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  • Title: AstroGrid-D
    Descriptive info: .. AstroGrid-D.. Project Info.. Documents.. Products.. Links.. Intranet.. Sitemap.. Imprint.. Sponsored by.. » AstroGrid-D.. : enabling grid science in the German Astronomical community.. A.. Grid.. is a novel service for sharing digital resources, such as compute power, storage or telescopes.. In AstroGrid-D we extend and newly design grid middleware services  ...   Statistics.. Resource.. Maps.. Job.. Timeline.. Integrated Grid Services.. Information.. Server.. Virtual.. Organisations.. Meta.. Scheduler.. Scientific Applications.. Dynamo.. Nbody6++.. GEO600.. Clusterfinder.. Cactus.. Robotic.. Telescopes.. ProC.. Further Information.. User / Join.. Publications.. Outreach.. Education.. Contact.. More Grid Services.. Portals.. Data.. Streams.. GAT.. Partners.. Associates.. :.. Last Published: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 11:56:11..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D:
    Descriptive info: Workpackages.. Project Partners.. Nachruf Thomas Radke.. Team.. Events Meetings.. Press Releases.. License.. Virtual Organisations.. » Project Info.. AstroGrid-D Project Overview.. Goals.. AstroGrid-D, the German Astronomy Community Grid (GACG).. is a research project for.. scientific work supporting e-Science and Grid middleware.. within the German.. D-Grid Initiative.. Major German astronomy institutes and grid-specific research groups from informatics and supercomputing centers have joined in an interdisciplinary.. partnership.. to pursue several strategic goals:.. To join together astronomical science institutions into a unified nationwide research infrastructure of collaborative distributed environments using innovative grid technologies.. Creation of a grid based infrastructure for astronomical and astrophysical research, based on integration of their computational facilities, improving the efficiency and usability of their hardware resources.. Integration of distributed astronomical data archives and, in an extended time frame, of instruments and experiments into a common research infrastructure.. Support of other research institutes to enable them to share their resources, data and application software within the AstroGrid infrastructure, especially to enable small university workgroups to join the collaboration.. To strengthen the ties of the German  ...   wave detectors are to be integrated into this coherent framework.. Standardized user interfaces allowing unified and location-independent access to existing computing resources will simplify astrophysical numerical simulations.. Transparent access to local data archives and those available within the grid is expected to simplify community-developed data analysis tools and complex data processing.. Using the standards of.. International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA).. will ensure the interoperability of all kinds of astronomical datasets and software applications.. Project structure.. Thematically oriented.. work packages.. structure the long term planning of the research and development.. Cooperation.. AstroGrid-D works in close cooperation with all of the other scientific communities joined in the D-Grid Initiative, especially with the HEP community from High Energy Physics, the Climate community forming the C3-Grid, and the.. DGI integration project.. Funding.. AstroGrid-D is funded by the.. Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).. for a total of 3 years (September 2005 through August 2008).. Project management is provided by the.. Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.. V.. (DLR).. for the whole.. Last Published: Wed, 21 May 2008 14:09:08..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D: Project Documents
    Descriptive info: Architecture.. Project Deliverables.. UseCases.. » Documents.. AstroGrid-D Project Documents.. The achievements of the projects are described in different documents and illustrating figures.. gives a conceptual, preliminary sketch of the architecture developed for AstroGrid-D.. Project Deliverable.. contains the results of the work packages at different stages of the project..  ...   gives an overview over the astrophysical application examples prepared for testing the AstroGrid-D software.. App2Grid-Guide.. provides examples for porting applications to the grid.. Support documents.. (.. GT4 installation.. ,.. User certificates.. ,.. etc.. ) can be found in the.. products section.. Last Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 10:07:12..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D: Project Products
    Descriptive info: Grid Status.. User Portal.. Grid Support.. Middleware Extensions.. Applications.. Servers.. Demos.. » Products.. Project Products.. These pages provide a set of software and grid-interface tools developed within the AstroGrid-D project.. The link.. includes a.. *.. Grid Resource Allocation Management.. (GRAM) overview of the computer resources and a.. Monitoring and Discovery Service.. (MDS) list of the web services within AstroGrid-D and  ...   on.. GridSphere.. This link also contains access to the interactive AstroGrid-D Map under.. Grid Services.. Grid-Support.. contains helpful information about the use of Globus and the AstroGrid-D membership.. As.. Software.. , currently the Information Service, shell and Perl scripts supporting installation and maintenance of the Globus Toolkit, and a Grid Application toolkit are provided.. Last Published: Wed, 21 May 2008 14:08:15..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D: Links
