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  • Title: Conradh na Gaeilge of New England - Irish Language Classes
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to the online home of.. Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua.. The Gaelic League of New England.. Please take a moment to explore our site.. and learn a bit about the native language of Ireland.. and about its growing popularity in the Northeast U.. S.. A.. (Click logo, or.. HERE.. to enter)..

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  • Title: Conradh na Gaeilge of New England
    Descriptive info: Your browser is not capable of handling frames, please upgrade your browser..

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  • Title: Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua -- The Irish Language League of New England
    Descriptive info: Home.. Irish and CnaG FAQs.. Class Locations.. Course Descriptions.. Teachers.. Register For Class.. News.. Links.. About Us/Contacts..

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  • Title: Conradh na Gaeilge
    Descriptive info: About the Irish Language.. New England Irish Classes.. Books used in class.. Photo Gallery.. Study Resources.. Trouble with fadas?.. Affiliate an existing class.. with CnaG.. Teaching Opportunities.. Céad Míle Fáilte.. - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to you.. from all of us at.. Gaeilge.. org.. is the online home of.. (The Gaelic League of New England), your online destination for information about Irish language classes throughout the.. six New England states.. of the northeast USA.. is a branch of.. Conradh na Gaeilge.. , Ireland's oldest and most prestigious Irish language organization.. Since 1893,.. has fostered the learning and use of.. Irish.. , the 3000-year-old native language of Ireland.. If you've never studied Irish before,  ...   More.. Resources for Students:.. Check out our new.. resources.. page!.. Blogs in Irish:.. Keep up with your favorite.. weblogs in Irish.. Why study Irish?:.. 12 good reasons you ought to get yourself into Irish classes.. conradh na gaeilge, cnag, Irish Language, Irish Gaelic, Gaeilge, Gaelic, where to study gaelic, where can i study gaelic, where to study irish, where can i study irish, Ireland, Learning Irish, Irish language information and Resources, Irish Grammar, Worcester, spencer, brattleboro, keene, lowell, portsmouth, providence, putnam, springfield, Nashua, Manchester, Clinton, Kenneth Peterson, ken peterson, Thomas O'Rourke, Tom O'Rourke, Irish phonetics, Progress in Irish, New England, douglas hyde, learning gaelic, irish organization, irish culture, irish studies, cionaodh, ruairc, dteanga..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Ar ais.. (back).. Abhaile.. (home).. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.. What is Conradh na Gaeilge?.. What does "Conradh na Gaeilge" mean?.. Why do you call the language "Irish"? Isn't it "Gaelic"?.. I thought Irish was just "English with a brogue".. What is a Gaeltacht?.. What is "Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua" (CnaG-SN)?.. Why would someone in America want to learn Irish?.. Is Irish a difficult language to learn?.. CnaG "affiliate" course vs.. CnaG course.. Why are the classes so inexpensive?.. Does my registration fee also cover the cost of books?.. I've never heard of Conradh na Gaeilge before.. How long have you been around, and why aren't these classes more widely publicized?.. Where does CnaG-SN have classes available?.. I live in New England but you don't have any classes near me.. Will you be coming to my area?.. Are Classes handicap-accessible?.. You said CnaG-SN is "volunteer-run".. So who's in charge and how do things get done?.. What are Irish dialects?.. What dialect will I learn in my CnaG-SN classes?.. Q: What is Conradh na Gaeilge?.. A: Conradh na Gaeilge (CnaG) is an Irish language organization, based in Dublin, which was founded in 1893 to promote Irish culture by promoting and teaching Irish, the native language of Ireland.. Return to top.. Q: What does "Conradh na Gaeilge" mean?.. A: It can be translated as "The Irish Language League" or "The Gaelic League".. Q: Why do you call the language "Irish"? Isn't it "Gaelic"?.. A: Yes, it's Gaelic.. But so are Manx Gaelic and Scots Gaelic -- they all belong to a family of languages called "Gaelic".. An analogy would be to ask "Isn't French a 'Romance Language'?" Of course, but so are Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese.. So to be more precise, we call it Irish.. Some refer to it as "Irish Gaelic".. Either is acceptable.. Q: Irish language? I thought Irish was just "English with a brogue".. Are you just teaching people to talk like Darby O'Gill or the Lucky Charms leprechaun?.. A: The "accent" you hear when an Irish person speaks English is a reflection of the sounds of their native language -- "Gaeilge" -- which is called "Irish" by modern linguists.. Gaeilge (Irish) is considered the first language of Ireland, and is taught to every school child.. Because of a long history of conquest and colonization by England, English has become the more dominant language.. According to the 1996 census, 1.. 4 million (41.. 