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    Descriptive info: .. Home.. President.. Board Listing.. Staff.. About Us.. Contact.. Faqs.. Newsletters.. Donations.. Wish List.. Calendar.. Programs.. Membership.. Hospital Liaison.. Patient Services.. Transportation.. Fundraising.. Advocacy.. Education.. Sports.. Veterans Benefits.. Other.. Volunteers.. Forms.. Links.. Welcome to the Gateway Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.. The Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members--honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.. PVA uses that expertise to be the leading advocate for: 1) Quality health care for our members, 2) Research.. and education addressing spinal cord injury or dysfunction, 3) Benefits available as a result of our members.. military service, and 4) Civil rights and opportunities which maximize the independence of our members.. To enable PVA to continue to honor this commitment, we must recruit and retain members who have the.. experience, energy, dedication, and passion necessary to manage the organization and ensure adequate.. resources to sustain the programs essential for PVA to achieve its mission.. Gateway is one of 34 chapters of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.. Our  ...   went to programs for our members.. We still have some administrative costs like supplies and utilities, as well as costs for our fundraising efforts.. A program expense ratio of only 65% is needed for BBB approval.. We are governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, who are veteran members of our organization.. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the funds we receive, and appreciate your interest in our organization.. A financial snapshot of the Gateway Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America is available by becoming a member of Guidestar at the Guidestar link shown below.. View our Annual Report by clicking on the GPVA icon below, or find out more information about us by clicking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) icon below.. Another good source of information about our chapter is our newsletters; back issues (from 2006) can be found on our website.. Please contact us with any questions about our programs and services, as well as volunteer opportunities to help us continue providing the service and assistance our members have earned.. Combined Federal Campaign Workplace Giving #12617.. VETERANS WITH SPINAL CORD INJURY OR DISEASE, LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.. |.. FAQ.. Hosiptal Liaison..

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  • Title: GPVA_President
    Descriptive info: President s Message.. Stanley D.. Brown.. Welcome to the website of the Gateway Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.. We are one of 34 chapters nationally and have no association with any organizations with similar names in the St.. Louis area.. In 2012.. we earned the St.. Louis area Better Business Bureau status of an Honor Roll Charity, meeting all 20 of their governance and financial standards.. In addtion, we are also designated as an A+ charity by the St.. Louis BBB.. As indicated on our last tax return (Federal Form 990), and audit for 2012, 85.. 5% of our expenditures went to programs.. The return can be found on the.. St.. Louis Better Business Bureau.. website and.. guidestar.. com.. The chapter remained a 501(c)(3) non-profit veterans organization serving honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces of the United States who have sustained spinal cord injury or disease.. Spinal cord injuries often result from wounds in combat, automobile accidents and recreational activities.. Spinal cord disease and dysfunction include Multiple Sclerosis (MS), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and other diseases affecting the central nervous system of the spinal cord.. We receive no Federal government funding.. We are governed by a 12-member volunteer board of veterans like myself, paralyzed in an automobile accident in 1996 while on active duty in the U.. S.. Army.. The vision statement of the Gateway Chapter is.. “Veterans with spinal cord injury or disease, living life to the fullest.. ”.. The Gateway Chapter has made a remarkable financial turnaround the last several years.. Concerted and successful efforts to reduce our expenditures have offset the decline in the charitable giving market.. We have also experienced a decline in our in-house telemarketing revenue.. We do not use a paid telemarketing firm that would take 80-90% of your donations.. In January 2007, our board voted to discontinue the telemarketing sales of products.. In good conscience we could no longer accept the fundraising costs/gross revenue ratio for the sale and delivery of products.. In November 2005, the Chapter restructured to reduce overhead; we reduced five paid staff positions to 1 1/2.. In May 2006, we sold our building and eight weeks later moved into a small rental space.. After careful saving for three years, we purchased a building at a good price in today s depressed real estate market.. We closed on January 15, 2010, and we  ...   appointments and recreation events.. We have also expanded to picking up our members who reside in Missouri and Illinois nursing homes, enabling them to get out in the community as well as make needed visits to VA facilities.. The last few years, I personally was persistent in trying to persuade the City of St.. Louis to make the Soldiers’ Memorial in downtown St.. Louis accessible to wheelchairs.. That persistence, and an ADA lawsuit, resulted in the Memorial finally (3 ½ years after breaking down) being made accessible on Veterans Day 2007.. In addition, when the city of Overland planted trees in the middle of the sidewalk on the street where we were renting space, I pointed out potential hazards.. Those trees had low hanging branches that made wheelchair traffic impossible, as well as dangerous for sight-impaired persons walking.. Our disability advocacy with the city of Overland got the trees replaced with ADA compliant foliage.. Gateway Chapter PVA has joined with the Alton Independent Living Center (IMPACT) in efforts to make the recently renovated Alton VA Cemetery accessible to wheelchairs.. We have facilitated the City of Alton transferring, free of charge, the necessary land to the VA to make the cemetery accessible, but are still waiting on VA action.. Most importantly, our Board of Directors remains vigilant in monitoring the care our members receive at the two medical facilities, specifically the John Cochran Hospital.. Care at that hospital remains problematic with the VA s own patient satisfaction survey for the last five fiscal years of the survey, showing John Cochran Hospital arguably having the worst patient satisfaction scores of all 132 VA medical centers surveyed.. Our membership continues to grow, as well as our commitment to help our members.. live life to the fullest.. We are rethinking our fundraising and operating paradigms for today s economic climate, becoming stronger and even more determined to serve those who answered our nation s call.. We would welcome your support and interest.. We need volunteer office workers and volunteers for our luncheons and other events.. Donations are, of course, always accepted and should be tax-deductible.. Please call with any questions on our local line (314) 427-0393 or toll-free (1-800-426-4058).. Please also feel free to stop by and see us.. Join us at one of our monthly luncheons for hospitalized members; see in person who we help and what we do!..

