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    Descriptive info: .. Home.. News.. Members.. Mastheads.. Online Notes.. Volume 44.. Issues.. Volume 40.. Number 1.. Number 2.. Number 3.. Number 4.. Volume 41.. Submissions.. The ILR Guide.. Book Review.. Symposium.. Permissions.. Order.. Archives.. February 2013.. September 2012.. July 2012.. April 2012.. March 2011.. February 2011.. SPOTLIGHT.. Defamation of Religions” Passé? The United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and Islamic State Practices: Lessons from Pakistan.. Javaid Rehman and Stephanie E.. Berry.. The following is a short abstract of the Article,.. Is “Defamation of Religions” Passé? The United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and Islamic State Practices: Lessons from Pakistan.. by Javaid Rehman and Stephanie E.. Berry, which will be published in volume 44 of The George Washington International Law Review.. The Article addresses defamation of religions in international law, a concept likely to take on increased significance after a recent online video insult to Islam gave rise to violent protests and attacks on U.. S.. Embassies across the Middle East.. Download.. Current Issue.. Volume 44: Number 4.. Editors Selected for Volume 46!.. Congratulations to the following members selected to be the editors for Volume 46 of the International Law Review: Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Szucs Executive.. Forthcoming Article.. The following is  ...   editors for Volume 45 of the International Law Review: Editor-in-Chief Robert Travieso Executive.. Editors Selected for Volume 44.. Congratulations to the following members selected to be the editors for Volume 44 of the International Law Review: Editor-in-Chief ADAM S.. KUNZ Executive.. Contact Us.. The George Washington.. International Law Review.. 1919 Pennsylvania Ave NW.. Suite M250.. Washington, D.. C.. 20006.. Phone: (202) 994-4605.. Fax: (202) 994-4609.. E-mail: gwilr.. gwu@gmail.. com.. ABOUT THE JOURNAL.. The.. George Washington International Law Review.. is a student-run, student-edited publication of The George Washington University.. In its four annual issues, the.. presents articles and essays on public and private international financial development, comparative law, and public international law.. also publishes the.. Guide to International Legal Research.. annually.. Founded in 1966 as.. Studies in Law and Economic Development.. , the.. has also published as the.. Journal of Law and Economic Development.. Journal of International Law and Economics.. and the.. George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics.. C O N T A C T.. The George Washington International Law Review • 1919 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite M250 • Washington, DC 20006 • gwilr.. Copyright WPZOOM 2013, The George Washington International Law Review.. All rights reserved.. AWSOM Powered..

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    Descriptive info: Member Mastheads.. Member Selection.. ILR.. selects its members from interested students based on their weighted scores in the annual writing competition run by the.. George Washington Law Review.. For more information regarding the competition, please see the.. website.. Editorial-Board Selection.. In early February each year, the.. holds a competition to select its next board of editors.. The competition consists of an editing exercise and an interview with the current board.. The current board will consider competition scores, interview results, and evaluations by editors who have worked with the interested members.. Grades are not considered.. Alumni.. The ILR welcomes news and updates from its alumni.. Please send correspondence to.. gwilr.. Masthead Volume 46 (2013-2014).. Editor-in-Chief.. Rebecca Szucs.. Executive Managing Editor.. Matthew Girgenti.. Executive Guide Editor..  ...   Johnson.. Daniel Saavedra.. Austen Walsh.. Rosemary Yogiaveetil.. Administrative Online Notes Editor.. Samuel Leverenz.. Symposium Editor.. Kevin Healy.. Associates.. Caroline Alpert.. David Carter.. Matthew Casale.. Anita Dewan.. Christina Donahue.. Melissa Feig.. Jake Frischknecht.. Brad Goldstein.. Tatiana Golikova.. Joshua Hall.. West Holden.. Nicholas Horsmon.. Catie Karczmarczyk.. Avi Kelin.. Willem Kermode.. Jeremy Knobel.. Michael Kobb.. Kimberly Larson.. Jessica Leal.. Claire Logan.. Madeleine MacNeil.. Adam Marshall.. Orly May.. Eric Mogel.. Danielle Morello.. Vicki Morris.. Nechama Newman.. Jennifer Piorko Mitchell.. Tajma Rahimic.. Ramy Ramadan.. Timothy Ramsay.. Thomas Rimmer.. Hannah Scheckelhoff.. Carly Sessions.. Amanda Sewell.. Laura Sheldon.. Melanie Taylor.. Cara Waldo.. Melissa Woods.. No comments.. Be the first one to leave a comment.. Post a Comment.. Click here to cancel reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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    Descriptive info: Volume 46.. Volume 45.. Volume 43.. Volume 42..

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  • Title: Online Notes
    Descriptive info: Royally Flushed: Why Europe’s Online Poker Players Should Have the Right to Play Whoever They Want.. -.. Andrew J.. Alberg.. The European Union Blues: Why the Blue Card Will Not Help the E.. U.. Labor Market.. - Callyson Grove.. Hard to Lend a Helping Hand: The Obstacles in  ...   Mu Huang.. The International Disaster Response Program: Consent, Coordination, and Contingency Planning in Disaster Relief Operations.. Ben Miller.. Making the International Human Right to Water Primary: Recommendation for an Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses.. Mary Moore..

