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    Archived pages: 46 . Archive date: 2013-03.

  • Title: Enter The Vortex - Nick Burch's Site
    Descriptive info: .. Enter The Vortex.. (The Homepage of Nick Burch).. Welcome to the home of much of my collected online works.. Well, the home of things I do online that aren't with others at any rate.. Oh, and the things that don't go on.. Facebook.. or my.. journal.. That mostly just leaves my.. photos.. , information on.. speaking and talks.. that I've given, my.. writings.. , my notes on various.. computing.. things, or something else entirely.. Chances are, if you haven't found it anywhere else, then it might well be here!.. On your left you'll find a navigation bar.. This handy thing will guide you around the main parts of the site.. In modern browsers (i.. e.. those that understand the css directive "position:fixed"), it should float about in a friendly yet disconcerting manner.. In old browsers, it will remain fixed, but hopefully somewhere sensible on the left hand side.. Text mode browsers, screen readers and the like will probably find it at the bottom of the page.. Otherwise, it could be anywhere.. Hopefully it will guide you to wherever you wanted to be.. Me.. As it so helpfully says above, this is the homepage of Nick Burch.. Now, rumour has it that there may be several people of that name in existence, which is just plain inconvenient.. Some of them have even been know to email me about this very fact.. So, which of the many instances of Nick Burch around the world am I?.. For the time being, I'm living in Oxford.. I work for.. Alfresco.. in Maidenhead, having a great time being paid to develop open source software, build communities, mentor people  ...   on.. Before all that, I attended.. Magdalen College.. , which is what drew me up to Oxford in the first place.. There I spent my 4th year as a Computational.. Chemist.. in.. the Madden Group.. , at the end of which he wrote this.. Masters Thesis.. For general information on what I'm up to at the moment, your best bet used to be to look at either my.. my LiveJournal.. , or.. my Facebook Profile.. (permission required to view most of it though).. I've yet to dabble much with.. Twitter.. , though that may change in future.. However, all three of those are generally much more up-to-date than here!.. My email address is.. Information on my new PGP/GPG key is.. detailed here.. Places To Go.. If the links on the side aren't enough for you, there are a few others that might be of relevance:.. Info on using various Series-60 phones I've owned (such as the Nokia N95) with Linux, and in general, is.. here.. (Also covers the Nokia 6630, 6600 and 3650, which are the phones I had before).. Some information on the whole Gagravarr and Vortex thing can be found.. My Livejournal blog type thingy can be found.. GS Summer Tech Interns (2002) probably want to be.. Info on playing with Wireless in Iffley is.. Information on my 4th year research project, including my thesis, can be found.. Shiny Swirly Image.. The Vortex Image at the start of the page is from.. http://members.. tripod.. com/BenBrandt/DigitalArt/.. , in case you were wondering.. This Page Last Updated: Thursday, 11-Nov-2010 12:47:16 GMT.. Getting About:.. Home.. Journal.. Alfresco Blog.. Photos.. Speaking.. Gagravarr.. Computing.. Writings.. Wireless.. Links..

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  • Title: Nick's Photos
    Descriptive info: Nick's Photos.. My photos have recently moved from tirian to here.. There ought to be redirects in place though, in case you forget! Things might be slightly slower than on tirian, but I hope to be able to fix that shortly.. I'm using a fairly recent version of PhotoPub.. This should be fine, but let me know if you spot any problems with it.. Normal View:.. http://www.. gagravarr.. org/cgi-bin/photopub/album.. pl?album=/nick/all&style=/nick/standard.. New, Album View:.. pl?album=/nick/all&style=/nick/book.. (.. Note: First page is quite large.. ).. Mobile phone / reduced screen size version (xhtml-mp):.. pl?album=/nick/all&style=/nick/mp.. This Page Last Updated: Wednesday, 20-Sep-2006 23:47:37 BST..