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  • Title: GPVA_Board Listing
    Descriptive info: Board Listing:.. Our Board of Directors work hard to guide the Gateway Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America.. They meet.. monthly to discuss and make decisions on the many topics that affect our members, and sometimes topics that.. affect all veterans or the disabled community as a whole.. Our Strategic Plan is  ...   and area businesspeople.. to be sure that the chapter is working smarter and moving forward.. This committee keeps the chapter fresh.. and on course.. Officers.. Vice President.. Treasurer.. Secretary.. Rose Ganz.. Dennis Durrwachter.. Jim Trombley.. Board.. Dr.. James Holland.. Bobby Jackson.. Ruth Kult.. Mike Norris.. Robert Huskey.. Bob Larkin.. Rusty Montague..

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  • Title: GPVA_Staff
    Descriptive info: Gateway PVA Staff.. The Gateway Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America has a small staff of very hardworking and enthusiastic individuals, led by our Executive Director Susan Lyle.. It is her diligence and incredible dedication that keep the chapter running smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her here! Jackie, our administrative assistant, has now been with us for some time and as Susan can attest, has become an invaluable part of  ...   visit the chapter.. Susan Lyle.. John has been with us for several years now driving our van and taking members to events throughout the St.. Always friendly, courteous, and helpful to everyone, we couldn't complete our mission without him.. Our newest staff addition is Allie, who works in the chapter office as our part-time telemarketer.. She has proven to be a fast learner, and her energy and exuberance are contagious.. John Vasel.. Allie Breese.. Jackie Wetteroff..