1%) of Irish people over the age of three are Irish speakers, of which 86,039 lived in what are called the "Gaeltacht", or Irish-speaking regions and use Irish every day.. The term "brogue", incidently, comes from the Irish word "bróg", meaning "a shoe".. It has derogatory origins, since the English felt that Irish people spoke English as though they had a shoe in their mouth.. It was used in a fashion such as this -- "Look, Paddy is trying to speak English through his bróg.. How quaint!".. Q: You mentioned the term "Gaeltacht" earlier.. What's that?.. A: A "Gaeltacht" is a region in Ireland where Irish is the primary language spoken.. There are several such Gaeltachta in Ireland, predominantly along the west coast (in Counties Kerry, Cork, Galway, Mayo, Donegal) with two smaller areas in the east (Ring, Co.. Waterford and Rath Cairn, Co.. Meath).. There are scattered areas elsewhere where Irish is spoken, but these are not considered Gaeltachtaí.. Q: What is "Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua" (CnaG-SN)?.. A: The Gaelic League of New England (U.. ).. It is a branch of Conradh na Gaeilge that was founded in 2003 to better organize and publicize the widely scattered and diversely-run Irish language classes throughout the six northeastern states of the U.. that comprise the geographic area known as "New England".. Q: Why would someone in America want to learn Irish?.. A: The reasons are many and varied.. Some want to learn Irish in advance of a trip to a Gaeltacht area; many have an interest in history, literature or music and wish to experience the rich  ...   and provides a small stipend for the teachers' time.. CnaG-SN seeks to keep classes as affordable as possible to help make Irish available to as many people as possible.. Q: Does my registration fee also cover the cost of books?.. A: No.. While the cost of handouts and supplemental materials is covered by your fee,.. books.. must be purchased separately.. Students can purchase books ahead of time through many reputable dealers (several of which are listed on our website), or at the first class meeting from CnaG.. A list of books used for your course can be found on the same web page where your.. course.. details are listed.. Q: I've never heard of Conradh na Gaeilge before.. A:.. was founded in 1893 by a group of Irish language enthusiasts in Dublin, Ireland.. The New England branch, while relying on the experience of teachers who have taught elsewhere for other organizations, is relatively new and still making its "mark" on Irish language endeavors here in the U.. Q: Where does CnaG-SN have classes available?.. A: It varies from year to year.. Check our website.. www.. gaeilge.. in mid-summer each year to find out where classes will be held in the fall, and in mid-winter to find out where our spring classes will be held.. Q: I live in New England but you don't have any classes near me.. A: As mentioned previously, CnaG-SN is run entirely by volunteers.. If you think you could round up enough students (usually 12-24 depending upon pricing structure) and are willing to handle publicity in your area (flyers, letters to newspapers & radio stations, etc.. ), CnaG may be able to send a teacher out to hold classes in your area.. If so, contact us at.. eolas@gaeilge.. Q: I'm handicapped.. Are your class locations able to accommodate my disability?.. A: It depends on the location, which can vary from year to year.. Please contact us at.. to check on the limitations at your class location of choice.. Q: You said CnaG-SN is "volunteer-run".. A: CnaG has a slate of officers who carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization, but major decisions are made at a yearly gathering called the "Ard-Fheis".. Any current student or paid member is eligible to vote or hold office, and we encourage participation in CnaG-SN activities at all levels.. A list of current office-holders can be found elsewhere on our website.. Q: I've heard people make mention of "dialects" of Irish.. What are these, and how are they different from one another?.. A: Within most languages, as you travel from region to region, people will often have different way to say the same things from one place to another.. These are differing expressions are often called "idioms".. Additionally, there are sometimes more than one word for a given thing, and one area may favor a certain word over another.. Ireland has three major dialects -- Munster, Connacht and Ulster.. There are some subtle and some not-so-subtle differences from one dialect to another, including some differences in pronunciation.. A good teacher may focus on one dialect, but should also tell you when a word or sentence might be said/pronounced a little differently in another dialect.. There is also an "official" standard of Irish called the "Caighdeán Oifigiúil," referred to by native speakers as "book Irish.. " The Caighdeán attempts to blend the dialects so that the learner will be understood as widely as possible.. This is sometimes taught using a pronunciation standard called the "Lárchanúint," or "Central Dialect", which is a somewhat artificial blending of the pronunciations used in the dialects.. Q: What dialect will I learn in my CnaG-SN classes?.. A: It depends upon the teacher -- where they're from, what teachers/influences they've had, and what areas they travel to when they're in Ireland.. If you are seeking a specific dialect, please contact us before registering so that we can help guide your class choices.. Do you have a question that's not addressed here? Send us an.. e-mail.. and ASK us!..