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  • Title: Nick Burch - Speaking and Talks
    Descriptive info: Speaking and Talks - Past and Futre.. I'm often to be found speaking and giving talks, on a variety of technology topics.. These are mostly commonly in areas around Open Source in general, specific Open Source Software in particular, Open Development, and Open Data.. However, especially at smaller events, it can just be about whatever recent technology has caught my eye or inspired me!.. More coming soon.. This Page Last Updated: Sunday, 28-Mar-2010 16:20:55 BST..

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  • Title: Nick's Writings
    Descriptive info: Nick's Writings - Coming Soon.. Some of my writings should be here shortly - I'm moving them from other places.. Certificate Installation and Management with OpenSSL.. A guide to installing certificates in the OpenSSL framework, working with certificates with OpenSSL, running a CA with OpenSSL, and  ...   Code - Shaping the Future of the Next Internet".. My thoughts and notes on the conference.. This House believes that "the free music mentality is a threat to the future of music.. ".. My thoughts and notes on the Union Debate on Thursday 24th October 2002..

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  • Title: Nick's Computing Stuff
    Descriptive info: Computing Stuff.. I've been moving most of my pages from users.. ox.. ac.. uk here.. I'll be putting more things here later on, as well as updating the ones I've copied over.. However, for now, things may be a bit out of date.. Series 60 Smart Phones and Linux.. Conexant Chipset ADSL PCI Modems and Debian.. Hauppauge Media MVP and  ...   telling you a bit about the computers I had a few months back.. All about getting Linux and OS/2 onto a Dell Inspiron 8000.. All about getting Linux and OS/2 onto a Compaq Armada 1750.. Parrot (the perl 6 bytecode interpreter) under EMX on OS/2 (getting out of date).. My Open Source Code.. This Page Last Updated: Sunday, 14-Aug-2005 15:06:22 BST..

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  • Title: Nick's Chemistry Page
    Descriptive info: Chemistry.. As an undergraduate at.. ,.. Oxford.. , I studied Chemisty.. Since the Chemistry course at Oxford is a 4 year masters course, I had to join a research group for a year, and produce a thesis.. I was in the.. Madden.. group in the.. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.. My thesis title was "Structure of Polarisable Ionic Fluids".. Since I was in a theoretical group, this study was computer based, using MD (Molecular Dynamics) simulations.. Because the University demanded a thesis title far too early on, the title isn't quite right.. a better title would've been "Structure and Dynamics of Polarisable Ionic Fluids", since a fair bit of it was dynamics related.. For anyone who's really that bored, the original thesis can be downloaded from here:.. PDF Format.. |.. PS Format.. And the version with updates (currently only pictures in the ScCl.. 3.. section have been  ...   movies of the theoretical model system, once it had cavitated.. These were generated using PovRay and MEncoder.. Mpeg Movie of Cavitated System.. DivX (mpeg4) Movie of Cavitated System.. JPEG of Cavitated System, 1400x1050.. PNG of Cavitated System, 1400x1050.. These pictures / movies are of the same theoretical model system.. However, they're off it before it cavitates, so when it's displaying more normal liquid behaviour.. Again, everything created using PovRay and MEncode.. Mpeg Movie of Non Cavitated System.. DivX (mpeg4) Movie of Non Cavitated System.. JPEG of Non Cavitated System, 1400x1050.. PNG of Non Cavitated System, 1400x1050.. These pictures / movies are of a different system.. They are of molten ScCl.. , at around 1200K, which is just above its melting Point.. Mpeg Movie of ScCl.. System.. DivX (mpeg4) Movie of ScCl.. JPEG of ScCl.. System, 1400x1050.. PNG of ScCl.. This Page Last Updated: Thursday, 19-May-2005 15:19:35 BST..