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  • Title: GPVA_Contacts
    Descriptive info: Contact Us:.. By Mail:.. Gateway Chapter PVA - 1311 Lindbergh Plaza Center.. Louis, MO 63132.. By Phone:.. Office: 314-427-0393.. Toll-free: 1-800-426-4058.. Fax: 314-427-4183.. If you ve got a specific question please send an email to our Executive Director and she will get back in touch with you:.. mailto:susanlyle@gatewaypva.. org.. Other Gateway PVA Email Addresses:.. Brown, President/National Director -.. Stan@gatewaypva.. org.. Susan M.. Lyle, Executive Director -.. SusanLyle@gatewaypva.. Jaclyn Wetteroff,  ...   Bobby Jackson, Sports Director -.. Sports@gatewaypva.. James Holland, PhD, Hospital Liaison -.. boombie31@aol.. Other Important Numbers:.. 1-800-424-8200 or TTY 1-800-795-4327 PVA National Headquarters.. 1-800-232-1782 Health Care Hotline.. 618-397-6602 East St.. Louis Vet Center.. 1-800-795-3614 St.. Louis Service Benefits Office.. 1-800-795-3612 Kansas City Service Office.. 314-652-4100 Jefferson Barracks VA Medical Center.. 314-894-6677 Jefferson Barracks Spinal Cord Injury Unit.. 314-652-4100 John Cochran VA Hospital.. 314-286-6988 Veteran s Home Clinic.. 314-231-1260 St..

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  • Title: GPVA_FAQs
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. 1.. Our chapter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, so all donations should be tax deductible.. If needed, we can furnish a donation acknowledgement letter.. with our tax I.. D.. number.. We do not receive any Federal Government.. funding, therefore, donations are essential.. 2.. We meet all 20 Better Business Bureau Standards of Charity Accountability.. and thus appear on their Local Charities Honor Roll for donors.. Our most.. recent audit can be.. accessed from our homepage link or, if preferred, our last tax return (Federal Form 990) can be accessed from the St.. Louis BBB website and Guidestar.. 3.. We currently serve a membership of.. over 650.. Our members are all honorably discharged veterans with.. spinal cord injury or disease, which includes ALS (Lou Gehrig s Disease), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and other.. diseases that affect the central nervous system or the spinal cord.. 4.. We produce a bi-monthly publication to keep our members informed of what s going on at the chapter level.. On a larger scale, our members also receive Paraplegia News (PN) Magazine free of charge from our National.. organization.. 5.. Every month we supply and serve lunch to the SCI Unit at Jefferson Barracks VA Medical Center.. We also.. provide holiday parties, food and water for the local Wheelchair Games, and a special Holiday Steak Dinner between Christmas and New Year s for those Vets who must spend their holidays in the hospital.. 6.. We provide the Spinal Cord Injury Center volunteers with plenty of snacks to hand out to the patients, as well.. as supplies to keep  ...   to medical appointments and therapy for our members.. We employ.. a part time transportation driver.. 9.. We sponsor four unique apartment complexes for the physically challenged.. These are completely wheelchair accessible with the latest adaptations.. Three complexes are in the St.. Louis area and one is located in.. Independence, Missouri.. 10.. We support the education of our members children and our members healthcare givers.. Each year.. scholarship applications are made available to our members for their childrens education.. Gateway PVA has.. supported healthcare workers in honing their skills over the years.. We pay for seminars to keep skills current.. for select healthcare givers.. 11.. The Gateway Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America receives no Federal funding.. We raise money for our programs in several ways.. A large portion of our monthly income is derived from the sale of calendars and address labels by our National PVA organization.. Here in St.. Louis, we receive a portion of our money through donations mailed to us from our long time supporters.. We also apply for grant money and our annual golf tournament brings in much needed funds.. 12.. And finally, Gateway PVA developed the chapter s first Strategic Plan in 2001.. Each year we meet to review.. and modify our current strategic plan.. We are always seeking to build relationships with local corporations and neighbors.. A constant theme in each year s strategic plan seems to be how to recruit volunteers.. Our members.. need your support.. Please call our office if you would like to learn how you could help us realize our mission.. Thank You!..