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  • Title: Volume 44
    Descriptive info: Alberg.. In June 2010, poker players on the French online poker website Pokerstars.. fr staged the first ever mass online poker sit-out.. Unsatisfied with the site’s high “rake” structure, hundreds of players took seats at virtual tables, then “sat out” en masse.. With no players active at the designated tables, Pokerstars.. fr could not deal any hands nor collect rake—the portion of each pot the website keeps as a fee.. The protest put an infinitesimal dent into the world’s biggest poker site’s profit, but the message was clear: French poker players were unhappy with their Parliament’s enactment of legislation that required online gambling sites to apply for expensive state licenses to access the millions of players in the French market.. The licenses’ cost and the exorbitant taxes on revenues gained from the gaming they allowed were then passed on to players through the rake.. Consequently, players found it increasingly difficult to earn a profit on the site because they now had to win more money per hand to keep pace with the site’s higher fees.. Though Pokerstars.. fr responded to the protest by slightly lowering its rake, the incident highlights a number of problems with the current online poker regulatory scheme in the European Union.. This Note will argue that unlike other casino gambling games, poker’s characteristics demand that the European market be opened up to allow players from across the European Union to play each other.. Callyson Grove.. In March 2000, the Lisbon European Council established a strategic goal for the European Union “to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world” by 2010.. Five years later, the European Council adopted the Hague Programme, an agenda to strengthen freedom, security, and justice in the European Union, in which it recognized that “[l]egal migration will play an important role in enhancing the knowledge-based economy in Europe, in advancing economic development, and thus contributing to the implementation of the Lisbon strategy.. ” Halfway to the 2010 deadline, with little progress made toward achieving the Lisbon Strategy, a task force assembled by the European Commission recognized how ambitious the goal was.. The ten-year deadline came and went, yet the European Union failed to reach any of the goals established by the Lisbon Strategy; instead of becoming “the most dynamic economy in the world,” the European Union has been “losing ground.. ” Now, under a slightly revised, but substantially similar goal for 2020—”to turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion”—the European Union continues its efforts to improve its economy.. ”.. The Blue Card immigration scheme was  ...   funds in China.. Ben Miller.. In January 2010, a 7.. 0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti about fifteen miles west of the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince.. The earthquake, the worst in the region in over 200 years, devastated a country already suffering from decades of political instability and economic stagnation.. Based on a death toll reported at 230,000, the Inter-American Development Bank estimated the cost of recovery to be as high as $14 billion, making it the most destructive natural disaster in modern times.. Six months later, on July 22, 2010, the worst flooding in eighty years began in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan as a result of annual monsoons.. As the flooding receded in the northern provinces, rivers swelled downstream, spreading the devastation to the southern part of the country.. While the death toll, estimated at 1,200, was relatively low, more than 14 million people were displaced from their homes.. Throughout the country, 1.. 7 million homes were destroyed and 5.. 4 million acres of arable land were damaged, leaving entire communities without a source of food or income.. Following these events, the international community responded immediately.. Mary Moore.. What would you do if you turned on the faucet to fill a glass of water or to take your morning shower and nothing came out? Today, nearly one billion people around the world will turn the knobs of their kitchen faucets or venture to their community wells to pump for water, but no water will come out.. Now what would you do if no water came out of the faucet for three or more days? Most people would become sick.. Many people would panic.. Water has long been a source of both national and international conflict.. The threat of conflict over water resources is only expected to grow given that the world’s freshwater resources are strained like never before due to population growth, increased individual water consumption, economic growth, and climate change.. For example, in September 2010, water was cut off in Pakistan’s Kurram Agency district, and tribal conflict erupted leading to over one hundred deaths in two weeks.. Furthermore, the Indus River, one of the longest rivers in the world flowing through India, Pakistan, and the long-disputed province of Kashmir, is poised to be used as a tool for conflict.. Eighty-three percent of Pakistan depends on the Indus River, but India has thirty-three dam projects under construction that will effectively allow it to control, and potentially restrict, the flow of the Indus River into Pakistan in the future.. Water is inherently international in nature.. International law has been used as a tool to settle disputes over water since ancient times..