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256,SHA1 Fri, 08 May 2009 14:21:29 +0100 In light recent new attacks against SHA-1 [1,2], and the NIST guidance on 1024 bit keys and SHA-1 hashes [3,4], I have decided to move to a new OpenPGP key of a larger size.. As such, I will be slowly transitioning away from my old key.. My old key will continue to be valid for some time to come, but I'd prefer all new correspondence to use the new one.. I'll also be switching my outgoing signatures (email and code) onto the new key.. For this to work well, I'd like my new key to be re-integrated into the web of trust.. So, I've signed this message with both the old and the new keys, to certify the transaction.. the old key was: pub 1024D/4CEED75F 2004-03-24 Key fingerprint = 3C68 EF05 28E8 B624 DFA8 BADD F5C2 6016 4CEE D75F And the new key is: pub 8192R/D84E41AE 2009-05-08 Key  ...   D84E41AE If you don't already know my old key, or you just want to be double extra paranoid, you can check the fingerprint against the one above: gpg --fingerprint D84E41AE If you are satisfied that you've got the right key, and the UIDs match what you expect, I'd appreciate it if you would sign my key: gpg --sign-key D84E41AE Lastly, if you could upload these signatures, I would appreciate it.. Please could you just upload the signatures to a public keyserver directly: gpg --keyserver pgp.. edu --send-key D84E41AE Please let me know if there is any trouble, and sorry for the inconvenience.. Thanks Nick [1] http://eurocrypt2009rump.. cr.. yp.. to/837a0a8086fa6ca714249409ddfae43d.. pdf [2] http://www.. debian-administration.. org/users/dkg/weblog/48 [3] http://csrc.. nist.. gov/groups/ST/hash/statement.. html [4] http://csrc.. gov/publications/nistpubs/800-57/SP800-57-Part1.. pdf -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.. 4.. 6 (GNU/Linux) iQQVAwUBSgQx6u9mpuMYxMsAAQhAAh/9H+JfIdG2WRS5km8VX+DJ616yGlgfV9Xr DwAgAPUa+K3dvbemXjczDMZEKlPXTTvEi7RJ3abyaPGJ6WQWSkl3A4aII0Sk73wj gs0jLAJbv0sFpI8jLqMzX7D5TOvW/yTzf+p3wR5SQUX6+ip5swPODKZ0iaBCVn33 j0AOZFhLRaccsAYNUcvV5zf92bON6FawN2XZSjghSk35Xdi1bSE2L2OQhFSc5A1k AKNrkbHcE+8ws64C8zrVoTucOHR6li+KfmvEp2cSImeMwrZCrripcvdVS3+//MO8 KxnkEx3IHPUjxI1mRETjFIhNX0HQBDqWMjZ3H+ZxYWQuCIDc3mtWvGvDBZrqWWbr WmpEPiZBKzcQL5LuHUNilF8fFHaI3jZoJ4+fUZL/hdAXzY81m5jhfbqXbNWxGd+N AORchCSjKadJdriJRqm4mEFV64BA0TnMQFWItob6I8JVAh+9EaJCio8jQGFjuSzc xe/D7BwCYPD0ArLyaSn+pZsq2U68Yxvcfs5V390IkjxlelVFUGAQEk+0Z1R9hJln o3UL60Hy4NB+DeMZevZJGEpG4D725CnBBBZHpesCPGBuMVcIk03BEPtWD6+fOHos MCCpMny3wXbC+VawryqUyFXiE8T8dcOAsd9SL6MexZ0lv8Uw4khEPGg/WSSCWgD9 FWsDd9NezCtZ6TDN8hGpYdApx50PxQcd5HEbxaAi/C+q9NfOA2WAfPtDl5ZTqJ+P fQeFD7HDPaJdh1gJr+o87HYFeIzFPwxbJraLX/QKKT7Jnht4Uln8icZFZJnGXZq4 r7An5BmzOUjzDCZO/Pp1shGWls2V8DDpFzSmKw7x4IHXtFJmRiaHDAFAH8StOd5l rSvGhtqXEJ8RemJTjL04V6RejCRNNnDm6x3HNIK34r3hgAgmknU2iqa1AZQMYv2F qZmsWEsx57J5F7+eCN50O6dc/1T8jrVFaZLCVrVPJZzRUt4hUDFJesfIiOzdwet0 gJ4tfgC/+/aAPzYxfmrP0zDoU8E64aVeLe+sY3bPZN9KuFzWYpLDe+b17rWCweAh eOFo7NrfuVHyBI+DWhNag98t56+6zxSprzL/MPwTMgHluOXjXPT6pMnbBuBOtYNG q62sn/7kJ3jnqNq+IVqcfJCgG9qAqvDACO2hDhlq24hAtg61eBfNtRsc0rP0OlCR 1HhK1nc4NVLgU8Xttvj/PRBKiqrkJE4HiDPC3mwMDkq1j1LPwT9qgZSUnSSTJdSV /fxwr+Z2Ge64zZd1sH62m9uhtJNnh8cypkIFPgFMaZtOTnIDTPpPT+N7OLna23EF Lp1/0vG+brOd6W4geKYfB0zGCHe2/y9TDmntG9Uk8Pvq0+g5l8YvUIg/AwUBSgQx 7PXCYBZM7tdfEQKmIwCcCj9TjQ2WCqXDTANnA5Ao0sugwokAoKQG30HXtVar8zTv olYzAnR3SFhm =/FjF -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----..

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  • Title: Nick's Adventures with Series 60 Phones and Linux