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  • Title: New England Irish Language Classes
    Descriptive info: Ar ais go dtí suíomh CnaG.. (back to CnaG site).. Irish Language Courses.. in.. New England.. 2013 Courses/Classes.. Spring 2013 Irish Language Courses:.. 1.. Manchester, NH.. 2.. Webster, MA.. *.. 3.. Brattleboro, VT.. 4.. North Haven, CT.. Summer 2013 Events:.. 5.. Lá Gaeilge.. , East Haven, CT.. Fall 2013 Irish Language Courses:.. Need a course somewhere else in New England? Visit the.. class listings page at Daltai.. com.. to find out where Irish language classes are available.. *Affiliate course..

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  • Title: New England Irish Language Courses
    Descriptive info: Which level/course should I take?.. If you've never studied Irish before, we recommend our.. Irish/Gaeilge 1.. It requires no prior experience.. If you've had some Irish classes previously and aren't sure which of our courses might best suit you, we recommend that you spend about 15 minutes to take an online test at.. ranganna.. -- the test score you receive will suggest a class level roughly comparable to the course levels we offer (see descriptions below).. You may also.. contact us directly.. for a suggestion based on the classes you've taken previously.. Irish Course Descriptions.. Introduction to the Irish Language.. Prerequisites: none.. This 1.. 5 hour class is a basic introduction to conversational Irish, with less emphasis on Irish in written form.. The method of learning is by listening, repeating and memorizing words and phrases.. Basic vocabulary needed for travelers is taught, as well as Irish songs, poems and proverbs, and a brief overview of the Irish language -- its history and current status among the languages of the world.. is an introductory course that covers the basics of Irish -- pronunciation, grammar and conversation.. It is intended to lay the foundation for further studies in Irish, although it can also benefit the more casual student as well.. will introduce the student to basic conversation skills, sentence structure and the unique aspects of Irish pronunciation.. This course often includes the learning of songs, poems and colorful idiom.. Irish/Gaeilge 2.. Prerequisites: Irish/Gaeilge 1 or equivalent.. is a continuation course that builds upon material covered in..  ...   both textbooks and supplemental material, in preparation for more advanced studies.. Irish/Gaeilge 5.. Prerequisites: at least 2 years of prior Irish classes.. is a course for those who have studied Irish for two or more years and are very comfortable with basic conversation, grammar, sentence structure and idiom.. Irish/Gaeilge 5 will help round out the student's knowledge of Irish and further strengthen previous knowledge.. Irish/Gaeilge 6.. Prerequisites: 2-3 years of prior Irish classes.. For the committed student of Irish,.. will help round out the student's knowledge of Irish using both textbooks and supplemental material.. Semester-Break Comhrá Groups.. Prerequisites: prior Irish class experience helpful.. The New England CnaG Comhrá groups are informally-run gatherings, usually held in the winter or summer (between formal semesters), although they are sometimes held concurrently with formal semester classes.. These groups are usually student-run and often center around the use of recordings from a conversational course such as.. Buntús Cainte.. , supplemented by whatever materials the group sees fit to use.. The purpose of such groups is to strengthen conversational skills in a small-group setting, often in someone's home.. Because of the fluid and unstructured nature of such Comhrá groups, please.. to be put in touch with the Comhrá group nearest you.. Irish Translation.. Prerequisites: 1-2 years prior Irish classes.. A weekly gathering of intermediate advanced students of Irish who read translate books in Irish to improve their vocabulary, grammar eading skills.. Materials for this course are decided upon by the students coordinator at the first class meeting of the semester..