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  • Title: Issues
    Descriptive info: 2010.. TABLE OF CONTENTS.. CIVIL RELIGION IN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE.. Introduction—Civil Religions: Models and Perspectives (.. PDF.. ).. Silvio Ferrari.. Is Laïcité the Civil Religion of France? (.. Blandine Chelini-Pont.. Laïcité as Civil Religion: An Italian-American Perspective (.. Pasquale Annicchino.. Civil Religion in France: The Gallican Hypothesis (.. Emmanuel Tawil.. Civil Religion in Italy: A “Mission Impossible”? (.. Alessandro Ferrari.. The New American Civil Religion: Lessons for Italy (.. Andrew Koppelman.. Why Are We Talking about Civil Religion Now?:  ...   American Civil Religion: An Idea Whose Time Is Past (.. Frederick Gedicks.. Obama and the American Civil Religion from the Political Left (.. David Fontana.. American Civil Religion As Seen from France (.. Pierre-Henri Prélot.. A Religious Basis of Liberal Democracy (.. Michael Perry.. The Changing Civil Religion of Secular Europe (.. Marco Ventura.. Sacralization of the State and Secular Nationalism: Foundations of Civil Religion in Turkey (.. Talip Kucukcan.. Afterword—Creation and Preservation in the Constitution of Civil Religion (.. Brett Scharffs..

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  • Title: Volume 40
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  • Title: Number 1
    Descriptive info: Articles:.. Babushka Said Two Things It Will Either Rain or Snow; It Either Will or Will Not : An Analysis of the Provisions and Human Rights Implications of Russia s New Law on Non-Governmental Organizations as Told Through Eleven Russian Proverbs (.. by Robert C.. Blitt.. Law-Making Through the Operational Activities of International Organizations  ...   At Their Own Marketing Game (.. by Doris Estelle Long.. How Well Do U.. Judgments Fare in Europe? (.. by Samuel P.. Baumgartner.. Jus Ad Bellum in the Age of WMD Proliferation (.. by Daniel H.. Joyner.. Note:.. Guilt By Association: Transnational Gangs and the Merits of a New Mano Dura (.. by Melissa Siskind..

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  • Title: Number 2
    Descriptive info: Legal Constraints Upon the Use of a Tactical Nuclear Weapon Against the Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran (.. by Brian L.. Bengs.. Prior Restraints in Venezuela s Social Responsibility on Radio and Television Act: Are They Justified? (.. by Angel Luis Olivera Soto.. Notes:.. The Looting of Iraqi Archaelogical Sites: Global Implications and Support for an International Approach to Regulating the Antiqities Market (.. by Raisa E.. Patron.. Foreign Alternatives to the Alien Tort Claims Act: the  ...   Violations (.. by Bahareh Mostajelean.. No Man s Land: The E.. -U.. Passenger Name Record Agreement and What it Means for the European Union s Pillar Structure (.. by Christopher Patton.. The Terrorist Finance Tracking Program: Illuminating the Shortcomings of the European Union s Antiquated Data Privacy Directive (.. by Justin Santolli.. The New Afrian Union: Will it Promote Enforcement of the Decisions of the African Court of Human and People s Rights? (.. by Carolyn Scanlon Martorana..

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  • Title: Number 3
    Descriptive info: Volume 40:3 Rainforests and Regulation: New Directions in Brazilian Environmental Law and Legal Institutions.. An Introduction to Brazilian Environmental Law (.. by Antonio de Aguiar Patriota.. Defending Public Prosecutors and Defining Brazil’s Environmental “Public Interest”: A Review of Lesley McAllister’s.. Making Law Matter: Environmental Protection and Legal Institutions in Brazil.. (.. by Colin Crawford.. On  ...   Lesley K.. McAllister.. A Response to Professor McAllister’s Reply to My Review of.. Making Law Matter.. Writing the Law of Latin America (.. by Jorge L.. Esquirol.. Environmental Rights and Brazil’s Obligations in the Inter-American Human Rights System (.. by Dinah Shelton.. Historical Views on Environment and Environmental Law in Brazil (.. by Arlindo Daibert..

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  • Title: Number 4
    Descriptive info: Transnational Corporate Responsibility for the 21st Century.. Translating.. Unocal.. : The Expanding Web of Liability for Business Entities Implicated in International Crimes (.. Thompson, Anita Ramasastry, and Mark B.. Taylor.. Crossing the Atlantic? The Political and Legal Feasibility of European Foreign Direct Liability Cases (.. by Liesbeth F.. H.. Enneking.. Litigation for Overseas Corporate Human Rights Abuses in the European Union: The Challenge of Jurisdiction (.. by Jan Wouters and Cedric Ryngaert.. Internalizing Externalities in E.. Law: Why Neither Corporate Governance nor Corporate Social Responsibility Provides the Answers (.. by Beate Sjåfjell.. Corporate Responsibility before International Institutions (.. by Ole Kristian  ...   Adam McBeth.. Defining the Limits of Corporate Responsibilities against the Concept of Legal Positive Obligations (.. by Radu Mares.. Articles.. Whither Communism: A Comparative Perspective on Constitutionalism in a Postsocialist Cuba (.. by Jon Mills and Daniel Ryan Koslosky.. Panacea, Placebo, or Pawn? The Teething Problems of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) (.. by Li-ann Thio.. Notes.. Home Is Where the Heart Is: Sexual Orientation Discrimination and the Right to Adequate Housing in International Law (.. by Dara Smith.. Disproportionate Punishment: The Legality of Criminal Disenfranchisement under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.. by Morgan Macdonald..

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