    Descriptive info: Playing with Series 60 Phones and Linux.. Many many moons ago, I got my hands on my first Series 60 Symbian phone, the.. Nokia 3650.. This lasted me well, but eventually I upgraded and sold it.. I then upgraded to another Series 60 phone, this time the.. Nokia 6600.. That was followed by the.. Nokia 6630.. , and lastly by the.. Nokia N95.. This page details how I've got them to play nicely with my Linux systems.. It also details what applications I've put on them (esp.. Linux related ones), how I've been (trying to) program them, what I've used them for, and other random things like that.. However, since then, I've moved over to a.. Nokia N900.. , which runs Linux.. I can certainly recommend it over the Series 60 phones!.. Details.. Communicating with it.. BlueTooth Applications Uses.. TCP/IP over BlueTooth.. Software on it.. Games on it.. Writing For It.. File Formats.. Vodafone UK Specific.. Current Issues.. Other Sites Of Interest.. (This page.. isn't.. about running Linux on Series 60 phones.. That's a different project, being done by Lukas Hey.. He hasn't got a website yet though, and I'm not even sure if he's still working on it).. Runs Series 60 v3 Feature Pack 1 (based on Symbian 9.. 2).. Runs Java (J2ME with CLDC v1.. 1 and MIDP v2.. 0).. 320 x 240 65536 colour screen (normally 240 x 235 usable screen area).. Supports Bluetooth, Wireless (802.. 11bg), USB and IR.. Does GSM (triband), GPRS and 3G (WCDMA).. Runs on a pair of ARM ARM11 processors (332MHz each).. Hot swap Micro SD Card.. Video and audio stereo out via 3.. 5mm plugs.. Sound card (appears to do stereo, 16 bit, 48kHz, but need to check).. alt.. Runs.. Series 60 v2 Feature Pack 2.. (based on Symbian 8.. 0a).. Supports Bluetooth and USB (no IR).. 176 x 208 65536 colour screen.. Runs on an ARM processor (220 MHz.. ARM9.. cpu, probably a ARM920T), on the.. ARM Integrator.. platform.. Hot swap RS DV MMC Cards (requires 1.. 8V reduced size MMC, but you'll normally end up getting a dual voltage 1.. 8/3.. 0V one).. Sound card (appears to do stereo, 16 bit, 44.. 1kHz, but need to check).. Series 60 v2.. (based on Symbian 7.. 0s).. Runs Java (J2ME with CLDC v1 and MIDP v2).. Supports IR and Bluetooth.. Does GSM (triband), HSCSD and GPRS.. Runs on an ARM processor (104 MHz.. Internally mounted MMC Card (full size, normal 3v).. Sound card which does mono, 8 bit, 16kHz sound (may also do higher?).. Series 60.. (based on Symbian 6.. 1).. Runs Java (J2ME with CLDC v1 and MIDP v1).. 176 x 208 4096 colour screen.. IR doesn't play nicely on my latop with Linux (useless dell thing, grr.. ), so I'm mostly going to be using BlueTooth.. Annoyingly under Windows, the Nokia suite won't work with my bluetooth adapter and the 3650, but it plays fine with the 6600.. A quick note about charcter sets - as far as I can tell, the phone uses ISO-8859-1 as its character set (well, at least on my phone with a language set as English it does).. As such, you may need to do some translation if sending accented characters to / from a computer not using this as its code page.. Linux IR.. - You need a newish kernel with the IR options picked, and an IR adapter that reliably works.. Since I lack the latter, I can't be much help on using it with the series 60 phones.. Your best bets are.. Linux IRDA Page.. and the.. TuxMobil IRDA Page.. Linux BlueTooth.. - needs a.. BlueTooth stack for Linux.. , a.. supported BlueTooth adapter.. , and possibly some.. kernel patches.. There are a few different stack for Linux, but I've been using the official one,.. BlueZ.. , and so far it's been fine.. As well as all the BlueTooth libraries, you'll need support in your kernel.. While most of 2.. x has had some support in it, generally it hasn't supported everything you need.. The general rule of thumb is - if it offers RfComm as an option it's fine, otherwise you'll need a new version and / or.. some kernel patches.. to add in that support.. I've gone for 2.. 