    Descriptive info: » Links.. AstroGrid-D Links.. D-Grid.. D-Grid Integration Project.. Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid (C3-Grid).. HEP Community Grid.. Innovative Grid Developments for Engineering Applications (InGrid).. MediGRID Project.. TextGrid Project.. WISENT Project.. D-MON.. : Horizontal Integration of Resource and Service Monitoring in D-Grid.. Grid middleware.. Globus Toolkit.. Unicore (UNiform Interface to COmputing REsources).. Other Grid Projects.. EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE).. Gridsphere.. Last Published: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 15:41:54..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D: Intranet
    Descriptive info: » Intranet.. Link to AstroGrid-D Intranet.. In the password-protected Intranet, all relevant project.. information are stored and displayed like communication.. and results of the different working groups, project goals.. and planing, as well as conferences and workshops.. Last Published: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 15:52:20..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: » Sitemap.. -.. - -.. WP-0.. - - -.. Members of WG-0.. WP-I.. Members of WG-I.. WP-II.. Members of WG-II.. WP-III.. Members of WG-III.. WP-IV.. Members of WG-IV.. WP-V.. Members of WG-V.. WP-VI.. Members of WG-VI.. WP-VII.. Members of WG-VII.. Consortium.. AIP.. AEI.. MPA.. MPE.. TUM.. ZAH.. ZIB.. Associated Partners.. MPIA.. MPIfR.. UPI.. USM.. LRZ.. RZG.. FZK.. Obituary Thomas Radke.. Old Listing.. Calendar.. Meetings.. 25.. 02.. 2008.. - - - -.. participants.. Accomodation.. 12.. 09.. 2007.. 11.. 06.. Participants.. 30.. 01.. Presentations.. 14.. 11.. 2006.. 07.. 26.. 04.. 21.. 2005.. Workshops.. Hands-On User Workshop 07.. Registred Participants.. Conferences.. PR 19.. PR 08.. Authorities (RA and CA).. VO-Membership.. Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).. VO-Management.. Security.. Recommendations.. Software Documents.. Articles.. citations_NewAstronomy.. Posters..  ...   Globus Upgrade.. Grid from outside.. Old Instructions.. SGAS Installation.. Installation Guide: GT4.. 05 (2007-11-22).. Audit Logging.. Information Service Stellaris.. Deployment.. runStableIS.. Usage.. InformationProducer.. MapDemoProducer.. CactusRDFProducer.. - - - - -.. 2006.. - - - - - -.. 08.. - - - - - - -.. listSimulations.. rq.. listUpdateInfo.. listWaveToySimulations.. listThornParameters.. prototype.. SPARQL.. Globus-Helper.. Grid Application Toolkit.. Data Stream Management.. GridWay.. AstroGrid-D Data Management.. Robotic Telescopes / OpenTel.. Telescope Map.. Telescope Timeline.. RTML Standard.. OpenTel Package.. OpenTel Tools.. Broker.. Installation.. Jsdlproc.. XML2RDF.. Graphs.. GEO600 Data Analysis.. ProC/DMC@grid.. CMB Sky Demo.. Planck Satellite.. Planck Process Coordinator.. Data Management Component.. LevelS simulation package.. Metadata Management.. Introspection.. Browsing.. RDF Graphs.. Task Farming of Atomic Jobs: Dynamo.. Documentation.. Demonstration.. Geo600.. ClusterFinder.. Meta-Scheduler.. Robotic Telescopes..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D: Impressum
    Descriptive info: » Imprint.. AstroGrid-D Imprint.. Imprint of the AIP applies:.. Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam.. Contact:.. gacg-pm _a t_ aip.. de.. Last Published: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 21:25:11..

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  • Title: Document not available for this language
    Descriptive info: Document not available for this language.. Open Source Content Management System.. The requested document is not available for language "en".. The following languages are available:.. de..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D:
    Descriptive info: ».. » ResourcesOverview.. Resources in VO AstroGrid.. Each AstroGrid-D resource is running Globus middleware, version 4.. 0.. 5 or later.. On almost all resources a variant of Linux (SL, RHEL, SuSe or Debian) is installed.. Please look up the actual status of the machines here:.. Grid-Status::AstroGrid.. Workstations:.. For serial jobs, experimenting, and interfacing with D-Grid,.. two 32-bit workstations and.. four 64-bit workstations.. are available.. Most of the 32-bit and all of the 64-bit machines feature at least 2 processors or cores.. All workstations are configured with the Fork jobmanager of Globus,.. machine.. arch.. ncpu.. (cores).. ram.. (GB).. GHz.. buran.. aei.. mpg.. 32.. 2.. 8.. 4.. gavo3.. aip.. 4.. 16.. 1.. 5.. astar.. 64.. 3.. cashmere.. 2.. photon.. mintaka.. ari.. uni-heidelberg.. 6.. Cluster:.. Five 64-bit clusters are available, with up to 2022 processors, each featuring a local resource manager (PBS, Condor, or SGE) as well as the Fork job manager.. Two  ...   udo-gt03.. grid.. tu-dortmund.. 2022.. Storage Nodes.. :.. There are two D-Grid Storage nodes with ~200TB capacity as well as 30TB Storage located in LRZ.. The Storage nodes are available to the D-Grid VOs either by Globus middleware, or in one case, by dCache, and in the other, by OGSA-DAI.. capacity.. (TB).. astrodata.. astrogrid-d.. org.. 100.. dCache.. alnitak.. 15.. OGSA-DAI.. There are currently three types of resources available in AstroGrid-D.. a) Shared resources:.. The partners allow access to grid-enabled machines of the institutes.. b) Sponsored resources in AstroGrid-D.. BMBF funded hardware, maintained by AstroGrid-D.. c) Sponsored resources in D-Grid.. BMBF funded hardware, maintained by other D-Grid institutions.. While you can expect resources that belong to a) or b) to be available instantly, there might be obstacles to overcome to get access to resources below c).. The summary refers only to resources from a) or b).. Last Published: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 11:49:54..