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  • Title: New England's Irish Language Instructors
    Descriptive info: New England Irish Language Instructors.. Kathleen Joyce-Page.. (Caitlín Sheoige).. Kathleen Joyce-Page (Caitlín Sheoige) , originally from Inis Bearacháin (near Leitir Móir, Co.. Galway), was raised speaking Irish in her home -- what we call a native speaker of Irish, for whom English is a second language.. Caitlín spoke Irish as her primary language throughout her childhood, and all of her school subjects were taught in Irish.. With this background, Caitlín offers a unique and valuable perspective of the native language of Ireland.. Caitlín immigrated to the U.. at age 18, and has worked in the airline industry since shortly after her arrival.. She holds a degree from Bunker Hill Community College and is currently working on a further degree from UNH.. In addition to her knowledge of Irish and English, Caitlín has also studied the Spanish and French languages.. Although Caitlín had no previous experience teaching the Irish language before first visiting our Manchester, New Hampshire Irish classes in 2004, our students soon came to appreciate her many visits and the insights and experiences she brings with her.. Caitlín, in turn, is pleased to have the opportunity to share her language with others.. I never thought that I would make a 360 turn from speaking Irish by choice, to learning English, to then come full circle to teaching Irish here in New Hampshire!.. Caitlín now resides in Wilton, New Hampshire.. In her spare time, she enjoys flying small planes, and has travelled to many parts of the world.. |.. Domi O'Brien.. For Domi O'Brien, Celtic culture has always been a part of life, and Ireland's native language is an important component of that culture.. Domi began learning Irish in 1968.. Having grown up around the country and around the world (in a military family), Domi was raised on Irish myth and legend and daily offerings to the nature-spirits, and during her early years learned a few words of Irish (mostly blessings and curses).. She began formal study of her Celtic heritage in 1964, as a college freshman.. Domi studied Celtic spirituality with Ciarriadhe Harvey, Celtic literature with Dr.. Cornelius Lyle, and the Irish language in 1968 with UCC graduate Nollaig Kilgallen.. After a hiatus in her studies -- during which she homeschooled her children -- in 1987 Domi met Deirdre McFarland in Philadelphia, and studied Irish language with her for the next three years.. In 1990 Domi moved to Seattle and began teaching an Irish course for beginners while serving as Preceptor on the national board of.. Ár nDraoicht Féin.. In Seattle she also studied Early Irish with Dr.. Paul Remley at University of Washington, and Celtic harp with harper- fiddler-composer- storyteller- Scots Gaelic teacher Seumas Gagne.. Domi returned to the East coast in 1990.. While teaching Psychology and Sociology at NHCTC/Manchester, she was asked to teach a non-credit course in Conversational Irish Gaelic there.. Throughout the 1990s she taught several beginner and intermediate Irish courses, has recently hosted Irish conversation groups in Manchester, and in 2005 begins teaching formal classes in Manchester once more.. Domi and her daughter live in Manchester's west side and share a house with an enormous collection of books, seven birds, a cat, and a Siamese fighting fish.. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  ...   language organization.. Cumann na Gaeilge.. where he pursued his study there with several excellent teachers and native speakers enriching himself with sean-nós singing, native Irish poetry, and stories from the native Irish folklore.. This beneficial and highly entertaining learning experience only whetted his appetite for more and so he pursued four-semesters of Irish language study in an academic climate at Harvard University Extension School, to learn the grammar and structure of the Irish language.. Tom says: "It has been my good fortune to live within the metropolitan Boston area with its rich, thriving authentic Irish cultural experience, and to have had the opportunity to pursue my Irish heritage.. I have been taught by several excellent native-speakers and Irish-American language teachers, and they have passed their enthusiasm on to me.. It is now my turn to share this knowledge and experience with other interested students and to help spread the Irish