20 with the -mh6 BlueTooth patches applied to it.. Linux USB.. - With the Nokia 6630 (but not the earlier ones), USB is an option too.. I haven't done much with this (I have bluetooth working fine), but it should appear as a USB serial device and mode.. I'm told you'll need the following kernel options: USB Modem (CDC ACM), USB Serial, USB Generic Serial, and FTDI 232 (under USB serial).. Details on getting the 6630 working with USB are.. and.. I found that provided I had the right kernel modules, it "just worked".. With the phone plugged in, you can just use it as a modem.. However, you can also use OpenObex to send and receive files.. Just make sure you have a new version of OpenObex (mid-December 2005 onwards, which currently mean a CVS build) with USB support enabled (an option to configure), and a new version of ObexFtp (early January 2006 onwards, so again a CVS or snapshot version).. obex_ftp and obex_test should both then show two Obex services from the phone over USB (PC Suite and SyncML) - you want to use the PC Suite one.. Finding Bluetooth Address.. - If you need to find the Bluetooth MAC address of your phone, you could try and find it via the SDP tool (service discovery protocol) or similar.. However, for series 60 devices it's much easier - just key in the magic code *#2820# and the phone will report its address.. While we're on this, *#0000# gives the firmware version, and *#06# gives the IMEI.. BlueTooth Dialup.. - Behaves just like a normal 9600 baud modem.. You need to bind to rfcomm channel 1 (see /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.. conf).. Then, configure it in your favourite dialup config tool, with a modem device of the /dev/rfcomm entry.. After that, you can dial away as normal.. BlueTooth GPRS.. - This is somewhat network specific.. I quick guide is.. In general though, you have to send some magic AT commands to tell the phone which GPRS gateway to use.. For Vodafone UK, I use a chat script with:.. Init1 = ATH Init2 = ATE1 Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet","",0,0 Dial Command = ATD Phone = *99#.. You might also want to use.. these.. three.. scripts.. in your ppp peers directory, tweaked for your access point and rfcomm device.. BlueTooth 3G (WCDMA).. - This seems to work with exactly the same commands as above - they seem to request general packet data, rather than specifically requesting GPRS.. The third parameter of Init3 ("internet" above), needs to be the name of your 3G gateway, rather than of your GPRS gateway - though they're normally the same.. It seems that the 6630 will try to connect via 3G, and fall back to GPRS if not available.. I guess it'll be the same in an EDGE network, but I haven't tried.. BlueTooth File Send / Receive.. - Via.. OpenObex data transfer tools.. Since I'm using BlueTooth, as well as needing OpenObex and OpenObex-Apps, I also need obexserver (grab.. obexserver.. c.. and compile it in.. openobex-apps-1.. 0.. 0/src.. with.. cc -o obexserver obexserver.. c libmisc.. a -lopenobex.. , or on Fedora Core 4/5.. a /usr/lib/libopenobex.. a.. ).. Provided no other BlueTooth apps are running, add the SDP for it with.. sdptool add --channel=10 OPUSH.. then run obexserver.. Works great for receiving files.. To send files with obex, you need ussp-push.. Grab it from.. You might need to apply a patch to make it compile with the latest OpenObex, details and patch are.. Finally, you might like to use.. this shell script wrapper.. for ussp-push (you'll need to drop in your phone's ID to the top of the file).. BlueTooth Device Mounting..  ...   