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  • Title: GPVA_Newsletters
    Descriptive info: NEWSLETTERS.. The Gateway Gazette.. The Gateway Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America publishes a bimonthly newsletter called the.. Gateway Gazette.. This newsletter is distributed to our membership free of charge and is our primary method of.. communication with our members, volunteers, and friends.. It keeps our readers informed of what is going on.. at the Chapter and within the National organization.. Articles from members and interested parties are.. encouraged.. Credit towards funding for recreation and sports events is given to members who write articles for.. the Gateway Gazette.. The Gateway Gazette is now available in Adobe Acrobat format from this page.. If you.. don t have Adobe loaded you can visit  ...   request to.. Editor@GatewayPVA.. and we ll get.. back in touch with you as soon as possible.. Please include your current mailing address with your email request.. Unfortunately we are no longer providing paper copies of the Gateway Gazette free(unless you are a member),.. so your best bet may be to view the newsletters from the Adobe Reader in full color.. Latest Copy of the Gazette:.. Mar-Apr-13.. pdf.. Past Newsletters:.. Jan-Feb-06.. Mar-Apr-06.. May-Jun-06.. Jul-Aug-06.. Sep-Oct-06.. Nov-Dec-06.. Jan-Feb-07.. Mar-Apr-07.. May-Jun-07.. Jul-Aug-07.. Sep-Oct-07.. Nov-Dec-07.. Jan-Feb-08.. Mar-Apr-08.. May-Jun-08.. Jul-Aug-08.. Sep-Oct-08.. Nov-Dec-08.. Jan-Feb-09.. Mar-Apr-09.. May-Jun-09.. Jul-Aug-09.. Sep-Oct-09.. Nov-Dec-09.. Jan-Feb-10.. Mar-Apr-10.. May-Jun-10.. Jul-Aug-10.. Sep-Oct-10.. Nov-Dec-10.. Jan-Feb-11.. Mar-Apr-11.. May-Jun-11.. Jul-Aug-11.. Sep-Oct-11.. Nov-Dec-11.. Jan-Feb-12.. Mar-Apr-12.. May-Jun-12.. Jul-Aug-12.. Sep-Oct-12.. Nov-Dec-12.. Jan-Feb-13..

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  • Title: GPVA_Donations
    Descriptive info: Donations Privacy Policy.. The Gateway Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs.. THE GATEWAY CHAPTER OF THE PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA DOES NOT RECEIVE ANY FEDERAL.. GOVERNMENT FUNDING.. We depend upon the generosity of the general public to help our paralyzed veterans live.. their lives as normal as feasibly possible.. All donations are used to continue the many programs in place at the.. chapter unless it is designated otherwise.. If you would like to make a donation to our chapter, we accept.. Mastercard, Visa and American Express.. If you would like to pay by check, please send it as shown below:.. Attention: Gateway PVA Executive Director.. 1311 Lindbergh Plaza Center.. Please make checks payable to Gateway PVA or abbreviate to GPVA and as a safety precaution, write.. For deposit only on the back of your check before mailing.. Or, you may use PayPal to make a secure donation to our organization just by clicking the link below:.. The Gateway Chapter PVA is a 501(c)(3), non-profit veterans organization.. This means your donation should be.. tax-deductible.. Our FEIN# IS 51-0217506.. Upon receiving your donation we will send you a receipt for tax.. purposes.. Our chapter would like to gratefully acknowledge Nidec Motor Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad for their.. generous support in 2012.. Thank you so very much to all of our supporters for helping us to achieve our mission!.. Gateway Paralyzed Veterans would also like to thank the following individuals for their donations:.. Jim Canoy for organizing a Family and Friends golf tournament in his Uncle Denis Canoy s memory and donating the proceeds to our Gateway PVA Sports Program once again this year.. Emerson for their generous support of our annual Jack Buck Golf Tournament.. Anheuser Busch for their donations to our annual Jack Buck Golf Tournament.. Ken DeClue and the High Ridge Elks Lodge as well as the Oakville Elks Lodge, for their continual support of the.. local Jefferson Barracks Spinal Cord Unit Sports Program.. STAR Touring and Riding Association and the Missouri Stars Chapter for their annual support, as well as the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association..  ...   estate after your loved ones have been considered.. You may also wish to name us as a charitable recipient in case your heirs do not survive you.. Contact our office for more information on planned giving.. Privacy Policy:.. The Gateway Chapter PVA collects the number of visitors to this website.. No other information is collected.. during your visit, unless you choose to make a donation through PayPal.. When we receive a donation, we are.. collecting your name, address, phone number and the date and amount of the donation in order to provide you.. with a tax receipt.. Your information is never shared outside our organization and is only used in our fundraising.. efforts and our efforts to provide information on our mission.. Whenever we obtain the personal information you provide, we use commercially reasonable efforts to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure.. We follow.. generally accepted industry standards to protect your submitted personal information, both during internet.. transmission by using PayPal and via standard mail.. All donation information collected by mail is entered into our accounting software and then shredded for your protection.. In addition, our computers are accessed by limited authorized staff of our organization.. However, even with all of these measures in place, we are not insurers of.. the security of your personal information.. Accordingly, we assume no liability for any disclosure of data due to.. errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access or other acts of third parties, or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control.. You can review our collected information about you by requesting a copy of that information.. You may also request that we update or correct errors in your personal information by writing to us at the address on our banner above, emailing us at.. or calling our office at 1-800-426-4058.. For your protection, you will be required to provide proof of your identity to obtain a copy of your personal information.. If your personal information changes or if you no longer wish to donate to our organization and would like to be removed form our database, please write, call or email our organization using the options listed above..