language around New England.. Whether your interest is in heritage, folklore, music or literature, the Irish language is the vehicle into the heart of the culture of the Irish People.. ".. Tom tutored several Irish classes in the 1980s, and began teaching again in 2001 to the present.. He has been to Ireland many times and has stayed with Irish speaking families in the Gaeltacht areas of West Kerry, West Cork, Connemara, North West Mayo, and Donegal.. Tom continues to study a little Irish faithfully every day! His favorite radio station is.. Ráidió na Gaeltachta.. Kenneth Peterson.. (Cionaodh.. Mac.. Pheadair).. Kenneth Peterson (a.. "Cionaodh") began studying Irish in 1982, first on his own and later with various teachers in classroom settings and in private study groups.. Cionaodh began teaching others in 1989, first as a substitute teacher, then in 1992 taking on his own classes.. He has held courses in 7 locations in three states since then, most recently teaching Irish in central Massachusetts again after 11+ years having taught in New Hampshire.. He has guest lectured on the Irish language at Clark University in Worcester, and was a language software consultant for two successful Irish language programs.. He has also tutored numerous students in the Irish language via the internet.. Cionaodh has spent 20+ years getting successful New England Irish classes up running, and through trial-and-error has crafted an organizational strategy for Irish language courses that has been unmatched in its success throughout New England.. His Fall, 2003 class location in Manchester, New Hampshire attracted over 70 students with course offerings that included advanced-level Irish!.. In between semesters of teaching the language of Ireland, Cionaodh has been compiling a comprehensive bibliography of the countless Irish language learning books and materials that have been published in the last two centuries, and he is an avid collector of such priceless works.. When he is not teaching Irish, Cionaodh is a freelance graphic designer and.. amateur arborist.. Peter Vatne.. (Peadar Vatne).. Peter Vatne has been studying Irish since his first class with.. Kenneth Peterson in January, 1994.. He has gone through the entire.. Progress in Irish.. book three times! Peter is currently reading and.. translating.. Harry Potter agus An Órchloch.. with fellow students from Manchester, NH.. Peter is partly Irish from his grandmother, and can trace his.. family's roots to Moycullen, County Galway.. He has visited Ireland four times, most recently in 2003.. In addition to Irish, Peter is also currently studying Norwegian and Italian.. He claims these languages are all different enough that he doesn't.. get them confused!.. Peter lives in Nashua, and is a retired Software Engineer.. from Digital/Compaq/HP..

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  • Title: Registration Forms -- Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua
    Descriptive info: REGISTERING FOR IRISH CLASSES.. At this time we are not able to process online registrations.. Therefore, please select a link from the list below and download the appropriate registration form.. These documents are PDF (Portable Document Format) files and can be opened, read and printed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, available free online.. Spring 2013 Registration:.. Webster, MA.. Other Locations:.. Some of the courses listed on this site are handling their registrations independently.. If you don't see a link above for the location where you'd like to study Irish, please visit our.. location.. page, click on that location and contact the course provider directly.. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader,  ...   after a minute or so, try downloading the file directly to your computer's hard drive -- click your right mouse button (Windows) or hold down your mouse button (Mac) over the filename you wish to download.. Then select "Download Link to Disk" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link Target As" (Netscape) and choose the directory on your hard drive where you wish to save the downloaded file.. It can then be opened and printed using the Acrobat Reader software directly.. PRINT THE REGISTRATION FORM -- FILL IT IN COMPLETELY.. MAIL IT IN PROMPTLY TO THE ADDRESS SHOWN ON THE FORM.. Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua reserves the right to cancel classes due to under-enrollment..