new software are:.. MIDP Apps.. Everyone needs the odd game.. Beyond the usual Nokia ones, here are some of the ones I've tried and liked:.. BricksMix and Bubbles from.. Z Group.. GoBoy.. - Gameboy emulator.. EMame.. - Mame (arcade emulator).. FrozenBubble.. - a version of Puzzle Bobble.. It supports c++ apps for Series-60, as well as Java programs (J2ME with CLDC or MIDP).. There is also a funky new open language called.. OPL.. for it.. Oh, and there's a python interpreter for it, currently in (closed) beta.. Java.. I've been doing some java stuff, mostly with the aid of:.. Sun 1 Mobile Edition.. Nokia J2ME Suite for Linux.. Nokia Series 60 Simulator for Linux.. Currently I haven't done much Java stuff with it, but I do have.. Programming Wireless Devices With Java 2.. I ought to find some time soon to have a real play with it.. C++.. The main SDK is only available for windows, which is a little pesky.. Luckily, there are ways around this:.. Guide to setting up a SDK build environment under linux.. Guide to unpacking the windows SDK under linux.. Guide to grabbing bits of a windows install of the SDK, to use under linux.. GnuPoc - using the SDK, wine, and GCC for arm.. Nokia sample C++ apps and source code.. Symbian.. com sample apps.. I was unable to get the GnuPoc installation method to work.. Instead, I opted for the ki-ag method (link 3 above), basically following the guide from the first link above.. It proved quite straight forward, once you had downloaded everything.. My current issue is a lack of a "hello world" app to start playing with.. If you use the Windows SDK and Visual Studio, you can persuade a wizard to spit you out an empty app.. Since I'm not, I'm lacking a starting block.. I guess I might just have to take an existing GPL app for the phone, and start ripping bits out.. File Formats:.. The Nokia Suite for Windows has all sorts of converters for getting content into the best form for the phone.. Nice as that is, it isn't much help for those of us here under Linux.. So, I'm trying to find out what the formats really are, and how to create them under Linux.. Digital Sound (3650, 6600):.. Really wave files of the type.. RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, IMA ADPCM, mono 16000 Hz.. Can be made quite happily using Sox:.. sox in.. wav -r 16000 -i -c 1 out.. wav.. Digital Sound (6630):.. Quite different from the earlier models (and if you give the 6630 sounds for earlier phones, it sounds bad when played back).. Seems to want CD style wav data (stereo, 44100 Hz), so should be easy to get.. The 6630 also has built in MP3 and MP4 audio decoders, which get used transparently.. Simple Sound:.. Really just unmodified MIDI files.. There are some restrictions on instrument useage, number of tracks etc, but I've yet to identify these.. Videos:.. Are in the 3GP format, which belongs to the H263+ family.. Mplayer will play them, if you edit ~/.. mplayer/codec.. conf, find the line.. videocodec ffh263.. , and add below that.. format 0x33363273.. To get the video sound going is a bit more tricky, I'm still working on it.. mencoder, part of the mplayer package, is able to convert from the 3GP format into more sensible things.. I've yet to play with that much though.. Another option is the to use a program from the.. Helix.. suite of software (the open source stuff from Real).. They provide encoders, and players (either RealPlayer of HelixPlayer).. Certificates:.. It accepts X509 CA certificates in DER (binary encoded) format.. You need to browse to them in the WAP/XHTML-MP browser, which is normally called "Services".. The certificate import wizard is then fired up.. The phone should also support WTLS certificates, but they're quite tricky to generate.. My notes on certificates for the phone are.. There are a few provider specific