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  • Title: Georgia Credit Recovery > Home
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. Home.. About.. Courses.. 9th Grade Language Arts.. 10th Grade Language Arts.. Algebra I.. Algebra II.. American Government.. American Literature.. Biology.. CCGPS Coordinate Algebra.. Chemistry.. Economics.. English Literature.. Environmental Science.. Euclidean Geometry.. Health.. Math 1.. Math 2.. Math 3.. Math 4.. Mathematics of Finance.. Physical Science.. US History.. World Geography.. World History.. Guidelines.. Best Practices.. Suggested Use.. Tech Requirements.. Staff.. Log in to Credit Recovery.. Is Credit Recovery for you?.. Is Georgia Credit Recovery.. an option for your student?.. Discover Georgia's Credit.. Recovery program.. Announcements.. Effective August 1, 2010, the NCAA will no longer accept the GaDOE's Credit Recovery Program course credits for its student athletes.. GA Virtual School credits will still be accepted by the NCAA.. The new rule can be read at.. www.. eligibilitycenter.. org.. Click the "High Schools Enter Here" link  ...   be on a flexible schedule and are not facilitated by a teacher.. ● Credit Recovery options allow students who have completed seat time and calendar requirements to earn credit based on competency of the content standards.. ● Credit Recovery courses are complete courses containing all GPS content for which the student will demonstrate mastery before receiving a grade.. ● The Credit Recovery program offers core courses and limited electives required for graduation from a Georgia public high school.. ● While the program is provided free to participating Georgia public high schools, the local school may incur a fee in offering the program, which will in turn be passed on to students.. For general information questions about the Credit Recovery Program, you can contact us at.. creditrecovery@gavirtualschool.. Terms Of Use.. |.. Privacy Statement.. Copyright 2011 by GaDOE..

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  • Title: Georgia Credit Recovery > Home
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  • Title: Georgia Credit Recovery > About
    Descriptive info: Quick Links.. CR v.. GaVS.. Program Requirements.. FAQs.. Questions Assistance.. Credit Recovery provides a flexible learning experience in a teacherless environment.. are fully aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.. Courses include a variety of material including Flash/video presentations, review assignments, web-based learning activities and unit assessments.. Tests  ...   are able to be completed outside of school.. All courses contain a final exam.. If a student takes an EOCT course, the end-of-course-test must be taken again at the local high school.. Contact your local high school to determine if you are eligible for the Credit Recovery Program..

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  • Title: Courses
    Descriptive info: Social Studies.. Math.. Credit Recovery Courses.. All classes except economics, American government, and health are offered in A and B sections as well as one unit courses.. Electives.. Science.. Language Arts..

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  • Title: 9th Grade Language Arts
    Descriptive info: Course Number:.. 23.. 3610001 (1/2 Unit A Section).. 3610002 (1/2 Unit B Section).. 3610000 (1 Unit Course).. Course Content.. A Section Includes.. B Section Include.. Grammar I.. Types of Writing.. Personal Narrative.. Short Stories.. The Tempest.. Nonfiction and Research.. Animal Farm.. Grammar II.. Descriptive Writing.. Persuasive and Expository Writing.. Mythology and.. Odyssey.. Poetry.. This course requires an End of Course Test.. This course  ...   available on the Internet.. Schools will need to arrange for access to this material for students, or the resources may be checked out at a library or purchased for use in this course.. All Language Arts courses include a writing unit to be utilized by school districts.. This unit provides directions, writing prompts, and scoring rubrics to meet the GPS for the course..

    Original link path: /Courses/9thGradeLanguageArts.aspx
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  • Title: 10th Grade Language Arts
    Descriptive info: 3620001 (1/2 Unit A Section).. 3620002 (1/2 Unit B Section).. 3620000 (1 Unit Course).. s.. Novel Research.. Poetry One.. Short Stories One.. Greek Drama.. Nonfiction One.. Arthurian Legend.. Novel Research Two.. Short Stories Two.. Poetry Two.. Shakespeare.. Traditions.. Nonfiction Two.. A final exam is provided in both sections of this course..

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  • Title: Algebra I
    Descriptive info: 27.. B Section Includes.. Exploring Patterns, Equations, and Graphing.. Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions.. Solving Equations.. Statistics, Proportions, and Probability.. Linear Functions.. Solving Inequalities and Absolute Value.. Systems of Equations and Inequalities.. Laws of Exponents and Exponential Functions.. Exploring Operations with Polynomials.. Factoring.. Rational Expressions and Functions.. Radicals and their Application..

    Original link path: /Courses/AlgebraI.aspx
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  • Title: Algebra II
    Descriptive info: 3640001 (1/2 Unit A Section).. 3640002 (1/2 Unit B Section).. 3640000 (1 Unit Course).. Data and Linear Representations.. Numbers and Functions.. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities.. Quadratic Function.. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.. Polynomial Functions.. Rational Functions and Radical Functions.. Conic Sections..

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  • Title: American Government
    Descriptive info: 45.. 3570001 (1/2 Unit ).. Foundations of Government.. The Constitution.. Civic Responsibility.. The Legislative Branch.. The Executive Branch.. The Judicial Branch.. State and Local Government.. Criminal Justice.. This course is only offered for 1/2 credit.. A final exam is provided for this course..

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  • Title: American Literature
    Descriptive info: 3520001 (1/2 Unit A Section).. 3520002 (1/2 Unit B Section).. 3520000 (1 Unit Course).. American Literary Time Periods and MLA Format.. Colonial American Literature.. The Crucible.. Rationalism.. Romanticism.. Transcendentalism.. Realism.. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.. Modernism.. The Great Gatsby.. The Research Process.. The Harlem Renaissance.. Their Eyes Were Watching God.. Postmodernism..

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  • Title: Biology
    Descriptive info: 26.. 3120001 (1/2 Unit A Section).. 3120002 (1/2 Unit B Section).. 3120000 (1 Unit Course).. The Nature of Science.. Biochemistry.. Cell Biology.. Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.. Cellular Reproduction.. Genetics.. DNA and RNA.. Ecology.. Evolution and Natural Selection.. Classification.. Microorganisms.. Protists and Fungi.. Plants.. Animals..

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