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  • Title: NEWS -- Conradh na Gaeilge Shasana Nua
    Descriptive info: Course Description Changes for Fall 2012.. The New England branch of Conradh na Gaeilge has made some minor changes to its.. course descriptions.. for classes starting with the Fall 2012 semester.. We decided to drop terms like beginner , intermediate , etc.. , and simply give each course a level number, similar to those used on the site ranganna.. com (there's a fabulous.. test.. offered there which can help you decide what your level of Irish proficiency is).. For learners of Irish outside a Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) region, there is often an unavoidable discrepancy between reading/writing skills and proficiency with the spoken language.. That's because we can read write  ...   of a beginner in conversation skills.. This can lead to confusion when choosing courses.. If you've never taken Irish classes before, our.. course is the obvious choice for you.. For those with some previous Irish studies under their belts, we encourage prospective learners to spend 15 minutes or so take the ranganna.. com.. proficiency test.. to determine which of our courses might be the best match for their reading/writing skills.. Understanding that conversation skills may not match that same level, our instructors do their best to encourage conversation in Irish in class, and to help students find avenues outside of class where they can further practise those conversation skills..

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  • Title: Irish Language Links -- Links of Irish Interest
    Descriptive info: Off-site Gaeilge and Irish Links.. (Clicking a link opens another window).. Topics.. :.. Irish Language Book Sources.. /Publishers.. Irish Fonts/Fadas/Typography.. Irish Grammar Resources.. Irish Language Organizations.. Irish Language Songs.. Gaeltachts.. Links for CnaG Members.. Search Engines.. Music.. Other CnaG Branches.. New England Irish/Celtic Studies Programs.. Irish Language Media.. Irish Language Publications.. New England Irish Cultural Links.. Irish-American Media.. Media.. Misc.. Irish Resources.. Irish e-Cards.. Links to Links Pages.. Blogs in Irish.. Miscellany.. Reference.. Travel/Geography.. Online Irish Courses.. History.. Computers.. Merchandise.. Just for Fun.. Our Friends.. Seanchaí Books (Charlottesville, VA).. NEW!.. Schoenhof's Books (Cambridge, MA).. Cúpla Focal.. Cúpla Focal (alternate site).. An Siopa Leabhar.. Bags of Books -Irish Schoolbooks.. Litríocht.. Cló Iar-Chonnachta.. Cois Life Teoranta.. Leabhar.. com (Cló Maigh Eo).. Hodges Figgis.. BooksUlster.. Joyces Bookshop Galway.. Irish Books and Media.. Books For Scholars.. Bibliofind!.. Alibris - New, Used, Rare, and Out-of-Print Books.. Ossian USA.. Hippocrene Books Online.. Powell's Books - Used, New, and Out of Print.. ReadIreland Online Bookshop.. Kennys Bookshop.. Greene's Bookshop, Dublin.. Eason Books.. IrishBooks.. Gill MacMillan Books.. Cork University Press.. Four Provinces Bookshop.. The Celtic Bookshop, Limerick.. An Ceathrú Poilí, Belfast.. Mercier Press.. Charlie Byrnes Bookshop, Galway.. Irish Book Publishers Association.. Cló.. lann Ben Madigan.. Munster Literature Centre.. TírEolas.. An Cló Gaelach sa Stair.. Gaelchló.. LaserGaelic fonts from Linguist's Software.. Fadas on Macintosh.. Gaelic Keyboards for Micro$oft Windoze.. Fadas in Micro$oft Windoze.. Fios Feasa: Irish Grammar for Linguists.. Irish Spelling and Pronunciation.. An Foclóir Beag.. Wikipedia Irish Language Resources.. Online Grammar/Dictionary.. Gramadach na Gaeilge.. Amazing Irish Language Translations.. Crannóg English-Irish Dictionary.. Online Dictionaries.. yourDictionary.. Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán.. Join or Leave the GAEILGE-B List.. Archives of GAEILGE-B@LISTSERV.. HEANET.. IE.. Progress in Irish - Index.. Focal an Lae - The Word of the Day in Irish.. Irish Pronunciation Guide.. Gramadach Lexicon.. Irish Alphabet (trees).. Irish Lexicography.. Relative Clauses.. Irish stories for Advanced Gaeilgeoirí.. Irish Exercises.. Animated Irish Exercises.. Online Vocabulary & Reading Exercises.. Irish word themes.. Foclóirí agus Liostaí Tearmaoíchta.. Gaeilge na Seachtaine.. An Tobar.. A Web of Online Grammars.. Irish Verbs - table 1.. Irish Verbs - table 2.. 1,418 Irish Verbs Conjugated!.. English-Irish Dictionary.. Foclóir Ríomhaireachta.. IPA Charts.. Tobar.. ie.. Verb suffixes.. Bird names in Irish.. Astronomical terms in Irish.. C.. P.. I.. L.. Irish Meetup.. Ainmneacha Ban.. Ainmneacha Fear.. Ainmneacha Gaelacha.. Hylit: Irish Names.. NameNerds Irish Names.. Behind the Name: Irish Names.. Fios Feasa: English Home Page.. CELT: The online resource for Irish history, literature and politics.. List of Irish Texts at CELT.. Irish Department of Education.. Irish Department of Gaeltacht Affairs.. Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge.. Gaelport.. Talk Now Language Course.. Liberation Philology.. More Gaeilge Links.. Gaeilge links.. CyberÉirinn - Gaeilge Links.. Irish Language Links.. Solas Eireann - Irish miscellany.. Celtic Studies at UCC.. seanfhocail.. Irisí agus Foclóir.. Sabhal Mò r Ostaig (Scots Irish Gaelic links/info).. Linguist Links.. Gaeltacht Arts.. Irish for Travellers.. Computer Terms in Irish.. Irish Dept.. of Community, Rural Gaeltacht Affairs.. Irish Summer Colleges.. Gaelscoileanna.. Rath na Gaeilge.. Placenames in Irish.. Placename Meanings.. IslandIreland Proverbs.. Seanfhocail Ghaeilge.. Lee Valley Proverbs.. More Lee Valley Proverbs.. Gaeilge FAQs.. Study Materials List (from Club Sult).. BBC's Irish Programmes.. Irish in Northern Ireland.. Sgéilíní na Finne.. Twice Three Twenties Verb Book.. A Separate Standard for Ulster Irish?.. Encyclopædia Gadelica.. Féilire na Gaeilge.. Irish Dialects.. Pronunciation tips.. Solar Events.. Irish Spelling.. Blasket Literature.. Easy Readings in Irish.. Stair an Fhocail.. Irish Proficiency Test.. Gaelic-L Dictionary.. Irish Times Dictionary.. Corpas na Gaeilge.. Comhad na Nod.. Gaeilgeoir faoi Oiliúint.. Elementary Irish Readings.. Irelandseye.. com e-cards | Send an Irish E-Card.. Irish eCards.. Irish Music Links.. Irish folk song  ...   na Teanga (from Hibernian Digest).. Cuisle.. Nuacht Chonamara.. Na Gaeil.. Irish Language Organizations.. (Dublin).. Fáinne.. ScoilNet -- Irish schools.. Coláiste Muire.. Institiúid Teangeolaíochta Éireann.. Trinity College School of Irish.. Daltaí na Gaeilge.. An Teanga Mharthanach.. Gael-Linn.. Cumann na Gaeilge i mBoston.. Oideas Gael.. Intercelt (Cultural Vacations).. Cumann Gaeilge na hAstráile.. Foras na Gaeilge.. An Cumann Gaelach at TCD.. Roinn na Nua-Ghaeilge NUI Maynooth.. Scoil Ghaeilge Ghearóid Tóibín.. Scátheagras Phobail na Gaeilge i mBéal Feirste.. Múintearas.. ie (Foras na Gaeilge).. Bord na Leabhar Gaeilge.. Údarás na Gaeltachta.. Comhar na Múinteoirí Gaeilge.. Acmhainn.. Oireachtas na Gaeilge.. Gaeltacht Minnesota.. Gaillimh le Gaeilge.. Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha.. Intercelt.. U.. E.. An Chomhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta & Gaelscola ochta.. Cnocadóirí.. An tÁisaonad Lán-Ghaeilge.. Irish Folksongs.. Amhrán na bhFiann -- The Soldier's Song.. Ráth Cairn Gaeltacht.. Arranmore Island, Co.. Donegal, Ireland.. An Chrannóg - Lárionad Gaeilge.. Oideas Gael, Donegal, Ireland.. Ireland's Blasket Islands.. Tory Island.. Gaelsaoire Gaeltacht Holidays.. Gaeltacht Links.. Músgraí Uí Fhloinn.. Gaeltacht Ghlas na Mí.. Donegal Gaeltacht Cultural Centre.. Árainn Mhór.. Oileán Chléire Irish Courses.. Dingle Region.. Dáil Uladh.. An Chrannóg.. Gaeltachtaí.. gaeilge.. org - webmail login.. North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers.. Contemporary Murals in Northern Ireland.. Boston Irish Links.. The Aisling Gallery.. Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama.. Gaeilge in U.. Colleges.. Cath's Joke Page.. Irish-Finnish Society.. Island Ireland Irish.. Royalty-Free Irish Photos.. Club Sult.. Aon Celtic Art Freeware.. Irish Abroad - Connecting the Global Irish community.. 1938 Folklore Essays.. Seanchas-L (Gaelic Folk Traditions Discussion Group).. Cumann Béal-Oideas Éireann.. Dingle Genealogy page.. Atlas of Family Names of Ireland.. Fianna Surnames Page.. Surnames Distribution Maps of Ireland.. Peterson of Dublin.. Streetnames of Dublin (in Irish).. Am Bràige (Nova Scotia Scots Gaelic Magazine).. Irish Resources in the Humanities.. Shari's Irish Language Book List.. A Plan to Save the Irish Language.. An tAthair Peadar Ua Laoghaire.. Irish-American Literature Database.. IrishPage.. Coláiste Íde.. Gaeilge na Gaeltachta agus Gaeilge na Litríochta.. Irish News Sources.. Ireland Information.. Island Ireland Internet Directory.. Two-level Morphology Irish Tags.. Electronic Bibliography of Irish Linguistics.. Morphological Analyser.. L.. O.. U.. Project.. Cobh.. Kerryweb.. Cumann Traenach na Gaeltachta Láir.. Interactive map of Connacht.. The LOCUS Project.. Irish History in Maps.. Gaelsaoire.. Irish Townland Database.. Nancy Stenson Irish Lessons.. FlashLang (Gaeilge).. Gaeltalk.. Interactive Irish On The Internet.. LingoLab.. IrishCyberClass.. Eo Feasa - learn Irish online.. The Irish People Irish Lessons.. Scoil Gaeilge Lessons.. Cunningham's sort-of Irish Lessons.. Irish Scottish Gaelic Lessons.. Eo Feasa.. Clontarf Online - Clontarf A History.. Tribes of the Érainn.. Brian Boroimhe.. Celtic-Heraldic.. Complete Cattle Raid of Cooley, Irish and English.. Coats of Arms in Ireland and from around the world.. Irish History and Old Ireland Heraldic Gifts.. All Irish Clans And Names.. The Dalriada.. Irish Mythology Glossary Index.. The Royal Irish Academy.. Chronicon Electronic History Journal.. Artúr Mac Aedan of the Dál Riada.. Quotations from Old Irish.. Irish Cyber Cafes.. Internet Cafés Ireland.. Ireland On Line Homepage.. EGT.. GaelSpell for Unix.. 1,000 Computer Terms.. Irish Language Software - Irish Now!.. TraditionalIrishFoods.. Blacoe Jewellers in Galway.. MysticCaravan.. An Spailpín Fánach.. An Spailpín Fánach (alternate site).. Smaointe - Irish Card Shop.. Irish/Celtic Studies Programs.. Boston College Irish Studies.. Harvard University Celtic Studies.. Celtic Studies Association of North America.. Dublin Institute for Advanced Irish Studies.. Celtic Studies at NUI Galway.. Elms College Irish Cultural Centre.. Keogh Institute for Irish Studies (Notre Dame).. Breacleabhar an Imill.. Muddle-Headed Wombat.. An t-Imeall.. An Caomhach.. Gaeilgeoir na Fionlainne.. An Fáidh.. Blog April.. 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