. And now, that adventure takes a new form.. Starting Monday, Dion and I are leaving HP / Palm as full-time employees but staying involved with HP webOS in a consulting capacity.. Our.. post on the Palm Developer Blog.. goes into more detail on this transition and look to.. Dion s blog for his own perspective.. As for me, bittersweet perfectly describes my feelings at this juncture.. Working alongside the talented team at Palm has been a tremendous opportunity, and the chapter being written now with HP is ripe with extraordinary potential.. Leaving the company of this crew is certainly a bitter cup to swallow.. At the same time, I couldn t be more excited to be starting a new venture with my good friend and colleague of many years,.. Dion Almaer.. We ll post more on the details of our new company soon, but we plan on spending our time creating quality software and helping others to do the same.. A particular focus of ours will be to help folks realize high-quality mobile and desktop app and web experiences using HTML5, JavaScript, and related technologies.. What a fascinating time of change for our industry! The Web has been challenged as the dominant platform for mainstream consumer software experiences though the contest with apps is far from over.. The predicted mobile convergence (with the desktop) is happening now.. Independent software developers are now re-empowered to earn a living at their craft in a new and interesting way they join musicians, directors, writers, and other artists whose products command the attention of large swaths of the general public.. The opportunity has always been there, but now the complexity of so much infrastructure required to distribute those experiences has been swept away (though the trade-off has not been without cost).. While at present we see a diverse set of incompatible software platforms competing for the right to distribute the produce of these new and revitalized app artisans and businesses,  ...   traditional content media and interactive content, etc.. October 22nd.. Bespin 0.. 4.. 3: This is Chuck Finley.. As prognosticated earlier.. , the next release of Bespin (named Chuck Finley ) schlepped out the door this week.. One half maintenance release and the other half feature release, Chuck Finley adds a deploy command and support for SVN commands while fixing various glitches with the once-shiny-now-lusterless H.. E.. Pennypacker release we put out in late August.. The deploy command takes Bespin one step closer to the vision of developing entirely in the cloud and we re absolutely thrilled to move in that direction.. Kevin Dangoor goes into Chuck Finley s new features over on his blog.. , including a look at an enhancement to collaboration that shows you the current location of your collaborators cursors (a fancier version of this is coming soon).. Next up is 0.. 5 Bubba Ho-Tep , a planned maintenance release for next week that may gain a few features as well.. September 11th.. 2: Industrialist, Philanthropist, Bicyclist.. Today we shipped the next release of Bespin: the 0.. 2 H.. Pennypacker release.. As discussed in my recent.. Bespin Roadmap.. blog post, H.. Pennypacker is primarily a bug fix release focused specifically on issues related to the new collaboration engine.. The key fixes in this release include:.. Work towards ensuring that we never lose your data (bugs 511289, 511217, and 511291).. You can now export projects from Bespin (bug 511828).. Various other stability enhancements (bugs 511125, 512044, 511539, 509496, among others).. We re now focused on shipping Bespin 0.. 3 Chuck Finley which will deliver deployment and SVN/HG commands (right now we have our own VCS commands that map into SVN and HG; we are working on implementing the actual SVN/HG commands you re used to).. Command-line Only?.. In the.. bespin mailing list.. , I saw a message or two lamenting that we are too focused on the command-line at the expense of the UI.. Take heart, gentle fans.. We have plans to implement GUI equivalents for nearly every major command we can think of; it ll take us a while to get there.. We hope you enjoy H.. Pennypacker, and I look forward to telling you more about Chuck Finley in a week and a half or so.. Newer entries..

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