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  • Title: Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: .. Galactosaemia web site.. Skip to main content.. About Galactosaemia.. The GSG.. Food diet.. News.. Fundraising.. Links.. GSG Register.. Site map.. Login.. Search text:.. Help with Galactosaemia.. The Galactosaemia Support Group brings families with galactosaemic children and adult galactosaemics into contact with each other and offers support where most needed.. Through the group the families are able to share experiences, help each other with problems and exchange information and ideas.. We currently represent a wide cross section of members and their families and continue to forge links with a network of other associations including the European Galactosaemia Society.. Click here.. to read more ….. Recently diagnosed?.. Click here to find out more about Galactosaemia  ...   We need your help! Click here to find out how you can make a real difference to the work of the GSG.. GSG Forum.. 16/01/2013.. Food Labelling - Sainsburys Basic Coleslaw.. Login to access the forum.. 28/11/2012.. French Emmental.. Food Alert.. 04/04/13.. Latest Food Alerts.. NEW foods,.. click here to learn more.. Click here to get in touch using our contact form.. Write to us at:.. GSG, 31 Cotysmore Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 6BJ.. Tel: 0121 378 5143.. Email:.. sue@galactosaemia.. org.. Copyright Galactosaemia Support Group.. Registered Charity No.. 1020167.. Click here to visit our page on MyCharityPage.. com.. Click here to find us on Facebook.. Click here to follow us on Twitter..

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  • Title: About Galactosaemia / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Home.. /.. Diagnosis Treatment.. Long Term.. What is Galactosaemia?.. Background.. Galactosaemia literally means ‘galactose in the blood’.. Galactose is a sugar which mainly comes from lactose, the sugar found in milks.. Lactose is normally broken down into the two simple sugars, galactose and glucose.. The galactose is then broken down further and used in many parts of the body including the brain.. In galactosaemia it cannot be broken down completely and used because of deficiency or absence of an enzyme, galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase or Gal-1-PUT.. Galactose, galactose-1-phosphate and other harmful chemicals build up and lead to the serious illness that occurs in the first few weeks of life once the baby is fed on milk containing lactose.. It is a lifelong condition.. What Causes Galactosaemia?.. The enzyme is deficient or absent because of a mistake or mutation in the genetic code, the DNA.. Our chromosomes are made of DNA and carry a coded message rather like a computer programme and make us what we  ...   perfectly healthy because they have one normal gene which allows them to make enough of the enzyme to keep them healthy.. There is no way of knowing that a parent may carry this disorder until they have an affected child.. In each and every pregnancy there is a 1:4 chance of having another affected baby.. We can look for the genetic mistake (or mutation) in the DNA and when we do this we find that in quite a high proportion of children there is the same mutation.. We are trying to look to see whether the mutation is related in any way to the sorts of problems that children with galactosaemia have, but at the moment there only seems to be a loose association between the mutation and outcome of affected children.. How Common is Galactosaemia?.. Galactosaemia is rare.. In the UK, about 1 child in 45,000 is born with this condition so between 12 and 18 children are born each year with it..

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  • Title: The GSG / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Membership.. The Committee.. Medical Advisory Panel.. Timeline.. EGS.. GSG JUNIOR.. The Galactosaemia Support Group.. A key part of our approach is to promote awareness of galactosaemia within the medical and teaching professions, the food and pharmaceutical industries and the general public at large.. The Group organises events, away days and weekend breaks together with bi-annual medical conferences and seminars.. We also produce a wide range of literature and support material for members, in association with qualified dieticians, including newsletters and product updates.. Our core aims are as follows:.. To promote contact between sufferers of Galactosaemia and their respective families..  ...   the medical profession of the symptoms of galactosaemia in new born children leading to earlier detection of the disease and potential problems encountered in the physical, mental and medical development of the child.. To promote the awareness within the teaching profession of the potential educational difficulties encountered by sufferers of Galactosaemia.. To raise funds specifically for the purposes of financing research into Galactosaemia.. To promote contact with international groups and organisations with similar aims and objectives.. To find out more, or to join us, please contact.. Sue.. by email or via the address at the bottom of the page..