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  • Title: GPVA_Wish List
    Descriptive info: The Gateway Chapter is always in need of items to fulfill our commitment to our members.. Here are some of the items that we always need:.. Food donations for our trap shoot and monthly luncheons.. Miscellaneous (new) items donated for our Annual Jack Buck Golf Tournament auction in September.. Conference room chairs.. Office supplies (copy paper, printer ink, and Columbia #165 and #158 window envelopes).. Holiday decorations for our patient luncheons.. Office cleaning supplies.. If you have anything else in mind not on the above list, please give us a call.. Thank you for your consideration!..

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  • Title: Calendar of Events
    Descriptive info: Gateway PVA Activities Calendar.. If you know of any events we ve missed please let us know!.. Upcoming Events.. April 2013.. 8 - Newsletter Articles Due (15 pts, must be at least 1/2 page typed in normal print and approved by President for print).. 9 - BOD Meeting at 4 p.. m.. -Gateway Chapter Office (15 pts for non-board members).. 18 - JB Member/Patient Luncheon-SCI Building 52 at Noon (5 pts).. May 2013.. 3 - Local Wheel Chair Games @ JB 8:00 a.. to 4:00 p.. 14 - BOD Meeting at 11:30 a.. 16 - JB Member/Patient Luncheon-SCI Building 52 at Noon (5 pts).. 27 - Memorial Day office closed..  ...   print).. 7 - Annual Shoot for the Gold - Gateway Gun Club.. 8 - Show Me Rally at Red Oak in Lake Ozarks, MO (7th–9th) 20 pts.. 11 - BOD Meeting at 4 p.. 20 - JB Member/Patient Luncheon-SCI Building 52 at Noon (5 pts).. 20 - Quarterly Membership Meeting-SCI Building 52, following luncheon (15 pts for non-board members).. 23 - Clay Shoot @ Blackhawk Valley Hunt Club in Elsberry, MO 20 pts.. * To obtain Sports Points credit, a member has to be present for 1/2 hour at luncheons and one hour at all other events.. It is the member's responsibility to sign the roster at each event.. Hospital Liaiason..

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  • Title: GPVA_Membership
    Descriptive info: Membership in the Gateway Chapter PVA is free of charge.. We currently have a membership of roughly 652, but we are constantly seeking to increase this number.. To be qualified for membership, you must be an honorably discharged veteran of the armed forces of the United States of America  ...   you qualify for membership, please print and complete an application form from our website and mail it to our office or you may e-mail.. to receive a membership packet filled with information outlining the benefits of membership, publications you will begin to receive, a membership application and other interesting information..

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