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  • Title: AstroGrid-D:
    Descriptive info: » Statistics.. AstroGrid-D Usage Statistics.. Job Monitoring.. AstroGrid-D has implemented a.. stable job monitoring.. based on the Globus Audit Module and database triggers.. Together with the Globus Toolkit developer team this solution is still being improved, and current statistics are.. preliminary examples.. from the AIP resources.. The Charts below thus only offer an overview of Job statistics for the AstroGrid-D Data Storage Cluster and the Robotic Telescope Network, both at AIP.. The results were collected withing the time.. period of.. three months.. (March to May 2008).. Users with a CPU total of less than 100 jobs per month are not shown, which refers to twelve more users with a sum of 10 hours of CPU within the whole period.. This example shows that there are two main users: Engel, Radke.. They are running the.. GEO600 use case.. The other users do not show up in this diagram since their usage is too small.. This plot shows the average usage of CPU hours of a the jobs.. The CPU usage of observations may not be confused with the actual duration of an observation which can be obtained from the.. The above information was obtained from the.. via.. SPARQL queries.. Virtual Organisation.. The AstroGrid-D adopted the.. Virtual Organisation Management Registration Service (VOMRS).. from Fermilab with great success.. It manages VO users and their registration data.. The following statistics show the VOMRS entry dates of the currently active members.. Suspended members (e.. g.. due to change or work place) and name changes are not taken into account.. The total number of members was 86 as of June 1st, 2008.. The second graph shows the distribution of members with regard to their scientific institution.. Hardware: MDS, Gram, Ganglia.. Ganglia and other systems running on  ...   looks at four pages.. In some more detail, most visitors just look at one page, whereas a large group looks at 20 or more.. The latter of course reflects the site usage of the project members.. The absolute numbers below refer to.. visits.. , i.. e.. a user connecting from an IP address who then looks at one or more pages.. The list of referrals, i.. people following a link to the gac-grid.. org pages, show that the site attracts attention from the wider community, e.. referred from the Einstein @ Home application (GEO600 use case) or Wikipedia.. Source.. Visits.. Pages/Visit.. Avg.. Time on Site.. % New Visits.. einstein.. phys.. uwm.. edu.. 60.. 37.. 00:00:49.. 67%.. 22.. 5.. 77.. 00:05:32.. 27.. 27%.. astrogrid-d.. 12.. 13.. 67.. 00:18:10.. en.. wikipedia.. 11.. 73.. 00:00:08.. 18.. 18%.. google.. com.. 10.. 40.. 00:00:16.. 00%.. 6.. aip.. 9.. 22.. 00:00:26.. 66.. 7.. 7.. 00.. 00:01:17.. 42.. 86%.. d-grid.. 6.. 83.. 00:05:12.. 83.. 33%.. 9.. 4.. 25.. 00:03:46.. 10.. boincstats.. 3.. 00:00:00.. The geographical distribution reflects that the project is a national project, since only 23% of the visits come from outside.. Main visits come from Austria, the US, Russia, the Ukraine and many EU states.. Methods of Statistics collection.. Information on AstroGrid-D is gathered by Ganglia and the Globus MDS module.. Jobs on AstroGrid-D resources are monitored with the pre.. WS GRAM audit logging.. and the.. module.. The job information for AstroGrid-D VO is collected on the.. Stellaris server.. in semantic web language RDF.. Virtual Organisation information is gathered from the.. VORMS database.. Web Site Usage is logged via.. Google Analytics.. AstroGrid-D members: To enable Job Monitoring modules for Globus Toolkit 4.. 5, please follow these.. Installation instructions.. Last Published: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:43:32..

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  • Archived pages: 457