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  • Title: Food & diet / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Food & diet.. Product Alerts.. New Products.. Eating Out Guide.. Guides.. Recipes.. Travelling to the UK?.. Cheese.. Food and diet.. Don't forget our.. Product Information.. section for the latest on.. and our old product information on the.. Older Product Alerts.. page.. Co-op recalls own-brand Fairtrade chocolate.. Co-op has recalled two batches of Truly Irresistible Fairtrade Peruvian Dark Chocolate with Dried Sweetened Cranberries because of incorrect allergy information.. The affected products contain milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate.. If you’re allergic to or intolerant of milk, don’t eat this product.. The Agency has issued an Allergy Alert.. Read more.. Dairy Free Delights from Tesco.. Gone are the days when a food allergy or intolerance meant you were regarded as faddish or freaky.. Today, it’s estimated that almost half the UK population suffers from a food intolerance, with the number of children with intolerances tripling in the past decade.. The cause? There are plenty of different theories that range from wacky to wise but whatever the reason, a food intolerance no longer needs to  ...   the product contains.. butter.. that is not stated in the Allergy Information panel.. (The presence of butter is correctly declared in the ingredients list and also given as part of the product description on front of pack however).. Food Alert !!.. Tesco have changed the ingredients on their pack of 6 Chocolate Slices.. These now contain milk.. Booja Booja Withdraws Chocolate Truffles.. All packs of these Booja Booja chocolate truffles have been withdrawn because they might contain milk: Hazlenut Crunch, Around Midnight Espresso, Ginger Wine, Cognac Banana, Champagne, Gourmet Selection and Luxury Gift Box.. Doves Farm Chocolate Drops Withdrawn.. Doves Farm Foods has withdrawn some of its Organic Plain Chocolate Drops, because the product contains milk.. Sainsbury's Withdraws Some Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding.. Sainsbury’s has withdrawn its Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding with a 'best before' date of 13 April 2011, because the product contains low levels of milk protein.. Morrisons Recalls Salt And Vinegar Rice Cakes.. Free From Jaffa Cake slices.. Morrisons has recalled all packs of its Free From Jaffa Cake Slices..

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  • Title: News / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Events.. Future Conferences.. Past Conferences.. Your Stories.. News and Events.. GSG Weekend Away.. The GSG weekend away in the Cotswolds was a great success.. GSG Conference - A great success.. We did it again!.. GSG Conference 2010 was a hit..

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  • Title: Fundraising / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Ideas.. Sponsorship Form.. Easy Fundraising.. Easy Search.. MyCharity.. Ebay.. Gift Aid.. Past Events.. GSG Fundraising.. The Galactosaemia Support Group could not exist in it's present form without raising funds and securing donations to help supplement the membership fee.. The charity receives no contributions from central Government and relies heavily on the generosity of its members and their support to help fund its valuable work.. To date people have jumped out of planes, climbed mountains, run marathons, shaved beards, held parties and shaken tins to  ...   organise more picnics, undertake more cheese testing, produce more literature and work towards funding research into the condition we need your continued help so please take a look at the ideas listed opposite.. And don’t forget we are always here to lend a hand so if you have any thoughts about how you can raise funds yourself then please get in touch with.. Stuart Ford.. Are You A Winner?.. Are you a winner? Find out by taking a look at the official winning numbers here..

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  • Title: Links / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: High Street.. Online.. Dairy Free Manufacturers.. Other Help Groups.. Other Information.. We have identified a number of retailers, manufacturers and groups that may be worth contacting when looking for dairy free products or further information.. If you have any of your own suggestions then please let us know so that we can add them to the list and share with other members.. Send your suggestions to the address below or click the enquiry button..

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  • Title: GSG Register / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: The GSG Register.. Research Funding.. The GSG are committed to raising awareness of Galactosaemia and helping to fund future research in to the condition.. We work closely with health professional at all levels and have our own medical advisory panel.. The Galactosaemia Support Group Register conforms to the 1998 Data Protection Act, and has taken advise from COREC (Central Office of Ethics Committees) and the NIGB (National Information Governance Board) to ensure data is handled appropriately.. If you require further information of have any questions then please contact us using the enquiry button at the bottom of this page..

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  • Title: Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Site map Home.. Diagnosis & Treatment.. Tesco change ingredients in Chocolate Slices.. Marks & Spencer Garlic & Coriander Butterfly Prawns.. GSG Conference.. GSG Silver Jubilee Raffle 2012 Draw.. Contact..

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  • Title: Login / User - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: User.. Username.. Password.. Forgot your password?..

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  • Title: Recipes / Food & diet / Home - Galactosaemia web site
    Descriptive info: Starters.. Mains.. Desserts.. Sides.. Basics.. Parties.. BBQ.. Lactose Free Recipes.. Here are our lactose free recipes, as added by us and you.. If you can not find what you are loking for, don't forget the search bar at the top of the page.. Please.. email us.. your  ...   recipes please add:.. Name and e-mail address.. Summary of the dish.. All items needed (if possible under heading to make clearer).. All steps made simple.. what temperature to cook at (if cooking) and timings of cooking.. Name of the dish.. Picture of the product (if you have one)..

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