things with the series 60 phones.. Since I'm with Vodafone in the UK, here are their ones:.. None of the standard gateways will get you out to the internet, only to the WAP gateway.. If you want internet access (for email, IP enabled applications etc), you'll need to define your own gateways.. Update:.. it seems vodafone are relaxing this restriction, and you can now get to some content through the wap GPRS gateway, but not the CSD (dialup, GSM one).. However, it's not a full connection, so do get access to the "internet" GPRS gateway if you want to do anything meaningful.. For GSM based gateways, any ISP will work fine.. However, 0845 numbers don't come out of inclusive airtime, so look into finding out the non 0845 number for your ISP.. For GPRS connections, you need to use an alternate access point - the "internet" one.. Speak to Vodafone customer services to get your account activated for the "internet gprs gateway", if it isn't already.. (Look in the GPRS settings bit of your phone, and see if there's already one called internet.. Some new contracts+phones already come with access).. To get access to the internet gateway, speak to customer services.. To help them find the right bit of their script, you might want to try telling them you want to connect from your laptop via your phone - they tend to tell you the wap gateway is good enough for on phone access, but that's wrong.. Once you've been enabled, you should be able to get them to SMS you the settings.. Try poking around on their website for the form.. Failing that, define a new access point, data bearer is GPRS, access point name is "internet" (case sensitive, all lower case), no username or password, no other changes to the default config.. This will get your phone full internet GPRS access.. As of April 2003, none of the Vodafone website or customer services scripts could cope with the 3650 (despite the nationwide TV ads for them).. They did this again in 2004 with the 6600.. If they haven't heard of your phone, go to the nokia website and look up an older model in the same family (be sure to get the same revision of series 60), and claim to have that.. I have the following issues with the phone, help on them is appreciated:.. Content copier and SMSs.. None of the content copies (be that in the PC Suite, or the transfer wizard on the phone) seem to copy SMSs.. They only seem to do Calendar, Contacts etc.. Lack of decent, open source MP3 players.. With the 6630, the phone itself will decode MP3s, so this is less of an issue, but it's a pain on the older ones.. Fragmentation of documentation.. It'd be nice to have some documents and users guides with real technical meat in them, rather than keep having to go pester nokia tech support.. Don't have Syncing going to anything under linux.. A few of the links below might help, but I've yet to play much.. BlueZ (BlueTooth Stack).. BlueTooth HowTo.. GPRS, BlueTooth and Linux.. Another Nokia 3650 and Linux Page.. Nokia 7650 and Linux with BlueTooth.. TuxMobil list of Linux+Nokia pages.. - You might want to look up similar phones to yours too.. Review of Freeware for Series 60.. Sync4J.. - Java API for SyncML (protocol used to do phone -- computer syncing).. IBM Article on SyncML.. MultiSync.. - a SyncML enabled syncing tool.. GnuPoc.. - SDK for Symbian under Linux.. Symbian Wiki.. - a wiki about Series 60 phones.. Symbian Wiki Freeware Software List.. - GPL and freeware software for series 60.. Series60.. com.. - the official (if currently somewhat bare) site.. Mobilewhack smartphone blog.. Simon Woodside's blog.. - often mentions Linux and Symbian programming.. KMobileTools.. - a quite nice KDE package for doing some things with series 60 (and other) phones.. This Page Last Updated: Sunday, 28-Mar-2010 16:11:31 BST..

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  • Title: The Gagravarr in gagravarr.org
    Descriptive info: Why Gagravarr?.. Many people seem to answer this question, including the ones who've read.. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.. Well,.. (spelt Gargravarr in some versions) is one of those lesser known HHGTTG characters.. One of those who you remember when someone reminds you the sections involving them, but otherwise not.. Gagravarr is Custodian of the Total Perspective Vortex on Frogstar World B.. He guides Zaphod into the Total Perspective Vortex (hence the image on the front page), after the unfortunate incident involving the government and removing the Guild offices.. He is a disembodied voice, as his body is of partying somewhere.. At the time that I was trying to pick an online persona, I happened to be listening to HHGTTG.. Since many of the more obvious names seemed to be taken, I grabbed the CDs, and started looking down the cast list.. Gagravarr was the first not obviously taken one I came across, so I  ...   episode of the Secondary Phase), and is set as Zaphod arrives on the Frogstar to face the Total Perspective Vortex.. If you want to listen to more like that, you'll have to track down a copy of the radio version.. The BBC are currently selling all the episodes of the radio version on an mp3 cd -.. see here.. The other option is to get the audio CDs of it.. There used to be two box sets, one for each series, but they're currently hard to come by.. Check ebay / your favourite second hand music shop.. They were published by BBC Worldwide Ltd, and have ISBNs of 0-563-38974-5 and 0-563-38979-6, if that's of help.. (Gagravarr doesn't occur in the Tertiary or Quandary phases of the radio series.. That said, they're both really good, so go listen to them! They're also much easier to get hold of on CD than the first two, so you have no excuses!)..

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  • Title: Playing with wireless in Iffley
    Descriptive info: Iffley Village Wireless.. Last year, I lived in.. Jericho.. , and played with wireless there.. Now, I'm across town in Iffley Village, and doing more things there.. Unfortunately, my current access point has died, and I'm waiting for it to get fixed under Warranty.. Once it's back, I'll probably re-jig the network, and hopefully be able to offer access to all.. For now, if you are passing Iffley,.. get in touch.. and I'll let you know the current details to get you on.. If anyone else is in Iffley Village and interested in Wireless, again please do.. contact me.. about it.. It'd be quite cool to get something set up for the area.. As an aside, if you're interested in mobile wireless, then go take a look at my.. page on Series-60 SmartPhones  ...   opted to do some wireless stuff along the street.. Alas, we didn't get much interest beyond our two houses, so we ended up with just a two node system.. Armed with this, we were able to have internet access from the back of one garden through to almost the back of the other.. Oh, and we could get wireless access along most of the street.. The other slight downer was that we couldn't stretch the signal to the nearby Bookbinders pub.. While this may have been a good thing for our work, it was still a little pesky.. If only we'd got around to getting some better ariels!.. For anyone thinking of setting up a new network in Jericho, I've archived the results of our testings.. This Page Last Updated: Sunday, 08-May-2005 21:28:58 BST..

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  • Title: Nick's Links
    Descriptive info: Nick's Links.. Local Links.. Local links should generally appear in the sidebar.. A few others will be linked from.. the homepage.. Otherwise, that's about it for locally hosted stuff.. My Other Sites.. Some websites that are either mine, or ones I help do:.. http://tirian.. magd.. uk/~nick/.. - My Tirian Site.. http://users..  ...   UK University Lifesaving (with Alex Bazin).. http://lifesaving-sport.. org/.. - UK Lifesaving Sport (with Alex Bazin).. Regular Visit Sites.. These are the websites that I visit on a regular basis:.. Other Sites.. - The site where the homepage image came from.. Find "nearby" sites.. This Page Last Updated: Monday, 09-May-2005 20:18:47 BST..

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